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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Almondsbury St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Almondsbury lies in southern Gloucestershire about 7 miles north of the city of Bristol. Almondsbury is a large village which sits on the A38 road connecting Bristol with Gloucester, together with an extensive parish stretching almost to the banks of the Severn Estuary and incorporating the chapelry of Compton Greenfield, which will have its own page within this project. Almondsbury sits upon a ridge of limestone which juts prominently from the low-lying lands bordering the Severn giving it a commanding view across that level plain and across to Wales beyond and making for a natural defensive site, the village clusters around the base of that protrusion. The broad plain to the northwest, the lands of the parish, were excellent for grazing cattle and provided much of the income for Almondsbury, some quarrying of the local stone for building work also provided some employment. Today Almondsbury sits just beyond Bristol's urban sprawl, the modern M5 motorway cutting through to create a narrow green gap. Nevertheless modern developments to the northwest of the village and along the route of the A38 have made it not only a commuter village but also a traffic nightmare in rush hour. The other modern development in the parish is the route of the Brunel's Great Western Railway which tunnels through the ridge before plunging beneath the Severn en route to Cardiff. The parish is drained by numerous, man-influenced, becks across the lowlands to the nearby outer Severn Estuary. Almondsbury is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, by the church, with the A38 and some properties some 40 metres higher on the crest; the local high spot, an ancient fort-site, stands at 86 metres. Almondsbury parish was extensive, vast in extent for a parish in southern England, it covered just over 6,900 acres, albeit that includes the lands within Compton Greenfield chapelry, and would have supported a population of almost 1,600 parishioners. In Domesday times Almondsbury parish was held directly by King William, its assets were staggering in extent and difficult to believe, the book records an immense 197 ploughs and 10 mills which if true made Almondsbury one of King William's most valuable holdings.  

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the heart of the old village, below the ridge holding today's developments, sitting at the junction of Sunday's Hill & Church Road. The cruciform structure immediately informs of an early church, that design being favoured by the Normans. The church consists of nave & chancel augmented by transepts, aisles to both north & south and a northern porch, the whole topped by a central crossing tower with a lead broach-spire. The bulk of the church is of the 13th century and is Early English Gothic in style, from earlier times one sees Norman Romanesque in that northern porch. Whilst 14th century features are scattered about, it is to the Georgians and Victorians that one must look for significant changes. The Georgian rebuild of 1834 saw the four-bay nave almost completely rebuilt whilst later, Victorian, changes, albeit sensitive to the original styles, saw lancet windows renewed as well as renewing the interior's screen. Sunday's Hill & Church Road meet at a prominent triangular green providing ample parking. The churchyard, enclosed in local stone walls, is accessed through a double-width lychgate. The extensive churchyard is open but acquiring adequate images including the tall spire requires either wide angled lenses or to retreat outside the bounds of the churchyard given its height. 

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
July 1754 - 4th August 1812
Bristol Archives - Reference - P.ALM/R/3/a
Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
This register is very much a mixed bag with some sections good and others rather poor, the register appears to be affected by damp & mould damage which makes some entries a real challenge. Whilst there may well be some misreads as a result hopefully they will be few in number.
2 18th April 1813 - 20th October 1836  Bristol Archives - Reference - P.ALM/R/3/b Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Redwick and Northwick St Thomas
Olveston St Mary
Alveston St Helen
Redwick and Northwick St Thomas
Henbury St Mary
Frampton Cotterell St Peter
Winterbourne St Michael
Henbury St Mary
Compton Greenfield All Saints
Compton Greenfield All Saints
Filton St Peter
Stoke Gifford St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/02/1754 Arthur CLEMMENTS Sarah MIDDLETON
18/02/1754 Thomas MATHEWS Ann KNEE
00/07/1754 John PHILLIPS Henbury Mary JEALE
05/09/1754 Samuel CHILD Mary STEPHENS
28/09/1754 Thomas LEWIS Martha JONES
27/10/1754 William EVANS Mary SLON
19/12/1754 John MASON Mary STRATTON Henbury
13/01/1755 Thomas DAVIS Ann SIMMONS
20/01/1755 Richard HITCHINS Mary FARR
09/02/1755 John HOLLOWAY Martha PARKER
09/04/1755 Thomas SHIPWAY Sarah PURCE
21/04/1755 John ROTHERY Eleanor CHARLES
25/04/1755 John CARTER Horfield Hester ANN
01/06/1755 Philip BAKER Henbury Elizabeth MORETON
19/02/1756 William MORRIS Mary LEE
29/02/1756 Thomas ROGERS Cromhall Celia HUGHES
29/02/1756 Joseph UNDERWOOD Hanna PEARCE
02/03/1756 Robert HORWOOD Horton Mary CLEMENTS
22/04/1756 William BAKER Betty BEER
23/04/1756 William LONGDEN Ann STEPHENS
06/05/1756 Richard CLARIDGE Mary SMITH
10/10/1756 John LEWIS Susannah ROSEWALL
10/01/1757 Ambrose SAGE Hester HUGHES
21/01/1757 John WILKINS Henbury Ellen OVERTON
27/01/1757 William OSBORNE Elizabeth STOKES
10/05/1757 George WELLS Elizabeth RAWLINGS
10/05/1757 Thomas ANDREWS Catherine JONES
17/07/1757 Isaac HIBBARD Sarah RIND
26/09/1757 Joseph PARMINTER Jane BUTTLER
23/04/1758 Jenkin PRICE Dinah LEA
08/05/1758 Thomas KEMP Hester MORGAN St George, Bristol
11/10/1758 Abraham REED Ann CLEMENTS
22/10/1758 Richard WILKINS Ann PAGE
18/12/1758 Stephen GRANT Sarah TOWNSEND
03/01/1759 John BROWNING Sarah STALLARD
31/01/1759 John ROTHERY Mary WATERS
19/02/1759 James FORCH Ann HOUSE
27/02/1759 James HOLLISTER Frampton Cotterell Elizabeth JAMES
16/04/1759 William STOUT Compton Greenfield Anne PULLEN
22/04/1759 John CHESHIRE Henbury Ann RICHARDS
24/06/1759 Thomas RICHARDS Henbury Hannah SIMMONS
15/08/1759 Stephen HOPKINS Margaret GROVE
24/09/1759 Benjamin PROSSER Mary WATKINS
28/10/1759 John LANGFORD Mary POPE
23/12/1759 James HILL Susannah EDMONDS
01/01/1760 John ORGAN Elizabeth DYER Winterbourne
20/01/1760 Thomas ELA Betty HITCHINGS
28/01/1760 Isaac WOODARD Jane SAUNDERS
18/02/1760 John MILES Sarah FULLER
07/04/1760 Thomas HILL Olveston Betty BAKER
08/04/1760 John FISHER Mary WILLOBE
26/05/1760 Thomas SAUNDERS Elizabeth PARKER
14/09/1760 William POW Patience WERRETT
23/09/1760 John SAUNDERS Elizabeth MEREDITH
29/03/1761 William POOLE Rachael JONES
25/01/1762 Nicholas STEPHENS Mary CHILDS
07/02/1762 Richard COLE Ruth AMBROSE
12/04/1762 Richard HICKINGS Hannah ANN
14/04/1762 Benjamin BEAL Betty BARNS
07/06/1762 James PERRYMAN Anne Stephens DOBBINS
21/06/1762 John WOODWARD Martha BYHAM
09/12/1762 Philip BAKER Sarah BRACEY
25/12/1762 William BLETCHLEY Betty WEBB
25/12/1762 John SMITH Amelia HOWELL
14/02/1763 Edmund JONES Westerleigh Deborah COLEMAN
15/02/1763 William HOPKINS Mary POWELL
10/04/1763 Samuel MUSGROVE Mary STALLARD
26/05/1763 Richard GRANT Ann GROVE
06/06/1763 John MARSH Elizabeth HOLLISTER
13/06/1763 George COLE Mary ROTHERY
18/07/1763 Thomas WYNN Sarah MASON
29/08/1763 John BERT Martha HOLLISTER
17/10/1763 William SKACE Sarah EDY
09/01/1764 Joseph CROOME Mangotsfield Grace HUGHES
23/01/1764 John HUGHES Sarah PARKER Westerleigh
13/02/1764 Thomas BRACY Mary TOVEY
21/02/1764 Charles HORWOOD Joyce TYLER
15/04/1764 William THOMAS Elizabeth TYLER
23/04/1764 Thomas WATKINS Mary HIGNAL
24/04/1764 Matthew WORGAN St James, Bristol Mary GRIFFITH
01/05/1764 Arthur SHORT Jane LEWIS
14/05/1764 Benjamin VINES Frampton Cotterell Hannah OWEN
14/05/1764 Joab TOVEY Elizabeth PUGH
19/06/1764 William HAINS Hester FISHPOOL
22/10/1764 Richard ORGAN Sarah PUCKSTONE
11/11/1764 William WALTERS Wolvesnewton, Monmouthshire Cicily MORGAN
25/11/1764 Hugh STRANGE Betty HUNT
22/01/1765 John HOLDER Frampton Cotterell Mary WHITE
18/02/1765 John NEATE Rachel ANN
11/03/1765 Richard DYDE Susannah Cox DOBBINS
08/04/1765 William ROSEWELL Mary BAKER
10/04/1765 Aaron MURFORD Henbury Betty SCRIVEN
01/10/1765 William BARTLETT Mary STIBBS
02/12/1765 Thomas WINN Anne TAYLOR
07/12/1765 Thomas WINN Widower Anne TYLER Single
14/04/1766 Isaac OWEN Mary PRICE
15/04/1766 William STEPHENS Sarah CHILD
15/04/1766 John MALLARD Celia HANCOCK
15/05/1766 Thomas DYER Elizabeth VEISY
22/05/1766 William SMITH Winterbourne Sarah HEWES
25/05/1766 John PERRIMAN Hester BAKER
12/06/1766 John KENT Mary WICKES
30/06/1766 Joseph PEARCE Hannah HITCHENS Widow
09/10/1766 Thomas TYLER Anne EDWARDS
10/11/1766 Thomas WILKINS Anne VAUGHN
25/01/1767 William HAVELOCK Elizabeth ROGERS
01/04/1767 Peter BOULTON Olveston Mary MORETON
27/04/1767 William WALKER Mary WOODWARD
22/02/1768 William TAYLOR Mary DAY
04/04/1768 Thomas WEBB Single St Stephen, Bristol Sarah RAWLINGS Single
06/04/1768 Daniel NEALE Mary DAVIES
24/04/1768 James BYUM Mary BRINDELL
25/09/1768 James TIZZARD Temperance CASSEN
06/02/1769 William FINCH Elizabeth MIDDLETON
09/04/1769 William FRY Mary STINCHCOMB
20/04/1769 William WALLINGTON Ann MORGAN
14/05/1769 Stephen BROWN Mary HUGHS
04/06/1769 Jonathan HIBBS Mary SAUNDERS
09/08/1769 Charles SIMPSON Elizabeth PULLEN
20/11/1769 Stephen ROSEWELL Hannah BAKER
29/01/1770 John GASKELL Grace STALLERD
15/02/1770 Thomas HOUSE Susannah HOW Bitton
23/04/1770 Thomas DYER Henbury Sarah PROSSER
21/05/1770 Isaac WEBB Stoke Gifford Mary TYLER
09/06/1770 Hezekiah BRACEY Ann MORGAN
27/06/1770 William HARRIS Abergavenny, Monmouthshire Sarah GUNTER
12/08/1770 Thomas CLARK Elizabeth SMITH
17/10/1770 John BROWNING Ann UNDERWOOD
18/10/1770 Thomas DAVIES Elizabeth PEARCE
06/02/1771 William JENKINS Hannah ROSSER
24/06/1771 William SMITH Mary BROWN
01/07/1771 William RUMNY Sarah ROSSER
24/10/1771 Thomas GUNTER Stoke Gifford Grace POWELL Single
09/01/1772 Thomas ANDRESS Betty BENDALL
25/02/1772 William JOYNER Henbury Sarah MORETON
30/03/1772 James COLSTON Whitchurch, Somerset Sarah DAY Single
20/07/1772 Edward THOMAS Prudence SMITH
24/07/1772 John EVANS St Stephen, Bristol Mary EVANS
26/07/1772 John LAWRENCE Judith FRAME
06/05/1773 James CURTIS Esther HOPKINS Single
01/06/1773 William PEARCE Hannah ROSSWELL
28/06/1773 Samuel PRITCHARD Ann BICKERTON
16/08/1773 William WILTSHIRE Thornbury Ann CLEMENTS Single
16/08/1773 Richard BUTLER Ruth FILBERT
13/09/1773 John HENDY Thornbury Mary CLEMENTS Single
15/11/1773 John HOLLEY Mary PICKE
15/11/1773 William RUMNEY Betty FILBERT
06/04/1774 William CHESHIRE Sarah BYHAM
06/04/1774 John CROWTHER Mary BRIGHT
24/05/1774 Robert LEE Mary PEARCE
25/05/1774 John CHAIRS Phebe WILLIS
13/06/1774 Henry LEWIS Ann WATKINS
27/10/1774 Thomas BEALE Ashchurch Catharine HOW
24/11/1774 Thomas ALLEN Anna PEARCE
16/03/1775 Benjamin SMITH Betty TOMBES
17/04/1775 John JENKINS Esther HANCOCK
17/04/1775 Thomas HOLLISTER Susannah READ Single
20/04/1775 William MILLER Elizabeth MURFITT
07/05/1775 Thomas LEE Hannah GUNTER Stoke Gifford
07/05/1775 John TUCKER Wraxall, Somerset Sarah LEE Single
08/06/1775 John SAUNDERS Sarah GARNER
07/08/1775 Ambrose LIPYATE Mary ROWSELL
05/10/1775 James KENNISON Horfield Elizabeth BAKER Single
23/11/1775 Joseph BEARD Elizabeth JAMES St Stephen, Bristol
30/11/1775 William SMITH Isabel PARNELL
13/02/1776 Abraham LANE Elizabeth BYAM
17/03/1776 John BWYE Elizabeth MORETON
24/03/1776 John DAVIS Hannah WILLIAMS
08/04/1776 John CLARKE Mary WITHERS
31/05/1776 John LEWIS Elizabeth YOUNG
17/06/1776 Joseph JENKINS Hester HAYNES
06/10/1776 Thomas LANE Hannah CURTHOY
20/01/1777 James SKILL Ann BRACEY Widow
03/02/1777 James HOUSE Nancy HOWE
06/05/1777 John NURSE Sarah HARDING
22/05/1777 John LANE Mary PICK
09/06/1777 Abraham BISHOP Eliner LEWIS
11/06/1777 Robert EATON Lambeth, Surrey Elizabeth BETHALL Newnham
25/08/1777 John HOPE Elizabeth WATSON
29/09/1777 Charles DOLMAN Mary GIBBINS
06/10/1777 William HOPKINS Joyce WALKER
09/12/1777 Richard CRASSMAN Sarah COOPER
05/01/1778 William LEWIS Elizabeth PEARCE
19/04/1778 Benjamin FORD Hannah CROOME
20/04/1778 Mark CRASSMAN Hannah GODFREY
28/04/1778 Giles HANCOCK Betty VEAL Long Ashton, Somerset
25/05/1778 William PARKER Hannah ROSEWELL
11/06/1778 Thomas ROSEWELL Betty FISHER
18/06/1778 William SERCOMBE Hester OLIFF
29/06/1778 Luke JAYNE Sarah Stevens DOBBINS
13/09/1778 John MORETON Anne HURN
29/03/1779 William MEREDITH Hannah YOUNG
28/02/1780 Giles HANCOCK Betty TOVEY Widow
03/04/1780 William HANCOCK Olveston Hester ALDRICH
11/04/1780 John BRYANT Rebecca REYNOLDS
11/05/1780 William GRIFFITHS Margaret EDMUNDS
15/05/1780 Henry PROSSER Grace PHILIPS
26/06/1780 John HUGHES Betty MORRIS
05/11/1780 Joseph JONES Anne SEGREE
26/03/1781 John CLEATER Ann DAVIES
16/04/1781 John PRICE Hannah WEST
30/04/1781 Luke WILLIAMS Henbury Hannah LEE Single
09/09/1781 James HISCOX Elizabeth HITCHINS
13/12/1781 Thomas DENNING Hannah BUTLER
22/04/1782 William HIGGINS Mary LONGDEN
27/05/1782 Stephen BAILEY Henrietta HISCOX
20/08/1782 Thomas PROSSER Mary SPILL
03/11/1782 John GATEHOUSE St Nicholas, Bristol Hester GIBBINS
20/02/1783 Abraham DAVIS Henbury Eleanor BOULTON
28/04/1783 George HOLLIS Hannah OSBORNE Henbury
08/05/1783 Peter ROSEWELL Anne WILLIAMS
21/07/1783 Stephen TOVEY Frances CROSSMAN Widow
09/10/1783 John BAKER Elizabeth CHAIRS
10/11/1783 William YOUNG Hester CLEMENTS
29/03/1784 William HOPKINS Hester HANCOCK
12/04/1784 Thomas SHEPHERD Jane LOVELESS
06/12/1784 Thomas PARSLEY Mary COLE
23/01/1785 John CULVERWELL Hannah PIERCE
04/04/1785 John WEST Margaret WEST
04/04/1785 John FRAYHORN Betty HEAVEN
04/04/1785 William MABOTT Anne STEPHENS
17/05/1785 Job WATKINS Mary HITCHENS
27/06/1785 Thomas CROOM Frances YOUNG
11/08/1785 George BURFORD Hannah DUNN
11/08/1785 Edmund LEWIS Rachael HITCHINGS
21/08/1785 John HILL Mary MORRIS
11/05/1786 Thomas BATTEN Ann KEMP
30/10/1786 Walter CHARLES St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol Hannah GARDNER
27/03/1787 Daniel KNIGHT Elizabeth WEST
15/04/1787 William WARNETT Hester LEWIS
04/10/1787 John LANE Martha BOWDEN
05/02/1788 James HILL Ann MORGAN
31/03/1788 Henry YOUNG Hannah STIFF
29/04/1788 William PULLING Mary FILL
29/04/1788 William BAKER Mary HILL
19/06/1788 Thomas WEBB Elizabeth BOULTON
01/07/1788 Richard POPE Elizabeth REED
18/08/1788 John STEPHENS Mary EDWARDS
06/04/1789 William RICHARDS Sarah WHITE
07/05/1789 John SCRIVIN Ann WEBB
18/06/1789 John SCRIVIN Margaret PRICE
12/07/1789 John HOPKINS Sarah TAYLOR
02/08/1789 William SEVEL Ann BOULTON
11/10/1789 John BARNES Martha COOK
03/06/1790 James MOXHAM Widower Henbury Sarah TOVEY Single
18/10/1790 John GUIST Iron Acton Mary CHILD
25/10/1790 Richard WOODWARD Jane ROSSER
07/01/1791 Daniel EDMONDS Mary WOODWARD
10/02/1791 William LOVELL Bitton Sarah OCKFORD Single
13/04/1791 Nicholas LIPPIATT Olveston Sarah STACEY Widow
25/04/1791 Abraham BISHOP Anna ALLEN
03/05/1791 John LUCE Olveston Anna FRANKCOMB
11/05/1791 John VOWLES Jenny WEEKS
22/05/1791 Isaac CULLIMORE Ann HILL
27/05/1791 Robert BOULTON Mary DAZZARD
11/09/1791 John ALDEN St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol Elizabeth WEBB Single
16/12/1791 William COOPER Mary HAYWARD
29/12/1791 William TANNER Judith DYER
20/02/1792 Thomas EDMONDS Mary HIPPATE
28/05/1792 James SCRIVIN Sophia TIZZARD
04/10/1792 Thomas WEST Susannah MORETON
11/02/1793 Thomas COOKE Sarah JONES
04/04/1793 Joseph WINSTONE Stoke Gifford Elizabeth HOLLISTER
09/04/1793 William BRACEY Olveston Sarah BEALE
14/11/1793 William BAKER St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol Ann PALMER
26/03/1794 Thomas HIGGINS Mary JOHNSON
14/04/1794 John PARDO Sarah CLARKE
14/02/1795 Charles SMITH Clifton Sarah TAYLOR Single
28/03/1795 John COOPER Ann ALLEN
06/04/1795 William ROSEWELL Mary NEALE
10/05/1795 William MORRIS Sarah STEPHENS
09/08/1795 John VOWLES Ann HOPKINS
16/08/1795 Joseph COOPER Alice ALLEN Single
17/08/1795 Edward ROWLAND Ann CHILD
24/08/1795 William KNOX Henbury Sarah BRITTON Single
27/08/1795 John EMERSON Judith FIELD
21/12/1795 Job TOVEY Sarah TYLER Single
28/03/1796 William THOMAS Hester BRACEY
04/04/1796 John FOOT Jane PRICE
05/07/1796 Lewis LLOYD Chepstow, Monmouthshire Hester WADE Single
30/09/1796 Edward PARRY Thornbury Mary EDMONDS Single
19/02/1797 William COLE Ann PRICE
22/04/1797 Samuel TURVEY Ann SPENCER
04/05/1797 James PEARCE Hannah STEPHENS
01/06/1797 John CROSSMAN Mary SIMMONS Single
19/06/1797 Samuel DENT Stoke Gifford Elizabeth BYAM Single
06/07/1797 John PICKFORD Glastonbury, Somerset Mary CROOM Single
27/08/1797 John WEEKS Frances SMITH
09/04/1798 Thomas VOWLES Joyce OSBORN
19/04/1798 John WATKINS Henbury Hannah WILLIAMS Single
19/04/1798 Enoch WILLIAMS Nancy CARTER Single
24/05/1798 William HUGHES Ann HORSEMAN
01/06/1798 Samuel THOMAS Jane SAUNDERS Single
15/07/1798 John GASTRELL Mary KING Single
02/09/1798 Simon GRIFFITH Hannah TIZZARD Single
31/12/1798 William HOPKINS Hester WHITE
25/03/1799 John COOPER Sarah ALLIN Single
01/04/1799 Thomas SMITH Betty ALLEN
16/05/1799 John WILLIAMS Olveston Ann SARGEANT Single
19/08/1799 Robert HARDIDGE Winterbourne Ann GRANT Single
16/11/1799 Charles KING Dyrham & Hinton Elizabeth DENNING
24/12/1799 William MORRIS Sarah THOMAS
03/04/1800 William NEAL Susannah BARRINGTON Single
28/04/1800 Mark WILLIAMS Olveston Mary BRITTON Single
25/06/1800 Richard STEWARD Mary PERKIN Widow
14/07/1800 Henry CROOME Thornbury Sarah EDMONDS Single
02/09/1800 John MORTON Widower Hannah CHARLES Single
02/10/1800 Henry GRANT Nancy WEEKS Single
29/12/1800 James PENNEGAR Sarah BWYE
06/01/1801 Benjamin SMITH Sarah MANNING Single
02/02/1801 John ROBINS Single Elizabeth BAILEY Single
11/02/1801 Charles SAGE Sarah ORGAN Single
12/03/1801 John CALOMATI Ann CROOME Single
24/05/1801 Robert ORCHARD Mary WILTSHIRE
13/10/1801 Jacob MILLINER Mary TYLER
21/06/1802 Richard ADAMS Thornbury Mary MANING Single
13/03/1803 Charles MORGAN Hannah ROSEWELL Single
23/05/1803 John REED Rebecca REEVES Single
15/08/1803 John Baker HIPPATE Elizabeth MORRIS Single
19/10/1803 John BARRETT Celia BARROUGH Single
20/03/1804 Zaccheus NEWMAN Ann TYLER Single
19/04/1804 William FISHER Olveston Betty CARTER Single
01/05/1804 John Edge MANNING Single Matilda Jorden COOKE Single
14/05/1804 Herbert PARRY Martha JAMES Single
04/06/1804 Charles WILLIAMS Single Elizabeth SARGEANT Single
22/10/1804 John POPE Single Olveston Sophia WATKINS Single
29/05/1805 Thomas CURTIS Single Ann MARSHALL Single
22/03/1806 George HUGHES Single Ann GASKELL Single
06/04/1807 Daniel YOUNG Single Rebecca TUTTON Single
16/04/1807 John MERITT Single Maria ALLIN Single
03/05/1807 Thomas MORETON Sarah MEREDITH Olveston
29/11/1807 John WILLIAMS Frampton Cotterell Mary SCUCE
07/12/1807 Thomas WITHER Single Mary DENNIS Single
03/03/1808 John GOSLING Single Elizabeth ENGLAND Single
11/05/1808 James SHIELD Single Johanna CHAPPEL Single
06/06/1808 James FRANKLIN Ann ROSEWELL
15/06/1808 Job WITHEY Ann BURGESS
10/07/1808 Robert TURNER Single Elizabeth HURN Single
26/09/1808 Richard JEFFERIES Single Sarah HIGGS Single
07/11/1808 Thomas POWELL Single Sarah WATKINS Single
26/11/1808 William WOOLDRIDGE Single Hester WEBB Single
20/04/1809 George LUTON Single Westerleigh Hester CARTER Single
24/10/1809 Christopher PARKER Widower Elizabeth HUNT Single
29/10/1809 Edward HOPGOOD Single Mary EDMONDS Widow
08/01/1810 James HOWELL Widower Christchurch, Monmouthshire Martha SHEPHERD Single
27/01/1810 John STALLARD Single Sophia POWELL Single
03/02/1810 John BOULTON Mary BRYANT Single
18/04/1810 James ANN Single Olveston Hannah PARKER Single
15/10/1810 John WILTSHIRE Single Ellenor CARTER Single
08/04/1811 John MORETON Single Mary PROSSER Single
21/05/1811 John WEST Single Mary Ann ROSEWELL Single
15/10/1811 John SAVAGE Clifton Rachel WRIGHT Single
31/12/1811 Isaac CLOSE Dinah BYAM
13/05/1812 James FORD Widower Thornbury Lydia THOMAS Single
04/08/1812 Charles Havard GWINNELL Single Henrietta Sophia STONE Single Melksham, Wiltshire
1 18/04/1813 James TAYLOR Hannah HILL
2 28/02/1814 Samuel THOMAS Mary HAPGOOD
3 04/04/1814 George YOUNG Maria HILL
4 07/04/1814 John THOMAS Sarah SARJEANT
5 22/05/1814 William STALLARD Sarah NURSE
6 26/06/1814 Thomas SCRIVIN Ann HOSKINS
7 11/08/1814 James WATKINS Susanna SCRIVIN
8 10/04/1815 John PROSSER Compton Greenfield Sarah WEST Single
9 15/04/1815 William JONES Henbury Sarah THOMAS Single
10 27/05/1815 John WEEKS Westbury On Trym Jane Tanner MEALING Single
11 03/09/1815 John PARKER Amelia HOPKINS
12 16/04/1816 James ENGLAND Hannah WHITCHURCH Olveston
13 17/04/1816 Joseph WATTS Mary KAYSE
14 30/04/1816 George NICHOLS Rebecca MARSH
15 11/05/1816 Stephen BRACEY Hannah HUGHES
16 16/12/1816 John EATOL Mary Ann HOOKE
17 20/07/1817 Mark PARKER Amelia PARKER
18 20/10/1817 Thomas MOWAT Single Thornbury Elizabeth BOULTON
19 29/03/1818 George POWER Ann MABBOTT
20 29/03/1818 William EDMUNDS Ann BRYANT
21 07/04/1818 Henry DAVIS Henbury Mary BOULTON
22 12/04/1818 David HUNT Grace STONE
23 28/04/1818 Job WEEKS Ann LIPPIATT
24 12/05/1818 Daniel EDWARDS Henbury Lydia HALL
25 05/07/1818 William JEFFRIES Amelia THORN
26 18/10/1818 William PEARCE Hannah MILLARD
27 01/11/1818 John GRIFFEN Elizabeth HIGGINS
28 06/01/1819 George THOMAS Hannah SARJEANT
29 23/01/1819 William WAGG Bristol Harriet PAGE
30 27/12/1819 James SHEPPARD Mary HAZARD
31 09/04/1820 Joseph EDMONDS Ann SUMMERS
32 17/05/1821 John COLLARD Elizabeth WEST
33 15/10/1821 John WADE Sarah GARDINER
34 20/10/1821 George SHEPHERD Sarah ADAMS
35 28/03/1822 John JENKINS Sarah POWELL
36 04/11/1822 George FISHER Single Olveston Sarah PEARCE Widow
37 02/04/1823 Stephen BRACEY Harriett THOMAS
38 07/04/1823 James HALL Single Hannah EDDINGTON Single Henbury
39 28/04/1823 John CLARKE Maria MEREDITH
40 12/05/1823 John MABBOTT Sarah NELMES
41 22/09/1823 James SIMS Single Walcot, Somerset Mary Ann EDWARDS Single
42 29/12/1823 Thomas PROSSER Maria WITHERS
43 01/04/1824 Henry ENGLAND Hannah BRACEY
44 05/05/1824 William SHIP Eliza THOMAS
45 14/10/1824 Thomas WITHERS Mary STONE
46 25/10/1824 Thomas NICHOLS Mary CARNAL
47 20/10/1825 Thomas PARKER Jane ARCHER
48 01/04/1826 Thomas COOPER Susannah WALKER
49 03/04/1826 Joseph COOPER Amelia RUMNEY
50 23/05/1826 John James FRANKIS Caroline Clarissa COLLIER
51 28/05/1826 John MASTERS Harriet WEDLAKE
52 04/11/1826 Henry FISHER Single Olveston Susanna BISHOP
53 01/10/1827 George HOPKINS Susannah ISHMAEL
54 06/11/1827 Thomas DENNING Elizabeth HOBBS
55 24/11/1827 Thomas PEARCE Susannah WEBB
56 15/12/1827 Henry BANKES Margaret PHELPS
57 27/03/1828 Charles LIPPAT Eliza MORGAN
58 02/08/1828 Walter Daniel WHEELER Sarah GAMLIN
59 22/11/1828 Joseph PREWETT Ann DENNING
60 07/12/1828 Charles POWELL Judith PAGE
61 18/02/1829 James DEW Hester Bonnor WADLEY
62 25/11/1829 Richard OSBOURNE Hester HOPKINS
63 10/04/1830 Timothy KILFILE Sarah HARRISON
64 03/06/1830 Thomas WALKER Elizabeth THOMAS
65 04/01/1831 Daniel HEWLETT St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Selina HILL
66 20/02/1831 Jonah LANDSDOWN Letitia COOK
67 20/04/1831 Charles Walkern COOK Sarah CHAPPELL
68 14/05/1831 Shadrach THOMAS Thornbury Elizabeth LUTON
69 22/07/1832 Richard TYLER Esther GOSLIN
70 15/09/1832 Joseph WILLIAMS Llangibby, Monmouthshire Rachael BROWN
71 09/03/1833 Charles WELLINGTON Martha EYNON
72 18/04/1833 Charles LOVEGROVE Mary BANKS
73 29/04/1833 George MILLINER Priscilla GOSLIN
74 21/07/1833 William BARNETT Elizabeth SIMMONS
75 02/04/1834 William MILLINER Mary Ann MORGAN
76 05/04/1835 Thomas MEABY Edith PITTS
77 01/02/1836 George CURTIS Susanna HITCHENS
78 24/03/1836 Charles HUNT Charlotte LUTON
79 20/10/1836 William COOK Dianna HUGHES

Corrections to Tinstaafl Transcripts