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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Benington St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Benington lies in central Hertfordshire about 5 miles southeast of the new town of Stevenage. Benington sits in an area rather devoid of major roads, the closest being the B1037 (Stevenage to Buntingford) which lies just over 2 miles to Benington's north. Benington is said to have a long history, theories state that it was the seat of the Kings of Mercia in the Dark Ages, today it is a tranquil village in rolling Hertfordshire countryside crisscrossed by paths and bridleways and popular with hikers and riders alike. At the time of this transcript Benington would have had an agricultural economy albeit supplemented by the local straw plait manufacture. Benington is drained southwestwards by small streams heading for the nearby River Bene, this joins the Lea at Hertford and reaches the Thames in the east end of London, thence to the North Sea. Benington is sited at around 110 metres above the sea on something of a local high point, in gently rolling countryside local heights reach just over 10 metres higher whilst land falls away westwards to the Bene valley. Benington parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it covered around 2,900 acres and would have supported a population of around 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Benington was quite a small place, held by Peter of Valognes it could boast 10 ploughs and woodland occupied by many pigs.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the heart of Benington on the northern side of Church Green. The church is a building commenced in the late 13th century and substantially completed by the middle of the 14th, as such it encompasses the end of the Early English Gothic and the period of the Decorated styles. The earliest portions identified by Pevsner are the sedilia and piscina both completed in the 13th century. The northern chancel chapel has a style consistent with a pre-1330 date. The only portion of the church which is later is the Perpendicular western tower of the 15th century. The church sits in an elevated position above Church Green and is accessed either by a long sloping path from the pretty lychgate at the eastern end of the site or by steeply rising steps closer to the church. A much wooded site with trees which rather enclose the western tower and do fundamentally restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st October 1754 - 20th October 1812 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/18/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 2nd January 1813 - 26th March 1837 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/18/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Walkern St Mary
Walkern St Mary
Walkern St Mary
Aston St Mary
Great Mundon St Nicholas
Little Mundon All Saints
Aston St Mary
Watton at Stone St Andrew & St Mary
Little Mundon All Saints
Watton at Stone St Andrew & St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/10/1754 Thomas FORDHAM Single   Sarah CLEMENTS Single  
2 26/10/1754 Richard SHADBOLT Single   Mary NEWTON Single  
3 28/10/1754 Joseph PRATT Single Barley Mary FINCH Single  
4 11/10/1755 John COCKMAN Single Watton At Stone Mary DEAN Single  
5 17/10/1755 John BARDEL     Martha PRIEST    
6 23/09/1756 Samuel RAYMENT Single   Sarah HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
7 13/12/1756 John HOCKETT Single   Ann ARCHER Single  
8 09/10/1757 Charles FRANCIS Single Datchworth Martha CHAPMAN Single  
9 17/10/1757 Edward SKEGGS Single   Mary HEAD Widow Ware
10 07/11/1757 John TITMUS Single   Joyse THOROGOOD Single  
12 27/10/1759 William SEYMOUR Single   Ann BALDOCK Single  
11 29/10/1759 Thomas IRELAND Single Datchworth Elizabeth SEYMOUR Single  
13 12/04/1760 Daniel NIGHTINGALE Single   Elizabeth SKEGG Single  
14 31/07/1760 John BRETT Single   Susannah OVERALL Single  
15 18/09/1760 William JEFFERY Single Little Munden Mary LIVINS Single  
16 23/03/1761 Edward DRAPER Single   Sarah FISHER Single Walkern
17 10/07/1761 Thomas SKEGG Single   Susanna BALDOCK Single  
18 02/10/1761 Thomas SADLER Widower   Sarah PHIPP Single  
19 25/10/1761 Richard LEVER Single   Elizabeth SPENCER Single  
20 22/02/1762 Samuel TOTTMAN Single   Mary BRAY Single  
21 03/05/1762 Daniel GLADWIN Single   Eadith KENT Single  
22 17/05/1762 William CLEMENTS Single   Sarah BALDOCK Single  
24 07/06/1762 Samuel HARROD Single   Ann IPHGRAVE Widow Watton At Stone
23 07/07/1762 Walter CLIBBON Single Ware Elizabeth DUCKETT Single  
25 24/11/1762 Thomas ROTHERAM Single Stevenage Susan BURR Single  
26 07/05/1763 Godfrey HILLS Widower   Anne SKEGG    
27 24/09/1763 William EDWARDS Single   Sarah DRAPER Single  
29 31/10/1763 William SHEPHERD Single   Elizabeth CORKETT Single  
30 14/11/1763 Thomas KENT     Anne HARRISON   Aspenden
31 27/02/1764 Joseph SMITH Single Knebworth Ann TILER Widow Aston
32 15/10/1764 Thomas PAGE Single   Charity MOLES Single  
33 04/02/1765 George JENNINGS Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
34 11/04/1765 William TINGOE Single   Sarah SHADBOLT Single  
35 16/06/1765 William ENSOM Single   Sarah INNS Single  
36 01/07/1765 Thomas MOLE Widower   Hannah SUTTON Widow  
37 26/07/1765 John BARR   Bramfield Susan FORDHAM    
38 29/07/1765 George BASSILL Single Ridge Mary HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
39 05/08/1765 John CROWLEY   Westmill Sarah JEFFERY    
42 21/03/1766 Thomas INNS Single Stevenage Ann RANDALL Single  
44 27/10/1766 William SMITH     Elizabeth GARDNER    
43 23/11/1766 John PAGE     Eve CHAPMAN    
45 16/12/1766 Thomas SMITH     Ann HOLLINGSWORTH    
46 19/01/1767 Joseph EMINGS Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
50 09/02/1768 John TURNER Single   Mary GRUBB Single  
51 26/06/1768 William SALE Single Enfield, Middlesex Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
52 18/07/1768 Thomas PILGRIM Single Welwyn Susannah HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
54 23/01/1769 William ODWELL Single   Elizabeth RAYMENT Single  
53 20/02/1769 William HANNKIN Single Northaw Susannah HOCKETT Single  
55 26/03/1769 Edward PALMER Single   Lydia SIVERS Single  
57 02/10/1769 John PARKER Single   Mary GUTTERIDGE   Much Hadham
58 28/10/1769 Thomas WARREN Single   Elizabeth FLACK Single  
59 03/12/1769 Thomas BOUCESTEAD Single Shephall Jane SPENCER Single  
60 16/12/1769 James CANNON Single Rushden Ann SKEGG Single  
61 07/05/1770 Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH Widower   Mary PRIOR Single  
62 20/09/1770 John CORKITT Single St Pancras, Middlesex Elizabeth HALL Single  
63 21/07/1771 Thomas BAKER Single   Sarah WAITE Single  
65 24/11/1771 Robert SELL Single   Mary WIX Single  
66 03/03/1772 Thomas WESTWOOD Widower   Alice MARSHALL Widow  
67 08/03/1772 John STUARD Single Great Munden Mary RICKITTS Single  
68 19/12/1772 John SMART Single   Catherine ODWELL Single  
69 19/03/1773 Abel WATSON Single Stanstead Abbots Elizabeth DEARDS Single  
71 15/08/1773 Thomas BUNNION Single Walkern Sarah LOWING Single  
70 26/09/1773 John CARTER Single Great Stanmore, Middlesex Jane MARSHALL Single  
72 16/10/1773 James SKEGG Single   Sarah CRANE Single  
73 18/10/1773 Robert DRAPER Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
74 05/11/1773 William ALLEN Single Welwyn Margaret CAINNON Single  
75 22/06/1774 John FREEMAN Single Wyddial Hall TURNER Single  
76 05/02/1775 Edward HILLS Single   Sarah CAMFIELD Single  
77 25/02/1775 William RAYMENT Single   Susannah ANDREWS Single  
78 28/03/1775 Joseph CORKETT Single   Elizabeth FELSTED Single  
79 16/10/1775 Josiah DOUGHTON Single   Mary HALE Single Braughing
80 04/11/1775 George HALLUM Single   Sarah SADLER Widow  
82 03/03/1776 Jonah SMART Single All Saints, Hertford Ann MARTIN Single  
83 03/04/1776 James CATALIN   Great Amwell Esther OVERHIL    
84 30/04/1776 William TAYLOR   Stevenage Alethea DOVE    
85 06/11/1776 Benjamin NASH Single   Ann LAWRENCE Single  
86 01/01/1777 John GRUBB Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
90 25/10/1777 William CHAULKLEY Single   Sarah GINN Single  
91 02/12/1777 James HARBURT Single   Sarah LAWRENCE Single  
92 05/03/1778 Thomas OLDHAMSTEAD Single   Mary HOCKETT Single  
87 11/05/1778 James BENNETT Single   Mary WOODFINE Single  
94 09/11/1778 John HOLLINGSWORTH Single   Mary SADLER Single  
95 09/11/1778 John WEBB Single   Phyllis HALE Single  
96 01/12/1778 Joseph BROWN Single   Rose BUTTERFIELD Single  
97 09/12/1778 Andrew CAMFIELD Single   Elizabeth SEYMOUR Widow  
98 01/01/1779 John ALLEN     Jane HOLLIS    
99 27/01/1779 William BUTTON   Bengeo Hannah NASH    
100 17/06/1779 Thomas CANNON Single Stevenage Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
101 11/08/1779 George KENT Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
102 08/11/1779 John SEARL Single   Ann HEAD Single  
104 31/01/1780 William FORSTER Single Stanstead Abbots Jane DEARDS Single  
105 28/03/1780 Joseph BASSETT Single Datchworth Mary CABORN Single  
106 05/10/1780 George SKEGG Widower   Diana SEYMOUR Single  
107 02/11/1780 Thomas KIRBY Single   Denny BUTTERFIELD Single  
108 15/11/1780 Leonard WHITBY Single   Alice COCKS Single  
109 18/12/1780 William CLEMENTS Widower   Rose BUNYAN Widow  
110 11/10/1781 Thomas RAYMENT Single   Susanna DEARDS Single  
111 06/12/1781 John CRANE Single   Susanna DOUGHTON Single  
112 25/02/1783 William JACKSON Single   Sarah KENT Single  
113 15/10/1783 John SHAMBROOKE Single   Ann DAY Single  
114 04/11/1783 Thomas COLLINGS Single   Elizabeth BUNYON Single  
115 15/11/1783 James HALL Single   Ann HARWOOD Single  
116 06/04/1784 Barter LEYMON Single   Elizabeth ARCHER Single  
117 02/05/1784 James NOWLING Single   Sarah COLLINGS Widow  
118 11/10/1784 Joseph MATTHEWS Single   Elizabeth HEAD Single  
119 14/10/1784 John HAWKINGS Single   Elizabeth ODELL Single  
120 13/06/1785 John BALDOCK Single   Charlotte KENT Single  
121 07/12/1785 Thomas EDWARDS Single   Sarah IRELAND Single  
122 24/12/1785 John SKEGG Single   Elizabeth BEATLE Single  
123 24/12/1785 Thomas SPENCER Single   Elizabeth CURROLL Single  
124 18/09/1786 Edward ALLEN Widower   Elizabeth HILLS Single  
125 23/10/1786 Thomas CARTER Single   Elizabeth BALDOCK Single  
126 08/11/1786 Thomas COLLINGS Widower   Mary OVERAL Single  
128 27/12/1786 John RAYMENT     Martha GOOSE    
127 08/01/1787 Robert PERRY Single   Sarah HILLS Widow  
129 11/07/1787 Richard STEWARD Widower   Mary HUGHS Widow  
131 24/09/1787 George WALBY Single Aspenden Sarah SMITH Single  
132 03/10/1787 Robert THOMAS Single   Ann FROST Single  
133 24/12/1787 James PEPPER Single   Ann BERRY Single  
134 08/06/1788 Benjamin WALBY   Aston Martha CABOURN    
135 31/07/1788 William GILBERT   Watton At Stone Charity HYLETT    
136 06/09/1788 Isaac PATERNOSTER     Mary DAY    
137 02/10/1789 Joseph COOPER Widower Stevenage Mary TUCK Single  
138 27/11/1789 William SEAMOUR Single   Sarah BERRY Widow  
139 07/11/1790 Timothy KIMPTON Single   Elizabeth IRELAND Single  
140 25/12/1790 John COCKS Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
141 12/04/1791 John ALLEN     Joyce Charlotte COTTRELL    
144 01/10/1791 Benjamin ANDREWS Single   Mary WALLS Single  
143 05/01/1792 George COLLINGS Widower   Sarah WARREN Widow  
145 09/04/1792 Michael PARISH Single   Mary TOTT Single Walkern
147 04/06/1792 James CARTER Single   Lydia PALMER Widow  
148 08/07/1792 John PALMER Single   Sarah HILLS Single  
149 29/09/1792 George WHITTICKS Single   Ann HOPES Single  
150 22/12/1792 John CANFIELD   Aston Martha GINN    
146 01/04/1793 John DRAPER Single   Elizabeth WHITTENBOROUGH Single  
151 25/04/1793 John COCKS Single   Sarah BRAY Single Walkern
152 03/06/1793 William CATLIN Single   Susan SHEPHERD Single  
153 21/10/1793 John HOLLINGSWORTH     Martha SMITH   Little Munden
154 18/11/1793 James GRAY Single   Catherine SMITH Single  
156 23/04/1794 John CLAPHAM Widower Stapleford Sarah TINGEY Single  
155 05/05/1794 John SKEGG Widower   Ann STUKELEY Widow  
157 24/08/1794 George GILBY     Ann HOCKETT    
158 10/10/1794 James SPENCER Single   Mary SOUTH Single  
159 26/10/1794 James JACKSON Single   Mary BANKS Single  
162 24/08/1795 Isaac FOX Single   Ann PILGRIM Single Watton At Stone
163 19/10/1795 William IZZARD Widower   Elizabeth HOCKETT Single  
164 26/03/1796 Joseph INGERTHORPE Widower   Elizabeth ALLEN Widow  
165 09/06/1796 Joseph IVES Widower   Sarah DOUGHTY Single  
167 14/08/1796 Michael COTTERELL   St Peter, Wallingford, Berkshire Elizabeth WILLIAMSON    
166 14/09/1796 Edward JACKSON Single   Ann CARTER Single  
168 15/10/1796 Joseph CATLING Single   Sarah BUCK Widow  
169 20/10/1796 George COLLINGS Widower   Priscilla BRETT Single  
170 12/11/1796 Richard ALLEN Single   Sarah HAGER Single  
171 02/01/1797 Philip CORNELL     Sarah MARDLIN    
172 04/04/1797 William STOUGHTON Single   Ann PAGE Single  
173 18/01/1798 William CARTER Single   Mary DOUGHTON Single  
175 09/04/1798 James WARNER Widower Walkern Mary DRAPER Single  
174 13/04/1798 William NASH Single   Ann TWEED Single  
176 28/05/1798 James MARDLIN Single   Elizabeth ENSOM Single  
177 04/06/1798 Benjamin STOTON Widower   Charlotte BALDOCK Widow  
178 26/06/1798 Joseph PRICK     Sarah STOTEN   Sacombe
01/08/1798 William DEARDS Single   Elizabeth FISHER Single  
01/10/1798 Thomas DEARMAN Single   Elizabeth BALLARD Single  
12/11/1798 Thomas GIDDINGS Single Watton At Stone Elizabeth NASH    
06/12/1798 Jeremiah ACRES Single Datchworth Elizabeth PATERNOSTER Single  
27/04/1799 James HILLS Single   Mary NASH Widow  
16/11/1799 Frederic PASSELL Single   Winefred KNIGHT Single  
15/03/1800 John SHEPHERD Single   Ann HEMINGS Single  
21/04/1800 Joseph BOLLARD Single   Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single  
23/02/1801 John ADAMS Single Newington, Surrey Elizabeth HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
07/04/1801 William SMITH Single   Ann ASSAR Single  
20/04/1801 William BUTTERFIELD Widower   Elizabeth IZZARD Widow  
28/10/1801 Benjamin NASH Single   Ann CORKETT Single  
15/12/1801 Thomas WOOLHOUSE Single   Rebecca WOOLHOUSE Single  
10/04/1802 Sharp TAYLOR     Joyce ALLEN    
17/06/1802 Thomas ROGERS Single   Mary GOULD Single  
28/06/1802 Samuel ODWELL Single   Fanny KNIGHT Single  
29/08/1802 William BERRY Single   Charlotte RATSFORD Single  
27/11/1802 James KNIGHT Single   Sophia SEERS Single  
09/04/1803 John PORTER Single   Elizabeth TOWNSEND Single  
05/06/1803 William GRIFFIN Single Watton At Stone Susanna DOUGHTON Single  
19/09/1803 John STUART Single   Mary RATSFORD Single  
19/09/1803 John COLLINGS Single   Sarah KNIGHT Single  
03/03/1804 Joseph KITCHENER Single   Ann AYLOTTE Single  
03/11/1804 William SHAMBROOKE Single   Sarah KIRBY Single  
10/11/1804 Samuel Bradley GOARD Single Biggleswade, Bedfordshire Mary BOWYER Single  
10/01/1805 David COCK Single   Mary FISHER   Walkern
20/02/1805 James WING   Kimpton Mary SELL    
01/07/1805 John HAGGER Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
29/08/1805 Henry DRAPER Single All Saints, Hertford Mary AINSELL Single  
27/10/1805 James MARION Single   Mary OVERALL Single  
02/11/1805 John PARISH Single   Mary PALMER Single  
25/05/1806 Thomas SURRIDGE Widower   Ann STOTEN Widow  
28/08/1806 John ANDREWS     Esther CAPEL    
22/12/1806 William HALL Single   Elizabeth PATERNOSTER Single  
18/04/1808 Henry KNIGHT Single   Sarah NASH Single  
30/05/1808 George COLLINGS Single Woodbridge, Suffolk Mary KNIGHT Single  
30/05/1808 George HOLLINGSWORTH Single Woodbridge, Suffolk Ann PIGOTT Single  
23/10/1808 Richard WING Single   Mary SAIL Single  
28/03/1809 John LUCK Single   Ann CANNON Single  
20/11/1809 John AYLOTTE Single   Elizabeth DAVEY Single  
25/11/1809 Samuel SELL Single   Elizabeth ANSEL Single  
09/01/1810 Thomas GLAZEBROOK Single All Saints, Hertford Mary WILDS Single  
24/03/1810 James NOLAND Single Bramfield Mary GRAY Single  
29/04/1810 John SEYMOUR Single   Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single  
18/09/1810 John STRINGER Single Aston Sarah CANNON Single  
09/02/1811 William BROWN Widower   Elizabeth JAGGERS Single  
11/02/1811 Anthony CHAMBERLINE Single Knebworth Ann CAMP Single  
26/02/1811 Thomas MARDLE Single   Ann COLLINGS Single  
18/03/1811 John CANNON Single   Maria LEWIS Single  
07/05/1811 William NORRIS Widower   Lydia MORRIS Widow  
28/05/1811 Charles Montgomery CAMPBELL     Julia Charlotte CHESSHYRE    
29/09/1811 John YOUNG Single   Martha CANNON Single  
25/07/1812 George SHAW Single   Ann HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
20/10/1812 James ANSELL Single   Sarah GAUNT Single  
1 02/01/1813 Samuel AYLOTT Single   Etheldra WARNER Single Walkern
2 20/02/1813 Thomas PAGE Single All Saints, Hertford Penelope SEYMOUR Single  
3 10/03/1813 Abraham DOWTON Single   Mary DARTON Single  
4 17/04/1813 John JAGGERS Single   Mary ROW Single  
5 02/05/1813 William WALBY Single   Harriet COLLINS Single  
6 16/08/1813 Archibald Montgomery CAMPBELL Single   Elizabeth Julia CHESSHYRE Single  
7 14/11/1813 Thomas DYMOCK Single   Suzanna MILTON Single  
8 18/11/1813 Silas BRINKLEY Single   Frances ROBINSON Single  
9 27/12/1813 Joseph MOWBRAY   Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire Martha RAYMENT Single  
10 29/10/1814 Simon HIDE Single   Honnor EDWARDS Single  
11 19/11/1814 Joseph NASH Single   Mary PATERNOSTER Single  
12 05/12/1814 Charles HOLLINGSWORTH Single   Mary Maria SEAMOUR Single  
13 06/04/1815 William OLIVER Single   Mary HALL Single  
14 17/01/1816 John Peter Henry CHESSHYRE Single   Charlotte Frances COMMELINE Single  
15 28/04/1816 John DAY Single Hertford Mary BEADLE Single  
16 20/10/1816 George ELLIS Single Watton At Stone Sarah CHALKLEY Single  
17 16/11/1816 Isaac PATERNOSTER Single   Mary KIMPTON Single  
18 02/12/1816 John CRANE Widower   Elizabeth BOULTER Widow  
19 24/12/1816 Richard MUNNS Single   Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
20 06/03/1817 James KIMPTON Single North Mimms Sarah OLIVER Single  
21 11/03/1817 George PEARMAN Single   Catharine ANSELL Single  
22 10/07/1818 William ODWELL Widower   Sarah TINSLEY Single  
23 09/08/1818 Thomas GREEN Single   Margaret CORNISH Single  
24 01/10/1818 Thomas KIRBY   Little Munden Kitty CANNON    
25 14/03/1819 John HEMPSTEAD Widower   Hannah SKEGG Single  
26 08/05/1819 Richard COLLINS Single   Jemima EDWARDS Single  
27 13/11/1819 William LINGWOOD Single   Sarah BOULTARD Single  
28 26/11/1819 John ILOTT Single   Mary NEWLAND Widow  
29 22/01/1820 James RADLEY Single   Mary WALLS Single  
30 27/01/1820 John RAYMENT Single   Amelia DAY Single  
31 25/11/1820 James WALBY Single   Ann PALMER Single  
32 23/12/1820 John BARNS Single Aston Catherine CRANE Single  
33 10/02/1821 George BONFIELD   Walkern Sarah MATTHEWS    
34 21/04/1821 Jacob SMITH Single Watton At Stone Mary DEARMAN Single  
35 07/11/1821 William TATTLE Single Hatfield Mary GATES Single  
36 21/01/1822 Benjamin GREGORY Single   Sarah DEARMAN Single  
37 02/02/1822 James PAGE Single   Mary Ann SKIPP Single  
38 02/03/1822 Thomas SOUTH Single   Sarah SELL Single  
39 25/04/1822 Robert BLAXILL     Hannah BLAXILL   Aston
40 21/04/1823 Joseph HILTON Widower Rushden Mary JECKS Widow  
41 18/08/1823 James WALBY Widower   Martha MONDIN Single  
42 25/09/1823 Samuel HAWKINS Single   Ann WARREN Single  
43 25/12/1823 Thomas CARTER Widower   Mary GATES Widow Stevenage
44 11/01/1824 Thomas BUTTERFIELD Single   Jane HILLS Single  
45 10/05/1824 Michael CANNON Single   Susan HALL Single  
46 15/08/1824 James PRUTTON Single   Elizabeth WARNER Single  
47 16/09/1824 William FLETCHER Single   Mary SHARP Single  
48 19/09/1824 John IZZARD Single   Elizabeth KIMPTON Single  
49 09/10/1824 Joseph PAGE Single Stevenage Sophia SEAMOUR Single  
50 09/11/1824 Thomas PARKER Single   Mary RAYMENT Single  
51 13/11/1824 James BROWN Single Ayot St Peter Louisa DRAPER Single  
52 26/02/1825 William COLLINS Single   Elizabeth CATLIN Single  
53 11/07/1825 Hugh COLLINS Single   Elizabeth CANNON Single  
54 18/09/1825 Edward ANDREWS Single   Charity SPENCER Single  
55 23/10/1825 John COLLINS Single   Sarah BERRY Single  
56 19/11/1825 William CARTER Single   Ann BRAY Widow  
57 25/12/1825 John CRANE Single Aston Elizabeth BUTTERFIELD Single  
58 21/01/1826 Thomas COLLINS Single   Sarah BUTTERFIELD Single  
59 25/03/1826 Joseph BRACE   Stapleford Catharine BEADLE    
60 10/03/1827 John SHEPPARD Widower   Sarah SHAMBROOK Widow  
61 30/07/1827 Joseph HODGE     Julia CORNELL    
62 08/12/1828 William GROOM Single Watton At Stone Maria HILLS    
63 22/12/1828 Michael CANNON Widower   Ann SMITHENS Single  
64 02/05/1829 William HALL Single   Mary SAPSED Single  
65 18/09/1830 John WALBY Single   Elizabeth Ann PORTER Single  
66 13/10/1830 William MITCHELL Single Stapleford Maria CORNELL Single  
67 06/11/1830 James GILBY Single   Mary Ann GILES Single  
68 09/11/1830 Samuel PORTER Single   Mary WRIGHT   Sandon
69 11/11/1830 Thomas FRIEND Single Northchurch Elizabeth RAYMENT Single  
70 13/11/1830 Thomas CANNON Single   Mary BUSH Single  
71 13/06/1831 John BIGGS Single Layston Elizabeth MARDLIN Single  
72 16/07/1831 James KITCHENER Single   Charlotte WADLOW Single  
73 09/10/1831 James FRESHWATER Single   Mary Ann CHAMBERLAIN Single  
74 24/12/1831 James KIMPTON Single   Mary Ann CRANE Single  
75 22/04/1832 James WARNER Single   Mary DOWTON Single  
76 07/10/1832 Benjamin HARRIS Single   Ann WALBY Single  
77 16/03/1833 James HALL Single   Edith SELL Single  
78 12/06/1833 John EDWARDS Single   Mary Ann NASH Single  
79 28/09/1833 James CRANE Single   Martha CATLIN Single  
80 03/11/1833 Joseph BOULTARD Single   Sarah TITMAS Single  
81 24/12/1833 William MASKALL Single   Mary MALLION Single  
82 02/01/1834 William BROWN Single   Elizabeth PASSELL Single  
83 18/01/1834 Edward CRANE Single   Martha LYLES Single  
84 17/05/1834 Joseph SAMS Single   Harriet WALLS Single  
85 03/08/1834 Samuel LILES Single Watton At Stone Mary Ann CATLIN Single  
86 23/08/1834 William PARISH Single   Rebecca WILLIAMS Single  
87 31/08/1834 William VENABLES   Essendon Martha SALE    
88 06/09/1834 Frederick CRANE Single   Eliza GILBY Single  
89 21/09/1834 William SEAMOUR Single   Sarah CATLIN Single  
90 01/11/1834 James SAVAGE Single   Elizabeth WING Single  
91 08/11/1834 William SPENCER Single Aston Ann BERRY Single  
92 24/12/1834 William COLLINS Single   Rebecca MALLION Single  
93 25/12/1834 William COLLINS Single   Mary MILTON Single  
94 01/01/1835 Joseph Hays BARWICK Widower   Jane MACKANESS   St Ives, Huntingdonshire
95 10/01/1835 Benjamin BROWN Single   Maria Walkington PALMER Single  
96 01/02/1835 James SAPSTEAD Single   Maria COLLINS Single  
97 08/03/1835 Thomas CATLIN Single   Elizabeth BEADLE Single  
98 10/06/1835 John BUNYON Widower   Eleanor CORNELL Single  
99 19/07/1835 Joseph LILES Single   Catherine MUNNS Single  
100 19/10/1835 Thomas SHEPPARD Single   Charlotte COLLINS Single Walkern
101 15/11/1835 Thomas COPELAND Single Anstey Matilda BUNYON Single  
102 22/11/1835 James COLLINS Single   Sarah BONFIELD Widow Walkern
103 23/11/1835 Frederick PARKINS Single Watton At Stone Sarah SAVAGE Single  
104 14/05/1836 George ELLIS Single   Emma MARDLE Single  
105 15/09/1836 Thomas SAPSTEAD Single   Phillis DOWTON Single  
106 24/09/1836 Thomas BUTTERFIELD Widower   Sarah COLLINS Widow  
107 24/12/1836 George WARNER Single   Matilda SKEGGS Single  
108 25/01/1837 William MACKEAND Single Brighton, Sussex Eliza RAYMENT Single  
109 11/02/1837 William GATES Single   Eliza COLLINS Single  
110 26/03/1837 Thomas MARDLE     Eliza SHEPPARD    

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