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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Long Marston St James


The Parish

The parish of Long Marston lies in the extreme northeast of Gloucestershire in an area of complex county borders where Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & Warwickshire all meet in a fretted complex, in 1974 this was all resolved with Long Marston being transferred to Warwickshire. Long Marston is a small and compact village lying about 6 miles southwest of the Shakespearean town of Stratford upon Avon. Long Marston sits about a mile west of the B4362 road which connects Stratford ultimately through to Winchcombe. Long Marston is a farming community with a nixed regime present at the time of this transcript. Modern developments did temporarily come to Long Marston with the establishment of a rail branch line from Evesham to Stratford passing through the parish, the line has not disappeared, however, forming "The Greenway", a walking & cycling route all the way to the edge of Stratford. Long Marston is drained northwestwards by the Noleham Brook the short distance to the Avon which in turn joins the Severn and turns southwards to reach the sea through the Bristol Channel. Long Marston is sited at 40 metres above the sea and sits on a broad plain broken only by the isolated hill of Welford Hill which rises some 40 metres higher. Parishes in this area are small and Long Marston was typical of such, it covered just 1,300 acres and would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Long Marston was held by Coventry Abbey and was a solid middling sort of place offering 15 ploughs.

The Church

St James' church sits a quarter mile south of the village set into the lane heading for Pebworth. Whilst the church has no stunning architecture it is certainly pretty and has a fine aspect from the south. The origins lie in the early 14th century, both nave and chancel are solidly in the Decorated style of that period. To this basic structure a porch was added in the 15th century. The attractive bell-turret has a long history, the framework, strangely sited within the building, being put in place in the 16th century was decorated in Georgian times by a simple weatherboarded casing, in 1897 the present timber framing was created making an attractive feature. Multiple restorations in the 1860s and 1910s also made changes to result in today's church. The lane (Dorsington Road) is fairly narrow but there is parking space with care. The churchyard is surrounded by low hedging broken by a rather pretty lychgate which grants access to an area with no photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st October 1754 - 31st October 1811 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0326/5 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th November 1813 - 6th February 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0326/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Dorsington St Peter
Welford St Peter
Weston upon Avon All Saints
Clifford Chambers St Helen
Dorsington St Peter
Pebworth St Peter
Quinton St Swithin
Pebworth St Peter
Pebworth St Peter
Quinton St Swithin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
21/10/1754 William TIMS     Elizabeth PAINE    
10/02/1755 Jacob COPESTICK     Ann TOMS    
13/05/1755 Henry SHELDON     Ann WEBB    
06/01/1757 Joseph GODFRIE   Mickleton Ann HANSON    
06/05/1757 Richard DENNIS   Dorsington Hannah JOHNSON    
21/07/1757 William PADDOCK     Ann BOLTON    
04/05/1758 John HEMING     Hannah SMITH    
21/06/1759 John WHITE   Pebworth Mary CAMDEN    
11/10/1759 Josiah FLAXON     Ann COMPTON    
28/01/1760 Job WIDOWS     Hannah HARRIS    
08/04/1760 Richard HUNT   Pebworth Mary WARNER    
20/04/1760 Arthur JEFFRYS     Sarah COWLY    
14/05/1760 Peter EUNITE     Elizabeth HARBIGE    
25/12/1760 Thomas WARNER     Ann HARBIGE    
09/08/1761 Thomas TAYLOR   Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire Ann PARIS    
14/11/1761 Richard PRIORY     Mary WARNER    
24/11/1761 Thomas COOK     Mary SHELDON    
01/02/1762 John HOBBINS     Elizabeth COOPER    
03/05/1762 Richard HUGHES     Sarah BARKER    
09/05/1762 Thomas HUGHES     Mary BISHOP    
12/06/1762 John WOODWARD     Phillis NEWMAN   Welford
06/09/1762 Richard WALTERS     Elizabeth BONNET    
08/11/1762 John WOOLLISON Single Pebworth Tabitha CANNING    
06/05/1764 Nathan SOUTHAM   Tredington Mary JOHNSON    
23/07/1764 Thomas SHEPPY     Ann MILLS    
08/09/1765 Samuel GINES   Temple Grafton, Warwickshire Mary CAMPDEN    
04/03/1767 William FINCHER     Hannah MOMFORD    
05/10/1767 Richard COLLINS     Hester COOPER    
31/10/1767 William COOPER   Dorsington Mary GIBBS    
14/05/1768 Thomas RUFFLY     Ann JOHNSON    
02/08/1768 Nathaniel CAMPDEN     Elizabeth WRIGHTON    
12/01/1769 William MEALEN   North And Middle Littleton, Worcestershire Mary WESTON    
27/03/1769 Richard TURBIT     Elizabeth SADLER    
27/03/1769 John GIBBS     Sarah WESSON    
10/04/1769 William JACKSON     Hannah LONDON    
10/11/1769 John BENNETT   Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire Elizabeth HAYNES    
08/10/1770 Thomas RYLEY     Mercy ABEL    
10/10/1771 John WILLIAMS   Welford Susanna SAVAGE    
29/01/1772 George MILLS   Clifford Chambers Susanna JOHNSONS    
29/07/1772 Joseph COURT   Temple Grafton, Warwickshire Sarah BISHOP    
19/02/1773 John HODGKINS     Sarah BENNET    
30/04/1774 John PHILLIPS     Marey REYLEY    
07/08/1774 Thomas ROBBINS     Mary KINCHEN    
13/10/1774 John PREW     Mary WHEELER    
21/12/1774 William MANDER     Susannah KINCHIN    
11/10/1776 Thomas HEIGHWOOD     Mary COX    
13/08/1777 Thomas MILWARD   Bidford, Warwickshire Mary MUMFORD    
25/10/1777 Joseph BICKERSTAF     Elizabeth SHELDON    
30/03/1778 John WESSON     Ann WARNER    
20/09/1778 Absolam WEBLEE     Bridget HEWES    
29/10/1778 Francis HASLER   Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire Ann DESON    
03/05/1779 Thomas COX     Mary TAPLIN    
14/02/1780 George GRIMMIT     Sarah WEBB    
13/02/1781 John BECK   Abberton, Worcestershire Sarah HARRIS    
26/02/1781 William WARD     Elizabeth SNADWELL    
19/11/1781 James COMPTON     Margaret CORBETT    
22/11/1781 Richard SAVAGE   Pebworth Ann SOUCH    
23/04/1782 John SYMONDS   City Of London Allice COMPTON    
28/07/1782 Samuel JONES   Bidford, Warwickshire Elizabeth JONES    
14/10/1782 John COPESTAKE     Ann BROWN    
30/09/1783 William HOLTHAM   Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire Mary WILKINS    
19/04/1784 John GREGORY   Aynho, Northamptonshire Betty WEBB    
03/06/1785 William RYLAND     Elizabeth OAKLY    
04/07/1785 William WALKER     Elizabeth WARD    
13/09/1785 Richard WARD     Hanna COX    
14/11/1785 John ILIFF     Elizabeth KINCHIN    
22/05/1786 Thomas COPESTAKE     Elizabeth NICKOLS    
26/10/1786 John POWELL   Bidford, Warwickshire Ann MUMFORD    
05/12/1786 Henry SHIRVINGTON     Elener JACKSON    
11/10/1787 William ROBERTS     Mary WOLLASTON    
10/03/1788 John HUNT     Sarah TRAPMAN    
14/04/1788 James SPIERS     Ann KITE    
10/05/1788 William TIMMS     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
10/10/1788 John COX     Elizabeth WIDDOWS    
01/03/1791 James HADLAND     Mary SMITH    
03/05/1791 George CRISP     Ann WHITE    
26/09/1791 Thomas LIVELY     Sarah ANDERTON    
21/11/1791 Thomas TUFLY     Sarah GRIMMIT    
15/12/1791 Thomas HOLLAND   Mickleton Temperance TOMES    
31/12/1792 Robert BATSFORD     Martha HIRON    
04/02/1793 William COGGINS     Jane LEACH   Welford
26/05/1793 Thomas SAVAGE     Mary SPIERS    
27/12/1793 Job ABELL     Ann PAXON    
12/06/1794 William WARNER     Sarah HAWKER    
19/06/1794 Jonathan PAINE Widower Charlbury, Oxfordshire Sally WALTON Widow  
07/07/1794 John WINGS   Welford Elizabeth BALL    
29/12/1795 William RYLAND     Mary HARRIS    
28/09/1796 John HURLSTONE     Mary BENNET    
30/12/1796 William WALFORD   Quinton Sarah TOMES    
13/11/1797 Robert MANDER     Elizabeth TARPLET    
31/01/1799 Richard PALMER   Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire Martha FINCHER    
15/04/1799 Joseph NIGHT     Laretta COLLICUT    
17/04/1800 Thomas KINGS   Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire Ann WARD    
26/12/1801 John BELLINGER   Mickleton Hannah GOULD    
12/01/1802 Henry PARSONS   Haselor, Warwickshire Elizabeth WALTON    
10/06/1802 William HUKES Single Pebworth Elizabeth TOMES Single  
04/11/1802 William SKINNER Single All Saints, Evesham, Worcestershire Elizabeth HOPKINS Single  
12/10/1803 Jacob COPESTAKE Single   Hester HAWS Single  
18/10/1803 John GRANT Single Haselor, Warwickshire Patience MATHEWS Single  
21/03/1804 John MOSELY   Pebworth Ann CLARK Single  
31/10/1805 John PARDOE     Ann GIBBS Single  
14/12/1805 Anthony UNITT     Mary TURBIT Single  
24/11/1807 John WILSON Single   Elizabeth SAVAGE Single  
08/02/1808 William WEB     Mary IRON Single  
15/05/1809 Ephraim CHURCHLEY   Pebworth Martha SHEPPEY    
16/10/1809 Thomas COLLICOTT Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
06/11/1810 William HOEL     Elizabeth HOSTINS Single  
21/11/1810 George GARDNER     Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
31/10/1811 Richard WATTERS     Elizabeth GOFF Single  
1 09/11/1813 Robert HEMMING     Maria WHITE    
2 16/11/1813 William DEWS     Ann COLLICOT    
3 18/07/1814 Charles FLETCHER     Hannah KITE    
4 31/10/1814 Richard PLUM     Ann GRIFFITHS    
5 07/02/1815 Henry JAMES     Mary TUFFLEY    
6 16/11/1815 John BAYLIS   Salford Priors, Warwickshire Alice SMITH    
7 22/10/1817 George EDWARDS Widower Whitchurch, Warwickshire Hannah COX Single  
8 14/04/1819 George HANDS Single Dorsington Ann HAWTYN Single  
9 01/01/1820 Charles COOPER Widower   Esther COPESTAKE Widow  
10 04/07/1820 George DAY Single Bengeworth, Worcestershire Martha YARDINGTON Single  
11 29/11/1821 John WATTS Single Clifford Chambers Ann HAWSTICE Single  
12 18/12/1821 Richard HOLMES Single   Ann TUFFLEY Single  
13 14/10/1822 William FREEMAN Single   Eliza GODFREE Single  
14 18/11/1822 Thomas EDKINS Single   Hannah LESTER Single  
15 18/11/1822 Thomas HOUGHTON Single Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire Elizabeth WARNER Single  
16 17/09/1823 William KNIGHT Single Welford Ann HAYWARD Single  
17 08/04/1824 Benjamin LUMBLEY Single   Charlotte BATES Single  
18 04/07/1825 Robert Michael SOLLIS     Lucy WHEATCORFT   Chipping Campden
19 09/11/1826 Thomas SMITH     Sarah MAYO Single  
20 05/11/1828 Joseph HARRIS     Phebe COX    
21 18/12/1828 William COCKBILL     Elizabeth UNIT    
22 07/01/1829 John BEACHEM   Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Susan WATTS    
23 11/01/1831 Joseph SMITH     Aliss MAYHO    
24 20/06/1831 Richard KNIGHT     Mary COOPER    
25 17/10/1831 William DYER Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
26 03/01/1832 Nicholas LOGGIN Single   Charlotte SOLLIS Single  
27 03/05/1832 Richard PEEL     Sarah WRIGHT    
28 18/06/1832 Alfred THOMSON     Sarah COPESTAKE    
29 01/01/1833 William JACKSON     Phoebe CANNING    
30 18/07/1833 Samuel TRACEY   Pebworth Anne MELIN    
31 12/10/1833 Robert WOOLAMS Single   Catharine BAILIS Single  
32 31/10/1833 George MOSELEY     Ann KINCHIN    
33 30/12/1833 John SANDFORD     Mary Ann WEBB    
34 09/01/1834 Thomas SHURVINGTON     Elizabeth UNITT    
35 02/03/1835 John SMITH   Clifford Chambers Sarah HOPKINS    
36 05/08/1835 John Robert INGE     Mary Anne RYLEY   St Michael, Coventry, Warwickshire
37 13/06/1836 John COOK   Oldberrow, Worcestershire Ann JACKSON    
38 25/07/1836 William HARRIS     Mary Ann HOPKINS    
40 06/08/1836 Richard HAMBLETT   St Michael, Oxford, Oxfordshire Elizabeth LESTER    
41 28/01/1837 Charles James CANNING     Philippa HOPKINS    
42 06/02/1837 Job UNITT     Mary CASTEL    

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