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Tufton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Tufton is located in the northern portion of central Hampshire. Tufton sits about 6 miles east of the market town of Andover and a mile south of the large village of Whitchurch. There is not much to Tufton, it consists of a group of properties around manor and church lying on the southern bank of the River Test, to its immediate east runs the busy A34 which connects Southampton with Oxford. The parish consists of two distinct areas, the floodplain of the Test which would have provided lush pastures for cattle and the chalk downlands to the south where sheep would have roamed. Nowadays much of these sheep-runs have been converted to cereals as a result of modern heavy machinery. The Test is headed southwards to meet the English Channel through the port of Southampton. Tufton is sited at around 70 metres above sea level and the hills to its south rise a further 40 metres or so. The parish was rather small for the area, as befits its relatively small population, and covered around 1,500 acres supporting just 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Tufton was held by Wherwell Abbey and boasted just 4 ploughs although it did possess 2 mills on the Test.

The Church

St Mary's church sits close to the river on the northern edge of the hamlet. The church has many indications of its great age, windows in the nave and the chancel arch are dateable to the Norman period of 11th/12th century and the lancets in the chancel give it an Early English date of the 13th century. Unlike many other churches in the district Pevsner does not mention the usual attentions of the Victorians and any restoration must have been very light and sensitive. The church is simple in form with just nave & chancel, there is no tower just a tiny rather stubby bell-turret. The church sits at a junction with the access track to the manor, a partially rendered brick & flint wall protects the graveyard and a wooden gateway at the southern end of the site grants access. The graveyard is fairly open but the church is strangely sited close to its northern edge and is hemmed by farm buildings from that side, otherwise photographic angles are unrestricted.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th July 1762 - 13th May 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 34M82/PR2
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th September 1814 - 30th April 1835 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 34M82/PR3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Whitchurch All Hallows
Longparish St Nicholas
Whitchurch All Hallows
Longparish St Nicholas
Bullington St Michael
Bullington St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/07/1762 Alexander BAUGH Single   Elizabeth DOVEY    
21/01/1764 Robert PITTER   Crawley Alice SMITH    
06/05/1764 John SKEAT     Elizabeth DUDMAN    
02/08/1765 Thomas PHILLIPS   Hurstbourne Priors Mary PARKER    
30/06/1767 George ALEXANDER     Rebecca BRIGHT    
09/11/1767 William FARRANT   Barton Stacey Elizabeth BAVERSTOCK    
27/09/1774 John PURDUE     Mary MORLEY    
25/10/1774 John COAL   Micheldever Jane GIBBS    
31/07/1775 Thomas PECK     Ruth NORRIS    
14/10/1776 John BURGESS   East Stratton Sarah SMITH    
18/02/1780 William MILLS   Amport Rebecca ELMS    
26/05/1785 John SMITH     Elizabeth LOVELOCK    
09/11/1785 John CHURCH     Mary PURDUE    
16/10/1786 Joseph FISHER   Whitchurch Ann CALLOWAY    
29/10/1787 Thomas FORREST Widower   Mary RUSTON Single  
04/09/1794 William MUNDAY     Rebecca SMITH    
13/10/1794 James SHAW   Whitchurch Sarah FIELDER    
20/10/1794 William WEAVER   Hurstbourne Priors Elizabeth PURDUE    
12/03/1795 David STRANGE Single Bossington Sarah STAGG Single  
26/07/1798 Jacob Hinxman COURTNEY Single St Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire Mary PAIN Single  
11/10/1798 Thomas SMITH Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single Hurstbourne Priors
25/10/1798 George GREEN Single Hurstbourne Tarrant Elizabeth CHIVIS Single  
13/06/1799 William COURTNEY Single Barton Stacey Sarah PAINE Single  
14/06/1803 William WEAVING     Jane CALAWAY    
03/04/1804 William BRIDGE     Rebecca PURDUE    
01/12/1804 Richard LAMBORN     Hannah CHIVIS    
01/12/1804 William CHIVIS     Fanny NAISH    
28/10/1805 George GREEN     Miriam PAGE    
02/11/1805 James PARKER     Rebecca MUNDAY    
14/11/1805 John MATTHEWS     Ann FEW    
19/11/1807 James LOCK     Mary SMITH    
15/11/1808 James PADDOCK     Sarah JEROME    
15/11/1810 John PURVER Widower   Jane CALLAWAY Single  
04/05/1811 James CROUCHER   Wonston Elizabeth NEWPORT    
16/05/1811 James NEWPORT     Mary CHURCH    
13/05/1812 Michael CHIVESS   Wonston Sarah ANDREWS    
1 24/09/1814 John LEVERSUCH Single   Mary Ann ADNAM Single  
2 22/06/1816 James BLAKE Single   Ann HOARE Single  
3 20/07/1817 John MORRELL Single   Sarah NEWPORT Single  
4 22/05/1819 Bartholomew LESTER Widower   Hannah HARRINGTON Widow  
5 31/05/1819 Charles BALL Single Longparish Rachael STREAMS Single  
6 14/08/1819 Thomas LAWRENCE Single   Jane COLEBROOK Widow  
7 21/08/1819 William MOON Single   Mary NEWPORT Widow  
8 14/10/1819 Charles William FOLLS Single   Sarah STREAM Single  
9 20/01/1820 Richard LAMBURN Widower   Sarah NEWPORT Widow  
10 03/04/1820 William TAPLIN Single   Hannah PHILLIPS Single  
11 27/08/1822 Charles GIBBS Single   Jemima CULLEY Single  
12 12/10/1822 Charles RAMPTON Single   Rachael PEARCE Single  
13 26/06/1823 George GREGORY Single   Eleanor WELCH Single  
14 13/10/1823 William BISHOP Single   Mary Ann RUTT Single  
15 14/02/1824 George NEWPORT Single   Charlotte LAMDEN Single  
16 07/07/1824 George SMITH Single   Jane ATKINS Single  
17 08/01/1825 James MILLS Single   Hannah STREAM Single  
18 18/02/1826 James VOKES Single   Ann RANCE Single  
19 30/10/1826 Thomas WOOLLMAN Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
20 02/09/1827 Thomas RAMPTON Single   Mary GREEN Single  
21 14/04/1828 Charles YARLETT Single   Emmah ELTON Single  
22 01/12/1828 Jonathan PRICE Widower   Elizabeth STAGG Single  
23 28/04/1829 William BARNETT Single   Ann COLEBROOK Single  
24 13/09/1829 John BARNETT Single   Harriet COLLISS Single  
25 02/01/1830 James COLLIS Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
26 02/08/1830 James PRIOR Single   Derinna ELTON Single  
27 05/05/1831 William NEWPORT Widower   Jane WITTS Single  
28 28/07/1831 Henry Edward TWYMAN Single   Sarah EMBER Single Whitchurch
29 16/06/1833 George PALMER Single   Sophia ELTON Single  
30 10/12/1833 James WEBB Single Laverstoke Hannah WEAVER Single  
31 25/12/1833 Henry SHAW Single   Sarah GREEN Single  
32 08/02/1834 George COLEBROOK Single   Sarah CHIVEYS Single  
33 30/04/1835 David SMITH Single   Eleanor BAVERSTOCK Single  

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