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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Miserden St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Miserden lies in central Gloucestershire about 6 miles northeast of the town of Stroud. Miserden is a small and compact village which sits a little over 2 miles west of the A417 road which connects Gloucester with Cirencester. Miserden sits in a rather picturesque position on the edge of the deeply incised valley of the River Frome, the dell thickly wooded in contrast to the bare limestone plateau into which it is cut. Within the valley there is the former motte & bailey of the Musard castle built soon after the Conquest. The village has some attractive estate houses whilst the parish is dominated by the grounds of Miserden Park and its 17th century mansion built for the Sandys family. Within the bounds of the parish lies a more modern foundation, the Whiteway Colony founded to follow the teaching of Tolstoy and dedicated to self-sufficiency. At the time of this transcript Miserden was largely a farming community with the majority of land set to arable, in this respect little has changed. The Frome drains the parish southwards then turns westward to flow through Stroud and into the Severn, thence to the sea through the Bristol Channel. Miserden is fairly elevated for its county standing at 240 metres above the sea, land rise just a little more to top out at 265 metres on the nearby Calf Way, an ancient drove-way. Miserden parish was fairly typically sized for the Cotswolds, covering close to 2,200 acres it would have supported a population of around 500 parishioners. In Domesday times one Hascoit Musard held the parish and it was a middling sort of place offering 12 ploughs as well as the usual meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits towards the western end of the village, tucked away behind fronting properties north of the main village lane. Whilst the church has ancient and pre-Conquest origins it is heavily restored during a restoration of 1866 which according to Pevsner "destroyed most of its archaeological interest". Despite these, perhaps justified, complaints some trace of the church's origins remains. Anglo-Saxon remains as shown by the door-heads with their plain round-headed arches whilst Norman Romanesque and early English Gothic lancet windows survive in both chancel and southern chapel. Evidence of earlier rebuilding comes in the form of the western tower which is 14th century and Perpendicular in style, the west window and a nave window also show this style as evidence of rework. But it is to 1866 where extensive work was conducted where besides remodeling the northern transept was rebuilt and a southern two-bay aisle added joining the southern chapel to the porch. Parking is facilitated by spaces alongside the war memorial and opposite a lychgate leads to the short walk across to the church, the churchyard has some imposing trees, particular around the church's eastern end, which do somewhat limit the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th May 1754 - 11th August 1804 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P219/IN/1/5 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th February 1805 - 9th August 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P219/IN/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 26th August 1813 - 9th May 1837 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P219/IN/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
24/02/1754 George NICHOLLS Mary COOK
14/05/1754 John MUSTEY Hanah COATES Single
06/01/1755 John HOOPER Bisley Sarah GIBBINS
04/05/1755 Jonathan ROBERTSON Elizabeth COOK Single
20/02/1756 William VERINDER Painswick Ann SHEWELL Widow
03/11/1757 Thomas SMITH Chedworth Elizabeth HILL
07/08/1759 Thomas EDWARDS Sarah HUD
26/08/1759 Thomas WEAVER Elizabeth ADKINS Single
22/10/1759 William NAIT Mary CLARK Single Bisley
28/10/1759 Joseph TRAPP Mary CAUDLE Single
08/09/1761 John RANDLE Bisley Jane IRELAND Widow
11/10/1761 John THRUSH Sarah SELWYN Single
01/06/1762 Joseph BLISS Sarah NASTFIELD Single
12/10/1762 Thomas SCRIBBEN Single Duntisbourne Abbots Sarah NICHOLAS Single
20/10/1762 Joseph CLYSSOLD Single Painswick Betty SKILLING Single
08/11/1762 John PERKINS Susannah SOUL Single
12/05/1763 Marshall ROWLES Sarah HART Widow
12/09/1763 John MERRETT Single Sarah PARTRIDGE Single
05/12/1763 John FINCH Single Sarah HORRELL Single
06/12/1763 Daniel COOK Single Mary COOK Single Painswick
12/02/1764 Henry SELWYN Hester COLLIER Single
28/12/1764 Robert LONGFORD Single Cranham Judith COOK Single
05/05/1765 Stephen POWER Single Stroud Ann PARTRIDGE Single
13/10/1765 Jacob YEATS Single Bisley Ann ALDRIDGE Single
28/04/1766 James NICHOLLS Single Ann ELTON Single Brimpsfield
24/11/1766 Thomas PARTRIDGE Single Margaret ARKWELL Single
13/01/1767 John BUTCHER Stroud Hannah SHEWELL Single
13/02/1767 John SHEPHERD Single Hannah PINCHIN Single
18/05/1767 John BROWN Single Hannah UZELL Single
19/09/1767 Richard PEER Widower Haresfield Elizabeth SLY Single
15/10/1767 Joseph ASHMEAD Cranham Sarah SOUL Single
27/10/1767 Robert SMITH Single Upton St Leonards Mary HAVILAND Single
01/11/1767 William BRADLEY Single Brimpsfield Ann SHEPPARD Single
05/11/1767 Anthony ARKWELL Single Mary HILMAN Single
02/08/1768 Thomas HILMAN Single Ann DOWELL Single
06/08/1768 Samuel BEEDELL Widower Painswick Sarah OKEY Single
11/10/1769 Thomas PRICE Single Mary TOWNSEND Single
22/02/1770 Thomas TRYE Single Maria MILLS Single
20/10/1770 Daniel SELWYN Single Martha BREWER Single
11/02/1771 Thomas ARUNDELL Mary WOODFIELD Single
08/09/1771 Edward BAKER Minchinhampton Martha HILMAN Single
03/10/1771 Mathew THOMAS Single Sarah GARDENER Single
31/12/1771 John SAYER Widower Sarah PRICE Single
22/06/1772 William DIX Single Ann HART Single
03/01/1773 Robert GUEST Widower Elizabeth COOK Single
25/01/1773 John CRIPPS Cirencester Mary SELFE
11/02/1773 John ALLEN Sarah SHEWELL Single
21/05/1773 William BALLINGER Single Bisley Jane HOOPER Single
15/10/1773 Thomas DOUDIN Single Cirencester Mary COATES Single
06/11/1773 John COOK Widower Martha YOUNG Single
13/01/1774 Daniel GIBBINS Mary FISHER Single
10/04/1774 Samuel WHITE Single Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single
25/04/1774 John YARNTON Single St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London Sarah MILLS Single
00/02/1775 John PERKINS Elizabeth WATKINS
16/08/1775 James Bradley PEGLER Single Jane WISE Single Tetbury
11/10/1775 John SHIRMER Single Ann HILMAN Single
08/07/1776 James HALE Hannah SAYER
31/03/1777 Henry SELWYN Elizabeth PACE
16/04/1777 William CHAPMAN Single St James, Bristol Jane PEGLER Single
06/07/1777 Thomas PARKER Widower Sapperton Susannah PERKINS Widow
03/11/1777 James GREEN Martha GIBBINS
20/11/1777 Charles RUSSELL Single Sarah COATES Single
24/11/1777 William MIDWINTER Single Chedworth Hannah COOK Single
28/08/1778 Samuel WOODFIELD Sarah SELWYN
04/10/1778 Richard HEAVENS Minchinhampton Anne COOK
11/11/1778 Daniel GIBBINS Widower Betty COATES Single Edgeworth
18/04/1779 Thomas BLANCH Bisley Elizabeth MILLS
21/06/1779 Richard LONGFORD Single Cranham Ann TURNER Single
11/07/1779 Thomas COOK Elizabeth NIBLETT
12/10/1779 James NICHOLLS Widower Mary BARNFIELD Single
13/10/1779 William SMITH Single Sarah HOLBERT Single
20/11/1779 Henry FELL Sarah POINTIN
20/02/1780 Laurence RUSSELL Single Ann DADGE Single Bisley
14/10/1780 John COATES Single Mary COATES Single
14/10/1780 George FERN Single Ann CLIFFORD Single
07/05/1781 James COOK Mary WINDOW
10/06/1781 Richard CLARK Mary NIBLET
17/02/1783 Thomas ROPIER Single Sarah WOODFIELD Single
25/02/1783 William WEBB Single Martha BARTLET Single
28/05/1783 William BARTON Single Mary WHITE Single
13/06/1784 Thomas ALLEN Mary SAYER
02/08/1785 Daniel COLLINS Single Bitton Betty PINCHIN Single
16/10/1785 Thomas CLARIDGE Elisabeth WATFORD
30/12/1785 William WAGER Widower Painswick Jane BROOKS Single
06/02/1786 John GRIFFIN Mary STRATFORD
26/02/1786 John IRELAND Single Mary CLOSE Widow Bisley
19/04/1786 Simon SMITH Mary LARNER
19/10/1786 John OSBORN Hullavington, Wiltshire Anne WESTFIELD
12/05/1787 William UNDERWOOD Anne HOOPER
05/08/1787 Anthony COX Painswick Sarah SELWIN
20/11/1787 Benjamin HARRIS Jane HILL
25/11/1787 Thomas SHILL Sarah SNOW
25/12/1787 Samson GARDINER Sarah ALLEN
04/02/1788 John BROOKES Sarah BLACKWELL
22/02/1788 John HAGUE Dinah HOLDER
16/11/1788 Samuel CLISSOLD Anne JONES
23/02/1789 Robert BELCHER Duntisbourne Abbots Anne PARTRIDGE
02/08/1789 Daniel SHEWEL Mary CHANDLER
07/02/1790 John COOK Sarah SHEWEL
17/05/1790 Joseph SMITH Duntisbourne Rouse Betty PARTRIDGE
09/06/1790 Samuel MILBARD Sarah MORGAN
10/06/1790 Francis SHERMER Jane PINCHING
22/05/1791 Thomas HERBERT Jane SNOW
06/09/1791 William FERN Sarah TAYLOR
07/11/1791 Edward DERRET Susannah SHEPPARD
25/06/1792 James PILE Single Olinda FERN Single Withington
15/10/1792 John ROGERS Hannah SHEWELL
29/04/1793 William BRADLEY Mary BLISS
28/05/1793 Henry BLACKWELL Anne COATES
23/02/1794 William ORTON Mary LAWRENCE
27/11/1794 Thomas IRELAND Betty HASKINS
01/05/1796 Charles ROBBINS Anne STRETCH
03/08/1796 Richard STRATFORD Susannah DERRET
16/08/1796 Henry MERRET Single Christiana GWILLIAM
20/12/1796 James PAGE Anne BAKER
16/04/1797 Isaac DAVIS Elizabeth SAIERS
28/05/1797 Isaac ARNDELL Sarah NICKELLESS
17/06/1797 Thomas PORTER Brimpsfield Charlotte ARKELL
10/10/1797 Richard HAYDEN Bisley Hester POOLE
01/11/1797 William WOOLLY Widower Duntisbourne Rouse Jane COALES
27/11/1797 William SHEWELL Mary LAND
07/05/1798 John SHEPPARD Mary FIELD
03/02/1799 Peter HERBERT Jane BLACKWELL
04/03/1799 Thomas IRELAND Bisley Margaret PARTRIDGE
23/03/1799 Samuel LARNER Sarah TRAPP
25/03/1799 William NEWMAN Single Brimpsfield Rebecca DANCER
20/01/1801 Peter SMITH Ann SMITH
08/03/1801 Jonathan ALLEN Hester GIBBINS Upton St Leonards
12/07/1801 Nathanael SHEWELL Mary CORNELY
12/08/1801 John HEIDEN Single Great Witcombe Ann RUSSELL
23/11/1801 Thomas GIBBINS Single Hannah WADLEY Single
24/01/1802 George DURHAM Hannah THRESH
18/05/1802 Joseph MILLS Single Sarah RUSSEL Widow
12/10/1802 Henry HERBERT Widower Brimpsfield Mary STRAIN Single
10/01/1803 Thomas GARDINER Single Painswick Celia HUGHES
07/02/1803 Henry RYLAND Sarah BLACKWELL
17/10/1803 George ALLEN Ann LARNER
05/03/1804 William ARKWELL Sarah SMITH
14/05/1804 Daniel GIBBINS Mary FLAID
11/08/1804 Thomas BURROUGHS Coln Rogers Sarah PINCHIN
1 18/02/1805 John HINDER Elizabeth FRY
2 16/04/1805 William SMITH Sarah SMITH
3 27/06/1805 Elias TAYLOR Lufton, Somerset Sarah MILLS
4 30/07/1805 Miles ARKWELL Hannah FERN
5 07/10/1805 John LARNER Colesbourne Sarah FREEMAN
6 12/11/1805 William COWLE Rachel HARRISON
7 22/11/1805 John PARTRIDGE Elizabeth HUNT
8 26/11/1805 Daniel HIGNELL Hannah HODGE
9 25/12/1805 Thomas COOK Ann VERINDER
10 03/04/1806 John JACKSON Moreton Valence Ann NICKOLLS
11 06/12/1806 John BEAMS Sarah EDWARDS
12 31/03/1807 Thomas HUNT Mary HALL
13 27/04/1807 Henry IRELAND Hannah CLARIDGE
14 04/05/1807 John BROWNELL Mary ALLEN Sapperton
15 26/12/1807 Thomas ARKWELL Rachael COOK Single
16 31/12/1807 George WINN Painswick Mary COOKE
17 31/12/1807 John ALLEN Sarah SHEWELL
18 07/01/1808 Richard HALE Elizabeth CHAMBERLAYNE
19 05/02/1808 John ABELL Ann HANNERFORD
20 04/03/1808 Joseph PRICE Sarah SHEW
21 27/03/1808 Daniel SHEWELL Sarah BALL
22 04/05/1808 Edward EDMONDS Bisley Sarah RUSSELL
23 23/05/1808 John BRADLEY Ann COATES
24 01/08/1808 John RUSSELL Sarah HALE
25 29/11/1808 Richard WILSON Joan BLACKWELL
26 28/10/1810 John ASHMEAD Sarah ROLFE
27 29/07/1811 William CROOK Mary CLARIDGE
28 15/10/1811 Richard FRANCOME Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire Jemima COOKE
29 05/12/1811 Thomas DICKENSON Rachael PRATT
30 09/08/1812 John BLISS Mary HAYWARD
1 26/08/1813 George NASH Frances PRATT
2 01/11/1813 Joseph REED Winchcombe Jane HALE
3 20/06/1814 William HALE Mary Ann BRADLEY
4 11/07/1814 John BAKER Sarah BISHOP
5 13/03/1815 John ROFE Ann COOK
6 09/04/1815 Abraham IRELAND Mary STONE
7 15/05/1815 Thomas COLE Winson Ann GIBBINS
8 21/05/1815 Daniel VERINDER Mary CLISSOLD
9 13/09/1815 Daniel LEECH Hester MARTIN
10 23/10/1815 Daniel HIGNILL Chedworth Mary TRAPP
11 23/11/1815 Thomas CLARK Ann PINCHIN
12 25/03/1816 William HARMAN Esther ROGERS
13 04/11/1817 Powell EDWARDS Widower Llandaff, Glamorgan Mary PEARSON Single
14 03/12/1817 Daniel THOMAS Single Cirencester Jane COATES Single
15 29/01/1818 William CLISSOLD Single Sarah SHILL Single
16 22/06/1818 Edward HOWES Single Maria BROOKS Single
17 16/07/1818 Charles FREEMAN Single Sarah DIX Single
18 27/07/1818 John HAVILAND Single Mary HALE Single
19 15/10/1818 Robert SPIRE Bisley Ann MILLER
20 20/10/1818 Samuel LARNER Widower Mary RIGGS Widow Bisley
21 22/10/1818 William ARKWELL Widower Ann COOK Single
22 03/11/1818 William COOK Single Hannah SMITH Single
23 19/11/1818 Stephen PAINTER Single Elisabeth SMITH Single
24 26/11/1818 William HALL Colesbourne Mary SCRIVEN
25 06/12/1818 William TRAPP Single Sarah SMITH Single
26 21/02/1819 David IRELAND Single Mary ROGERS Single
27 24/06/1819 Thomas SMITH Charlotte BAUGHAN
28 25/12/1819 John PAINTER Stroud Martha ARKWELL
29 28/02/1820 Everett GRAY Single Anne ARKWELL Single
30 17/09/1820 James MITCHEL Widower Hannah SMITH Single
31 26/06/1822 Stephen BARRET Single Sarah PARTRIDGE Single
32 21/09/1822 Richard HILLYARD Single Sarah HANCOCK Single
33 11/11/1822 George HAWKINS Single Elizabeth SHEWEL Single
34 05/02/1823 William CLAPHAM Single Edgeworth Margaret SMITH Single
35 23/09/1823 Frederick LINDSAY Single Ireland Agnes Cornish Bayntun SANDYS Single
36 28/10/1823 William BUCKENHAM Single Bisley Mary TOMBS Single
37 10/06/1824 Thomas Gordon Westfaling FRESTON Single Emily MILLS Single
38 13/02/1825 John WEST Widower Hannah EDGEWORTH Widow
39 28/03/1825 John THRUSH Single Hannah WAITE Single
40 25/09/1825 Isaac MITCHELL Elizabeth BARTLETT
41 23/01/1826 Nathaniel PARTRIDGE Single Eliza POLLARD
10/07/1826 Richard BLACKWELL Widower Hannah WEAGER Widow
42 17/06/1827 John CLISSOLD Widower Honour IRELAND Single
43 03/02/1828 Giles PRESTON Catherine ISLES
44 13/07/1828 Joseph IRELAND Rosanna CLISSOLD
45 13/10/1828 Edmund GRIFFEN Painswick Elizabeth LEWIS
46 29/11/1829 Joseph GYDE Maria ALLEN
47 18/01/1830 Edward BIRTH Elizabeth HOBBS
48 14/11/1830 Samuel WATTS Mary CURTIS
49 23/05/1831 James SNOWSWELL Coln St Dennis Sarah GIBBINS
50 07/11/1831 James SAUNDERS Winstone Jane WATLING
51 16/12/1832 Robert HALL Cam Elizabeth TYNDAL
52 02/09/1833 Isaac HILLMAN Single Caroline MEEK Single
53 16/10/1833 William GIBBINS Single Hannah WHERRETT Single
54 06/04/1834 Moses LUTE Mary BRIAN
55 03/03/1835 John WATTS Single Mary Ann HILLMAN Single
56 08/06/1835 Henry STEPHENS Single Brimpsfield Susannah IRELAND Single
57 26/04/1836 Ishmael VERRINDER Single Duntisbourne Abbots Mary ROWLEY Single
58 19/10/1836 Giles MILLS Single Duntisbourne Abbots Sarah Margaret RODWAY
59 20/11/1836 John HAVILAND Ampney Crucis Elizabeth CLISSOLD
60 09/05/1837 David LODGE Single Naunton Eliza ROWLANDS Single

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