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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hale St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Hale lies in the extreme west of Hampshire forming part of the border with the neighbouring county of Wiltshire. Hale is located about 8 miles north of the market town of Ringwood and sits on the northern edge of the former hunting forest of The New Forest. Hale sits about a half mile west of the B3080 road, one of a number of minor B roads crossing the Forest in this case from the large Wiltshire village of Downton towards the A31 & M27. Hale is an estate village, dominated by the parkland of Hale Park home to the Penruddock family for many years. A concentration of property around the northeastern end of the estate constitutes Hale whilst the settlement of North Charford on the B road adds further property. Like many estate parishes the economy would have been dominated by the affairs of the local landholders, a mixed farming regime was in place due to the poor soils of the New Forest, more profitable grazing was found along the watermeadows of the Hampshire Avon at the western edge of the parish. A small stream, much landscaped, drains the parish through the park to the nearby Avon and thence southwards to reach the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour. Hale is sited at between 50 and 110 metres above the sea, the estate rising on the slopes of the Avon's valley, land outwith the valley is at or close to the latter height for many miles. Hale parish was fairly typically sized for its county, covering just under 1,700 acres it would have supported a population of just over 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Hale was not the dominant settlement, that being North Charford under which it was recorded, shared between Edward of Salisbury and one Alwy it could offer just 4 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland but did possess 2 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church lies within Hale Park and sits at the western, Avon, end of the estate well over a mile from the village of Hale. To say that St Mary is an unusual church is to understate that fact. All trace of the mediaeval has been swept away by the expense of the Penruddock family to create what would have been a showpiece to compliment their elaborate park. The first church on this site was erected in the middle of the 16th century, in itself a strange turbulent time to build a church given Henry VIII's troubles. That church was replaced in 1631 incorporating ideas by the famous landscape manager, Inigo Jones. The western facade of the building dates from that 1631 building. The entire eastern portion of the church was again rebuilt in 1717 whereby the chancel was lengthened and transepts added. Further restorations, mainly interior to the church, followed in the 1890s to arrive at today's church. Access to the church is via the narrow lane (Moor Lane) which parallels the course of the Avon on the western edge of the estate, here a broken down kissing gate with a large blue sign leads to a tarred pathway rising through trees to the site. As you emerge from the trees the church sits to the south, right, of that tarred pathway, the churchyard has few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th December 1755 - 14th May 1799 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 13M80/PR7
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 14th October 1799 - 29th August 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 13M80/PR8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 7th July 1814 - 31st May 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 13M80/PR9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Downton St Laurence, Wiltshire
Downton St Laurence, Wiltshire
Downton St Laurence, Wiltshire
Breamore St Mary
Downton St Laurence, Wiltshire
Extra-parochial area of the New Forest
Breamore St Mary
Extra-parochial area of the New Forest
Extra-parochial area of the New Forest

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 24/12/1755 William THOMAS     Elizabeth HOBBY    
2 21/09/1756 John TEWKSBURY   Whitsbury, Wiltshire Elizabeth LAWS    
3 26/10/1756 William MOUNTFORT     Sarah JONES    
4 30/12/1756 John RICHMOND     Ann WORT    
5 05/12/1757 Robert MOUDY Widower   Mary CHATER Single  
6 23/03/1758 William GWYER   Downton, Wiltshire Sarah HARRISON    
7 15/10/1758 John WORT     Sarah POOPE    
8 23/11/1758 Jeffery BLANCHARD     Ann HARRINGTON    
9 02/10/1759 Richard HARRY   Downton, Wiltshire Elizabeth CURTY   Downton, Wiltshire
10 29/10/1759 John HARRISON     Elizabeth HARRISON    
11 25/05/1760 Robert ALLEN     Ann MITCHELL   Downton, Wiltshire
12 28/09/1760 James PLUMLEY     Elizabeth BALDWIN   Breamore
13 10/11/1760 Stephen KIMBER   St Edmund, Salisbury, Wiltshire Mary WHEATLEY    
14 00/00/1761 Thomas BATTIN     Sarah JULIF    
15 15/06/1761 Joseph CURTY   Breamore Mary BATTIN    
16 21/09/1761 William CHATER   Fordingbridge Elizabeth THOMAS    
17 24/10/1761 Guy WATERMAN   Wiltshire Hannah DRODGE   Fordingbridge
18 25/12/1761 John WHITE     Elizabeth MUSSLEWITE    
19 29/04/1764 Thomas COOPER     Mary BROWN    
20 21/10/1764 Thomas BARTER     Anne JONES    
21 12/01/1766 Joseph DORDELL     Mary ABSOLOM    
22 03/04/1766 Thomas HODGES     Mary KIMBER    
23 27/04/1767 William WORT     Elizabeth SMALL    
24 11/05/1768 Henry WORT     Susanna LITTLECOT    
25 03/07/1768 John FULLER   Breamore Mary HUTCHINS    
26 11/03/1769 Thomas PORTER     Susan LITTLECOTT    
27 27/08/1769 Henry WORT     Anne HARRISON    
28 27/08/1770 James DUELL     Elizabeth LOXLY    
29 13/12/1770 Thomas MUSSELLWHITE     Alice READ    
30 13/10/1771 William BRIANT   Fordingbridge Anne WHEATLEY    
31 17/10/1771 James BUNDY   Tarrant Gunville, Dorset Mary LUSH    
32 05/05/1772 Eleazar BATTEN   Hungerford, Berkshire Elizabeth SHORT    
33 14/05/1772 William DUELL   Cranborne, Dorset Betty LOXLY    
34 13/08/1772 Charles LITTLECOT     Anne PARNAL   Breamore
35 09/05/1773 James HOOPER     Anne HARRISON    
36 09/12/1773 John BAMPTON   Downton, Wiltshire Elizabeth BARTER    
37 04/12/1775 Thomas LAMBORN     Hannah JAMES    
38 01/01/1776 David BIDDLECOMBE     Joanna REEVES    
39 01/05/1776 William WHELLER     Mary FIFORD    
40 25/06/1776 William WELCH     Sarah MOUDY    
41 10/07/1776 Philip WHITTLE     Anne HERRINGTON    
42 12/12/1776 Richard SCOVELL   Fordingbridge Elisabeth BAILEY    
43 20/05/1777 George READ   Downton, Wiltshire Sarah WORT Widow  
44 28/05/1777 William WHITE     Rachel WITT    
45 13/10/1778 James Ryall DOWNER     Susannah CLAY    
46 26/01/1779 Samuel SHELLY   Godshill Anne TELLER    
47 26/10/1779 John BRITTON     Anne LEAVER    
48 05/01/1780 Henry HARRISON     Jane BATTEN    
49 27/04/1780 Isaac WITT     Anne GREGORY    
50 11/07/1780 Thomas READ     Barbara GARDINER   Breamore
51 07/12/1780 George BEACHAM     Elisabeth HARRIS    
52 16/01/1782 William JONES     Margaret WITT    
53 28/10/1782 Matthew DOWNER     Mary CURTIS    
54 09/04/1785 Matthew TARGET     Abigail JULIFF    
55 04/05/1785 William PLASKET   Wiltshire Sarah COLLINS    
56 26/05/1785 John YOUNGS   Harbridge Ruth TRICKET    
57 18/07/1785 Joseph BUNDY     Hannah QUINTON    
58 27/07/1785 Edward PARKER Single   Mary WOODYEAR Single  
59 13/10/1785 John RICHMOND   Downton, Wiltshire Elizabeth JEFFRIES    
60 25/10/1785 William TARGET     Sarah WITT    
61 09/05/1786 Joliff QUINTON     Charity BOLT    
62 18/08/1786 Thomas STAINER     Deborah DOWNER    
63 12/10/1786 William ANGEL     Mary SHERING    
64 03/12/1787 John TRIM Single   Rebecca CARPENTER Single  
65 27/05/1788 John JONES     Elizabeth TRIM    
66 19/06/1788 John WHITE Widower   Martha WORT Single  
67 04/08/1788 William NEWMAN   Downton, Wiltshire Elizabeth HARRISON    
68 12/10/1788 John LUCAS     Betty ELDRIDGE    
69 13/10/1788 John SHERGOLD     Elizabeth HARRISON    
70 27/04/1789 Jeremiah HARRIS     Sarah LAMBORNE    
71 04/08/1789 Joseph TRIM     Betty HARRINGTON    
72 04/02/1790 George MOODY     Sarah BLANCHARD    
24/04/1790 James WORT     Mary DORDEL    
28/12/1790 William BUTT     Christian DORDEL    
14/02/1791 Philip TANNER     Diana BEECHAM    
12/04/1792 William PRINCE Single Plaitford Ann MOODY Single  
77 02/07/1792 Richard CHALK   Downton, Wiltshire Betty WINTER    
78 31/09/1792 James FRY     Sarah REEVES    
79 07/03/1793 Thomas BOLTON     Sophia SURMAN    
80 23/03/1793 James KNIGHT     Sarah CHALK    
24/06/1793 William PAISSEY   Downton, Wiltshire Ann HARRIS    
23/09/1793 Stephen WHEATLEY     Elizabeth GUTTERIDGE    
30/06/1794 Luke DOWNER   Breamore Maria MASON    
30/06/1794 Edward WORT     Sarah STEELE    
23/04/1795 William HARRISON     Ruth ABSOLAM   Breamore
08/07/1795 Henry HAYTER   Downton, Wiltshire Jane Atkins LANTRY    
25/08/1795 John FRY     Susanna PORTER    
16/05/1796 William WORT Single   Martha TILLER Single  
26/12/1796 Thomas HODGES Single Breamore Ruth DINDLE Single  
09/02/1797 James SPRATT   Downton, Wiltshire Sarah SHERING    
19/06/1797 James CLARKE   Fordingbridge Sarah HARRISON   Breamore
11/10/1797 Isaac BRITON   Breamore Deborah QUINTON    
02/12/1797 James HARRISON     Mary BEECH    
25/12/1797 Thomas BALLARD     Sarah LOCK    
23/04/1798 William HARRISON     Ann FORDER    
14/05/1799 Thomas HARRISON     Sarah WINTER    
1 14/10/1799 William HARRINTON   Downton, Wiltshire Elizabeth WITT    
25/12/1799 Stephen SCOVEL     Mary ROGERS    
2 06/02/1800 Samuel CHALK     Ruth ROGERS    
3 13/02/1800 James MOUDY   Downton, Wiltshire Elizabeth HODGE    
4 18/02/1800 James WORT     Mary CHALK    
5 07/12/1801 Stephen MOUDY     Mary HARRISON    
1 22/02/1802 Rowland SNELGROVE   Downton, Wiltshire Sophia SHERRING    
2 11/04/1802 James DOWNER   Breamore Ann ROOKE    
1 19/04/1802 William CLARKE   Romsey Sarah CAUDY   Breamore
2 14/10/1802 Thomas CROOK     Sarah NOYTE    
3 18/12/1802 Harry HARRISON     Mary FORD   Downton, Wiltshire
24/01/1803 John HARRISON     Leah SMITH    
12/05/1803 John STREET   Downton, Wiltshire Sarah ABSALOM    
24/05/1803 William WORT   Fordingbridge Elizabeth GODREGE    
07/10/1803 Francis HARRISON     Elizabeth BEACHAM    
1 21/05/1804 Abraham NEWHAM     Jane HARRISON    
2 10/10/1804 William TILLER   South Damerham, Wiltshire Sarah PHILIPS    
3 13/10/1804 John CROOK   Downton, Wiltshire Ann HARRISON    
4 27/10/1804 Isaac WORT     Elizabeth FULFORD    
5 12/11/1804 William WITT     Mary BATTEN    
1 24/03/1805 Joseph ELDERTON   St Edmund, Salisbury, Wiltshire Elizabeth TARGET    
2 05/08/1805 Aaron DOWNER     Elizabeth WITT    
1 15/05/1806 Joseph HODGES     Elizabeth SHERING    
1 07/01/1807 Methusalem BROWNSEA     Mary WORT    
2 27/01/1807 William WORT   Downton, Wiltshire Susannah HODGES    
3 02/04/1807 George DIXON   Downton, Wiltshire Rachael WITT    
00/00/1808 James BONDEY     Rachel DOWNER   Breamore
19/04/1808 James POWELL   Middlesex Elizabeth MAY    
22/05/1808 John BEACHAM     Elizabeth MOULAND    
05/08/1808 William ROGERS     Elizabeth EVANS    
27/12/1808 Duncombe Plugdell BOUVERIE   Britford, Wiltshire Louisa MAY    
26/02/1811 James PENN     Phoebe DOWNER    
20/10/1811 James WORT     Susannah SLADE    
25/12/1811 Joseph FLENDLEY   Nether Wallop Hannah TARGET    
07/05/1812 John STEAD     Sarah JONES    
29/08/1812 Thomas PORTER Single   Martha BEACHAM Single  
1 07/07/1814 George TARGETT Single Breamore Keturah COOPER Single  
2 13/11/1814 James HARRIS Single Downton, Wiltshire Sarah SHERGOLD Single  
3 30/01/1815 George HOOPER Single   Lucy KENT Single  
4 06/11/1815 Benjamin DUDLE     Sarah HARRINGTON   Breamore
5 25/12/1815 William HARRINGTON Single   Sarah MOODY Single  
6 27/02/1816 William BEACHAM Single   Susannah WORT Single  
7 15/04/1816 John HIBBERD Widower Witchampton, Dorset Elizabeth CURTIS Single  
8 23/04/1816 William COOPER Single   Betty BATTEN Single  
9 01/07/1816 William LIGHT Single Downton, Wiltshire Keturah ANGEL Single  
10 28/12/1816 William COOPER Single Downton, Wiltshire Sarah TARGET Single  
12 00/00/1817 James BLAKE Single   Mary MOODY Single  
11 03/02/1817 George WORT Single Fordingbridge Flower DUDLE    
13 27/09/1817 John WEEKS Single Downton, Wiltshire Maria HARRISON Single  
14 01/01/1818 James MOGDRIDGE Single Landford, Wiltshire Louisa BEACHAM Single  
15 17/02/1818 John WHEELER Widower   Sarah COOPER Single  
16 24/03/1818 John WARREN Single St Thomas, Winchester Jane MOODY Single  
17 01/11/1818 Charles HOOPER Single Downton, Wiltshire Anne CUTLER Single  
18 30/11/1818 George LAMBORN     Mary Ann Gray LILLY   Downton, Wiltshire
19 16/01/1819 William MUSSLEWHITE Single Downton, Wiltshire Ann NEWMAN Single  
20 20/02/1819 William COOPER Single   Amelia BEACHAM Single  
21 03/05/1819 Thomas HARRISON Widower Breamore Elizabeth BARRY Widow  
22 31/05/1819 Ralph CURTIS Single Breamore Sophia SHERGOLD Single  
23 02/09/1819 John POLTON Single Breamore Mary DOWNER Single  
24 14/11/1819 James CHALK Single Downton, Wiltshire Sarah NEWMAN Single  
25 18/12/1819 John CHALK Single Downton, Wiltshire Sarah HODGES Single  
26 04/02/1820 George COOPER Single   Kezia WORT Single  
27 30/03/1820 John LAWRENCE Single   Elizabeth BRITTON Single  
28 23/04/1820 Charles HAYES Single   Fanny SHERGOLD Single  
29 20/05/1820 George SHEPHERD Single Downton, Wiltshire Jane BEACHAM Single  
30 20/05/1820 William GRIFFIN Single   Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
31 20/05/1820 Francis QUINTON Single Downton, Wiltshire Fanny WORT Single  
32 24/05/1820 James LIGHT Single Downton, Wiltshire Mary Ann SHERGOLD Single  
33 07/06/1820 James DOWNER Single   Charlotte DOWNER Single  
34 05/08/1820 George JONES Single   Mary Anne NEWMAN Single  
35 04/09/1820 Edgar SAINSBURY Widower   Ann STOKES Single  
36 25/12/1820 Job SMITH Single   Ann WIRT Single  
37 25/09/1821 Charles KIMBER Single Breamore Ann JONES Single  
38 14/10/1821 William ARNEY   Whiteparish, Wiltshire Hannah LOCK Single  
39 09/02/1822 William EDSALL Single   Elizabeth DOWNER Single  
40 16/02/1822 Jacob GWYER Single Downton, Wiltshire Maria DUELL Single  
41 18/04/1822 Ambrose CHALK Single   Sarah FORD Single  
42 10/07/1822 James HARRISON Single   Sarah BRITTEN Single  
43 31/10/1822 John PENN Single   Betty WITT Single  
44 24/11/1822 Stephen COOPER Single   Sarah CHALK Single  
45 10/06/1823 George MARTIN Single   Maria TRIM Single  
46 17/01/1824 James NICKLEN Single Breamore Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
47 14/08/1824 Samuel BUNGAY Single Downton, Wiltshire Jane SHERGOLD Single  
48 16/08/1824 John CHALK Widower Downton, Wiltshire Sarah WORT Widow  
49 01/01/1825 Samuel QUINTON Single Breamore Louisa BEACHAM Single  
50 23/03/1825 John WOODS Single Fordingbridge Mary BARTLETT Single  
51 02/05/1825 Charles READ Single   Ann ROGERS Single  
52 07/11/1825 James LOCK Single Downton, Wiltshire Keturah LOCK Widow  
53 17/06/1826 John BRYANT Single Downton, Wiltshire Mary HODGES Single  
54 27/01/1827 George HARRINGTON Widower Breamore Diana HARE Widow  
55 13/10/1827 William BAILEY Single Downton, Wiltshire Sarah GRIFFEN Single  
56 10/04/1828 James COOKMAN Single   Sarah FELTHAM Single  
57 11/07/1828 William WORT Single   Sarah HARRISON Single  
58 11/10/1828 Thomas GREEN Single   Betty HARRISON Single  
59 26/02/1829 Richard DOWNER Single   Sarah TRIM Single  
60 06/04/1829 Joseph EVANS Single St Edmund, Salisbury, Wiltshire Rachel CURTIS Single  
61 20/04/1829 Thomas CROOK Single Whitchurch Ann HODGES Single  
62 30/05/1829 James CROOK Single   Sarah BRITTON Single  
63 24/08/1829 Antoine Martin Burcaud RIOFFREY Single France Margaret Eustace REILLY Single  
64 17/10/1829 John ARNEY Single Downton, Wiltshire Ann MOODY Single  
65 22/11/1829 John TARGET Single Downton, Wiltshire Frances HARRISON Single  
66 07/01/1830 Joseph WEST Single   Sarah SPRATT Single  
67 24/04/1830 William HARRISON     Leah WHITE    
68 06/07/1830 Sainsbury Langford SAINSBURY Widower Froyle Georgiana WALLER Single  
69 26/02/1831 Luke DOWNER Single   Mary WHITE Single  
70 05/03/1831 Henry WITT Single   Ruth HODGES Single  
71 10/07/1831 George DAVENPORT Single Breamore Jane HARRISON Single  
72 16/07/1831 George MOODY Single   Ann BEACHAM Single  
73 13/10/1831 James MOODY Single   Hannah GAMMON Widow  
74 15/10/1831 Edward ELDERTON Single   Harriet MOODY Single  
75 19/10/1831 John BEACHAM Single   Fanny LAWES    
76 24/12/1831 John HARRISON Single   Mary CHALK Widow  
77 02/02/1832 James RANSOM Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
78 12/01/1833 Robert MOODY Single   Fanny BRITTEN Single  
79 04/03/1833 Richard HARLE Single   Elizabeth PARHAM Single  
80 27/05/1833 John WINDEBANK Single   Mary SPRATT Single  
81 23/09/1833 William HAYES Single   Mary WILTSTED Single  
82 09/10/1833 George JONES     Hannah BROWNING    
83 15/10/1833 John COLES     Diana HARRINGTON    
84 20/11/1833 Stephen HARRISON Single   Elizabeth DOWNER Single  
85 18/06/1834 George STEEL Single   Elizabeth HODGES Single  
86 13/11/1834 John HARRISON Widower   Sarah HARRIS Widow  
87 31/01/1835 Stephen NEWMAN Single Downton, Wiltshire Phoebe WITT Single  
88 02/05/1835 Henry DIRDLE Single   Fanny HARRISON Single  
89 06/06/1835 Stephen HARRISON Single   Ann WITT Single  
90 09/06/1835 William SUTTON Single Breamore Fanny NEWMAN Single  
91 21/11/1835 Henry WINDEBANK Single   Sarah ANGEL Single  
92 17/03/1836 Charles HARRINGTON Single   Sarah LAMBORN Single  
93 19/03/1836 William GREEN Single   Mary MOODY Single  
94 26/03/1836 Nathaniel PHILPOT Single   Lavinia MOODY   Downton, Wiltshire
95 24/05/1836 George WEST Single Godshill Sarah WORT Single  
96 27/08/1836 James HARRISON Single   Eliza DYMOTT    
97 26/11/1836 Joseph HARRISON Single   Elizabeth MOODY Single  
98 07/02/1837 Frederic COLLINS Single   Mary PENN    
99 09/03/1837 Henry COLLINS     Fanny BUNDEY    
100 08/04/1837 George HARE     Elizabeth SLEAD    
101 31/05/1837 James HODDER Single   Elizabeth HENNING Single  

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