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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Madley Nativity of the Virgin


The Parish

The parish of Madley lies in western central Herefordshire about 7 miles west of the city of Hereford. Madley sits on the B4352 road which connects Hereford with Hay on Wye in Breconshire. Madley is a large and compact village built on the outer floodplain of the River Wye and lying 2 miles south of that river. Most properties are built either side of the B4352 or along the lane heading southwestwards towards Vowchurch. This is dairy & beef country with an economy dominated by pastoral farming with a few cider orchards on the higher ground to the south of the parish. The parish is drained eastwards and then north by the Cage Brook which soon joins the Wye, the latter is followed to the Bristol Channel exiting through the port of Chepstow. Madley is sited at around 80 metres above the sea and sits on a level plain some 17 metres above the height of the Wye, land rises sharply in the south to local heights of 177 metres on Brampton Hill. Madley parish was one of the larger in its county, covering just over 5,000 acres, more reminiscent of an upland parish, it would have supported a population of around 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Madley was a holding of the Canons of Hereford but was a small place offering just 5 ploughs and a small patch of woodland.

The Church

The church of the Nativity of the Virgin stands at the main junction within the village but set some 50 metres down the Vowchurch lane. The church has its origins in Norman times, originally a typical cruciform church in the Romanesque style it was later converted to a nave, chancel and western tower layout. The northern porch is actually the reused transept of the original building. The remodeling happened once the church became a possession of the Dean & Chapter of Hereford and was conducted in the 13th century in the Early English Gothic style of that century. The western tower is the current church's piece de resistance, Pevsner describes it as "a beautiful piece, stately and trustworthy". The building was not a single effort, the chancel was rebuilt less than half a century after its construction and in the Decorated style. Of course restoration took place in Victorian times, here the chancel, nave & aisles in 1878 and the Chilstone Chapel in 1883. The church sits in a slightly elevated position opposite commercial premises, the lane is narrow but there is room for a car just beyond the site. The churchyard has many trees making it a challenge to adequately capture what is one of finest churches in its county.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th August 1754 - 15th May 1800 Herefordshire Archives - Reference - BK52/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th February 1801 - 30th November 1812 Herefordshire Archives Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Sadly 5 years of these BTs are missing making for a series of entries lost to history
3 2nd March 1813 - 10th June 1837 Herefordshire Archives - Reference - BK52/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Byford St John the Baptist
Bridge Sollers St Andrew
Bishopstone St Lawrence
Kenchester St Michael
Preston on Wye St Lawrence
Tyberton St Mary
Vowchurch St Bartholomew
Eaton Bishop St Michael
Kingstone St Michael
Vowchurch St Bartholomew
Vowchurch St Bartholomew
Abbey Dore St Mary
Kingstone St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/08/1754 Richard BYLT     Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
2 19/08/1754 Henry COLE   Fownhope Martha JAMES Single Tyberton
3 16/11/1754 James WATHAN Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
4 28/02/1755 William POWELL Widower   Katherine BAYNHAM Widow  
5 12/04/1755 Herbert TOMKINS Single Pipe Cum Lyde Sarah MEREDITH Single  
6 06/11/1755 David PROBART Widower   Jane EVANS Single  
7 15/01/1756 Joseph JONES Single   Ann PREECE Single Tyberton
8 05/02/1756 Samuel CRISP Single   Catherine HEAD Single  
9 19/04/1756 Thomas HARPER Widower   Mary WATKINS Single  
10 25/05/1756 John ARTHUR Single Breinton Ruth PARRY Single  
11 07/06/1756 Henry PHILPOTS Widower   Ann MORRIS Single  
12 23/07/1756 John GRITTON Single Bridge Sollers Susanna PREECE Single  
13 30/12/1756 Edmund SKYRME Single Lugwardine Sarah DAVIES Single  
14 30/05/1757 William BAUGHAN Widower   Sarah MATTHEWS Single  
15 21/07/1757 John THOMAS Single Eaton Bishop Margaret PHILIPS Single  
16 08/11/1757 John WATKINS Single   Eleanor THOMAS Single  
17 21/11/1757 Thomas MUTLEE Single   Elizabeth GARRET Single  
18 29/01/1758 John COOK Single   Mary MORGAN Single Bacton
19 06/02/1758 Richard LEWIS Single   Anne WALTERS Single  
20 14/02/1758 Stephen BRACE Widower   Martha THOMAS Single  
21 27/03/1758 David COOK Widower   Mary MADDOX Single  
22 30/03/1758 Thomas WATKINS Single Eaton Bishop Jane IRELAND Single  
23 06/05/1758 James JONES Widower   Ann CRUMP Widow  
24 16/05/1758 Benjamin WALTERS Widower   Jane SEABORNE Single St John, Hereford
25 27/06/1758 Samuel PARTRIDGE Widower Ross Elizabeth WATKINS Widow  
26 12/08/1758 Benjamin CARWARDINE Widower   Ann FOOT Widow Kenchester
27 22/11/1758 Richard JAMES Single   Elizabeth SEABORNE Single  
28 03/01/1759 William COOK Single   Elizabeth BOYCE Single  
29 11/02/1759 George FOOT Single   Ann SPENCER Single Blakemere
30 27/02/1759 William WILLIAMS Single Kinnersley Jemima CRUMP Single  
31 11/05/1759 William GARNONS Single Eaton Bishop Anne DAVIES Single  
32 04/06/1759 John MORGAN Single Kingstone Elinor EVANS Single  
33 17/07/1759 John LAWRENCE Single   Elizabeth NASH Widow  
34 22/10/1759 Richard MATTHEWS Single Eaton Bishop Anne JENKINS Single  
35 05/01/1760 John ARNOLD Single   Mary PRITCHARD Single  
36 15/05/1760 John CROSS Single   Frances FLOYD Single Tyberton
37 19/05/1760 William SUTOR Single   Anne PAYNE Single  
38 02/08/1760 James PRITCHARD Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
39 24/08/1760 John PROBYN Single Tyberton Anne WILLIAMS Single  
40 12/10/1760 John PRITCHARD Single   Irene LEWIS Widow  
41 13/11/1760 John JONES Single   Edith DAVIS Single  
42 29/12/1760 John THOMAS Single   Jane BISHOP Single  
43 27/04/1761 John WATKINS Single Abbey Dore Anne WATKINS Single  
44 25/11/1761 John WATKINS Single Eaton Bishop Elizabeth EVANS Single  
45 25/11/1761 Bartholomew PRITCHARD Single Much Dewchurch Lucy PUGH Single  
46 26/12/1761 Philip TAYLER Single   Elizabeth CHANCE Single  
47 31/01/1762 William BEVEN Single St Nicholas, Hereford Mary DAVIS Single  
48 17/02/1762 John MORGAN Single   Phoebe MADDOX Single Kingstone
49 21/02/1762 William BAUGH Single Kingstone Anne MORGAN Single  
50 03/05/1762 John DAVIES Single   Elinor BURD Single  
51 17/05/1762 John PREECE Single St Martin, Hereford Mary PAINE Single  
52 29/05/1762 John MATTHEWS Single   Mary DELAHAY Single  
53 24/01/1763 James POWLES Single   Constance FOOT Single  
54 13/06/1763 John AMISS Single   Sarah PROSSER Single  
55 27/06/1763 John LLOYD Single Eaton Bishop Sarah ECKLEY Single  
56 02/07/1763 Thomas PREECE Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
57 11/07/1763 Benjamin BEAVAN Single Allensmore Ann GREENWAY Single  
58 28/08/1763 William BOYCE Single   Margaret GREENWAY Single  
59 07/02/1764 John ECKLEY Single   Constance HARRIS Single Vowchurch
60 05/03/1764 Philip BEAVAN Single   Elizabeth COOK Widow  
61 17/05/1764 Loyd PRICE Single   Anne EVANS Single  
62 03/12/1764 John BIGG Single   Mary GUNTER Widow  
63 28/05/1765 Thomas BAUGHAN Single   Mary GREENWAY Single  
64 27/11/1765 Francis MORGAN Single   Mary GREENWAY Single  
65 03/05/1766 Richard SCUDAMORE Single Breinton Hannah THOMAS Single  
66 07/05/1766 William WATKINS Single   Mary EVERETT Single  
67 06/07/1766 John WOODING Single   Margaret VAUGHAN Single  
68 02/03/1767 James MEREDITH Single   Margaret POWEL Single  
69 29/06/1767 James GRIFFITH Widower   Mary SNEAD Single  
70 10/08/1767 Thomas PARRY     Elizabeth PRICE    
71 11/08/1767 Henry LLOYD     Sarah GRIFFITHS    
72 16/11/1767 Thomas LLOYD   Llanwarne Mary ROBERTS    
73 09/06/1768 John WILLIAMS Single   Susannah WILLIAMS Single  
74 11/06/1768 Thomas DAVIES Single   Ann EVANS Single  
75 26/07/1768 Thomas EVANS Single Kingstone Elizabeth POWELL Single  
76 14/08/1768 Thomas COOK Single   Elizabeth BEVAN Single  
77 21/08/1768 Philip PREECE Widower   Elizabeth PUGH Single  
78 03/10/1768 John CRUMP Single   Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
79 13/10/1768 David JONES Single   Margaret MEREDITH Single  
80 22/11/1768 Thomas WEBB Single Vowchurch Elizabeth POWLES Single  
81 01/12/1768 John ROBERTS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
82 15/05/1769 John SYMONDS Single   Sarah ROGERS Single  
83 24/05/1769 Robert WILLIAMS Single Preston On Wye Anne MEREDITH Single  
84 10/06/1769 Thomas COOK Widower   Mary MADDY Single  
85 20/06/1769 Benjamin PROSSER Single   Susannah MEREDITH Single  
86 22/06/1769 David PARRY Single Eaton Bishop Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
87 30/09/1769 John PRICE Single Vowchurch Mary MORGAN Single  
88 10/10/1769 William GOODE Single Marden Sarah GRAVES Single  
89 24/02/1770 Benjamin CROSS Single   Mary NASH Single  
90 25/02/1770 John HARRIS Single   Mary WOODFORD Single  
27/08/1770 William BISHOP     Elizabeth PAYNE    
01/10/1771 John PHILIPS   Clehonger Catherine GARRET    
25/01/1772 James MATTHEWS   Kingstone Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
03/03/1772 William COWPER     Ann WATKINS    
08/05/1772 Samuel JONES     Elizabeth JAMES    
11/09/1772 Christopher KINGDOM     Elizabeth MORGAN    
18/10/1772 Arnold ROGERS Single   Mary SCHOLES Single  
30/11/1772 Benjamin SKYRME Single   Margaret PROSSER Single  
06/03/1773 Thomas GUY     Susanna BIRCH   Mansell Lacy
31/05/1773 David LEWIS     Mary JAMES    
92 27/06/1773 James TAYLOR     Mary WILLIAMS    
93 03/08/1773 David THOMAS     Elizabeth SMITH    
94 15/02/1774 Joseph ATHERSUCH     Elizabeth SEABORNE    
95 06/04/1774 James WILLIAMS Single Kington Martha BEVAN    
96 05/05/1774 Richard SEABORNE Single Vowchurch Ann COOKE    
97 20/03/1775 Thomas EVANS Single   Esther JONES Single  
98 12/06/1775 William GARDINER Single Bishopstone Mary WILLIAMS Single  
99 05/07/1775 Samuel MORRIS   All Saints, Hereford Elizabeth GRITTON    
100 11/12/1775 Walter GUNTER     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
101 30/12/1775 John SMITH Single   Mary IRELAND Single Bacton
102 04/01/1776 Edward JONES Single   Elizabeth SEABORNE Single  
103 21/02/1776 John HARRIS   Bridge Sollers Sarah GARRET Single  
104 19/12/1776 Samuel GOODS Single Eaton Bishop Catherine EVANS Single  
105 12/03/1777 Thomas WATKINS     Mary HANCORN    
106 29/05/1777 Benjamin WATKINS Single   Ann SCOLES Single  
108 06/07/1777 Thomas CHARLES Single St Devereux Anna Maria BAUGHAN Single  
107 17/07/1777 Thomas WOOTON Single Mansell Gamage Mary WILLIAMS Single  
109 15/12/1777 Thomas BEVAN Single Vowchurch Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
110 17/05/1778 John WILLIAMS Single Allensmore Ann BOWEN Single  
111 25/06/1778 John LLOYD Single Preston On Wye Ann HARPER Single  
112 21/12/1778 James PHILIPS Single   Mary ROGERS Single  
113 28/12/1778 Philip POWEL Single   Mary GOODS Single  
114 15/02/1779 John ELLIOTTS Single   Susanna HARPER Single  
115 04/07/1779 James MORGAN Single   Mary WHITING Single  
116 11/07/1779 John HERGEST Single   Anne WILLAIMS Single  
117 14/07/1779 John THOMAS Single Sellack Margaret HANCORN Single  
118 18/09/1779 Richard JAMES Widower   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
119 15/10/1779 Richard HOPE Single Tyberton Joan HARRIS Single  
120 20/11/1779 James TAYLOR Single   Mary KNILL Single Clifford
121 05/06/1780 John GRIFFITHS Single St Peter, Hereford Sarah BULLOCK Single  
122 31/07/1780 John WILLIAMS Single Vowchurch Mary SARGENT Single  
123 28/08/1780 Thomas JONES Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
124 17/10/1780 Benjamin COOK Single   Anne JONES Single  
125 22/10/1780 Joseph MINARD Single   Mary COOK Single  
126 26/07/1781 William PHILIPS Single   Eleanor PROBERT Single  
127 07/03/1782 William WILLIAMS Single   Margaret PRITCHARD    
128 07/11/1782 John HODGES Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
129 03/03/1783 Charles KIDLEY Single   Mary TRILLOE Single  
130 16/03/1783 John PROBERT Single   Margaret VAUGHAN Widow  
131 25/09/1783 James TRISTRAM Single   Sarah HERRING Single  
132 14/06/1784 James EVANS Single   Hannah PEW Single  
133 21/06/1784 James THOMAS Single Clodock Anne SHOWARD Single  
134 03/07/1784 Edward PENNER Single St Martin, Hereford Ann TULLEY Single  
135 03/08/1784 Thomas BURGUM Single   Elizabeth PRITCHARD Single Clehonger
136 28/11/1784 William PROBERT Single   Elizabeth GRIGH Single  
137 28/03/1785 James PRITCHARD Widower   Mary ARNOLD Single  
138 22/12/1785 James JONES Single   Elizabeth PEW Single  
139 19/01/1786 William HAYWOOD Single Clifford Anne JONES Single  
140 19/02/1786 Alexander ANDREWS Single All Saints, Hereford Elizabeth EVANS Single  
141 23/03/1786 John PRITCHARD Single   Ann FOOT Single  
142 05/06/1786 Thomas JONES Single   Elizabeth PROBYN Single  
143 06/07/1786 John MORGAN Single   Anne JONES Single  
144 27/07/1786 Thomas CHESHIRE Widower Kingstone Margaret WOODIN Widow  
145 10/08/1786 John GWILLIM Single Preston On Wye Ann WILLIAMS Single  
146 19/04/1787 Thomas MATHEWS Single   Anne DELAHAY Single  
147 15/05/1787 John WILLIAMS Single   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
148 19/05/1787 Thomas PRIEST Single   Mary BEAVAN Single  
149 01/02/1788 Thomas MORGAN Single Peterchurch Anne BEAVAN Single  
149 21/02/1788 John PUGH Widower   Elizabeth JONES Widow  
150 09/06/1788 Thomas JAMES Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
152 05/09/1788 William DAVIES Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single Conwil Gaio, Carmarthenshire
153 23/01/1789 John GRIFFITHS Widower   Catherine WILLIAMS Single  
154 04/02/1789 Uriah JONES Single   Ann JONES Single  
155 16/04/1789 John LLOYD     Elizabeth ELLIOT Single  
156 10/05/1789 Charles HARGEST Single   Esther PROSSER Single  
157 27/07/1789 Richard PREECE Single Abbey Dore Mary HARRINGTON Single  
158 23/08/1789 Thomas JONES Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
159 05/11/1789 John DAVIS Single   Elizabeth PEMBRIDGE Single  
160 29/11/1789 William BOOYEAR     Ann MEREDITH    
161 13/05/1790 William TRISTRAM Single   Mary DAVIES    
162 13/05/1790 John MARSH Single All Saints, Hereford Elizabeth KENYON Widow  
163 20/11/1790 William THOMAS Single   Susan WEST    
164 11/03/1791 Henry Davis CLARK Single   Elizabeth FOOT    
165 05/05/1791 John MORGAN Single   Mary GUNTER Single  
166 07/05/1791 Richard ANDREWS Single   Elizabeth SHUKER Single  
167 21/07/1791 John PEMBRIDGE Single   Mary HANCOX    
168 23/11/1791 Richard WEST Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
169 14/12/1791 James DAVIES Single   Mary PRICE Single  
170 05/05/1792 Richard BAUGHAN Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
171 26/06/1792 John WATKINS Single Wormbridge Jemima GOODS Single  
172 24/12/1792 Benjamin COLLINS Single   Sarah HOWELLS Single  
173 23/01/1793 Joseph HOWELLS Single   Mary DEW Single  
174 07/05/1793 John BUILT Single   Eleanor LLOYD Single  
175 17/06/1793 James LEWIS Single   Catherine GRIFFITHS Widow  
176 20/06/1793 John WALTERS Single   Ann MEREDITH Single  
177 30/01/1794 Francis GRITTON Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
178 20/02/1794 Thomas THOMAS Single Monnington On Wye Kate BUILT Single  
179 09/05/1794 James WATKINS Single   Elizabeth ARNOLD Single  
180 19/12/1794 Joseph HARPER Single Tyberton Catherine LEWIS Single  
181 20/01/1795 Joseph PRICHARD Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
182 18/05/1795 Edward Zachariah CASTREE Single   Sarah JAMES Single  
183 04/06/1795 James WAITHE Single Preston On Wye Sarah WATKINS Single  
184 15/06/1795 John TRILLIO Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
185 22/06/1795 George PREECE Single Kilpeck Elizabeth PROBERT Single  
186 23/06/1795 John HOPKINS Single Preston On Wye Elizabeth RUCK Single  
187 15/08/1795 Thomas POWELL Single   Joan WILLIAMS Single  
188 27/09/1795 John JAMES Single Llangattock Lingoed, Monmouthshire Catherine MORGAN Single  
189 19/04/1796 Samuel SARGENT Single   Elizabeth WATKINS Single  
190 17/05/1796 William LAWRENCE Single   Ann HARRIS Widow  
191 30/06/1796 Edward EVANS Single   Mary PRICHARD Single  
192 31/10/1796 Joseph LEA Single Vowchurch Mary SYMONDS Single  
31/12/1796 Thomas WILCOX Single   Mary WATKINS Single  
26/01/1797 Thomas PROSSER Single Vowchurch Elizabeth BEVAN Single  
15/04/1797 Thomas LEA Single   Catherine THOMAS Single  
10/05/1797 Samuel WALTERS Single Vowchurch Ann FRANCIS    
25/06/1797 James POWELL Widower Vowchurch Margaret PRICE    
26/09/1797 Walter PROSSER Single Dulas Sarah Maria PRITCHARD    
01/05/1798 Thomas WHITING Widower   Margaret BUILT Single  
03/05/1798 Richard DAVIES Single   Mary WATKINS Single  
17/05/1798 William RALPH Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
24/07/1798 Jeremiah MORGAN Single   Ann PRICE Single  
17/12/1798 John ARNOLD Single   Ann PROBYN Single  
31/12/1798 James WATKINS Single   Ann RUCK Single  
19/04/1799 John JONES Widower   Mary THOMAS Single  
18/06/1799 John PRITCHARD Single   Ann EMMONDS Single  
07/01/1800 John WILLIAMS Single   Margaret EUSTANCE Single  
08/05/1800 James PILLINER Single Breinton Mary BEAVAN Single  
15/05/1800 Thomas DAVIES Single   Mary JONES Widow  
05/02/1801 William GRAVENER Single Canon Pyon Elizabeth SMITH Single  
22/03/1801 William PRITCHARD Single   Mary MEREDITH Single  
29/03/1801 Walter POWELL     Mary POWELL    
23/07/1801 Richard COOK     Mary BANTON    
08/10/1801 Benjamin PHILLIPS     Martha BARRELL    
22/12/1801 Richard BAUGHAN     Elizabeth KENYON    
12/05/1803 David PHILLIPPS     Jemima WATKINS    
26/06/1803 William ROWLANDS     Ann PRICE    
28/07/1803 Samuel ELLIOTT     Ann SMITH Single  
22/08/1803 Humphrey MEREDITH     Lydia WILLIAMS    
28/09/1803 Edwin Crisp GUY     Mary PRITCHARD Single  
25/01/1804 Benjamin CHRISTOPHER     Mary WILLIAMS    
04/02/1804 John WATKINS     Susanna JONES    
14/03/1804 Arnold TRISTRUM     Elizabeth MADDOX    
11/04/1804 William ELLIOTT     Ann KYRWOOD    
12/04/1804 William Andrew VEVERS     Elizabeth MADDY    
20/04/1804 William ECKLEY     Martha JONES    
03/05/1804 Robert SHIPPER     Ann CORF    
10/05/1804 William BEAVAN     Mary RALPH    
29/05/1804 Daniel JONES     Jane BAILES    
12/06/1804 Charles LEWIS     Elizabeth WHITING    
15/06/1804 William AMISS     Mary JONES    
04/09/1804 Robert MORGAN     Ann EXTON    
27/05/1805 James PRITCHARD     Elizabeth THOMAS    
07/01/1808 James HOWARD     Elizabeth Catherine LUCAS    
15/05/1808 William DYKES     Elizabeth KINGDOM    
02/06/1808 John WILLIAMS     Martha PRITCHARD    
27/04/1809 William PREECE     Sarah CRUMP    
17/06/1809 William SMITH     Ann PRITCHARD    
13/07/1809 Thomas EDWARDS     Margaret LEWIS    
30/11/1809 George DAVIES     Ann WILLIAMS    
112 30/05/1812 James DAVIS Single   Margaret CRUMP Single  
16/06/1812 William THOMAS     Mary LONG    
27/07/1812 James WATKINS     Mary CROSS    
14/09/1812 William BURGOYNE     Ann TRISTRAM    
19/11/1812 Joseph CROSS     Mary MORGAN    
30/11/1812 Thomas VAUGHAN     Sarah MAGNESS    
1 02/03/1813 William MORGAN Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
2 20/05/1813 Job BOUCOTT Single   Amelia COOK Single  
3 03/06/1813 William JONES Single   Elizabeth PYE Single  
4 25/01/1814 John PRICE Single Standish, Lancashire Margaret SMITH Single  
5 03/02/1814 Thomas HILTON Single   Ann BETHELL Single  
6 22/02/1814 Thomas JONES Single   Ann LEWIS Single  
7 22/02/1814 Edward MORGAN Widower Dilwyn Elizabeth WEST Single  
8 31/05/1814 James PEMBRIDGE Single   Margaret PROSSER Single  
9 02/06/1814 William RAWLINS Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
10 18/10/1814 James MERRICK Single   Elizabeth ROWBERRY Single  
11 02/02/1815 Francis HOWARD Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
12 13/06/1815 Thomas HAYNES Single   Margaret SHEWARD Single  
13 24/05/1816 William BONNETT Single Eardisland Susannah SMITH Single  
14 15/05/1817 William PRITCHARD Widower Clehonger Ann WHITEING    
15 28/05/1817 Hoseph ASHFORD   Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Mary PRICE    
16 01/07/1817 Richard PARRY Single   Lucy PROSSER Single  
17 26/09/1817 John EASTON Single St John, Hereford Margaret SYMMONDS Single  
18 14/05/1818 Andrew DAVIES Single   Betty COOK Single  
19 30/07/1818 William LAWRENCE Widower   Mary PRICE Widow  
20 26/01/1819 Thomas MORGAN Single   Anne SKYRME Single  
21 16/02/1819 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
22 29/04/1819 Richard SMITH Single   Mary Ann PEMBER Single Byford
23 06/05/1819 John PRICE Single Eaton Bishop Sarah LLOYD Single  
24 05/06/1819 Robert KINGS Single Eastnor Mary PYE Single  
25 24/07/1819 Richard SNEAD Single Bridge Sollers Elizabeth GRAVENOR Widow  
26 17/10/1819 James HUGHES     Mary BEAVAN Single  
27 14/02/1820 Edward NASH Single   Elizabeth BAUGHAN Single  
28 30/03/1820 John JONES Single   Elizabeth PEMBRIDGE Single  
29 27/04/1820 John GRIFFITHS Single   Theodosia WHITING Single  
30 07/05/1820 William JONES Single   Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
31 26/05/1820 Joseph DAVIS Single   Ann MINARD Single  
32 22/06/1820 John PREECE Single   Ann ARNOLD Single  
33 20/08/1820 William JENKINS Single Kingstone Susannah REYNOLDS Single  
34 14/12/1820 Thomas JONES     Sarah DEW    
35 07/05/1821 William MAPP Single   Mary BEVAN Single  
36 27/06/1821 Thomas HEDGES Single   Sarah GRIFFITHS Single  
37 22/07/1821 John PROBERT Single   Catherina FOWLER Single  
38 30/09/1821 Arnold ROGERS Widower   Sarah MEREDITH Single  
39 27/11/1821 William MORGAN Single   Ann HOPKINS Single  
40 09/12/1821 James WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth MOSELY Single  
41 01/01/1822 William HOWELLS Single Vowchurch Mary WILSON Single  
42 31/01/1822 John GOUGH Single Burghill Ann ELLIOTT Single  
43 10/03/1822 William MORGAN Single   Elizabeth WATKINS Single  
44 07/04/1822 John DAVIES Single   Ann WATKINS Single  
45 30/06/1822 Phillip FOWLER Single   Elizabeth MILLS Single  
46 20/10/1822 John PROSSER Widower   Ann PRICE Single  
47 10/11/1822 James DAVIES Single   Mary BEART Single  
48 11/02/1823 Walter BAUGHAN Single   Martha CRUMP Widow  
49 15/07/1823 John BOWEN Single   Ann MAP Single  
51 29/09/1824 John DAVIES     Mary COOKE   Abbey Dore
52 23/10/1824 James MAPP Single   Margaret WILLIAMS    
53 25/11/1824 George Higgins PYE Single Ledbury Harriet PYE Single  
54 23/01/1825 Thomas GUNTER Single   Mary POWELL Single  
55 22/06/1825 John BIRCH Single   Jane BRACE    
56 03/07/1825 William COX Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
57 06/10/1825 William RATCLIFF Single North Luffenham, Rutland Catharine LLOYD Single  
58 19/01/1826 William JAMES Single   Mary KNILL   St Peter, Hereford
59 23/01/1826 James COTTRELL Single Allensmore Elizabeth CHRISTY Single  
60 20/02/1826 James WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth BUILT Single  
61 16/03/1826 James POWELL Single   Charlotte WILLIAMS Single  
62 01/04/1826 Joseph JAMES     Ann PEMBRIDGE    
63 20/04/1826 William THOMAS Single   Ann MATTHEWS Single  
64 21/05/1826 Ludowick PREECE Single   Jane CHRISTIE Single  
65 01/06/1826 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Mary JONES Single  
66 12/02/1827 John SAUNDERS     Lucy LEWIS    
67 16/04/1827 William GREEN Widower   Margaret PUGH Single  
68 26/04/1827 William SYMONDS Single   Sarah BARNETT Single  
69 30/05/1827 John JONES Single   Ann PREECE Single  
70 30/05/1827 John FISHER Single   Mary HARRINGTON Single  
71 18/06/1827 John HONEY Single   Susanna WEST Single  
72 04/09/1827 William PHILLIPPS Single   Mary PHILLIPPS Single  
73 04/09/1827 Philip LEWIS Single Allensmore Sarah PIGEON Widow  
74 04/09/1827 George DAVIES Single   Catharine THOMAS Single  
75 28/11/1827 Joseph PRITCHARD Widower   Rebecca DOWDING Single  
76 21/12/1827 George POWLES Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
77 04/02/1828 Thomas CROSS Single   Elizabeth EMBRY Single  
78 19/02/1828 Thomas MORGAN Single   Hannah THOMAS Single  
79 28/05/1828 John ROGERS Single   Eliza MALLITT Single  
80 02/06/1828 Thomas POWELL Single   Sarah CRUMP Single  
81 30/12/1828 James JONES Single   Charlotte CRUMP Single  
82 22/01/1829 Mark THOMAS Single   Mary PRITCHARD Single  
83 23/01/1830 James MINARD Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
84 13/02/1830 George MINARD Single   Elizabeth WATKINS Single  
85 13/04/1830 James PRICE     Ann NASH    
86 15/05/1830 James WHITING Widower   Hester ECKLEY Widow  
87 27/05/1830 Thomas GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
88 29/07/1830 William SKIPP     Elizabeth JONES    
89 12/08/1830 George GRIFFIN Single Bishopstone Sarah SMITH Single  
90 28/09/1830 John WHITING     Ann PHILLIPS   Eaton Bishop
91 13/02/1832 David JONES Widower   Catherine PREECE Widow  
92 01/08/1832 James JONES Single   Charlotte PRITCHARD Single  
93 01/08/1833 William Seward WOOD Single Vowchurch Mary Ann HARDWICK Single  
94 28/10/1833 William PREECE Single   Ann PROSSER Single  
95 08/05/1834 George JENNINGS Single   Ann Whitehall PHILLIPS Single St Owen, Hereford
96 04/09/1834 Thomas WATKINS   All Saints, Hereford Elizabeth TRISTRAM    
97 18/09/1834 Benjamin BURGOYNE Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
98 24/12/1834 John PEMBER Single Allensmore Mary FLATMAN Single  
99 01/01/1835 William HUGGINS Widower   Ann JONES Single  
100 26/11/1835 John PHILLIPS Single Kingstone Elizabeth Catherine HOWARD    
101 15/02/1836 James VAUGHN Widower   Lucy PERKINS Single  
102 25/02/1836 James HILES   St Nicholas, Hereford Marianne TOMBLINGS    
103 03/03/1836 William WATKINS   Abbey Dore Ann GARDEN    
104 05/05/1836 Thomas COLLINS Single   Susan ARNOLD Single Eaton Bishop
105 24/05/1836 James COLEMAN Single Eaton Bishop Ann MORGAN Single  
106 31/05/1836 William JAMES Single   Emma COOKE Single  
107 26/06/1836 John JONES Single   Susan BENGOUGH Single  
108 29/09/1836 Benjamin WATKINS Single   Elizabeth PROSSER Single  
109 03/11/1836 John POWELL Single Eaton Bishop Sarah PEMBRIDGE Single  
110 06/11/1836 James JONES Single Allensmore Elizabeth COTTERELL Widow  
111 15/11/1836 John WHEELER Single Hentland Mary LLOYD Single  
113 10/06/1837 Thomas LLEWELLIN Single   Elizabeth HARPER Single  

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