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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Houghton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Houghton lies in western central Hampshire close to the border with neighbouring Wiltshire. Houghton sits on the western side of the valley of the River Test. Houghton is a long linear village built along a lane running parallel with the river, it sits about 8 miles west of the city of Winchester and 2 miles south of the busy A30 road which links Winchester with Exeter. Houghton is spread over three distinct entities, the main village is flanked to its north by North Houghton and to the south by Houghton Drayton, the whole running for almost 2 miles from north to south along the valley side. Whilst this was mainly a pastoral farming area, sheep on the downs and cattle in the valley bottom, the open spaces were ideal for horse racing. Stockbridge race course occupied the downs close to Houghton and the were many connections with the equestrian industry throughout the area. The River Test, which forms the main drainage for the area is headed southwards to join the English Channel to the west of Southampton. Houghton is sited at around 30 metres above the sea and land to both east and west rises in chalky hills to local heights of around 80 - 90 metres. Houghton parish was quite a small one by area, the chalk parishes tend to be larger than those with the additional resources of the river valleys, but it would have supported just over 450 parishioners. In Domesday times Houghton was quite a wealthy place, it was, however, shared between 5 separate land owners; it boasted an impressive 39 ploughs along with meadows, woodlands, 4 mills and a fishery, most land and assets were held by the Bishop of Winchester and this was a prosperous place indeed.

The Church

All Saints' church sits on the northern edge of Houghton village and is accessed to the west of the main lane by the narrow lane of Church Lane. Pevsner is rather shy in dating the building, stating only that some features are of the 13th century. The church follows the standard pattern of chancel, nave and western tower (here a simple bell-turret with a small broach-spire) but is augmented by north & south arcades. Pevsner speculates that these arcades may have represented a transept in an earlier Norman manifestation of the building e.g. a cruciform beginning. Church Lane ends at the church gates where a pair of wooden gates grants access through the low flint and brick wall. There are few restrictions to photography within the graveyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th May 1755 - 25th October 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 19M82/PR6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th January 1813 - 29th February 1836 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 19M82/PR5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Broughton St Mary
Longstock St Mary
Longstock St Mary
Broughton St Mary
Stockbridge St Peter
Kings Somborne St Peter & St Paul
Bossington St James
Bossington St James
Kings Somborne St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 06/05/1755 Richard RUSSEL Widower   Mary POOR Widow Longstock
2 19/08/1756 Cornelius BARNES Widower   Mary HARDY Widow  
3 21/06/1757 William WHITE     Elizabeth HOUCHINS    
4 08/11/1757 John MUNDAY     Mary BROWNING    
5 22/11/1757 William MASON Single   Mary RUSSELL Single  
6 27/11/1757 Bryan KINSMAN Single   Elizabeth SHARP Single  
7 30/07/1759 Nicholas PITTLEWORTH Single   Frances STEPHENS Single  
8 13/11/1759 William EMMONS Single   Ann MUSPRAT    
9 27/03/1760 William MASON Single   Mary HYETT Single  
10 18/08/1760 Michael ECTON Single   Mary BARNES Single  
11 11/10/1760 Charles TONGS Single   Jane PALMER Single  
12 12/10/1760 Thomas BLANCHETT   East Tytherley Elizabeth PRANGNELL    
13 12/05/1761 John MERSH Single   Elizabeth BEALE Single  
14 10/10/1761 Henry BEST Single   Anne MOORE Single  
15 10/10/1761 James TUBB Single   Frances WILLIS Single  
16 13/05/1762 William HOLMES Single   Esther FIELDER Single Michelmersh
17 28/10/1762 Whitfield Borne CORFE   Stockbridge Mary COLE Single  
18 06/03/1764 Robert MOODY Single Kings Somborne Mary NOYES Single  
19 13/03/1764 John TEBBALD Single Kings Somborne Mary HUMBER Single  
20 04/06/1764 William WHITMARSH Single   Anne HUMBER Single  
21 01/04/1766 Stephen ROGERS     Hannah HOLMES    
22 08/10/1767 Richard BENDALL Single   Miriam BULPIT Single  
23 30/11/1767 Robert MARTIN Single Chilbolton Sarah ANNALS Single  
24 04/04/1768 Thomas ROBINSON Single   Susannah BEALE Single  
25 27/04/1768 John DAY Single   Mary SPRING    
26 22/05/1768 Thomas COOPER Single Stockbridge Mary GOATER Single  
27 22/05/1768 Thomas GEARY Widower   Elizabeth COOKE Widow Stockbridge
28 06/06/1768 Thomas HUMBER Single   Mary WINCHER Single  
10/10/1768 John BIGGS Single   Martha SMITH Single  
16/10/1768 William MORRIS Single Barton Stacey Mary WILTON Single  
31/10/1768 John WOODFORD Single Broughton Fanny HOLMES Single  
04/12/1768 Jonathan HACKING Single Kings Somborne Sarah NOYCE Single  
17/10/1769 Charles HUNTER Single   Jane HUTCHINS Single  
25/09/1770 John CHANTLER Single   Mary STOCKEY Single  
28/10/1771 Henry HARDING Single   Betty CASTLEMAN Single  
27/04/1772 John RUSSEL Single   Elizabeth LEE Single  
22/03/1773 Robert HOLMES Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
20/05/1773 William KEELE   Broughton Mary HOLMES    
28/10/1773 Arthur CHANDLER Single   Susannah ROBINSON Widow  
05/05/1774 David LYWOOD Single   Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
14/11/1774 Thomas HOLMS Single   Mary ROE Single  
11/10/1775 John DENCH Single   Mary MORGAN Single Broughton
28/03/1776 John HILLYER Single   Jenny ROGERS Single  
18/06/1776 John COOKE   Stockbridge Jenny GILBERT    
05/07/1776 Mark WHITE     Hannah BULPIT    
29/07/1776 Edward GILBERT     Elizabeth MASON    
21/12/1777 Robert DOWLING     Mary MEREDITH    
25/05/1778 Robert GOLDEN   Broughton Mary HATCHMAN    
10/10/1778 Joseph TARRANT     Mary STROTTEN    
13/10/1778 Edmond ALEXANDER   Longstock Rebecca BEALE    
05/07/1779 Robert HOLMES     Elizabeth PAGE    
31/08/1779 John HARDER   Eling Sarah BATH    
08/11/1779 Joseph MUNDAY Single   Mary BAILY Single  
30/12/1779 Edward LANGRIDGE Single Alderbury, Wiltshire Rachel ROE Single  
11/04/1780 John PURCHASE Single Bristol, Gloucestershire Betty TUBB Single  
22/05/1780 Abraham STEEL Single   Elizabeth TARRANT Single  
25/05/1780 John COOKE     Elizabeth SMITH    
16/10/1780 Abraham HURST   Broughton Sarah PRAGNELL    
23/11/1780 Samuel RAILEY   St Luke, Middlesex Mary SMITH    
01/05/1781 John WOOLDRIDGE Single   Elizabeth TARRANT Single  
19/06/1781 William BARNS Single   Sarah STANFAST Single  
06/09/1781 John STEEVENS Widower St Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire Lydia GIBBONS Single  
24/10/1781 Thomas BROWN Single   Margaret HOREGREVE Single  
31/12/1781 John WEEKS Single   Frances Mount COMPTON   Cholderton, Wiltshire
13/05/1782 Robert EDWARDS Single   Elizabeth GILES Widow  
11/10/1782 William TRIGLE Single   Martha BULPIT Single  
01/05/1783 Thomas GALTON Single   Mary WEEKS Single  
24/08/1783 James KEW Single   Susannah TARRANT Single  
24/10/1783 Richard GIBBS     Sarah HOLMES    
27/10/1783 Thomas CLARKE Single Winterslow, Wiltshire Rodina ATWOOD Single  
14/02/1785 Charles BLANDON Single Stockbridge Mary TIBBALD Single  
05/03/1786 Joseph GAGER Single   Ann ACTON Single  
14/05/1786 John HAYTER     Mary HINLEY    
29/10/1786 James WILLIS     Sarah ABBOT    
06/10/1787 John CHEVISSE     Mary BROWN    
11/10/1787 James RANGER   Kings Somborne Sarah TONGS    
31/10/1788 Thomas BISHOP     Mary HUNTER    
22/11/1789 Stephen HATCHMAN     Betty ROGERS    
19/02/1792 William JOLLIFFE     Mary HARDEN    
27/03/1792 Robert HULVEY   St Vedast, City Of London Ann SMITH    
21/06/1792 James NURSE   Upper Clatford Susan GAGER    
30/08/1792 John Kellow BRACHER   Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire Harriett SMITH    
15/10/1792 Ambrose HAYTER   Crawley Mary LOVELOCK    
21/06/1793 Thomas FLOYD     Anne BATH    
14/10/1793 John WHITE     Mary CLARKE    
15/12/1793 Paul LAVINGTON     Martha BAKINGHAM    
02/01/1794 James HUNT     Sarah RUSSEL    
01/06/1794 John TUBB     Elizabeth CLARK    
19/11/1795 Mark WHITE Widower   Ann TIBBLE Single  
07/04/1796 John ROWE     Sarah COOPER    
07/04/1796 Henry COLLIS     Sarah ROWE    
14/10/1796 John HUMBER Single   Jenny WARDEN Single  
18/10/1796 Andrew CLEMOW Single   Mary RUSSEL Single  
16/07/1797 Thomas WEBB   Winterslow, Wiltshire Mary ECTON    
08/11/1797 Thomas KINSMAN Single Stockbridge Ann MORGAN Single  
15/02/1798 Daniel MORGAN Widower   Elizabeth BULPIT Widow  
19/02/1798 William HUTFELL Single Winterslow, Wiltshire Mary MORGAN Single  
02/06/1798 Abraham STEEL Widower   Mary HAYTER Widow  
09/08/1798 John BOHAM Single   Mary SMYTH Single  
18/09/1798 Richard STEVENS Single   Rebekah BATH Single  
25/10/1798 Peter CARTER Single Longstock Sarah FAITHFUL Single  
05/01/1799 Charles TAPHOUSE   Stockbridge Amelia BROWN    
10/12/1799 James TONGS Single Bossington Mary FAITHFUL Single  
14/02/1800 John FEEL Single   Rebekah COOPER Single  
11/06/1800 James ATKINS Single   Martha TIBBLE Single  
19/06/1800 John WHITMARSH Single   Jenny GILBERT Single  
28/09/1800 John WETTON Widower Stockbridge Mary COOPER Single  
11/10/1800 John GOODALL Single Upper Clatford Christian BEST Single  
16/02/1801 Jacob GATER   North Stoneham Charlotte SMITH    
31/05/1801 Charles HUDD Widower Broughton Elizabeth COOPER Single  
14/09/1801 Thomas KENNEDY Single   Ann RUSSEL Single  
26/02/1802 Thomas ASHES Single Longstock Elizabeth TONGS Single  
08/07/1802 Edward PADDICK Single   Lucy GILBERT Single  
13/10/1802 William CANDY Widower   Elizabeth RHUMBOLD Single Bossington
16/11/1802 Thomas FAITHFUL Single   Sarah AYRES Single  
06/04/1803 John RUSSELL Single   Ann ELLET Single  
08/07/1803 William FABIAN Single Nether Wallop Dinah TIBBLE Single  
15/11/1803 William SIMMS   Broughton Jenny STEVENS Single  
12/01/1804 Charles MARSH Single Kings Somborne Ann FAITHFUL Single  
17/10/1804 Peter TIBBLE Single   Mary SOUREL    
24/12/1804 Edward CARTER Single Michelmersh Sarah HAYDEN Single  
18/07/1805 Simeon GRISDALE Single   Ruth RUSSEL Single  
13/02/1806 George WINTER Single   Mary BUTT Single  
14/05/1807 John TUBB Single Mottisfont Elizabeth STEEL Single  
27/06/1807 John SOPER Single   Charlotte EYRES Single  
23/05/1808 Benjamin STRONG Single Broughton Anne EDWARDS Single  
18/10/1808 James FAITHFULL Single   Anne GRUNNELL Single  
15/12/1808 Richard GAIGER Single Broughton Betty GIBBS Single  
02/02/1809 William MANSBRIDGE Single Kings Somborne Sarah BULPIT Single  
12/10/1809 James BRICE Single   Mary BURRUSS Single  
04/01/1810 James COOKE Single   Mary GALE Single  
11/01/1810 William WEEKS Single   Mary HAYES Single  
04/03/1810 William COOPER Single East Tytherley Betty ROE Single  
03/06/1811 Henry GALE Single Broughton Miriam WHITE Single  
09/04/1812 William BARNES Single   Mary GRACE Single  
06/08/1812 John ROE Single   Charlotte GALE Single  
21/10/1812 Thomas BEALE Single   Sarah HONE Single  
25/10/1812 James COLLIS Single   Charlotte TUBB Single  
1 28/01/1813 John HUMBER Widower   Phebe HOPGOOD Single  
2 30/01/1813 George JAMES Single East Dean Rachel ROE Single  
3 18/11/1813 James WALLACE Widower   Jane GALE Single  
4 13/10/1814 David LYWOOD Single Kings Somborne Mary TARRANT Single  
5 22/10/1814 John RODGERS Single   Elizabeth HATCHER Single  
6 27/03/1815 Henry BAKER Single   Ruth COOPER Single  
7 27/11/1815 Thomas GODWIN Single Stockbridge Mary MILES Single  
8 13/02/1817 William TRIGGLE Widower   Fanny STEPHENS Single  
9 19/04/1817 William BAKER Single   Jemima COLE Single  
10 18/06/1817 Henry HARDING Single   Elizabeth WILLIS Single  
11 24/06/1817 Peter GREEN Single Thatcham, Berkshire Sarah SMITH Single  
12 06/10/1817 John COLLIS Single   Maria KEW Single  
13 20/10/1817 Stephen SHEPPARD Single   Charlotte BLUNDEN Single  
14 05/11/1817 John CHANDLER     Mary Anne SILVER    
15 03/12/1817 Henry MILLS Single Madehurst, Sussex Fanny FAIRFIELD Single Madehurst, Sussex
16 27/07/1819 James GALE Single   Mary GALTON Single  
17 26/08/1819 Moses GEARY Single Stockbridge Mary Anne HUNTER Single  
18 08/11/1819 George KIMBER Single Whiteparish, Wiltshire Jane OLDEN Single  
19 06/01/1820 James WILLIAMS Single   Charlotte HONE Single  
20 03/04/1820 Abraham WOOLCOTT Single Longstock Maria MILLS Single  
21 07/05/1820 William SPREADBURY Single   Sarah BURROW Single  
22 22/06/1820 John GILBERT Single   Leah MASON Single  
23 02/08/1820 William BUTTERLY Single Stockbridge Lucy WILLIS Single  
24 22/10/1820 Henry FAY Single East Tytherley Mary BAKER Single  
25 01/01/1821 Robert GOODYEAR   Woodcott Mary RAMSEY   Kingsclere
26 26/04/1821 Stephen HATCHMAN Single   Hannah SNELGROVE Single  
27 21/06/1821 John COLLIS     Mary MACKLIN    
28 06/10/1821 Henry BLAKE Single East Tytherley Sarah CANDY Single  
29 19/10/1821 Thomas STRONG Single   Fanny MARTIN Single  
30 08/12/1821 James BUTT Single   Mary Ann WALLACE Single  
31 10/01/1822 John HOLMES Single   Sarah LANE Single  
32 01/03/1823 Thomas TOOMES Single   Mary WHITE Single  
33 05/06/1823 Joseph ROE Single   Mary ATKINS Single  
34 07/09/1823 John KEW Single   Mary LAVINGTON Single  
35 16/10/1823 James WALLACE Single   Jane HAYDEN Single  
36 28/10/1823 Henry AUTHER Single   Mary STEEL Single  
37 30/10/1823 Charles OLDEN Single   Elizabeth MACKLIN Single  
38 05/02/1824 John STACEY Single South Warnborough Fanny TRIGGLE Widow  
39 12/10/1824 Charles HUNTER Single   Sarah DICKEL Single  
40 12/10/1825 William LYWOOD Widower   Mary GILBERT Single  
41 13/10/1825 Charles VINCE Single   Mary Anne BARNES Single  
42 20/10/1825 John HOPGOOD Single Barton Stacey Jane BAKER Single  
43 29/10/1826 James HUNTER Single   Ann HONE Single  
44 30/11/1826 John HAYWARD Single Kings Somborne Eliza WEEKS Single  
45 05/12/1826 Charles SILLENCE Single Timsbury Betsy MARSH Single  
46 01/11/1827 James BARNES Single   Elizabeth BRICE Single  
47 15/11/1827 Richard THORN Single Longstock Sarah HUNTER Single Longstock
48 18/05/1828 John SMITH Single Bishopstoke Harriett JUDD Single  
49 07/09/1828 George GIBBENS Single Abbotts Ann Jane HATCHER Single  
50 27/12/1828 John DAY Widower Micheldever Charlotte WEEKS Single Hunton
51 28/02/1829 Thomas MITCHEL Single Bossington Fanny MARSH Single Southampton
52 23/04/1829 Thomas WEEKS Single   Elizabeth KINSMAN Single  
53 26/07/1829 William DUDMAN Single   Mary ARTER Single  
54 19/09/1829 Edmund FIELD Single   Eliza VINCE Single Kings Somborne
55 25/11/1830 Thomas BUTT Single   Anne ALLEN Single  
56 06/12/1830 Charles HARDING Single Broughton Elizabeth TUBB Single  
57 29/09/1831 Thomas FAITHFUL Single   Hannah TIBBLE Single  
58 14/12/1831 John PONLEAZE Single Bossington Elizabeth Alethea JAMES Single  
59 09/02/1832 William CANDY Single   Mary Anne CROUCH Single  
60 18/02/1832 William DICKET Single   Louisa PURCHASE Single  
61 17/05/1832 John GOFF Widower Kings Somborne Martha NEWMAN Widow  
62 13/06/1832 George PLASKET Single   Sarah WEEKS Single  
63 29/09/1832 William WEEKS Single   Caroline RUSSELL Single Michelmersh
64 06/04/1833 Charles REEVES Single   Sarah FIELD Single  
65 15/05/1833 John BUTT Single   Augusta ANDREWS Single  
66 03/10/1833 William PRANGLE Single   Hannah COOPER Single Broughton
67 07/12/1833 Joseph ROE Widower   Louisa BRICE Single  
68 02/01/1834 Isaac STALLARD Single   Martha WILLIS Single Andover
69 19/04/1834 Henry CROUCH Single   Sarah ROGERS Single  
70 25/08/1834 John EVANS Single Andover Martha LYWOOD Single  
71 16/10/1834 John TUBB Widower   Caroline KINSMAN Widow  
72 11/04/1835 John LANGLEY Single Ashmansworth Sarah OAKAMORE Single  
74 13/05/1835 Joseph CANDY Single   Charlotte DEAR Single Kings Somborne
73 28/05/1835 William GAIGER Single St Thomas, Winchester Matilda PRIGG Single  
75 11/07/1835 John HARPER Single West Dean, Wiltshire Elizabeth CANDY Single  
76 05/11/1835 William FAITHFUL Single   Jane MACK Single Broughton
77 19/01/1836 Charles TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth DAWKIN Widow  
78 29/02/1836 George STALLARD Single   Ann DAVIS Single Nether Wallop

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