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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Portchester St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Portchester lies on the southern coastline of mainland Hampshire, midway between the market town of Fareham and the port of Portsmouth being roughly 3 miles east of the former and 4 miles northwest of the latter as the seagull flies. Portchester is a large town today covering an area roughly 2 miles deep and a mile across and sitting on the A27 road which forms Hampshire coast road. Portchester has a long history, eclipsing that of nearby Portsmouth, reputedly a pre-Roman British strong point it was expanded and strengthened by the Romans. The castle they built was enlarged and strengthened by the Normans following the Conquest and Portchester became the main seat of the British Navy. Sadly silting of the harbour meant a move to Portsmouth was required and Portchester lapsed into history. As a coastal settlement Portchester would have had a diverse economy, the nearby harbour providing fishing and shell-fisheries to supplement the normal farming economy. The presence of nearby Portsmouth ensured a link with naval and marine forces to this day. Modern developments abound, the main coastal rail line was constructed through the parish giving Portchester a station whilst to the north run the modern M27 motorway, these communications have made Portchester not only a commuting centre to both Portsmouth & Southampton but also attracted light industry to the town. As a coastal settlement numerous small streams drain into the nearby harbour and out to the wider English Channel. Portchester is sited at sea level but has spread inland and the higher parts approach 90 metres higher, the whole coastal strip is backed by chalk downland of Ports Down where local heights top out at 115 metres. Portchester parish was small in extent, it covered just over 1,100 acres but would have supported a population of around 750 parishioners, the population today is close to 18,000 showing the recent expansion. In Domesday times Portchester was mainly held by one William Mauduit with a smaller holding retained by King William; collectively the parish could offer just 6 ploughs but held a mill and a fishery.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the shores of Portsmouth Harbour at the furthest reaches to the southeast of the parish and sits alongside the castle in an attractive location. St Mary is rightfully described by Pevsner as an "outstanding Romanesque church" and is well worth a visit. The earliest records indicate that an Augustinian priory was founded in 1133 within the outer bailey of the castle site, it is thought that a previous parish church occupied this site. The basic structure of aisleless nave, central tower, transepts, chancel and a northern chapel is essentially unchanged Norman Romanesque of the mid 12th century, a very survivor of time and the restorers. A fire in 1705 necessitated some changes, mainly replacing of damaged roofing, whilst later restorations of 1867 & 1888 were at least superficial so we see this church as its initial builders intended, That Pevsner account extends to almost 4 pages of his 1967 edition is indicative of the importance of St Mary as a piece of the Hampshire and, indeed, National heritage. The church is accessed along Castle Street which runs southeastwards to the shoreline from the town centre, where this morphs into Church Lane a small car park sits to the west and the best approach is on foot, approaching through the outer bailey wall by the formidable gateway is a treat. The whole site is open and has no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th May 1755 - 27th July 1810 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 27/1C/1 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The last 10 years of this register carry something of a "health warning" the handwriting is very poor and a lot of foreign names of soldier stationed in the parish occur making its likely that misreads will have occurred
2 1st January 1811 - 26th December 1812 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 27/1C/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Despite just 12 entries confidence is low given the continued poor handwriting
3 1st February 1813 - 30th June 1837 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU 27/1C/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Sadly the difficult hand continues throughout this register making for a slow and trying read and raising the distinct possibility of some misreads

Fareham St Peter & St Paul
Boarhunt St Nicholas
Southwick St James
Southwick St James
Fareham St Peter & St Paul
Wymering St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
26/05/1755 Joseph HELLYER Single   Sarah JEANS Single  
19/04/1756 William PICKERNELL Single   Sally HODDER Single  
03/05/1756 Kelley TURNER Single   Betty MACKMAN Single  
04/07/1756 Robert LINSEY     Mary PRIVET    
15/08/1756 John STEVENS     Anna CHEESMAN    
29/08/1756 Thomas HALL     Mary PEARS    
12/10/1756 William CLARKE     Mary WHITEING    
28/12/1756 John FRUDDELL     Sarah WHITEING    
20/02/1757 Isaac MILLER     Ann NEW    
15/05/1757 William KNIGHT     Mary KING    
29/05/1757 William WASSEL   Fareham Jane REVELL    
10/07/1757 Thomas BLANCH     Elizabeth EARL    
17/10/1757 Thomas MANSBRIDGE     Martha KNIGHT    
04/01/1758 Thomas HOLDEN     Mary KNIGHT    
29/01/1758 Richard WHITE     Elizabeth CLEVERLY    
29/01/1758 Joseph RILEY     Martha HOUGHTON    
14/10/1758 William AVENELL   Wymering Sarah GIBBS    
10/02/1759 Thomas WHITING     Mary BEAVIS    
02/07/1759 Noah LAWS   Droxford Mary OSMAN    
17/10/1759 William MANSBRIDGE     Sarah BEAGLY    
28/01/1760 Thomas IRONS     Mary COLE    
11/02/1760 Louis DE LA RIVIERE   France Chatherine PRIVETT    
13/07/1760 Nicholas CARWOOD     Mary MILLER    
01/10/1760 Robert TIPPLE     Mary NEWPORT    
23/12/1760 Francis WOODMAN     Eleanor HAMBLETON    
01/01/1761 John VEACK     Joanna TAYLOR    
06/01/1761 John WASSELL     Rebecca WALTER    
10/04/1761 Richard CLEVERLEY     Sarah GILMAR    
27/04/1761 John UPTON   Wickham Mary POOLE    
03/05/1761 Thomas KNIGHT     Sarah COY    
04/06/1761 William HAINS     Ann PROUTEN    
11/10/1761 Elias MARSHALL     Mary BOLTON    
24/11/1761 Antony BALLANTINE     Elizabeth LONG    
11/12/1761 William OSMOND     Elizabeth BARNARD   Bedhampton
24/01/1762 William HELLYER     Elizabeth CLEVERLEY    
21/02/1762 Thomas KNIGHT     Mary HYDE    
07/03/1762 Thomas USTICK   Fareham Elizabeth LUTMAN    
21/03/1762 John CHEESMAN     Mary BROMWICH    
29/03/1762 Joseph STEPHENSON Single   Betty MOLAND    
12/04/1762 William BURGESS     Elizabeth BINSTED    
25/04/1762 William BOULTON   Alverstoke Ann LANGFORD    
05/09/1762 Charles SPARKES Single   Mary DOWNTON Widow  
12/12/1762 John RICHMOND     Mary BOLTON    
04/01/1763 William HASLET     Catharine TRUDDEL    
27/04/1763 Robert STARES Single   Elizabeth SPEARING Widow  
13/10/1763 Richard POMFRITT     Elizabeth TURNER    
17/10/1763 Thomas MOLLEN   Wymering Sarah AVENELL    
25/12/1763 John LONG     Elizabeth BOLTON    
14/08/1764 Thomas MILLER     Elizabeth PENNY    
10/11/1765 James FROST   Fareham Elizabeth RUSSEL    
23/12/1765 William BARTLETT     Hannah PALMER    
16/01/1766 Henry BUDD     Sarah CAREW    
01/04/1766 Joseph MERTALL     Sarah CHURCHER    
24/11/1766 John GRUBB     Sarah BOLTON    
23/02/1767 Kempster LIPSCOMB     Elizabeth LEGGATT    
13/04/1767 William CLEVERLEY     Elizabeth BOLTON    
07/06/1767 Benjamin IRONS     Ann BOLTON    
08/06/1767 Mark MUGGRIDGE     Martha ANSELL    
16/08/1767 Samuel WRIGHT     Sarah CHURCHER    
11/01/1768 George ROW     Martha COOPER    
11/01/1768 Isaac MILLER     Mary CHEESMAN    
07/05/1768 Thomas SPENCER     Mary BOLTON    
14/07/1768 Richard SMITH     Lydia STONE Single  
13/10/1768 John STURGES Single Portsea Mary WHITING Single  
20/10/1768 John BISSEL     Mary WHITING    
25/01/1769 William BOULTON Single   Hannah HOLMES Single Portsea
26/04/1769 Richard DIDDEMAS Widower   Mary TIPPLE Widow  
07/12/1769 William BURCH Single Portsea Sarah HELLYER Single  
26/06/1770 Richard WHITING Single   Elizabeth WIGG    
07/01/1771 Thomas WHITING Single   Anne MANSBRIDGE Single  
08/05/1771 John DEADMAN Single   Anne DEADMAN Single  
06/06/1771 William POWELL Single   Elizabeth LIPSCOMB Widow  
25/12/1771 John WHITE Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
05/01/1772 Thomas SMITH Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
20/05/1772 Stephen WILLIS Single   Anne BOLTON Single  
27/07/1772 William HELLYER   Portsea Jane KNIGHT Single  
06/08/1772 William LONG Single   Mary PRIEST Single  
16/09/1772 Richard BOLTON Single   Sarah BUSSEY Single  
12/10/1772 Edward MANSFIELD Single   Anne WHITING Single  
12/11/1772 William HELLYER Single   Anne PAFFORDE    
12/04/1773 Thomas HYDE Single   Mary SADLER Single  
26/04/1773 Henry FROST Single   Sarah PASSEY Single  
31/05/1773 James KNIGHT Widower   Betty PASSEY Single  
23/06/1773 Walter HAINES Widower   Elizabeth BOLTON Widow  
00/08/1773 William BURROWS     Mary WHITING    
11/11/1773 Henry MATTHEWS Widower   Anne PAYNE Single  
19/04/1774 Thomas TRODD Single   Martha PALMER Single  
19/04/1774 Richard FAITHFULL Single Portsea Mary BURT Single  
03/07/1774 Thomas CLEVERLY Single   Mary STAMFORD Single Gosport
31/10/1774 John HOWARD Single   Mary RICHMOND Widow  
02/05/1775 Thomas CLEVERLY Single   Jane WIGG Single  
20/07/1775 Dibden LANE     Anne TAPPY    
17/01/1776 William HYDE Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
09/02/1776 Isaac CHEESMAN Single   Sarah RUSSELL Single  
13/05/1776 John HYDE Single   Mary MARNELL Single  
04/08/1776 Thomas SHERVILL   Fareham Elizabeth MANSBRIDGE    
30/08/1776 John UTTERSON Single   Elizabeth ROWE Single Alverstoke
17/10/1776 Peter OLDING Single Southwick Constant HARDING Single  
17/10/1776 James WHITING Single   Mary YOUNG Single  
02/01/1777 John PRATT Single Boarhunt Phillis WIGG Single  
00/07/1777 William IRONS Single   Elizabeth WHITING Single  
27/04/1778 Thomas CALLAWAY Single Wickham Rebecca READ Single  
11/10/1779 Stephen COMBS Widower Portsea Anne CHEESEMAN Single  
22/11/1779 William DANIELS Single   Mary MANSBRIDGE Single  
12/01/1780 Joseph MARTELL Widower   Sarah STEEL Single  
07/02/1780 Thomas HONE Single   Elizabeth BINSTEAD Single  
09/02/1780 Henry MATTHEWS Widower   Martha IVEMY Single  
28/03/1780 Jacob WHITE     Jane BANES Single  
03/10/1780 John WALKER     Martha BROWNHILL Single  
16/08/1781 John Richard FALCONER Single   Anne MACLEOD Single  
09/09/1781 Edward BUNCE Single   Sarah UFFIL Single  
23/09/1782 Isaac COOPER     Mary WHITING    
06/02/1783 Thomas ELPHISTON Single   Harriet NORMAN Single Portsea
31/05/1783 James KNIGHT     Betty PASSEY    
24/07/1783 Thomas BROWN Single   Sarah WALDRON Single Portsea
24/08/1783 Harry MATTHEWS Single Fareham Mary TAPPY Single  
20/09/1783 Mungo YOUNG Single   Lyddea CHURCHER Single  
25/09/1783 Robert CHEESMAN Single   Susannah MARNEL    
23/12/1783 James FREEMAN Single   Sarah FROST Widow  
10/06/1784 Thomas ADAMS     Mary GOULD    
21/07/1784 Joseph CRIMBLE Single   Ann POOK Single  
26/07/1784 William MANSBRIDG Single   Elizabeth GLASSPOLE Single  
26/07/1784 John GARDENER Single   Sarah BUNCE Widow  
26/07/1784 John BREWER Single   Sarah KNIGHT Single  
23/08/1784 Richard RUSSELL Single   Mary BINSTED Single  
06/07/1785 Robert PRIVET Single   Ann DEDMAN Widow  
13/09/1785 Robert WHITE Single   Mary RICHMOND Single Fareham
04/11/1785 John MARNELL Single   Mary LONG Widow  
01/12/1785 John SHAYER Single   Mary VINCENT Single  
28/12/1785 James KNIGHT     Mary KING    
19/01/1786 John DEADMAN Single   Sarah PRIVETT Single  
12/01/1787 William HATCH Single   Sarah WILLIS Single  
20/10/1787 William EAMES Single   Anne HYDE Single  
29/05/1788 Thomas WHITING Single   Susannah STRONG Single  
09/08/1788 Joseph BURRELL Single   Rachel RICHARDSON Single  
17/08/1788 William NEWMAN Single   Elizabeth STURGESS Widow  
01/01/1789 John RUSSELL Single   Susanna RIPPIN Single  
02/06/1789 Benjamin IRONS Widower   Sarah WHITE Widow  
18/06/1789 William BOXELL Single   Lucy FROST Single  
07/10/1789 John BAPTIE Single   Lydia MAYOR Single  
11/11/1789 Peter MANSBRIDGE Single   Anne BLACKMAN Single  
27/12/1789 Thomas COOPER Single   Elizabeth FROST Single  
03/04/1790 James WHITING Single   Grace MANSBRIDGE Single  
24/05/1790 Benjamin RUSSELL Single   Jane HELLYER Single  
02/09/1791 James WILSON Single   Charlotte WORM Single Portsea
02/11/1791 Robert HORNE Single Portsea Sarah STOCKWELL Single  
01/01/1792 William WHITING Single   Elizabeth HEATHER Single  
04/01/1792 James ROBERTS Single   Mary PETERKIN Widow  
22/01/1792 George NEWPORT     Mary WHITING Single  
08/04/1792 William MARTELL Single   Jane KNIGHT Single  
10/05/1792 Thomas TILLBEY Single Farlington Hannah KING Single  
03/06/1792 William GATES Single Fareham Mary WHITEING    
18/10/1792 Edward CLEVERLY Single   Sarah BUDD Widow  
17/12/1792 George KIRGWIN Widower   Elizabeth WALTERS    
14/02/1793 John ETHERIDGE     Alley GREY Single  
22/05/1793 Maynard SPARKES Single Fareham Mary HELLYER Single  
25/06/1793 William MANSBRIDG Widower   Elizabeth MESSAM Widow  
29/06/1793 Thomas KNIGHT Widower   Mary BURROWES Widow  
07/02/1794 Thomas GREENE Single   Anne LANE Single  
25/08/1794 Henry RALPHS Single   Anne IRONS Single  
02/11/1794 Edward DAVIES Single   Mary HOGSFLESH Single  
02/11/1794 Joseph RUSH Widower   Sarah CARTER Single  
13/02/1795 Thomas MARKHAM Single   Elizabeth Anne SINCLEN Single  
18/02/1795 Richard WHITEING Widower   Margaret COBB Widow  
29/03/1795 Edward STAGG Widower   Anne WILLIS Single  
17/04/1795 John NEVILLE Single   Elizabeth STEAD    
17/04/1795 John UPPENS Single   Hannah SHAKESPEAR    
17/04/1795 Thomas NEWMAN Single   Susan HALBERD    
06/10/1795 William SMITH Single   Hannah RICHARDS Single Alverstoke
13/10/1795 William MAIDEN     Elizabeth BATTH    
13/10/1795 Daniel RAMSKER     Elizabeth INNSLY    
02/11/1795 Moses IPPS Single   Elizabeth DEVENPORT Single  
16/01/1796 Charles DAMPER Single   Sarah ASLETT    
29/01/1796 John JONES Single   Elizabeth LONG Single  
30/01/1796 Evan MANTLE     Elizabeth BINSTED Single  
09/02/1796 George LUMLEY     Mary STACKERLL Single  
15/02/1796 Joseph KENDALL Single   Anne STAMPFORD Single  
24/02/1796 Francis MASON Single   Rebecca CARTER Single  
29/02/1796 James MEFFEY Single   Jane URRY Single  
28/03/1796 John NAISH Single   Mary LOVELOCK Single  
30/03/1796 Samuel KEARLSEY Single   Jane APPLETON Single  
28/04/1796 William BROWN Single   Lucy HYDE Single  
05/05/1796 Joseph SANDERS Single   Sarah BARNET Single  
12/05/1796 Jonathan EARLE Single   Elizabeth COKER Single  
12/05/1796 Robert VOLLER Single   Elizabeth GILL Single  
18/07/1796 Thomas COOPER Widower   Anne STEWART Single  
28/11/1796 Henry STICKLAND Single   Susanna PINER Single  
09/01/1797 William GILBERT Single   Anne HENSTEAD Single  
20/01/1797 Michael MCDONALD     Ann DIDIMUS Single  
27/01/1797 William THORNE     Jane WOOLGAS    
30/01/1797 James DENNIS Single   Elizabeth CHEESMAN Single  
13/02/1797 Thomas ROLLS     Elizabeth JENEY    
27/04/1797 Thomas DRAKE     Anne HELYER    
02/05/1797 William MASKELL     Flora HALLETT    
27/06/1797 John HOOKWAY     Martha DUN    
15/01/1798 Henry GODDEN Single   Jane BOX Single  
31/05/1798 Samuel WOOLFENDALE     Mary WHITE Widow  
01/09/1798 Patrice BINSSE     Josephine DESPAROUX    
30/12/1799 Thomas KNIGHT     Mary AKHURST    
03/06/1800 Edward DAVIES Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
10/07/1800 Thomas MILLER     Sophia BANGAY    
13/08/1800 John DICKSON     Elizabeth NEAL    
24/10/1800 Edward CLEVERLY     Jane MYRTLE    
03/11/1800 George LAYCOCK     Harriot BAVIS    
29/12/1800 James ROGERS     Frances WOOLGER    
12/05/1801 Charles SOLFLIT     Martha LANT    
06/07/1801 John WHITE     Eleanor BAGSHAW    
27/07/1801 James PRICE     Sarah HYDE    
10/09/1801 Joseph MARTELL     Sarah BEVAN    
23/09/1801 Francis CUDHAM     Hannah MORLEY    
30/09/1801 Fidgett WRIGHT     Elizabeth ROE    
06/10/1801 Charles ELSEGOOD     Sarah GOODALL    
02/11/1801 William GRUB Widower   Mary HATCH Single  
24/02/1802 William BENDHALL Single Kingston Lucy BROAD Single  
21/04/1802 Robert WALLER Widower   Mary BOWDEN Single  
05/08/1802 Thomas RUSSELL Widower St George, Southwark, Surrey Sophia MARSHMAN    
29/08/1802 John WILSON Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Widow  
10/10/1802 Barnard COLLIS Single   Ruth SMITH Widow  
12/10/1802 Richard WHITING Single   Frances SMITH Single  
11/11/1802 William SQUANCE Single   Eliza Catherine READ Single  
23/11/1802 John BROWN Single   Anne STRUGNEL Single  
11/12/1802 Charles PRICE Single   Elizabeth GOODSON Single  
30/05/1803 Augustus William MARBLESTONE Single Portsea Sarah CHEESEMAN Widow  
12/10/1803 George ROW Single   Anne HYDE Single  
30/01/1804 Frederic BRANDES   Germany Louisa MYERS    
13/02/1804 Heinrich THEGEL Single   Hannah KLEINE   Germany
27/02/1804 Charles Adson Christian SCHULTZE     Maria Margarite COPENHAGEN    
29/02/1804 Johan Heinrich BLANBERG     Frederica Elizabeth HAMEN    
26/03/1804 Adam SPAKE     Mary HAWKINS    
02/04/1804 John RUSSEL     Frances GATES Single  
07/05/1804 Charles KEMP Single   Anne HELYER    
25/06/1804 Frederic BEDNAS     Elizabeth HANSON    
05/11/1804 Thomas ALEXANDER Single   Ann NEIL Single  
01/05/1805 John MARTIN     Hannah MARSH    
09/10/1805 John CHANDLER Single   Elizabeth ROACH Single  
06/11/1805 John MARTING Single   Martha CARTER Single  
31/03/1806 Henry BRANOTTE     Sophia SHEPHERD    
13/04/1806 Christopher MENZHAUSEN     Sophia FRITZEN    
17/04/1806 John BANDE     Hannah BRAUTMANN    
09/06/1806 Mattheus SCHWARTZ     Caroline LAUBATZGUIER    
17/07/1806 Frederick MANNER     Dorothea HAMPELN    
21/09/1806 William KERBY Single   Mary DOWNE Single  
07/10/1806 Thomas HYDE Widower   Hannah IVORY Widow  
01/01/1807 Henry EVES Single   Ann BOLTON Single  
02/11/1807 Richard LOVEDER Single Angmering, Sussex Elizabeth SMITH Single  
21/12/1807 George SAVER     Mary Juliana SCHAFFMAN   Sweden
26/01/1808 Jacob TALE     Sophia MENZHAUSEN    
15/06/1808 Joseph CLAYTON Single   Sarah WILKINS Widow  
12/07/1808 Miles RUDE     Mary Ann NAISH    
14/07/1808 George BAKER     Jane VOLLER    
27/07/1808 Christian Frederick HOSTMAN     Ann Patience HEWETT    
18/10/1808 Francis SCHMEYER     Hannah BOYE    
12/12/1808 Christian William BAUMGARTE     Ann BOYES    
04/02/1809 Hilton LEROYD Single   Isabella ROBERTSON    
04/03/1809 Edmund BILAM Single   Elizabeth LOVEDER    
30/05/1809 Frederick GERLACH     Mary CACHLEAN    
13/06/1809 Rudolph HARTRUBER     Sophia LISSUN    
27/06/1809 Robert SCOTT Single   Elizabeth THORNILOW Single  
04/07/1809 John Benjamin ROPER     Ann RULE    
25/07/1809 John RALFS Single   Sarah DILLOWAY    
09/08/1809 George SIMMONDS     Sophia Serena Amelia MORUP    
05/12/1809 Daniel MOORE Single   Mary HYDE    
26/12/1809 James WILLIAMS     Dorothy HYDE    
26/12/1809 Henry MEYER     Hannah GLENDEN    
26/12/1809 Henry SCHMITT     Maria MAYER    
19/02/1810 Henry KEESE     Amelia KINGER Widow  
24/06/1810 John LAMBERT Single   Hester BURCH Single  
03/07/1810 William HYDE     Mary BOYES   Hambledon
04/07/1810 Edward CAWTE     Sarah MOORE    
23/07/1810 George WALKER Single   Bridget BRIGHTSMAN Single  
27/07/1810 George ELLIMAN Single   Elizabeth TRIBE    
1 01/01/1811 Peter TURNER Single   Martha WYATT Single  
2 18/02/1811 William ALFORD Single   Caroline WILLIAMS Single  
3 19/02/1811 Benjamin WALKER Single   Mary GAMON Single  
4 09/05/1811 Enoch COLE Widower Kingswinford, Staffordshire Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
5 18/07/1811 Thomas HOLLOWAY Single   Ann COLE Single  
6 14/10/1811 James BOWYER Widower   Susannah TUBB Single  
7 06/06/1812 Edward CAWTE Widower   Ann DILLOWAY Single  
8 06/07/1812 Luke GASEY Single   Elizabeth TIMOTHY Single  
9 09/11/1812 George MONTFORD Single   Rebecca REASON Single  
08/12/1812 James PARKARD Widower   Sarah BOOTEY Single  
25/12/1812 Samuel NORFOLK Single   Mary FRENCH Single  
26/12/1812 William TILBERY Single   Elizabeth WHITING Single  
1 01/02/1813 Robert GALLY Single   Sarah COLRICK Single Halstead, Essex
2 13/05/1813 Robert GOSLAND Single   Mary BIRANGHAM Single  
3 18/05/1813 Robert ENGLAND Single   Susan MURRELLS Single  
4 14/06/1813 James HYDE Single   Sophia HELLYER Single  
5 05/07/1813 James WHEELER Single   Mary LEACH Single  
6 14/09/1813 John GREEN Single   Rebecca CHALKLEY Single  
7 26/09/1813 James POWEL Single   Martha WARE Single  
8 27/10/1813 John LONG Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
9 13/11/1813 James SMITH Single   Hannah DARRIN Widow Portsmouth
10 31/03/1814 George MUNRO Single   Mary MCKINTOSH    
11 25/04/1814 James RUSSELL Single   Mary DREWITT Widow Portsea
12 26/04/1814 Charles GORDON Single   Mary RUSSELL Single  
13 16/08/1814 William HAMM Single   Mary Ann HINDS Single  
14 13/09/1814 John SMITH Widower   Hannah PLUMB Single  
15 08/10/1814 James WHITE Single   Louisa FORD Single  
16 08/11/1814 Patrick MCQUIGAN Single   Mary Ann FRANKLIN Widow  
17 14/02/1815 Thomas BOXALL Single   Ann MILLET Widow  
18 28/03/1815 Thomas COOPER Single   Jane MORLEY   Bedhampton
19 10/07/1815 John WHITE Widower   Mary BROUGHTON Widow  
20 13/07/1815 John JURD Single   Mary WHITING Single  
24 10/08/1815 Charles ISAAC Single   Harriet KIRBY Single  
21 15/09/1815 Richard SCOTT Single   Catherine SARAH Single  
22 23/10/1815 John FORD Single   Frances CAPLAIN Single  
23 22/11/1815 Thomas WORSHIP Single   Unity SAMPLE Single  
25 16/01/1817 George ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
26 27/03/1817 William Benson ERLAM Single   Sarah ROACH Single  
27 08/04/1817 John CANHAM Single   Sarah MARTELL Widow  
28 04/06/1817 John ARCHBOLD Widower   Elizabeth BOYES Single  
29 09/12/1817 Joseph HENNING Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
30 15/06/1818 Thomas HALE Widower   Sarah POLLARD Single  
31 13/09/1818 Martin FARRELL Single   Henia BARNS    
32 03/10/1818 Joshua BARBER Single   Olivia SYLVESTER Single  
33 29/11/1818 John BATES Widower   Elizabeth TOLFREE Single  
34 14/10/1819 Thomas HAWKINS Single   Caelia CARPENTER Single  
35 11/07/1820 James Young WOODMAN Single   Louisa EWENS Single Bishops Waltham
36 30/07/1820 Thomas SMITH Single   Harriet SNOW Single  
37 16/11/1820 John KELSEY Single   Penelope MAXWELL Single Fareham
38 15/05/1821 Francis GRAY Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
39 16/07/1821 John HAWKINS Single   Ann STUART Single  
40 17/07/1821 Henry MARSHALL Single   Ann HYDE Single  
41 27/09/1821 Henry BOYES Single   Elizabeth HYDE Single  
42 02/11/1821 Samuel CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth HAWKINS Single  
43 24/12/1821 Thomas CATER Single   Lydy WHITE Single  
44 06/02/1822 Henry BOXALL Single   Ann CORFES Single Fareham
45 12/03/1822 John IBBETSON Single   Elizabeth DROVER Single  
46 26/04/1822 Thomas BOLTON Single   Hannah ROGERS Single  
47 15/07/1822 Charles GATES Single   Elizabeth MOSS Single  
48 06/01/1823 John SHAWYER Widower   Lydia MARNELL Single  
49 10/06/1823 James STEWART Single   Isabella BOXALL Single  
50 23/06/1823 William MARTELL Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
51 15/10/1823 William MOSS Single   Jane DRAKE Single  
52 02/12/1823 John PRATT Widower West Meon Mary HAYDEN Single  
53 03/05/1824 James FEAST Single Fareham Mary Ann STAGG Single  
54 04/06/1825 Michael SULLIVAN Widower Portsea Ann WEBB Widow  
55 01/07/1825 John BLACKMAN Widower Fareham Mary RICHMAN Single  
56 17/07/1825 Thomas BUTT Widower   Elizabeth WOOD Widow  
57 18/09/1825 George COOPER Single   Ann EDMONDS Single  
58 26/03/1826 James BIRT Single Fareham Jane HYDE Single  
59 26/03/1826 Daniel NEWMAN Single   Elizabeth HEYWOOD Single  
60 03/04/1826 John FORDER Single   Cossiah TREAGRESS Single  
61 09/04/1826 William SMITH Single   Sarah Ann WILLIAMS Single  
62 29/05/1826 Francis Paul Emile DE BONNECHOSE Single   Charlotte GOURLY Single  
63 25/06/1826 Samuel STURGESS Single   Charlotte STAGG Single  
64 01/01/1827 Benjamin HALE Widower   Sarah HAWKINS Widow  
65 08/01/1827 William GRUBB Single   Lydia WHITING Single  
66 09/05/1827 Henry GATES Single   Harriet PULLEN Single  
67 10/05/1827 John HYDE Single   Frances WHITE Single  
68 07/02/1828 John MARTELL Single   Mary TIBLE Single  
69 25/02/1828 Thomas CATER Widower   Lucy BROWN Widow  
70 23/07/1829 Edward PRATT Single   Harriet HOSKINS Single  
71 02/12/1829 Philip MARTELL Single   Jane BOXALL Single  
72 15/02/1830 George BOXALL Single   Maria FOWLER Single  
73 14/03/1830 James WARRENER Single   Sarah FRYER Single  
74 17/05/1830 William HAWKINS Single   Jane MARTELL Single  
75 20/05/1830 James COOPER Single   Mary PRITCHETT Single  
76 24/05/1830 Nicholas John DROUET Single   Sarah MARTELL Single  
77 22/07/1830 Thomas MARTELL Single   Allice FOWLER Single  
78 04/08/1830 John CHATTERTON Widower   Mary LEGGETT Widow  
79 15/08/1830 John GAMBLING Single Fareham Jane GOLDER Single  
80 10/09/1830 Thomas KNIGHT Single   Diana EMERY Single  
81 24/10/1830 Thomas DENTON Single   Coulia POLLETT Single  
82 28/11/1830 James STONEHAM Single   Elizabeth COGHLAN Single  
83 04/01/1831 George DEDAMESS Single   Elizabeth GATES Widow  
84 12/01/1831 Edward RENDLE Single St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon Sophia MARSHMAN Single  
85 01/02/1831 George PRATT Single   Mary TEE Single  
86 27/06/1831 Henry William FORCE Single   Sarah GRUBB Single  
87 29/06/1831 George Henry ATKINS Single   Sarah Sophia SHAW Single  
88 14/07/1831 Thomas PRITCHETT Single   Charlotte PEACOCK Single  
89 17/07/1831 Joseph Grimes WAVELL Single   Jane STEVENS Single  
90 11/09/1831 Barnabas HALES Single   Mary PIKE Widow  
91 11/09/1831 John BATES Single   Eliza PIKE Single  
92 26/09/1831 Samuel CARPENTER Single   Sarah MOSS Widow  
93 03/10/1831 Charles King COLE Single   Louisa Jane BAKER Single  
94 19/10/1831 Charles HALE Single   Lucy Elizabeth BOXALL Single  
95 09/01/1832 Richard PRIVITT Widower   Elizabeth POPE Widow  
96 14/02/1832 Joseph WOODFORD Single   Charlotte BEW Single  
97 06/03/1832 John TAPLIN Single   Harriett Ann HALE Single  
98 28/05/1832 John SNOW Single Portsea Ann GATTRELL Single  
99 28/06/1832 Charles LUTTMAN Single   Martha Louisa Elizabeth HEWETT Single  
100 11/07/1832 George William BAY Single   Mary Ann PLUDGER Single  
101 05/11/1832 Thomas NEWLAND Single   Charlotte FROST Single  
102 27/05/1833 Thomas KNIGHT Widower   Maria DAVIS Single Wymering
103 23/06/1833 William WELCH Single   Elizabeth PHAROAH Single  
104 01/07/1833 John CRIMBLE Single   Harriet HEDGECOCK Single  
105 14/10/1833 John ANSELL Single   Ann WHITE Single  
106 11/11/1833 Henry ROBINSON Single   Sarah MARSHALL Widow  
107 11/11/1833 Eli CRANE Single   Maria HARDING Single  
108 07/01/1834 Joseph HARPER Single   Sophia WILLIAMS Single  
109 22/01/1834 James LUNNUN Single   Mary Ann BAKER Single  
110 11/02/1834 Charles HAWKINS Single   Charlotte KNIGHT Single  
111 28/07/1834 George MOSS Single   Caroline ADAMS Single  
112 04/09/1834 Felix Loney WAVELL Single   Jane Margaret JAMES Single  
113 09/09/1834 William SHORT Single   Mary Ann SMITH Widow  
114 10/09/1834 Luiz Antonio DE OLIVIERA Single   Ann POOR Single  
115 01/02/1835 Richard CARPENTER Single   Rebecca WOODS Single  
116 15/04/1835 John BOGHURST Single Portsmouth Frances MOORE Single  
117 04/09/1835 Richard GRUBB Single   Ann KNIGHT Single  
118 28/09/1835 James HAWKINS Single   Sarah HAWKINS Single  
119 01/10/1835 John RIDOUT Single   Ann BEW Single  
120 14/11/1835 Richard LOVEDER Single   Martha KNIGHT Single  
121 14/06/1836 Richard ANSELL Single   Ann SMITH Widow  
122 27/09/1836 George Henry HORN Single   Mary Jane COOK Single  
123 15/12/1836 Belfield DENNYS Single Walton, Suffolk Mary Ann MARTIN Single  
124 09/01/1837 Francis HEAKY Widower Old Alresford Mary WESTBROOK Single  
125 22/01/1837 Mary BRETT Single Portsea Frances Emma CAWTE Single  
126 06/03/1837 Richard BUDD Single   Caroline BRIDGER Single  
127 06/03/1837 Joseph BUDD Single   Louisa COLLYER Single  
128 22/05/1837 Thomas PEACOCK Single   Harriet TAYLOR Single  
129 30/06/1837 William GATES Single   Eliza KIRBY Single  

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