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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Anstey St George


The Parish

The parish of Anstey lies in the extreme northeast of Hertfordshire, separated from neighbouring Essex by a few yards of Meesden parish. Anstey is located about 4 miles northeast of the small market town of Buntingford and sits just over a mile east of the B1368 road which connects Braughing with Barkway and onward to the busy A505. Anstey is a small village which is largely built along a north to south running lane extending mostly north of its Norman motte & bailey castle site, the castle (built by the land holding night Count Eustace of Boulogne) is merely a ruin. Anstey is even today a fairly rural farming community and throughout the period of this transcript that would have provided the principal income of the parish. Anstey is drained by the River Quin which flows southwards to join the Rib at Braughing and the Lea at Hertford before heading through the East End of London to the Thames Estuary and the North Sea. Anstey is sited at around 120 metres above the sea, land is fairly gently undulating and rises locally to heights of 140 metres to the northeast. Anstey parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it would have covered just over 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of close to 500 parishioners. In Domesday times the above mentioned Eustace held the greater share along with one Hardwin of Scales, collectively the parish could only offer 8 ploughs as well as meadows & woodland.

The Church

St George's church sits within the bailey of the former castle at the southern end of the built area of the village. Hare Street makes a sharp right-angled turn as it arrives from the south. With its cruciform design one is immediately alerted to the Norman origin and Pevsner is quick to point out the Romanesque base to the crossing tower but highlights details which place the building at the very end of that period c1200. Both chancel and transepts were rebuilt during the early English Gothic period of the 13th century and show the characteristic lancet windows of that style. The windows of the clerestory and aisles are late Perpendicular in style perhaps indicating a period of change during that great church building era. As is usual the Victorians made their usual restoration, in this case in the period 1869 - 1872. The church sits on the sharp bend with access at western end through the lychgate and at the eastern end by a gravel pathway to metal gates. The churchyard is free of obstacles and most angles are available to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th August 1754 - 23rd July 1792 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/5/1/5
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th January 1793 - 15th July 1812 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/5/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 15th July 1813 - 21st March 1836 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/5/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Barkway St Mary Magdalene
Barkway St Mary Magdalene
Barkway St Mary Magdalene
Wyddial St Giles
Meesden St Mary
Layston St Bartholomew
Great Hormead St Nicholas
Brent Pelham St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/01/1754 Thomas HOPWOOD     Ann GRANGER    
1 25/08/1754 Richard GREENHILL   Heydon, Essex Mary BAKER    
2 13/03/1755 Thomas GREENHILL     Sarah NAYLOR    
3 29/06/1755 John MARTIN     Elizabeth BARKER    
4 19/04/1756 William DUNNING   Layston Hannah DRAYTON    
5 20/10/1756 William BULL   Great Hormead Mary GREENHILL    
05/12/1756 Benjamin FROST   Great Hormead Mary GEORGE    
13/12/1756 William LAURENCE     Mary STANLEY   Braughing
17/02/1757 William LAKE     Abigail CLARKE    
30/11/1758 John STRANGE     Mary MEAD    
18/10/1759 Stephen SPARKS     Martha BARKER    
22/10/1759 Robert SMITH     Elisabeth FIGGIS    
18/02/1760 John WALLIS     Sarah DELLOW    
24/04/1760 Thomas PALLAT     Elisabeth GEORGE    
18/05/1760 Thomas GRANGER     Isabel SLINGER    
14/10/1760 George SHARPLIN     Mary CRANVIL    
06/11/1760 James WHEELER     Judith BROWN    
05/04/1761 George WRIGHT     Ann GREEN    
13/07/1761 Jacob BOTTERELL     Elisabeth PIGG    
02/12/1762 John BROWN     Sarah DELLOW    
22/01/1764 Thomas WADE     Mary SELL    
02/02/1764 John ROBINS     Mary GYNN    
23/02/1764 James WHEELER     Sarah CATELY    
08/07/1764 Nightingale REDSHEAR   Buckland Ann FORDHAM    
08/08/1764 John SKEGGS     Ann RIFT    
19/10/1764 William SELL     Sarah HOTT    
20/10/1764 William NOTTAGE     Susannah WADE    
08/07/1765 John WHEELER   Clavering, Essex Ann PILGRIM    
16/10/1765 Thomas FIGGIS     Mary DEAN    
20/10/1765 Jeffery PRATT   Rushden Mary EVERETT    
22/11/1765 Robert FIGGIS     Sarah KING    
03/03/1766 John CORNWELL Widower   Catharine MERCHANT Single Westmill
23/07/1766 John WRIGHT     Mary DELLOW    
21/04/1767 James BURR     Ann SPENCER Widow  
09/08/1767 Samuel KING     Margaret PRATT    
18/01/1768 John BERNARD Widower Barkway Elizabeth GREEN Widow  
23/01/1769 David CATELY     Martha LILLY    
11/10/1770 Thomas COULTON     Mary HOYE   Therfield
22/10/1770 Richard SKEGGS     Mary PALLET    
27/05/1771 Edward BAKER     Elizabeth FUNSTONE    
04/08/1771 Edward DRAYTON     Sarah WALLS    
29/10/1772 John CHAPEL     Elizabeth WALLIS    
22/12/1772 John HOY   Barkway Sarah WOODCOCK    
05/01/1773 Thomas MORRIS   Meesden Mary BAKER    
31/05/1773 John BAKER     Mary CHAPMAN    
21/10/1773 James WINTERS     Mary BARKER    
28/10/1773 Thomas BARKER     Elizabeth SMITH    
27/12/1773 Thomas HART     Ann DELLOW    
14/02/1774 Richard CAKEBREAD   Clavering, Essex Sarah HOY    
23/10/1774 John LEMAN     Elizabeth GIN    
15/11/1774 David BLUNT   Therfield Elizabeth LILLY    
09/12/1774 Thomas WARD     Judith WYMAN    
22/06/1775 Nathaniel CANNON     Ann STALLIBRASS    
06/07/1775 William PRYOR Single Great Hormead Elizabeth STALLYBRASS Single  
23/12/1775 Thomas CARTER   Barkway Dorothy CRANFIELD    
12/02/1776 John DELLOW     Susannah WYNTERS    
09/04/1776 John DUE     Hannah RULE    
30/12/1776 Winn CANNON   Rushden Ann CHAPMAN    
25/06/1777 George SMITH     Sarah THAKE    
06/10/1777 George SHARPLIN     Sarah SKEGGS    
03/11/1777 John NUTTING   Aspenden Mary PRATT    
11/03/1778 John ROBERTSON   Barkway Catharine CHAPMAN    
10/06/1778 Joseph WILSON     Mary GLASSCOCK    
14/10/1778 Rose SMITH     Amy WYMAN    
04/02/1779 Thomas SPICER     Mary ROFF    
09/02/1779 Francis BARDOLPH     Mary MARTIN    
11/02/1779 Thomas BULL     Mary MORRIS    
20/01/1780 Thomas BROWN     Mary PRATT    
28/03/1780 Thomas BRETON     Ann BORK    
02/04/1780 Thomas WALLIS   Layston Elizabeth GLASSCOCK    
11/10/1780 Stephen SPARKS     Sarah CAKEBREAD    
23/10/1780 John GODFRY     Mary DELLOW    
02/11/1780 Benjamin KING   Furneux Pelham Mary SCOTT    
27/02/1781 John POMFRET   Meesden Elizabeth BAKER    
11/09/1781 Thomas JOHNSON     Sarah BAKER    
17/10/1781 William MARTIN     Mary PLUMBE    
18/12/1781 William HOY     Mary GLASSCOCK    
09/01/1782 William SPICER     Mary BARRON    
27/03/1782 Edward TOUTS   Langley, Essex Mary WATTS    
13/10/1782 Thomas COPELAND     Sarah BENNET    
01/05/1783 Joseph WHISBY     Mary MARTIN    
04/09/1783 William FOSTER     Sarah SPARKES    
21/09/1783 John SMITH     Ann GRANGER    
09/10/1783 John SPARKES     Amy HOY    
12/10/1784 Francis ASTON     Mary NEWMAN    
26/10/1784 Robert SMITH     Elizabeth WITHAM    
18/04/1785 William BYE     Mary WILLSON    
14/06/1785 David GAME   All Saints, Hertford Elizabeth DELLOW    
29/11/1785 Joseph FIELD     Elizabeth VICKES    
05/01/1786 Thomas GODFREY     Ann SPICER    
01/02/1787 John HOYE     Elizabeth SPARKES    
12/04/1787 Edmund MAPLETOFT     Margaret MAPLETOFT   Saffron Walden, Essex
14/10/1787 Seth PITTY   Barkway Mary BROWN    
10/11/1787 James DOWSEHEAD   Sandon Ann CROUCH    
20/01/1788 William HALFHIDE Single Meesden Mary FINCH Single  
26/02/1788 Henry JOHNSON Single Furneux Pelham Elizabeth GAME Widow  
21/04/1788 John DELLOW Widower   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow  
18/07/1788 Joseph BAKER     Mary BURR    
25/11/1788 George CHAPMAN     Hannah SPICER    
18/12/1788 Mile HAMMOND     Susannah BRADSHAW    
20/09/1789 John JORDAN     Mary AUSTIN    
28/10/1789 John GLASSCOCK     Jane PERRY    
15/11/1789 John BERRY     Mary MARTAM    
24/12/1789 Thomas PRIOR     Ann STALLIBRASS    
18/02/1790 Thomas SOUTH   Barkway Charlotte NUNN    
24/05/1790 John WRIGHT     Jane SHARPLIN    
08/09/1790 James SMITH   Meesden Susanna BOUTLE    
15/11/1790 Edward DEW     Ann SEARL    
06/07/1791 Isaac ROBNETT Single Thundridge Susan WARD    
19/07/1791 William DEVAL Single Great Hormead Catharine NICHOLS Single  
24/10/1791 Richard SKEGGS Widower   Sarah BROWN Single  
03/01/1792 James SALMON   Meesden Sarah BURR    
23/07/1792 Henry JOPPS     Judith WARD    
1 05/01/1793 Edward SMITH     Sarah PERRY    
2 15/09/1794 William DELLOW     Sarah FINCH    
3 22/09/1794 James DEANES     Elizabeth SKEGGS    
4 26/01/1795 William CORNWELL Single   Hannah RANDALL Single Wyddial
5 02/03/1795 Noah HEYS     Martha SPARKS Single  
6 02/11/1795 James SKEGGS Single   Mary FIELDING Single Barley
7 10/05/1796 Henry JOPPS     Mary BAKER    
8 14/08/1796 Henry WICK     Ann BURR    
9 11/10/1796 John HICKS     Elizabeth WINTERS    
10 14/11/1796 Samuel GODFREY     Sarah RAND    
11 26/12/1796 John SKEGGS     Mary PRATT    
12 05/03/1797 John HOWLETT     Mary KING    
13 29/06/1797 William MORRIS Single   Hetty COE Single Reed
14 30/07/1797 John WARREN     Eadey TOUTS    
16 25/10/1797 Thomas VOSS   Barkway Elizabeth STARR    
17 01/12/1797 Edward ALLEN   Standon Susannah READ    
18 17/05/1798 William WOODCOCK   Barkway Elizabeth NOTTAGE    
19 17/10/1798 Edward PHILLIPS   Layston Martha WINTER    
20 06/01/1801 Thomas BENTLEY     Charlotte WINTERS    
21 05/05/1801 William CHAPELL     Lydia WEBB    
22 12/07/1802 John HEAD   Barkway Sarah DELLOW    
23 07/05/1803 Joseph MARTIN     Ann HURRY   Barkway
24 13/06/1803 William BAYFORD     Sarah WHISBEY    
25 05/07/1803 James CLARK     Ann BAKER    
26 16/07/1803 Thomas WELLS     Ellin BARKER    
27 10/11/1803 Robert MARVELL   Barkway Phebea BARDSHAW    
28 29/12/1803 William KING     Mary BYE    
29 29/05/1804 Samuel CHAPMAN   Barkway Elizabeth KING    
30 20/04/1805 William CLARK     Elizabeth HILTON    
31 16/10/1805 Stephen SPARKES     Martha GRIGGS    
32 19/11/1805 Daniel JONES     Mary MARTAIN    
33 14/10/1806 Benjamin BARKER     Sarah BYE    
34 18/05/1807 Thomas WHISBEY     Mary SPARKES    
35 18/06/1807 Jereboam FITCH Single   Mary BAKER Single  
36 04/07/1807 Thomas NUNN   Barkway Esther SKEGGS    
37 14/10/1807 Joseph READ Single   Sarah HAMMOND Single  
38 01/02/1808 James GODFREY Single Edmonton, Middlesex Mary MARTIN Widow  
39 11/10/1808 Thomas WHEELER Single   Martha HOYE Single  
40 15/10/1808 James CATLEY Single   Sarah FOX Single  
41 03/12/1808 John WHEELER Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
42 03/01/1809 Thomas SKIPP Single Great Hormead Rebecca BRETTON Single  
43 15/04/1809 William EDWARDS Single   Eadey WARREN Widow  
44 28/10/1809 Edward WITHAM Single   Ann JOINER Single  
45 28/10/1809 Thomas HIDE Single Great Hormead Sarah SMITH Single  
46 19/01/1811 James COXALL Single   Ann CHAPMAN Single  
47 07/10/1811 Richard HUTT Widower   Mary REED Widow  
48 12/11/1811 William SIMMANCE Single Barley Martha BAKER Single  
49 14/11/1811 Robert BYE Single   Sarah SOUTH Single  
50 24/12/1811 William MARTIN Single   Ann SMITH Single  
51 30/03/1812 Robert NEWLING Single Clavering, Essex Susannah GODFREY Single  
52 14/04/1812 William RUMBOLD Single Clavering, Essex Catharine CHAPLE Single  
53 01/06/1812 William BROWN Single   Susannah SOUTH Single  
54 09/06/1812 John BAKER Single   Ann PUMFRETT Single  
55 09/06/1812 Joseph BAKER Single   Elizabeth PUMFRETT Single  
56 15/07/1812 Joseph CATLEY Single   Elizabeth HAGGER Single  
1 15/07/1813 Edward CATLEY Single   Elizabeth FOX Single  
2 31/01/1815 Thomas WISBEY Single Braughing Margaret CHALMERS Single  
3 11/05/1815 William MONK Single   Jane Agnes CHALMERS Single  
4 15/07/1816 John DELLER Single   Sarah CHAPPEL Single  
5 31/10/1816 William MARTIN     Mary WARREN    
6 07/12/1816 William MARTIN   Barkway Ann WRIGHT    
7 11/12/1816 George WRIGHT     Sophy HOYE    
8 25/12/1816 George SPICER     Susannah BERRY    
9 15/02/1817 John BRETT     Sarah WRIGHT    
10 03/04/1817 Thomas GODFREY     Margaret HOY    
11 26/05/1817 George FINCH Single   Elizabeth SKEGGS Single  
12 15/07/1817 Allen BARKER     Elizabeth SMITH    
13 11/04/1818 William SPARKS Single   Ann SMITH Single  
14 11/05/1818 John MILLIS Single   Ann GODFREY Single  
15 18/06/1818 Able ASHFORD Single   Mary MAYHEW Single  
16 07/11/1818 William DANES Single   Lydia CLARK Single  
17 09/01/1819 William BAKER Single   Hannah WISBEY   Barkway
18 02/10/1819 George CLARK Single   Mary WHEELER Single  
19 25/12/1819 Edward SMITH Single   Elizabeth HOY Single  
20 25/12/1819 Stephen Henry HOPE Single Hackney, Middlesex Mary Anne STALLIBRASS    
21 04/01/1820 Benjamin SOUTH Single   Elizabeth CHALMERS Single  
22 22/06/1820 John GODFREY Widower   Mary JORDAN Widow  
23 02/12/1820 John HOY Single   Mary SOUTH Single  
24 17/10/1821 James SMITH Single   Jane BENTLEY Single  
25 03/11/1821 Thomas FOX Single   Elizabeth BRADFORD Single  
26 25/03/1822 James MARTIN Single   Sophia SOUTH Single  
27 15/07/1822 Thomas COXALL Single   Mary BAYFORD Single  
28 29/08/1822 Thomas BAKER Single   Mary BAKER Single  
29 26/02/1823 John SPARKS Single   Martha LAW Single  
30 11/03/1823 James FLACK Single   Mary LAWRENCE Single  
31 07/06/1823 John SKIP Single All Saints, Hertford Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
32 15/10/1823 Thomas SMITH Single   Sarah KING Single  
33 04/03/1824 William WARREN Single   Ruth CASTLE Single  
34 20/03/1824 John CHAPPEL Single   Sarah COXALL Single  
35 03/07/1824 James CRANWELL Single Great Hormead Elizabeth SMITH Single  
36 12/11/1824 Richard POVEY Single Camberwell, Surrey Sarah SHARPLIN Single  
37 21/07/1825 Thomas BAKER Widower   Ann BETTS Single  
38 12/10/1825 James HYDE Single Barkway Sarah CUTTS Single  
39 19/11/1825 William SMITH Single   Sarah WISBY Single  
40 01/12/1825 Allen BARKER Widower   Elizabeth CORBY Single  
41 07/12/1825 George CLARK Single West Wratting, Cambridgeshire Mary PORTER Single  
42 19/12/1825 John BAKER Single   Sarah GROUT Single  
43 24/12/1825 John SHARPLIN Single   Sarah SYMONDS Single  
44 21/03/1826 Edward BAKER Single   Martha JOHNSON Single  
45 12/10/1826 Joseph RUMBOLD Single Barkway Sarah BAYFORD Single  
46 16/11/1826 James SPARKS Single   Sarah SHARPLIN Single  
47 23/12/1826 William HICKS Single   Judith FINCH Single  
48 13/03/1827 Samuel BUNYAN Single   Mary SMITH Single  
49 16/07/1827 James AYLOTT Single   Sarah DANES Single  
50 17/10/1827 Samuel WARREN Single   Susan PLAYER Single Rickling, Essex
51 14/11/1827 John MORRIS Single   Mary HALDEN Single  
52 04/12/1827 Benjamin BARKER Single   Mary TOFTS Single  
53 25/05/1828 George PAYNE Single   Rhoda WALTON Single  
54 07/06/1828 William BENTLEY Single   Jane BRADFORD Single  
55 15/10/1828 James SMITH Single   Rhoda PHILLIPS Single  
56 15/10/1828 Thomas FOX Widower   Mary KING Widow  
57 04/04/1829 William HOLDEN Widower Brent Pelham Mary Ann MORRIS Single  
58 30/05/1829 Thomas BURROWS Single   Mary BENTLEY Single  
59 01/12/1829 James WATSON Single Barkway Eliza SHARPLIN Single  
60 07/01/1830 Thomas DANES Single   Ann COPELAND Single  
61 15/07/1830 George SHARPLIN Single   Hannah BAYFORD Single  
62 17/10/1830 James BRADFORD Single   Mary WATSON Single  
63 26/02/1831 William PHILLIPS Single   Elizabeth COXALL Single  
64 13/06/1831 James SPARKES Single   Mary BYE Single  
65 05/11/1831 John HICKS Single   Sarah SOUTH Single  
66 05/01/1832 Thomas MORRIS Single   Eliza BAKER Single  
67 26/04/1832 James WICK Single   Rhoda PETT Single  
68 07/06/1832 Giles HAYLOCK Single   Jane MORRIS Single  
69 16/07/1832 Edward CATLEY Single   Mary COPELAND Single  
70 23/09/1832 William HOWLET Single   Charlotte SHARPLIN Single  
71 04/10/1832 George HICKS Single   Elizabeth WISBY Single  
72 13/05/1833 Elijah ELLIS Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
73 12/10/1833 John BRADFORD Single   Charlotte BYE Single  
74 19/10/1833 John CHESHAM Single   Elizabeth HYDE Single  
75 26/10/1833 James CHAPEL Single   Eliza TOFTS Single  
76 29/10/1833 George DRAGE Single Barkway Mary BARKER Single  
77 10/12/1833 William BRAND Single Meesden Jane SELL Single  
78 03/05/1834 John BAKER Single   Mary COXALL Single  
79 23/10/1834 John CHAPMAN Single Barkway Sarah PRYOR Single  
80 06/11/1834 George Smith BARKER Single   Emma BAKER Single  
81 08/03/1835 George CAMP Single   Mary Ann BAKER Single  
82 12/03/1836 Edward WYMAN Single Barkway Jane BENTLEY Single  
83 21/03/1836 George MARTIN Single   Mary FLACK Single  

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