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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Michelmersh St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Michelmersh lies in western Hampshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Wiltshire. Michelmersh is located on the eastern side of the valley of the River Test about 4 miles north of the market town of Romsey. Michelmersh is a small and compact village located about a half mile east of the A3057 road which connects Romsey with Andover following the same valley. Michelmersh is built around and between two crossroads of lanes on rising ground and slightly away from the valley bottom. The area would have had a largely mixed farming economy at the time of this transcript although it has become much more arable with the advent of heavy machinery to work the heavy soils. The Test drains the parish southwards and reaches the English Channel through Southampton Water not too far to the south. Michelmersh is sited at between 55 and 70 metres above the sea, the northern end being the higher; this is some 40 metres above the Test valley but land continues to rise eastwards to local heights in excess of 100 metres on Bailey's Down. Western Hampshire parishes are rather larger than their eastern counterparts and Michelmersh was no exception, it covered almost 4,000 acres and supported a population of almost 1,200 parishioners. The parish included the nearby villages of Awbridge and Braishfield. There is no specific mention of Michelmersh in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Mary's church sits in the higher part of the village, accessed appropriately enough along Church Road from the upper crossroads. The church has its origins in the period surrounding the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Surviving from that period is the southern doorway and the pair of chapels. Both nave and chancel undoubtedly existed at that date but have been renewed extensively since then. The rather striking weatherboarded tower must date from the 17th century and was originally free standing. Almost the entire southern facade was rebuilt in 1847 and there was a further restoration of 1888 resulting in the present building. St Mary's sits behind a mid-height and neatly clipped hedge and is sheltered by a row of trees at the road edge. A wooden gateway grants access and once inside there are few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd July 1754 - 17th October 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 91M72/PR5
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting throughout leads to "health warning" regarding the likelihood of frequent misreads as a result
2 24th January 1813 - 5th November 1836 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 91M72/PR10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting throughout leads to "health warning" regarding the likelihood of frequent misreads as a result

Mottisfont St Andrew
Kings Somborne St Peter & St Paul
Kings Somborne St Peter & St Paul
Farley Chamberlayne St John
Mottisfont St Andrew
Farley Chamberlayne St John
Hursley All Saints
Romsey St Mary & St Ethelfleda
Romsey St Mary & St Ethelfleda
Timsbury St Andrew
Romsey St Mary & St Ethelfleda
Hursley All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 02/07/1754 James BUTCHER Single   Betty PEARCE Single  
2 24/10/1754 Thomas GOODE Single   Mary WEBB Single  
3 12/01/1755 John CORDY Widower   Mary WHITE Widow  
4 06/07/1755 Thomas SCANES Single   Elizabeth PEARCE Single  
5 27/11/1755 James JEWELL Single Mottisfont Sarah BLUNDELL Single  
6 14/11/1756 John BLUNDELL Single   Alice PETER Single  
7 12/04/1757 William GRIFFIN Single Mottisfont Ann WEBB Single  
8 03/07/1757 Henry ROGERS Single   Mary WALLIS Single  
9 08/01/1758 George MOODEY Single   Amey MORELY Single  
10 23/07/1758 Robert MOODY Single Bishops Waltham Elizabeth PITTER Single  
11 17/09/1758 John BUNNEY Single Hursley Ann CHURCHER Single  
12 08/03/1759 Daniel SIMMONDS Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
13 16/04/1759 John GRANT Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
14 17/05/1759 George BENNET Single   Ann Maria PILE Widow  
15 16/10/1759 Thomas GOODE Widower   Mary LANSON Single  
16 11/05/1760 Robert CURTIS Single   Jane JEFFRY Single  
17 20/07/1760 James PASSEY Single Frensham, Surrey Jane MASON Single  
18 28/09/1760 Joseph MARTON Single Mottisfont Ursula BURLINGTON Single  
19 04/01/1761 John WILKINS Single   Betty RUMBELL Single  
20 04/01/1761 John PAINTER Single   Mary KENT Single  
21 06/01/1761 John PEARCE Widower   Martha YOUNG Single  
22 14/10/1761 John VAIN Single   Elizabeth BRADLEY Single  
23 14/10/1761 John BRUNEN Single   Mary FREEMANTLE Single  
24 05/01/1762 Francis BURGIS Widower   Mary SMITH Single  
25 07/10/1762 Arther DURY Single   Elizabeth CAREY Single  
26 21/11/1762 Samuel MAY Single   Mary WEBB Single  
27 30/11/1762 Richard RAY Single Farley Chamberlayne Ann DUMPER Single  
28 24/07/1763 John BULLPUT Single   Mary REA Single  
29 31/10/1763 Ambrose MARLOW Single Downton, Wiltshire Ann RIDER Single  
30 26/07/1764 Benjamin BLUNDELL Single Farley Chamberlayne Elizabeth WILKINS Single  
31 13/10/1764 John HEADEN Single Over Wallop Betty SPRAGG Single  
32 10/01/1765 John WILTON Widower   Mary WILTON Single  
33 13/08/1765 Francis HAYES     Betty WEBB    
34 02/09/1765 George PRANGNELL Single Mottisfont Eleanor KENT Single  
35 22/09/1765 Thomas PARSONS Single St Mary Extra, Southampton Ann BLUNDELL Single  
36 11/10/1765 Daniel HAK Single   Mary BAKER Single  
37 14/10/1765 William HARDING     Mary LIGHT Single  
38 06/03/1766 Joseph ROGERS Single   Martha SILENCE Single  
39 08/06/1766 John ROSE Widower   Sobieski CROP Single  
40 16/06/1766 Nicholas WEBB Single   Elizabeth SKULL Single  
41 29/07/1766 John JUDD Single Winterslow, Wiltshire Elizabeth BLUNDELL Single  
42 02/11/1766 James WINGHAM Single   Elizabeth HUNT Single  
43 26/02/1767 Augustine WILTON Widower   Martha BONNER Single  
44 07/03/1768 Thomas MAPHY Single   Ann HOBBS Single  
45 09/05/1768 John HATTWOOD Widower   Martha REEKES Widow Romsey
46 11/10/1768 Moses WEBB     Ann MASON    
47 13/10/1768 John LANSBURY Single Mottisfont Ann BROWN Single  
48 12/12/1768 John MARTIN Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
49 09/02/1769 Moses RICHARDS Single   Elizabeth LAWRENCE Single  
50 02/08/1769 John MERRETT Single   Mary MASON Single  
51 22/10/1769 John SMITH Single   Ann FOX Widow  
52 05/11/1769 John FAITHFULL   Kings Somborne Ann REEN    
53 30/11/1769 Henry BATTER Single   Anne PEARCE Single  
54 01/01/1770 Richard GLASPELL Single   Mary DOUNTON Single  
55 27/11/1770 John REN Widower   Ann MARCHMAN Widow  
56 18/12/1770 William TRUSLER Single Mottisfont Mary SPRAG Single  
57 09/04/1771 George PALMER     Martha HOBES    
58 08/10/1771 William SWAFFIELD     Sarah BUTCHER   Timsbury
59 13/10/1771 Nicholas HARDEN     Catharine PUTCHER    
60 02/11/1771 William JUMPER   Sparsholt Hester MASON    
61 10/11/1771 Charles WHITE     Elizabeth FOX    
62 02/03/1772 John RICHARDS     Elizabeth BROWN    
63 20/08/1772 Richard GRADIGE Widower   Mary CHURCHER Single  
64 29/09/1772 James HIGGINS Single Kings Somborne Jane FIDLER Single  
65 02/11/1772 James SILLINCES Single   Jane WHITMARSH Single  
66 14/03/1773 Anthony COOMES   Stockbridge Mary WREN    
67 18/05/1773 John GEARY Single   Sarah PEARCE    
68 04/04/1774 William PRANGNELL Single   Sarah WILKINS    
24/05/1774 James GIDGE   Romsey Mary WHITE    
27/06/1774 Thomas GILL     Edith LONDON    
18/10/1774 James COOPER   Hursley Elizabeth SAVAGE    
19/10/1774 Robert SNELLGROVE     Mary JEFFERY    
16/02/1775 Richard BARHAM     Elizabeth BLUNDELL    
26/02/1775 John MATHEWS     Sarah POWEL    
28/02/1775 Joseph JEFFERY     Mary WILKINS    
26/10/1775 Moses FREEMANTLE     Mary NEWMAN    
27/12/1775 James KICK     Ruth BLUNDEL    
23/01/1776 William GOFF     Ruth WADE    
16/07/1776 William GRIST   Romsey Sarah ALLEN    
23/07/1776 John WHEEBLE     Phoebe LANHAM    
19/09/1776 John FULDER     Sarah WHITE    
24/10/1776 Joseph DEWEY     Mary GOODY    
30/01/1777 Robert FIFIELD     Elizabeth PEARCE    
23/11/1777 William STAINER Widower Romsey Sarah PARKER Single  
09/12/1777 James BAKER Single West Tytherley Mary PIERCE Single  
10/02/1778 Benjamin RAIF     Hannah ANDREWS    
03/03/1778 Nicholas PEARCE     Mary ROWDEN    
15/06/1778 Simon BENNET   Whitchurch Phyllis WHITMARCH    
21/09/1778 Richard COMBES     Mary MERSH    
15/10/1778 George LAURENCE     Elizabeth JUDD    
25/10/1778 William HILLIER     Tabitha WREN    
26/10/1778 Charles LONG     Frances WILTON    
10/11/1778 John BATTEN Single Timsbury Frances GRADDIGE Single  
29/11/1778 Thomas ROGERS   West Tytherley Catharine ARTER    
07/12/1778 Moses WHITMARSH     Mary BURNET    
15/12/1778 John PEARCE   Timsbury Jane HUNT    
11/10/1779 Richard VARE     Sarah MARTIN    
25/06/1780 John WHITE     Phoebe BROWN    
12/10/1780 John SKEANS     Mary BUTLER    
13/10/1780 William HAYES     Mary FAY    
17/10/1780 Peter WREN     Hannah GUY    
21/11/1780 Joseph MARTIN Widower   Elizabeth VIDLER Widow East Dean
14/01/1781 William BEAR Widower Broughton Sarah BUTCHER    
17/04/1781 Peter PEARCE     Elizabeth SAVAGE    
24/06/1781 Philip PALMER     Mary FRY    
26/06/1781 Jacob PRITCHARD     Sarah GRANT    
26/07/1781 John DORWELL   Mottisfont Phebe PALE    
02/08/1781 Robert ANTHONY     Mary Rolle TAYLOR    
17/11/1781 Robert LANHAM Widower Lockerley Betty SKEET Single  
25/09/1782 Richard LIGHT Widower Ashley Elizabeth WOODLEY Widow  
18/12/1782 Richard WREN   North Stoneham Mary SOUTHWELL    
03/03/1783 David FAY     Jane CURTIS    
10/07/1783 William GODWIN Single Crawley Mary FULDER Single  
29/09/1783 John SMITH     Sarah MASON Single  
10/10/1783 William OLDEN     Hannah RAY    
13/10/1783 John ROGERS   Timsbury Priscilla GRANT    
08/12/1783 Robert PINNEY Single   Hannah MARSHMAN Single  
31/01/1784 William NOYCE Single Romsey Sarah JELLOFF    
29/04/1784 Samuel BROADWAY     Elizabeth GEARY    
16/05/1784 John MARTIN     Elizabeth DEWY    
11/09/1784 Daniel RUSSEL   Romsey Mary ARTER Single  
23/10/1784 Thomas RAY     Sarah ROWDEN    
07/11/1784 John ROE   Romsey Sarah NEWMAN    
07/11/1784 James SILLANCE     Sarah GYOT    
18/12/1784 Richard VARE     Martha WEBB    
14/03/1785 John ABBOTT Widower Stockbridge Mary ROGERS Widow  
08/05/1785 Richard CHEATER     Mary BRUNNEN    
17/07/1785 John BUXCEY     Catharine KILL    
25/07/1785 John BENET     Ruth MORLEY    
01/09/1785 John PITT Single Isle Of Wight Sarah DEWEY    
07/10/1785 Moses MASON     Mary BROWN    
09/11/1785 Thomas MARTIN     Anne SAVAGE    
17/11/1785 William DUKE   Romsey Phebe JUDD    
27/02/1786 James FREEMANTLE     Elizabeth WOOL    
13/03/1786 Joseph CHILD   Romsey Frances KELSEY    
13/07/1786 Thomas STANFIELD Single Tolpuddle, Dorset Jane FOX    
07/09/1786 Richard JUDD   Downton, Wiltshire Sarah KEMISH    
05/10/1786 John WILTON     Martha INCH    
29/10/1786 James STREET   Timsbury Martha LUKE    
10/01/1787 William HACK   Romsey Mary GRANT    
30/04/1787 Moses MOODY     Mary ANTHONY    
24/07/1787 Joshua FAY Single   Joyce DRAKE Single  
09/10/1787 William NOYCE     Mary LANSBERRY    
23/03/1788 Jacob GEARY   Romsey Mary HACK    
30/09/1788 John BEARENS     Elizabeth VERE    
12/10/1788 Jonathan WHITELOCK   Timsbury Mary LANHAM    
02/11/1788 John GRANT     Sarah PALMER    
24/02/1789 Robert CURTIS     Elizabeth BLUNDEL    
14/04/1789 John ROGERS     Rebecca SMITH    
17/10/1789 John WILTON     Elizabeth KEMISH    
18/11/1789 William FIDLER     Barbara WILKINS    
07/12/1789 John BURGISS   Romsey Martha KEMISH    
09/08/1790 James JEWEL     Anne FRY    
06/09/1790 George ROWDEN     Elizabeth GRANT    
15/09/1790 William KEMISH     Mary COLLINS    
30/09/1790 James TRODD   Owslebury Tabitha WINGHAM    
12/10/1790 Arthur CHANDLER   All Saints, Southampton Sarah FOX    
13/10/1790 David PEARCE     Sarah PAINE    
21/10/1790 Thomas FOX     Hannah PHILIPS   Romsey
27/06/1791 Henry ROWDEN     Martha WEBB    
19/12/1791 George HOWEL     Jenny BLUNDY    
01/01/1792 Charles SIMES   Crawley Susan ALLEN    
16/02/1792 George HOLLIS   St Thomas, Winchester Jane PARRY Single  
15/05/1792 William PAYNE   Mottisfont Elizabeth PRANGNELL    
29/07/1792 John COLLINS     Hannah WEEKS    
07/10/1792 Nathaniel RUMBALD     Sarah ASTON    
16/10/1792 William GRIFFEN     Margery OSBURN    
16/10/1792 James GEAGE   Landford, Wiltshire Susanna MITCHEL    
25/10/1792 William CURTIS     Betty POPE    
30/10/1792 Isaac HAWKINS   Whiteparish, Wiltshire Mary THORNTON    
04/11/1792 James PEARCE     Sarah BLUNDEL    
06/12/1792 Charles TONGS   Timsbury Keturah ROGERS    
20/12/1792 John PERREN   Abbotts Ann Elizabeth WEBB    
23/01/1793 John JUDD     Rebecca LANHAM    
07/04/1793 Joshua WREN     Betty HACK    
24/05/1793 Stephen MOODY     Hannah BURGES    
06/10/1793 John BRUNNEN     Mary HUTCHINS    
15/09/1794 John VINE Widower Otterbourne Martha COLSON    
12/10/1794 William VENTHAM     Mary JUDD    
03/01/1795 William WILTON     Mary MITCHELL    
14/01/1795 Jonas RAY     Anne JUDD    
14/02/1795 Jacob COLSON     Sarah HUNT    
19/05/1795 Benjamin FIFIELD   Romsey Elizabeth MARTIN    
22/06/1795 John MARTEN     Catharine KILL    
23/08/1795 Elijah WINGHAM     Elizabeth WHITE    
27/03/1796 Robert MASON   Romsey Mary KILL    
29/03/1796 Robert MIELL     Sarah BARLING    
15/05/1796 James KICK     Elizabeth COMBES    
04/12/1796 Charles MOORE     Sarah PAINTER    
22/12/1796 Joseph DEWEY     Eleanor RAY    
27/12/1796 Robert MOODY   Ashley Sally BLUNDELL    
17/01/1797 Stephen MAFFEY     Ann BEARDSLEY    
27/08/1797 John ROGERS     Hannah COLLENCE    
23/01/1798 Thomas MORANT Widower Otterbourne Jane COLSON Single  
29/01/1798 Richard BENNET     Fanny BUTCHER    
13/07/1798 John KEEL     Elizabeth HUNTER    
09/10/1798 Peter HACKETT     Mary JEFFERY    
17/10/1798 James COOPER     Mary WHITE    
07/03/1799 William MARTIN     Mary RICHARDS    
27/03/1799 John LINCH     Elizabeth MOODY    
17/11/1799 John PRANGNELL     Mary SPEARREN    
01/12/1799 Moses LEACH   Romsey Elizabeth SILLENCE    
06/02/1800 Abner JERRETT     Elizabeth FIFIELD    
31/08/1800 John PHILP Single   Elizabeth DERRICK Widow  
27/10/1800 Arthur DEWEY Widower   Mary CHURCHER Widow  
30/10/1800 Stephen SHIRLEY Single Mottisfont Elizabeth BEARDSLEY Single  
17/11/1800 John BROWN Single Kings Somborne Mealla SILLENCE Single  
25/11/1800 Robert TREDGOLD Single St John, Winchester Ann Down ATKINS Single  
14/05/1801 Thomas HAMPTON Single North Baddesley Elizabeth WEBB Single  
28/09/1801 Stephen HUNT Single   Fanny LONG Single  
07/10/1801 Thomas TARVER Single North Baddesley Mary WILKINS Single  
19/04/1802 William PARSONS   Mottisfont Ann PAINTER    
30/05/1802 John NEW Widower   Anne MITCHELL Single  
25/11/1802 Hugh BLAKE Single   Judith STREET Single  
06/01/1803 James MARKS Single   Sarah WHITE    
04/04/1803 Charles BRAZER     Penelope WALTER    
12/04/1803 Alexander PRANGNELL     Amelia REDMAN    
16/05/1803 Moses GRUNCELL Single   Mary WOODFORD Single  
19/05/1803 John KEEL Widower   Sophia GILBERT Single  
11/10/1803 Joseph VAIN Single   Tabitha WREN Single  
20/10/1803 Benjamin JACOBS Single   Phoebe GIDGE Single  
21/11/1803 Thomas BERNARD Single   Harriet COOK Single  
22/12/1803 William PRANGNELL Single   Mary GREEN Single  
01/01/1804 Thomas COLLINS Widower   Elizabeth RAY Single  
01/05/1804 John MARCHMAN Single   Mary BUTCHER Single  
02/07/1804 William MILES Single Hursley Anne GATEHOUSE Single  
31/07/1804 Joseph PARSONS Single   Ann JEWELL Single  
24/12/1804 Thomas JACOBS Single   Sarah PRITCHARD Widow  
14/01/1805 Robert NEWELL Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
30/01/1805 William BULL Single St Cross & St Faith, Winchester Sarah WINGHAM Single  
29/04/1805 Richard WEBB   Romsey Mary JACOBS    
13/05/1805 William PRANGNELL Single Romsey Elizabeth DYER Single  
22/06/1805 Joseph NEWELL Single Lockerley Mary KEMISH Single  
04/11/1805 James ELCOCK Single Hursley Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
21/11/1805 Thomas WHITE     Betsy FAY    
27/12/1805 William SNELL   Isle Of Wight Mary MOULDEN    
02/01/1806 Jacob COLSON     Sarah ROGERS    
13/02/1806 Stephen CHURCHER Single   Mary NOYCE Single  
08/05/1806 David FAY     Hannah TERRY    
26/12/1806 Mark HARDING     Phillis ANNE    
27/01/1807 Matthew SILLENCE   Timsbury Charlotte MAY    
26/05/1807 John FIFIELD Single Romsey Phoebe WHEALLE Single  
02/11/1807 Thomas CAPELHORN Single   Sarah HATCHMAN Single  
09/11/1807 Thomas PALMER Single   Harriet GEARY Single  
11/01/1808 James LIGHT Single   Hannah MASON Single  
18/04/1808 William YATES Single   Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
18/04/1808 George WARE Single   Ann KEMISH Single  
20/06/1808 Joseph JACOB Single   Phoebe PRICHARD Single  
24/10/1808 John HEAD Single   Sarah PEARCE Widow  
06/01/1809 James WEBB     Elizabeth SIVIER Single  
24/04/1809 John PALMER Single   Frances COLLINS    
22/06/1809 Richard PEARCE     Sarah JEFFREY    
09/07/1809 Charles WILLIAMS Widower   Elizabeth ECTON Single  
30/07/1809 James LAWES Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
08/11/1809 John Churfield MASON Single   Martha MARTIN Single  
15/01/1810 William FILLPOT Single   Mary LANHAM Single  
20/01/1810 James GANNAWAY Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
01/03/1810 Richard COSTER Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
02/06/1810 James LANSBURY Single   Mary BROWN Single  
18/10/1810 George POPE Single   Mary Ann BEECHER Single  
25/10/1810 John WHITE Single   Jane LINCH Single  
18/11/1810 James BEDFORD Single Mottisfont Martha GEARY Single  
25/11/1811 Joshua WREN Single   Frances SHARP Single  
11/02/1812 Henry WHEABLE Single   Jane ALLINSON Single  
30/07/1812 Charles PRANGNELL Single East Wellow Ann ROUD    
06/09/1812 James VARE Single   Maria BULPOT Single  
17/10/1812 William BRICE Single   Elizabeth SILLANCE Single  
1 24/01/1813 Richard ELCOCK Single   Elizabeth SANDIES    
2 02/03/1813 William BUTT Single   Fanny ANSELL Single  
3 19/04/1813 Henry WILLIAMS     Harriet MASON    
4 22/04/1813 Moses LEACH Single   Anne POPE Single  
5 06/05/1813 William BLAKE     Elizabeth HILTON    
6 31/05/1813 John POTTLE     Priscilla ROGERS    
7 07/06/1813 James BANKS   Stockbridge Harriet STEELE    
8 28/10/1813 Michael PITT Single   Elizabeth WINGHAM Single  
9 29/01/1814 George PALMER Single   Mary HARDING Single  
10 31/01/1814 Thomas PHILPOT Single   Mary HAYTER Single  
11 21/02/1814 John BENDEL   Hursley Jane GATEHOUSE    
12 21/02/1814 William LANSBURY     Sarah SAUNDERS    
13 15/06/1814 William SILLINGS Single Timsbury Elizabeth ALEXANDER Single  
14 07/08/1814 David MORGAN Single   Fanny COOKE Single  
15 12/09/1814 Thomas NEWTON Single   Mary WILTSHIRE Single  
16 03/10/1814 Joseph PITT Single   Elizabeth MOODY Single  
17 16/10/1814 Samuel WHITELOCK Single   Pamela MARSH Single  
18 30/10/1814 John WREN Single   Elizabeth VARE Single  
19 31/10/1814 Joseph WHITE Single   Maria ALEXANDER Single  
20 07/09/1815 Moses LUKE Single Lockerley Sarah SCANES Single  
21 21/09/1815 John HULL Widower   Kezia BARTLETT Widow  
22 18/10/1815 Thomas WHITE Single   Sarah REVES Single  
23 19/10/1815 Charles MOORE Single   Hannah ROGERS Single  
24 26/10/1815 Aaron WILTON Single   Harriet HURST Single  
25 31/10/1815 Thomas BARTER Single   Elizabeth HEAD Single  
26 26/12/1815 Charles WHITE Widower   Anne BUTCHER Single  
27 18/04/1816 Richard KING Single Mottisfont Sarah HAIGHTER Single  
28 03/10/1816 Daniel BELL Single Lockerley Mary SILLENCE    
29 15/10/1816 John ALEXANDER Single Romsey Harriet LAWRENCE Single  
30 24/10/1816 William HURST     Mary CURTIS    
31 24/12/1816 William STURT Widower Kings Somborne Martha CHERFIELD Widow  
32 21/01/1817 James PEARCE Single   Elizabeth WILLS Single  
33 14/04/1817 Thomas KEEL Single   Judith WEBB Single  
34 27/05/1817 Thomas SWAFIELD     Barbara ALEXANDER    
35 14/10/1817 William VAUGHAN Single Owslebury Sarah JUDD Single  
36 28/10/1817 James BANKS     Elizabeth GRANT    
37 04/11/1817 William ROGERS Single   Frances ALLISON Single  
38 11/11/1817 George COLLINS Single   Harriet ROGERS Single  
39 23/12/1817 John COLLINS Single   Sarah LUKE Single  
40 05/01/1818 Henry HOLMES Single St Cross & St Faith, Winchester Jane GARDINER    
41 09/01/1818 Samuel JEROME Single   Elizabeth KEEL Single  
42 20/01/1818 John MASON Single Mottisfont Elizabeth MUNDY Single  
43 21/01/1818 James BATTEN   Hursley Martha MASON    
44 15/03/1818 Robert CURTIS Single   Sarah DEWEY Single  
45 22/03/1818 Thomas SMITH Single St Michael, Southampton Margaret PEARCE Single  
46 21/04/1818 William MASON Single   Sarah PEARCE    
47 11/05/1818 Edward EMERY Single Botley Martha PRITCHARD    
48 07/09/1818 William WREN Single   Dinah GEAREY Single  
49 08/11/1818 Joseph LEADER   Romsey Charlotte CRUDIGE    
50 15/11/1818 William LONG Single   Elizabeth GROVE   Romsey
51 21/01/1819 Joseph FIELDER Single   Elizabeth SILLENCE Widow  
52 01/08/1819 John BATTERIDGE     Mary ELLCOCK   Broughton
53 27/09/1819 Aron WILTON     Mary RYAN    
54 09/10/1819 William BUTCHER Single   Sarah GOODFELLOW Single  
55 14/02/1820 Joseph HOBBS Single Newport Fanny PEARCE Single  
56 25/04/1820 Joseph PARSONS Widower   Sarah BLANCHET Single  
57 15/10/1820 William COLLENCE     Rebecca LARRENCE    
58 30/11/1820 William HOLLOWAY Single   Sarah RAY Single  
59 11/12/1820 William DEWEY Single Arreton Elizabeth BROWN Single  
60 28/12/1820 John FOX Single Romsey Mary FIELDER Single  
61 06/03/1821 William RAY Single   Ann COLLINCE Single  
62 11/03/1821 John BENNETT Single   Mary Anne POWELL Single  
63 29/07/1821 Thomas TONGS Single   Anne HURST Single  
64 12/08/1821 John JACOBS Single   Sarah SOUTHWELL Single  
65 16/09/1821 Nathanael RUMBELL Widower   Jane BRYANT Widow  
66 23/09/1821 Benjamin WREN Single   Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single  
67 31/10/1821 Charles LAWRENCE Single   Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
68 18/11/1821 Samuel JUDD Single   Sarah JEWELL Single  
69 03/01/1822 Aaron WILTON Widower   Anne BLAKE Widow  
70 31/01/1822 William COOMBS   Romsey Elizabeth JACOBS    
71 18/06/1822 George BUDDEN Single   Harriet LONGMAN Widow  
72 28/07/1822 James MOODY     Mary RICHARDS    
73 31/08/1822 William BUNGEY     Sarah BAKER    
74 16/12/1822 Elborough WOODCOCK Single   Sophia STUART Single Limpsfield, Surrey
75 24/12/1822 James BURLINGTON Single   Phoebe GRANT Single  
76 29/01/1823 Richard COSTER Widower   Betty HARDING Single  
77 22/06/1823 Thomas WEBB Single Whiteparish, Wiltshire Lucy HARDING Single  
78 23/10/1823 Charles GOODFELLOW Single   Mary Anne PARKIN Single  
79 28/10/1823 Thomas LAWES Single   Sarah PEARCE Single  
80 06/11/1823 Moses LAWRENCE Single   Mary LUCAS Widow  
81 09/11/1823 John SWYER Single   Sarah JERROME Single  
82 13/11/1823 Moses WILTON Single   Sarah CARELEY Single  
83 11/12/1823 Richard PHILLIPS Single Gloucestershire Harriet Anne FOX Single  
84 25/01/1824 William CARLEY Widower   Anne CUNDICK Single  
85 06/05/1824 Samuel BUNGEY Single   Elizabeth PEARCE Single  
86 24/05/1824 Joel CANDY Single Millbrook Harriet BROWN Single  
87 06/06/1824 Joshua WREN Widower   Charlotte NOYCE Single  
88 16/10/1824 William VENTHAM Single   Miriam MUNDY Single  
89 04/04/1825 John COOKSEY Single   Rachel MUNDY Single  
90 24/05/1825 Cornelius RUSSELL   Kings Somborne Harriet VENTHAM    
91 20/09/1825 James YOUNG Single Timsbury Maria DRUCE Single  
92 23/10/1825 William REEVES Single   Mary Anne WARNER Single  
93 27/12/1825 John BENNETT Widower   Elizabeth STONE Single  
94 15/01/1826 Richard MOTT Single Kings Somborne Harriet RUSSELL Single  
95 06/02/1826 James SUMMERS Single Romsey Susanna DOXWELL    
96 16/05/1826 George FIELDER Single   Jane BUTT Single  
97 08/06/1826 Charles VANE Single   Harriet RAY Single  
98 10/07/1826 Charles MARTIN Single   Elizabeth CARLEY Single  
99 20/12/1826 William Frederick WARNER Single Winchester Mary Ann COLSON Single  
100 13/02/1827 James GRAY Single St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth HARDING Single  
101 25/02/1827 John MORRANT Single   Elizabeth WREN Single  
102 19/06/1827 William HARDING Single   Ruth BERNARD Single  
103 24/06/1827 Thomas SAUNDERS Widower   Elizabeth VENTHAM Single  
104 02/09/1827 John HARDING Single   Mary Anne WILTON Single  
105 29/10/1827 Henry Barnaby GREENE Single Longparish Amelia WOODCOCK Single  
106 15/05/1828 Samuel SHEPHERD Single   Harriet CRIPPS Single  
107 15/06/1828 Luke GAREY Single   Jane HAM Single  
108 22/06/1828 Charles GAREY Single   Rachael TUBB Single  
109 14/07/1828 James LAWRENCE Single   Anne BROWN    
110 29/07/1828 Joseph PARSONS Single   Anne BAKER Single  
111 09/11/1828 Cones SOUTHWELL Single   Kesia MOODY Single  
112 11/11/1828 George KEEL Single   Harriet ROGERS Single  
113 02/12/1828 William COOK Single Romsey Anne COSTER Single  
114 26/02/1829 John YOUNG   Kings Somborne Sarah GALE    
115 17/05/1829 John JEWELL Single   Ann SEARL Single  
116 17/07/1829 Charles Richard FOX Single Mottisfont Ann GREEN Single  
117 22/10/1829 James PEARCE Single   Charlotte PEARCE Single  
118 08/12/1829 Henry LUSH Single Farley Chamberlayne Harriet JUDD Single  
119 14/12/1829 Thomas ELLIOTT Single   Anne NEEDHAM    
120 14/02/1830 David FAY Single   Harriet JARRETT Single  
121 11/04/1830 William BROWN Widower Lockerley Ann MAY Widow  
122 11/07/1830 Henry WREN Single   Louisa CHEATER Single  
123 29/07/1830 James VENTHAM Single   Mary JEWELL Single  
124 02/08/1830 William PALMER   Otterbourne Anne WINGHAM    
125 06/01/1831 Charles RAY Single   Elizabeth HACKETT Single  
126 28/02/1831 James MOORE Single   Harriet PROUDLEY Single  
127 21/03/1831 George STOODLEY Single   Caroline FAY Widow  
128 06/10/1831 Henry KEEL Single   Anne RUSSELL Single  
129 13/10/1831 Stephen EVAMY Single   Martha VERE    
130 14/11/1831 Frederick Dawson KING Single Broughton Martha WALLIS Single  
131 19/05/1832 James HURST     Lucy VENTHAM    
132 24/05/1832 John OLDING     Mary Ann TERRY    
133 16/10/1832 William BAKER     Ann WILLIAMS    
134 05/11/1832 John ROGERS     Mary Ann POPE    
135 27/11/1832 Charles PEARSE     Mary VENTHAM    
136 06/12/1832 Henry FABAN     Sarah BUNCE    
137 10/02/1833 James JEWELL     Martha VENTHAM    
138 08/04/1833 Charles ROGERS     Dinah LONG    
139 13/05/1833 Edward TULL Single   Sarah PUTNAM Single  
140 10/06/1833 William SWYER Widower   Susan SPREADBURY Single  
141 29/08/1833 Charles BARTLETT Single   Elizabeth Harriet FIGGINS Single Romsey
142 11/02/1834 Samuel TONGS Single Timsbury Anne COLLINS Widow  
143 05/03/1834 Isaac TILL   Romsey Elizabeth KEMISH    
144 31/03/1834 James RICKMAN Single Mottisfont Harriet VERE Single  
145 31/04/1834 James BUNDY Single   Jane LIGHT Single  
146 28/08/1834 Joseph TRODD Widower   Dinah TRENDAL Single  
147 31/08/1834 Henry SKIENS Single Mottisfont Elizabeth DOSWELL Single  
148 13/10/1834 Thomas STEELE Single Kings Somborne Frances JUDD Single  
149 23/10/1834 Thomas DOWCITT Single   Elizabeth STANFORD Single  
150 27/11/1834 John BULL   All Saints, Southampton Mary Ann SAVILLE Single  
151 10/12/1834 Thomas CURTIS Widower   Mary Ann PRANGNELL Single  
152 04/02/1835 George BUDDEN Widower   Hannah MOORE Single  
153 11/02/1835 Thomas BAILEY Single Lockerley Lucy VAINE Single  
154 15/06/1835 Charles HOSKINS Single   Ann WHITE Single  
155 31/08/1835 Peter WREN Widower   Eliza VENTHAM Single  
156 24/11/1835 William YATES Widower Mottisfont Sarah BENNETT Single  
157 10/03/1836 Henry PEARCE     Mary WILLIAMS    
158 12/09/1836 John VERE     Sarah ROGERS    
159 05/11/1836 Thomas SOUTHWELL   Lockerley Jane CARLEY    

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