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Marriages 1754 - 1837
South Hayling St Mary


The Parish

The parish of South Hayling lies in the extreme southeast of mainland Hampshire forming an extensive stretch of the county's coastline with the English Channel. South Hayling is one of two parishes covering the former island, a bridge on the A3023 now crosses the channel, of Hayling Island and sits at the southern end of the A3023 which connects the island with Havant. South Hayling, once a small and discrete settlement on an isolated and remote coastline is now a substantial development with holiday facilities covering the entire southern end of the island from Langstone to Chichester Harbours. Prior to the 20th century Hayling Island was reminiscent of the more isolated parts of the Essex coastline, a windswept flat landscape of fields and grazing marshes with the land merging into a maze of tidal mudflats. In that landscape a varied economy flourished, arable and pastoral farming, salt production using evaporation, fish and shellfish together with wildfowling and reed harvesting. Today South Hayling earns its living from the tourist trade with its broad sandy beaches facing towards the Isle of Wight popular with day & short stay trippers. Growth in its tourist trade had been advanced by the construction of a branch railway line from Havant but this was a victim of the 1963 cuts and is today dismantled and a popular recreational path. As a coastal settlement numerous, and largely man-made, watercourses drain the parish into the harbours on either side. South Hayling is sited at just 2 metres above the sea, the whole island being at or close to that mark. The parish covers almost 2/3rds of Hayling Island and is extensive, however, almost 1/3rd of the parish acreage is the mud-flats of Langstone Harbour; covering close to 4,900 acres the parish supported a population of close to 650 parishioners. In Domesday times the island was recorded as two manors, the island manor and Earl Roger of Shrewsbury's manor of Eastoke, the latter offering 4 ploughs was entirely within South Hayling whilst it shared the larger holding with North Hayling but having the greater proportion of the assets. For the wider island King William and the Bishop of Winchester had small holdings whilst the majority was in the hands of Jumieges Abbey, this latter holding being roughly equivalent to South Hayling and offered an impressive 19 ploughs, 2 mills and a salthouse in addition to the usual meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits towards the northern edge of South Hayling and almost a mile from the sea. The church is thought to have been built at the instigation of the monks of Jumieges Abbey and was largely constructed over a period of several deacdes during the middle of the 13th century. The chancel of the church is a rare example of a relatively untouched Early English Gothic piece, lit by lancet windows characteristic of that style and not subject to later modification. The nave is also from this period but decay necessitated the replacement of the internal piers in 1902. The curious short central tower is unusual in only rising a foot or so above the nave roof being topped by a shingled splay-foot spire. Modern work on the church is mostly limited to the interior, the roofs are 17th century work whilst the flooring was replaced and the walls returned to medieval state in the 20th century. The church stands on the western side of Church Road, the former route of the A3023 before it was moved westwards, and has two substantial parking bays outside the churchyard. Slatted fencing back by a hedge surrounds and a lychgate grants entry, there are rather too many close trees for this to be a simple project to photograph, especially on a sunny day as most of the southern aspect is unavailable.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
27th August 1754 - 21st September 1788
Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 28/1C/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads

NB this register has suffered some damage to its page's edges but his does not interfere with legibility. The register also has a printing defect with only the right-hand pages pre-stamped with the grid
2 21st June 1789 - 4th October 1812 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 28/1C/2a Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting within this register may lead to some misreads, it is a rather scruffy piece

NB this register is bound together with its successor into a single archival deposit
3 25th February 1813 - 9th May 1837 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 28/1C/2b Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bound together with its predecessor into a single archival deposit

North Hayling St Peter
North Hayling St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 27/08/1754 James UNDERWOOD Warblington Mary HAMMOND Single
2 12/12/1754 James CRASWELLER North Hayling Mary CRASWELLER Single
3 03/04/1755 John STAIRS Ann BEAN
4 12/04/1755 John JACOB Single Elizabeth BOYCE Havant
5 26/05/1755 Anthony FOSBROOK Ann FILBY
6 26/08/1755 Richard ANDREWS Elizabeth PARR Single
8 15/10/1755 Henry BONE Ann BRITTON
9 18/04/1756 John BRIDGER North Hayling Elizabeth EDBURY
11 03/07/1757 George BARBER Martha FRY
12 24/11/1757 George BONE Susanna NORTH Single
13 28/03/1758 Levi VICK Ann STAIRS Widow
14 08/04/1758 William MARSHAL Ann PARR Single
15 30/07/1759 Daniel FERRIT Ann BEAN Single
16 10/10/1759 William ALLEN North Hayling Mary LEECH Single
17 10/10/1759 Henry SUAT Ann MESHAR Single
18 25/11/1760 John PAY Elizabeth RASSEL Single
19 07/04/1761 William BARBER Sarah PAY Single
20 14/04/1761 Joseph CRASLER Anna ARUNDELL Single
21 30/11/1761 William RANSOM Elizabeth BUTTLER Single
22 22/07/1762 Thomas BEAN North Hayling Mary JACOB Single
23 30/11/1762 Thomas FULLER Single Elizabeth KENT Single
24 05/01/1763 Daniel STOW Ann HUEARD Single
25 24/10/1763 William DANCE Ann VICK Widow
26 27/10/1763 Daniel PARR Single Rebecca WHITEHALL Single
27 03/07/1764 Joseph GRIGG Ann BUDD
28 05/07/1764 William WHEELER Alice HOUNSUM Widow
29 25/02/1765 Michael DRUDGE Mary ROBINSON Single
30 08/04/1765 John PAY Elizabeth OVER Single
31 29/07/1765 William OVER Frances ABBOT Widow
32 29/07/1765 William TERRY Tabitha POOL Single
33 17/10/1765 John KELSEY Mary EARWICKER Single
34 12/11/1765 Thomas ELLIS Ann BOLTON Single
35 04/02/1766 William COCKS Mary SAIRS Single
36 07/02/1766 Thomas KNIGHT Single Farlington Ann MITTINGS
37 24/06/1766 Richard BOWMAN Single Ann VICK Widow
38 10/10/1766 Francis TOOGOOD Rebecca PALMER
39 04/11/1766 Thomas CUTTLER Martha BEAN
40 18/07/1767 William TERRY Hannah BAILY Widow
41 20/10/1767 John NORTH Single Sarah BARBER Single
42 20/10/1767 Richard BILES Single Mary JACOB Single
43 05/04/1768 Richard BOOMAN Widower Ann GODWIN Single
44 11/10/1768 George DAVIS Ann TERRY Single
45 04/04/1769 John PAY Widower Elizabeth GREEN Single
46 15/07/1769 Simon GREEN Single North Hayling Catherine BROWN Single
47 26/07/1769 David DANCE Single Mary WHEELER Single
47 08/05/1770 James BONE Single Susanna ABBICK Widow
48 30/08/1770 John WHITEHALL Widower Elizabeth BUDD Single
49 23/10/1771 Joseph TILBURY Widower Jinny STONE Widow
50 19/02/1772 Robert SHIPMAN Single Ann IRELAND Widow
51 04/02/1773 Daniel PARR Widower Sarah BARBER Single
52 05/04/1773 Joseph SONE Single Bedhampton Mary MABBOT Single
53 11/07/1773 John CROUCH Single Portsea Elizabeth TERRY Single
54 08/09/1773 William FARMER Elizabeth ABBOT
11/01/1774 John TOOGOOD Hannah FALKNER Single
23/05/1775 Thomas TERRY Elizabeth PATTY Single
21/09/1775 William WEBBER Ann Matthew REED Widow
01/10/1775 John PERRIN Elizabeth TERRY
15/02/1776 James TERRY Mary IRELAND
18/02/1776 John WITHERS Mary BEAL
28/06/1776 Benjamin BULL Brown Candover Sarah BUDD
16/12/1776 John BARBER Mary TAYLOR North Hayling
07/10/1777 John HOAR Barbara BRINNING
11/01/1778 John FLEWELL North Hayling Mary HOUNSOM
15/03/1778 William DIBBIN Mary VINN
10/06/1778 John HEARTH Mary BARBER
22/04/1779 John ROGERS Elizabeth BARBER
12/10/1779 William BAKER Ann MABBET
10/04/1780 Josiah LOOMAR Ann LUTTMAN
07/11/1780 Joseph BRASLER Elizabeth VALLER
14/12/1780 William BATTY Mary EDWARDS
23/12/1780 William LAWRENCE Houghton, Sussex Sarah BONE
12/10/1781 John GOLDRING North Hayling Ann ROGERS
22/11/1781 James FROUD Jenny TAYLOR
27/11/1781 John HOLLEY Ann TERRY
13/07/1782 George ROGERS Martha BARBER
25/12/1782 Robert BARBER Mary OUTTON
20/02/1783 Robert SPRIGGS Portsmouth Elizabeth BONE
03/07/1783 Thomas GILLMAN Portsmouth Sarah MABBOTT
16/11/1783 John BARBER Elizabeth BUCCOM
10/10/1784 John PADWICK Ann DANCE
21/07/1785 Richard MORZE Charlotte HORN
06/10/1785 James CRASLER Elizabeth BOOMAN
14/11/1785 George BARBER Mary ABBIT
14/01/1786 John GADDEN Widower Portsmouth Martha BONE Single
10/10/1786 Peter BOWER Mary UPWARD North Hayling
17/10/1786 John PILE Elizabeth ELLYETT Havant
04/01/1787 George ROGERS Single Ann ADAMS Single
07/04/1787 John BLACKMAN Single Warblington Sarah BARTLET Widow
02/08/1787 Edward DURREL Mary SWAN
13/12/1787 William BARBER Single Elizabeth WARE Single
29/12/1787 John DURREL Single Ann WHITEHALL Single
09/05/1788 John WITHERS Widower Elizabeth JEFFREYS Widow
21/09/1788 William WESTMARKET Single Sarah ELLIOT Single
1 21/06/1789 William REYNOLDS Single North Hayling Mary BILES Single
2 06/07/1789 William BEAN Widower Frances NEWMAN Single
3 01/02/1790 Sebastian KEEAGH Widower Sophia LIPSCOMB Single Portsea
5 18/01/1791 Thomas PANTING Widower Mary HISCOCK Widow
6 07/10/1791 John LELLYETT Single Warblington Martha GRIGG Single
7 22/06/1792 John COMBS Single Jenny SPRAGGS Single
8 19/11/1792 John WESTBROOK Sarah NORTH
8 19/11/1792 Charles KNIGHT North Hayling Martha GARNET
9 26/11/1792 William BARBER Elizabeth CARPENTER
10 27/05/1793 Richard COLE Elizabeth CLEAR
11 12/09/1793 William REDMAN Single Ann BURCHER Single
12/10/1793 William POSTLETHWAITE Chichester, Sussex Mary BUDD
14/10/1793 John MILES Single Mary WEAR
24/12/1793 William JORDAN Mary LINCEY
19/07/1794 James BONE Widower Margaret RATYSON Widow
24/08/1795 Richard MORZE Sarah HOWELL Portsmouth
17/04/1797 Joseph BONE Sarah GREEN Havant
02/10/1798 George DAVIES Ann STUDLEY
20/02/1800 John VULLER Mary HEWELL North Hayling
24/07/1800 John DERBEN Single Martha BROWN Single
16/09/1800 Thomas William GOVER North Hayling Ann CUTLER
11/10/1800 Thomas PEARCE Elizabeth SPRAGGS
16/05/1801 James COOT Mary EDWARDS
18/06/1801 William YETMAN Portsmouth Mary BARNS Widow
22/07/1801 Moses BARNETT Sarah FAULKINS Portsea
13/10/1802 Alexander WEBB Wickham Jane HOLLIST
11/12/1802 William MUNDEM Ann CHAMBERS
02/10/1803 George SWATTON Rebbecca HAYDEN Portsmouth
16/10/1803 Benjamin CLARK Widower Mary PILE Single
17/10/1803 William GRIFFITHS Single Ann HEATH Single
21/11/1803 Henry HAY Single Havant Sarah BARBER Single
31/12/1803 William CREED Single Sophia GLOGE Single
02/04/1804 Michael CARPENTER Widower Chalton Betty ROGERS Single
23/04/1804 William FRENCH Widower Ann DAVIES Widow
12/08/1804 John GREEN Single Westbourne, Sussex Ann BAKER Single
10/06/1805 John CARPENTER Single Portsmouth Jedidah CLEWER Single
11/06/1805 Richard SIMS Single Martha BARBER Single
01/08/1805 John WINZOR Widower Frances BEAN Widow
17/10/1805 Henry EDE Single Martha GUY Single
20/04/1806 Henry TIGG Single Mary FORD Single
08/06/1806 John LUFF Single Mary BOWERS Widow
07/11/1806 Gay SHUTE Single Alverstoke Maria COUSENS Single
22/03/1807 David ROGERS Jane COTES
4 07/09/1807 James LYDDEN Single Bray, Berkshire Mary REEKS Single
01/10/1807 William Cooper KNOCKER Single Appledram, Sussex Ann REEKS Single
18/02/1808 Joseph CRASLER Single Mary Frances BONE Single
27/06/1808 Joseph REEKS Single Elizabeth CRASLER Single
26/10/1808 Robert SILVESTER Single Elizabeth GUY Single
1 13/02/1809 Thomas ROGERS Single North Hayling Sarah ROGERS Single
2 05/09/1809 William SMITH Mary VENGHAM
3 12/10/1809 Joseph CLARK Anne CHAINEY
4 11/06/1810 John WILLIS Mary NEWELL
16/07/1810 William BULBECK Single Martha BONE Single
27/07/1810 William BARBER Martha NORTH Single
29/10/1810 Charles BOYLES Single Anne THORNHILL Single
20/10/1811 George MARTON Maria KING
1 13/04/1812 Henry STAKER Sarah PILE
2 27/04/1812 James ORAM Elizabeth PILE Widow
3 27/04/1812 John HEATH Louisa VOLLER
04/10/1812 William PALMER Single Elizabeth BARBER Single
1 25/02/1813 Richard Killinghurst KNAPPER Single Charlotte HEATH Single
2 12/10/1813 Zaccheus STAKER Single Anne SPRAGGS Single
3 27/10/1814 Thomas COLEMAN Single Mary SPRAGGS Single
4 01/06/1815 William ROGERS Single Phoebe ROGERS Single
5 16/11/1815 James VICK Widower Portsea Ann CLEWER Single
6 27/02/1816 James MAY Single Widley Elizabeth ROGERS Single
7 22/04/1816 Thomas PEARCE Single Elizabeth BARBER Single
8 13/05/1816 Thomas WITHERS Single Eling Anne ROGERS Single
9 30/10/1816 Benjamin BUDD Single Sarah BILES Single
10 13/12/1816 John MARTIN Single Hannah KING Single
11 14/07/1817 William FIDLIN Single Portsea Sarah ROGERS Single
12 31/12/1817 George HAMMOND Single Havant Mary ROGERS Single
13 07/07/1818 Charles BEWSEY Single Sarah BAKER Single
14 10/06/1819 James TUDGEY Single Ann DURBER Single
15 21/11/1819 William WILLIAMS Single Fanny COATES Single
16 07/07/1820 John BUDD Mary Ann COAL
17 19/02/1821 John ETTON North Hayling Phoebe FREWELL
18 22/10/1821 John NORTH Sarah RUSSELL
19 12/04/1822 Peter BOWERS Emma QUINNELL
20 10/11/1822 Frederick James GATTON Single Portsea Mary Bezant HURST Widow
22 00/00/1824 Stephen PALMER Martha DURBER
21 01/03/1824 James BONE Single Mary Ann HELLYER Single
23 11/09/1824 William BELLINGER Emma HORLOCK
24 24/01/1825 George BARNETT Sarah BARNETT
25 09/08/1825 James OSBORN Single Mary FASQUELL Single
28 21/01/1826 Moses BARNETT Single Elizabeth HERLOCK Single
29 03/12/1826 Robert ADAMS Single Maria WHEELER Single
31 07/06/1827 John BETSWORTH Single Sarah VICK Single Havant
32 20/07/1827 James TUDGAY Widower Mary HATTEN Single
34 08/09/1827 David GOLDING Single Maria COUSENS Single
33 23/09/1827 William HEATH Single Elizabeth BOXALL Single
37 25/03/1828 John PARFITT Single Mary Ann HAWKINS Single
38 08/06/1828 James PARR Single Charlotte GRIFFITHS Single
40 03/02/1829 Joseph COUZENS Single Eliza MARTIN Single
41 15/10/1829 John RUSSELL Single North Hayling Emma Russell PHAROAH Single
42 10/04/1830 William LUFF Single Martha NORTH Single
43 27/05/1831 Charles LITTLE Single Mary Ann COUSENS Single
44 20/07/1831 John CLARK Single Ann HELLYER Single
45 25/08/1831 William Hunter LITTLE Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary Katharine Newman ROGERS Single
46 19/05/1832 James RUSSELL Single Emily APPLETON Single
47 06/11/1832 William STAPLETON Single Mary Ann ROGERS Widow
48 06/11/1832 John WARREN Single Diana ROGERS
49 21/11/1832 John PILE Single Sarah BONE
50 29/01/1833 John LEACH Mary NORTH
51 28/07/1833 John COUSENS Ann HEGEATY
52 14/10/1833 Richard NORTH Ellen BARBER
53 14/09/1834 Robert MCLAREN Hackney, Middlesex Mary TAYLOR
54 18/02/1835 John BILLINGER Jane COUSENS
55 24/12/1835 John CRASWELLER Ann RUBICK
56 07/01/1836 Benjamin Wyatt GREENFIELD Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Rebecca Vere Booth TYNDALE Single
57 11/07/1836 Henry SILVERLOCK Mary HUNT
58 17/11/1836 John PETT Charlotte PARR
59 27/02/1837 Henry NORTH Eliza COLE
60 06/05/1837 William HILL Eliza UPSON
61 09/05/1837 James CUTLER Sarah HELLYER

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