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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Upper Slaughter St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Upper Slaughter lies in eastern Gloucestershire not too far from its border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Upper Slaughter sits in the Cotswold Hills about 3 miles west of the market town of Stow on the Wold. Upper Slaughter is a small and picture postcard Cotswold village sitting about a mile north west of the A429 road which connects Stow on the Wold with Cirencester and which follows the line of the Roman Fosse Way. Upper Slaughter is tucked away in lanes in the valley of the River Eye. At the time of this transcript the main economy would have been arable farming although some quarrying of the local limestone certainly took place. The River Eye drains the parish southeastwards to join the Windrush, the latter eventually joins with the Thames a few miles west of Oxford before reaching the North Sea through the Thames Estuary. Upper Slaughter is sited at around 150 metres above the sea albeit sunk into a deeply incised valley cut some 60 metres into the local height level, Upper Slaughter parish was of a fairly typical size for the area, it covered just over 1,700 acres and would have supported a population of around 230 parishioners. In Domesday times Upper Slaughter, held by Roger de Lacy, was a tiny place offering just 4 ploughs and a mill.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the heart of Upper Slaughter, it sits at the northwestern corner of the main village square and is set back a little behind properties. The church has its origins in the Norman period, probably 12th century but has been much altered with reuse of original features over the centuries to such an extent that even Pevsner was unclear as to the sequence of events pertaining. A major rebuild of the 15th century added the tower but this was inserted into the Norman nave and in 1877 a restoration variously described as "major" and as "careful" compound the uncertainty over dating. Remarkably the chancel, rebuilt in the 14th century remains almost untouched. From "The Square" where there is parking a short road leads to wooden gates granting access to the churchyard. Once inside there are relatively few obstacles to photography albeit the church is a little hemmed in from the west.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th February 1755 - 24th December 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P297/IN/1/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th June 1813 - 6th February 1837 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P297/IN/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Temple Guiting St Mary
Lower Swell St Mary the Virgin
Lower Swell St Mary the Virgin
Naunton St Andrew
Stow on the Wold St Edward
Lower Slaughter St Mary
Cold Aston Holy Trinity
Cold Aston Holy Trinity
Lower Slaughter St Mary
Lower Slaughter St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 08/02/1755 Henry CHISNELL     Ann EVENS    
2 15/08/1756 William MAISEY     Mary TROTMAN    
3 20/10/1758 Robert TAYLOR     Mary WEST   Wyck Rissington
4 29/07/1759 John MORS     Sarah MARRIS    
5 15/09/1759 John SMITH   Naunton Elizabeth COLLET    
6 08/03/1760 John BLANTON Widower   Anne BALLARD Single  
7 13/10/1760 Thomas HARDYMAN     Mary WRITE   Naunton
8 22/10/1760 Joseph OLLIFFE   St Catherine, Gloucester Sarah HARRIS    
9 24/10/1760 Parris COLLET     Hannah ANSEL   Bourton On The Water
10 27/10/1760 John HARDYMAN Widower   Mary CRICH Single Cold Aston
11 12/05/1763 William COLLETT   Lower Slaughter Ann MATHEWS    
12 27/03/1764 William BOND     Elizabeth GROVE    
13 20/06/1764 William MAYO   St Nicholas, Gloucester Isabella RAYER    
14 05/01/1766 Richard HUMPHRIS Single   Mary MATTHEWS Single  
15 01/12/1766 Samuel SPRAG Single   Mary ROUSE Widow  
16 25/07/1768 John HERBERT Single   Elizabeth DURHAM Single  
17 25/10/1768 James TIMBREL Single   Frances HERBERT Single  
18 27/02/1769 Henry COOPER Single   Betty PHIPPS Single  
19 30/05/1770 John HANCOCK   Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single  
20 13/11/1770 Thomas COLLETT Single Bourton On The Water Mary HUMPHRIS Single  
21 18/11/1770 Richard HALL Single Cold Aston Martha PULHAM Single  
22 13/04/1771 Robert LANE Single   Mary PHIPPS Single  
23 05/04/1772 Samuel SPRAG Widower   Sarah CLAYDON Single  
24 01/12/1772 Thomas BLANDFORD Single   Mary HARRIS Single  
25 06/06/1775 Thomas COLLET   Stow On The Wold Mary COLLET Single  
26 12/06/1775 Edward WITTS Single Salford, Oxfordshire Agnes TRAVELL Single  
27 02/07/1776 John WOOD Single Wyck Rissington Hannah SHELBURNE Single  
28 14/10/1776 Thomas BATSFORD Single   Elizabeth WAIN Single  
29 11/10/1777 Thomas HOPE Single   Anne HARRIS Single  
30 27/10/1777 Richard TURNER Single   Mary HARRIS Single  
31 17/11/1777 Jonathan COOK Single Lower Slaughter Rose BRADFORD Single  
32 12/01/1778 Thomas HYDE Single Bourton On The Water Elizabeth HUMPHRYS Single  
33 20/01/1778 William PEW Single   Anne RAYER Single  
34 15/11/1778 John BRADLEY Single   Hesther DURHAM Single  
35 05/01/1779 John FAULKS Single   Anne GREGORY Single  
37 17/04/1779 John PARKER Single   Sarah MEACHEN Single  
36 18/05/1779 Nathaniel CROSS Single Bourton On The Water Elizabeth MECHEN Single  
38 23/09/1779 Stephen ROSE Single Condicote Anne TIDMARSH Single  
39 18/10/1779 William SLY Single   Mary MORSE   Bourton On The Water
40 07/07/1780 Richard WORVIL Single   Mary COOKE Single Lower Slaughter
41 07/12/1780 John CHARLES Single Condicote Elizabeth TURNER Single  
42 03/10/1781 John FATHERS Single Great Rollright, Oxfordshire Margaret RAYER Single  
43 12/11/1781 James PACKER Single   Anne CHISNEL Widow  
44 23/05/1783 William BROOKS Single   Catherine WAKEFIELD Single  
45 13/10/1783 Thomas JAMES Single   Mary DIX Single  
46 06/01/1784 James BETTERTON Single   Jane LANCHBURY Single  
47 20/08/1784 John BUXTON Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Martha TRAVELL Single  
48 09/02/1786 John CHISNEL Single   Elizabeth MEACHAM Single Lower Slaughter
49 13/11/1786 William SLY Widower   Mary WORVIL Single  
50 05/06/1787 William NAPER Single Lower Slaughter Jane TRAVELL Single  
51 26/11/1787 William CHAPLIN Single Hawling Lucy PINCHIN Single  
52 04/02/1788 John COSIER   Stow On The Wold Mary PINCHIN    
53 21/09/1788 Richard TOWNSHEND     Esther WOORVILLE    
54 24/06/1789 John JAMES     Elizabeth COLLETT    
55 12/08/1789 William COLLET Single   Sarah HALLONDS Single  
56 25/11/1791 John CLIFFORD Single Stow On The Wold Mary COOK Single  
57 23/02/1792 Anthony HALL Widower   Mary COLLET    
58 14/07/1794 William BURDEN     Betty KINNING    
59 28/07/1794 Thomas YEARP     Hannah COLLET    
60 03/08/1795 John GARDNER   Lower Slaughter Ann WORVILLE    
61 07/11/1795 Thomas BATSFORD Widower   Mary CHISNEL Single  
62 21/11/1795 Edward BOLTON Single Birmingham, Warwickshire Elizabeth ELLAWAY Single  
63 11/01/1796 Thomas PACE   Great Rollright, Oxfordshire Anne DURHAM    
64 25/02/1796 William Morgan WHALLEY Single   Martha BUXTON Widow  
65 03/05/1796 Thomas WHITE Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
66 12/06/1797 Richard HAMPSHIRE Single   Betty INSULL Single  
67 19/11/1798 Thomas PINCHING Single   Ann TAFLEY Single  
68 12/10/1799 William LOCK Single Shenington, Oxfordshire Hannah MORSE Single  
69 12/10/1799 Richard BOLTON Single   Sarah MORSE Single  
70 03/01/1803 William BUTLER Single   Sarah JAMES Single  
71 30/04/1803 Robert BROOKS Single Stow On The Wold Elizabeth COOK Single  
72 19/12/1803 Anthony COOPER Single Lower Slaughter Hannah WEST Single  
73 07/08/1804 Robert MANSEL Single Stow On The Wold Jane BOOTH Single  
74 17/12/1804 William COLEMAN Single Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Mary PUGH Single  
75 20/01/1806 Edward WEST Single   Betty DOBBINS Single Cutsdean, Worcestershire
76 08/04/1806 John WILKS Single Shipton Under Wychwood, Oxfordshire Sarah TURNER Single  
77 14/11/1806 Thomas HOPE Widower   Anne LOVESEY Single  
78 19/11/1806 William FORTY   Stow On The Wold Anne PUGH Single  
79 25/11/1806 John GIBBS Single   Jane WOOD Single  
80 27/10/1808 Richard WRIGHT Widower Wareham, Dorset Mary GARLAND Single  
81 07/02/1809 William GRIFFIN Single   Mary TOWNLEY Single  
82 30/04/1809 George MILLS Single Lower Swell Sarah LAIT Single  
83 09/10/1809 Thomas COLLETT Single   Hannah BOULTON Single  
84 31/10/1809 Thomas BERRY Single Bourton On The Water Susanna GREGORY Single  
85 26/11/1810 Joseph PRICE Single   Sarah BOULTON Single  
86 28/12/1811 George Alfred MUSKETT Widower Bermondsey, Surrey Sarah COOK Single  
87 01/06/1812 William GREGORY Single   Elizabeth LEA Single  
88 24/12/1812 John Brain COLLETT Single   Ann LEA Single  
1 20/06/1813 Thomas BETTRIDGE   Stow On The Wold Susanna GLEED    
2 21/10/1813 Robert BATEMAN     Mary WEST    
3 27/12/1813 Joseph DAVIS     Elizabeth BAYLIS   Naunton
4 11/01/1814 William BANTIN   Alvescot, Oxfordshire Elizabeth LAIT    
5 03/02/1814 Thomas TEALL Widower Lower Swell Mary GLEED Widow  
6 19/12/1814 Edmund DRAPER Widower Cold Aston Mary BAKER Single  
7 30/01/1815 Thomas HARRIS Single Broadwell Ann BOXWELL Single  
8 09/02/1815 Jacob PARKER Single Winchcombe Keziah COLLETT Single  
9 15/05/1815 John JARVIS Single   Rachael DIX Single  
10 11/11/1816 Henry BETTERIDGE Single   Elizabeth MOSS Single  
11 20/01/1817 Daniel HOWELL Single   Elizabeth NEALE Single  
12 02/06/1817 Matthew DAVIS Single   Mary ALLCOTT Single  
13 31/07/1817 William JAMES Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow  
14 04/11/1818 Benjamin CAREY Single   Priscilla TURNER Single  
15 05/12/1818 Charles GARDNER Single   Deborah TURNER Single  
16 11/10/1819 John ILLES Single Condicote Sarah COLLETT Single  
17 25/10/1819 Samuel JONES Single   Elizabeth BETTERTON Single  
18 06/12/1819 William LARNER Single Condicote Sarah WILCOX Single  
19 08/06/1820 Edward LEA Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
20 12/06/1820 Edward ALLEN Single Hampnett Phoebe JAMES Single  
21 11/02/1821 George LARDNER Single Elkstone Elizabeth TURNER Single  
22 26/06/1821 Thomas ANDREWS Single   Mary CLAPTON Single  
23 01/01/1822 John WHEELER Single   Sarah KILBY Single  
24 04/02/1822 George JAMES Single   Sarah SLY Single  
25 04/07/1822 William DIX Single   Ann YEARP Single  
26 22/07/1822 Charles GREEN Single Naunton Jane WATSON Single  
27 14/10/1822 Henry CALTON Single Donnington, Herefordshire Hannah LAIT Single  
28 24/10/1822 Joseph HARRIS Single Stow On The Wold Sarah JOINER Single  
29 18/11/1822 John TOWNSEND Single   Hannah KILBY Single Naunton
30 21/11/1822 John COLLETT Single   Mary GREENING Single Cold Aston
31 23/11/1824 Richard SCARSBROOK Widower Naunton Jane LEWIS Single  
32 31/05/1825 William WILLIAMS Widower Guiting Power Jane COLLETT Single  
33 17/10/1825 Thomas WATTS Single Sherborne Phoebe CROSS Single  
33 17/10/1825 Thomas SPRAG Single Sherborne Phoebe CROSS Single  
34 19/04/1826 Thomas JAMES Single   Martha WILLIAMS Single  
35 13/06/1826 Samuel PRICE Single Northleach Catherine PINCHIN Single  
36 01/05/1827 William NORRIS Single Farmington Mary TOWNLEY Single  
37 12/05/1827 William BUTLER Widower   Hannah CROSS Single Cold Aston
38 28/05/1827 William WILCOX Single   Elizabeth NORRIS Single  
39 25/06/1827 Richard WILLIAMS Widower Naunton Mary Anne PALMER Single  
40 28/09/1827 John FARMER Single Bourton On The Water Hannah WATTS Single  
41 20/04/1829 Joseph PRICE Widower   Hannah PEW Single  
42 25/01/1830 William NEWMAN Single   Hannah BALDWIN Single  
43 11/05/1830 Job BETTERTON Single   Elizabeth HUMPHRIS Single Broadwell
44 15/08/1830 John BUTLER Single   Maria CLAPTON Single  
45 28/10/1830 Robert HUMPHRIES Single   Lucy BETTERTON Single  
46 04/11/1830 Henry ARKELL Single Boddington Sophia SMITH Single  
47 08/02/1831 Samuel JONES Widower   Elizabeth HUMPHRIS Single  
48 15/08/1831 George COLLETT Single   Rebecca YEARP Single  
49 14/11/1831 William PARKER Single Naunton Alice ALCOCK Single  
50 13/02/1832 Daniel WALFORD Single Longborough Mary COLLETT Single  
51 14/05/1832 James WEST Single Bourton On The Water Martha HOPE Single  
52 29/11/1832 John DIX Single Charlton Kings Sophia HUMPHRIS Single  
53 24/12/1832 Henry WILLIAMS Single   Jane SMITH Single  
54 12/01/1833 Joseph WILCOX Single Bibury Elizabeth BOULTON Single  
55 07/10/1833 Thomas COLLETT Widower   Elizabeth Goodwin EDDLES Single  
56 14/11/1833 John TYSOE Single Lower Swell Ann SMITH Single  
57 27/12/1833 James LEWIS Single Stow On The Wold Sabina WATTS Single  
58 17/06/1834 James Clifford WEBB Single   Mary Anne SHEPPARD Single  
59 29/09/1834 Samuel MASON Single Donnington Anne SHEPPARD Single  
60 11/10/1834 Henry HUMPHRIS Single   Sarah DIX Single  
61 04/06/1835 Edward TYSOE Single Lower Swell Harriet SMITH Single  
62 01/03/1836 Henry HARTWELL Single Bourton On The Water Anne PRICE Single  
63 13/04/1836 Richard HUMPHRIS Single Cold Aston Anna YEARP Single  
64 03/11/1836 John DAVIS Single Evenlode, Worcestershire Harriet COLLIS Single  
65 31/12/1836 William DAVIS Single Bledington Elizabeth WEALE Single  
66 06/02/1837 Isaac WILLIAMS Single Little Rissington Elizabeth SMITH Single  

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