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Leckford St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of Leckford lies in western Hampshire about 5 miles south of the market town of Andover. Leckford is a small village sitting on the A3057 road which connects Andover with Stockbridge and onwards to Romsey. Much of Leckford is built at or close to the junction of the A3057 with a narrow lane running southeastwards onto the chalk downs. Leckford sits within the valley of the River Test at the break of slope where land rises above flooding levels. This valley setting gave the local economy access to valley grazing as well as the chalk downlands with their arable fields and sheep-walks. The Test drains the parish southwards to reach the English Channel through the port of Southampton. Leckford is sited at about 40 metres above the sea but its valley setting in rolling chalk-lands means local heights surround it to general level reaching above 140 metres on nearby Chilbolton Down. Leckford parish was small for this area, it covered around 2,200 acres and would have held a population of just over 200 parishioners. Leckford is mentioned in Domesday Book where it was held by the Winchester Abbey, a small place of just 6 ploughs, small meadows but it did possess its own mill and half share in a second.

The Church

St Nicholas' church sits on the western side of the A3057 just to the south of the village's junction with Winchester Street. Typically for its area the church is largely in the Perpendicular style externally but this represents changes to what is essentially a 13th century building. Pevsner speculates that an aisle existed and was removed is lent credence by the offsetting of the chancel with respect to the nave. It is clear that major work occurred during the 15th century, later work included the erection of the curious timber western tower, allegedly a response to Tudor request to erects towers to convey warnings of potential Spanish invasion quickly across the countryside. The church's interior attractions include a black Purbeck marble font which is dated to the 12th century. The church sits behind a low flint & brick wall and access is obtained through a nice lychgate at the northern end of the site where there is parking for a couple of vehicles. The churchyard is largely open and with minimal restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1757 - 5th December 1786 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 45M77/PR2
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
2 28th May 1787 - 3rd June 1811 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 45M77/PR3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 14th October 1813 - 17th June 1837 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 45M77/PR4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/04/1757 Jacob HINXMAN   Barton Stacey Ann WICKHAM    
25/08/1757 Robert PIKE     Deborah SPICER    
26/07/1758 William BROWNING     Anne JESTICE    
28/12/1758 Richard BURGESS     Jane WESTCOT    
08/10/1759 Walter HAILSTONE     Sarah KING    
12/06/1760 William DICKS     Jane ANDREWS    
10/11/1760 Richard FIELDER     Mary SKEAT    
11/04/1761 Robert LONGMAN     Elizabeth PIDLER    
13/05/1761 John WILLIAMS   Exton Mary PIKE    
15/06/1761 William POTTEL     Sarah GLUE    
15/06/1761 John JUDD   Compton Ann COVER    
08/10/1761 Charles BAKER     Elizabeth GLUE    
02/06/1762 Edward LAWS     Sarah PEARSE    
24/08/1767 Richard CARY     Sarah WEBB    
12/10/1767 William LIPLY   Crawley Elizabeth BARNES    
07/11/1768 James GOVER     Lucy HOPKINS    
27/07/1769 Thomas MITCHNER     Mary MARSH    
07/08/1769 Stephen HEBBARD     Elizabeth BARLOW    
09/10/1770 George PHILPOT     Ann THORN    
26/11/1770 John ROSE     Margaret VINCE    
24/12/1771 Richard CASTLEMAN     Mary GOVER    
02/01/1772 Richard DALE     Jane GLUE    
08/10/1772 John WILLIS   Kings Somborne Martha GOVER    
28/05/1776 Edward EMMENS   Kings Somborne Sarah SCRIFFIN    
05/02/1777 John MITCHENER     Flora OLDING   Longstock
12/08/1778 William ASTRIDGE     Lucy GOVER    
02/11/1778 Moses MITCHENER     Mary LOVER    
07/12/1778 Henry BURKIT     Martha WORTH   Wherwell
11/04/1780 Edward ANDREWS     Mary ROWDEN    
18/09/1780 John DUKEY   Wherwell Martha KIMBER    
11/09/1781 John MOORE     Jane GOATER    
17/09/1781 James JUDD     Mary CAREY    
25/10/1781 Robert BARTLETT   Kings Somborne Mary FIELDER    
08/11/1781 William ANDREWS     Hannah RALFE    
13/11/1781 Thomas JUDD     Ann NORCRAFT    
20/05/1782 Peter PIKE     Susannah ANDREWS    
20/05/1782 John ROWDEN     Sarah NORCRAFT    
21/11/1782 Peter PRICHART     Elizabeth LOVER    
26/12/1782 Robert DOWLING   Upper Clatford Sarah PICKERING    
10/10/1783 William SAVAGE     Sarah DEAKES    
12/04/1784 Aaron NEWMAN     Jane ROWDEN    
10/05/1784 John DALE     Catherine WESTCOTE    
24/06/1784 John BROWNJOHN   Over Wallop Ann KING    
09/11/1786 William INGRAM   Longstock Mary DALE    
05/12/1786 Isaac PIKE     Elizabeth DOE    
1 28/05/1787 Robert BULPUT Single   Mary DRAKE Single  
2 25/07/1787 Thomas BISHOP   St Maurice, Winchester Phoebe STROUD    
3 11/10/1787 John WATTS     Elizabeth BEACHAM    
4 11/10/1787 William DALE     Anne PIKE    
5 18/10/1788 Thomas WELLS     Elizabeth TEBBLE    
6 06/12/1788 John WILSON     Elizabeth SMITH    
7 26/12/1788 John GOATER     Sarah CAREY    
8 27/05/1790 John PIPER     Mary MORE    
9 17/01/1791 George COOPER     Mary JOB    
10 08/03/1791 William PHILLIPS     Ruth NORRIS    
11 28/04/1791 Stephen DEAR     Sarah MOOR    
12 31/07/1792 William HUTCHINS   Headbourn Worthy Elizabeth CARPENTER    
13 03/06/1793 Edward BRAZNELL   Micheldever Mary MOORE    
14 10/09/1793 James WEEKS     Anne MOODY    
15 03/04/1794 George SMITH   Wonston Ann RUMBOLD    
16 23/10/1794 John LOVELOCK     Hannah MOODY    
17 06/09/1795 Benjamin MATHEWS     Mary MONDAY    
18 05/02/1796 Thomas MOOR   Portchester Elizabeth DRAKE    
19 12/07/1796 Peter PIKE     Anne MOOR    
20 18/04/1797 John DAY     Elizabeth HAILSTONE    
21 13/11/1797 John RUMBOLD     Jane MOODY    
22 15/01/1798 Robert PAGE     Sarah DEAR    
23 12/09/1798 Henry HAILSTONE     Frances ASHTON    
24 15/10/1798 John GALE     Elizabeth ANTHONY    
25 04/11/1799 Jacob NEEDLE     Hannah GOODYEAR    
26 09/10/1800 George ANDREWS     Jane ROMBOLD    
27 04/05/1801 James BURR   St Mary, Devizes, Wiltshire Lydia EARLEY    
28 15/06/1801 William GILBORD     Ruth DALE    
29 07/07/1801 Thomas WESTON   Crawley Martha WILLIS    
30 24/11/1801 John TRUE     Louisa SMITH    
31 10/08/1802 Richard SUMMERBEE   Wherwell Sarah HAILSTONE    
32 28/02/1803 Moses PIKE     Mary DALE   St Lawrence, Winchester
33 07/08/1803 Charles JONES     Fanny MOODY    
34 28/04/1806 James RAWLENCE     Olive AMBLETON    
35 28/04/1806 John BULL     Sarah RAWLENCE    
36 11/11/1806 Richard NORRIS   Wonston Sarah RUMBLE    
37 21/10/1807 John WATTS     Sarah SUCKLEY    
38 24/12/1807 Henry NEWELL   Kings Somborne Mary NEEDLE    
39 26/11/1808 Thomas HIATT   Chilcomb Elizabeth MOORE    
40 10/04/1809 William MORRANT   Appleshaw Sarah DOWLING    
41 21/01/1811 Thomas MITCHENER   St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire Elizabeth WALLIS    
42 03/06/1811 Benjamin WHITE Single   Elizabeth PRITCHARD Single  
1 14/10/1813 George HUTCHFIELD   Crawley Sarah TRUE    
2 21/02/1814 Charles WATTS   Longstock Martha ANDREWS    
3 14/04/1814 John WATTS     Frances COOK    
4 04/04/1815 George COLLYER   New Alresford Ann SAVAGE    
5 30/09/1815 William ROGERS     Elizabeth MITCHINER    
6 15/02/1816 Stephen CARPENTER     Ann HEAD    
7 16/07/1816 Henry KERSLEY   Shapwick, Dorset Elizabeth DOWLING    
8 08/08/1816 John DALE     Elizabeth GOATER    
9 24/12/1816 William ANDREWS     Elizabeth WATTS    
10 26/06/1817 Thomas BISHOP     Mary Ann GILBERT    
11 03/11/1817 William DOWLING     Phoebe CARTER    
12 28/09/1818 Peter PIKE     Mary ALEXANDER    
13 19/10/1818 John GOATER   Kings Somborne Hannah NEWMAN    
14 12/12/1819 William ANDREWS   North Stoneham Mary PARKER    
15 16/11/1820 William LUCAS   St Maurice, Winchester Charlotte MOORE    
16 02/11/1822 James LAVINGTON Single   Miriam DAY Single  
17 10/02/1823 William GOODALL Single Goodworth Clatford Mary Anne CULLEY Single  
18 20/03/1823 James TRUE Single   Anna JUDD Widow  
19 29/04/1823 Robert GIRD Single   Lydia WATTS Single  
20 23/10/1823 Charles TRUE Single   Mary FIELD Single  
21 24/07/1824 John PIKE Single   Mary WATTS Single  
22 01/10/1825 Thomas SAVAGE Single   Ann DAY Single  
23 31/10/1826 George PHILPOTT Single Hursley Hannah DAY Single  
24 26/04/1827 John MITCHENER Single   Phebe DOWLING Widow  
25 25/12/1827 John WATTS Single   Mary NEEDLE Single  
26 15/11/1828 John ALDERMAN Single   Lucy STOCKLEY Single  
27 15/10/1831 John JOICE Single   Hannah GREEN Single  
28 17/11/1831 William MITCHENER Single   Mary GOATER Single  
29 15/09/1832 Richard BURNETT Widower Kings Somborne Elizabeth PRAGNELL Single  
30 29/03/1834 Thomas BISHOP Widower   Harriett WATSON Widow  
31 26/10/1834 George WHALE Single Abbotts Ann Diana DAY Single  
32 21/04/1836 Edmund BLUNDEN Single   Elizabeth HAILSTONE Single  
33 23/07/1836 William HAYES Single   Anne BAKER Widow  
34 20/02/1837 George GOATER Single   Charlotte ROGERS Single  
35 17/06/1837 Charles ANDREWS Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  

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