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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Whittington St Bartholomew


The Parish

The parish of Whittington lies in central Gloucestershire about 4 miles east of the town of Cheltenham. Whittington sits on and immediately north of the A40 road which connects Cheltenham through to Oxford. There is very little to modern day Whittington, a cluster of properties by the A40, a few more by the grounds of Whittington Court and a subsidiary group on the lane which parallels the A40. It is likely that Whittington was a "closed parish" where all land was held by a single landholder who restricted inward migration thus a formal village never developed. Whittington Court is a 16th century moated manor site and the affairs of the estate probably dominated the local economy. A typical Cotswold landscape would have been dominated by grazing of sheep but the local limestone was good for building and extensively quarried for such use in this parish. Modern developments did temporarily come to this area with a rail line between Cheltenham and Bourton on the Water but it tunneled through Whittington parish and has now been dismantled. Whittington sits on a watershed between the waters of the Chelt heading westwards though Cheltenham to the Severn & the Irish Sea and the Coln which heads south and then east to join the upper Thames passing through the capital to reach the North Sea. Whittington is sited at around 180 metres above the sea but land rises to its north reaching 274 metres within a mile. Whittington parish was fairly typically sized for a Cotswold parish, covering just over 1,400 acres it would have supported around 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Whittington was an equally small place, held by one William Leofric it could offer just 6 ploughs, a small woodland but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Bartholomew's church sits on the western side of Whittington's main lane running north from the A40 and mere metres from that busy road yet is a tranquil setting immediately outside the estate grounds of Whittington Court. Despite the small congregation the church has ancient origins in the 12th century Norman Romanesque period even if much altered over the intervening centuries. Pevsner points to the southern aisle, a blocked Norman arch in the arcade and the western wall of the vestry as examples  of this early style. Work to improve the church was undoubtedly done in the early 14th century as a Decorated style east window survives but most work on the windows was done in the Tudor period of the 16th century. Two significant restorations followed in Victorian times, 1863 & 1872, to arrive at today's building. The church sits behind a low limestone wall screened by trees, a broad pavement allows cars to park safely. Sadly this is a cramped and confined churchyard with many trees making for a challenge to the photographer to adequately capture it.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st April 1754 - 30th November 1808 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P364/IN/1/4
Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th February 1816 - 23rd April 1836 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P364/IN/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Charlton Kings St Mary
Sevenhampton St Andrew
Sevenhampton St Andrew
Charlton Kings St Mary
Shipton Oliffe & Shipton Sollars St Oswald
Charlton Kings St Mary
Dowdeswell St Michael
Shipton Oliffe & Shipton Sollars St Oswald

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
21/04/1754 Henry LAWRENCE Coberley Mary ROBERTS
28/08/1754 Nehemiah ROBERTSON Sarah ARKILL
31/03/1755 Charles BURT Hannah TURNER
11/10/1756 Thomas GEST Sarah ROBERTS
16/11/1757 John HARRIS Anna Maria GRIT Withington
05/08/1758 John BAYLIS Alderton Mary EBSWORTH
27/11/1759 William CARPENTER Compton Abdale Elizabeth BATEMAN
21/04/1760 John ARKELL Dorothy HILL
15/05/1760 Andrew WHITE Betty YATES
03/11/1760 William BURROWS Elizabeth WOODWARD Badgeworth
04/11/1760 Joseph WALL Fairford Betty DAVIS
04/11/1760 Robert BURFORD Kemble, Wiltshire Jemmima BURROWS
13/09/1762 James HARRIS Mary STEVENS
12/01/1763 James HAMBRY Mary MUSTO
24/09/1764 William COX Deerhurst Anne ARKELL
29/12/1764 William BURROWS Elizabeth COURZOR
14/04/1765 Justinian LOVESEY Sarah EBSWORTH
28/09/1765 William HOLTAM Mary HARDING
02/12/1766 James DIX Sevenhampton Rebekah COOPER
31/08/1767 John HAWKES Elizabeth MUSTOE
01/10/1767 Richard BURROWS Anne MUSTOE
26/10/1767 Robert POCKET Sarah WICKSY
28/02/1769 Thomas HILLIKER Elizabeth EBSWORTH
17/06/1769 Thomas FLETCHER Mary BURROUGHS Withington
16/10/1769 William HARDIN Elizabeth WICKSY
29/01/1770 Samuel HARDING Mary KEMMIS
30/04/1770 John FREEMAN Cherington Elizabeth ARKELL
11/11/1770 Hugh HOLLAND Mary HERBERT
11/02/1771 William BETTERIDGE Dowdeswell Mary POWELL
02/05/1771 John PAYNTER Withington Martha SHILL
02/03/1772 Thomas LIDINGTON Anne SMITH
15/11/1773 William FIELD Withington Rebecca WIXEY
12/10/1775 Edward BURROWS Jean BEAMS
26/10/1776 William CHANDLER Temple Guiting Sarah SMITH
28/10/1776 Henry ARKELL Elizabeth MILLS
02/11/1776 John COOPER Elizabeth MANSELL
08/04/1777 Thomas BARNARD Betty COOPER
25/08/1777 Thomas BLOTHERTON Widower St Lawrence, Evesham, Worcestershire Hester BARNARD
16/07/1778 Caleb HOLLAND Hannah NEWMAN
02/11/1778 William HARDIN Hannah WIXEY
09/10/1780 Joseph DIX Sarah NEWMAN
14/11/1780 Thomas CROOK Single Mary BALLINGER Single Charlton Kings
29/01/1781 John GREENING Widower Ann PRINCE Single Charlton Kings
24/09/1781 John LARGE Widower Sarah REYNOLDS Single
18/06/1782 John COX Sarah SMITH
14/10/1782 Joseph TIMBRELL Mary TYLEA
27/12/1784 Joseph WIXEY Sevenhampton Elizabeth LAWRANCE
20/03/1785 Richard WILLIAMS Charlton Abbots Patience HILL
13/08/1787 John DURHAM Betty SMITH
04/10/1787 Thomas IRELAND Ann CORBET
23/08/1790 John SHILL Single Mary CROOK Single
12/09/1790 William BROWN Hester HILL
29/12/1790 William WILLIAMS Single Betty GREENING Single Dowdeswell
14/02/1791 John FLETCHER Widower Anne NEWMAN Single Withington
23/01/1792 John TURNER Sevenhampton Elisabeth GEARS
06/03/1792 Jacob DENLY Dowdeswell Jane ARKELL
31/12/1792 James BROOKES Widower Ann GREENING Widow
17/09/1793 William PRICE Single Pendoylan, Glamorgan Ann PULLIN Single
07/04/1794 John IRELAND Elisabeth HARDING
25/02/1799 William LAWRANCE Charlton Kings Hester TURK
18/11/1799 Samuel WILLIAMS Sarah HAWKES Single
22/06/1800 William WILKINS Chedworth Mary COURT
16/07/1801 Thomas RUCK Hannah CROWDER Single
03/05/1803 Benjamin DURRETT Badgeworth Ruth POCKET
04/07/1803 James DYER Compton Abdale Mary WILLIAMS
13/07/1803 John BUCK Hannah BURROWS
04/06/1805 Robert LAWRENCE Single Charlton Kings Sarah POCKET
12/03/1806 Thomas BYRCH Single Cheltenham Mary ARKELL
14/12/1807 William DAVIS Elizabeth FREEMAN
14/05/1808 William LOVESEY Ann MAISEY
07/11/1808 Thomas MAISEY Sevenhampton Sarah FIELD
30/11/1808 James BROOKS Anne CLARK
4 20/02/1816 John HENLY Single Cheltenham Hannah ARKEL Single
7 17/01/1818 John ROWLAND Widower Sevenhampton Hannah MIDWINTER Single
8 28/02/1818 Thomas HOLTHAM Single Sevenhampton Esther COLLETT Single
9 29/05/1819 Michael CORBETT Single Quinton Elizabeth ARKELL Single
10 29/02/1820 John GREENING Single Elizabeth YOUNG Single Salperton
11 01/09/1821 William ELLIS Single Moreton In The Marsh Mary DENLEY Single
12 19/11/1821 James HERITAGE Single Toddington Sarah TURNER Single
13 28/07/1823 Thomas JONES Single Rodmarton Sarah RUCK Single
14 28/08/1823 Thomas RUCK Widower Elizabeth HAWKS Single
15 13/10/1823 James CROOK Single Ann COOMB Single
16 22/11/1824 William LOVEGROVE Single Elizabeth MIFFLIN Single
17 12/09/1825 John TIMBRELL Single Charlton Kings Mary LARGE Single
18 19/10/1825 John GRIFFITHS Widower Burford, Oxfordshire Mary CHESTERMAN Single
19 26/12/1825 James PITTS Single Ann LEGG Widow Withington
20 18/01/1826 Thomas SHEPWAY Widower Mary BURROWS Single
21 08/04/1826 Thomas FIELD Widower Martha POLLEY Single
22 30/12/1826 Joseph GOFF Single Martha BOWLES Single
23 07/07/1827 William IRELAND Single Maria ISLES Single
24 20/10/1829 Samuel WEAVER Single Boddington Ann MIDWINTER Single
25 23/08/1830 James IRELAND Single Sarah HALL Single
26 15/11/1830 John BOULTON Single Salperton Ann FLETCHER Single
27 21/02/1831 Thomas HAWKES Single Mary Ann DANSEY Single
28 07/05/1832 Abraham BROOKES Single Ann Mary DYER Single
29 19/10/1835 Edward BURROWS Single Patience IRELAND Single
30 19/10/1835 John BAYLIS Single Hannah Maria IRELAND Single
31 23/04/1836 Jonathan HALL Single Burford, Oxfordshire Charlotte MAYSEY Single
32 23/04/1836 Charles COOK Single Prestbury Hannah MAYSEY Single

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