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Wyck Rissington St Laurence


The Parish

The parish of Wyck Rissington lies in eastern Gloucestershire not too far from its border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Wyck Rissington is located about 3 miles south of the market town of Stow on the Wold and sits a mile west of the the A424 road which connects Stow with Burford and Lechlade. Wyck Rissington is a small and linear village built along the edge of the flood plain of the Rivers Dikler & Eye which converge to the west of the village. Given its valley status Wyck Rissington would have largely had a pastoral farming economy at the time of this transcript, cattle in the valley and sheep on the downs; today there is much more arable about despite the thin soils. The Dikler soon joins the Windrush to drain the parish southwards, the latter running across Oxfordshire to join the Thames to the west of Oxford and thence through Oxford & London to the North Sea through the Thames Estuary. Wyck Rissington is sited at around 140 metres above the sea in undulating downland countryside of the Cotswold Hill, local heights rise sharply a further 100 metres or so to nearby Wyck Beacon. This area of the county has numerous small parishes and Wyck Rissington is no exception, it covered just under 1,300 acres and would have supported a population of around 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Wyck Rissington was held by one Roger de Lacy, a small place offering just 9 ploughs but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Laurence's church sits on the southern edge of the village on the eastern side of the lane rising to Wyck Beacon. The church has been here for a very long time, Pevsner cites the thickness of the fabric of the tower and traces of the corbel table as being typically 12th century and Norman Romanesque. The church, however, received a major rebuild during the early English Gothic period at the behest of the monks of Eynsham Abbey , they received the land in or around 1264 indicating the likely starting date for that work. The chancel is a splendid piece to the style with lancet windows surviving on three sides. Also surviving from the 13th century is the priest's doorway. Apart from replacing a few windows during the Decorated & Perpendicular periods the church remained essentially unchanged until Victorian times. A failed experiment with transepts which were added and then removed was augmented by a northern aisle and replaced northern doorway. The church sits behind a low brick wall in a slightly raised elevation, at the northern end of the site a gateway gives access to a curving pathway leading to the church. Despite bordering trees the churchyard is open and free from photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th March 1755 - 14th November 1812 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P270/IN/1/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th February 1813 - 20th May 1837 Gloucestershire Archives - Reference - P270/IN/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Lower Slaughter St Mary
Stow on the Wold St Edward
Icomb St Mary
Lower Slaughter St Mary
Bourton on the Water St Lawrence
Icomb St Mary
Westcote St Mary
Bourton on the Water St Lawrence
Little Rissington St Peter
Westcote St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 13/03/1755 William COOPER Single   Ann MINCHIN Single  
2 05/05/1755 Francis HATHAWAY Widower   Elizabeth COKE    
3 25/09/1755 Caleb PERRY Single   Anne ADAMS   Farmington
4 19/10/1755 William WILKINS Single Upper Slaughter Margaret BUCKLEY    
5 24/02/1756 William LANE   Icomb Martha PERRY    
6 13/11/1756 William KITCHEN   Bourton On The Water Mary HANKS    
7 26/04/1759 Richard JEPHERSON Widower Stow On The Wold Mary HANKS Widow  
8 06/05/1759 William WHEELER     Ann HOPE    
9 04/06/1759 Jekewest WEB     Elizabeth HEMMING    
10 10/12/1759 John SIEFORD   Shipton Under Wychwood, Oxfordshire Mary HEMING    
11 18/08/1760 Richard MINCHIN     Mary TOMS    
12 20/01/1761 John GREEN     Mary WHEELER    
13 18/10/1762 Andolasio BETHERIDGE     Sarah BOULTER   Westcote
14 26/12/1762 William ASHLEY   Stanway Sarah GREEN    
15 16/06/1763 Jonathan GREEN Single   Ann PHIPPS Single  
16 08/01/1764 Richard MINCHIN Single   Mary NORRIS Single  
17 18/08/1764 William PHIPPS Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
18 12/05/1765 William DAVIS Single Windrush Jane WHEELER Single  
19 08/06/1765 Richard PAIN   Bourton On The Water Betty WEBB    
20 15/06/1765 Richard CLIFFORD   Stow On The Wold Elizabeth HOPE    
21 07/07/1765 John LEWIS   Burford, Oxfordshire Martha FARMER    
22 22/09/1765 William LANE   Icomb Mary HOPE    
23 19/11/1766 Jonathan MARSHALL   Lower Slaughter Mary DOWETT    
24 23/11/1767 William WEST     Elizabeth HERBERT   Bourton On The Water
25 27/03/1768 Henry SMITH   Notgrove Sarah EMMIN    
26 11/04/1768 William COLLET   Lower Slaughter Elizabeth WHEELER    
27 29/07/1768 John PARSONS   Naunton Sarah MINORS    
28 01/09/1768 Thomas SANDALS     Sarah PARKER    
13/09/1768 Thomas WEBB     Mary BRADFORD    
15/11/1768 Richard COLLET     Mary TIMS    
17/11/1769 George PRUDE     Susannah WHITTAN    
14/04/1771 John BIDDLE     Mary ALLEN    
16/04/1771 Thomas EMMIN     Sarah MOSSON    
16/02/1772 William YEATMAN Single Fifield, Oxfordshire Ann BETERIDGE Single  
29/02/1772 John ANDREWS   Bledington Elizabeth KEARSE    
16/03/1772 William HATFIELD Single   Sarah WALKER Single  
23/06/1772 Joseph CASTLE     Ursula PENNY    
28/09/1772 Thomas MILLS     Elizabeth KEEN    
26/10/1772 George WIGGINS   Lower Slaughter Sarah BIDDLE    
26/10/1772 Robert WEST     Joanna HERBERT    
10/10/1774 William BOWLES     Sarah COOPER    
18/01/1775 John DAVIS     Elizabeth GARNER    
28/01/1776 Benjamin BENNETT Single Kingham, Oxfordshire Ann PORTER Single  
28/10/1776 John GODWIN     Elizabeth CLIFFORD    
26/11/1776 William HOPE     Ann MINORS    
10/12/1776 Joseph MOSSON     Mary PINNOCK    
15/10/1777 William SPENCER   Farmington Jane BETTERIDGE    
09/02/1779 Benjamin MARGETTS Single Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire Mary CHANDLER Single  
27/05/1781 Thomas HARRIS     Ann ALLIN    
12/10/1781 William SMITH     Ann HUMPHRIES    
17/08/1783 Richard SMITH Widower Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Jane COMPTON Single  
23/12/1783 Richard WILKINS   Eynsham, Oxfordshire Sarah BETTERIDGE    
27/07/1784 James STOWE   Evesham, Worcestershire Deborah WEST    
14/03/1785 John HATHAWAY   Stow On The Wold Sarah OLIFFE    
07/11/1785 Thomas ARNOL     Hannah LEAN    
26/02/1786 Thomas BETTRIDGE     Mary GREEN    
17/05/1786 Robert RAG Single Stow On The Wold Hannah CLACK Widow  
19/02/1787 Phillip MARGETTS   Sherborne Sarah WEBB    
23/08/1788 John BUTLER   Bourton On The Water Sarah WALKER    
09/06/1789 William AKERMAN     Jane ANSEL    
06/08/1790 James LEACH     Mary LANE    
17/10/1791 George TURFEY   Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire Hannah WEBB    
27/07/1794 James WINDER     Mary WHEELER    
12/10/1794 Robert HEMING     Mary ROGERS    
12/10/1794 William KILBY   Sherborne Ann BETTERIDGE    
19/04/1795 William WAYN     Elizabeth TRAY    
02/06/1796 Lawrence MACE Single   Sarah BIDDLE Single  
30/10/1796 Robert PHIPPS     Hannah HANKS    
25/12/1796 John OLLIFFE Single   Susanna BOWL Single  
15/10/1797 William BENNET     Ann ROBINS    
30/09/1798 Joseph BETTRIDGE     Betty RADBAN    
03/02/1799 William HOPE     Elizabeth SIMS    
21/09/1800 William HOPE     Elizabeth OLIFFE    
25/12/1800 Robert PHIPPS Widower   Elizabeth BOUL Single  
06/04/1801 William HOLLAND   Burford, Oxfordshire Elizabeth LEE    
05/10/1801 William PHIPPS     Sarah CLARK    
09/11/1801 John HATHAWAY   Lower Slaughter Mary PAIN    
22/03/1802 Samuel SPRAGGE     Sarah WHEELER    
24/10/1803 Thomas TAYLOR Single Stow On The Wold Sophia MOSSON Single  
02/10/1804 John ROUS     Hannah GREEN    
05/10/1806 Thomas HARVEY   Guiting Power Elizabeth WHEELER    
23/04/1807 Robert HAYNES     Rebecca HARBERT    
28/05/1807 Giles CHAPMAN   Brockworth Elizabeth BRYAN    
02/06/1807 Thomas MACE   Windrush Elizabeth AKERMAN    
19/11/1807 Giles WEST   Upper Slaughter Elizabeth PRUDE    
15/10/1808 John GAZETT   Bourton On The Water Sarah MILLS    
19/10/1808 John HAYWARD Single   Alice CORBETT    
03/04/1809 William EDEN   Shipton Under Wychwood, Oxfordshire Hannah BETTRIDGE    
09/04/1809 Richard WEBLE     Sarah BRAGGINTON    
05/06/1809 Richard ROGERS   Cold Aston Mariah BETTRIDGE    
08/07/1810 Thomas PREDDY     Sarah CLARIDGE    
23/10/1810 Jonathan BOOL     Sarah MINCHIN    
15/08/1812 David LANE Widower   Mary STOWE Single Bourton On The Water
14/11/1812 Richard MINCHIN     Judith LOVESAY   Stow On The Wold
1 09/02/1813 William WILKINS     Ann BOWL    
2 29/03/1813 George MOSSON     Lucy MINCHIN   Stow On The Wold
3 15/10/1813 Thomas WATSON     Sarah BAYLIS    
4 19/10/1813 John ELLIS     Jane GREEN    
5 16/11/1813 Antony CAMPAY   Little Rissington Mary MILLS    
6 02/05/1814 John CAIRNS     Hannah BOWL    
7 06/06/1814 Thomas SMITH   Great Barrington Eleanor TEALL    
8 05/09/1814 Charles HERBERT   Norton Alice PAYN   Cheltenham
10 31/10/1814 Richard COOK     Hannah PAYN    
9 31/10/1814 William MIFLING   Guiting Power Ann MILLS   Guiting Power
11 06/05/1816 Isaac JAMES   Guiting Power Mary GODWIN    
12 18/08/1817 William WEBB     Harriet WINCOTTE    
13 26/01/1818 William BOWL     Sarah BOWL    
14 30/05/1818 Charles TIDMARSH   Icomb Mary HIRENS    
15 13/10/1818 Job GREEN   Stow On The Wold Sarah DAVIS Single  
16 03/04/1820 James ELLINGS   Stow On The Wold Sarah PAIN    
17 04/07/1821 Charles MOSSON Single   Elizabeth OLIFFE Single  
18 30/09/1821 Edward KEEN   Stow On The Wold Maria OLIFFE    
19 04/11/1821 Richard SLATTER     Priscilla MILLS    
20 28/08/1822 John EDGINTON Single Stow On The Wold Hannah KEMPSTER Single  
21 09/12/1822 William HOPE Single   Hannah CHESNAL Single Guiting Power
22 09/08/1823 William HEMING Single   Dinah WINTER Single  
23 12/02/1824 Joseph CLARIDGE     Rebecca BETTRIDGE    
24 23/01/1826 Giles LAWRENCE Single   Priscilla SLATTER Widow  
25 16/04/1828 Martin CAIRNS     Amelia OLIFFE    
26 25/10/1829 George FEWKES   Great Rissington Sarah HAYNES    
27 22/11/1830 William HUNT Single Stow On The Wold Elizabeth BAYLISS Single  
28 06/06/1831 James CLARK   Westwell, Oxfordshire Lucy WHEELER    
29 19/12/1831 Edmund WILKS     Charlotte BAYLIS    
30 26/12/1831 Thomas PAYNE Widower   Sabina PHIPPS Single  
31 06/02/1832 Thomas GREEN     Elizabeth BETTRIDGE    
32 15/03/1832 William LAUNCHBURY     Sarah PHIPPS    
33 07/05/1832 David PHIPPS     Mary Ann CLARKE   Stow On The Wold
34 14/05/1832 John HEYNES   Stow On The Wold Charlote WHEELER    
35 09/08/1832 John ROBERTS     Sarah BERRY    
36 03/10/1832 Thomas BETTRIDGE Widower   Elizabeth MACE Single  
37 23/06/1834 William BOWL     Caroline PHIPPS    
38 20/10/1834 William WINTERS     Mary NEWPORT    
39 29/11/1834 John HARBIDGE   Charlton On Otmoor, Oxfordshire Mary JUMER    
40 15/10/1835 William ROGERS   Sherborne Dinah PRESTON    
41 27/11/1836 George Frederick MOSSON     Sarah ELLIS    
42 27/02/1837 Thomas PAIN     Sarah ROBINS   Stow On The Wold
43 20/05/1837 William PHIPPS     Anne HAYNES    

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