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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bayford St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Bayford lies in southeastern Hertfordshire, not too far from its border with not only neighbouring Middlesex but also Essex. Bayford is located about 3 miles south of the county town of Hertford. Bayford sits, in lanes, about a mile south of the B158 road which connects Hertford with Potter's Bar. There is not much to Bayford, a scattered settlement with a notional centre around its T-junction of lanes it lies in a surprisingly rural area of Hertfordshire despite its relatively close proximity to London. Despite the building of a station on the Hertford to London Moorgate railway line there has not been the extensive development of other Hertfordshire villages. Bayford's main economy would have been farming at the time of this transcript, with heavy clay soils arable was difficult but a mixed farming regime would have predominated. Bayford is drained by small tributaries of the |River Lea, after flowing northwards to join that river a great loop is performed to eventually reach the North Sea through the east of London and the Thames Estuary. Bayford is sited at around 90 metres above the sea and the land is gently undulating with local heights some 30 metres higher. Bayford parish was relatively small for this area, it covered just over 1,600 acres and would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Bayford was held directly by the King, himself, it was a substantial place offering 20 ploughs, meadows & woodland and 2 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church sits about 400 yards north of Bayford's main junction sitting within the Y formed by the lanes leading to Hertingfordbury & Brickendon. St Mary's is a modern church, built in the early 1870s, in the style of the Early English Gothic. The building is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner spends no more than a few lines describing it. He does mention the roofing which in its configuration of the vestry creates a "happy effect" but otherwise offers little favour or, indeed, criticism. The church sits, within its function setting, behind a low brick & flint wall. Entrance is by a neat lychgate, the churchyard has many trees which do somewhat limit the available angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th August 1755 - 17th May 1812 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/37A/1/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd April 1814 - 3rd April 1837 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/37A/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Hertingfordbury St Mary
Hertingfordbury St Mary
Hertford All Saints
Little Berkhamsted St Andrew
Hertford All Saints
Hatfield St Etheldreda
Hatfield St Etheldreda
Hatfield St Etheldreda

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
24/08/1755 Samuel MOULD Widower Cheshunt Jane RAYNE Single  
21/08/1756 Thomas GIBBINS Single   Sarah OWERS Single  
05/12/1756 William GREEN   Ware Sarah SAWARD Single  
24/12/1757 Richard CLARK     Elizabeth HINE    
03/04/1758 William MASON     Elizabeth PALLET    
29/04/1758 Daniel VASS     Mary SQUIRES    
10/10/1758 Edmund RUSKIN     Mary BIG    
13/11/1758 William PEETE   Kings Walden Sarah SQUIRES    
06/06/1761 Henry SAMS     Elizabeth MASON    
07/09/1761 John BROWN     Anne FRESBY    
12/09/1761 John PALLITT     Mary SMITH    
25/09/1761 James SUMMERS     Jemima DAY    
18/09/1762 John STANES     Sarah SWAIN    
15/12/1762 Thomas PENNYFATHER     Mary AINSERSWORTH    
18/07/1763 James PRATT     Sarah OVERILL    
29/11/1763 William HARVEY     Anne GRUB   Berkhamsted
28/05/1764 Phillip BENTLEY   Wormley Sarah KIDDLE    
23/07/1765 Richard ANDERSON     Mary FLETCHER   All Saints, Hertford
16/09/1765 Thomas BURTON     Elizabeth THARBY    
04/02/1767 John TAYLOR   Little Berkhampsted Anne CLAPHAM    
15/02/1767 John WRIGHT   All Saints, Hertford Jane MATHEWS    
23/03/1767 John CHUCK     Eleanor CROUCH    
30/03/1767 John CATMORE     Judith FLACK    
31/10/1768 George BLANE     Anne DURDEN   Essendon
25/02/1770 James OAKLEY     Jane HILL    
01/10/1770 John WILSON     Mary RUSKIN    
04/10/1770 William CLARK     Mary WALNER    
10/06/1771 James PALET     Elizabeth KIDLE    
19/04/1773 Joseph BUSH     Ann HILLS    
16/10/1773 Roger TURNER   Broxbourne Ann PAULLEY    
24/04/1774 William THODY Single   Mary NICHOLS Single  
27/07/1775 William PALLET     Mary BLAINE    
06/04/1776 James CAMP   Hertingfordbury Ann PEACOCK    
28/12/1776 Joseph HARVEY     Mary PENNYFATHER    
24/08/1777 George DAVIES   St James, Westminster, Middlesex Mary PARSELL    
10/11/1778 Edmund BAYS Single   Sarah PORTER Single  
12/09/1779 Joseph FARR Single   Ann CARTER Single  
10/10/1779 Joseph CLAPHAM Single   Sarah TOMKINS Single Essendon
07/06/1780 David VASS Widower   Elizabeth PALLET Single  
08/11/1780 William DRAPER Single   Mary MASON Single  
16/02/1781 John DAY Single   Sarah CANNON Single  
20/10/1781 Nathaniel CLARK Single   Elizabeth HERROD Single  
15/12/1781 William MASON Widower   Martha PRUDENCE Widow  
27/10/1782 James JORDAN Single Meesden Mary PORTER Single  
30/01/1783 Thomas MASTO Single Northaw Mary WOODHOUSE Single  
28/08/1783 Henry STOKES Widower Watford Mary THOMAS Widow  
01/01/1784 William AMBROSE Single   Jane WATTS Single  
31/08/1784 Thomas URSEL   St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Susannah NICHOLS Single  
06/11/1784 William CARY Single   Mary BALDUCK Single  
23/06/1785 Edmund MILLS     Mary SAMS    
15/07/1785 Isaac SEDGEWICK Widower   Ann BROWN Single  
14/05/1786 Thomas VASS Single   Rebecca DICKINSON Single  
19/03/1787 William WILLIAMS     Eleanor CHUCK    
07/08/1787 William PEACH     Sarah JONES    
26/12/1788 Isaac COOKE Single   Judith HARVEY Single  
29/12/1788 Thomas SHARPLIN     Jane RUSKIN    
20/05/1789 Thomas PEARCE Single   Sarah TINSLEY Single Little Berkhampsted
20/04/1790 Richard ROBERTS Widower   Sarah SHRIMPTON Single  
24/08/1790 John HILL Single   Susannah HARE Single  
26/08/1790 Charles BENNETT Single Upper Stondon, Bedfordshire Mary WARWICK Single  
26/12/1790 William PIPER Single   Jane HARROD Single  
08/05/1791 William DARLING Single   Catherine BALDOCK Single  
01/11/1791 Thomas CARTER     Glancairn CAMPBELL   Scotland
29/10/1792 John DRAYTON Widower   Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
02/04/1793 William HARE Single Hatfield Sarah RAMSEY Single  
11/10/1793 George DEARMAN Single Knebworth Anne THOMPSON Single  
17/10/1793 Thomas PARISH Single   Elizabeth SYGERS Single  
15/07/1794 James CORRELL Single   Ann STANES Single  
24/10/1794 James GRUBB Single   Maria PALLET Single  
16/09/1795 Robert JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
05/06/1797 Isaac TAYLOR Widower   Elizabeth DAY Widow  
13/02/1798 Benjamin SIMPSON Single   Ann HURRY Single  
09/04/1798 Simon BROWN Single   Ann BUNYAN Single  
13/10/1798 Thomas GARDNER Single   Sarah PALLET Single  
13/12/1799 Richard COOPER Widower Essendon Ann WARWICK Single  
10/10/1800 William ROBBINS Single Hertingfordbury Sarah SHEPHARD Single  
16/07/1801 William WARWICK Single   Mary CLARK Single Little Munden
01/02/1802 John TURVY     Elizabeth SLACK    
09/07/1802 James PALLET     Mary MARDLE    
15/11/1802 Thomas SHARPLIN Widower   Mary DRAPER Widow  
10/12/1804 Edward WALLER Single   Mary CLARK Single  
29/01/1805 William HALL Single Hatfield Martha NEWMAN Single  
20/05/1805 William GRAY Single   Ann MUNTY Single  
16/09/1805 James SEWARD   Farningham, Kent Sarah PEARCE Widow  
28/09/1805 George EDWARDS     Jane COLYER    
03/04/1806 Charles COLEMAN Single St Pancras, Middlesex Mary NEWMAN Single  
16/04/1806 John TERRY Single   Maria HARVEY Single  
06/09/1806 William TAYLOR Single   Ann SEDGWICK Single  
13/10/1806 Thomas LITTLE Single   Ann VENABLES Single  
13/03/1807 Joseph STRACEY Single   Elizabeth DRAPER Single  
13/10/1807 Stephen FOSKETT Single   Sarah SEDGWICK Single  
19/10/1807 William ANSELL Single   Martha LAMBERTH    
24/10/1807 William WREN Single   Sarah FIELD Single  
01/11/1807 William BYNOTH Single   Mary PALLET Widow  
29/11/1808 Edward BAYFORD   Ayot St Peter Ann ILETT    
17/05/1812 Samuel BYNOTH Single   Sarah TYLER Single  
4 03/04/1814 George KNIGHT     Mary DICKENSON    
5 24/05/1814 Joseph HARVEY     Susannah BUNCE    
6 30/07/1814 Thomas HILLSDON     Elizabeth AMBROSE    
7 06/03/1815 John BARRET     Harriet JOHNSON    
8 11/03/1815 William ANSELL     Mary PEARCE    
9 10/05/1815 John HARVEY     Mary PALLET    
10 02/10/1815 Robert KEEP   All Saints, Hertford Frances WELCH    
11 06/11/1816 Thomas HARVEY     Frances SINGLE    
12 11/11/1816 John MASON Single   Sarah BYGRAVE Widow St Andrew, Hertford
13 26/05/1817 Henry HARRISON Widower   Sarah CLARK Single  
14 14/09/1817 John CLARK Single   Susan PEARCE Single  
15 12/10/1817 James GLASEBROOK Single   Mary HULKS Single  
16 29/11/1817 Thomas ALDRIDGE   Little Berkhampsted Sarah WALKING    
17 08/01/1818 William NICHOLLS Single Little Berkhampsted Ann LEWIS Single  
18 04/07/1818 William JACKSON Single   Sarah SEWELL Single  
19 13/09/1818 John READ Single   Sarah MASON   Hatfield
20 22/05/1820 George CANNON     Ann VENABLES    
21 06/11/1821 George FITZJOHN     Harriot TURVEY    
22 13/12/1821 John HILL   Hertingfordbury Sarah JACKSON    
23 27/05/1822 Thomas HARMER   Weston Martha BALLARD    
24 24/08/1822 John WRIGHT Single   Charlotte ADAMS Single Kimpton
25 30/09/1822 Joseph TURNER Single Hatfield Sarah GRAVES Single  
26 01/01/1823 Charles Amey COOK Single St Andrew, Hertford Martha DOMMETT Single  
27 04/06/1823 James BROWN     Mary PALLETT    
28 16/10/1823 Robert Henry JENKINSON Single Kensington, Middlesex Henrietta Juliana BAKER Single  
29 03/06/1824 Henry WALTER Single Great Amwell Emily Anne BAKER Single  
30 23/08/1824 James JACKSON Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Mary CLAPHAM Single  
31 24/09/1825 John WRIGHT Widower   Sarah GIDDINS Single Kimpton
32 04/05/1826 George PAIN Single   Elizabeth HOLTON Single  
33 15/05/1826 James CURTIS Single   Jane LEES Single  
34 04/07/1826 John BAKER Single   Mary CLARK Single  
35 10/12/1826 William GARDINER Single   Maria WIGGS Widow  
36 16/06/1828 Robert FLACK Single   Elizabeth BURTON Single  
37 13/10/1829 John HARE Single   Caroline Ann URSELL Single  
38 07/11/1829 George CANNON Widower   Sarah GARDENER Widow  
39 12/10/1830 James SHAMBROOK Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
40 29/03/1832 James STRACEY Single   Charlotte SMITH Single All Saints, Hertford
41 12/05/1832 Archibald HILL Single   Elizabeth GARDNER Single  
43 25/11/1833 Thomas PITTS Single   Caroline DRAPER Single  
44 22/02/1834 William COOLEDGE Single   Mary RAMSEY Single  
45 04/10/1834 Joshua ALLUM Single   Amelia RAMSEY Single  
46 11/11/1835 James MADAMS Single   Susan AYLOTT Single  
47 13/02/1836 Thomas PALLETT Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
48 17/09/1836 Joseph HUCKLE Single   Sarah Ann WALKER Single All Saints, Hertford
49 03/04/1837 Abraham COOLEDGE Single   Amy KEMP Single Hertingfordbury

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