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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hound St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Hound lies in the extreme south of mainland Hampshire forming part of the county's coastline with the English Channel, here the eastern edge of Southampton Water. Hound today is little more than a crossroads midway between the larger settlements of Bursledon, Hamble le Rice and Netley and situated about 3 miles southeast of the port of Southampton. Hound is located on the B3397 road which runs from the A3024 (Southampton to Fareham) road down to Hamble le Rice. Today Hound has almost but not quite been absorbed into the wider metropolitan area of Southampton but a slight green gap severs the hamlet from its larger neighbour. As a coastal community Hound would have had a mixed economy, albeit the shoreline here has no harbour, inland farming would have dominated. As a coastal community numerous small streams drain the parish into nearby Southampton Water. Hound is sited at around 20 metres above the sea and sits on a broad and largely flat coastal plain with local heights only rising gently inland to around 50 metres or so. Hound parish was quite large in extent for a southern parish, it covered around 3,700 acres and would have supported a population of around 1,000 parishioners but only 100 or so were in Hound itself. In Domesday times Hound was held by one Hugh de Port and could offer 9 ploughs, a small meadow and 2 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church sits just west of the B3397 on the narrow lane leading to Netley. The church has its origins in the 13th century, showing the characteristic lancet windows of the Early English Gothic period. Indeed Pevsner describes it as a "complete Early English Gothic hamlet church". Whilst the fabric has its origins in this period the church has received alterations over the centuries notably in the Victorian era. Those lancet windows may be correctly styled but most are Victorian renewals albeit true to the style of the church. Thankfully the church of St Edward in Netley, the larger population centre of the parish, opened in 1886 leaving St Mary to its peace. The church is fronted by a lay-by granting excellent parking facilities, entrance being through an simple arched gateway through surrounding wooden fencing. The trees which closely surround the church make for a bit of an obstacle to gaining suitable angles for adequate images.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 19th May 1754 - 13th June 1757 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 13M79/PR3
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The registers of Hound are intermingled with those of Hamble & Bursledon - it is conceivable thus that entries may have mis-assigned
2 16th April 1759 - 29th September 1795 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 13M79/PR6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may lead to one or two misreads

The registers of Hound continue to be intermingled with those of Hamble & Bursledon - it is conceivable thus that entries may have mis-assigned
3 12th October 1795 - 7th October 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 13M79/PR8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
The registers of Hound continue to be intermingled with those of Hamble & Bursledon - it is conceivable thus that entries may have mis-assigned
4 8th February 1813 - 19th February 1837 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 133M38/PR8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number This register is impacted by both fading & staining making it possible that one or two misreads may have occurred

Southampton St Mary Extra
Southampton St Mary Extra
South Stoneham St Mary
Botley All Saints
Bursledon St Leonard
Titchfield St Peter
Hamble le Rice St Andrew
Titchfield St Peter

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
19/05/1754 Charles JACKSON   St Michael, Southampton Elizabeth HOWARD    
04/06/1754 Daniel ALLING     Elizabeth BEAL    
08/07/1755 John HEATH   Durley Lucy HEATH    
25/09/1755 Richard PONTING   Hamble Le Rice Mary DALLEMORE    
01/10/1755 Richard PURKESS     Elizabeth DASTIN    
02/06/1756 Edward WEST     Sarah BATCHLER    
13/06/1757 Henry STRUGNELL     Sarah CATRIDGE    
1 16/04/1759 John MACK Widower Hamble Le Rice Susanna AILING Single  
2 18/11/1759 Thomas WATEREDGE Widower   Mary DENHAM Single  
3 21/12/1760 Richard PRIMMER Single   Elizabeth GOOD    
4 06/05/1761 William SUTTON     Elizabeth PIRTON   Bursledon
5 26/07/1761 John TIZARD   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth MORTON    
11/10/1761 Thomas BALL   North Stoneham Ann LONG    
13/05/1762 Richard HICKLEY   Durley Ann CLEVERLY    
28/11/1762 William SIM     Anne READING    
31/07/1763 William MORTEN     Mary DURMAN    
27/11/1763 James KINCHERTON   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth MARTIN    
16/07/1764 Richard PENNY     Elizabeth LOATEN    
03/09/1764 John MATTHEWS     Jane HOWARD    
11/09/1764 Edward GATES     Elizabeth LONG    
15/10/1766 Thomas HOBBES     Rebecca PURKESS    
20/10/1766 Richard GOREY     Mary CUMBER    
02/09/1767 Henry PRIMMER     Sarah EALESS    
05/10/1767 Robert LONG     Mary CULMER   Bursledon
11/10/1767 William FORDER     Mary HEAD    
01/12/1767 John SPENCER     Mary PRIMMER    
05/12/1767 Thomas HOLDAWAY   Upham Mary BATCHELOR    
27/01/1768 William YOUNG   Hamble Le Rice Mary HILLIER    
29/04/1768 George TOUTEN     Elizabeth TOMSON    
25/09/1768 James SHARP Single St Mary, Southampton Catherine PROWTING Single  
04/05/1769 John CHIDDLE     Ann GORY    
21/02/1770 James SMITH Single   Elizabeth HEATH Widow  
13/08/1770 William READ Single   Elizabeth DURMAN Single  
07/11/1770 Thomas GULFORD     Betty COLES    
13/11/1770 John BIGNALL   Bursledon Mary PRIMMER    
10/12/1770 Richard PRIMER Widower   Elizabeth HEATH Widow  
12/04/1771 John ROOK   Upham Elizabeth PASSENS    
27/04/1771 John PRIVET     Ann COLES   Bursledon
02/05/1771 John HUSE     Lizzy HEATH    
09/05/1771 William CHURCHER   South Stoneham Mary WESTCOMBE   Hamble Le Rice
13/08/1771 David BRADBY   Hamble Le Rice Henrietta ST BARBE    
29/08/1771 Edward WARE   Hampreston, Dorset Mary SLEAT    
05/11/1771 William OLIVER   St Lawrence & St John, Southampton Mary PROWTING    
12/11/1771 John WESTCOMBE   Hamble Le Rice Mary IRONMONGER    
18/10/1772 John MERRET   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth CLEVERLY    
26/10/1772 James STURMEY     Jane CHACRETT   Hamble Le Rice
13/12/1772 William DOLING     Mary LONG    
13/12/1772 James PHILIPPS     Betty HELYER    
02/02/1773 James WHEELER   Hamble Le Rice Armnell SMALLMAN    
20/08/1773 Daniel WHITE     Sarah KENCHENTON    
17/07/1774 George BATCHELOR     Mary ROOD   Titchfield
10/09/1774 Henry HAMMERTON     Elizabeth LONGLANDS    
17/10/1774 Richard VEAR   South Stoneham Elizabeth HEARTH    
09/12/1774 Thomas NEWLIN   South Stoneham Mary PROWTIN    
16/10/1775 John WESTCOT Single   Sarah HEWES Single Hamble Le Rice
06/12/1775 Richard TURK     Mary PRIMMER    
10/04/1776 Robert VERE   South Stoneham Mary CALLEN    
11/10/1776 John BOYS Single   Mary WHORE Single  
02/11/1776 William MILES Single   Catharine TUCKER Single St Mary, Southampton
27/11/1777 John BRADBY   Hamble Le Rice Sarah GARROWAY   Bursledon
27/11/1777 William BRADBY   Hamble Le Rice Sarah BACHELOUR   St Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire
27/02/1778 John DOWLING     Jane COOPER    
06/07/1778 Pool ST BARBE   Hamble Le Rice Dorcas TRELBECK Single Titchfield
27/08/1778 William JEFFERY   Surrey Hannah ARNOLD    
11/10/1778 Richard HOLLOWAY Widower   Mary COLLINS Single  
14/10/1778 James MANSBRIDGE Single   Elizabeth KING   Hamble Le Rice
14/10/1778 John HAPGOOD Single Titchfield Rachel WARNER Single  
27/12/1778 Thomas FRY   Morden, Dorset Elizabeth OXNORD    
15/02/1779 Thomas DIBDEN   Hamble Le Rice Rachel ST BARB    
01/11/1779 James LOATEN     Mary STRUGNEL   Bursledon
10/12/1779 Thomas STRUGNELL     Jane JOLLY   Bursledon
25/12/1779 Peter BAMPTON   North Stoneham Elizabeth HORROD    
06/06/1780 George FOX     Grace BROWN    
30/07/1780 William GRACE     Elizabeth DENHAM    
03/08/1780 Edward HELLYER     Mary HAROD   Hamble Le Rice
31/08/1780 William BACHE   Hamble Le Rice Ann KING   Bursledon
10/12/1780 William JENNINGS   St Lawrence & St John, Southampton Ann PURKESS    
15/01/1781 Richard STURGES Single   Sarah COOPER Single Bursledon
18/01/1781 Levi FISHER     Mary COLES   Bursledon
21/01/1781 Henry BEDBROOK     Leah STRUGNEL   Hamble Le Rice
27/02/1781 John MONDAY   Bursledon Mary EWER   Durley
27/02/1781 Joseph HANDSBRIDGE   Hamble Le Rice Jane COVEY    
25/05/1781 John WESTCOT     Martha GLANDENAN    
26/05/1781 William CHANDLER     Ann WHEELER   Hamble Le Rice
13/06/1781 Robert EKLESS     Ann IRONMONGER   Bursledon
21/08/1781 George DENTON   Bursledon Mary GROVER   Catherington
13/09/1781 John EWER   Bursledon Jane CLARKE   Bursledon
20/01/1782 John COLES Single   Mary Ann COOPER Single Bursledon
02/04/1782 Benjamin BYE     Sarah ROBINSON    
07/05/1782 William HAPLETON   Bursledon Elizabeth MARKS    
13/07/1782 James HURST Widower   Elizabeth KINGATON Widow  
20/07/1782 Caleb RACKETT   Bursledon Elizabeth BENHAM    
19/09/1782 James CLEVERLY   Bursledon Elizabeth CHAMPION   Bursledon
10/10/1782 William LINTOTT Single Michelmersh Anna PRICE Single Hamble Le Rice
04/12/1782 William DOWDING   Hamble Le Rice Ann WARNER   Hamble Le Rice
23/01/1783 John CLEVERLY   Bursledon Ann BIGGINS    
11/02/1783 Edmund HALL   Bursledon Elizabeth FISHER    
13/02/1783 Henry MEDAS   Bursledon Sarah PAGE    
21/02/1783 James COLE Single   Ann FRENCH Single St Mary, Southampton
27/02/1783 George PARSONS   Bursledon Elizabeth COOMBS    
11/04/1783 William CHAM     Elizabeth MORTON    
15/05/1783 John STUBINGTON   Holy Rood, Southampton Janey HUNT    
28/07/1783 William COLEMAN   Bursledon Elizabeth BROWN Single Bursledon
16/08/1783 John GRACE Widower Bursledon Margaret DICKMAN Single Wiltshire
31/08/1783 William BULPIN   Hamble Le Rice Mary TAYLER    
01/09/1783 William TURNEY Single Bursledon Mary WALLER Single  
18/09/1783 William NEALL Single Fareham Elizabeth STRUGNEL Single  
22/09/1783 Joseph STRUGNEL   Bursledon Rachel STRUGNEL    
08/11/1783 Tom HOBBS Single Bursledon Ann SNOOK Single Bursledon
19/11/1783 John SINNATT Single Southampton Elizabeth TERREY Single  
24/12/1783 James LEVINGSTON   Bursledon Refrain GAMBLEN   Bursledon
30/04/1784 George COLLINS Single   Sarah LAMPARD Single  
28/06/1784 James CROESS Single Bursledon Mary HASLER Single  
25/07/1784 William RATTY   Bursledon Mary PENTIN   Bursledon
03/10/1784 Thomas ROBINSON   St Mary, Southampton Sarah WHILLER    
27/10/1784 Richard GOSLING Single South Stoneham Elizabeth PRIMMER Widow  
17/01/1785 John ABINETT   Bursledon Ann GRACE   Bursledon
31/01/1785 Randal PEMBERTON Single Bursledon Elizabeth ALEXANDER Widow Bursledon
03/02/1785 Daniel BEAL Single   Mary VEAR Widow  
09/02/1785 John WILLIS   Bursledon Ann STRUGNELL   Bursledon
23/02/1785 Thomas HEYDEN   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth HOOMS   Hamble Le Rice
07/03/1785 John SWEETINGHAM Single   Elizabeth BROCK Single  
21/07/1785 John TOMLINS   South Stoneham Ann WATERMAN   Hamble Le Rice
01/08/1785 George ROOD Widower Hamble Le Rice Margery JORDAN Single St Keverne, Cornwall
16/10/1785 Edward WEEKER     Elizabeth HAYLER    
17/10/1785 Emanuel MASLEN Widower Bursledon Ann ROBESON    
29/12/1785 Andrew ROOD   Hamble Le Rice Ann STRAFTAN    
23/04/1786 William HOLLOWAY   Bursledon Elizabeth SMITH    
28/05/1786 Edward SMITH   Hamble Le Rice Mary EATEN   Hamble Le Rice
05/06/1786 James COLLINS   Bursledon Fanny BENHAM   Bursledon
12/10/1786 Daniel WHITLOCK   All Saints, Southampton Susan PARKER    
15/10/1786 Peter BADDEN     Sarah KENSINGTON    
16/11/1786 John HAWKINS Single Hamble Le Rice Ann COOMBES Single  
18/11/1786 Jethro NEWMAN Single Gosport Martha STRUGNELL Single  
13/12/1786 John MILES   Bursledon Mary LEBORN   Bursledon
14/12/1786 George BLUBLANK   Bursledon Sarah WALLER   Bursledon
16/01/1787 John PARSONS   Bursledon Mary VEAR Single Bursledon
25/01/1787 Thomas EYLES     Mary PASENGAM    
05/02/1787 Thomas GAHAN Single Isles Of Scilly, Cornwall Elizabeth BRETT Single Hamble Le Rice
03/04/1787 John BUCKINGHAM Single Plymouth, Devon Ann BREWER Single Hamble Le Rice
13/04/1787 George HINKSMAN   Hamble Le Rice Mary CULLEY   Hamble Le Rice
17/04/1787 Montgomery DILLEY Single Sparsholt Nanny WHITE Single  
01/05/1787 Daniel AYLING   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth NOBLE   Hamble Le Rice
01/05/1787 George SERLE   Owslebury Sarah HOBBS   Hamble Le Rice
25/08/1787 George HANCOCK   Hamble Le Rice Fanny NEWLAN   Hamble Le Rice
24/09/1787 James JACKSON   Bursledon Celia STRUGNALL   Bursledon
18/10/1787 Robert BRIGHT   North Stoneham Ann SAIT   Hamble Le Rice
08/11/1787 William SCOURY   Bursledon Mary SMITH   Hamble Le Rice
09/11/1787 Felix COFFIN   Hamble Le Rice Sarah PENNY    
30/11/1787 George BLANCHETT   Bursledon Elizabeth BLANCHETT   Bursledon
28/02/1788 William WALLER   Bursledon Mary SAIT   Bursledon
09/03/1788 Edward NEALE Widower Hamble Le Rice Ann FLEET Widow Hamble Le Rice
12/06/1788 Thomas FEGE Single Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth TAYLOR Single Hamble Le Rice
12/10/1788 John PETTY   Hamble Le Rice Susannah GLASPELL   Hamble Le Rice
13/10/1788 James MOORES   North Stoneham Ruth BUTTON    
04/11/1788 Hugh SWETINGHAM Single Hamble Le Rice Ann PEANCE Single Hamble Le Rice
12/04/1789 John COOPER     Mary TITHERIDGE Single  
25/06/1789 Robert CAWTE Single Titchfield Elizabeth HICKLEY Single  
30/11/1789 John LUSH Single   Jane SWEETINGHAM Single Bursledon
20/01/1790 Jonathan COLES   Bursledon Sarah FISHER Single Bursledon
25/01/1790 Benjamin SPENCER Single   Ann SMITH Single  
22/02/1790 John PRINCE     Sarah BUSBY    
11/04/1790 Thomas COOPER Single Bursledon Phillis COOPER Single Bursledon
25/05/1790 Giles STRUGNELL Single   Lydia PEARCE Single Hamble Le Rice
15/06/1790 John CALLEN Single Hamble Le Rice Jane COOMBES Single Hamble Le Rice
31/08/1790 Blastus Godly WRIGHT Single Hamble Le Rice Ann BRADBY Single Hamble Le Rice
10/10/1790 Thomas SPENCER     Sarah BUSBY    
11/10/1790 Robert CARTER Single Bursledon Sarah SMITH Single South Stoneham
15/11/1790 William STRUGNELL   Bursledon Mary BLAKE   Bursledon
25/11/1790 Richard COLLIS   Bursledon Mary MUNDAY Widow Bursledon
20/12/1790 Ephraim LOMER Single Bursledon Hannah YOUNG Single Bursledon
01/02/1791 Richard PINFORD Single Eling Mary ATKINS Single  
07/08/1791 William SMITH Single Hamble Le Rice Frances UNDERWOOD Single Hamble Le Rice
22/12/1791 Thomas ANDREWS Single St Michael, Southampton Sarah CLEVERLY Single Bursledon
02/01/1792 George PINK Single   Sarah SPENCER Single  
14/02/1792 Thomas SMITH Single Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth GARNETT Single  
21/02/1792 Cutler WEBB Single Barton Stacey Sophia BUCKLAND Single  
30/04/1792 John MAY Widower Romsey Sarah BRADBY Single Hamble Le Rice
28/05/1792 Thomas HANCOCK   Hamble Le Rice Ann WALLER   Hamble Le Rice
03/09/1792 Thomas WATERMAN Single Hamble Le Rice Mary EAMM Single Hamble Le Rice
20/10/1792 Henry RENYARD   Hamble Le Rice Mary TIZARD   Hamble Le Rice
23/10/1792 Richard VEAL Single Steep Ann HICKLEY Single  
27/11/1792 William LOMER Single Bursledon Hannah HALL Single Bursledon
10/01/1793 Joseph STREET Single Bursledon Lucy SMITH Single Bursledon
12/09/1793 John TIZARD Widower Hamble Le Rice Martha DASTEN Widow Hamble Le Rice
16/09/1793 Thomas HINKS   North Stoneham Ann DRIMPER   Hamble Le Rice
21/11/1793 Robert SCOVELL Widower Hamble Le Rice Margaret BETTERIDGE   Hamble Le Rice
05/12/1793 William ROOD Single Hamble Le Rice Sarah TIBBS   Hamble Le Rice
26/01/1794 James TIZARD     Sarah WILD    
27/02/1794 Peter LE LACHEUR Single Channel Islands Mary PARSONS Single Bursledon
10/04/1794 William GAMACK     Elizabeth SEAL   St Lawrence, Thanet, Kent
25/05/1794 Richard BACHELOR     Catharine ASLETT    
19/11/1794 James SMALLMAN Widower Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth AYLING Single Hamble Le Rice
24/12/1794 Philip SOLEY Single Chelsea, Middlesex Sarah BREWER   Hamble Le Rice
09/02/1795 William PEARCE Single Hamble Le Rice Sarah HOMES Single Hamble Le Rice
07/07/1795 Jacques LE FRANCOIS Single Hamble Le Rice Henrietta BREWER Single Hamble Le Rice
20/07/1795 Edward HARDEN Single   Mary LOTEN Widow  
03/08/1795 Corantine LA GOUFF   Hamble Le Rice Betty EMM   Hamble Le Rice
29/09/1795 Benjamin AYLING Single Hamble Le Rice Sarah BATCHELOR Single Hamble Le Rice
1 12/10/1795 Curneless BARNS Single   Jane PURDEY Single  
2 29/10/1795 Richard BRONON Single Bursledon Philliss SPENCER Single  
3 22/12/1795 Benjamin STRUGNELL Single Bursledon Sarah LEGGATE Single Bursledon
4 10/02/1796 James CYRUS Single Hamble Le Rice Ann GIBBS Single Nursling
5 31/05/1796 Joshua MOODY Single St Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire Patty PENTON Single  
6 07/06/1796 William WOOD Single Hamble Le Rice Margaret LANE Single Hamble Le Rice
7 14/06/1796 Richard HOOKER Single   Mary ACKINS Single  
8 15/06/1796 John TOWNSEND Single Hamble Le Rice Ann HOOKER Single Hamble Le Rice
9 16/06/1796 James COLES Single St Mary, Southampton Rachel CARPENTER   Bursledon
10 18/07/1796 William LEGGATT Widower Bursledon Mary COLES Widow Bursledon
11 28/07/1796 John DENHAM Single Bursledon Elizabeth CARPENTER Single Bursledon
12 16/08/1796 James VAUGHAN   Hamble Le Rice Ann SMITH Widow Hamble Le Rice
13 01/10/1796 Richard FLEET   Hamble Le Rice Charlotte PARSONS Single Hamble Le Rice
14 18/10/1796 Jant BICK Widower Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth OWENS Single Hamble Le Rice
15 03/11/1796 James PRIVET Single Bursledon Elizabeth COOPER Single Bursledon
16 07/11/1796 John HOGATE Single Bursledon Elizabeth EAMES Single Bursledon
17 13/02/1797 Edward CARTER Single Bursledon Elizabeth PARKER   Bursledon
18 20/04/1797 John RUDDUCK Single   Mary HIGHES Single  
19 10/07/1797 James SWEETENHAM   Bursledon Phillis PRIMER    
20 07/08/1797 William CARTER   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth SWEETENHAM   Hamble Le Rice
21 24/10/1797 James HETHKETH     Elizabeth NOICE    
22 12/11/1797 John HURST     Ann PALMER    
23 14/11/1797 Henry SPENCER   Bursledon Ann CARTER   Bursledon
24 18/12/1797 Isaac BAILEY   Bursledon Sarah DIDIMUS   Bursledon
25 28/03/1798 Joseph Sidney YORKE Single Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth PATHAY Single St Mary Extra, Southampton
26 09/04/1798 Edward DEWEY   Bursledon Mary GRACE   Bursledon
27 23/04/1798 Richard HURST Widower   Frances BATTEN Widow  
28 13/06/1798 George SPENCER     Elizabeth PASKOT   Bursledon
29 02/10/1798 Peter CHAPMAN Widower   Elizabeth MACKLIN   St Lawrence & St John, Southampton
30 16/10/1798 Thomas EAST   North Stoneham Hannah WHEELER   Hamble Le Rice
31 22/10/1798 James DUNDY   Botley Jane BUTLER   Bursledon
32 29/01/1799 Andrew SPENCER     Sarah SMITH    
33 04/03/1799 Richard SMITH   Bursledon Marthann STEPHENS   Bursledon
34 18/03/1799 Thomas PASSEY     Elizabeth JONES    
35 25/04/1799 William WHITE   Bursledon Sarah BUCKSEY   Bursledon
36 11/05/1799 Richard SEARL   Bursledon Ann LEBORN   Bursledon
37 26/08/1799 John TURNER   Bursledon Martha SWEETENHAM   Bursledon
38 23/10/1799 Benjamin WHEELER   Hamble Le Rice Catherine STREETER   Hamble Le Rice
39 04/01/1800 Joseph HAMERTON   Hamble Le Rice Jane CHIDELL   Hamble Le Rice
40 15/01/1800 John LIGHT Single Bathwick, Somerset Mary WELLS   Hamble Le Rice
41 14/04/1800 Henry SWEETINGHAM   Bursledon Sarah LANE   Bursledon
42 03/07/1800 John ATKINS     Hannah STEVENS   Hamble Le Rice
43 31/08/1800 William BUTLER   Bursledon Judith MULLET   Bursledon
44 21/10/1800 George KEKEWICK Single Topsham, Devon Elizabeth Maria LALE Single Hamble Le Rice
45 09/11/1800 William DASTON   Hamble Le Rice Mary HUSE    
46 23/11/1800 William MULLIT   Bursledon Hannah WEST   Bursledon
47 23/04/1801 John BIGNELL   South Stoneham Kezia BINSTEAD    
48 18/05/1801 John BANAMAN   Titchfield Keziah BAILEY   Bursledon
49 01/01/1802 Walter BARTHOLOMEW   Hamble Le Rice Mary COOMBES   Hamble Le Rice
50 24/05/1802 Robert SIMPSON Single All Saints, Southampton Sarah DOWSE Single Bursledon
51 16/06/1802 William BARNES Single Arreton Elizabeth GILMAN Single Hamble Le Rice
52 04/07/1802 John GREENWOOD Single Faversham, Kent Jenny DOWDING Single Hamble Le Rice
53 11/07/1802 John BRAIN Single Boxford, Berkshire Sarah CARPENTER Single Bursledon
54 29/07/1802 James ATKINS Widower   Elizabeth BUCKLAND Single  
55 27/09/1802 Daniel MILLER     Elizabeth LARRY    
21/10/1802 Charles WARNER   Bursledon Mary FOX   Bursledon
25/10/1802 Richard LEVI Single   Maria SIMS Single  
26/10/1802 John FLEET   Hamble Le Rice Sarah GILMAN   Hamble Le Rice
25/12/1802 John PARKER   St Mary, Southampton Elizabeth FULFORD   Hamble Le Rice
19/01/1803 John GRACE     Elizabeth PARSONS    
13/02/1803 William JACKSON   Bursledon Phillis SWEETINGHAM   Bursledon
14/02/1803 James DOWDING   Hamble Le Rice Mary CLARK   Hamble Le Rice
02/03/1803 Thomas GILES   Hamble Le Rice Sally PATIENT   Hamble Le Rice
11/04/1803 Henry HILLS   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth EATEN   Hamble Le Rice
25/04/1803 Daniel LINDEN     Lucy COLLINS    
08/06/1803 Edward MARTIN   Hamble Le Rice Mary SWEETINGHAM   Hamble Le Rice
11/08/1803 William AYLING   Hamble Le Rice Sarah COLES Widow  
12/10/1803 John SCRIVENER   Froyle Elizabeth MORTON   Bursledon
13/10/1803 William PARKER Widower   Mary HOSKINS Widow  
17/11/1803 James HUGHES     Fanny GULLIFORD    
16/01/1804 John PAYNE   Hamble Le Rice Matilda BLACKMAN    
17/01/1804 Francis NEEDLE     Hannah JONES    
06/02/1804 Thomas DIAPER   Hamble Le Rice Sarah LOTEN   Bursledon
25/04/1804 Andrew ASLETT   Bursledon Elizabeth NOYCE   Bursledon
07/05/1804 James HOOKER   Owslebury Elizabeth Mary VARE   Hamble Le Rice
29/07/1804 Silas BLANDFORD     Catherine LIVINGSTON    
01/10/1804 James SPENCER     Sarah STRUGNELL   Bursledon
06/12/1804 William MORTON   Bursledon Sarah BEAMAN   Bursledon
24/12/1804 William CLEVERLY   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth BACHELOR   Hamble Le Rice
29/12/1804 Richard FOSBERRY     Mary MILES    
06/01/1805 William SNOOK   South Stoneham Elizabeth BODYCOATE   Hamble Le Rice
03/02/1805 John RAINGECROFT   Bursledon Ann JARVIS   Bursledon
21/02/1805 Henry DUNDY   Botley Elizabeth FOX    
06/04/1805 Joseph DAVIS     Elizabeth FOSBERRY    
02/05/1805 Benjamin LAURENCE   Owslebury Jonor ARLETT    
05/05/1805 Thomas ELLEN   Hamble Le Rice Charlotte CORK    
06/05/1805 John COVEY   Titchfield Charity SHARP    
11/11/1805 John DEWY   Bursledon Mary HELYER   Bursledon
08/01/1806 David GORFDON   All Saints, Southampton Ann LARKIN   Hamble Le Rice
12/02/1806 Richard COLES   St Mary, Southampton Hannah HIGGINS   Bursledon
17/02/1806 Brett GILL     Ann WALLER   Hamble Le Rice
08/04/1806 William ROBINSON     Fanny JONES    
11/05/1806 William SUTTON     Elizabeth COOPER    
13/11/1806 John KNOWLES   Hamble Le Rice Elizabeth BEDBROOK   Hamble Le Rice
14/12/1806 Henry NOYCE     Phillis LOTON    
25/12/1806 James PURKISS     Mary BODICOAT   Hamble Le Rice
08/01/1807 Charles HAMPTON     Ann SIMS    
09/02/1807 Thomas MORTEN     Ann HERSEY    
30/03/1807 Edward HELYER     Mary DEWY   Bursledon
14/04/1807 Samuel SELWOOD   Droxford Jane LEBORN    
14/06/1807 Benjamin BYE   Botley Ann PARSONS   Hamble Le Rice
15/06/1807 James GIBBS   Hamble Le Rice Rachel HOOPER   Hamble Le Rice
05/07/1807 George SWEETINGHAM   Titchfield Sarah GRACE   Bursledon
03/08/1807 John READ   Bursledon Ann YOUNG   Bursledon
16/10/1807 William PRIMMER Single Bursledon Jane STRUGNELL Single Bursledon
24/12/1807 John GULLIFORD   Hamble Le Rice Ann CHANDLER   Hamble Le Rice
11/02/1808 Joseph BLUNDELL   Botley Sarah HICKLEY    
28/02/1808 Henry STRUGNELL   Bursledon Hannah PARKER   Titchfield
24/03/1808 Phinehas GULLIFORD     Jane SANDERS    
24/06/1808 Richard STURGESS     Keziah BATH    
30/07/1808 Thomas ELKINS     Lucy DUFFIN    
05/12/1808 George BUTLER     Susanna BULBICK   Hamble Le Rice
08/01/1809 William ABRAHAM   Botley Mary RATHY   Bursledon
17/01/1809 George PENTON Single Fareham Mary ATWEEK Single Bursledon
12/06/1809 James WARNER Widower Botley Sarah BUCKLAND Single  
13/06/1809 John CHANDLER Single Hamble Le Rice Ann JONES Single Hamble Le Rice
26/07/1809 Uriah PRIMMER Single   Ann COLES Single  
26/07/1809 James FISHER Single   Elizabeth COLES Single  
07/11/1809 James SMALLMAN Widower Hamble Le Rice Ann GILLMAN Single Hamble Le Rice
01/04/1810 William DUDMAN Single Bursledon Ann HOBBS Single Bursledon
03/06/1810 Henry BADBROOK Single Hamble Le Rice Catherine DIBDEN Single Hamble Le Rice
02/07/1810 James DIAPER Single Hamble Le Rice Mary OSMAN Single Hamble Le Rice
08/07/1810 Stephen SWEETINGHAM   Bursledon Elizabeth SMITH   Bursledon
13/08/1810 James COZENS Single   Sarah ROBSON Single  
06/09/1810 John WILLSHEAR Single Bursledon Margaret FOX Single Bursledon
06/09/1810 John RIDDETT Single Hamble Le Rice Sarah SWEETINGHAM Single  
25/09/1810 Levi FISHER Single Bursledon Sarah Ann GATHERCOLE Single Bursledon
24/12/1810 Jonathan COLES Single   Sarah ROWDAN Single  
25/02/1811 John OADES Single Bursledon Lucy SWEETINGHAM Single Bursledon
25/02/1811 John EMS Single Bursledon Elizabeth LUNN Single Bursledon
01/05/1811 Thomas DICKSON Single Bursledon Lucy CANTLE Single Bursledon
07/05/1811 Daniel GAVEY Single   Harriet Ann GIBSON Single  
22/06/1811 Samuel TUPPER Single Bursledon Mary PORTER Single Bursledon
27/06/1811 William WELLSTEAD Single Hamble Le Rice Thirza CLEVERLEY Single Hamble Le Rice
03/08/1811 William WHITE Widower Bursledon Ann ISAACS Single Bursledon
31/08/1811 John Richard LUMLEY Single Portsmouth Grace Mary DOUGLAS Single Hamble Le Rice
28/09/1811 Richard BROWN Single St Mary, Southampton Letitia NEALL Single  
19/11/1811 George DOWNING Single Hamble Le Rice Mary SWEETINGHAM Single Hamble Le Rice
17/12/1811 George PANNELL Single Bosham, Sussex Mary Ann COLES   Bursledon
11/02/1812 William BURNETT Single St Maurice, Winchester Martha SMITH Single  
18/05/1812 James ABERDOUR Single   Mary Allen BRADBY Single Hamble Le Rice
09/08/1812 William BLOW Single   Elizabeth SIMS Single  
16/09/1812 James HICKMAN Single Eling Mary PHILLIPS Single  
17/09/1812 Robert KNIGHT Single Titchfield Phillis Ann COOPER Single Bursledon
07/10/1812 Richard BULMORE Widower Hamble Le Rice Ann OSMAN Single Hamble Le Rice
1 08/02/1813 George SHILLY Single Bursledon Elizabeth HUSE Widow  
2 24/03/1813 John BRENNAN   Portsmouth Ann CYRUS Widow Hamble Le Rice
3 06/04/1813 Robert HICKLEY Single Bursledon Mary CUDLIPP Single Bursledon
4 29/05/1813 Elias BENHAM Single   Jane BATCHELOR Single  
5 06/06/1813 John BLAKES Single Bursledon Elizabeth RUSSELL Widow Bursledon
6 26/10/1813 William HOBBS Single Bursledon Sarah BILL    
7 08/11/1813 Henry MASON Single   Anne WHITLOCK Single  
8 21/07/1814 George BATCHELOR Single Bursledon Elizabeth CUDLIPP   Bursledon
9 27/10/1814 Charles WARD Single Bursledon Mary Ann PLUMMER Single Bursledon
10 26/02/1815 William BEDFORD Single Boarhunt Elizabeth Sarah SPENCER Single  
11 08/05/1815 John SMITH Single Millbrook Mary Ann TIBELL Single Bursledon
12 17/07/1815 Henry FULFORD Single Bursledon Ann READ Widow Bursledon
13 27/07/1815 John PURRIER Single   Sarah BODYCOAT Single  
14 12/09/1815 Henry COSENS Single   Mary COLES Single  
15 18/09/1815 Richard HEATH Single   Sarah HELLYER Single  
16 09/11/1815 James NEEDLE Single   Sarah TIZARD Single  
17 19/02/1816 James WIRLEY Single Bursledon Sarah RATTY Single Bursledon
18 20/04/1816 John Turner FOX Single Bursledon Sarah PINK Single  
19 14/10/1816 John BUCKLAND Single   Margaret YATES Single Hamble Le Rice
20 07/11/1816 George YOUNG Single Portsea Harriet Strutt HALLUM Single Bursledon
21 24/11/1816 William POOL Widower St Lawrence & St John, Southampton Mary COLES Widow Bursledon
22 14/05/1817 John MURRANT Single   Charlotte BARNS Single  
23 19/05/1817 Richard BATCHELOR Single Bursledon Ann TUPPER Single Bursledon
24 14/07/1817 Joshua EMERY Single Bursledon Ann SPENCER Single Bursledon
25 23/07/1817 Charles EWER Single Bursledon Amelia JARVIS Single Bursledon
26 28/07/1817 Samuel LONG Single Bursledon Mary LEARLEY Single Bursledon
27 06/11/1817 John STREET Single Bursledon Tryphena COOPER Single Bursledon
28 28/03/1818 Robert MAY Single   Charlotte RATTY Single Botley
29 20/08/1818 James GODDARD Widower Bursledon Eliza MARTILL Single Bursledon
30 31/08/1818 Joseph YOUNG Single Bursledon Fanny LOMER Single Bursledon
31 01/11/1818 Henry WHITLOCK Single   Mary PHILLIPS Single Fawley
32 12/03/1819 John LUNN Single Botley Mary SPENCER Single Bursledon
33 25/08/1819 Richard PAINTER Widower St Mary, Southampton Sarah WHITLOCK Single  
34 03/04/1820 George FISHER   Bursledon Sabina SWEETINGHAM   Bursledon
35 03/04/1820 William ROOD Single Hamble Le Rice Sarah FORD Single  
36 16/01/1821 James MARTIN Single   Sarah WILDE Single  
37 03/02/1821 John SPENCER Single   Elizabeth SANSOM    
38 20/08/1821 John DEWEY     Elizabeth CARTER    
39 29/11/1821 James TIZARD Single   Elizabeth SPENCER Single  
40 30/10/1823 William PARKER Widower   Elizabeth BARFET Single  
41 05/01/1824 George BOWDEN Single   Elizabeth GRANT Single  
42 16/02/1824 John HELLYER Single   Charlotte HENNING Single Bursledon
43 16/10/1824 Edward GOODIVE Single   Mary HATCHER Single  
44 04/04/1825 John HELLYER Widower   Leah SHARP Single Bursledon
45 08/10/1827 Francis NEEDLE Widower Hamble Le Rice Sarah TIZARD    
46 31/10/1827 Joseph SPENCER Single Bursledon Sarah LEBORN Single  
47 22/01/1828 Edward COOPER Single Dibden Charlotte WHITLOCKE Single  
48 16/08/1828 Joseph HUNT Single   Ann PORSBEY Single  
49 13/10/1828 John SANSON Single   Sarah HATCHER Single  
50 16/10/1828 Joseph PHILLIPS Single   Jane CHURCHILL   St Mary, Southampton
51 16/08/1829 James PURKIS Single   Elizabeth MINTRUM Single  
52 29/10/1829 James PROUTEN Single   Ann BUTLER Single  
53 28/02/1830 James EARLY Single   Ann SPENCER Single  
54 18/11/1830 John LUSH Single Bursledon Jane WHITLOCK Single  
55 29/11/1830 John SPENCER Widower   Kezia SPENCER Single  
56 04/09/1831 James HAYNES Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
57 13/10/1831 William CANTEL Single St Mary Extra, Southampton Martha ROBINSON Single  
58 18/12/1831 Henry ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth SHERMAN Single  
59 28/02/1832 Henry PRIMMER Single   Sarah SANSOM Widow  
60 02/05/1832 William CARTER Widower   Elizabeth HELLYER Single  
61 21/04/1833 Frederick MISLEBROOK Single   Sarah POOL Single  
62 10/05/1833 George LONNON Single   Martha SHEPHERD Single  
63 19/05/1834 Jonathan COLES Widower   Ann EMERY Single  
64 09/11/1834 John STONE Single   Mary Ann TERRY Single  
65 12/02/1835 George PINK Single   Mary SMITH Single  
66 16/03/1835 Henry PARKER Single   Sarah HURST Single  
67 24/05/1835 William PENTON Single St Mary, Southampton Mary Ann SELLWOOD Single  
69 00/00/1836 George Henry BELL   St Mary Extra, Southampton Harriet COLES    
68 07/05/1836 Robert CARTER Single   Eliza POSBREY Single  
70 28/09/1836 John Thomas WOODHOUSE Single Seal, Derbyshire Henrietta Boswell YATES Single  
71 19/02/1837 James DUMMER Single   Harriet ROBINSON Single  

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