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Easton St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Easton lies in western Huntingdonshire about 7 miles west of the county town of Huntingdon. Easton is a small and compact village which sits a half mile south of the busy modern dual-carriageway of the A14 which carries traffic from the east coast ports into the central motorway network. Easton also sits a couple of miles north of Grafham Water Reservoir, a major resource and also a venue for exercise and wildlife. Easton would have been a farming community at the time of this transcript and little has changed since except a switch from a mixed farming regime into something more arable in content. Small brooks drain the parish the short distance to Grafham Water and also eastwards to the Great Ouse near Huntingdon, both end up at the North Sea through The Wash. Easton is sited at around 20 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside which rises to just over 60 metres within a mile or so. Easton parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering a little under 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. Today Easton is a small rural settlement but in Domesday times it was one of the largest 20% of settlements in the country and was shared by no fewer than 7 separate landowners. Collectively the parish could muster 14 ploughs, extensive meadows and pastures plus woodland heavily stocked with pigs, in all a wealthy place even if the resources were spread thinly between the seven.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the southern side of the village on the southern side of Church Road. St Peter is a splendid example of the Perpendicular style of the late 14th century, it is true that earlier fragments were found by Pevsner but they were mere fragments of what had previously stood here, the head of a small Norman window indicative of a 12th century predecessor reused. As the southern arcade is earlier, Decorated in style, and close in date to the start of the 14th century it is likely the church was a continuous build throughout most of that century, a period when Decorated style gave way to the Perpendicular. The late 14th century western tower is described Pevsner as "of especially fine proportions" and is a major landmark across this area, seen easily from the busy A14. The latest work was the replacement of roofs and addition of clerestory of 1630 before a series of restorations began in Victorian times. Pevsner identifies 4 specific campaigns of restoration which result in today's church. Church Road is narrow but carries little traffic, the verge is adequate provided one avoids the brook running alongside, the church is open, relatively uncluttered and has few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd March 1756 - 5th May 1812 Huntingdonshire Archives - Reference - HP21/1/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th February 1813 - 26th February 1837 Huntingdonshire Archives - Reference - HP21/1/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Spaldwick St James
Ellington All Saints
Ellington All Saints
Spaldwick St James
Ellington All Saints
Kimbolton St Andrew
Grafham All Saints
Grafham All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/03/1756 Thomas TILLOTSON Widower Ellington Katherine CRAWLEY Single  
05/06/1756 John GILLAM     Elizabeth BARRETT Single  
01/11/1756 William DUST   Grafham Mary BRICE    
31/01/1757 Thomas BROWN     Susannah ASHBOLT    
10/04/1758 Joseph PALMER   Spaldwick Sarah PAIN    
10/12/1759 John LOW     Mary KING    
21/05/1760 Edward SHADBOLT   Kimbolton Hannah GRANGE    
15/07/1760 John GILLAM   Ellington Mary BLUNKET    
06/04/1761 John PRICE Single   Amey PETTIT Single  
29/04/1763 Francis BLUNKET Single   Jane PRICE Single  
11/07/1763 William STEPHENSON Widower   Lyddy HOLLIDAY Widow  
29/01/1765 John READ Single   Mary ING Single  
22/02/1765 John GATES Single   Elizabeth PAIN Single  
30/10/1766 Henry HALL Widower Spaldwick Elizabeth CROXTON Single  
01/08/1768 Matthew HAMEY Widower Leighton Bromswold Mary KISBY Single  
17/10/1768 Edward MILARD Single Renhold, Bedfordshire Susanna KING Single  
21/05/1770 Matthew ABBOT Widower   Sarah SMITH Single  
02/04/1771 Morice BASFOOT Widower   Susanna FAIRY Single  
28/11/1771 John MITCHEL Single   Hannah BLUNKET Single  
27/01/1772 John BERRIDGE Single   Dorothy RICHARDSON Single  
05/11/1772 George BLUNKET Single   Jane HALE Single  
30/11/1772 Matthew HITCHCOCK Widower   Jane HEXTON    
04/04/1774 Samuel BOWKER Single   Anna BRIDGFORD    
21/07/1774 Clark GOODMAN   Alconbury Mary BLUNKET Single  
12/10/1774 William BRACEGIRDLE Single   Elizabeth HAINSWORTH Single  
05/06/1775 Richard HEXTON Single   Sarah ENFIELD Single  
07/06/1776 Thomas ADEY   Godmanchester Mary NITEN    
18/09/1776 William TAYLOR     Judith BOWKER Single Alconbury
11/12/1777 John HOLIDAY     Elizabeth WHITWELL    
30/04/1778 John LAXON     Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
15/06/1779 Henry GEORGE Single   Elizabeth COLLINGWOOD Single Upton
11/10/1779 William DIX Single   Mary VOSS Single  
23/07/1780 Thomas LUNT Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
25/02/1781 Thomas BROWN Widower   Elizabeth MEDLOCK Single  
12/02/1782 Joseph BLAND Widower   Mary BROWN Widow  
07/02/1783 Robert PRICE     Elizabeth HOWS    
25/02/1783 Thomas BLUNKET Widower Spaldwick Mary HOWS Widow  
14/07/1783 John LOVELL Single Spaldwick Elizabeth GAITS Widow  
17/06/1784 Joseph SAMS Single   Hanah HOWS    
11/07/1784 Joseph BALDOCK Widower Alconbury Ann HOPKINS Widow  
12/07/1784 Thomas OFFORD     Sarah PALMER    
06/02/1785 James SACHEVERELL   Alconbury Elizabeth GEORGE    
27/11/1785 John REESBY   Spaldwick Elizabeth BASS    
11/01/1786 Thomas BITTLES     Mary LOW    
23/04/1786 William SANSUM     Ann HALLADAY    
01/12/1786 Thomas ALLEN Widower Alconbury Elizabeth TABOURN Single  
26/12/1786 Charles SEWELL Widower   Elizabeth SHARMAN    
24/04/1787 Thomas RASBY Single   Elizabeth BRASGIRDLE Widow  
18/11/1788 William SMITH     Hannah SHARMAN    
13/07/1789 Edward JOLLEY     Sarah LADDS    
15/10/1789 William WARD Widower Leighton Bromswold Susanna KING    
24/01/1790 Thomas BROWN Widower   Judith BULL Single  
09/03/1790 John LOW Single   Jane PRICE Single  
30/01/1792 Thomas BEETLES     Dianah WESTNUT    
23/04/1792 Carr MOLTON     Elizabeth HOPKINS    
24/12/1792 Thomas MACE Single   Sarah KING Single  
14/07/1794 Robert STARLING     Diana BARWELL    
08/05/1796 Philip GALE Widower   Elizabeth HOPKINS Single  
13/12/1796 William READ Single   Elizabeth BRIDGEFORD Single  
25/12/1797 John COLEMAN Single St Andrew, Sawtry Mary CLARK Single  
25/03/1799 Thomas BROWN     Hannah KING    
23/12/1801 John DIX     Mary BLAND    
09/08/1802 William BELL Single   Elizabeth BRASBORN Widow  
09/01/1804 Thomas SALSBURY Single   Sarah SAVAGE Single  
11/02/1806 Charles BLETSOE Single   Jane BLUNKETT Single  
12/07/1807 Thomas BUGBY     Sarah FAVELL    
20/11/1807 William BELL Widower   Frances BLUNKITT Single  
12/10/1808 James PERRY   Spaldwick Lydia SANSON    
29/11/1809 Daniel DUNHAM Single Kimbolton Elizabeth SEWEL Single  
05/05/1812 William SMITH   Sawtry Sarah BEETLES    
1 12/02/1813 George YORKE Single   Susannah BAKER Single  
2 12/10/1814 John GROOM Single   Mary TEAT Single  
3 18/07/1815 James MEWHEW Widower Tilbrook, Bedfordshire Hannah MARKS Widow  
4 22/03/1816 Thomas LEEDING Single   Mary WARD Single  
5 09/10/1818 William ROBINSON Single   Rebekah FAVEL Single  
6 14/09/1819 John MAYNARD Widower St Paul, Bedford, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
7 07/08/1820 Daniel REED Single   Rebecca PRESTON Single  
8 11/10/1820 John HAINES Single   Edy GAMMONS Single  
9 01/05/1821 Joseph LYNE Single   Charlotte RIGNELL Single  
10 16/10/1821 George SADDINGTON Single   Mary SAVAGE Single  
11 26/12/1821 Thomas VINCENT Single Finedon, Northamptonshire Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
12 12/11/1822 William SABEY Single Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire Sophia REID Single  
13 27/01/1823 John CROSS Single Stow Longa Mary JOHNSON Single  
14 12/10/1824 John REED Single   Rahal KIDDLE Single  
15 16/12/1824 Caleb BARKER Single Great Catworth Anne MATTIN Single  
16 25/07/1825 Thomas ATKINS Single Upton Ann STEEL Single  
17 19/09/1825 James COSINS Single   Elizabeth HENSON Single  
18 10/04/1826 William MORRIS Single   Ann LEEDING Single  
19 05/06/1826 William ROBERTSON Single   Sarah FORD Widow  
20 02/10/1826 William ROBINSON Widower   Sarah HARPER Widow  
21 13/07/1829 Henry MATTIN Single   Eliza STRANGWARD Single Ellington
22 13/07/1829 Samuel CROSS Single   Hephzibah READ Single  
23 16/10/1829 Thomas EKINS Single Raunds, Northamptonshire Susannah YORK Widow  
24 15/12/1829 Richard BROWNING Single Great Staughton Hannah BLETSOE Single  
25 03/06/1830 James LEEDING Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
26 08/06/1830 Thomas Osborn HUBBARD Single St Neots Sarah SALSBURY Single  
27 13/11/1830 James BEETLES Single   Ann PIX Single  
28 10/05/1831 Joseph ROWLATT Single Great Catworth Susannah SUTTON Single  
29 05/12/1832 George KING Single Woolley Ann PERRY Single  
30 12/10/1833 Henry MATTEN Widower   Sarah HENSON Single  
31 02/04/1834 James ROBINSON Widower   Mary GROOM Widow  
32 14/10/1834 Noah NICHOLSON Single   Sarah HARRISON Single  
33 16/02/1835 George HALL Widower Pertenhall, Bedfordshire Sarah READ Single  
34 26/12/1835 John DICKINSON Single   Mary PERRY Single  
35 12/10/1836 James LEEDING Widower   Elizabeth COUSINS Single  
36 07/11/1836 William ROWE Single   Hannah MATTIN Single  
37 26/02/1837 John HANCOCK Widower Godmanchester Rebecca MATTIN Single  

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