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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Pirton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Pirton lies in the extreme north of Hertfordshire so much so it forms a substantial part of the border with neighbouring Bedfordshire, it being surrounded on 3 sides by that county. Pirton is located about 4 miles northwest of the large market town of Hitchin and sits, in lanes, just over a mile north of the B655 road which connects Hitchin with the Bedfordshire village of Barton le Clay. Pirton is a large and compact village which has grown to surround its Norman motte and bailey site, the castle having disappeared. Pirton would have had a mixed economy at the time of this transcript, farming, principally arable, would have dominated but there was some employment in making of straw plait to diversify the income sources. Today Pirton is a popular village for commuters to nearby Hitchin, it retains much of its services as a result. For hikers its is an important stop on the Icknield Way, a path following the ancient Ridgway's from East Anglia to the Chiltern Hills. Pirton is drained northwards by small tributaries of the River Hiz which is soon joined, the Hiz merges with the Ivel and then the Great Ouse to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Pirton is sited at around 70 metres above the sea and sits at the foot of the nearby chalk ridge with local heights rising to 172 metres on nearby Deacon Hill. Pirton parish was fairly typically sized for the area, it covered around 2,700 acres and would have supported just over 750 parishioners. In Domesday times Pirton was held by one Ralph of Elmesy, the founder of the fortified site, and was an impressively large place even then, it could offer 28 ploughs as well as woodland containing 500 pigs and 4 mills.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the heart of Pirton occupying part of the bailey site and within a large open area at the centre of the village. The church has its origins contemporary with the motte and bailey e.g. the 12th century as evidenced by the style of interior arches, the former apsed transepts have disappeared and the church largely remodeled since then. The Decorated & Perpendicular style windows of both nave and chancel give evidence of a major rebuild during that great period of church building, the other changes came about as a result of a catastrophe. In 1874 the original tower of the church collapsed but the tower was rebuilt within 3 years as the present spike-topped central tower. St Mary's is approached from Crab Tree Lane along a short lane with some parking, the churchyard is open to the north but a few trees encroach on other angles making for a slightly tricky subject to photograph on a sunny day.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th November 1754 - 26th April 1773 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/80/1/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th January 1774 - 26th November 1812 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/80/1/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 16th January 1813 - 2nd January 1837 Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - DP/80/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Shillington All Saints, Bedfordshire
Shillington All Saints, Bedfordshire
Holwell St Peter, Bedfordshire
Shillington All Saints, Bedfordshire
Holwell St Peter, Bedfordshire
Ickleford St Catherine
Offley St Mary Magdalene
Offley St Mary Magdalene
Hitchin St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
11/01/1754 John WRIGHT     Mary HONOUR    
28/11/1754 Edward PRYOR   Hitchin Ann HOBBS    
18/10/1755 Henry WALKER     Susannah ARNOLD    
16/07/1756 William HONOUR     Elizabeth WATTSON    
26/01/1757 William HOW     Mary MATTHEWS    
10/10/1757 Thomas DENSEY     Elizabeth STOATON    
10/12/1757 Richard TOMKENS     Mary PRUDDEN    
05/02/1759 Francis EMMUNS     Ann FARMER    
22/02/1759 William NORTON     Ellen ARNOLD    
17/04/1759 John HOBBS     Hannah SHEPPARD    
29/04/1760 William CAINS   Hitchin Sarah SHEPPARD    
15/06/1760 William RANS   Streatley, Bedfordshire Phoebe HAWKINS    
09/10/1760 William HILL     Mary PRIMMET Single  
24/03/1761 William SAUNDERS   Hitchin Martha CAIN    
08/04/1761 William HALE     Ann HATTON    
05/01/1762 James STAMERTON Single St Peter, St Albans Mary WOODALE    
02/02/1762 Francis BROWN     Frances CROUCH    
13/05/1762 Thomas TAYLOR   Hitchin Elizabeth RUST    
01/06/1762 Joseph HOW     Ammey WELLS    
02/10/1762 John HONOUR     Elizabeth BENT    
09/10/1762 William WELLS     Mary HILL    
09/10/1762 James LOWINS     Elizabeth SMITH    
21/10/1762 Mathew ADAMS     Elizabeth WHEELER    
21/06/1763 Samuel WALKER Single   Sarah CROUCH Single  
10/08/1763 Robert COOKE   Stevenage Susan FARMER Single  
10/11/1763 Thomas COOKE   Offley Ann PEEK    
06/12/1763 John CAWDELL   Shillington, Bedfordshire Susanna AXCOMBE    
12/01/1764 Robert HODSON     Mary RATHARAM    
24/05/1764 Edward BURTON     Susan HARDING    
19/07/1764 Israel PEEKES     Elizabeth CHERRY    
24/09/1764 Charles BIGG Single Hitchin Elizabeth ABBISS Single  
08/10/1764 William ROWELL     Mary LACEY    
23/10/1764 John GRAY     Sarah BARBER    
27/05/1765 Joseph FARMER Single   Elizabeth TAYLER Single  
30/05/1765 Richard DAWSON Single Hitchin Mary ROWELL Single  
10/10/1765 Thomas BARBER     Ann GREY    
01/04/1766 Richard SMITH Single   Sarah PRIMETT Single  
24/04/1766 Isaiah CHERRY     Elizabeth PAKES    
11/06/1766 Thomas CRAWLEY Single Welwyn Ann BROWN Single  
28/06/1766 William SALE Single Arlesey, Bedfordshire Mary HUDSON Single  
31/07/1766 John DEAR   Shillington, Bedfordshire Elizabeth TOMPSON    
02/10/1766 Edward ROBINSON   Ickleford Eleanor EVERETT    
16/11/1766 John PATERNOSTER     Ann SHEFFIELD    
13/05/1767 James ARNOLD     Ann ARNOLD    
10/10/1767 Thomas WELLS     Elizabeth HILL    
12/01/1768 Joseph BARBER   Shillington, Bedfordshire Mary SHEPHERD    
02/02/1768 John HILL     Elizabeth PRIMETT    
25/02/1768 William ABBISS     Mary WEEDEN    
12/04/1768 Robert PRIMETT Single   Catherine KINGSLEY Single  
22/06/1768 John COWLAND Widower   Ann ARNOLD Single  
02/08/1768 Thomas WALKER     Elizabeth WHITTEMORE    
08/10/1768 John PRIOR   Stevenage Elizabeth CROUCH    
15/10/1768 Thomas HUDSON     Sarah KINGHAM    
22/01/1769 Thomas CAMPKIN     Mary WOODLAND    
23/02/1769 George CHERRY     Martha CATTERAL    
23/05/1769 Joseph POTTER   Royston Susanna BROWN    
18/11/1769 Thomas NASH   Hitchin Sarah SIMMONS    
18/11/1769 William MANN     Alice SIMMONS    
30/11/1769 William HONOUR   Shillington, Bedfordshire Mary LACY    
16/04/1770 James LINE     Elizabeth BURROUGHS    
04/05/1770 William DAVIES     Sarah HILL    
14/06/1770 Daniel THOMPSON     Elizabeth ROWE    
14/06/1770 James SAUNDERS   Meppershall, Bedfordshire Rebekah ADKINS    
03/09/1770 Thomas PRIMMETT     Sarah CREEK    
10/10/1770 Thomas BATTOMS   Shillington, Bedfordshire Mary LINCOLN    
22/12/1770 Peter GOLDSMITH     Elizabeth WILMOT    
03/01/1771 Robert HORTON   Shillington, Bedfordshire Sarah HANSCOMBE    
22/04/1771 Henry BURKITT     Ann AUGAR    
20/10/1771 John COWLAND     Mary ARNOLD    
24/10/1771 Joseph HAIR     Elizabeth KINGHAM    
10/12/1771 Edward SIMKINS     Mary DUNHAM    
06/01/1772 Thomas IZARD   Hatfield Sarah COOPER    
07/01/1772 Timothy POND     Sarah DRAPER    
13/01/1772 Joseph WHITE     Eleanor PRIMMETT    
25/11/1772 William WOODFIELD     Elizabeth ARNOLD    
10/12/1772 Paul POULTER   Shillington, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HANSCOMBE    
24/02/1773 John GRAY   Offley Mary EVANS    
26/04/1773 James ABBISS     Elisabeth MEAD   Ickleford
1 05/01/1774 William PIRKINS Single   Martha KINGSLEY Single  
2 02/03/1774 John WEEDEN     Mary ALLEN    
3 10/03/1774 John RIGHT     Mary BURKITT    
09/02/1775 William HARDIN Single   Elizabeth LILLEY Widow  
05/10/1775 Edward PAYNE Single Astwick, Bedfordshire Mary HANSCOMBE Single  
11/10/1775 John SHARP Single   Judeth BARBER Single  
01/11/1775 William LAWRENCE Single Caddington, Bedfordshire Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN Single  
29/12/1775 Thomas WORSLEY Single Hitchin Ann SYMMONDS Single  
06/03/1776 Thomas EDRIDGE Single Hitchin Elizabeth TRUSSELL Single  
17/10/1776 William HARDING     Mary SMITH    
16/07/1777 Francis PRYER Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
17/07/1777 John WELDEN Single Offley Sarah SHUFFIELD Single  
06/01/1778 Daniel BROWN     Mary AUGUR    
15/03/1778 William HARE     Sarah HONOUR    
11/06/1778 Thomas HAILEY Single Campton, Bedfordshire Mary ARNOLD Single  
21/08/1778 Richard LAW Single   Mary COWLAND Widow  
14/11/1778 George GRAY   Great Wymondley Alice CHERRY    
05/04/1779 James DIMMOCK   Hexton Sarah HODSON    
25/05/1779 William LOW   Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire Anne KNIGHT    
10/07/1779 Henry WALKER     Elizabeth TOMMALINE    
02/09/1779 Richard LINCOLN     Elizabeth EARL    
13/09/1779 Richard RIDER   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Lettice HALFPENNY    
15/01/1780 Thomas JARVIS   Holwell, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HARDING    
03/05/1780 John KINGSLEY     Mary FURRIAN    
11/10/1780 John SHEPHERD     Anne BRACE    
11/10/1780 John KING   Hexton Mary WRIGHT    
27/11/1780 Thomas GUDGEON   Hitchin Elizabeth BROWN    
10/10/1781 William MABBAL     Mary HUTSON    
10/10/1781 James TITMAS     Mary WHITTEMORE    
11/10/1781 Thomas WEEDEN   Kings Walden Ann LINKHORN    
18/10/1781 William HUDSON     Ann GREEN    
14/11/1781 Richard HILL     Sarah WARD    
02/04/1782 Robert ODELL     Margaret PETTINGAL    
20/05/1782 George MALES Widower   Mary DAWSON Widow  
10/10/1782 Edward ROBERTS     Mary NEWELL    
09/11/1782 Joseph WEBSTER   Lilley Mary BROTHERS    
25/03/1784 William TITMOUS     Elizabeth TITMOUS    
23/09/1784 Christopher CROUCH     Sarah NEWELL    
12/05/1786 Richard WARD     Anne TOMALIN    
08/07/1786 Joseph BARBER     Sarah CONEY    
17/10/1786 Joseph RUST   Shillington, Bedfordshire Ann GREENE    
26/10/1786 Peter WHITTMER   Upper Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire Mary WELLS    
06/04/1787 Phillip DITLEY     Elizabeth GOLDSMITH    
09/04/1787 John RIGHT     Mary PESTILL    
19/05/1787 Joseph BONNEUR     Elizabeth FARMER    
04/10/1787 Richard THROSSIL     Susannah FIELD    
11/10/1787 William HANKINS     Mary HUDSON    
23/10/1787 Daniel BROWN     Elizabeth HAIRE    
08/01/1788 James HORNET     Ann WHITTEMER    
01/05/1788 Daniel GOLDSMITH Single   Judith BARBER Widow  
23/06/1788 Edmund DAY Single Pulloxhill, Bedfordshire Sarah ODELL Single  
22/09/1788 Joseph OSBORNE Single Hitchin Margaret CARLING Single  
24/12/1788 John RIGHT     Fanny FURRIAN    
28/01/1789 Thomas GAYLOR   Holwell, Bedfordshire Mary WARD    
05/02/1789 Henry YOUNG Single   Ann FIELD Single  
18/06/1789 James LACY Single Clophill, Bedfordshire Penelope HANSCOMBE Single  
19/10/1789 Francis CROUCH Single   Sarah HARRIS Widow  
26/10/1789 John WOOLSTON Single   Mary LAKE Single  
11/10/1790 John GREGORY Single Shillington, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HODSON Single  
06/08/1791 James HONOUR     Hannah HILLS    
03/11/1791 James SYMMONS Single   Ruth TOMMOLIN Single  
19/11/1791 Freeman BUTTERFIELD   Offley Mary KING    
30/07/1792 Francis CROUCH Widower   Sarah CLARKE Single  
18/08/1792 Robert ODELL Widower   Elizabeth DAY Single  
13/10/1792 Henry CLARK Single   Elizabeth BONEST Widow  
21/11/1792 Edward WILLMOT     Mary ROBERTS    
01/12/1792 John SHEPARD Single   Sarah CURTIS Single  
01/02/1793 Abram BARBER Widower   Alice GELDARD Single  
05/06/1793 George ODELL Single   Ruth ROE Single  
13/06/1793 John MEREDITH Single   Martha GRANT Single  
10/10/1793 James HANSCOMBE   Meppershall, Bedfordshire Sarah DEVERUX Single  
09/01/1794 Edward KINGHAM   Campton, Bedfordshire Ann SIMMONS    
28/01/1794 William MARLOW   Offley Elizabeth KINGSLEY    
02/03/1794 Thomas NORTON   North Mimms Elizabeth LAW    
08/11/1794 Edward TROSSOL Single   Mary SHEPHERD Single  
01/10/1796 Richard DAWSON Single   Ann SHEPHERD Single  
03/10/1796 Joseph SHARP Single Hitchin Frances WALKER Single  
10/12/1796 Richard WARD Single   Ann WALKER Single  
10/10/1797 James BARBER Single   Mary PRATT Single  
10/10/1797 Richard SHEPARD Single   Elizabeth PESTELL Single  
08/02/1798 James ABBISS Single   Ann FARMER Single  
10/05/1798 John LAKE Single   Ann BARBER Single  
29/05/1798 John BUNYAN Single   Emme HILL Single  
30/07/1798 Joseph BARBER Widower   Ruth SYMONDS Widow  
01/11/1798 Thomas HALFPENNY Single   Ann WHEEDON Single  
23/11/1798 James KINGSLEY Single   Ann HILL Single  
12/01/1799 Richard KINGSLEY Single   Hannah DEAR Single St Pauls Walden
25/02/1799 Joseph BUNKER Single   Mary BARBER Single  
26/05/1799 Thomas INGRAM Single   Ann CROUCH Single  
10/10/1799 John MALES Single Codicote Anne LAKE    
14/10/1799 Joseph COOPER Single Southill, Bedfordshire Elizabeth WEEDEN Single  
19/10/1799 John PEARCE Single   Sarah WORSLEY Single  
07/11/1799 George DAWSON Single   Sarah WEEDEN Single  
07/02/1800 Richard PAYNE   Shillington, Bedfordshire Mary WILSON    
15/04/1800 John FELKS Single   Ann CLARK Single  
15/04/1800 William FYR Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
26/05/1800 William BRACE Widower   Ann WELLS Single  
17/06/1800 William WILSON Single   Mary WILTSHIRE Single  
11/10/1800 Robert FOWLER Single   Ann SMITH Single  
13/10/1800 James HANKIN Single   Sarah SHARP Single  
27/05/1801 George LAKE Single   Elizabeth HONOUR Single  
12/10/1801 John REYNOLDS Single   Ann BANFIELD Single  
09/11/1801 John DAVIES Widower Offley Mary FREETH Single  
14/11/1801 Thomas CROUCH Single   Susannah BRITTON Widow  
29/07/1802 William HULL Single Shillington, Bedfordshire Harriet HARVEY Single  
16/10/1802 William FURR Widower   Elizabeth WORSLEY Single  
20/01/1803 Andrew GREY Single Offley Sarah SQUIRS Single  
21/11/1803 John BURGESS Widower   Elizabeth BULLOCK Widow  
12/12/1803 Henry YOUNGE Widower   Mary BARBER Widow  
31/12/1803 Thomas LEACH   Upper Stondon, Bedfordshire Mary HAILEY    
28/01/1804 Anthony LAKE Single   Mary DUNHAM Single Shillington, Bedfordshire
23/02/1804 George KINGSLEY Single   Ann DAVIES Single Holwell, Bedfordshire
03/04/1804 John PRATT   Meppershall, Bedfordshire Mary HARDING Single  
03/04/1804 William HILL Single   Ann SQUIRES Single  
07/06/1804 James TAILOR Single   Sarah DAVIS Single  
03/09/1804 Edward TINGEY Single Henlow, Bedfordshire Elizabeth LAKE Single  
16/11/1804 William BARR   Southill, Bedfordshire Elizabeth FULWOOD    
18/04/1805 George ODELL Widower   Elizabeth CHERRY Single  
21/10/1805 Edward CHERRY Single   Margaret BROWN Single  
09/11/1805 James WELLS Single   Mary WEST Single  
14/12/1805 John HIPGRAVE Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
17/01/1806 Edward TROSSEL Widower   Elizabeth BRIDGES Widow  
13/05/1806 Richard TITMAS Widower   Susannah WRIGHT Single  
17/07/1806 Joseph WARD Single Codicote Martha HUDSON Single  
06/11/1806 Joseph WILSHER Single   Mary WALKER Single  
18/01/1807 Thomas WRIGHTS Single   Hannah SAVORY Single  
05/02/1807 William KING Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
02/07/1807 John COOPER Widower Hitchin Ann DAVIS Single  
04/07/1807 John HILL Single Hitchin Ann ROBARDS Single  
06/09/1807 James KINGSLEY Single   Hannah DAVIES Single Offley
10/09/1807 Barnett PRUSTLING Single   Mary YOUNG Single  
12/10/1807 John KING Single   Elizabeth GRANT Single  
03/08/1809 Eli WALKER Single   Mary OSBORN Single  
22/02/1810 John THROSSELL Single   Sarah KINGSLEY Single  
05/07/1810 Thomas KINGSLEY     Elizabeth WILSON   Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
06/08/1810 John JEEVES   Henlow, Bedfordshire Ede ATTWOOD    
23/10/1810 John WILSHERE     Sarah HUDSON    
31/01/1811 Uriah ODELL     Elizabeth BULLOCK    
14/02/1811 Jepsha ODELL     Elizabeth HILL    
21/02/1811 George BROOKS   Shillington, Bedfordshire Mary HANKINS    
04/06/1811 George ALLEN Single Shillington, Bedfordshire Nancy HANKINS    
25/07/1811 Samuel MALES Single   Sarah HILL Single  
17/10/1811 Edward CLARK   Ickleford Elizabeth BONNER    
23/07/1812 Thomas WALKER     Ann ATTWOOD    
26/11/1812 James FRANCIS   Shillington, Bedfordshire Ann WOOLSTON    
1 16/01/1813 Richard SINFIELD Single   Mille BROWN Single  
2 21/04/1813 Thomas BROWN     Nancy SINFIELD    
3 05/06/1813 John MADDOCK   Shillington, Bedfordshire Elizabeth WALKER    
4 22/07/1813 John LINES Widower Shillington, Bedfordshire Fanny WRIGHT Single  
5 30/09/1813 Enoch ABBISS     Ann DUDLEY    
6 19/11/1813 John GRIFFIN   Tring Frances KINGSLEY    
7 17/02/1814 Caleb LANE   Hitchin Elizabeth NEWMAN    
8 12/05/1814 William PRIMETT Single Ickleford Elizabeth LAKE Single  
9 31/05/1814 Joseph CHAMBERLAIN     Susannah WALKER    
10 02/06/1814 John WEEDEN     Charlotte STAPLETON    
11 03/06/1814 John OSBORNE     Elizabeth ODELL    
12 11/07/1814 Joseph TAYLOR     Ann BRITTEN    
13 11/08/1814 Joseph KING     Ann HIPGRAVE    
14 14/10/1814 William YOUNG   Shillington, Bedfordshire Mary TITMUS    
15 26/10/1814 Luke SMITH     Sarah BARKER    
16 03/11/1814 Joseph REYNOLDS   Ickleford Sarah ROBERTS    
17 28/01/1815 John TURNER     Sarah HARDING    
18 15/11/1815 James KING     Charlotte HIPGRAVE    
19 23/11/1815 Thomas WRIGHT   Meppershall, Bedfordshire Hagar LAKE    
20 24/10/1816 James KEMPSTON     Maria HANKINS    
21 04/01/1817 James THRUSSELL     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
22 18/01/1817 Richard NEWBERY   Letchworth Sarah LATTERAL    
23 20/02/1817 Golde Nehemiah PRENTICE Widower Prittlewell, Essex Mary LEACH Widow  
24 06/11/1817 Thomas BURKITT Single   Jane SHEPPARD Single  
25 04/06/1818 William BUNNIDGE     Mary Ann THROSSELL    
26 17/06/1818 Richard SKEET   Norton Elizabeth HOLLAND    
27 19/06/1818 Abraham LONG   Hexton Mary TITMUS    
28 29/07/1818 John LAKE     Ann THROSSELL    
29 03/09/1818 James KINGSLEY Single   Mary HORNETT Single  
30 29/11/1818 William INGRAM Single   Ede BARKER Single  
31 24/12/1818 Thomas BROWN Widower   Sarah BROWN Single  
32 24/12/1818 William WALKER Single   Mary ODELL Single  
33 26/12/1818 John ROBERTS Single   Mary SHEPPARD Single  
34 26/12/1818 Matthew SMITH Single   Ann PAYNE Single  
35 29/04/1819 Joseph CHERRY Single   Mary ROBERTS Single  
36 01/06/1819 John FORD Single Hexton Elizabeth WARD Single  
37 01/06/1819 Joseph DAY Single Hexton Ede WARD Single  
38 24/07/1819 David BURTON Single   Mary BURGESS Single  
39 04/09/1819 James LAW Single Hitchin Lydia WORSLEY Single  
40 23/10/1819 John HARE Single Shillington, Bedfordshire Charlotte HALL Single  
41 14/11/1819 James MAYNARD   Little Berkhamsted Harriett HANKIN    
42 23/12/1819 James BARNS Single   Ann DAWSON Single  
43 24/12/1819 George HARE Single Shillington, Bedfordshire Dinah CATLIN Single  
44 15/02/1820 John TOPHAM Single Arlesey, Bedfordshire Eliza HANKIN Single  
45 15/02/1820 Jonathan CROUCH Single   Rebecca PAYNE Single  
46 29/04/1820 Thomas PARKINS Single   Mary BUNKER Single  
47 30/04/1820 Edmund YOUNG Single   Letty WORSELY Single  
48 22/05/1820 Thomas CHERRY Single   Ann WARD Single  
49 13/05/1821 James HIPGRAVES Single   Ann LAKE Single  
50 29/09/1821 Samuel IBBETT Single Meppershall, Bedfordshire Mary HARE Single  
51 13/10/1821 William TITMUS Single   Dinah MABBOTT Single  
52 13/12/1821 Edward DAWSON Single   Elizabeth BURGESS Single  
53 17/02/1822 William ABBISS Widower   Mary Ann BROOKS Widow  
54 07/07/1822 John SHEPPARD Widower   Mary Ann BARBER Single  
55 23/07/1822 James HALFPENNY Single   Jane THROSSELL Single  
56 13/10/1822 Thomas DAWSON Single   Sarah WARD Single  
57 07/01/1823 John BUNYAN Single   Mary BRIGGS Single  
58 02/03/1823 John WALKER Single   Elizabeth HANSCOMBE Single  
59 29/03/1823 James KEMPSTON Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
60 06/07/1823 Benjamin CHERRY Single   Ede BUNKER Single  
61 11/10/1823 William HANSCOMBE Widower   Sarah JARVIS Single  
62 08/11/1823 James COOPER Single   Charlotte PAYNE Single  
63 16/12/1823 John SIMPKIN Single   Amelia WALKER Single  
64 21/02/1824 David SHEPPARD Single   Mary REYNOLDS Single  
65 21/04/1824 John CRAWLEY Single   Mary WEEDIN Single  
66 31/07/1824 James HALFPENNY Widower   Mary FYR Single  
67 13/08/1824 William PRATT Single   Tamar THRUSSELL Single  
68 21/10/1824 Samuel ROBERTS Single   Mary STANTON Single  
69 18/11/1824 James DAWSON Widower   Jane HOLLAND Widow  
70 30/01/1825 William DAWSON Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
71 18/06/1825 Charles DAWSON Single   Sophia WARD Single  
72 13/07/1825 James CROXFORD Widower   Esther FISHER Single  
73 03/12/1825 William CROUCH Single   Letty HALFPENNY Single  
74 26/12/1825 George HARE Single   Elizabeth SHEPPARD Single  
75 18/01/1826 Thomas HIPGRAVE Single   Abigail LAKE Single  
76 14/05/1826 James ABBISS Single   Abigail SQUIRES Single  
77 14/06/1826 John WILSON Single   Sarah HILL Single  
78 05/11/1826 Richard TRUSSELL Single   Sarah CHAMBERLAIN Single  
79 18/05/1828 James CHERRY Single   Mary Ann SHEPPARD Single  
80 30/07/1828 Joseph SCOTT Single Bedfordshire Rebecca COOPER Single  
81 02/11/1828 John HILL Single   Charlotte HORNETT Single  
82 22/11/1828 John TITMUS Widower   Lydia HALFPENNY Single  
83 03/05/1829 Abraham KINGSLEY Single   Ann MABBOTT Single  
84 09/08/1829 Joseph BARBER Widower   Ann SHEPPARD Single  
85 04/10/1829 James REYNOLDS Single   Maria BURGESS Single  
86 04/11/1829 William REYNOLDS Single   Fanny FYR Single  
87 20/04/1830 James PITTS Single   Ann LOWE Single  
88 02/06/1830 Richard SHEPPARD Single   Nance REYNOLDS Single  
89 29/06/1830 James MCDOUGHAL Single   Elizabeth Mary COLLETT Single  
90 03/10/1830 Jesse WEEDEN Single   Ann SQUIRES Single  
91 11/10/1830 George PRATT Single   Mary MILES Single  
92 28/11/1830 Samuel BUNKER Single   Mary DAWSON Single  
93 02/05/1831 John ARNOLD Single   Mary LAKE Single  
94 16/06/1831 William BURGESS Single   Lucy SINFIELD Single  
95 03/11/1831 Simeon TITMUS     Phoebe WARD    
96 21/01/1832 Thomas HENDLEY     Elizabeth OSBORN    
97 23/02/1832 John George ROBINSON     Elizabeth DAVIES    
98 25/02/1832 George YOUNG     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
99 27/02/1832 William RUSSELL   St Pauls Walden Martha WILSON    
100 02/03/1832 James WEEDEN     Ann FURR    
101 17/05/1832 Thomas CHERRY     Sarah HARE    
102 13/06/1832 Thomas BALLS   Hitchin Sarah FURR    
103 13/09/1832 George DAWSON     Ann CHERRY    
104 10/10/1832 Thomas PARKINS     Elizabeth ODELL    
105 18/10/1832 William DAVIES     Phoebe FURR    
106 08/11/1832 Thomas MABBOTT     Mary Ann BROOKS    
107 09/11/1832 George HODSON     Mary GOLDSMITH    
108 22/12/1832 Samuel ROBERTS     Amey MILES    
109 24/12/1832 John PITTS     Sarah LOW    
110 16/03/1833 Richard STREET     Jemima MILES    
111 13/04/1833 William PEARCE     Charlotte CHERRY    
112 25/05/1833 Hezekiah ODELL   Shillington, Bedfordshire Sophia PRATT    
113 09/07/1833 George BURGESS     Elizabeth HILL    
114 25/07/1833 John SHEPPEARD     Ann ROBERTS    
115 30/09/1833 John Reynolds WARDALE   Higham Gobion, Bedfordshire Mary HANSCOMBE    
116 05/10/1833 Uriah ODELL     Ann WEEDEN    
117 09/11/1833 Thomas TRUSSELL     Ann CHAMBERLAIN    
118 23/06/1834 Thomas PRATT     Rhoda ODELL    
119 27/09/1834 William PITTS     Ann DUNHAM    
120 28/09/1834 James HARE   Shillington, Bedfordshire Sarah JEEVES    
121 11/10/1834 William GILLAMS   Offley Lucy WILTSHIRE    
122 09/11/1834 William TRUSSELL     Sarah COWLEY    
123 13/11/1834 John FRANCIS     Elizabeth MITCHELL    
124 24/12/1834 George CHERRY     Elizabeth YOUNG    
125 25/12/1834 David YOUNG     Eliza GAZELEY    
126 28/02/1835 James CHERRY     Ann ABBY    
127 18/07/1835 William HANSCOMBE     Charlotte REYNOLDS    
128 02/10/1835 George THROSSELL Single   Rebecca DAWSON Single  
129 05/11/1835 Thomas LAVENDER Single   Rachel WEEDEN Single  
130 22/11/1835 Thomas TRUSSELL Single   Susan CHAMBERLAIN Single  
131 16/01/1836 George JARVIS Single Hitchin Mary HODSON Single  
132 28/09/1836 George PEARCE Single   Elizabeth BURGESS Widow  
133 15/10/1836 John WILSON Single   Margaret ODELL Single  
134 19/10/1836 John REYNOLDS Single   Mary Ann CATERALL Single  
135 02/11/1836 William CHAMBERLAIN Single   Ann LAW Single Hitchin
136 19/11/1836 William WALKER Single   Fanny ODELL Single  
137 02/01/1837 George BUNNAGE Single   Mary Ann JARVIS Single  

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