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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Windrush St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Windrush lies in the extreme east of Gloucestershire close to the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Windrush is located about 3 miles west of the small Oxfordshire town of Burford and sits on the southern banks, appropriately enough of the River Windrush. Windrush is a small and compact village and lies just a quarter mile to the north of the A40 road which connects Oxford with Cheltenham. Windrush, as a riverside settlement, would have benefited from lush cattle pastures to complement the typical Cotswold sheep ranges, today a more arable farming regime takes precedent. The River Windrush drains the parish eastwards before joining the Thames to the southwest of Oxford and thence through the capital to the North Sea through the Thames Estuary. Windrush is sited on a steep slope, the lower parts being at 120 metres above the sea rising to the area around the church some 20 metres higher. The Windrush river is deeply incised by some 70 metres and land rises in rolling hills to around 200 metres to the northeast on Barrington Downs. Cotswold parishes are typically small in extent and Windrush was no exception, covering about 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of just over 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Windrush was unusual in being shared 4 ways and two of those shares were still retained by folk bearing Saxon names, collectively offered 16 ploughs, small meadows and 5 mills although there would seem to be some double-counting amongst the various holdings.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the eastern side of main crossroads at the heart of Windrush. The church has its origins in the 12th century and contains one of the architectural masterpieces of that period. The southern doorway has rows of finely carved "beak-heads" and "saw-tooth" patterns which represent some of the finest examples of that period's decoration. Also showing 12th century features is the chancel arch and the aisle arcade. Like most other churches St Peter also shows the normal additions and changes created over the centuries, the southern transept is 14th century, as is the rebuilt chancel, and Decorated in style whilst the nave and southern side of the aisle were rebuilt in the 15th century. In Victorian times further rebuilding occurred with a vestry and organ chamber added and much roofing refreshed. The church sits at the junction with a triangular green outside with some parking room, the churchyard is somewhat elevated above road level and a path rises through the local limestone wall to grant access, trees rather spoil the best angles for photography as they are close to the southern and western aspects.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th April 1755 - 1st November 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P369/IN/1/4
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 7th January 1813 - 29th March 1837 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P369/IN/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Sherborne St Mary Magdalene
Great Barrington St Mary
Great Barrington St Mary
Sherborne St Mary Magdalene
Aldsworth St Bartholomew
Great Barrington St Mary
Aldsworth St Bartholomew
Aldsworth St Bartholomew
Great Barrington St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/04/1755 Benjamin BRASIER     Elizabeth SHIPPY    
26/12/1756 William CLARIDGE     Margaret ROBERTS    
23/01/1759 John JACKSON     Ann HARROD    
05/02/1759 John SUTTON   North Cerney Sarah WEBB    
17/09/1762 Thomas JACKSON     Elizabeth NEWMAN    
13/06/1763 William JACKSON     Elizabeth CALLOW    
06/07/1763 Joseph HOWS     Joanna BAKER    
05/11/1763 James BAKER     Mary WHEELER    
11/06/1766 Vincent MATTHEWS   Great Barrington Elizabeth HOWELL    
14/08/1766 James HORWOOD     Jane BRAIN    
18/10/1766 Thomas DEACON     Elizabeth MIDWINTER Single Aldsworth
14/03/1767 Thomas BARTLETT     Mary DURHAM Single  
21/09/1767 Peter WAYETT   Bampton, Oxfordshire Susannah COLLET Single  
10/12/1767 Isaac NIND Single Bishops Cleeve Sarah GUEST Single  
18/01/1768 Edmund HALL Single Clapton Mary WILKINS Single  
04/02/1768 Edmund SMITH   Bourton On The Water Mary NEWMAN Single  
14/10/1769 Thomas JACKSON     Mary TOWNSHEND Widow  
03/12/1769 Philip JENKINS Single Naunton Elizabeth SMITH Single  
29/10/1770 Francis SMITH Single   Margaret HALABONE Single  
12/12/1770 Thomas HITCHMAN Single Sherborne Mary SIMMS Single  
05/05/1773 John JENNERS Single   Mary WIGGINS Single  
18/10/1775 Emmanuel HAYDEN Single   Hannah DURHAM    
30/10/1775 William MARGETTS Single Sherborne Sarah DANCEY Single  
13/11/1775 James HOOPER Single   Mary WEBB Single  
11/12/1775 Edward HOWELL Single   Elizabeth DANCEY Single  
08/01/1776 William JACKSON Widower   Elizabeth ASHBY Single  
23/09/1776 William WEATHERSTONE Single   Mary TOWNSEND Single  
30/09/1776 Robert WOODMAN Single Taynton Ann MADDOX Single  
11/10/1777 William LETHARN Single Great Barrington Elizabeth SIMS Single  
26/12/1777 Joseph JACKSON Single   Sarah NIND Widow  
14/10/1778 Edward MIDDLECUT Single   Elizabeth BRADLEY Single  
04/01/1779 John BOWL Single Little Rissington Elizabeth TOWNSEND Single  
03/08/1779 William GRIFFIN Single Great Barrington Hannah TRINDER Single  
27/12/1779 Thomas GORTON Single   Ann DANCY Widow  
27/03/1780 Thomas DOSSET Single Great Rissington Sarah GUEST Single  
22/08/1780 William HILL Single Sevenhampton Mary WHITE Single  
30/10/1780 George HAYWARD Single   Jane DAVIES Single  
06/01/1781 Thomas PETTYFORD Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
17/01/1781 William PANKERIDGE Single Holwell, Oxfordshire Mary CARPENTER Single  
30/07/1781 John KING Widower   Hannah NEWMAN Single  
16/10/1781 John WILKINS Single   Ann JEWEL Single  
19/10/1781 John HEMMING Single   Mary TRINDER Single  
14/08/1782 Thomas GORTON Widower   Sarah REED Single Burford, Oxfordshire
19/11/1782 Thomas LARNER   Churchill, Oxfordshire Sarah TOWNSHEND    
02/12/1782 William MACEY   Burford, Oxfordshire Anne BROAD    
13/10/1783 William PHIPPS     Mary BRADLEY Single  
24/11/1783 George CLARKE     Anne JACKSON Single  
12/10/1785 Edward ROOKE Single   Rebecca FORD Widow  
12/10/1785 Thomas GILLET Single Sevenhampton Margaret GOODMAN Single  
23/10/1785 Thomas ROBBESTON Single   Elizabeth HOOPER Single  
09/10/1786 Thomas BECKLEY     Mary HITCHMAN Widow  
11/10/1786 William KIBBLE Single   Alice WILLOCK Single  
12/10/1786 John WILKINS Widower   Mary BAILIES Single  
12/10/1786 James BAILIES Single   Martha FARMER Single  
12/10/1786 James HOOPER Widower   Elizabeth WILKS Widow  
22/12/1786 Samuel PAGET Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
05/11/1787 John LARGE Single   Jane HEDGES Single  
07/01/1788 James BAKER Single   Betty SMITH    
20/10/1788 Thomas HOOPPER Single   Hannah BAILYS Single  
27/10/1788 James BAKER Single Burford, Oxfordshire Mary JAMES Single  
29/12/1788 Robert HOOPER Single   Jane MILES Single Aldsworth
26/12/1789 John BAKER Single   Elizabeth PRATT Single  
12/10/1790 William HALE Single   Elizabeth AWKER Single  
15/11/1791 Joseph JACKSON Single   Mary TRINDER Single  
13/02/1792 Thomas GORTON Widower   Susannah NEWMAN Single  
07/10/1792 Edward ROOK Widower   Elizabeth MEACE Single  
20/05/1793 Thomas BULLER Single   Anne PERKINS Single  
16/09/1793 Thomas WEBB Single Sherborne Mary BUTLER Single  
27/10/1793 Thomas JONES     Catharine BROWNE    
27/10/1793 John BRODDIS     Bellaria DEACON    
03/05/1794 James BAYLIS Widower   Hannah JACKSON Single  
10/08/1794 William NASH Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
13/10/1796 William PUDDELL Single   Betty STILLS Single  
12/10/1797 John RYMILL Single   Elizabeth EYRES Single  
12/12/1797 Thomas MOSSE Single   Sophia LEA Single  
07/08/1798 Robert FRENCH Widower   Joyce THORNTON Single  
01/12/1799 Robert WATTS Single   Hannah BATCHELER Single  
16/07/1801 James LORD Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
12/04/1802 William PALMER Single   Sarah WATTS Single  
21/04/1803 John Joynes HUMPHRIS Single   Mary STEPHENS Single  
21/04/1803 Edmund GILLETT Single Farmington Elizabeth HUMPHRIS Single  
21/06/1803 Robert LANE Single   Ann KEACH Single  
19/10/1803 Robert HEDGES Single   Sarah PETTIFER Single  
26/10/1804 Edward PETTIFER Single   Anne PETERS Single  
29/10/1804 Thomas COOK Single Broadwell Ann HUMPHRIS Single  
26/12/1804 Anthony WEATHERSTONE Single   Elizabeth HOOPER Single  
17/03/1805 Richard BUNTING Single   Mary SMITH Single  
12/05/1805 William COATES Single   Sarah WEATHERSTONE Single  
17/06/1805 William HOLMES Single Southam, Warwickshire Mary HOOPER Single  
05/11/1805 William LAUNCHBERRY Single   Jane DEACON Single  
28/12/1805 Anthony JACKSON Widower   Jane TAYLOR Single Sherborne
07/06/1806 William MASON Single   Elizabeth WEATHERSTONE Single  
07/02/1808 William NASH Widower   Betty BAKER Widow  
15/02/1808 David MILES Single Southrop Hannah LARGE Single  
03/10/1809 John STEPHENS     Anna Maria HUMPHRIES   Hazleton
21/04/1810 Joseph ROBINSON     Mary JACKSON    
04/06/1810 John COATS     Martha JACKSON    
20/08/1810 John FIFIELD   Stanton Mary TOWNSEND   Great Barrington
24/12/1810 Thomas HOOPER   Sherborne Mary HOOPER    
08/04/1811 Joseph SMITH     Elizabeth HOOPER    
29/08/1811 Charles POWELL   Northleach Martha WEATHERSTONE    
02/09/1811 Richard CLARIDGE     Frances MATTHEWS    
10/09/1811 William DODGE   Sherborne Hannah PETTIFER    
30/03/1812 William LAWRENCE Single Bourton On The Water Mary MOSS Single  
24/09/1812 Thomas TOWNSHEND   Great Barrington Elizabeth JACKSON    
01/11/1812 William BARNETT     Letitia HAYDEN    
1 07/01/1813 Daniel BATTS   Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire Elizabeth PAGETT    
2 09/04/1813 Thomas STEPHENS     Ann GORTON   Sherborne
3 10/08/1813 Edward WEATHERSTONE     Margaret STEPHENS    
4 13/10/1814 Richard PRESTON   Great Rissington Fanny BELL    
5 24/10/1814 John BAYLIS     Sarah WYATT    
6 03/07/1815 Richard PORTER   Little Barrington Ann STEPHENS    
7 16/07/1815 William EDGAR   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Frances FIFIELD    
8 11/10/1815 Edward ROOK     Elizabeth LARGE    
9 26/02/1816 James JONES     Dinah HOOPER    
10 05/04/1817 Abraham ACOCK Single Northleach Amy BAKER Single  
11 20/10/1817 William BETTERIDGE Single Bourton On The Water Eleanor CAMBERY Single  
12 22/11/1817 William GRIFFIN Single Sherborne Catharine NASH Single  
13 02/02/1818 James TANNER Single Great Barrington Rosetta PAGET Single  
14 20/04/1818 George HOOPER Single   Anne BAKER Single  
15 17/08/1818 George PETTIFER Single   Mary BISHOP Single  
16 20/10/1818 John BARADINE     Anne DORSET    
17 22/12/1819 William HERBERT     Jemima HANDS    
18 02/05/1820 George SLY     Marianne FIFIELD    
19 10/07/1820 John EELEY     Lydia SLADE    
20 07/09/1820 William GUEST     Sarah COATES    
21 11/06/1821 Joseph NEWMAN   Hawling Charlotte JONES    
22 05/07/1821 James Nicholls HEMMING   Broughton, Oxfordshire Susanna PAGETT    
23 20/10/1821 William MEDLYCOAT Widower   Jane JEROM Single  
24 13/12/1821 Charles DAVIS     Alice Godfrey WINTER    
25 04/02/1822 Isaac HEMMING     Susanna CLARIDGE    
26 11/08/1822 Thomas LARGE     Sarah PURCELL    
27 31/03/1823 Charles TOWNSHEND     Sarah BRYAN    
28 10/05/1823 John TURNER   Great Barrington Ann NASH    
29 30/06/1823 Samuel RHYNES   North Leigh, Oxfordshire Mary WILKINS    
30 07/11/1823 Robert STEPHENS Single Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire Jane STEPHENS Single  
31 27/10/1824 Edmund LARGE     Elizabeth SMITH    
32 01/02/1825 Edward MOULDER   Great Barrington Mary FRENCH    
33 30/05/1825 John SMITH     Mary WILSON    
34 31/10/1825 John SLY     Amey CLARIDGE    
35 04/11/1825 William BETTS   Fulbrook, Oxfordshire Mary DOSSETT    
36 03/12/1825 William PETTYFER     Elizabeth YOUNG    
37 09/05/1826 Thomas BAKER     Elizabeth LANE    
38 28/11/1826 Thomas SIMMS   Sherborne Elizabeth SLY    
39 15/03/1827 James HOOPER     Jane PATES   Little Barrington
40 21/01/1828 Robert MOULDER   Westwell, Oxfordshire Harriet AKERS    
41 05/04/1828 William COOPER   Sherborne Mary GORTON    
42 02/05/1830 Robert BUNTING   Sherborne Sarah MEDLYCOAT    
43 07/06/1830 Thomas CLARIDGE   Cheltenham Elizabeth MILLARD    
44 13/09/1830 Robert STEVENS     Ann WETHERSTONE    
45 21/02/1831 Charles PACKER   Great Rissington Sarah HEDGES    
46 12/09/1831 Edmund DRAPER     Sarah HAYWARD    
47 12/09/1831 Charles SAUNDERS   Bibury Jane FOWLER    
48 08/11/1831 John BARNARD   Aldsworth Sarah SLY    
49 13/02/1832 John LONGSHAW     Susanna RYMILL    
50 24/04/1832 Charles HIGGS     Martha BRODDIS    
51 20/08/1832 William MARLES     Anne WHITE    
52 27/10/1832 William RYMILL     Sarah SPARROW    
53 01/11/1832 Edward HARTLEY   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Anne MASON    
54 14/01/1833 Richard CLARIDGE     Mary KING    
55 23/07/1833 Richard WITHAM   Cirencester Rachael TUFFLEY    
56 02/11/1834 William BURDOCK   Widford, Oxfordshire Mary Ann MASON    
57 09/11/1834 Robert GILLETT   Chedworth Mary PALMER    
58 09/04/1835 Thomas COCKERILL   Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire Sarah COLLETT Widow  
59 20/10/1835 John RADBOURNE   Taynton, Oxfordshire Hannah BUNTING    
60 18/01/1836 Thomas GOODMAN   Burford, Oxfordshire Anne PAGET    
61 06/06/1836 William HALL Single Clapton Sarah WILLSDON Single  
62 29/03/1837 Thomas MASTERS   Eastleach Turville Hannah JERRAM    

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