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Wield St James


The Parish

The parish of Wield lies in northern central Hampshire about 6 miles west of the market town of Alton. Wield has two distinct centre Lower & Upper Wield separated by over a mile on the chalk downlands of this area of Hampshire. Both settlements lie in a wide area devoid of major roads, the closest numbered road being the B3046 road which connects Alresford with Basingstoke and which lies nearly 3 miles west of Lower Wield. The area is underlain by chalk giving ideal conditions for sheep rearing for both wool & meat the mainstays of the economy of Wield parish. Given that chalk is porous there is virtually no surface drainage immediately around the village, dry valleys head west and then south to emerge as a tributary of the River Itchen near to Brown Candover thence to the English Channel through the port of Southampton. Wield is sited at around 170 metres above the sea in rolling chalk downland countryside, the village of Upper Wield sits on something of a ridge with local heights barely 10 metres higher. Wield parish was fairly typically sized for its area covering 2,100 acres it would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Wield was a relatively small place, held by the Bishop of Winchester it could offer solely 10 ploughs.

The Church

St James' church sits in Upper Wield tucked away behind properties on the western side of the village. The church has its origins in the 12th century but little remains from that period as a result of a major rebuild in the 1880s. Pevsner notes that both the southern & priest's doorways show 12th century features as does the chancel arch (often the oldest part of any church). The remainder of, what is a simple nave & chancel design topped by a weatherboarded bell-turret, dates from that 1880s rebuild. Just south of the main village junctions there is a broad grassy pull-in, opposite a footpath sign points the way to church & village stores, St James is a few yards along on the left and accessed through a pair of wooden gates. Once within the churchyard is relatively open and with no impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th May 1756 - 17th December 1812 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 101M71/PR4
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads Only the first 3 entries are in a poor hand the remainder are acceptable
2 1st June 1813 - 13th May 1837 Hampshire Record Office - Reference - 101M71/PR6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Preston Candover St Mary
Preston Candover St Mary
Bradley All Saints
Bentworth St Mary
Chilton Candover St Nicholas
Bentworth St Mary
Old Alresford St Mary
Old Alresford St Mary
Medstead St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/05/1756 Thomas MERRIFELD   Old Alresford Mary COOK    
11/10/1756 Samuel GILES     Elizabeth WINDEBANK    
05/01/1757 Thomas FINDEN     Mary LITTLEWORTH    
12/05/1759 John CLERK     Elizabeth NEWMAN    
09/12/1759 William PINK     Elizabeth PARSONS    
10/09/1760 William SMEETH Single   Sarah WINDEBANK Single  
02/02/1761 Thomas DYER Single Chawton Sarah CROFT Single  
08/04/1761 William HALL Single Old Alresford Mary ELTON Single  
02/11/1761 Henry HOAR Single Itchen Stoke Mary PARSONS Single  
21/12/1762 John HENWOOD Single   Rebecca WINDEBANK Single  
08/08/1763 Charles USHER   South Warnborough Mary WINDEBANK    
23/04/1764 Thomas COLLIER   Ropley Mary MACKERILL    
21/11/1764 James WINDEBANK     Grace SYMSON    
31/03/1766 William HENWOOD     Mary WINDEBANK    
31/03/1766 William BENNET     Mary WINDEBANK    
10/11/1766 William PITTER   Bentworth Elizabeth MERRIOT    
24/11/1767 Robert BUDD     Mary SCRIVEN    
26/12/1767 William GIBBS     Elizabeth FINDEN    
25/05/1768 William WINDYBANK   Shalden Mary FOSTER    
15/05/1769 Thomas STEVENS     Sarah WINDEBANK    
23/01/1770 William PAIN     Hannah PARSONS    
06/08/1770 Michael HENWOOD Single   Hannah WINDEBANK Single  
05/11/1770 Richard KNIGHT     Elizabeth WINDEBANK    
27/05/1771 William BUTLER   St Maurice, Winchester Mary HUNT    
29/06/1771 James SMITH     Sarah PITTER    
16/06/1772 Thomas TILBURY     Anne WEBB    
05/02/1774 James COLLYER   Basingstoke Mary GREGORY    
08/09/1774 James IVALL     Dinah CAMIES    
17/07/1775 John FAITHFUL   Preston Candover Sarah NAISH    
17/10/1775 James CROSSWELL   Bentworth Olive WELLS    
31/03/1777 Richard HALL     Elizabeth HENWOOD    
22/04/1777 Thomas FRANKLUN   Bradley Elizabeth SPARKES    
06/05/1778 James TOLLFREE   Itchen Stoke Sarah WINDEBANK    
19/07/1778 Richard PHILLIPS   East Tisted Elizabeth CLARKE    
05/08/1779 John CLARKE   Dummer Ann WOODROOF    
30/10/1779 Thomas MARLOW   Nutley Sarah HUNT    
24/07/1780 Thomas WESTBROOK     Jane FINDEN    
12/11/1781 William FINDEN     Mary COOPER    
30/06/1782 William PURGIS     Honora GOODAL    
05/09/1783 William GILES   Old Alresford Rebekah WINDEBANK    
07/11/1783 James COLLIS   Medstead Susannah WINDEBANK    
05/05/1784 Paul HUGHES     Sarah COWPER    
14/05/1785 William ADAMS   Nutley Mary CLARK    
06/02/1786 William KNIGHT     Elizabeth WINDEBANK    
04/11/1786 John MAPLEBACK     Jane HORN    
29/03/1787 John WHITE     Mary USHER    
09/04/1787 William KNIGHT   Preston Candover Hannah HENWOOD    
09/09/1787 Richard BONE     Elizabeth ANSELL    
30/10/1788 Richard WELLS     Mary LITTLEWORTH    
16/03/1789 Henry FINDEN     Ann HAMPTON    
07/05/1789 William GILES     Ann GARDNER    
30/09/1790 John BONE   Medstead Rebecca SMEETH    
16/05/1791 James WINDEBANK     Elizabeth KNIGHT    
01/02/1792 Ambrose EGERTON   Basingstoke Rebecca HENWOOD    
01/10/1792 James COR     Ann GOODALE    
29/10/1792 Samuel GILES   Brown Candover Mary WINDEBANK    
04/11/1793 Jonathan GARDINER   Dummer Hannah PAIN    
15/10/1794 John CLARK     Martha WARREN    
17/03/1795 William ROSETTER     Sarah AXFORD    
03/10/1796 Thomas COLMAN Single   Jane WHATMORE Single  
07/12/1797 Charles LINCY Single Old Alresford Sarah LITTLEWORTH    
21/01/1798 Thomas IVALL Single   Jane BONE Single Medstead
30/04/1798 Robert NEWMAN   Old Alresford Martha KNIGHT    
22/11/1798 Thomas WESTBROOK   Old Alresford Phoebe SMITH    
13/05/1799 William SMEETH     Hester APPLETON    
19/08/1799 James KIMBER   Brown Candover Mary PAGE    
12/10/1801 John WATTS     Ann COOPER    
21/08/1803 William BALLARD     Martha WATMORE    
28/10/1804 George SMITH     Rebecca BOSIER    
16/01/1805 Thomas ASLETT   Preston Candover Elizabeth MARTIN    
15/07/1805 George COLLINS     Fanny BATT   Medstead
31/08/1805 Benjamin BROWN   Preston Candover Amelia WINDEBANK    
02/01/1806 James PAIN     Sarah MARTIN    
14/07/1806 Charles COSENS     Anne GOODALL    
20/08/1806 John COSENS     Sarah BOSHYER    
30/06/1807 Isaac PERN     Elizabeth WHITEAR    
11/11/1807 Thomas WESTBROOK     Jemima TAPHOUSE    
12/06/1809 Thomas REED     Jane TRIMMER    
12/10/1809 Simon WATSON     Ann GEFREY    
03/02/1810 John SMITH   Binstead Harriet GILES    
17/11/1810 James MARLOW     Hannah PAGE    
08/06/1811 Samuel WELLS   Bentworth Ann BARNS    
21/09/1811 James GOODALL   East Tisted Elizabeth MARLOW    
14/12/1811 Thomas BONE   Bentworth Charlotte BONE    
24/09/1812 Samuel BROAD     Hannah WINDEBANK    
10/12/1812 Thomas GOODALL     Sarah BIDE    
17/12/1812 Isaac FRANCIS Single Chilton Candover Hannah GUNNER    
1 01/06/1813 John CANNONS Single Froxfield Mary RANDALL    
2 25/11/1815 Joseph OLIVER Single   Catharine COLLINS    
3 23/03/1816 George PAGE Single   Martha KNIGHT    
4 30/04/1816 Joseph MURRELL Single Thorpe, Surrey Ann YOUNG    
5 11/05/1816 John SPENCER   Preston Candover Hannah MARTER    
6 21/12/1816 Edward BONE     Charlotte WELLS    
7 11/01/1817 George BONE     Jane PURCHASE    
8 11/08/1817 William WELLS     Mary Ann DANIELS    
9 01/11/1817 James BONE     Jane GILES    
10 24/11/1817 Jeremiah MESSENGER     Mary WINDEBANK    
11 24/09/1818 John ALLAM   East Tisted Elizabeth YOUNG    
12 17/10/1818 William LEDGER   Cliddesden Hannah PHILLIPS    
13 22/05/1819 Joseph BOX     Sarah KIMBER    
14 08/07/1820 Elijah GILES     Charlotte WHITE    
15 26/10/1820 James HOLDAWAY   Bentworth Sarah WILD    
16 04/12/1820 John HYLYAR     Mary COLLINS    
17 19/01/1822 John GOODGER     Harriet KNIGHT    
18 01/05/1823 George GOFFE     Mary SMEETH    
19 15/12/1823 George KENNISON   Brown Candover Anna COLEMAN    
20 05/10/1824 George COVER   Martyr Worthy Martha KNIGHT    
21 29/11/1824 Edward MESSENGER     Harriett WHITE    
22 09/12/1824 Thomas SPIERS   Medstead Hannah GILES    
23 03/02/1825 Charles GOFFE     Anna BONE    
24 03/02/1825 Henry YOUNG     Lucy GOFFE    
25 15/02/1825 Henry HENWOOD   Basingstoke Sarah GOODCHILD    
26 30/08/1825 Edward James DAVIES   Sunbury, Middlesex Sophia ANDREWS    
27 07/11/1825 Thomas STEVENS     Maria VOLLER    
28 16/02/1826 William KEENS   Farleigh Wallop Maria COLMAN    
29 02/11/1826 George RANDALL     Maria THORN    
30 11/07/1827 William PRATT     Harriet LEAVEY    
31 28/07/1827 James SUMNER     Elizabeth WHITE    
32 16/11/1827 George WESTBROOK     Charlotte KNIGHT    
33 10/11/1828 James KING     Sarah Anne LENEY    
34 27/11/1830 George GILES     Amelia GILES    
35 09/07/1831 George WINDEBANK     Sarah BROWN    
36 21/01/1832 Thomas KNIGHT     Maria FENDEN    
37 01/02/1834 George WESTBROOK     Anne KNOWLES    
38 29/03/1834 John COX     Anne BAKER    
39 24/05/1834 John THORN   Preston Candover Harriet FINDEN    
40 04/09/1834 John EARWAKER     Anne EWEN    
41 16/10/1834 David WHITE     Eliza COX    
42 02/01/1836 Henry GOODYER     Harriet GILES    
43 30/01/1836 Charles WESTBROOK     Martha TUNE    
44 14/05/1836 William VINCE     Sarah SMEETH    
45 13/05/1837 George BAKER     Mary Anne RANDLE    

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