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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Gloucester St Michael


The Parish

{The city of Gloucester is located in north central Gloucestershire, the city being the county town. Gloucester sits on the eastern banks of the River Severn about 110 miles west of the city of London. Gloucester is built at the crossroads of the A38 (Bristol to Birmingham) and A40 (London to Gloucester) roads. Gloucester has an ancient origin, it as a "caster" was one of the principal settlements of Roman times and the city has been in continual existence since at least the 1st century. It's situation on the navigable Severn led to growth as an inland port and market for the whole of the county. Access to resources from a wider geographical area led to growth of industries within the city beyond those associated with agriculture and the port. Gloucester is divided into 8 ancient parishes, there were more but they were absorbed into these 8. St Michael is the fifth largest by population and occupies the southeastern corner of the mediaeval city. Gloucester is dominated by its cathedral built by the Norman conquerors and was one of England's principal cities. Gloucester maintained its status through to modern times, the building of a canal for shipping growing its port during the 19th century and the presence of major rail and road routes (the M5 motorway passes to the city's east) maintain its status as a principal settlement. Gloucester is drained by streams to the Severn, most are underground today. Gloucester is sited at around sea level to 15 metres above it, St Michael's stands at 12 metres. The city parishes covered just a few acres and St Michael would have supported a population of around 1,000 parishioners. In Domesday times the city was held directly by the King, with the exception of the Cathedral Close, it was not specifically enumerated.

The Church

St Michael's church is situated at "The Cross" where Eastgate, Northgate, Southgate & Westgate streets all meet the physical centre of the mediaeval city. Little remains of the church which was largely demolished in 1956. The Perpendicular tower remains, dated by Pevsner to 1465. The remaining area of the church is now covered by business premises and the tower serves as a pedestrian access to a mall. The tower stands with no border from the surrounding pavements and can be viewed easily from many angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th May 1754 - 25th November 1779 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P154/14/IN/1/8
Plain, ruled, & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th January 1780 - 29th December 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P154/14/IN/1/9 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 27th January 1813 - 26th June 1837 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P154/14/IN/1/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

St Aldate, Gloucester
St John the Baptist, Gloucester
St Mary de Lode, Gloucester
St Mary de Lode, Gloucester
Christ Church, Gloucester
St Mary de Crypt, Gloucester
Barnwood St Lawrence
Hempstead St Swithin
St Mary de Lode, Gloucester (detached)
Quedgeley St James
Barnwood St Lawrence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/01/1754 William ADDYS     Elizabeth SIMON    
06/01/1754 William JENNER     Elizabeth ADDYS    
14/01/1754 Thomas BURROUGHS     Elizabeth BARTLETT   Stroud
26/01/1754 William PHELPS   Taynton Hester YOUNG   Bulley
27/01/1754 James HADINOT   Kings Stanley Elizabeth GIBBINS   Stonehouse
03/02/1754 Henry MARCHANT     Susannah SMITH    
07/02/1754 Job STANLEY   Painswick Elizabeth EXCELL   Rodborough
13/02/1754 Thomas HOBBS     Mary MAULE   Littledean
23/02/1754 Josiah GALE     Anne MOORE    
24/02/1754 Ambrose COEBURN     Rosannah EARLE   Minchinhampton
24/02/1754 William MEEK     Elizabeth WICKS    
26/02/1754 John WILSE   Ruardean Sarah RUDGE   Ross, Herefordshire
23/03/1754 James WINTLE   Westbury On Severn Elizabeth BROWN   Minsterworth
23/03/1754 John TURBERVILE   Bushley, Worcestershire Eleanor WELLES   Walton Cardiff
1 13/05/1754 Benjamin DOUBTNOTTHEFIELD     Alice RATCLIFFE    
2 08/07/1754 John RODWAY     Mary BOON    
3 14/07/1754 Giles TOWNSHEND     Anne HOSKINS    
4 17/10/1754 Thomas GOSCOMB   Brookthorpe Mary HARRIS    
27/11/1754 John PORTER   St Nicholas, Gloucester Mary JEFFERIES    
19/02/1755 William SMITH   Staunton, Worcestershire Sarah HARRIS    
13/04/1755 William CLUTTERBUCK     Mary FOWNES    
01/05/1755 John ROWDEN   Upton Upon Severn, Worcestershire Mary CHANDLER    
04/05/1755 Gyles HORSINGTON     Mary WILLIAMS   Christ Church, Gloucester
08/08/1755 William TOGWELL     Mary FLIGHT    
26/10/1755 John HINTON   Ross, Herefordshire Elizabeth ORRIN    
16/01/1756 Sampson CARTER     Anne ADDICOTT    
12/02/1756 Benjamin THOMAS   Christ Church, Gloucester Elizabeth SPILLMAN    
16/02/1756 James SHAW   Leominster, Herefordshire Anne HOBBS    
05/04/1756 James CROWDEY     Mary JONES    
20/04/1756 Edmund BELCHER     Anne WEST    
06/05/1756 Robert ELLIS   St Nicholas, Gloucester Alice WOOD    
20/05/1756 John HEMMING   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Elizabeth CRABTREE    
07/06/1756 Thomas SOUTHERN     Margaret FENEY    
29/06/1756 James MORRICK     Elizabeth COSBY   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester
02/08/1756 Samuel HARRIS     Hester WELLES    
05/09/1756 Ralph BADNEDGE     Susannah SKILLIN   St Nicholas, Gloucester
26/12/1756 Thomas MAISEY   St Nicholas, Gloucester Sarah GOODMAN    
14/06/1757 James CHATTAWAY     Mary DAVIES   Hartpury
29/06/1757 William WOOD     Elizabeth OLDACRE    
08/07/1757 John RIDGELY   Portsmouth, Hampshire Elizabeth DOWNING    
09/07/1757 John HOOPER   St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol Mary PARKER    
24/07/1757 Robert SMITH     Sarah GROVILE    
29/07/1757 Edward HOPKINS     Sarah JONES    
21/08/1757 John CASWELL     Elizabeth BERINGTON    
25/08/1757 John BAYLIS   Tewkesbury Matthea JONES    
28/09/1757 Walter PORTER     Hester SUTHERLA    
02/10/1757 William CATER   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Anne ARNOLD    
17/10/1757 Samuel WHITFIELD     Anne BOWEN    
09/11/1757 John MAN   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Grace SHARLAND    
13/11/1757 Munn HAMMETT     Elizabeth LOWTHER    
18/02/1758 John WADLEY     Honour CHEESLET    
01/04/1758 Richard WEBB   St Nicholas, Gloucester Anne JEFFERIS    
10/04/1758 John COWSEY     Elizabeth HICKMAN    
09/05/1758 John WAY   St John, Gloucester Sarah PERKINS    
11/06/1758 Henry DARKE     Jane NOAKES    
21/06/1758 Joseph STEPHENS   St Nicholas, Gloucester Elizabeth DALE    
11/07/1758 Jonathan BODGER     Anne BEVAN    
16/07/1758 William DOWER   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Sarah JONES    
10/09/1758 Joseph LEECH     Elizabeth KEYSE    
23/11/1758 Richard TOMS     Margaret BULLOCK    
23/12/1758 Joseph SMART   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Alice NASH    
18/01/1759 John AVERIS     Margaret HOWELL    
04/02/1759 John ROFF     Elizabeth BACHE    
24/02/1759 Thomas MEELS   Chipping Sodbury Elizabeth MERRICK    
01/03/1759 George FELLESS     Mary GREGORY   St Nicholas, Gloucester
05/04/1759 Jasper WINNETT   Stroud Elizabeth CHURCH    
01/05/1759 Walter WILLIAMS     Elizabeth CLAYTON    
06/06/1759 John WALKER   St John, Gloucester Sarah HOBBS    
09/07/1759 Samuel SMITH     Mary BROADGATE    
02/09/1759 Thomas SYMONDS   Peterstow, Herefordshire Sarah CHESTER    
29/01/1760 William WEBLEY     Elizabeth FREAM    
19/04/1760 John PYRTON   St Nicholas, Gloucester Sarah JAMES    
02/07/1760 James GUNN     Elizabeth PRICE    
28/07/1760 James DOWELL     Anne BAYLEY    
12/08/1760 Thomas SHEPHERD   Christ Church, Gloucester Elizabeth RODWAY    
02/04/1761 Thomas BEVAN   Hartpury Anne SHEPPARD    
16/04/1761 Anthony BROTHERTON   St Aldate, Gloucester Anne STEPHENS    
19/04/1761 Thomas COWCHER     Anne WYNDOW    
05/05/1761 John LAMB     Joyce BRADLEY    
26/05/1761 William EVANS   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Winifred SHERBORN    
31/08/1761 Edmond CLARK     Elizabeth YOUNG    
23/09/1761 Thomas THACHE     Elizabeth DAVIS   St Aldate, Gloucester
12/10/1761 Charles HOLDER     Martha ROBERTS    
17/12/1761 William SMITH   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Mary MILLS    
20/12/1761 John CLUTTERBUCK   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Sarah HOWMAN    
23/02/1762 William BRADLEY     Jane FARMER    
16/05/1762 John WALLEN     Sarah GOUGH    
29/08/1762 Richard CLIFFORD     Lettice CLARKE    
20/09/1762 George CHURCH     Sarah IVEY    
07/11/1762 Abraham SMITH   St John, Gloucester Rachael BEARD    
27/12/1762 John SWEETMAN     Hester URSELL    
18/01/1763 John BARNES   Wotton Under Edge Constance QUARINGTON    
08/06/1763 William HEYFIELD   St Nicholas, Gloucester Sarah HILL    
07/10/1763 Benjamin WALKER   Barnwood Mary AVERY    
01/11/1763 John MORGAN     Anne MACKENNEY    
29/03/1764 Ralph BADNEDGE     Mary SYMONDS    
18/06/1764 Joseph BATESON     Ann AVERY    
10/07/1764 Phillip GUY   Frampton On Severn Mary SIER    
19/09/1764 William BROWN     Hannah CALLIHILL    
30/09/1764 Samuel HOLTHAM   St Nicholas, Gloucester Jane MORRIS    
02/10/1764 Thomas WALFORD     Anne PHILLIPS    
03/10/1764 Thomas PLAISTED   Newnham Deborah SIER    
02/12/1764 Robert COWCHER     Esther WEAVER   St Nicholas, Gloucester
21/03/1765 Thomas PARHAM   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Susannah HOPE    
13/05/1765 Jeffery PENDILTON     Sarah BROUGHTON    
15/07/1765 Francis BISHOP     Elizabeth POWELL    
09/09/1765 Richard TUCKER     Anne CLUTTERBUCK    
07/12/1765 George HISCOCKS     Elizabeth ALLEN   Norton
03/02/1766 John WOODCOCK     Elizabeth WOODROFFE    
11/02/1766 James GORE     Mary BINGLEY    
18/02/1766 William GRIFFITHS     Elizabeth CULL    
08/04/1766 James HARTLAND     Susannah HARRIS    
20/04/1766 James HAMBLER     Mary ALLEN    
30/04/1766 James GREEN   Flaxley Mary WOOD    
13/07/1766 Edward SMITH   St John, Gloucester Anna VERINDER    
13/07/1766 Robert BENSON     Anne POPKIN    
29/09/1766 Francis NOY     Nancy DAVIS    
20/10/1766 George PHILLIPS     Anne GORDON    
30/11/1766 William NICCOLLS   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Anne SPILLMAN    
19/01/1767 Thomas MINETT     Elizabeth HOLDER    
02/02/1767 Edward QUARINGTON     Eleanor BARNES   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester
06/04/1767 William RICKETTS     Jane ATHER    
21/04/1767 Ralph UNDERWOOD     Mary PACKER    
23/04/1767 John WILLIS   Fulbrook, Oxfordshire Mary BETHELL    
23/04/1767 John WHITE   Upton Upon Severn, Worcestershire Susannah RICH    
01/06/1767 Joseph STEPHENS     Martha MILLS    
07/06/1767 Robert HOSKINS     Jane CHEESELET    
07/06/1767 Thomas RIDE   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Mary MORNSON    
01/07/1767 William PRITCHARD     Elizabeth HUNT    
23/07/1767 William BLOXHAM   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Susanna WILCOCKS    
11/08/1767 Samuel WILKES     Mary KEYSE    
24/08/1767 John JONES     Elizabeth WATTS    
13/10/1767 Paul MITCHELL   Winstone Hannah PARTRIDGE    
18/10/1767 Stephen DURNELL   Matson Elizabeth REEVE    
17/11/1767 John BROWN     Mary FISHER    
14/03/1768 Phillip LANCETT     Anne DARK    
21/06/1768 Thomas ROGERS   St Nicholas, Gloucester Susanna ROGERS    
25/06/1768 John TURNER   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Betteridge CRITCHLEY    
03/07/1768 William TAYLOR     Sarah KEMBLE    
18/07/1768 John BICK   Upton St Leonards Mary SPIER    
26/07/1768 Ward BAGLEY     Mary HIGGS    
28/09/1768 Richard CRITCHLEY     Mary BROOKS    
10/11/1768 Richard BOWER     Elizabeth HATHAWAY    
21/11/1768 Richard SARGEANT     Mary GOSCOMBE    
04/12/1768 Richard CROWTHER     Sarah MAISEY    
15/12/1768 Miles OATRIDGE   Churchdown Sarah ROGERS    
21/01/1769 John WOOD   St John, Gloucester Elizabeth TAYLOR    
20/02/1769 Thomas Crawley BOWEY     Anne SAVAGE    
26/03/1769 Benjamin William BEE   St Petrock, Exeter, Devon Anne RUDGE    
29/03/1769 Joseph JEFFS     Alice DUDFIELD    
03/04/1769 Nathaniel PERKINS     Mary RUTTER    
27/05/1769 Richard SPIER     Betty MEEK    
05/06/1769 William CHRISTOPHER     Mary MORGAN    
02/07/1769 James COLE     Mary GARDNER    
05/08/1769 William WRIGHT     Anne JONES    
27/08/1769 John GOUGH     Hannah NICHOLLS    
12/10/1769 William HILL     Mary SPILLMAN    
16/10/1769 Daniel COATES   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Elizabeth JAMES    
26/12/1769 John WATTS   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Anne BRITTLE    
22/01/1770 John BLAKE     Catharine JONES    
23/01/1770 John BOWDEN   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Margaret MOORE    
23/01/1770 Isaac HURD   St John, Gloucester Benedicta ELLIS    
23/01/1770 Richard PACKER   Painswick Susanna BAYLIS    
17/02/1770 Humphrey WAKEMAN     Elizabeth SPIER    
10/03/1770 John MILLARD   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Mary HUTCHINGS    
02/04/1770 James HAWKER   Clerkenwell, Middlesex Jane FRENCH    
07/06/1770 Henry TIMBRELL   Kemble, Wiltshire Phillips KING    
08/06/1770 John PRICE     Esther HIGGINS    
29/07/1770 George BAILEY   Hardwicke Anne ADDIS    
21/08/1770 John SYER     Elizabeth BROWNE    
13/11/1770 Henry GREENING     Anne ROSSER   Cowley
03/12/1770 John BARBER     Elizabeth MEEK    
09/12/1770 Thomas STEPHENS     Catherine BRICE    
26/12/1770 William CLAYTON     Anne BULLOCK    
07/01/1771 Thomas WILLIAMS     Mary GROVE    
02/03/1771 James JARVIS     Mary HALE    
17/04/1771 John BISHOP     Mary DAVIES    
07/05/1771 Thomas LEA   Leigh Jane BUTT    
13/07/1771 William UPTON   St Peter, Hereford, Herefordshire Anne DAVIS    
19/07/1771 Ebenezer CORNELL   St John, Gloucester Mary HOOPER    
02/09/1771 John YOUNG   Westcote Mary BRIDGEWATER    
09/09/1771 James DESBOROUGH     Syndonia PHILLIPS    
19/09/1771 Thomas TURNER   Barnwood Anne SALCOMB    
26/09/1771 Phillip PIMBLE   Hentland, Herefordshire Mary WATKINS    
10/11/1771 James GASTREL   Painswick Sarah CARWARDINE    
30/11/1771 Joseph COLEMAN   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Anne BARTON    
25/01/1772 William POWELL   Bromesberrow Jane WOORE    
25/02/1772 James CROOME   Stroud Sarah BRYANT    
03/03/1772 William CROWDER     Anne WITTINGTON    
30/06/1772 Thomas HOOKHAM     Sarah CROSS    
02/07/1772 William ULOTT     Sarah COLWELL    
12/07/1772 Edward AVERY     Elizabeth ORGAN    
10/08/1772 John BLAKE     Hannah SMITH    
04/10/1772 James DAVIES     Bet HUTCHINGS    
10/10/1772 Samuel OSBORNE   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Mary JAMES    
26/10/1772 James RAVENHILL     Anne EVANS    
22/11/1772 John MILLARD     Jane GRANSMORE    
08/12/1772 John CLAYTON     Anne GOULDING    
12/01/1773 James DOWILL     Jane ROSS    
14/01/1773 Thomas GARN     Ann CHAPMAN    
18/01/1773 Richard GARDINER     Mary CULL    
16/02/1773 John CHANDLER     Catherine BOULTON   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester
18/02/1773 John MABBETT   Frampton On Severn Mary DYMMOCK    
03/06/1773 William LLOYD   Ross, Herefordshire Susanna BALDWIN    
25/07/1773 Thomas BROWN   St Nicholas, Gloucester Elizabeth TAYLOR    
28/07/1773 Joseph CULL     Deborah WHEELER    
04/08/1773 William PHILLIPS     Mary PEGG    
15/08/1773 William SAUNDERS   Elkstone Elizabeth BOWER    
24/08/1773 Benjamin MUSLOW   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Elizabeth CLARK    
28/09/1773 Thomas GRANSMORE     Margaret GREEN    
28/09/1773 Joseph WELLES     Esther VAUGHAN    
04/12/1773 Thomas DEW     Martha SAYES    
15/01/1774 Daniel WHITE   St John, Gloucester Anne CARRUTHERS    
30/01/1774 Richard CRICHLEY     Mary HILLS    
15/02/1774 Richard JORDAN   Barnwood Anne INDE    
15/02/1774 Thomas PARHAM   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Mary FLOWER    
09/04/1774 John MILLS   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Catherine BELL    
11/04/1774 Charles DEAN   St John, Gloucester Mary PEACE    
12/04/1774 James CLARK     Mary BANISTER    
08/05/1774 Henry SPIER     Sarah SMITH   St Nicholas, Gloucester
18/09/1774 John TOWNSEND   St John, Gloucester Anne CRUMP    
20/11/1774 Matthew WEAR     Mary GOODWIN   St Nicholas, Gloucester
05/01/1775 James COLLERICK   St Nicholas, Gloucester Susannah BADNEDGE    
10/06/1775 Thomas TRISTRAM   Bromesberrow Elizabeth COLE    
18/06/1775 William HARE   Brockworth Margaret GOOD    
16/07/1775 James STOCKWELL     Sarah BROUGHTON    
08/10/1775 Richard HARRIS   Sandhurst Mary WATTS    
08/11/1775 Edward MILLARD   Frampton On Severn Hannah GREENING    
15/11/1775 John WARD   St Catherine, Gloucester Mary JAMES    
02/01/1776 John HODGES   Haresfield Hannah DOWNING    
02/01/1776 William RANDELL   Bisley Mary FREEMAN    
22/06/1776 Edward TINSON     Elizabeth RAYER    
21/07/1776 John WILCE     Sarah WILLIAMS    
19/08/1776 Thomas EMLY   Brockworth Sarah CLUTTERBUCK    
10/10/1776 Joseph PEARSON     Mary STEPHENS    
10/10/1776 Harry GALE     Sarah BOWYER    
09/01/1777 David EVANS   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Anne MANN    
09/02/1777 Thomas BARRY   St Nicholas, Gloucester Mary REECE    
05/05/1777 Richard FREEMAN     Susanna LONG    
27/05/1777 John EDWARDS     Jane MILLARD    
03/07/1777 John SMYTH     Elizabeth MEARES    
29/07/1777 John VINER     Hannah HULET    
03/08/1777 John DAVIS     Mary WELLS    
11/08/1777 Thomas SPERRY   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Sarah DEAN    
01/09/1777 Thomas HERBERT     Jane MORGAN    
06/10/1777 Richard MARGRATE     Elizabeth BANISTER    
28/10/1777 Joseph TAYLOR     Elizabeth INQUIES    
12/02/1778 John SUMMERS   St Aldate, Gloucester Hester MORRIS    
01/03/1778 Charles LEWIS     Sarah BROTHERTON    
09/03/1778 William INGRAM   St Aldate, Gloucester Mary CARWARDINE    
26/04/1778 John ROWLES     Mary CARPENTER    
16/07/1778 John SPILLMAN   St John, Gloucester Esther WINTLE    
26/07/1778 Thomas SAUNDERS   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Mary BOWER    
15/08/1778 John TURNER     Mary FRENCH    
15/08/1778 Samuel DAVIS   Stroud Anne MOODY    
01/09/1778 Alexander COLSTON   Broadwell, Oxfordshire Susanna HOOK    
21/09/1778 Thomas COURT     Eleanor COURT    
04/10/1778 William STOKES   St Nicholas, Gloucester Mary AXON    
30/10/1778 Charles JOHNSON   St John, Gloucester Elizabeth RUMSEY    
12/01/1779 William STOCK     Elizabeth HANMAN    
14/02/1779 John BALDWIN   St John, Gloucester Eleanor GRIFFITHS    
15/04/1779 John MERRET   Sandhurst Anne BALLENGER    
11/05/1779 George DERRETT     Betty SPIER    
30/05/1779 Thomas Maudsley GREEN     Elizabeth PEDLINGHAM    
08/06/1779 William EVANS   St John, Bristol Susanna ASHMEADE    
17/06/1779 Joseph NEWCOME   Cirencester Mary GRANSMORE    
20/06/1779 John BICK     Anne MEEK   St Catherine, Gloucester
12/07/1779 William WATKINS     Mary PHILLIPS    
28/10/1779 Thomas DOWARD     Elizabeth DRIVER    
25/11/1779 Edward PEDLINGHAM     Rachael HAMBREY    
11/01/1780 George BUTTER   Llandinabo, Herefordshire Betty GARDINER    
24/01/1780 Thomas BROMLEY   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Esther TYLER    
04/05/1780 John HANCOCK     Mary SALTER    
09/05/1780 Stephen CREED     Susanna MORTON    
21/05/1780 John DRINKWATER     Elizabeth THOMAS    
29/05/1780 Stephen CLARK     Susanna MORSE    
04/06/1780 William WEBB     Sarah NELSON    
20/06/1780 William CARPENTER   St Augustine, Bristol Mary LEONARD    
20/07/1780 William PITT     Sarah SMITH    
27/11/1780 Samuel CLARK   Hamstall Ridware, Staffordshire Anne COXETER    
09/01/1781 Samuel WARD Single Bath, Somerset Mary ASHMEADE Single  
26/02/1781 Thomas GAINE Single Randwick Mary RUDGE Single  
26/03/1781 Charles LEWIS Single Newnham Margaret COLLINS Single  
03/04/1781 Harry YARDINGTON Single Winchcombe Anne LAMB Single  
01/05/1781 Charles ALLEN     Anne HOOPER    
21/05/1781 John JOHNSON     Esther MATTHEWS    
23/10/1781 Richard BARTLETT     Esther WARDER    
12/12/1781 George ROUTH Single Bristol Mary QUARINGTON Single  
01/01/1782 John MATTHEWS Single Newnham Anne PRICE Single  
14/01/1782 William ELLIOTT     Anne MARSHALL    
20/03/1782 Joseph PETERS     Mary DIX    
21/03/1782 George COLE     Mary WALTER    
07/04/1782 William SALCOMB     Elizabeth FARREN   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester
07/04/1782 Evan VAUGHAN     Prudence JOHNSON    
18/04/1782 Thomas DRIVER     Anne ARROWSMITH    
08/05/1782 Thomas HAWKES   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Sarah DAVIS    
28/05/1782 William ELLIOTT     Sarah MARSHALL    
04/08/1782 Thomas HAZELL     Jane WINES    
14/10/1782 Richard PEMBER Widower St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Charlotte HORSINGTON    
20/10/1782 Robert JENNINGS   St John, Gloucester Anne HALL    
21/10/1782 John BALDWIN     Sarah BELTCHER    
12/11/1782 Anthony HILLMAN     Jane FURNELL    
05/12/1782 Henry LYE     Mary BADNEDGE    
21/12/1782 John JOYCE     Bridget LAMB    
12/01/1783 Henry GODSALL   St John, Gloucester Susanna GREGORY    
16/01/1783 Jeremiah HAWKINS Single Minsterworth Ann PULTON Single  
20/01/1783 Richard HOLDER     Hannah DAVIS    
04/02/1783 James SHELLUM   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Frances LARGE    
27/02/1783 Robert GILES     Rebecca DALE    
28/04/1783 John LEWIS   St Catherine, Gloucester Elizabeth DAVIS    
29/04/1783 William COLEY   Frampton On Severn Elizabeth Fream WEBLEY    
29/04/1783 John PRIDEAUX   St Michael, Bristol Hester GREVILE    
18/07/1783 William WEBLEY Widower   Mary GREEN    
11/09/1783 William POTTER     Sarah COLWELL    
15/09/1783 William APPLETON     Mary BARNETT    
02/10/1783 Walter DAVIS     Elizabeth DOWELL    
05/10/1783 John POWEL     Mary CARE    
19/01/1784 James YOUNG     Sarah BANKS    
02/05/1784 Daniel COX     Elizabeth HUMPHREYS    
11/05/1784 Richard PRICE     Sarah HEARD    
16/05/1784 Stephen WORKMAN   Slimbridge Sarah SIER    
10/06/1784 James BOURN     Mary BROWN    
05/07/1784 Robert MARTON     Mary WESTON    
28/07/1784 James WOODMAN Widower   Ann POOLE Widow  
21/10/1784 Thomas UNDERWOOD Single   Elizabeth LANE Single  
04/11/1784 Giles HALLING     Ruth BUCKLE    
03/02/1785 Thomas Clark BROTHERTON Single   Mary TYLER Single  
24/02/1785 Robert BELL Widower St John, Gloucester Mary SHAW Single  
15/03/1785 Thomas WILKINS Widower St John, Gloucester Sarah ROGERS Single  
25/03/1785 John PRICE     Lucy LONGFORD   Sapperton
13/04/1785 William OLAND Single Marshfield Frances HANNAR Single  
18/04/1785 Thomas MANNS     Mary PYRKS    
28/04/1785 Benjamin PERRIS Single   Mary BROCK Single  
29/05/1785 John FARMILO     Anne DIX    
12/06/1785 William FOLKS Single St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Kezia BURROUGHS Single  
07/07/1785 Richard WARWICK     Hannah NICHOLLS    
10/07/1785 Richard DIX     Anne GOUGH    
28/07/1785 William HAMLETT Single Painswick Hannah THOMAS Single  
27/08/1785 William FRANKLIN     Sarah HARTLAND    
15/10/1785 Isaac DORE     Mary GREEN    
17/10/1785 William BUTCHER     Susannah COOK    
12/01/1786 William BLETCHLEY   Batheaston, Somerset Elizabeth HELPS    
09/02/1786 James BAILEY     Elizabeth HAYWARD    
22/04/1786 William HUNT Single   Ann HERRING Single  
25/04/1786 George GOUGH Single   Elizabeth NICHOLLS Single  
20/08/1786 Henry THOMAS     Elizabeth EVANS    
21/09/1786 Thomas DAVIES     Elizabeth HARDWICK    
13/11/1786 Edward JONES     Anne BEATS    
26/11/1786 William HARRIS     Esther JOHNSON    
18/02/1787 John GEANES     Martha WEST    
09/04/1787 William BEST     Mary HASKINGS    
12/04/1787 Richard NAYLER   St Nicholas, Gloucester Henrietta HOWE Single  
21/05/1787 George SAMPSON Widower   Mary LONG Widow  
24/05/1787 Charles HEATH Single Tewkesbury Ann KING Single  
26/06/1787 Martin BARRY Widower   Barbara HOSKINS Single  
07/08/1787 John GURNEY     Elizabeth PROSSER    
27/08/1787 John GIBBINS Single North Cerney Esther BRAWN Single  
14/10/1787 James WINGATE Single   Mary HOPKINS Single  
19/11/1787 Charles LANE     Hesther DEKIN    
16/12/1787 Thomas HALL     Elizabeth MATTHEWS    
14/04/1788 Thomas GIBBS   All Saints, Hereford, Herefordshire Peggy LAURENCE Single  
05/05/1788 Edward ELIAS   Monmouth, Monmouthshire Elizabeth DAVIES    
15/05/1788 David LOURIE Single St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Mary JEW Single  
13/07/1788 Robert WALL     Rebecca JONES    
10/08/1788 Daniel ELLIS   Painswick Sophia RICKETTS    
14/09/1788 James VICKERY     Anne BAILES    
07/10/1788 Samuel JORDAN   Brimpsfield Mary BISHOP    
23/10/1788 James NASH     Mary COX    
13/12/1788 Charles BOWLES     Elizabeth WRENN    
21/12/1788 William CLARK   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Sarah BEARD    
12/03/1789 Daniel WHITE     Susannah HARTLAND Widow  
14/05/1789 Samuel Jones HORSEMAN     Mary SMART    
19/05/1789 John FLEMING   St John, Gloucester Ann REECE    
02/06/1789 Henry LLEWELLIN     Elizabeth JONES    
27/07/1789 William SIMPSON     Betty ATWOOD    
13/10/1789 John BOWYER   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Elizabeth WINDOW    
18/10/1789 William CARTER     Anne BEST    
19/10/1789 John ROWLES   Brookthorpe Anne HILLGRUBB    
20/10/1789 Richard DAVIS   Covent Garden, Middlesex Anne CARTER    
27/10/1789 John LEWIS     Betty JORDAN    
16/11/1789 John BALDWYN     Sarah SHELLUM    
18/11/1789 John LEWIS     Mary LONGFORD    
07/12/1789 William WATKIN Widower Ledbury, Herefordshire Hannah HOOPER Single  
28/12/1789 William ANDREWS     Susannah COX    
11/03/1790 Samuel BROWNING     Elizabeth HARRIS    
06/04/1790 Benjamin WILLIAMS     Mary MEDLICOTT    
08/04/1790 Nathaniel BIDDLE   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Nancy MORRIS Single  
27/05/1790 William INNELL   Bisley Elizabeth OKEY    
09/06/1790 John STOKES   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Jane HARBERT    
11/08/1790 John ELLIOTT   Rodborough Nancy BEVAN    
10/10/1790 Jonathan MARTIN   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Elizabeth STOCK Widow  
10/10/1790 John MINETT     Hannah BEALE    
21/12/1790 John SPENCER   St Catherine, Gloucester Amey TROTT    
13/01/1791 James HELPS     Anne MATTHEWS    
24/04/1791 Richard ANDRES     Mary WELLINTON    
20/08/1791 John LEWIS     Margaret VAUGHAN    
13/09/1791 John CROMWELL   Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Mary PRICE Single  
23/01/1792 Thomas GOUGH   St Nicholas, Gloucester Sarah DIX    
27/05/1792 William COWLEY     Sarah BRICE    
27/05/1792 Samuel SMILY     Elizabeth MANN    
02/07/1792 John BLACKWELL   Painswick Elizabeth WELCH    
16/08/1792 Thomas HANSON     Mary FREEMAN    
09/09/1792 James HAZELDINE     Betty NEWMAN    
06/10/1792 Thomas STEPHENS     Anne FREEMAN   St Aldate, Gloucester
26/11/1792 Thomas FREEMAN     Anne NELMES    
11/03/1793 James SMITH     Mary PREDY    
22/04/1793 William WARWICK     Mary HARTLAND    
22/04/1793 Thomas JONES   Cheltenham Susannah FRYER    
29/04/1793 Daniel WILLEY   St Nicholas, Gloucester Mary WOOD    
30/04/1793 Josiah TIPPETTS     Ann ADEY    
30/04/1793 Robert ALSOP     Mary SNOW    
27/05/1793 Robert TRAPP   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Sarah RICKETTS    
30/05/1793 David LIPSCOMBE     Mary DUNN   St Nicholas, Gloucester
06/06/1793 Lewis EVANS   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Elizabeth ARKELL    
18/06/1793 John ALLGOOD   City Of London Mary THACKWELL    
11/07/1793 Phillip MAYHALL     Mally GASKINS    
20/08/1793 John COLLINS     Mary FREEMAN    
07/11/1793 John STEPHENS   Dymock Sarah HALL    
25/12/1793 Thomas BENFIELD   St John, Gloucester Keziah POCKET    
09/02/1794 Richard ORGAN   Brockworth Mary BREWER    
23/03/1794 William CARTER   Tewkesbury Anne BAYLEY    
13/07/1794 William WATKIN Widower Upton St Leonards Frances CROWDER    
29/07/1794 Thomas CULLIS   St Nicholas, Gloucester Jane EVANS    
12/01/1795 William HOCKLEY     Elizabeth HARD    
09/03/1795 John HARRIS     Anne PHILLIPS    
05/04/1795 William BLISS     Sarah DAVIS    
05/04/1795 George POLLATT   Ross, Herefordshire Catharine HOBBS    
05/04/1795 Thomas SIMPSON     Elizabeth HOLLEWAY    
05/04/1795 Henry JONES     Elizabeth SANFORD    
09/08/1795 Job HAYNES     Sarah MARMAN    
28/09/1795 William SCALES     Sarah SPARROW    
04/10/1795 James HERBERT     Martha RUDGE   St John, Gloucester
29/10/1795 John BUTLER   St Catherine, Gloucester Elizabeth HYETT    
01/11/1795 Thomas STERRY     Sarah SELLF    
17/11/1795 James DYMOCK   Barnwood Ann BEALE    
22/12/1795 John FLETCHER     Mary HARDWICK    
24/12/1795 Abraham LEWIS Single   Susannah MILLAR Single St Mary De Lode, Gloucester
18/01/1796 Stephen GWILLIAM     Anne NEWMAN    
09/02/1796 Richard COX     Mary COATES    
03/03/1796 Edward BLAXTON     Esther VICKERS    
06/03/1796 Thomas JONES   St John, Gloucester Susannah SHERMAN Widow  
26/04/1796 John WARD     Sarah BATEMAN    
16/05/1796 John MORRIS     Elizabeth BARNARD    
30/05/1796 Thomas JOCHAM     Jane HOWE    
17/06/1796 Charles COXWELL   Swindon Ann ROGERS    
23/06/1796 John PONTIN     Elizabeth HARWOOD    
03/10/1796 James LITTLE     Mary NOTT    
17/10/1796 William WOODCOCK     Jane WILLIAMS    
27/12/1796 Samuel HYETT     Mary CREED    
22/01/1797 Henry FRANKIS     Hannah GREEN    
26/02/1797 Thomas LEIGHTON     Martha LAMB   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester
28/02/1797 Thomas COLTON   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Hannah GARDNER Single  
22/08/1797 Henry Hooper FRYER   Tewkesbury Ann TANDY    
11/12/1797 William HARRIS     Anne BRADLEY    
31/12/1797 Thomas PARDEY   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Mary TURNER    
11/01/1798 James PITCHER     Nancy TWINING    
21/01/1798 William GREEN     Mary JENVEY    
08/02/1798 Samuel HEALING   Deerhurst Sarah CHANDLER    
20/05/1798 John PIKE   Kemble, Wiltshire Mary BEVAN    
01/09/1798 John MERRETT     Martha WATKINS    
03/09/1798 Andrew BADEN   St Catherine, Gloucester Susanna FOX    
20/09/1798 John PIFFE   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Frances LAWRENCE    
29/10/1798 William WITNEY     Ann BARNETT    
04/11/1798 John WILLIAMS     Sarah WALLIN    
13/11/1798 John FANTHAM     Eunice WRENN    
14/02/1799 Thomas JONES     Anne MARMAN    
09/05/1799 John SPILLMAN     Mary HEALING    
17/06/1799 John PROSSER     Abrah GREEN    
09/07/1799 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth GARDNER    
12/08/1799 James HERBERT     Amelia JONES   Churchdown
10/10/1799 Thomas HAVERLY   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester Susannah HILL    
24/10/1799 Thomas LUSTY   Leonard Stanley Mary STONE    
31/10/1799 David Arthur SAUNDERS   St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Charlotte RUDHALL    
25/11/1799 Abraham LEWIS     Sarah JONES   St Mary De Lode, Gloucester
16/12/1799 William SCRIVEN     Sarah NICCOLLS    

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