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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Orton Longueville Holy Trinity


The Parish

The parish or Orton Longueville lies in the extreme north of Huntingdonshire forming part of the border with neighbouring Northamptonshire. Orton Longueville is located about 2 miles southwest of the Northamptonshire city of Peterborough and lies just west of the A1260 (Peterborough's western bypass) and north of the A1139 (Peterborough's connection to the A1 Great North Road). Once a separate small village nestling on the southern banks of the river Nene, Orton Longueville has become an integral part of the fast-growing conurbation that is modern day Peterborough. Motivated initially by London "overspill", the movement of surplus London population to smaller centres, and latterly by the theories of the "New Town" movement Orton Longueville is now a dormitory settlement of the city. It's economy would, at the time of this transcript, have been dominated by farming, a mixed regime exploiting both the pastures of the Nene valley and the dryer arable hills around, supplemented by quarrying the local ironstone for building and road stone. The Nene drains the parish eastwards, skirting the city of Peterborough, across the Fens to the North Sea through The Wash. Orton Longueville is sited at around 10 metres above the sea, land is flat across the Nene Valley but rises gently westwards to reach local heights of around 50 metres. Orton Longueville parish was originally small, covering just 1,400 acres, in 1707 its absorbed neighbouring Botolph Bridge parish increasing its acreage to 2,400 acres and supporting a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Orton Longueville was a holding of Eustace the Sheriff, a small and insignificant place of just 3 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

Holy Trinity church lies next to the site of Orton Hall, nowadays a hotel complex, a Tudor Gothic mansion formerly home to the Cope family. The church has documentary evidence of its existence dating to 1247 but of that church only the bases of columns remain as a complete rebuild was initiated in 1275. Of the 13th century the northern chapel and tower base are confidently datable, the remainder of the church is in the Decorated style and probably 14th century. The fenestration to the chancel has documentary evidence dating it to between 1330 and 1350 and this seems a perfectly viable date too for the aisles and arcades albeit the southern aisle was widened in 1675. There were the usual restorations of Victorian and later times, 1890s and 1908 - 1909 are mentioned but solely in respect of re-roofing so any refresh was probably light and sensitive. The main road past the church has the confusing name of The Village and the church sits on the western immediately south the hotel. The road is narrow but there is space to park at the southern end of the site where a diagonal path leads into the churchyard through a pair of wooden gates. Sadly many trees cluster around the western end of the building making for a tricky piece to fully acquire.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 19th September 1754 - 22nd April 1812 Huntingdonshire Archives - Reference - HP61/1/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd March 1813 - 22nd May 1837 Huntingdonshire Archives - Reference - HP61/1/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Castor St Kyneburgha, Northamptonshire
Castor St Kyneburgha, Northamptonshire
Peterborough St John the Baptist, Northamptonshire
Peterborough St John the Baptist, Northamptonshire
Orton Waterville St Mary
Woodston St Augustine
Yaxley St Peter
Yaxley St Peter
Yaxley St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 19/09/1754 George JONES     Sarah CALTON    
3 16/01/1755 Thomas POTTS     Ann CRANE Widow  
4 03/02/1755 William MITCHELL   Market Deeping, Lincolnshire Bridget GOWARD Widow  
5 11/05/1756 John WAKELIN   Orton Waterville Elizabeth WARD Single  
6 26/05/1756 Robert CASTLE     Elizabeth WATKINSON   Peterborough, Northamptonshire
6 30/08/1756 William MOORE   Market Deeping, Lincolnshire Elizabeth PLOWRIGHT    
7 26/09/1756 Jeremiah CANWALL     Hannah COLEMAN    
9 03/10/1757 John BENSLEY Single Farcett Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
10 07/11/1757 William HOLTON     Prudence BEATON    
12 27/03/1758 Robert JACKSON     Alice KINGSTON Single  
13 13/06/1758 John GACH   Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk Elizabeth LEVERINGTON    
14 27/08/1758 Christopher KINGSTON     Mary GREEN    
16 02/10/1759 Samuel PALMER Single Chatteris, Cambridgeshire Ann KINGSTON Single  
18 04/12/1759 William BUTTERWICK     Elisabeth AUSTIN Single  
19 17/12/1759 William BEEBY     Ann MITCHELL Single  
20 14/10/1760 Richard BAYNES Single Yaxley Elizabeth CHAMBERS Single  
21 02/02/1761 Thomas WALKER     Elizabeth BINKS    
22 27/10/1761 Isaac BAKER     Ann BATES    
23 21/09/1762 Robert GREY   Long Sutton, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WADE    
24 15/10/1763 John WALKER   Compton Bassett, Wiltshire Arabella COPE Single  
25 26/02/1764 Thomas BICKERSTAFFE     Ann PHILIPS Single  
26 27/05/1764 Addison COOPER     Rachael BLOODWORTH Single  
27 02/06/1765 John SCOT   Glatton Mary SAMSON Single  
28 02/06/1765 Richard BARSBY   Elton Elizabeth EDIS Single  
29 02/10/1766 William HILLIARD     Elizabeth BEATON Single  
30 24/12/1766 William SCOT     Mary BATES    
31 07/01/1767 William PRYMATT   St Botolph Aldersgate, City Of London Charlotte KNAPP Single  
32 18/01/1767 Henry SMITH     Mary CRANE Single  
33 05/06/1767 Robert JACKSON     Mary WATSON Single  
34 08/10/1767 Richard DOVEY     Grace GREEN Single  
35 03/04/1768 James SPRIGS     Ann ANDREW Single  
36 02/07/1769 John WADE     Sarah YORK Single  
37 26/10/1769 Edward HOLLIDGE   Elton Mary BLACK Single  
38 24/07/1770 William CROSS Single Orton Waterville Ann WAKELIN Single  
39 04/10/1770 John ROBERTS Single   Mary JONES Single  
40 12/01/1772 Gin CROXEN     Mary GINKS Single  
41 01/03/1772 Robert KIRCHIN Single   Ann ROT Single Lyddington, Rutland
42 24/06/1772 Joseph BURBRIDGE     Elizabeth BROUTON Single  
43 06/06/1773 Henry COATS Single   Fanny BATES Single  
44 19/02/1775 John SCOT Widower   Elin WILTON Single  
45 12/09/1776 John CANWELL     Elen BATES Single  
46 21/04/1778 William FAIRCHILD   Alwalton Catharine HART    
47 20/09/1779 John MOULT     Ann SWAIN Single  
48 30/05/1780 James LUM     Mary CANWELL Single  
49 30/10/1780 Joseph HOLT   Orton Waterville Ruth AIRS    
50 14/03/1781 John GREGORY     Hannah GROUND Single  
51 30/07/1781 John WALKER     Ann BEEBY Single  
52 04/06/1782 John WATTS     Ann JACKSON Single  
53 08/07/1782 John PRENTICE     Sarah FISHER Single Peterborough, Northamptonshire
54 07/10/1782 Thomas BRAMPTON     Mary JACKSON Widow  
55 11/10/1782 Richard WRIGHT Single   Mary MASTERS Single  
56 12/05/1783 Thomas JACKSON Single   Mary WADE Single  
57 21/10/1783 John GRAHAM     Bridget HENSON Single  
58 23/11/1783 John EDGSON   Elton Mary HIPPEY Single  
59 21/09/1784 Stephen CAVE Single St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire Martha MAXEY Single  
60 04/01/1785 William WHITTLE Single St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire Elizabeth BUTTERWICK Single  
61 07/02/1785 William HIPPEY Single   Ann MAXEY Single  
62 28/02/1785 Edward PARKINSON Single Castor, Northamptonshire Elizabeth HILL Single  
64 24/06/1785 Thomas LOVERTON     Ann MALT    
63 19/12/1785 Christopher JACKSON Single   Mary HALLADY    
65 13/09/1786 Robert HENSON     Mary JOHNSON Single  
66 13/10/1786 Richard EAGLE   Stanground Martha BUTTERWICK    
67 24/10/1787 John WOODCOCK     Mary PEARS    
68 03/12/1787 Thomas HARRISON     Elizabeth ROWELL    
69 13/09/1789 Henry GREEN   Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire Susanna COLMAN    
70 30/05/1790 Charles MAXEY Single   Eleanor SCOTT Widow  
71 17/10/1790 William SHARP     Ann DUDLEY    
72 01/11/1792 William WADE   Great Gidding Mary KNIGHT Widow  
73 14/05/1793 John SOUTHWELL Single   Mary ROBERTS Widow  
74 14/10/1794 Thomas MARTIN Single St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire Mary MARLOW Single  
03/11/1794 John WADE Single   Frances BAILEY Single  
30/12/1794 Thomas LEVERTON Widower   Elizabeth EDIN Single  
10/02/1795 Thomas JEAKINS Single Barnwell St Andrew, Northamptonshire Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
27/07/1795 John COLES Single   Mary SMITH Single  
27/03/1796 Charles GOSFORD Single Orton Waterville Mary SMART Single  
17/04/1797 John ALLEN   Elton Mary SAUNDERS    
02/10/1797 John GRIFFIN     Elizabeth CARTER    
02/12/1797 Robert SPEECHLEY Single   Susanna ALLEN Single  
11/02/1799 John CLARKE     Mary CLARY    
14/01/1800 William LAYTON     Mary SWANELL    
85 10/03/1800 William DOLBY Single   Hannah ARNSBY Single  
86 08/03/1801 William ALLEN Single Stibbington Elizabeth IRELAND Single  
87 14/09/1801 William MIDDLETON     Mary AUSTIN    
88 23/04/1804 John SMITH   Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Martha GREGORY    
89 27/03/1805 John LOVELL   St Mary, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Hannah HILL    
90 14/10/1805 Joseph FRISBY     Mary QUINCEY    
91 21/10/1805 John BONNOR     Jane LAMBERT    
92 26/10/1805 George GASKIN Single St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire Martha UNDERWOOD    
93 06/07/1806 Thomas QUENBY   Yaxley Catherine BATTERAM    
94 17/07/1808 John WALKER     Frances LEVERTON    
95 02/10/1809 Thomas COOKE   Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire Rebecca IRESON    
96 11/12/1809 Hitchcock LIMBIRD   Sawtry Elizabeth FAULKENER    
97 22/04/1812 John TRAYLER     Mary IRELAND    
1 23/03/1813 William MEADOWS Widower   Sarah RIPPIN Widow  
2 23/08/1813 William WOORAKER     Alice JACKSON    
4 03/10/1814 William WRIGHT     Mary LEVERTON    
7 12/10/1815 Thomas WELLS     Elizabeth HUDSON    
8 30/10/1815 Robert LILLEY   Alwalton Mary Anne FREEMAN    
9 07/12/1815 John HENSON     Elizabeth CARTER    
10 23/12/1816 Thomas DOLBY   Orton Waterville Charlotte COOK    
13 16/09/1817 Richard IRESON   Castor, Northamptonshire Elizabeth WATTS    
14 02/07/1818 Edward ELDERTON   Winwick Elizabeth ARCHER    
15 12/10/1818 Charles GUESS     Elizabeth BRYAN    
3 06/04/1819 James WATTS     Mary BELLAMY    
16 05/06/1820 George LEE     Martha IVES    
17 10/07/1820 John KINGSTON   Orton Waterville Jane MASON    
18 07/08/1820 John BURNHAM   St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire Elizabeth BENSON    
19 05/12/1820 Henry COLES     Ann WADE    
20 15/01/1821 William BUSWELL     Ann SALMON    
21 24/05/1821 William Gordon MOORE   North Muskham, Nottinghamshire Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
22 30/09/1822 William SHARPE     Catherine BILLING    
23 07/10/1822 Charles LOCK     Elizabeth ORKNEY    
25 21/01/1823 William FORD   Fletton Charlotte TRIGG    
26 20/05/1823 James FOSTER   Peterborough, Northamptonshire Ann GLITHEROW    
27 30/06/1823 Thomas DOLBY Widower   Ann BUSWELL Widow  
28 17/11/1823 Thomas PLOWRIGHT   Benefield, Northamptonshire Mary RIPPEN    
29 15/07/1824 Charles ANDREWS Single Woodston Martha ROBERTS Single  
30 17/08/1824 John WOODCOCK     Mary JUDSON    
31 01/11/1824 John FORD   Fletton Mary BRITTAIN    
32 10/11/1824 William MANTEN     Ann WADWELL    
33 17/01/1826 William SEARLE   Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth COLE    
34 21/02/1826 John HAYNES     Sarah SPRIGG    
35 14/03/1826 John BARROW     Ann DENT    
36 28/01/1828 William DOLBY     Elizabeth LEVENTON    
37 07/03/1828 Stephen TOWNESND   Orton Waterville Christiana BURNHAM    
38 04/05/1829 William BURTON Single   Mary PHILIPPS Single  
39 07/06/1830 James DEACON Single   Sarah RATE Single  
40 14/09/1830 Stephen ARCHING   Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire Frances Ann CHAMBERS    
41 28/10/1830 William Bowler DAVY   Elton Susanna SPRECKLEY    
42 22/11/1830 Thomas ADAMS   Winwick Rosellen FRISBY    
43 30/05/1831 Oswald SPRECKLEY     Elizabeth BUTTERWICK    
44 17/11/1831 Henry COCKERILL Single   Mary DESBOROUGH Single  
45 03/01/1832 Charles BUTTERWICK Single   Kezia BURNHAM Single  
46 16/01/1832 William WHITE     Mary CLACKSON   Alwalton
47 16/01/1832 John BLACKMAN   Orton Waterville Mary BRAMPTON    
48 07/05/1832 John RATE Widower   Mary PROCTOR Widow  
49 14/10/1832 Matthew RINGHAM Widower   Susannah SHELSTON Widow  
50 19/11/1832 Richard HAYES Single Stibbington Elizabeth CLARK Single  
51 04/02/1833 John WALLER     Eliza RATE    
52 15/04/1833 Joseph WATTS Widower   Lucy PECK Single  
53 26/11/1833 Robert BELLAMY Widower   Elizabeth HATFIELD Single Great Gidding
54 24/06/1834 William FREEMAN Single   Mary PLOWMAN Single  
55 07/11/1836 Thomas BUTT Single   Elizabeth BEEBY Single  
56 22/05/1837 Thomas HENSON Single   Elizabeth CANNON Single  

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