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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Oxenhall St Anne


The Parish

The parish of Oxenhall lies in northwestern Gloucestershire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Herefordshire. Oxenhall is located about a mile northwest of the market town of Newent in a network of lanes to the north of the B4221 road which links Newent with the Herefordshire town of Ross on Wye. There is not much of a village as such to Oxenhall, merely a scatter of farms and cottages across the parish. Oxenhall is sited in pleasant rolling countryside largely used for pasture. The parish lies in the drainage area of the Ell Brook, a tributary of the River Leadon which heads southeastwards to the Severn. The parish is sited at about 50 metres above sea level but land rises and falls 10 metres or so around it. The parish was of average size for this area at around 1,900 acres and supported in the region of 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by Roger de Lacy and supported 7 ploughs.

The Church

St Anne's church is located to the south of the major crossroads of lanes that probably is the heart of the parish. Whilst the church looks ancient it is, in fact, largely a Victorian rebuild. Only the western tower is from an earlier building and that is dated to the 14th century. The remainder dates from the 1860s whence it was built imitating the Early English style. The attractive use of local red sandstone gives the building a lovely glow in evening sunshine. The church sits in a very open graveyard which is raised above the road level and retained by a stone wall. Access is via a sloping path which passes through a stylish lych gate. As the building stands on a ridge there are commanding views all round and few trees to block those views.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th April 1755 - 3rd May 1779 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P241/IN/1/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd February 1780 - 10th February 1784 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P241/IN/1/4 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 27th February 1785 - 12th November 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P241/IN/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 3rd December 1813 - 9th May 1837 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P241/IN/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Ink splashes and general dirt lead to a possibility of a few misreads

Dymock St Mary
Dymock St Mary
Newent St Mary
Much Marcle St Bartholomew, Herefordshire
Newent St Mary
Newent St Mary
Newent St Mary
Newent St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
24/02/1754 William HOWELL     Mary MORGAN    
07/04/1755 John PHILIPS   Dymock Deborah SHAW    
10/11/1755 William BROOKS   Newent Hannah HUGGINS Single  
14/11/1756 William HOWELLS     Elizabeth LEWIS   Taynton
27/04/1757 Joseph TAYLOR   Newent Hannah DAVIES    
26/06/1757 James COLE   Newent Margaret ELTON    
27/09/1757 John BROOKS   Churcham Ann WILSE    
04/11/1757 Thomas SLADE     Mary BRAINE    
16/01/1758 John HOSKINS     Anne MATTHEWS    
11/04/1758 Joseph BARNES   Dymock Elizabeth BANNISTER    
24/05/1758 John WILLIAMS   Dymock Susannah SHAW    
08/10/1758 James COMINS   Dymock Mary WARR    
1 03/05/1759 Edward JAMES     Elizabeth PYTTS   Ross, Herefordshire
2 16/12/1760 Thomas HOPKINS     Susannah WOOD    
3 27/12/1760 John WALL     Betty BICKERTON    
4 11/04/1763 Roger TYLER     Mary DRINKWATER    
5 21/06/1763 James DAVIS Single   Sarah PITT Widow Staunton, Worcestershire
6 25/07/1763 William PHILIPS     Judith COTHER    
7 10/11/1763 John WILLIAMS     Ann Dobs WILLIAMS    
8 24/11/1763 William BARRETT Single Mitcheldean Martha WARR    
30/06/1764 John WILLIAMS   Pauntley Margaret DAVIS    
13/09/1764 John EATON   Taynton Ann ELTON    
08/05/1765 John KEYSE Single   Sarah MORRIS Single  
16/10/1766 William WOOD Single   Elizabeth HUNT    
07/12/1766 Thomas WEBLEY   Dymock Mary DYRKYNS    
14/08/1768 Joseph WILSE Single   Sarah RUDGE Widow Linton, Herefordshire
05/11/1768 Thomas WOODWARD Single Rudford Elizabeth MAYO Widow  
03/04/1769 Joseph MITCHEL     Jane HOPKYNS    
25/09/1769 William CARRIER     Hannah JOLLYMORE    
10/10/1769 Joseph HOPKENS   Newent Sarah HOPKINS    
11/12/1769 William HUGGINS     Ann TAYLER    
02/01/1770 Thomas WELLIN     Mary POYNER    
11/07/1771 William ROBERTSON   Ledbury, Herefordshire Betty WOOD    
24/10/1771 George TAYLER     Ann HILL    
09/02/1772 Thomas WOOD Single   Jemimy TROUNCER   Newent
19/02/1772 Richard JEFFS Single Bromesberrow Hannah STEPHENS Single  
19/09/1772 John SMITH     Mary ELSMORE    
13/06/1773 Thomas PHELPS Single   Hannah GUTFIELD Single  
29/12/1773 James MATTHEWS Single Llangarron, Herefordshire Mary DOWELL Single  
25/07/1774 William TAYLOR Widower Much Marcle, Herefordshire Anne GWILLEM Single  
04/11/1774 William DREW Single Churcham Martha VALLENDER    
14/11/1774 Samuel WINIAT     Mary CARTER    
20/02/1775 Thomas SHAW     Mary VIRGO    
27/02/1775 Henry HARBUT     Mary WILKS    
02/04/1776 Roger OAKES Single Worcestershire Martha ROBERTS Single  
18/12/1776 John HERBERT Widower   Nancy MORGAN Single Dymock
10/07/1777 William DYKES     Anne SERGEANT   Newent
23/10/1777 John SMITH     Mary BROOKS    
01/03/1778 John PITT Widower Churcham Hester DOWELL    
21/10/1778 Thomas JONES   Newent Martha SINDRY    
12/11/1778 William HAILINGS     Betty ROBERTS    
28/12/1778 William PRIDY   Pauntley Elizabeth STEWART Single  
11/04/1779 William COTHER Single   Sarah PICKERING Widow  
03/05/1779 William HOPKINS     Jane ARNOLD    
03/02/1780 John STEPHENS   Churcham Hannah BROOKS    
30/03/1780 John STONNARD     Ann HOPKINS    
23/11/1780 John JONES     Elizabeth WALL    
16/02/1781 John HAYWARD   Dymock Nancy JONES    
18/04/1781 William GATFIELD     Susanna VALLENDER    
08/06/1781 Edward DAW     Elizabeth BROOKS    
25/10/1781 George WILLIAMS     Mary CHAW    
15/04/1782 Joseph JONES     Ann HARPER    
08/07/1782 Richard LOVERIDGE Widower Newent Esther DOWLE Single  
04/08/1782 William LODGE Single   Elizabeth SINDERRY Single  
19/08/1782 John STONE Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
18/10/1783 Henry HEALING Widower Newent Anne BROOKS Single  
10/02/1784 Francis DAVIES Single   Elianor ROBERTS Single  
1 27/02/1785 James BUTT Widower   Margaret BARROW Widow Newent
2 07/05/1785 Richard JONES Single   Sarah MILES Single  
3 27/05/1785 William EDWARDS Widower Weston Under Penyard, Herefordshire Anne HALL Widow  
4 20/09/1785 John HEAD Single   Sarah WEBB Widow  
5 20/08/1787 Walter NOBLE Single   Mary STEWARD Single  
6 10/10/1787 William JONES Single   Mary BROOKS Single  
7 04/11/1787 James BUNDY Single Corse Mary LODGE    
8 29/07/1788 Lewis PICKERING Single   Martha BRIGHT   Newent
9 01/07/1789 Benjamin INSOLE   Redmarley D'Abitot Mary HOWMANS    
10 21/12/1790 Thomas BROOKS   Linton, Herefordshire Mary EATON    
11 19/09/1791 Ambrose HAUKES   Newent Martha STEVENS    
12 06/10/1791 James GRIFFITHS   Kempley Hester BROOKS    
13 24/10/1791 James GATFIELD     Mary SYSAM    
14 26/04/1792 Richard PHILLIPS     Mary PICKERING    
15 20/12/1792 Thomas JONES     Sarah NEWMAN    
16 10/12/1793 Francis STEVENS     Elizabeth LLOYD    
17 17/02/1794 George PALMER     Mary JONES    
18 09/06/1794 Thomas READ     Sarah WHITE   Kempley
19 13/01/1795 William WOOD Single   Sarah COOPEY   Churcham
20 05/02/1795 William JAMES     Martha OAKES    
21 02/07/1795 Joseph WILSE     Sarah DAVIS    
22 18/11/1795 John PIRKES     Susannah HOOK    
23 05/01/1796 Richard WINTER     Mary APPERLEY    
24 12/01/1797 Thomas WOOD     Elizabeth Turner WOOD    
25 12/02/1798 William BOTTELL     Elizabeth VINCENT    
26 26/06/1798 Richard PORTER Widower   Jane MORRIS Widow  
27 22/08/1798 Francis HATTON   Newent Mary CLARKE    
28 23/11/1798 John STONE Widower   Susanna PARSONS   Newent
29 25/03/1799 Benjamin PRIDDY     Sarah PRICE    
30 19/10/1799 Richard SKINNER     Sarah JONES    
31 11/06/1800 William HUGGINS     Sarah TAILER    
32 17/11/1800 John HARTLEY   Linton, Herefordshire Elizabeth TIPTON Widow  
33 26/12/1800 John HALL     Hannah PODLINGHAM    
34 26/01/1801 William PITT     Nancy HERBERT    
35 05/10/1801 Charles GRIFFIN     Mary WILTSHIRE    
36 10/11/1801 Stephen FISHPOOL Single   Mary PARKER Single  
37 15/12/1801 Charles OVERTHROW     Ann TAYLER    
38 28/02/1802 Daniel PHILLIPS     Margaret TAYLOR    
39 01/08/1802 Philip HALL     Anne COOK    
40 12/10/1802 Isaac WINTLE     Isletebel NESBIN    
41 22/03/1803 James PENDEL     Hannah FARR    
42 02/04/1804 John PHILLIPS Single   Elizabeth ROBBINSON Single  
43 29/07/1804 William SYSANN Single   Susanna HAYLING Single  
44 26/11/1804 Samuel ENGLAND     Mary STEVENS    
45 13/12/1804 Thomas TAYLOR     Elizabeth PRIDDY    
46 12/12/1805 James PRITCHARD   Leigh Elizabeth BENNETT    
47 06/02/1806 James STEPHENS     Elizabeth BUTT    
48 30/12/1806 Thomas ARTIN     Mary PHILLIPS    
49 04/03/1807 Joshua GREEN Single Pauntley Betty HAYLINGS Single  
50 12/10/1807 George WILKS   Newent Sarah STUDMAN    
51 13/10/1807 Thomas READ   Newent Mary DAW    
51 30/12/1807 Joseph TAYLOR     Sarah COOPER    
52 24/07/1808 John JAMES   Linton, Herefordshire Anne MAYO    
53 03/10/1808 William PRESDEE     Elizabeth CARTER    
54 09/11/1809 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Mary ADDIS Single  
54 26/11/1809 William JENKINS     Elizabeth STOLLARD    
55 01/03/1810 Thomas STEWARD Widower   Anne BARTLET    
56 27/01/1812 Francis ADAMS Single   Charlotte AMANS Single  
57 12/11/1812 Joseph PHILLIPS Single   Sarah PHILLIPS Single  
1 03/12/1813 William PRITCHARD Single   Mary HILL Single  
2 03/01/1814 John CRITCHLEY Single St Michael, Gloucester Eleanor MORGAN Single  
3 05/04/1814 John WOODMAN Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
4 20/05/1814 Thomas GRIFFITHS Single   Constance HERBERT Single  
5 27/06/1814 James DUFFOLD Single   Anne GOODE Single  
6 14/11/1814 William COOPER Single   Comfort PHILLIPS    
7 16/01/1815 Thomas DAVIES Widower   Mary GATFIELD Single Newent
8 14/11/1815 Thomas PHILLIPS Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
9 09/05/1816 Thomas GREEN Single   Anne PORTER Single Cirencester
10 15/10/1816 Samuel SMITH Single   Anne JONES Single  
11 05/11/1816 Joseph PRITCHARD Single Aston Ingham, Herefordshire Mary HOPKINS Single  
12 15/03/1817 Thomas HILL Single   Catharine STONE Single  
13 25/12/1817 John HOOPER Single   Mary MAILES Single Newent
14 20/05/1818 John CLARKE Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
15 28/07/1818 James TURNER Single   Elizabeth PORTER Single  
16 08/07/1819 John HAYWARD Single   Mary HUNT Single  
17 22/07/1819 Charles STEWART Single   Mary HOOPER Single Upton Bishop, Herefordshire
18 26/10/1819 Thomas JONES Single   Martha COLDRICK Widow  
19 06/07/1820 John KEYSE Single   Rachel GABLE Single  
20 28/05/1821 Samuel JAMES Single   Hannah CHURCH Single  
21 26/10/1821 Joseph PAIN Single   Hannah GATFIELD Single  
22 31/10/1821 Richard HOWLEY Single   Sarah WOOD Single  
23 08/11/1821 Thomas PRITCHARD Single   Mary Anne JAMES    
24 18/07/1822 John BRADLEY Single   Rosanna BURRON Single  
25 09/12/1823 Michael JONES Single   Sally SKINNER Single  
26 20/01/1825 William BOWEN   St Mary, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Elizabeth TURNER   Walton On The Hill, Lancashire
27 21/02/1825 Henry THURSTON Single Newent Ann WILLIAMS Single  
28 03/03/1825 William BOULTON Single   Sarah LODGE Single  
29 23/04/1825 William HARRIS Single   Martha LOGGINS Single Newent
30 12/07/1825 John BROOKS Single Newent Ann WINTLE Single  
31 03/01/1826 James JONES Single   Mary Ann BISHOP Single  
32 26/02/1827 Henry HUGGINS Single   Sophia HAMMONDS Single  
33 16/07/1827 Robert MERRETT Single Newent Joanna WARR Single  
34 27/08/1827 Thomas PREDITH Single   Mary KEYSE Single  
35 23/10/1827 James GATFIELD Single   Elizabeth HAULING Single  
36 06/11/1827 James HOPKINS Single   Caroline EATON Single  
37 10/12/1827 John BOURN Single   Esther MAYO Single  
38 10/03/1828 Thomas PARSONS Single   Louisa LOVELL Single  
39 27/05/1828 Thomas VAUGHN Widower   Mary TRANTER Widow  
40 17/08/1828 John STEPHENS Widower St Briavels Sarah ROBERTS Widow St Briavels
41 21/10/1828 Philip WATKINS Single   Hannah WALL Single  
42 05/11/1829 Edward DAW Single   Jemima SEYSUM Single  
43 17/05/1830 William HAILING Single   Ann Roderick BOWDEN Single  
44 01/11/1830 William WOOD Single   Mary ADDIS Single  
45 31/08/1831 George EVANS Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
46 17/10/1831 Thomas BROOKE Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
47 06/11/1832 Thomas HOOK Single Newent Constant GRIFFITHS Widow  
48 03/12/1832 William Henry BULLOCK Single   Jane Mary FLETCHER Single Pauntley
49 11/03/1833 Thomas PERKINS Single   Elizabeth GRIFFIN Widow  
50 04/11/1833 William DOBBINS Single   Jemima KEYSE Single  
51 23/12/1833 Charles LEWIS Single   Mary BIDMEAD Single  
52 14/04/1834 Joseph CLARK Single   Mary Anne LOVERIDGE Single  
53 28/09/1835 John WALL Single   Winnefred WINTER Single  
54 17/11/1836 Thomas CUMMINS Single   Comfort LOVERIDGE Single  
55 28/12/1836 Richard NOBLE Single   Ann JENKINS Single  
56 09/05/1837 William JONES Single   Susanna MYNETT Single  

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