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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rowner St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Rowner lies in the extreme south of the mainland portion of Hampshire quite close to its English Channel coast. Rowner is located about 3 miles northwest of the port and market town of Gosport. Rowner was a separate village at the time of this transcript but has now been absorbed into greater Gosport as that town has expanded and much trace of a "village" has been displaced by modern housing developments. Rowner sits on the B3334 road which connects Gosport with Titchfield. At the time of this transcript Rowner would have largely been an arable farming settlement nowadays it is a suburb. Rowner sits about 2 miles from Hampshire's English Channel coast and the small river Alver drains it. Rowner is sited at just 6 metres above the sea, the whole peninsula being less than 10 metres is fairly flat. Rowner parish was small even by the standards of a southern parish, it covered just over 1,200 acres and would have supported a population of just over 100 parishioners, small indeed. In Domesday times Rowner was held by one William Mauduit and could offer 4 ploughs as well as small meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits in what was once the village centre just south of the B3334 and on the northern side of Rowner Lane. This is a church which underwent a fundamental redesign during its lifetime. The origins of the church lie in the 13th century and in the early English Gothic style, a basic church of nave, chancel and northern aisle & chapel can be discerned from the current building. Following the restoration that aisle and chapel became the new nave & chancel. The church was thoroughly restored by the Victorians in 1874 to reach its present state albeit major work continued to as recent as 1950 when the old chancel (converted to an organ chamber) was restored and converted to a chapel. St Mary is set somewhat back from Rowner Lane behind tree-studded lawns and is accessed by a flagged pathway. The site is very cluttered with trees, an attraction but an inconvenience limiting the views available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th October 1754 - 9th July 1810 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU46/1C/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads There is bleedthrough in the early part of the register but this does not unduly impact readability
2 26th November 1814 - 30th December 1817 Portsmouth History Centre - Reference - CHU46/1C/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
There were no marriages at Rowner between 1817 and the start of Civil Registration

Titchfield St Peter
Gosport Holy Trinity
Gosport Holy Trinity
Titchfield St Peter
Gosport Holy Trinity
Titchfield St Peter
Titchfield St Peter
Gosport Holy Trinity
Gosport Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 13/10/1754 John ROGERS Widower Titchfield Ann HALL Single  
2 31/08/1755 Richard COLES Single   Mary HUTCHINS Single  
3 16/05/1756 Henry SUTTON Single   Mary POTTER Single  
4 11/10/1757 John HESFORD   Alverstoke Ann RAPLEY    
1 23/10/1757 John COTTON Single   Ann FISH Single  
2 22/10/1758 John THOMAS Single Alverstoke Martha SMITH Single  
3 10/07/1759 William POORE Widower Alverstoke Sarah WILKS Widow  
4 18/10/1763 Joseph WARREN Single   Sarah AILING Single  
9 23/01/1764 David MEADEN Widower   Mary HUTCHINS Single  
10 11/02/1764 Philip WADKINS Single   Elizabeth OYSBORN Single  
11 29/10/1764 Henry BAILEY Widower   Elizabeth WILTSHIRE Widow  
12 08/07/1765 Joseph MASLIN Widower Alverstoke Ann CHURCHER Widow  
13 03/04/1766 James HENVILLE Widower   Susanna KEDDER Single Alverstoke
14 06/12/1766 William SEGEAR Single Alverstoke Elizabeth RAPLEY    
15 04/09/1768 Thomas SEAGAR Widower Alverstoke Barbara HUSON Single  
16 26/09/1768 William LEWIS Single Alverstoke Ann HOSFORD Widow  
17 11/10/1768 Peter NEWMAN Single Titchfield Elizabeth JARVIS Single  
18 05/07/1770 Richard KINGGETT Single Alverstoke Elizabeth HARES Single  
19 30/03/1771 William HOLLAND Single   Mary COOK Single Fareham
20 20/10/1771 William BOUND Single   Elizabeth BOWER Single Alverstoke
21 02/04/1772 William WOODESON Single Alverstoke Hannah DAVISON Single  
22 02/04/1772 James PARKER Widower Titchfield Editha GRIMSTONE Widow  
23 21/04/1773 William PARSONS Widower Godshill Sarah BRYAN Single  
24 23/05/1773 William HENSTEED Single Titchfield Mary PALMER Single  
25 19/09/1773 John COFFIN Single   Hannah RAIN Single  
26 14/10/1773 Stephen DUBBER Single Fareham Ann LUNN Single  
27 09/01/1774 William DYER Widower Portsea Sarah MUNDAY Widow  
28 09/04/1774 William COLLINS Single Titchfield Mary JEFFERIES Single  
29 10/10/1774 William MARINER Single   Sarah PETERS Single  
30 06/05/1776 William BERRY Single Reading, Berkshire Mary DRAPER Widow  
31 10/08/1777 Richard MARSHALL Single Alverstoke Sarah REED Single  
32 21/06/1778 Samuel BARTLET Single   Elizabeth CUE Single  
33 14/10/1779 Peter NEWMAN Widower Titchfield Jane STOWE Single  
34 03/08/1780 Richard LANGTRY Single Alverstoke Elizabeth RIGGS Single  
35 28/03/1781 John VINE Single Christchurch Ann DARNELL Single  
36 26/04/1782 John AVERY Single Bishopstoke Mary LITTLEFIELD Single  
37 22/07/1782 James WADDEM Single Alverstoke Elizabeth BRIGGS Single  
38 05/09/1782 John BERRY Widower Alverstoke Deborah REED Single  
39 17/10/1782 Thomas MOORS Single Portsea Mary LOO Single  
40 17/10/1782 Moses LIGHT Single Alverstoke Elizabeth COTTON Single  
41 24/12/1782 William HARRISON Widower Glastonbury, Somerset Ann WHEELER Single  
43 04/07/1785 Joseph PINK Single   Ann AYLWARD Single  
42 16/02/1786 John GODWIN Single   Mary CLARKE Widow  
44 17/07/1786 Michael LAWRENCE Widower Eling Sarah JACKMAN Widow  
45 25/01/1787 James JEFFERY Single   Elizabeth COUSENS Single  
46 10/06/1787 Richard BROWN Single   Mary BOYCE Widow  
47 18/03/1788 David REED Single   Elizabeth HOOPER    
48 19/06/1788 Patrick JOHN Single   Catherine PARKIN Single  
49 19/12/1788 Anthony COLEMAN Widower   Ann JACKSON    
50 19/12/1788 John SMITH Single   Rose CLESSON    
51 09/07/1789 Peter HALL Single   Patience BOYCE    
52 01/03/1790 Thomas GUEST Single   Jane MILLS    
53 23/04/1790 Thomas APPLEN     Eliza QUIN   Alverstoke
54 30/01/1791 Isaac ISAAC   Bishopstoke Mary BUTTON    
55 26/06/1791 Robert FRAMPTON     Patience DANCEL    
56 12/07/1791 Thomas Adick FABAIN     Elizabeth STILL    
57 23/10/1791 Joseph DRING     Ann MILLS    
58 24/02/1795 Richard WHITE     Harriet GILES    
59 20/08/1795 John NEWTON Widower   Rebecca SHERRING Widow  
60 16/05/1796 Abraham PAGE Single   Susannah HOBBS    
61 12/06/1796 Stephen NEW Single Titchfield Amelia HAYTER Single  
62 29/12/1796 Samuel GOLDRING Single   Martha TRIVETT Single  
63 18/02/1797 Robert PENFOLD     Sarah DRAPER    
64 27/08/1798 William CHASE Single Alverstoke Ann DASH Single  
65 01/04/1799 James CUSSEL Single   Charlotte LECK Single  
66 01/07/1799 William HOLLY     Mary SINGLETON    
67 01/07/1799 Joseph ANN     Ann CURREM    
68 04/07/1799 Walter WILTSHIRE     Esther FOLSTON    
69 14/07/1799 Emanuel FRANCIS     Catherine MILTON    
70 23/11/1799 Robert ALLEN     Rachel SHEPPARD    
71 02/06/1800 James CAPELLERE     Mary HANDLEY    
72 24/08/1802 John BARTON Widower St John, Westminster, Middlesex Margaret TITCHER Single  
73 30/05/1803 Samuel PRIMAS     Mary CLAVES    
74 18/07/1803 John SCOTT     Elizabeth FACEY    
75 09/07/1810 John White PRITCHARD     Frances Maria APPLEBY    
2 26/11/1814 John STARES     Mary COBB   Alverstoke
4 27/10/1816 George JONES     Hursley CULLIMER    
7 11/06/1817 Archibald CAMPBELL   St Thomas, Winchester Anne BLACKFORD    
8 30/12/1817 Philip WILLIAMS Single City Of London Jane BLACKFORD    

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