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Pauntley St John


The Parish

The parish of Pauntley lies in northwestern Gloucestershire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Worcestershire, a rather fretted border in these parts with Redmarley D'Abitot parish changing hands between the two. Pauntley is located about 3 miles northeast of the small market town of Newent and sits in an area almost devoid of major roads, the closest being the A417 which connects the Herefordshire market town of Ledbury through to Gloucester and which sits over 2 miles east of Pauntley. There is very little to modern day Pauntley, an estate and closed village, most land being in the hands of the local squire it never developed a village as such and consists of the estate of Pauntley Court (the alleged home of Dick Whittington of cat & panto fame) as well as a scatter of adjacent farms & cottages. The local economy was wholly based around the interests of the estate, being dominated by farming of a mainly pastoral nature. Pauntley is drained southeastwards by the River Leadon which heads to Gloucester and the Severn and thence through to the Bristol Channel. Pauntley is sited at around 30 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside, local heights rise to around 70 metres within a mile or two. Pauntley parish was fairly typically sized for its county, covering around 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners, much fewer today. In Domesday times Pauntley was held by one Ansfrid de Cormeilles, it could offer just 9 ploughs but did possess a mill.

The Church

St John's church sits at the end of the dead-end lane heading for Pauntley Court, the church being on the edge of the grounds of the estate. Making much use of the local red sandstone it is an attractive church especially in evening sunshine. The oldest portion of the church is the main body of nave, chancel arch and chancel which show Norman features which are 12th century. The iron hinged door to the northern doorway dates to the 13th century, as do the piscinas, but stands in a timber-framed porch of a century late. The western tower is Perpendicular and late for that period other features of that era include the north window of the chancel. The church was almost ruinous for a time but a restoration has occurred to return the church to its current splendour. The church stands at the end of Pauntley Court Drive between the estate and adjacent farm buildings, a small grassy area allows parking. The churchyard is surrounded by a low, local stone wall with wooden gates granting entry, it is relatively open with just a handful of evergreens screening some angles and just making photography a little challenging.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th November 1756 - 7th May 1789 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P246/IN/1/2
Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1790 - 1812 Gloucestershire Archives Bishop's Transcript on loose-lead folios Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Sadly the register for this period has not survived, these records were retrieved from the extant BTs with their usual quality & coverage issues
3 2nd August 1813 - 6th October 1836 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P246/IN/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Redmarley D'Abitot St Bartholomew
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Newent St Mary
Upleadon St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
30/11/1756 William BURTON     Mary BREWER    
19/01/1758 John WOODCOCK Single   Mary FLUCK Widow  
19/05/1760 John TOVEY Single St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester Sarah PRICE Single Upleadon
30/01/1762 Samuel LEWIS     Ann BARKER    
20/09/1762 William WHITE Single Maisemore Mary MARSHALL Single Upleadon
12/11/1762 William LANE     Mary BAYTON    
13/12/1763 Edward BUTT     Sarah COLERAKE    
02/01/1764 William CROSSWELL   Staunton By Newent Mary WARR    
14/02/1764 Thomas VINOR     Mary HOULDER    
01/03/1764 Robert KINGS Single   Elizabeth JORDAN Single Newent
04/10/1764 Isaac BARKER Widower   Mary RANDLE Single  
22/04/1765 Thomas CARTER Single   Sarah WOOD Widow  
11/06/1765 Thomas GOODE Single   Mary MURREL    
23/07/1765 Daniel JENNINGS Single Tibberton Betty HOOK Single  
25/09/1765 Thomas JONES Single Hartpury Mary WILFE Single  
11/02/1766 John PITT     Sarah PHILLIPS    
11/02/1766 James BILLINGHAM Single Taynton Mary WILKS    
15/05/1766 William HOLDER   Corse Mary WATKINS    
28/11/1766 Jonathan APPERLY Single Kempley Ann HOLDER    
21/08/1768 Samuel BISCOO     Hannah MILLS    
30/10/1768 William WOODCOCK     Elizabeth GROVES    
18/11/1768 Thomas YOUNG   Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire Sarah BISSELL    
28/07/1769 Giles GALLEY     Mary PARRY    
28/04/1772 Francis STEPHENS   Oxenhall Sarah BUTT    
26/04/1773 William GORAM     Anne COLLECRAKE    
14/10/1774 William BRUTON   Upleadon Mary CHURCH   Upleadon
17/10/1774 John MEYRICK   Hartpury Susannah PARREY Single  
23/05/1775 Richard LOVETT   Newent Mary CHURCH   Upleadon
30/10/1775 Thomas PHILIPS   Newent Elizabeth MAYO    
22/10/1776 Richard DOAD   Upleadon Sarah CARTER Single Upleadon
10/02/1777 Thomas PHELPS Single Upleadon Betty WARR Single Newent
18/05/1777 Thomas HILLARD Single Upleadon Sarah CARTER   Upleadon
30/04/1778 Samuel WELLIN   Newent Philippa PITT Single Upleadon
14/10/1778 John BRUTON   Upleadon Elizabeth DREW   Upleadon
26/10/1779 William WILKS Single Upleadon Ann BRUTON Widow Upleadon
12/12/1779 Samuel EDMUNDS   Upleadon Hester BUNDEE   Upleadon
13/09/1780 Joseph HOOPER   Upleadon Sarah NEWMAN   Upleadon
05/10/1780 Richard MORGAN   Upleadon Jane BROADSTOCK   Upleadon
12/12/1780 Jonathan HEATH   Upleadon Martha TRAPP   Upleadon
26/12/1780 William LYES   Hempstead Elizabeth GREEN   Upleadon
09/01/1783 Thomas GRUB   Ledbury, Herefordshire Sarah FLUCK Single Upleadon
15/01/1783 Samuel BRAIN   Upleadon Sarah DOD   Upleadon
12/08/1784 Thomas HAYSTER Single   Hannah LLOYD Single  
07/11/1785 Giles BORROW Single   Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
22/11/1785 Edward HOWELS Single   Hannah MASON Single  
08/11/1786 William WILKES Widower   Lydia PITT Single Staunton By Newent
26/09/1787 Joseph HANKINS Single   Mary WHITE Single  
05/02/1788 John WATKINS Single   Anne GREEN Single  
02/03/1789 John FOWLER   Ashchurch Sarah DANIELS Single  
07/05/1789 John LANE   Upleadon Catharine LOVRIDGE    
22/09/1791 James ELLIS     Sarah LOVRIDGE    
08/11/1791 John SMITH   Ledbury, Herefordshire Anne HOWELLS    
12/09/1792 Stephen MORGAN   Hartpury Susannah GRUNDY    
09/07/1795 John PRICE   Sollers Hope, Herefordshire Elizabeth HOWEL    
17/10/1795 John SUMMERS     Mary STEPHENS    
11/12/1797 Nathaniel RUSSEL     Elizabeth GOODWARD    
24/07/1798 Thomas WILLS     Anne DAVIES    
02/12/1798 William HEWIT     Sarah WILLS    
30/12/1798 William MORGAN     Elizabeth LOVELESS    
12/04/1800 William BELLAMY     Esther LOVRIDGE    
29/10/1800 John TAYLOR   Martley, Worcestershire Hannah LLOYD    
20/11/1800 William BAYLEY Widower Newent Martha LLOYD    
17/12/1801 James LOVINGTHORN     Anne BROOKS    
23/01/1803 Michael GIDDINGS     Elizabeth HUNTSMAN    
09/02/1803 William HOBBS     Margaret NEWMAN    
12/02/1803 John ROBINSON     Mary BIDDS    
13/04/1803 Thomas COOKE   Norton Joanna LOVRIDGE    
28/09/1804 William LOVRIDGE     Ann CLARKE    
19/01/1805 John WALLIS     Hannah TAYLOR    
24/07/1805 Richard TROUNCIL     Elizabeth THORNEY    
12/03/1806 Richard WINFIELD Widower   Sarah WERRETT    
12/03/1806 John HOLDER     Anne PRICE    
01/06/1806 Thomas GARDNER   Gloucester Hester BLAKE    
30/08/1806 Benjamin JONES   Dymock Elizabeth WOOD    
01/10/1807 Richard SKINNER     Mary TOWNELL    
25/10/1807 Joseph TYLER     Esther BAYLEY    
30/10/1808 James BOWEN     Anne GLIDE    
14/02/1809 Joseph GOODWIN     Hannah TROLLOPE    
16/03/1809 William WELLS Single   Elizabeth HINTON Single  
16/03/1809 Levi DOBBS Single   Nancy HAYWARD Single  
1 02/08/1813 John TUCKER     Maria BOURNE Single  
2 09/03/1814 Richard LOVRIDGE Single   Eliza EVANS Single Norton
3 20/09/1816 John PRIDDY Single   Hannah JAMES Single  
4 13/10/1817 Thomas LODGE Single   Ann PEW    
5 16/02/1819 John BOUKELL Single   Judith DEE Single  
6 19/09/1820 William SYMMONDS Single   Mary WELLS Single  
7 11/02/1823 Thomas HALE Single   Maria HAYWARD Single  
8 26/05/1823 Richard HYETT Single   Margaret JONES Single  
9 05/06/1823 Charles PAIN Single   Anne WILLIAMS Widow  
10 07/08/1824 Joseph PARRY Single   Mary DUMMER Single  
11 14/10/1824 Thomas MEREDITH Single   Milborough PARRY Single  
12 14/04/1825 Thomas HOLLINGS Single   Ann MEREDITH Single  
13 26/05/1825 Charles Staples STOKES Single   Sarah Gisbourne Molineux LINGARD Single Atherstone On Stour, Warwickshire
14 09/06/1825 George GORIN Single   Mary NEWMAN Single  
15 27/10/1825 John OAKLEY Single Newent Hester PUGH Single  
16 12/11/1825 John MURREL Widower   Lucy NEWMAN Single  
17 26/11/1825 Thomas BOURNE Single   Sarah AUBREY Single  
18 29/01/1828 Samuel WIGALL Single Sandhurst Elizabeth BOURNE Single  
19 28/02/1828 Richard HAYWARD Single   Sarah PAINTER Single  
20 13/10/1828 Richard ELTON Single   Hester HODGES Single  
21 02/02/1830 Thomas GWATKIN Single   Ann NEWMAN Single  
22 18/02/1830 Richard THURITON Single Newent Elizabeth SYMONDS Single  
23 06/04/1830 Richard PHILLIPS Single   Ann PHILLIPS Single  
24 16/08/1830 Charles HAYES Single   Priscilla GORAM Single  
25 24/02/1831 James SYMMONDS     Sarah TAINE    
26 04/04/1831 Edward WILLS   Cheltenham Jane RANEY Single  
27 18/04/1831 Richard ALLEN Single   Anne BENBOW Single  
28 07/05/1832 James BOWEN     Mary HILL    
29 17/05/1832 Frederick Hall RICHARDSON Single Cheltenham Mary STOKES Single  
30 20/09/1832 Joseph HANKINS Single   Comfort BARNES Single  
31 28/03/1833 William NEWMAN     Esther WEBB   Newent
32 28/05/1833 William DAVIS     Kezia GEERS    
33 24/12/1833 Thomas WELLS     Anne SYMONDS    
34 03/08/1834 Thomas HOLFORD Single   Hannah LANE Single  
35 04/06/1835 Edward SYMONDS     Mary DENTON   Ledbury, Herefordshire
36 12/09/1836 William MERRICK Single   Esther ROGERS Single  
37 06/10/1836 James ESKINS Single Dymock Ann Stock RUDGE    

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