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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Canterbury St Andrew


The Parish

The ancient city of Canterbury is located about 55 miles southeast of London on the A2 road (a Roman creation) which connects the capital with the major Kent port of Dover, the gateway to Calais and the continent of Europe. Canterbury was probably founded in pre-Roman times but the conquerors certainly grew its stature and turned it into one of their major administrative centres, subsequently it became the Saxon capital of the kingdom of Kent and eventually the major religious centre for Christianity in southeast England. Canterbury became the seat of the Archbishopric following the drive to convert the country in the 6th century. Canterbury remains the administrative capital of Kent (despite Maidstone's pretensions) and a significant market for the whole of eastern Kent. Canterbury, like many of England's ancient cities, is divided into many parishes (in the case of Canterbury - 17) and St Andrew's parish was a middling sized parish in area and population, it covered much of the central quarter of the city within the walls but a tiny area physically and would have supported a population of around 600 parishioners. Canterbury is drained by the Great Stour which flows which flows northeastwards to reach the North Sea through the port of Sandwich. St Peter's church is sited at just 8 metres above sea level, it being not far from the banks of the Great Stour. As a great city by the time of Norman invasion Canterbury is documented extensively in Domesday Book, too much to re-document here.

The Church

The parish church of St Andrew was finally removed from Canterbury's streets in 1956 after a chequered history. The church stood in what was formerly the High Street (now renamed Parade) and sat on its southern side immediately north of Butchery Lane opposite, the site is now occupied by a National Westminster Bank. The medieval St Andrew's stood impinging onto the High Street and was demolished in 1763 to improve flow of people and traffic (hence the 11 year break in marriages), the replacement church was eventually closed in the 1880s.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
25th June 1754 - 27th December 1812
Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - CCA-U3/5/1/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 15th July 1813 - 21st May 1837 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - CCA-U3/5/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Canterbury St Alphege
Canterbury Christ Church
Canterbury Christ Church
Canterbury St Mary Breadman
Canterbury St Mary Magdalene
Canterbury St Margaret
Canterbury St Mary Bredin
Canterbury St George the Martyr
Canterbury St George the Martyr

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/06/1754 Staples STEARE Single St Swithin, City Of London Mary PILCHER Single
2 10/09/1754 Thomas WEAR Single Elisabeth SOUTHEE Single
3 25/12/1754 John BROWN Widower Martha CARTER Single
4 10/08/1755 Thomas GILHAM Widower St Mildred, Canterbury Sarah PERKINS Single
5 10/11/1755 Benjamin BENNETT Single Sarah COOPER Single
6 01/03/1756 Thomas HAWKINS Single Elisabeth ELLSEY Single
7 12/05/1756 Ilive COWBRICK Single St Paul, Canterbury Sarah REEVES Single
8 24/09/1756 Charles BROOKS Widower Susan EVANS Single
9 03/10/1756 William CRIPPEN Single St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Sarah LEMON Single
10 18/10/1756 John TADHUNTER Barham Elizabeth ALLEN
11 17/02/1757 William PACK Single Chartham Mildred FRISBY Widow
12 28/07/1757 John NORWOOD Single St Paul, Canterbury Mary ADAMS Single
13 12/10/1757 Elias WEBB St Margaret, Canterbury Elizabeth LONDON
14 22/11/1757 William HAMMOND St Paul, Canterbury Elizabeth DENCH
15 23/04/1758 Paul PARKER Jane CLARKE Single
16 02/09/1758 Thomas JONES Single St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London Ann PEARCH Single
17 22/10/1758 William ALLEN Ann ELENTON
18 16/02/1759 George HUDSON Mary THOMAS
19 15/04/1759 James CLARIS St Alphege, Canterbury Ann COLEMAN
20 19/07/1759 Edward PACKER Faversham Sarah STEED
21 07/10/1759 Thomas SANKEY Dorcas KIDDES
22 03/12/1759 William CLARK Mary FOXEN
23 17/02/1760 Charles DELMAR St Margaret, Canterbury Mary SANDERS
24 19/03/1760 James MEADES Margaret SPISSER
25 10/05/1760 Richard READ St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Catherine PIRKINS
26 25/05/1760 John JOLLEY St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Margaret NIXON
27 24/06/1760 Peter LEITCH Covent Garden, Middlesex Elizabeth LUCK
28 04/08/1760 John SIMMONS Sittingbourne Elizabeth SHERWOOD
29 08/02/1761 Ezekiel EASTMAN Mary STAMPER
30 19/04/1761 Benjamin GROVE St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary YOUNG
31 28/07/1761 Peter JORDAN Elizabeth SKEEFE Single Christ Church, Canterbury
32 09/09/1761 Ebenezer MUSSELL Widower Bethnal Green, Middlesex Sarah STRIVENS Single
33 10/01/1762 John REYNOLDS Single St Peter, Canterbury Sarah GINDER Single
34 09/03/1762 William FAIRLIE Mary MIDDLETON Single
35 01/12/1762 William DARE Single Sandwich Eleanor READ Single
36 07/12/1762 Henry ADAMS Single St Dionis, City Of London Mary JOHNSON Single
37 25/12/1762 James CLARIS Widower St Mary Northgate, Canterbury Elizabeth HOBDAY Single
38 30/01/1763 Philip PENN Single Thanington Susanna HILLS Single
39 18/10/1763 Thomas SHINDLER Single St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Winifred BUCKLEY Widow
40 18/10/1763 John NEWMAN Single Chartham Elizabeth READER Single
41 01/11/1763 Thomas FULLER Mary HOMMAN
42 31/01/1774 Henry IRONS Single Mary FOX Single
43 04/04/1774 Thomas TUNBRIDGE Single Great Chart Eleanor WOOLCOTT Single
44 08/05/1774 Nathanael HAMMOND St Alphege, Canterbury Martha JENNINGS
46 26/06/1774 William SLAUGHTER Widower St Peter, Sandwich Mary ROUSE Widow
47 11/09/1774 Stephen GAMMON Single Hoath Mary DELTON Single
48 13/10/1774 John PIERCE Single St Alphege, Canterbury Mary HALFORD Single
49 25/10/1774 James HAYWARD Widower St George, Canterbury Elizabeth PETEY Single
50 08/11/1774 Richard HALL Single Boughton Under Blean Mary THOMAS Single
51 13/01/1775 John EMINGTON Widower Mary MILES Single
52 23/07/1775 Edward DUNCK St Mary Bredin, Canterbury Sarah HART
53 15/11/1775 John POWELL Single Smarden Sarah FRIEND Widow
54 24/03/1776 Robert Barker KENNETT Single Hannah SPRATT Single
55 03/06/1776 William DENNIS Single Sturry Elizabeth EPPS Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
56 22/10/1776 Cyprian Rondeau BUICHE Single St George, Canterbury Catherine FREND Single
57 12/01/1777 Abraham MORRIS Single Elizabeth JOY Single
58 06/05/1777 John HOLLOWELL Single Mary JENKINS Single
59 18/05/1777 George PENN Single Hannah STEDDY Widow
60 06/07/1777 Edward PENN Single Thanington Elizabeth RAINER Single
61 27/05/1778 William DEAN Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
62 30/08/1778 Samuel TAYLOR Single Bridge Sarah KEELER Single
63 09/09/1778 Henry BRADDON Single St Dionis, City Of London Elizabeth ROUSE Single
64 14/12/1778 William WATTS Single Mary CALLER Single
65 26/12/1778 John MARSHALL Widower Margaret NASH Widow
66 06/10/1779 Charles ABBOT Widower Sarah VALLENDUE Single
67 25/11/1779 John DENNE Widower St George, Canterbury Jane SPRAY Single
68 05/02/1780 John MEAKINS Single Martha FORSTER Widow Deal
69 28/03/1780 William PARSLEY Single St Mildred, Canterbury Jane GILLMAN Single
70 08/08/1780 John SMITH Hoath Elizabeth CASTLE
71 22/03/1781 William HULME Chatham Anne SPRAY
72 29/04/1781 Gabriel EDGCUMBE Widower Susannah HUBBARD Single
73 20/09/1781 Richard RIGDEN Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Elizabeth HATTON Single
74 29/10/1781 Davison TURNER Deal Ann WHITE
75 25/11/1781 Robert STAINS Widower Sarah SMITH Single
76 04/12/1781 John READER Single Lydia JARMAN Single
77 08/01/1782 Thomas LAKE Single Ashford Mary MARSHALL Single
78 03/07/1782 George READ Mary BRITT
79 29/01/1784 Stephen VICKERS Single Mary WALTERS Single
80 05/02/1784 Daniel GILLETT Single St Peter, Canterbury Dennis CULVER Single
81 12/04/1784 Charles DELMAN Single Harriot JACKSON Single
82 09/09/1784 Henry BUSHELL St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Sarah DAVIS
83 21/10/1784 Henry BAKER Widower Deal Sarah KIDDER Single
84 09/02/1785 Alexander William STACEY Single St Alphege, Canterbury Sarah PRYOR Single
85 07/07/1785 John JOINER Single St Mary, Sandwich Susanna SHARWOOD Single
86 11/10/1785 Jeremiah EPPS Single Brabourne Ann MEERS Widow
87 30/01/1786 Richard COLLINGTON Single Sholden Docas SANKEY Single
88 20/02/1786 Daniel CLIFFORD St Mildred, Canterbury Elizabeth COUCHMAN
89 03/10/1786 Henry KEMP Single St Alphege, Canterbury Susannah SANKEY Single
90 19/10/1786 John HILLS Single Rebecca MAYHEW Single
91 07/11/1786 John BURGESS Single Elizabeth STOAKES Single
92 23/10/1787 Thomas COOPER Single Harriet KENNE Single St George, Canterbury
93 25/10/1787 Thomas GILLMAN Single St Paul, Canterbury Mary FENN Single
94 13/10/1788 Richard DAWES Single St Mildred, Canterbury Elizabeth WARD Single
95 18/11/1788 Robert FARRIS Widower St Margaret, Canterbury Mary SPRAKELING Widow
96 11/06/1789 Benjamin FOREMAN Single St George, Canterbury Sarah STEDDY Single
97 08/09/1789 John BRIGGS Single Holy Cross, Canterbury Elizabeth KNOTT Single
98 13/10/1789 John EDMANS Single St Mary Northgate, Canterbury Mary MATSON Single
99 28/03/1790 Marsh PIDDOCK Widower St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Catherine SMITH Single
100 22/08/1790 William BONINGTON Widower Clerkenwell, Middlesex Jane BURCHETT Single
101 28/10/1790 John KIRBY Single St Peter, Thanet Sarah CARTIS Single
102 14/11/1790 Thomas PHILPOTT Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Maria KINGSFORD Single
103 17/04/1791 John JOSLING Single Mary NORRIS Single
104 23/05/1791 John BAKER Single Sarah KNELL Single
105 26/07/1791 Joseph BURLEY Single Bridge Ann STONHAM Single
106 21/09/1791 Thomas NICKALLS Single Cheriton Hannah PATTESON Single
107 26/01/1792 Thomas MOYS Single Elizabeth FLAEWS Single
108 02/06/1792 James WILLIMENT Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Ann STAINES Single
109 30/08/1792 Richard Symons GOWLLAND Single Sarah SANKEY Single
110 11/10/1792 John FAGG Single Susanna KING Single
111 03/08/1794 Samuel CHARLES Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Harriet SPRAKELING Single
112 07/10/1794 Josiah Henry WILKINSON Single St Clement, City Of London Sarah PATTESON Single
113 05/11/1794 Thomas CHARISON Single St Mildred, Canterbury Phebe STOKES Single
114 03/02/1795 Richard MORRIS Single St Mary, Reading, Berkshire Barbara BARNES Single
115 07/04/1795 Joseph LENNEY Single St Margaret, Canterbury Sarah LIMART Single
116 28/05/1795 Joseph WALMSLEY Single Catherine ROUSE Single
117 24/09/1795 Richard MYERS Single Barham Whale COOPER Single
118 20/10/1795 Thomas PHILPOTT Single Ann WELLERD Single
119 24/01/1796 Charles STEDDY Single Sarah REVIVE Single
120 06/04/1796 Edward PIERCE Single Lower Hardres Frances ANDREWS Single
121 08/05/1796 Edward FARBRASS Single Littlebourne Sarah THORP Single
122 21/07/1796 John FURLEY Single St Mildred, Canterbury Elizabeth BUCKHURST Single
123 20/11/1796 Edward GOLDFINCH Single Jane HALLADAY Single
124 02/03/1797 Daniel SOGGEE Single Acrise Elizabeth BRENSLEY Single
125 28/03/1797 John HAYWARD Single St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Rebecca Rose THORP Single
126 20/04/1797 Charles PRINCE Single St Mary, Dover Elizabeth THORP Single
127 26/09/1797 John DEAN Single St Alphege, Canterbury Elizabeth SANKEY Single
128 18/02/1798 William MATTHEWS Single Sarah BAKER Single
129 09/04/1798 James COLE Single Elizabeth SAUNDERS Single
130 24/05/1798 George PEARCE Widower St Mary Northgate, Canterbury Susannah GOWLLAND Single
131 29/05/1798 Thomas LAWRENCE Single Boughton Malherbe Ann BARKER Single
132 29/05/1798 David PILCHER Single Kingston Peggy TUNBRIDGE Single
133 07/10/1798 John APPLEYARD Single Sophia TANNER Single
134 08/11/1798 Thomas SAXBY Single St Paul, Canterbury Mary WOOD Single
135 02/07/1799 Adam COLLARD Single Deal Sarah TUCK Single
136 26/08/1799 Richard JENNINGS Single Anne ROSBROOK Single
137 04/09/1799 George SPAWFORTH Single St Mildred, Canterbury Elizabeth BARNES Single
138 08/12/1799 Michael MAXSTED Single Whitstable Sarah WILKS Single
139 02/03/1800 Thomas ROUSE Single Ann CANNABY Single
140 06/01/1801 William ROUSE Single Elizabeth HOULT Single St George, Canterbury
141 29/01/1801 Jonathan BUNDOCK Widower Lucy ROGERS Single St George, Canterbury
142 10/05/1801 William PEARCE Single Sarah GOWLLAND Single
143 21/06/1801 Andrew ROBAYS Widower St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Ann ROALF Single
144 17/12/1801 John FRIEND Single St Lawrence, Thanet Sarah SAYWELL Single
145 29/12/1801 John PAGE Single Sarah ROSE Single
146 28/04/1802 John KEARNEY Single All Saints, Canterbury Elizabeth ROSE Single
147 28/04/1802 James LAMOTTE Single All Saints, Canterbury Sarah ROSE Single
148 09/05/1802 Robert ALLEN Single Mary Ann SIMMONDS Single
149 05/10/1802 David MAJOR Single Elizabeth GOLDER Single
150 10/01/1803 Benjamin BRETT Single Winifred MORLEY Single
151 13/02/1803 Stephen SIMMONDS Single Ann SWIFT Single
152 24/04/1803 Francis HEWSON Widower Wickhambreaux Mary SAYER
153 23/10/1803 James LADD St Paul, Canterbury Mary WILLIAMSON
154 10/04/1804 James CRANFORD Frances GRANT
155 17/04/1804 John LAWRENCE Single St Alphege, Canterbury Mary PENN Single
156 06/05/1804 George LAWRENCE Single St Margaret, Canterbury Ann MARTIN Single
157 22/07/1804 Thomas MERCER Single Sarah HULSE Single
158 28/10/1804 John TRIMNELL Single Mary DUTHOIT Single
159 01/12/1805 Edward Tilling BURROWS St Mary, Dover Susannah MARTIN Single
155 10/07/1806 James DARKE Single St Giles, City Of London Martha SUTTON Widow
156 07/09/1806 Thomas COLE Single St Paul, Canterbury Elizabeth MINTER Single
157 09/11/1806 Samuel LONGBOTHAM Single Walmer Mary JOHNSON Single
158 13/12/1806 John AUSTEN Single Lower Hardres Anna FOREMAN
159 03/02/1807 James Rose GREEN Sarah HAYWOOD Holy Cross, Canterbury
160 01/03/1807 George KNOTT Single Catherine BRISLEY Single
161 20/04/1807 George Finch HATTON Single Sarah MINTER Single
162 21/05/1807 James POLLARD Widower St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Sarah HORN Widow
163 11/08/1807 Edmund LODGE Single Charlotte THOMPSON
164 20/09/1807 Lewis CUNNINGTON Single Mary Anne BAILEY Single
165 11/10/1807 George TAYLOR Single St John, Southwark, Surrey Mary Ann GREEN Single
166 13/10/1807 Thomas HEARNDEN Single Susannah MINTER Single
167 24/12/1807 William KENNARD Elizabeth MUMMERY
168 11/01/1808 William PARKHURST Susannah EZZARD
169 11/01/1808 Henry HOPKINS Single St John, Thanet Hannah SANKEY Single
170 17/07/1809 John WHITROW Widower Esther AKERS Single
171 19/10/1809 John CLARK Single Elizabeth HOPKINS
172 17/02/1810 Robert GURNEY Single Sturry Mary SHRUBSOLE
173 11/11/1810 Charles Joseph CHRISTEN Single Jane BUCKHURST Single
174 25/12/1810 William Henry FLOOD Single Mary Ann MARRABLE Single
175 25/12/1810 James DALTON Single Jane ENGHAM
176 09/03/1811 James JEFFERY Single Hesther ELLIS Single
177 15/04/1811 William Edmund WELCH Single Elizabeth SIMMONDS
178 28/09/1811 Cornelius BENSON Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary Ann JAGER
179 03/10/1811 Richard EBDON Widower St Mildred, Canterbury Elizabeth HARVEY Widow
180 12/07/1812 Thomas HOMMERSHAM Single Charlotte DRURY Single
181 19/10/1812 Daniel PRICE Single Kennington Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
182 13/12/1812 Thomas ADAMS Single Elizabeth PIERCE Single
183 27/12/1812 James GROOMBRIDGE Single Petham Ann PARNUM Single
2 15/07/1813 James TRICE St George, Canterbury Jane PETTS
3 09/01/1814 Henry ALLEN Single Mary MEICKLEDEN Single
4 19/05/1814 Robert BUCHANAN St Margaret, Canterbury Sophia Theresa WHARRY
5 27/06/1814 William BACK Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Charlotte BOURN Widow St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
6 04/09/1814 William FILMER Single Celia MAYLAM Single
7 26/10/1814 George DOWN Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Ruth MITCHELL Single
8 25/12/1814 George BELL Single Maria BULLINGER
9 19/02/1815 Frederick WILLE Single Deal Harriet GREENLAND Single
10 03/04/1815 Henry HOWLAND Single Sarah Ann BUSH
11 16/04/1815 Thomas HARRIS Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Ann FLACK Single
12 25/06/1815 John Edward BOWMAN Single Elizabeth READ Single
13 16/07/1815 Richard CARRICK Widower Christabella HILL Single
15 03/09/1815 Samuel POWELL Widower Sarah CLOKE Single
16 09/10/1815 John SNELLING Widower Sarah GILL Widow St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
17 04/11/1815 Thomas FARRANCE Single Sophia EDMEAD Single
18 20/11/1815 John SAWYER Single Catharine Cage FIELDER
19 25/12/1815 Thomas STONE Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Amelia MATE Single
20 16/06/1816 Stephen Newman TERRY Single St Alphege, Canterbury Ann SIMMONDS Single
21 16/08/1816 Joseph STURGIS Widower Brenzett Harriott HOWLAND
22 22/09/1816 Edward FUGGLES Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary RAMSDEN Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
23 28/10/1816 Samuel Henry EDGE Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary Ann MACKNEOR
24 08/01/1817 James BROMLEY Widower St Peter, Canterbury Ann BUNDOCK
25 23/03/1817 Daniel POOLE Single Maria JEFFERY Single
26 18/05/1817 George PENN Widower Frances Ann SHETHER Widow St George, Canterbury
27 15/09/1817 Thomas SKILTON Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary Ann ELSE Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
28 14/10/1817 Stephen LENOY Widower St Mildred, Canterbury Sophia PARKER Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
29 08/12/1817 George WESTBROOK Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Ann CROUCH Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
30 16/12/1817 John HEALL Single Wye Charlotte PENFOLD Single
31 28/04/1818 Joseph KNOCKER Single Elizabeth HOLLYEAR Single High Halden
32 07/07/1818 John CULMER Elizabeth DESSE
33 28/07/1818 William SOLLY Patrixbourne Elizabeth SHARP
34 28/12/1818 John PAGE Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Phoebe WIFFIN Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
35 29/08/1819 John CHAPMAN Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Anne NEWMAN Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
36 28/09/1819 Thomas WINTON Single Benenden Susanna ROBERTSON Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
37 13/10/1819 Samuel POTTER Widower St Alphege, Canterbury Rebecca WOOTTON Single
38 13/10/1819 William ELOY Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Sarah BATES Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
39 16/10/1819 John MARTIN Widower St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Elizabeth HORTON Widow St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
40 22/11/1819 John CLACKETT Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Elizabeth HARVEY Single
41 06/04/1820 George HOOKER Single Holy Cross, Canterbury Ann Maria SHOXTED Single
42 26/04/1820 James HACKER Widower St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary MACKRELL Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
43 01/06/1820 Thomas POWELL Single St Mary Northgate, Canterbury Eliza BROWNE Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
44 18/11/1820 Bernard KENNA Widower St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Sarah EPPS Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
45 02/04/1821 George KNIGHT Single Preston Next Wingham Elizabeth Ann READER Single
46 22/05/1821 William CROUCH Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Rebecca HARBER Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
47 23/07/1821 Jams Thomas CLARK St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Ann TRICE
48 29/07/1821 Edward AUSTEN Widower St Paul, Canterbury Harriet Matilda RAFFORD Single
49 25/12/1821 Edward KITE Single Mary Lancefield HATCHER Single St Mildred, Canterbury
50 23/01/1822 William Shepherd MEDHURST Widower St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary Elizabeth STAPELLS Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
51 28/02/1822 Thomas Willson BOULTON Single St Luke, Middlesex Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single
52 30/03/1822 Thomas MAY Single Sarah JOYNER Single
53 04/07/1822 William Austin CHAMBERS Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Mary Elvey LORDING Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
54 15/07/1822 William SMITH St Alphege, Canterbury Mary BURGESS
55 09/12/1822 Joseph DINNAGE Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Martha EWELL Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
56 03/03/1823 Thomas JARRETT Widower St Mary Breadman, Canterbury Elizabeth SIMPSON Single St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
57 16/03/1823 William BROOKS Single Elizabeth COLEMAN Widow
58 29/03/1823 William Tiffin ILIFF Single St George, Southwark, Surrey Susanna JAGER Single
59 30/03/1823 Samuel POWELL Widower Frances CLACKETT Widow St Mary Breadman, Canterbury
60 20/01/1824 John GROOMBRIDGE Single Elizabeth ROGERS Single
61 07/03/1824 James TWOMAINE Single Sarah THORP Single Sturry
62 25/05/1824 Henry SPENCER Single Harriet PEIRCE Single
63 21/06/1824 George MINTER Single Emma WOOD Widow All Saints, Canterbury
64 16/11/1824 William BULLINGER Single Holy Cross, Canterbury Mary BENT Single
65 28/02/1825 John COLLER Single St Dunstan, Canterbury Mercy WATERMAN Single
66 05/04/1825 Henry MARLEY Single St Mary Bredin, Canterbury Charlotte MOORE Single
67 10/04/1825 Stephen BAKER Single St Paul, Canterbury Martha BARTLET Single
68 15/05/1825 John COOMBS Single Waltham Lucy CROOKSHANKS Widow
69 23/05/1825 Richard GRIGGS Bekesbourne Kezia PHILIPPS
70 22/06/1825 William SAFFERY Single St Mildred, Canterbury Elizabeth Sarah PRESLEY Single
71 10/08/1825 Henry Samuel WOOD Eliza GOULLAND St Alphege, Canterbury
72 25/08/1825 William FOREMAN Single St George, Canterbury Sarah Beake FOULJAM Single
73 07/01/1826 Thomas MARDEN Single Holy Cross, Canterbury Charlotte HEWITT Single
74 04/02/1826 George SHARP Single Mary JORDAN Single
75 06/02/1826 Barnett MCTOLDRIDGE Mary Anne HARRIS
76 22/05/1826 John PAMPLET Elizabeth JENNINGS
77 11/10/1826 Richard WEVEAR Harriet BAYLEY
78 16/10/1826 William SPENCER Sarah BARRAND
79 12/03/1827 Henry NOBLE St Mildred, Canterbury Harriot WELLS
80 16/09/1827 Matthew BALDWIN St George, Canterbury Dorothy ELLIOTT
81 26/11/1827 Henry ESBURY Christ Church, Canterbury Thomazin GAMBRILL
82 02/01/1828 Edward BROWN Single Newington, Surrey Sarah SHEPPARD
83 06/01/1828 John FISHER Anne COURT St Peter, Canterbury
84 13/01/1828 George BROOKS Milton Sarah BRENCHLEY
85 09/07/1828 John WIMBLE Wingham Martha REDWOOD
86 20/07/1828 John BENTON Mary HONEYSETT
87 02/08/1828 Charles Thomas HILLS Ann EDWARDS Deal
88 21/08/1828 Robert Ogdin HOLLIWELL Widower Whitechapel, Middlesex Elizabeth TUCKER Single
89 02/10/1828 Joseph JACKSON Mary MARTIN
90 17/02/1829 Henry SNELLING Widower Elizabeth HARVEY Single
91 23/09/1829 Thomas Dean SAUNDERS Single St George, Canterbury Hannah WESTWOOD Single
92 04/10/1829 William COOKE Single St James, Dover Mary Ann SPICER Single
93 08/10/1829 George GAMBIER Single St Alphege, Canterbury Sarah POWELL Single
94 15/10/1829 John LEMMEY Single Tonge Sarah Ann TYSON Single
95 31/12/1829 George Wake PRATT Single St George, Canterbury Esther PIDLER Single
96 22/03/1830 Samuel FOX Single Catherine AYERS Single
97 18/07/1830 Thomas EPPS Single Mary Elizabeth FORBES Single
98 20/07/1830 Edward SWAIN Single Jane JENNINGS Single
99 08/08/1830 Daniel WOODCOCK Single Ann JOINER Single
100 18/10/1830 George Unett HEAD Single Mary Ann HUNT Single
101 26/10/1830 John Tucker WRAKE Single St Alphege, Canterbury Elizabeth SHEPPARD Single
102 20/01/1831 Thomas WINDER Widower Fordwich Sarah BARNES Widow
103 12/04/1831 John WHITNALL Mary ASHBEE
104 23/10/1831 Janes Hayward LURKINS Eliza ADAMS
105 23/04/1832 George ELLEN Single Mary PARKER Single
106 06/05/1832 Edward BOOTH Single Sittingbourne Ann CHAMBERS Single
107 21/06/1832 William BROADFOOT Single Jane MARTIN Single
108 11/02/1833 Thomas CORPPEN Single St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury Sarah JORDEN Single
109 22/04/1833 Henry Thomas SMITH Single St Margaret, Canterbury Ann BELLINGHAM Single
110 30/07/1833 William BYERS Single Covent Garden, Middlesex Anne CLEMENTS Single
111 10/02/1834 Robert COLLINS Single Maria ISHERWOOD
112 15/04/1834 Thomas ATHERDEN Widower Sarah Maria ANDREWS Single
113 02/09/1834 George BOND Single Ann COCKETT Single
114 28/09/1834 William PHILPOT Single Bridport, Dorset Catherine West KNIGHT Single
115 09/10/1834 William COURT Single Blean Hannah GILBEE
116 10/08/1835 James KNELL Widower St Paul, Canterbury Sarah GILBEY Single
117 17/11/1835 William HOWARD Bridge Adeline SQUIRE
118 22/11/1835 John FISHER Widower Charlotte HAMMOND Single St Mildred, Canterbury
119 01/03/1836 Dennis ADAMS Single Ann ADAMS Single
120 27/06/1836 Robert HICKS Single Eliza GOODES Single
121 12/09/1836 Frederick DUNN Single Chelsea, Middlesex Hester St Leger CHRISTEN Single
122 21/05/1837 Edward AYERST Single Eliza ROLPH Single

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