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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Basing St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Basing lies in northeastern Hampshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Berkshire. Basing is located about two miles east of its larger neighbour Basingstoke, on modern maps the original village of Basing is now referred to as Old Basing. Basing sits just north of the A30 road which connects Basingstoke through to London, more modern communications also pass through the parish, the Basingstoke canal, London to Southampton railway and the M3 motorway also carve their way through Basing parish. Basing would have been a large village grouped around the Norman motte and bailey castle. Basing has participated in quite a few historical military events, it was the scene of the Danish defeat of King Ethedred in 871, entertained Queen Elizabeth in 1560 and the castle was besieged, stormed and ultimately destroyed by Cromwell's forces in 1645. The villagers, undoubtedly, just got on with the main economic activities of arable farming supplemented by pastoral grazing of cattle on the floodplain of the River Loddon on the eastern banks of which Basing sits. The Loddon drains the parish northeastwards, reaching the Thames to the east of Reading it heads, through the capital, to the North Sea via the Thames Estuary. Basing is sited at around 80 metres above the sea, as it sits in a valley land rises around it in gentle countryside to local heights of about 110 metres. Basing parish was one of the larger in its area, it covered about 5,300 acres and supported a substantial population of over 1,100 parishioners. In Domesday times the builder of the castle Hugh de Port held Basing, it was relatively prosperous offering 14 ploughs, meadows & woodland and no fewer than 3 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the heart of Old Basing sandwiched between The Street and Church Lane in an oval shaped area of grounds. In common with the castle St Mary has its origins in the Norman period but little remains of that period except the configuration of the building itself with a central crossing tower. Pevsner points to both northern and southern arches as proof of that Romanesque origin. The bulk of the church was, however, almost completely rebuilt during the great church-building era of the Perpendicular period. An inscribed date of 1519 is probably reflective of the period in which the work was completed. Still later in 1874 the Victorian restoration occurred, described by Pevsner as "drastic" it clearly altered much of the building to Pevsner's dismay. St Mary's site can be approached either from The Street or from Church Lane as a series of pathway crisscross the churchyard, views and photographic angles are, however, much impeded by the abundant foliage within the grounds.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st August 1754 - 9th November 1812 Hampshire Archives - Reference - 3M70/3
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The segregation of entries within this register is poor with little use of "white-space" toe enable identification of all events, it is therefore possible accidental omissions may have occurred.
2 13th November 1813 - 4th June 1837 Hampshire Archives - Reference - 3M70/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Sherborne St John St Andrew
Bramley St James
Sherfield Upon Loddon St Leonard
Sherfield Upon Loddon St Leonard
Sherborne St John St Andrew
Monk Sherborne All Saints (detached)
Basingstoke St Michael
Eastrop St Mary
Newnham St Nicholas
Nateley Scures St Swithun
Up Nateley St Stephen
Cliddesdon St Leonard
Winslade St Mary
Tunworth All Saints
Mapledurwell St Mary
Tunworth All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/01/1754 William BATCHELOR   Overton Elizabeth BURGESS    
21/08/1754 William LOVEGROVE     Mary INWOOD    
24/10/1754 Richard BLUNDEN   Monk Sherborne Martha FREBORN    
10/12/1754 Stephen CRANSTONE     Mary BALDWIN    
23/06/1755 James WATMORE   Cliddesden Mary BATTERS    
06/11/1755 Thomas HENWOOD   Monk Sherborne Ann INWOOD    
00/00/1756 Thomas AUSTRIDGE     Mary CHAMBERLAIN    
31/01/1756 Christopher SUMNER     Elizabeth HEATH    
17/03/1756 Edward SEX     Joan HEATH    
17/04/1756 William PARISE     Ann SUMNER    
24/04/1757 Richard PARSONS     Sarah BUDD    
30/05/1757 William PAICE   Sherfield Upon Loddon Elizabeth CHAMBERLEN    
02/07/1758 James SUTON     Mary MORGAN    
06/10/1758 William TEES     Mary HUTTON    
08/02/1759 Thomas HALL     Mary CLARK    
12/11/1759 William PAICE     Susanna ELTON    
13/11/1759 Barach PAICE     Mary BOX    
21/11/1759 William BROWN   Whitchurch Ann ACKLAND    
07/01/1760 Joseph HILL     Elizabeth HEATH    
24/04/1760 Cornelius KNIGHT Single   Elizabeth PAICE    
14/11/1760 Thomas HOCKLEY   Greywell Martha HUTTON    
16/11/1760 Daniel TUBBY   Sherfield Upon Loddon Elizabeth MAYNARD    
07/05/1761 Henry WOODROFFE   Basingstoke Mary COVEY    
23/06/1761 Thomas JEFFERY     Mary BREWER    
11/08/1761 John SIMPSON   Tunworth Mary MARSHAL    
11/10/1761 John HULPOT     Elizabeth WOODS    
08/11/1761 Lazarus INGLEFIELD     Mary HOUSLER    
12/01/1762 Joshua HUGHES     Ann SUTTON    
18/01/1762 John PALMER     Mary BROWN    
25/01/1762 Joseph HASKER Single Sherborne St John Ann HEATH Single  
14/06/1762 Thomas LAWRENCE   Hartley Wespall Mary SUMNER    
12/09/1762 Thomas HUNT     Frances PAICE    
29/09/1762 Charles COWDERAY   Basingstoke Mary TINEY    
11/10/1762 Edward HUSE     Mary IFOLD    
01/11/1762 Solomon WARMAN     Anne FIELD    
30/11/1762 Thomas WOODASON     Winifrede SIMPSON    
27/04/1763 John SWEET     Elizabeth DUDMAN    
15/05/1763 William CANNING   Sherborne St John Jane HILL    
24/10/1763 John BUDD     Mary WOODS    
30/10/1763 William VIDLER     Mary HUNT    
10/11/1763 John BURGESS Widower Sherfield Upon Loddon Patience MAYNARD    
27/02/1764 Richard YOUNG     Meryom WELLMAN    
24/05/1764 William PARSONS     Hannah VEY    
31/05/1764 Henry KNIGHT     Bridget PAICE    
19/07/1764 Daniel SMITH     Elizabeth ACKLAND    
11/08/1764 Robert HEWITT     Elizabeth BARRETT    
27/09/1764 James BARGENT     Ann LANE    
27/09/1764 Henry HORNE   Burghclere Barbara ACKLAND    
29/11/1764 John MASON     Hannah TIGWELL    
10/12/1764 Henry GIBBONS     Jane HENKIN    
20/12/1764 Peter JUSTICE     Elizabeth HILL    
29/01/1765 Samuel CLARK     Betty SUTTON    
01/07/1765 George HAYDON     Sarah CHAMBERLAIN    
17/10/1765 Charles ACKLAND     Elizabeth BARGENT Widow  
22/11/1765 Thomas HUTTON     Elizabeth PAIN   Monk Sherborne
27/12/1765 George COOPER   Odiham Sarah LOVETT    
07/01/1766 William GARY   Mapledurwell Elizabeth MARSHALL    
15/01/1766 Edmund PORT     Mary BRISTOW    
17/05/1766 William BARKER     Dinah COOK    
26/06/1766 Thomas CRUTCHFIELD   Hurst, Berkshire Winifred CLARK    
02/10/1766 Benjamin VEY     Martha DOARE    
11/10/1766 John BAKER     Elizabeth GOODYER    
24/12/1766 Robert HEWETT     Ann VIDLER    
22/01/1767 Edward COPPERTHWAITE     Mary MASSON   Bramley
20/04/1767 John HENSLER   Farleigh Wallop Elizabeth TOD    
09/11/1767 Henry DAY     Sarah BROWN    
12/11/1767 William RANDAL   Hartley Wespall Ann BIDDLE    
08/05/1768 Thomas PEARMAN   Up Nately Catharine PAICE    
03/06/1768 John ACKLAND     Elizabeth MARLOW   Preston Candover
14/06/1768 John HINTON   Sherfield Upon Loddon Ann YOISTERS    
10/07/1768 Daniel HENSLER     Hannah CHAMBERLAINE    
15/12/1768 John MERRIT     Mary TRIMMER    
26/01/1769 James SUTTON     Elizabeth BUDD    
24/07/1769 John WEBB     Mary DEAN    
05/10/1769 William VIDLER     Alice PAICE    
08/10/1769 Edward HUGHES     Elizabeth MASON    
02/11/1769 William HARDING     Mary WIMBLE    
02/01/1770 George NEWLAND Single Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire Judith HANCOCK Widow  
20/04/1770 Jonathan VIDLER   Basingstoke Jenny ACKLAND    
07/05/1770 John LEE     Jane DEAN    
15/08/1770 Benjamin WATMOORE     Ann GOODGER    
12/10/1770 John BRISTER     Elizabeth SANDHAM    
11/02/1771 James PURSEY Single   Ann HALE Widow  
22/04/1771 John HILL Single Heckfield Mary PAICE    
28/05/1771 George HOLLOWAY   Odiham Jane MASON    
13/08/1771 William SMITH   Wootton St Lawrence Anne LOVELOCK Widow  
30/09/1771 Edward HUGHES     Hannah PINK    
11/10/1771 William MASON     Mary GIDGE    
26/11/1771 William FIGWELL     Elizabeth WEBB    
28/11/1771 John YOISTERS     Mary TURNER    
29/02/1772 William BARGENT     Mary PRIOR Widow  
26/05/1772 Edward WHEESLER   Basingstoke Anne HALE    
12/12/1772 Thomas PRINCE     Mary MOARS    
25/01/1773 Richard WELLMAN     Mary HAM    
11/02/1773 Edmund PEART     Mary POTRINGER    
13/04/1773 William BENHAM     Mary SMITH    
19/10/1773 Mathew GOFFE     Anne TAPLEN    
22/10/1773 Joseph FRUIN Widower   Mary KEEP Single  
30/10/1773 William HUMPHREYS     Anne JED    
04/11/1773 William WILKINS     Sarah BARGENT    
09/11/1773 John GOODGER     Catharine BENHAM    
22/11/1773 Thomas GOODGER     Anne BAYLE    
09/12/1773 Charles MANSBRIDGE     Mary BARGENT    
12/01/1774 Joseph SIMPSON   Newnham Elizabeth HANCOCK    
26/05/1774 Nathaniel PAICE     Mary BENHAM    
26/06/1774 William SPARROWVIL     Sarah BIDDLE    
28/09/1774 James DIMES   Odiham Mary SENDHAM    
10/10/1774 Moses MONDAY   Winslade Jane SMITH    
15/10/1774 Joseph HILL     Elizabeth HALL    
27/10/1774 Samuel TIGWELL     Jane WHATMORE    
01/11/1774 William SHACKLEFORD   Sherborne St John Elizabeth VIDLER    
00/00/1775 Thomas KNIGHT   Cliddesden Anne WELLMAN    
27/01/1775 William STOCKLEY   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Sarah JUBB    
04/05/1775 William JUBB Single   Lucy HILL Single  
21/05/1775 Richard TAPLIN   Winslade Elizabeth HALL    
05/06/1775 Jonathan VIDLER     Elizabeth YALDEN    
14/08/1775 James INGLEFIELD     Anne PARIS    
11/10/1775 Thomas ALLEN   Sherfield Upon Loddon Mary PURSEY    
15/10/1775 Henry DAY   Cliddesden Anne HALL    
19/10/1775 Thomas MANSBRIDGE     Judith KEEP    
07/11/1775 John MASON     Sarah GOFF    
27/11/1775 Thomas TAPLIN   Odiham Rebeccah HALE    
08/04/1776 William BENWELL     Hannah HUCHEN    
18/05/1776 Thomas FRANKLEN     Hannah GOODGER    
20/10/1776 William BUSNELL     Mary SUTTON    
31/10/1776 Charles PAINE     Mary EAMES   Shalden
18/11/1776 Richard SUMNER     Sarah STEPHENS    
23/01/1777 John APPLETON   Farley Chamberlayne Sarah BARGENT    
17/02/1778 Thomas LOADER   Sherborne St John Elizabeth BENHAM    
08/06/1778 William TREASURE     Mary VYCE    
21/06/1778 James EXCEL     Mary BENWELL    
14/02/1780 John LAURENCE     Sarah WEST    
11/07/1780 Thomas WALKER   St Mary, Reading, Berkshire Mary PAICE    
14/07/1780 Samuel ACKLAND     Rebeckah TIGWELL    
28/08/1780 Richard HILL   Odiham Elizabeth HAM    
04/10/1780 Richard SMITH     Jane HALL    
17/10/1780 Thomas BOURN     Mary JED    
15/02/1781 Charles PINK   Staines, Middlesex Sarah BENWELL    
25/06/1781 George BRISTER   Hartley Wespall Maria YOUNG    
28/06/1781 Daniel SMITH     Anne KNIGHT    
10/07/1781 Thomas POWEL     Anne DICKER    
15/08/1781 Thomas BARTLETT     Anne BENHAM    
27/09/1781 John BECKET     Catharine WEBB    
03/11/1781 John JACOB   Basingstoke Mary JUBB    
03/04/1782 John SMALLBONE   Winslade Anne TAPLIN    
16/04/1782 John SMITH   Sherfield Upon Loddon Sarah HAM    
02/05/1782 David CURTIS     Sarah HENWOOD    
01/07/1782 Stephen HASLET     Anne ENGLEFIELD   Bramley
02/10/1782 John BARTLET     Barbara HEATH    
12/11/1782 Edmund PORT     Mary LOVEGROVE    
23/01/1783 Thomas TEMPLE     Mary MOVES    
05/05/1783 Richard POORE     Rachel GIDGE    
27/10/1783 William BARGENT   Basingstoke Hannah PRIOR    
16/02/1784 James WYETH   Wootton St Lawrence Sarah LANE    
23/08/1784 James APPLETON     Barbara SMITH    
21/12/1784 George JUBB     Anne SOMNER    
04/01/1785 William WOLDRIDGE   Vernham Dean Mary SUMNER    
03/02/1785 Joseph MARSHAL     Sarah HEATH    
18/04/1785 John FIGGES     Mary MAYHUE    
23/05/1785 Benjamin WHATMORE     Mary SMITH    
08/06/1785 Charles SPER     Jane HEATH    
16/06/1785 Thomas LEGGROVE     Sarah FRANKLIN    
07/07/1785 James BENHAM   Winslade Sarah ACKLAND    
06/02/1786 Mathew SMITH     Mary FRANKLIN    
18/03/1786 John ENGLEFIELD     Elizabeth PAICE    
27/05/1786 Joseph CORDEROY     Elizabeth JUBB    
17/08/1786 John JAMES     Frances HEATH    
05/10/1786 John HALE   Hartley Wespall Mary WATMORE    
23/11/1786 Samuel BARTLETT     Mary SUMNER    
11/01/1787 John PARSONS     Mary WELLMAN    
10/04/1787 William SMALL     Anne BREWER    
18/04/1787 Joseph PHILIPS     Elizabeth MANSBRIDGE    
09/05/1787 William HILL     Anne SMITH    
13/08/1787 James DENT     Mary PAICE    
11/10/1787 William PAICE     Anne FULLBROOK    
12/11/1787 George MOSS     Anne BARTLET    
12/11/1787 James MAPEY   Holybourne Hannah WYNNE    
15/11/1787 William LANE     Elizabeth HAYDEN    
26/11/1787 John BARGENT     Elizabeth BULPIT    
11/12/1787 Joseph MAY     Grace BALLARD    
04/02/1788 William NEWLAND   South Warnborough Mary JUBB    
22/05/1788 Edward HOLDAWAY   Monk Sherborne Elizabeth CORDERY    
16/06/1788 Thomas STACY     Lucy NAISH    
26/10/1788 Charles ACKLAND     Mary KING    
28/10/1788 John HARVEY     Anne HUMPHREYS    
04/12/1788 William LEGROVE     Anne BENWELL    
10/02/1789 John MANSBRIDGE Single   Mary HUGHES Single  
25/06/1789 William MATHEWS   Sherfield Upon Loddon Elizabeth HUDDON    
06/10/1789 Daniel HARMWOOD   Basingstoke Mary SMITH    
19/11/1789 Thomas DEMEZY   Hartley Wespall Frances JUBB    
05/04/1790 John MOTH     Sarah BROWN    
11/10/1790 Edward CROP     Mary PARSON    
09/12/1790 Timothy BARTON     Elizabeth BARGENT    
27/12/1790 John MOORE   Sherfield Upon Loddon Elizabeth PALMER    
30/03/1791 Thomas JAMES     Anne AWBREY    
13/10/1791 Thomas RUMBELL     Elizabeth ACKLAND    
15/11/1791 Francis HUMPHRIES   Worting Elizabeth SMITH    
01/12/1791 Thomas TAPHOUSE     Anne ARMSTRONG    
02/01/1792 Joseph FRANKLIN     Sarah TIGWELL    
22/02/1792 George CANE     Elizabeth MILES    
26/07/1792 Charles ACKLAND     Anne FRY    
04/03/1793 Charles HOWKENS     Frances PAIN    
16/04/1793 Benjamin SUMPTER     Jane BENWELL    
04/11/1793 John PALMER     Mary GRIGG    
21/11/1793 John LEE     Sarah SPARVEL    
14/01/1794 John MILES     Sarah MASON    
18/02/1794 Hugh MILES     Sarah WELLMAN    
09/08/1794 William LAMBEL     Elizabeth WILKINS    
27/10/1794 William MUNGAR     Elizabeth TIGWELL    
06/11/1794 Edward TARGETT     Mary BENHAM    
08/11/1794 William JAMES   Elstree, Hertfordshire Hannah MASON    
13/11/1794 Adam JUBB   Bramley Mary CORDERY    
18/05/1795 Charles LOVEGROVE     Sarah BRISTOW    
12/12/1795 Thomas GOODENOUGH     Jane ENGLEFIELD    
02/02/1796 James BROWN   Rotherhithe, Surrey Jane HARDING    
08/02/1796 John WEBB     Mary MANSBRIDGE    
29/03/1796 Richard ENGLEFIELD     Mary CROCKER    
18/07/1796 James CHAPELL     Louisa KEARSLEY    
09/02/1797 Charles GOVER     Lucy BUSHNELL    
16/02/1797 John ACKLAND     Anne KNIGHT    
03/08/1797 John BIDE Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
02/11/1797 William GALE     Sarah KING    
06/01/1798 John RUNNEGATE   Merstham, Surrey Elizabeth HUMPHREYS Single  
25/01/1798 William GIDGE     Mary BURGESS    
15/02/1798 John HANNINGTON     Anne HARRIS    
19/04/1798 John LEGROVE Single Bramley Ann SWAN Single  
01/05/1798 William HAYDON Single   Sarah WILDE Single  
03/07/1798 David MYLAND     Anne BARTLETT    
08/11/1798 John PEARMAN Single   Edy HALL Single  
03/12/1798 Joseph MATTHEWS   Sherfield Upon Loddon Ann LUNN    
06/12/1798 James SIMS Single   Lucy SWAN Single  
18/12/1798 John MANSEY Single   Sarah BENHAM Single  
21/03/1799 John GODDEN Single Sherfield Upon Loddon Mercy WHISTLER Single  
26/03/1799 David HARMSWORTH   Monk Sherborne Maria FRANKLIN    
27/03/1799 William VICKERY     Sarah HUGHES    
27/03/1799 William TIGWELL     Mary LUCOCK    
15/05/1799 Jacob NASH   Merstham, Surrey Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
11/06/1799 Charles BYE Single Hartley Wespall Mary AXFORD Single  
27/06/1799 Richard FRUEN   Worting Anne PAICE    
29/07/1799 George STEPHENS     Bridget PAICE    
25/08/1799 Edward STEPHENS     Willaby COWDERY    
13/02/1800 Henry SIMSON Single   Sarah MAY Single  
24/11/1800 Isaac TAYLOR Single Odiham Sarah BAILEY    
17/12/1800 James MATTHEWS Single Sherfield Upon Loddon Anne ROWLAND Single  
19/01/1801 John MANSBRIDGE Single   Elizabeth WELMAN Single  
10/04/1801 John ROFF Single   Barbara APPLETON Widow  
03/05/1801 Daniel BOMES Widower   Anne DAY Widow  
11/05/1801 John TAPHOUSE Single   Sarah BARTLET Single  
12/05/1801 Benjamin BURCHER Single   Sarah SHACKLEFORD Single  
04/07/1801 Daniel BAKER Single   Sarah HARDING Single  
15/10/1801 William QUILLEY Single   Hannah EVAMEY Single  
02/11/1801 John LEWIS Single   Anne COOK Single  
03/11/1801 James BARNES Single   Anne BUDD Single  
03/11/1801 Antony BROOMAN Single   Elizabeth TIGWELL Single  
02/02/1802 John NORTH Single   Anne FRANKLIN Single  
05/04/1802 John PAICE Single   Frances SEX Single  
23/05/1802 James COVE Single Old Alresford Jinny FRANKLIN Single  
31/05/1802 John JUBB Single Sherfield Upon Loddon Elizabeth LUNN Single  
15/06/1802 Charles MUNGEAM Single Cliddesden Elizabeth BURTON Single  
05/07/1802 George PAICE     Elizabeth BUSH    
21/10/1802 John GIBBONS Single   Anne TIGWELL Single  
06/11/1802 Thomas BAKER     Rhoda COOMBS    
07/12/1802 John BAKER Single   Mary TEES Single  
13/01/1803 John ACKLAND Widower   Sarah LUNN Single  
30/05/1803 William MAY Single   Martha WATMORE Single  
05/01/1804 Thomas ENGLEFIELD     Sarah KEARSLEY    
09/02/1804 Joseph PHILLIPS Widower   Elizabeth LONG Single Basingstoke
25/06/1804 Thomas WOODASON     Rachael ARLOTT    
28/06/1804 William BUTTON Single Ellisfield Mary BARGENT Single  
06/08/1804 William CLARKE     Anne ENGLEFIELD    
01/10/1804 John James CANE Single Stratfield Turgis Hannah MAY Single  
11/10/1804 George LEE     Martha ARCLETT    
12/10/1804 Henry CAESAR     Lucy SPARVEL    
05/11/1804 William LEGROVE     Lucy WYETH    
10/11/1804 William ILSLEY     Rachael LOADER    
02/12/1804 James HAYDEN     Sarah TURNER    
22/12/1804 George BURTON     Anne LAURENCE    
29/06/1805 Daniel BRIDGEMAN     Anne MASON    
08/07/1805 Charles WELLMAN     Anne HAM    
23/09/1805 Jonathan BAKER     Sarah GRIGG    
11/10/1805 James MASON     Maria HARMSWORTH    
28/10/1805 Philip ILSLEY     Elizabeth MASON    
28/10/1805 James WILLOCK   Cliddesden Bridget STEVENS    
02/11/1805 Thomas WHEELER     Elizabeth PINK    
09/11/1805 Thomas LAWRANCE     Mary ARLET    
10/02/1806 William BURNS Single Winslade Elizabeth MUNDY Single  
15/03/1806 William ECKETT     Miriam TIGWELL    
05/04/1806 John CLEMENS Single Hartley Wintney Judith WEBB Single  
08/04/1806 Solomon DIGWEED     Hannah WHEELER    
05/06/1806 Charles WATMORE Single   Anne BENHAM Single  
28/08/1806 James BANISTER     Ruth WHISLER    
02/10/1806 William KEW     Sarah TAPLIN    
17/10/1806 John ECKETT     Judith GOFF    
17/10/1806 William VIDLER     Sarah FRUEN    
15/11/1806 William PINK     Rose HALL   Preston Candover
09/08/1807 Thomas FRANKLIN     Martha BERKSHIRE    
29/10/1807 Thomas TIBEL     Charlotte BUSHNELL    
13/11/1807 Thomas LEAVEY     Sarah POTTINGER    
02/12/1807 Thomas SPARROW     Mary TOVEY    
19/01/1808 Henry LUNN Single   Sarah ROWLAND Single  
11/06/1808 Stephen THORP Single Preston Candover Miriam TAPLIN Single  
19/07/1808 Robert MANSBRIDGE     Frances JUBB    
15/09/1808 John HALL     Sarah FELTON    
28/10/1808 Stephen STEVENS     Sarah KNIGHT    
08/11/1808 William MOTH Single Chilton Candover Sarah PINK Single  
13/07/1809 James LUNN Single   Jane MAY Single  
23/12/1809 Charles GOFF Single   Elizabeth ROWLAND Single  
06/01/1810 John DRAPER Single   Ann SUTTON Single  
09/01/1810 John LUNN Single   Mary MAY Single  
14/05/1810 Charles WELLMAN     Martha HUGHES    
28/06/1810 James SMALL Single   Olive ASLETT Single  
05/09/1810 John Jeremiah GOFF     Anne ABREE    
01/10/1810 Thomas HARVEY     Martha WYETH    
01/01/1811 John WATMORE     Elizabeth MAY    
21/01/1811 Charles HUTTON Single   Anne MAY Single  
26/01/1811 John GIDGE Single   Charlotte SMALL Single  
06/03/1811 John JUBB     Sarah TEES    
05/08/1811 Samuel BARTLETT Widower   Grace MAY Widow  
22/06/1812 Zachariah PHILLIPS     Maria JONES    
08/11/1812 James TAPHOUSE     Elizabeth POWELL    
09/11/1812 William HILLIAR     Easter JONES    
1 13/11/1813 George MAY     Elizabeth ACKLAND    
2 11/12/1813 George SMITH     Elizabeth FIGGISS    
4 01/01/1814 Benjamin POULTER     Sarah WIGLEY    
3 05/02/1814 Joseph PHILLIPS   Preston Candover Ann LOE    
5 09/04/1814 Thomas LOADER Single   Lucy MILES Single  
6 28/07/1814 James SUTTON Single   Lucy LEE Single  
7 20/08/1814 John PORVER Single Basingstoke Miriam BENHAM Single  
8 18/10/1814 Charles TAPLIN Single   Charlotte NORTH Single  
9 13/11/1814 James DICKER Single Sherborne St John Harriot MAY Single  
10 10/04/1815 David DUFFEN Single   Mary BERKSHERE Single  
11 30/05/1815 John PAICE Single Aldermaston, Berkshire Lydia CLIFT Single  
12 21/12/1815 John BIGGS Single Basingstoke Elizabeth JUBB Single  
13 08/02/1816 James JUBB Single Dummer Harriett RUMMEY Single  
14 08/03/1816 Benjamin PEARMAN Widower   Sarah TAPLIN Widow  
15 03/08/1816 George WATMORE Widower   Miriam Maria YOUNG Single  
16 11/10/1816 Daniel WOODASON Single   Rachel HALL Single  
17 07/11/1816 Joseph TIGWELL Single   Mary SIMPSON Single  
18 11/11/1816 Matthew PAICE Single   Olive BAKER Single  
19 16/11/1816 Daniel DIBLEY Single Mapledurwell Sarah RUMBLE Single  
20 06/01/1817 Daniel TAPHOUSE Single Basingstoke Elizabeth MORSE Single  
21 03/02/1817 John EWEN Single Wonston Elizabeth WELLOCK Single  
22 24/05/1817 John LAWRENCE Single Sherborne St John Sarah MANEY Single  
23 23/06/1817 Jonathan SMITH Single Weston Patrick Amelia MAY Single  
24 06/11/1817 William WILKINS Single   Elizabeth BARGENT Single  
25 01/12/1817 Benjamin MARLOW Single   Ann LOADER Single  
26 01/01/1818 Samuel BUTLER Single   Mary TIGWELL Single  
27 07/01/1818 George SUMNER Single   Jane WATMORE Single  
28 08/10/1818 James MORRIS Single   Sarah BUSHNELL Single  
29 17/10/1818 James GOFFE Single   Jane RUMBEL Single  
30 28/01/1819 Daniel MAY Single   Martha BARTON Single  
31 01/02/1819 Charles SIMS Widower   Vashti CLARKE Single  
32 08/02/1819 Charles PAICE Single   Sarah GREGORY Single  
33 12/06/1819 William WALDRON Single   Harriot HARRIS Single  
34 19/07/1819 William FRANKUM Widower   Hannah BUSHNELL Single  
35 25/09/1819 Thomas BARTON Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
36 18/11/1819 Richard NORTH Single Stratfield Turgis Alice PAICE Single  
37 25/12/1819 Thomas HARRISON Single   Sarah WHEATLEY Single  
38 01/01/1820 Isaac CURTIS Single Cliddesden Jane MUNDAY Single  
39 15/04/1820 James HARWOOD Single   Anne TIGWELL Single  
40 10/07/1820 William GIPSON Single Brown Candover Martha MARLOW Single  
41 03/03/1821 Francis JUBB Single   Mary SMITH Single  
42 26/04/1821 William WHEATLEY Single   Edith DELATOUCHE Single  
43 26/05/1821 William BASING Single   Sarah ACKLAND Single  
44 30/06/1821 James ENGLEFIELD Single   Elizabeth LAWRENCE Single  
45 20/10/1821 Thomas HOCKLEY Single   Sarah MOORE Single  
46 15/11/1821 William BARGENT Single   Ann DENT Single  
47 01/12/1821 James DUFFIN Single Chilton Candover Charlotte MOORE Single  
48 08/12/1821 Benjamin ROSIER Widower   Catherine KEMP Widow  
49 06/05/1822 John DUDMAN Single   Sarah Anne NORTH Single  
50 24/08/1822 William TARGETT Single   Mary ENGLEFIELD Single  
51 26/08/1822 John PAICE Widower   Hannah QUILLEY Widow  
52 19/10/1822 John APPLETON Single   Elizabeth KEMP Single  
53 30/11/1822 William BLAKE Single   Sarah TARGET Single  
54 28/12/1822 Daniel BAKER Single   Mary SIMS Single  
55 25/01/1823 John DIMES Single   Hannah DIGWEED Widow  
56 21/04/1823 John HUTTON Single   Charlotte WYETH Single  
57 16/08/1823 William HAYDON Single   Harriet HOLDAWAY Single  
58 18/10/1823 John SMITH Single   Ann HALL Single  
59 24/10/1823 Stephen HUNT Single   Harriot LOADER Single  
60 06/06/1824 Daniel ARLETT Single   Margaret BARNES Widow  
61 26/06/1824 John BARTON Single   Ann CLARKE Single  
62 09/10/1824 James BARINGS Single Windlesham, Surrey Jane HUGHES Single  
63 31/12/1824 Thomas LUCK Single Eastbourne, Sussex Jane ECCOTT Single  
64 25/01/1825 Charles TAPLIN Single   Mary MANCY Single  
65 25/07/1825 John PAGE Single Weston Patrick Sarah WHITE Single  
66 12/10/1825 Elijah WHITE Single   Ann LOADER Single  
67 20/11/1825 Edmund STEEL Single   Sarah WATMORE Single  
68 27/11/1825 James WOODHOUSE Single   Sarah LEGROVE Single  
69 03/04/1826 John BAKER Single   Charlotte ALBRIGHT Single  
70 07/05/1826 James WELLOCK Single   Elizabeth HARFIELD Single  
71 12/10/1826 Thomas TAPHOUSE Single   Dinah BOWNES Single  
72 28/10/1826 James HARRISON Single   Amelia MOSS Single  
73 11/11/1826 William WHITE Single   Charlotte YOUNG Single  
74 23/12/1826 Moses MILES Single   Ann ILSLEY Single  
75 26/02/1827 Robert HAM Single Bramley Judith GOODYEAR Single  
76 04/03/1827 John HARRIS Single   Harriett BAILEY Single  
77 16/04/1827 James WYETH Widower   Mary WIGLEY Widow  
78 20/05/1827 William HALE Single   Hannah APPLETON Single  
79 31/05/1827 John BROOKER Single   Dinah ROWLAND Single  
80 09/08/1827 James SHRIMPTON Single Easton Harriet JUBB Single  
81 06/10/1827 Charles WILLIS Single   Charlotte HAYDON Single  
82 24/11/1827 Thomas BENNETT Single Cliddesden Ann Beatham KEMP Single  
83 22/12/1827 William WELLOCK Single   Elizabeth BROOKER Single  
84 24/12/1827 David EAMS Single   Sarah MAY Single  
85 08/04/1828 John ALEXANDER Single Cliddesden Elizabeth AXFORD Single  
86 01/05/1828 Amos ALLEN Single   Rebecca PAICE Single  
87 17/05/1828 Thomas GIDGE Single   Patience MYLAND Single  
88 16/10/1828 Timothy LITTLEWORTH Widower Nately Scures Olive SMALL Widow  
89 29/10/1828 George POLTER Single Crondall Jane PALMER Single  
90 03/11/1828 William HUTTON Single   Mary HICKMAN Widow  
91 19/01/1829 William MAY Single Basingstoke Charlotte BUTLER Single  
92 20/04/1829 Thomas PENTON Single Winslade Jane MATTHEWS Single  
93 06/06/1829 Charles FOSTER Single   Ann LEGROVE Single  
94 12/06/1829 Joseph APPLETON Single Henley, Oxfordshire Sophia EVANS Single  
95 24/10/1829 Henry QUILLEY Single   Judith KEMP Single  
96 28/11/1829 Job MUNDAY Single Ashe Elizabeth TAPHOUSE Single  
97 17/01/1830 Thomas BIDE Single   Martha LEGROVE Single  
98 22/02/1830 Nicholas JUBB Single   Elizabeth CORDERY Single  
99 17/06/1830 James SUMPSTER Single Basingstoke Elizabeth QUILLEY Single  
100 26/06/1830 Thomas GIDGE Widower   Hannah DOLTON Single  
101 26/06/1830 Thomas WIGG Single Preston Candover Jane TIGWELL Single  
102 23/09/1830 Joseph BROWN Single   Harriott HARMSWORTH   Basingstoke
103 07/11/1830 George BENNETT Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
104 31/01/1831 John QUILLEY Single   Sarah TAPHOUSE Single  
105 26/02/1831 William NORTH Single   Mary TAPHOUSE Single  
106 26/03/1831 Michael ALDRIDGE Widower   Maria HULL Single  
107 02/04/1831 James SMITH Single   Sarah MOORE Single  
108 09/04/1831 John SMITH Widower Basingstoke Ann MAY Single  
109 09/04/1831 James GOODYEAR Single   Harriott MOORE Single  
110 26/05/1831 Timothy SPANSWICK Single Lambourn, Berkshire Jane BROOKER Single  
111 03/09/1831 James LEGROVE Single   Jane NORTH Single  
112 15/09/1831 Thomas HUTTON Single   Elizabeth PARKER Single  
113 18/10/1831 Alfred Collett BARTLEY Single Mitcham, Surrey Charlotte O'Hara BOOTH Single  
114 12/11/1831 David ILSLEY Single   Mary KEMP Single  
115 19/05/1832 James JUBB Single Mapledurwell Mary Ann QUILLY    
116 17/06/1832 John VIDLER Single   Patience WYETH Single  
117 25/09/1832 William CLARKE Single   Mary Ann BATES Single  
118 18/10/1832 Charles KING Widower Streatham, Surrey Eliza Sarah BOOTH Single  
119 17/11/1832 John PAICE Single   Sarah AXFORD Single  
120 13/02/1833 Charles LOVEGROVE Widower   Jane ILSLEY Single  
121 04/03/1833 Joseph BARTLETT Widower   Jane WATMORE Widow  
122 05/03/1833 John KIDGERS Widower Dummer Lucy PHILLIPS Single  
123 14/05/1833 Thomas INSTRALE Single Upton Grey Mary Ann BENWELL Single  
124 04/08/1833 John HAYDON Single   Amelia HOLDAWAY Single  
125 30/11/1833 William BARTLETT Single   Jane MORGAN Single  
126 05/12/1833 Thomas GIDGE Widower   Ann VICKERY Single  
127 17/12/1833 Charles BIDE Single   Sarah WOODHOUSE Widow  
128 19/04/1834 William RICE Single   Mary Ann HOLDAWAY Single  
129 25/06/1834 Henry HAYDON Single   Elizabeth WIN Single  
130 20/09/1834 Charles HOLDAWAY Single   Harriet ILSLEY Single  
131 27/09/1834 William QUILLEY Single   Harriet WYETH Single  
132 18/10/1834 James MOULDER Single   Judith DIMES Single  
133 30/10/1834 Thomas NORTH Single   Charlotte BAGGS Single  
134 30/12/1834 John OVER Single Finchampstead, Berkshire Harriet MATTHEWS Single  
135 13/01/1835 William WILKINS Single   Sarah FIELD Single  
136 18/01/1835 Daniel LANCY Single Winslade Eliza TAPHOUSE Single  
137 30/01/1835 Charles BARNET Single   Elizabeth GRAMPKIN Widow  
138 07/04/1835 Benjamin COOK Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
139 23/05/1835 George ECCOTT Single   Laetitia NEW Single  
140 27/09/1835 William ILSLEY Single   Jane HOLDAWAY Single  
141 12/10/1835 John EVERARD Single   Maria NORTH Single  
142 05/11/1835 Henry QUILLEY Single   Jane GREGORY Single  
143 24/12/1835 George WHEATLEY Single Basingstoke Ann GIDGE Single  
144 16/02/1836 Charles BUSHNELL Single   Charlotte RICE Single  
145 07/04/1836 James COVENTRY Single   Sarah BUTCHER Single  
146 17/04/1836 Joseph LEDBETTER Single   Mary WILLMAN Single  
147 15/05/1836 George LOVEGROVE Single   Sarah FRANKLIN Single  
148 11/06/1836 William BRISTOW Widower   Hannah JOHNSON Single  
149 11/06/1836 John VEAL Single   Ann NEX Single  
150 14/06/1836 Charles MOODY Single Basingstoke Lucy CANE Single  
151 30/07/1836 James HENSLOW Single   Ann HARRIS Single  
152 19/09/1836 John QUILLEY Widower   Mary ENGLEFIELD Single  
153 15/10/1836 William BARNES Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
154 17/10/1836 John PALMER Single   Hannah ILSLEY Single  
155 13/11/1836 Stephen DIMES Single   Elizabeth KERSLEY Single  
156 10/12/1836 Andrew MUNDAY Single   Ann DUCKETT Single  
157 31/12/1836 William VIDLER Single   Eliza LANCY Widow  
158 11/01/1837 Charles LEGROVE Single   Ann PUMPKIN Single  
159 27/02/1837 John BOND Single   Ellen MATTHEWS Single  
160 27/04/1837 Robert NICHOLS Single Basingstoke Amelia HOWLINGS Single  
161 04/06/1837 Ben BUTCHER Widower   Ann KENNANTS Single  

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