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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Orleton St George


The Parish

The parish of Orleton is in northern Herefordshire, indeed it forms a small portion of the border with neighbouring Shropshire. Orleton is a substantial compact village which lies about 5 miles southwest of the Shropshire market town of Ludlow. Orleton is sited just east of the B4361 road which links Ludlow with Leominster and just south of its junction with the B4362 (Brimfield to Presteigne) road. Within Orleton parish the Marches railway line runs north to south on its way from Shrewsbury through to South Wales. Orleton had a mixed agricultural regime at the time of this transcript with roughly half the land pastoral and half arable, nowadays the arable tends to dominate. Orleton lies at the junction of two drainage systems, some heads south to join the Lugg at Leominster others flows east to join the Teme to the east of Brimfield, the low ridge between the two valleys being flat and marshy in the past. Orleton is sited at around 90 metres above sea level but land rises steeply to the west to the tops of Yeld's Hill & Yatton Hill, the latter crowned by a hill fort. orleton parish was a fairly typical size for a Herefordshire parish at around 2,500 acres it supported around 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Orleton was held by Ralph of Mortimer (a prominent landowner in the region) and supported 11 ploughs.

The Church

St George's church lies towards the eastern end of Orleton, hidden from view behind houses (except for its prominent steeple). The majority of the church dates from the 13th and 14th centuries although Pevsner is quick to point out Norman features that may push it further back in time. With the classic nave, chancel & western tower (topped by a very distinctive shingled spire) most is in the Early English style of that period. The chancel, however, was essentially rebuilt in the Victorian restoration but sympathetically retained the same styling. The church can be approached from both east and west, at the eastern end a pair of wooden gates gives access from an entrance hidden behind the houses. Once inside the views open out and although somewhat hemmed in from the west the views from the north allow photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th May 1754 - 31st October 1811 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - BO91/5 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 17th May 1813 - 22nd May 1837 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - BO91/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Leinthall Earles St Andrew
Richard's Castle All Saints, Shropshire
Richard's Castle All Saints, Shropshire
Leinthall Earles St Andrew
Brimfield St Michael
Yarpole St Leonard
Yarpole St Leonard
Eye St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/01/1754 George DAVIES     Anne BEAVAN    
13/05/1754 Thomas SANDERS   Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Anne CRADDOCK    
10/06/1754 Charles FAULKNER     Elizabeth WARRINGTON    
23/07/1754 Richard PURSLOW   Ludlow, Shropshire Elizabeth HOPKINS    
25/02/1755 Matthew DALE     Anne STEPHENS   Eye
19/05/1755 Henry PURCELL     Elizabeth PHILIPPS    
12/06/1755 William VALE     Elinor PROSSER   Leominster
21/04/1756 John MARTYN   Whitbourne Jane JONES    
12/05/1756 William PEIRCE   Aymestrey Margaret HARRIS    
15/06/1756 Thomas YATES     Anne MASON    
21/02/1757 William MEREDITH     Parnel WALL    
18/04/1757 Thomas HARRISON     Elizabeth NOTT    
02/06/1757 Henry NOTT     Mary JONES    
15/01/1758 Samuel BALL   Eye Mary COOND    
15/01/1759 John BRIDWATERS     Anne SMITH    
29/02/1759 Richard HILL   Eye Mary KEYSAL    
26/12/1760 Thomas BRUNT     Mary PROCTER    
30/01/1761 John RICHARDS     Mary PHILIPPS    
09/03/1761 John COOKE     Mary BEDDOW   Kingsland
09/05/1761 Richard MOOR     Mary NICHOLS    
24/03/1762 Richard HORSNET   Middleton On The Hill Anne POWEL    
02/06/1762 Robert DAVIES     Martha LLOYD    
12/05/1763 John VAUGHAN     Elizabeth BILL    
06/10/1763 John COSTIN     Elizabeth POOTON    
31/05/1764 Thomas EVANS     Susannah JONES    
12/02/1765 Richard MASON     Frances PROCTER    
18/05/1765 John WALKER     Anne POYNER   Aymestrey
09/06/1765 John MEREDITH   Kington Mary FAKENER    
24/07/1765 Jeremiah REYNOLDS   Richards Castle, Shropshire Elizabeth COOPER    
27/07/1765 Mark WALKER     Elizabeth YAP    
10/07/1766 John ROLLINGS     Hannah LAURENCE    
05/07/1767 Thomas ROBERTS     Mary HEAD    
11/02/1768 William TAYLOR     Elizabeth KINGTON    
17/02/1769 John SMITH     Margaret DALLAWAY   Stanton Lacy, Shropshire
02/05/1769 James WEAL   Kington Mary FLETCHER    
26/11/1769 Joshua JAMES     Elizabeth HILL    
13/03/1770 Thomas GRIFFIN   Leominster Ann VERNAM    
03/05/1770 James MAUND   Yarpole Sarah BANKS    
23/01/1771 Thomas SANDERS     Mary SMITH    
27/06/1771 John COWPER     Mary BANKS    
27/01/1772 William PHILIPS     Sarah HOSKIS    
03/05/1772 William POWEL   Burrington Jane LLOYD    
13/05/1772 Thomas MANTLE     Ann NICHOLS    
11/11/1772 Charles MORRIS   Richards Castle, Shropshire Elizabeth BANKS    
27/06/1773 Thomas BANKS     Mary STEPTOE    
13/08/1773 John DRURY     Ann DUN    
28/09/1773 Edward EDWARDS     Martha GWILT    
31/12/1773 George HALL   Brimfield Mary CUND    
06/06/1774 Edward POWIS     Sarah PREECE    
19/06/1775 Edward MASON     Eleanor DAVIES    
04/12/1775 Richard TOWN     Elizabeth PENNY   Brimfield
09/12/1775 John POWELL   Brimfield Sarah HUNT    
13/02/1776 William MOORE     Martha GRIFFITHS    
24/04/1776 John WALL     Elizabeth WATERS    
06/05/1776 Benjamin CARADINE   Eye Ann MASON    
27/08/1776 John LLOYD     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
08/11/1776 Thomas MEDLICOTT   Brimfield Ann POOTON    
18/11/1776 Thomas HOLLINS     Ann PRICE    
30/12/1776 John STEAD   Richards Castle, Shropshire Ann NORGROVE    
11/02/1777 Francis MOORE   Aymestrey Elizabeth PURCELL    
19/05/1777 John DAVIES     Mary REYNOLDS    
11/06/1777 Henry NOTT     Margaret PRICE   Leominster
23/11/1777 Richard WALKER   Richards Castle, Shropshire Martha BRIDGWATERS    
03/03/1778 Richard YAPP     Henrietta Sarah COLEMAN    
18/05/1778 Richard POWELL     Mary PHILIPS    
18/06/1778 Richard CHILD     Sarah POTT    
05/07/1778 Richard FLETCHER     Tabitha LLOYD    
15/07/1778 William MASON   Yarpole Hannah YAPP    
30/08/1778 Thomas JONES     Mary TOMKINS    
07/05/1779 Thomas SANDERS     Mary PRICE    
30/12/1779 Edward HICKS     Elizabeth GAILEY    
21/02/1781 William MEREDITH     Mary BENIONS    
09/10/1781 Edward TARVERVILLE     Mary TRUMPER    
06/05/1783 John CLEOBURY     Eleanor PROBBART    
31/10/1783 Richard COLEMAN     Elizabeth CHURCHMAN   Clunbury, Shropshire
13/04/1785 William HALL     Ann PROBART    
21/05/1785 John COWPER     Mary DYER    
31/01/1786 John BENIAN     Alice PROSSER    
12/02/1786 William STEPHENS     Jane BANKS    
18/03/1786 Thomas VAUGHAN     Ann COLEMAN    
17/04/1786 George COOK     Penelope MASON    
10/05/1787 Beck YAPP     Elianor WATERS    
29/05/1787 William JONES   Onibury, Shropshire Susanna MASON    
29/06/1787 James WATERS     Elizabeth HARGIST    
05/09/1787 Robert STEPHENS     Eleanor COLLIER    
30/11/1787 Thomas MORGAN   Pembridge Ann MEDLICOT    
23/03/1788 Aaron PARRY     Margaret DAVIS    
17/04/1788 John POTTS     Elizabeth HILL   Kingsland
29/04/1788 William COLEMAN     Betty BEVAN   Middleton On The Hill
05/05/1788 Edward DOWNES     Susannah SANDERS    
25/09/1788 Thomas NORRIS     Elizabeth COLEMAN    
07/05/1789 William COXSHALL   Yarpole Elizabeth POWELL    
13/05/1789 Edmund PRICE   Brampton Bryan Mary PROSSER    
28/12/1789 William MORRIS     Mary CLARK    
01/07/1790 Samuel BOTTEREL Single Leominster Mary MASON Single  
07/07/1790 John PARKER   Yarpole Elizabeth BILL    
19/07/1790 Samuel CRUMP     Catharine MOORE    
08/08/1790 Peter ROE   Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Sarah SHEPHERD    
06/05/1791 Edward WILLIAMS     Mary PRICE    
09/07/1791 Thomas ANDREWS     Ann BUFTON    
24/12/1791 John PHILIPPS     Mary TYLER    
08/01/1793 John NASH   Leominster Elizabeth PHILIPPS    
11/02/1793 Edward WHITECHAMP     Ann TIPTON    
03/06/1793 Benjamin PRINCE     Margaret BRIDGEWATERS    
07/06/1793 John PRINCE   Wigmore Martha HAYNES    
18/01/1794 Edward HAYNS   Upton Upon Severn, Worcestershire Jane MATTHEWS    
18/02/1794 Samuel FLETCHER     Mary MOORE    
02/05/1794 Thomas VASTON     Mary POOTON    
10/12/1794 William POWIS     Susannah MORRIS   Richards Castle, Shropshire
28/01/1796 Matthias PRICE     Mary TARBERVILLE    
30/03/1796 John TRUMPER     Katharine PRICE    
03/05/1796 James YEOMAN     Margaret POWLE    
06/06/1796 Rodd LEWIS   Yarpole Mary CLARKE    
20/10/1796 Joseph SKIDMORE   Yarpole Mary BILL    
09/03/1797 George PRICE     Mary PLATT    
16/07/1797 Thomas DOWNS   Eye Sarah SERWELL    
17/04/1798 John WILKES   Kimbolton Martha PROSSER    
03/05/1798 Thomas FAUCKNER   Aymestrey Elizabeth YEATES    
25/06/1798 William DAVIS     Mary WILLIAMS    
16/08/1798 John MATTHEWS     Mary HOWELLS    
19/09/1798 Thomas LEMM   Eye Elizabeth CARADINE    
02/10/1798 Edward TILSTONE     Mary GITTORS    
23/12/1798 Richard DAVIS   Aymestrey Ann MASON    
01/06/1800 William KNIGHT     Ann STANTON    
07/08/1800 Benjamin PRICE     Sarah COLE    
04/09/1801 John JONES     Ann HARLEY    
05/09/1802 Theophilus SALWAY   Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire Mary DAVIS    
02/06/1803 Richard BACH     Sarah PROSSER    
28/09/1803 James HAYNES   Berrington, Shropshire Mary BAYLISS    
18/12/1803 James STEPHENS     Mary NORGROVE    
13/02/1804 Samuel LANGFORD     Ann EVANS    
08/05/1804 William PAYNE     Martha BRIDGWATERS    
01/11/1804 John BARNARD     Elizabeth NORGROVE    
25/03/1805 John PROSSER     Mary WILKES    
03/05/1805 Thomas BUFTON     Ann COOPER    
08/07/1805 George YELD   Pembridge Elizabeth HILL    
27/11/1806 William PROBART     Mary STEPHENS    
08/05/1807 George SMITH     Ann BEAUMONT    
15/02/1808 Thomas JONES     Ann HARRISON    
12/04/1809 Richard POWELL     Jane CARTWRIGHT    
25/04/1809 William THOMAS     Jane ROGERS    
02/05/1810 Charles KNILL     Mary BENNIAN    
04/05/1810 Thomas YEATES     Eleanor SPENCER    
01/06/1810 Samuel SMITH   Brimfield Margaret CLEOBURY    
16/03/1811 Joseph JONES     Priscilla WALKER    
06/05/1811 John LEWIS   Wormsley Elizabeth THOMAS    
31/10/1811 Richard WARBURTON     Ann KELSO    
1 17/05/1813 Samuell DAVIS   Bromfield, Shropshire Rebekah ANSLOW    
2 15/06/1813 Richard HORSENET     Ann GITTOWS    
3 13/12/1813 John MATTHEWS     Susannah COOPER    
4 08/07/1815 Edward POWEL   Bromfield, Shropshire Hannah SPENCER    
5 24/10/1815 William PRICE     Elizabeth PROCTER    
6 04/05/1816 John HUGHES     Mary LEWIS    
7 07/05/1816 Paul HOWELLS     Margaret PREECE    
8 20/11/1816 William COSTIN     Mary GILLY    
9 23/07/1817 Richard YAPP     Mary STEPHENS    
10 27/01/1818 Henry HERRING     Hester NURDIN    
11 16/04/1818 Isaac SPENCER     Eleanor PEARCE   Chirbury, Shropshire
12 15/09/1818 Robert THOMAS     Elizabeth PRICE    
13 22/02/1819 William YOUNG   Kingsland Mary EDWARDS    
14 09/03/1819 Richard RADNOR     Martha ROWLEY    
15 18/05/1819 John DREW   Ludlow, Shropshire Ann SANDERS    
16 15/10/1819 George YAPP Widower   Anne TAYLOR Widow Eye
17 22/12/1819 Thomas WATTS Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
18 31/01/1820 Thomas BAYLISS Single   Jane RAWLINGS Single  
19 14/02/1820 James HARDS Single Richards Castle, Shropshire Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
20 06/04/1820 George MATTHEWS Single Yarpole Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
21 11/05/1820 Thomas KNIGHT Single   Harriet PRICE Single  
22 22/02/1821 Thomas JOURDAN Single Chetton, Shropshire Jane LAMB Single  
23 10/04/1821 James SHEWARD Single   Elizabeth VAUGHAN Single  
24 03/05/1821 William PARRY Single Eye Esther ROWLEY Single  
25 07/06/1821 John PHILLIPS Single Bayton, Worcestershire Susanna JOANDRELL Single  
26 31/07/1821 John BRAZIER Single Richards Castle, Shropshire Anne PREECE Single  
27 25/03/1822 William WARBURTON Single   Mary NORGROVE Single  
28 07/05/1822 John LAMB Single   Mary TYMBS Single  
29 07/05/1822 Edward HALL Single Cleobury North, Shropshire Lucy PRICE Single  
30 19/08/1822 James WATKINS Single Shobdon Catherine POWIS Single  
31 02/10/1822 John COSTIN Widower   Susan PINCHES Single  
32 03/04/1823 Henry MEACHAM Single Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire Jane SPENCER Single  
33 27/05/1823 William ELEMENT Single   Susanna MASON Single  
34 09/07/1823 John MORGAN Single   Sarah HOTCHKISS Single  
35 09/07/1823 Charles ROBERTS Single Elton Anne MOOR Single  
36 06/05/1824 Thomas PALMER Single   Mary JONES Single  
37 30/11/1824 William POWLES Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
38 19/03/1825 Samuel MAUND Single   Anne PROBERT Single Eye
39 14/04/1825 George John BOYCE Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Anne PRICE Single  
40 02/05/1825 William DERRICOTT Single   Elizabeth STEWARD Single  
41 20/06/1825 John CLEOBURY Single   Ann NORGROVE Single  
42 21/07/1825 George LEWIS Single Norton, Radnorshire Elizabeth NEWMAN Single  
43 21/08/1825 Edward PALMER Single   Sarah JAMES Single  
44 01/09/1825 John NOTT Single   Prudence PRICE Single  
45 14/11/1825 Richard HOGGINS Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
46 09/05/1826 William DAVIES Single   Mary SANDERS Single  
47 25/05/1826 William TAYLOR Single Yarpole Mary SPENCER Single  
48 25/04/1827 William RADNOR Single   Charlotte PREECE Single  
49 05/07/1827 William ALLFORD Single Brimfield Elizabeth COLEMAN Single  
50 01/05/1828 Samuel VALE Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  
51 06/05/1828 Edward PREECE Single   Elizabeth HINTON Single  
52 20/05/1828 Thomas BYEWATER Single Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire Anne HOWELLS Single  
53 19/08/1828 George NOTT Single   Margaret VALE Widow  
54 15/09/1828 John POTTS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
55 22/09/1828 Thomas DAVIES Widower   Jane SHEPHERD Single  
56 11/12/1828 William COLLINS Single   Jane JORDAN Widow  
57 02/09/1829 James WATKINS Single   Mary PARRY Single  
58 19/11/1829 Richard DERRICOTT Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
59 27/03/1830 Thomas PRICE Single   Sarah DAVIES Single  
60 06/05/1830 William WARBURTON Widower   Martha MASON Single Ashford Carbonell, Shropshire
61 10/05/1832 John BOWDLER Single   Sarah TOSTON Single  
62 23/06/1832 James MOORE Single   Elizabeth GOODE Single  
63 24/07/1832 James POWELL Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah MORRIS Single  
64 16/05/1833 Samuel JORDAN   Bromfield, Shropshire Ann TRANTRAM    
65 21/05/1833 Thomas PREECE Single   Anne BERRY Single  
66 23/05/1833 George MILLS Single   Anne NEWMAN Single  
67 15/07/1833 Samuel HARRIS Single   Elizabeth HARDS Widow  
68 03/09/1833 Richard HANDLEY Single   Hannah CLEOBURY Single  
69 16/10/1833 Richard GWILLIM Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
70 03/07/1834 Richard SMALL Widower   Mary Ann DAVIES Single  
71 02/03/1835 William PATRICK Single   Martha JAMES Single  
72 03/08/1835 John HARPER Single   Anne HIMBURY Single  
73 12/04/1836 Thomas HOWELLS Single   Sarah PREECE Single  
74 21/07/1836 John HARRIS Single   Anne CHAPMAN Single  
75 22/05/1837 George WALTERS Single   Sarah GODWIN Single  

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