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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cheriton St Martin


The Parish

The parish of Cheriton lies in southeastern Kent forming a stretch of the county's southern English Channel coast. Cheriton is located roughly 2 miles northwest of the port of Folkestone and sits on the B2064 road (former route of the A20 road from Folkestone to London). Cheriton also included within its bounds the coastal settlement of Sandgate. Whilst Cherition would have been a separate and discrete village it has been gradually absorbed into the expanding urban development that is Folkestone until today it is a contiguous suburb of the latter. Cheriton as a coastal community would have used both the land, sitting on chalk mainly used for grazing of sheep, and the sea although without its own port it would have looked to nearby Folkestone for access. The area today has seen huge changes due to to modern developments, the coast to the west of Sandgate was modified by the construction of the Royal Military Canal, the London to Folkestone railway line cuts through the parish. In more recent times the M20 motorway also carved a route through the north of the parish and yet more recently the extensive terminal for the Channel Tunnel took away swathes of the north of the parish, what was once rural is inextricably urban today. A chalk stream drains through the west of the parish to reach the nearby English Channel to the west of Sandgate. Cheriton is sited at between sea level at Sandgate and 60 metres above the sea by the church and the B2064. Cheriton parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering close to 1,800 acres it would have supported a population of just under 1,200 parishioners. Cheriton is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Martin's church would have sat in rural isolation to the west of the parish centre but today properties have crept ever closer to its site perched high above Horns Lane which follows the chalk stream's valley down to the sea. Whilst the church has seen much change over the centuries it is an ancient edifice with 11th century Saxon portions still remaining. The rough arch above the western doorway together with much stonework within the nave's western wall have been accepted as being pre-Conquest in origin and thus making the church one of the earliest in its county. From the later Early English Gothic period of the early 13th century comes the remainder of the tower and and the northern aisle. Further work around the turn of the 14th century followed with the southern aisle. But it was the Victorian period in which most change took place, a heavy restoration in the late 1870s making substantial changes to result in today's church. Whilst access, by a sloping pathway, can be found from Horns Lane it is better to follow the signage through a housing development to the large car park on the western side of the site, off Queen's Avenue. Whilst the churchyard is rather large it is heavily wooded making for a tricky building to adequately capture for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
21st December 1754 - 29th December 1812
Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - CCA-U3-148/1/7
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
Fading of this register through the 1790s may lead to a few misreads
2 22nd March 1813 - 20th May 1837 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - CCA-U3-148/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Newington next Hythe St Nicholas
Newington next Hythe St Nicholas
Folkestone St Mary & St Eanswythe
Saltwood St Peter & St Paul
Hythe St Leonard
Folkestone St Mary & St Eanswythe

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/12/1754 John SIMMS Single Mary HOPPER Single
2 17/11/1755 Robert CASTLE Single Postling Elizabeth KNOWLER Single
3 18/12/1756 Giles LAWRENCE Single Mary NORRIS Single
4 06/03/1758 David DIXON Single Mary CRUMP Single
5 18/11/1758 John PILCHER Single Mary YOUNG Single
6 29/03/1760 John DUNN Single Sarah TUNBRIDGE Single
7 07/04/1760 Daniel HOBDAY Single Folkestone Elizabeth WYBORN Single
8 12/10/1760 Thomas BURFIELD Single Folkestone Eleanor YOUNG Single
9 29/11/1760 William RIGDEN Single Elizabeth ROLFE Widow
10 24/10/1761 Ingram TAYLOR Single Ann BUTCHER Single
11 09/11/1761 William HODGES Single Mary BUTCHER Single
12 24/12/1761 Robert BUTCHER Single St Mary, Dover Jane HUNT Single
13 20/10/1765 William MOORE Single Ann BRETT Single
14 28/10/1765 William FLISHER Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth PETTIT Single
15 31/10/1765 Joseph HAYWARD Single Margaret CHAMBERLAIN Single
16 09/06/1766 Edward TUTT Single Ruth FLISHER Single
17 01/11/1766 Josiah RYE Single Ann HODGES Single
18 11/11/1766 John HOWELL Single Mary WOOD Single
19 12/10/1767 Vincent UNDERDOWN Widower Margaret MARTER Single
20 26/09/1768 Thomas HODGES Single Margaret HOPPER Single
21 13/12/1768 Thomas CROUCH Single Newington Next Hythe Susanna ELDRIDGE Single
22 09/05/1769 Joseph STOCKWELL Single Newington Next Hythe Mary PAGE Single
23 25/09/1769 Richard SMITH Single Elizabeth PILCHER Single
24 14/10/1769 John KENNET Single Mary STANFORD Widow Newington Next Hythe
25 25/12/1770 Michael KEELER Single Chartham Sarah ROSSE Single
26 06/07/1771 Thomas PIDDUCK Widower Folkestone Elizabeth HAYWARD Single
27 23/11/1771 Edward DALE Single Mary MARSH Single
28 12/10/1772 Thomas RICHARDS Single Newington Next Hythe Mary CLEMENT Single
29 23/01/1773 Richard BAKER Single Mary DUNN Single
30 20/02/1773 Thomas PILCHER Single Mary SMEED Single
31 20/12/1773 Daniel WYBORN Sophiah HAYWOOD
32 01/01/1774 John HOLMES Mary PEERLYS
33 04/04/1774 Richard WHITE Single Susanna MARSH Single
35 11/10/1774 William BINGHAM Mary SMITH
36 07/11/1774 John TOMSON Elizabeth BAKER
37 26/11/1774 Robert WOODLANDS Elizabeth SPAIN
38 19/08/1775 John BAKER Single Mary TAYLOR Widow
39 15/10/1776 James WHITE Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
40 26/05/1777 James HOSMER Widower Anna ROBUS Widow
41 21/10/1777 Michael NORRINGTON Susanna ROSE
42 02/05/1778 John PRYER Mary ATWELL
43 03/06/1778 William BAKER Mary MAXTED
44 13/07/1778 John RIGDEN Single Silvester LOWES Single
45 21/10/1778 Thomas VALYER Single Folkestone Jemima HAYWARD Single
46 12/11/1778 Thomas PILCHER Single Ann TAYLOR Single Newington Next Hythe
47 04/01/1779 John BINGHAM Elizabeth PEERLESS
48 02/05/1779 Weeks AUSTEN Elizabeth SPICER
49 31/05/1779 Stephen BIRCH Single Lyminge Fanny NORRINGTON Single
51 10/10/1779 John MARSH Single Mary SWAIN Widow
50 16/10/1779 John LAWS Margaret PREBBLE
57 00/00/1780 Thomas KENNETT Single Elizabeth WATCHERS Single
52 01/04/1780 William GRAVES Lyminge Mary HOBBS
53 05/06/1780 William DAVID Single Mary SAWYERS Single
55 25/10/1780 Edward HOBDAY Elizabeth GREEN
54 02/11/1780 John HOGBIN Single Elizabeth DOVES Single
56 02/11/1780 James PAGE Single Folkestone Ann ROSE Single
58 06/03/1781 John GRAVES Widower Folkestone Faithful SHARP Single
59 24/07/1781 Robert DAWN Single Elizabeth HALL Single
60 12/08/1781 Richard MARSH Single Ann PILCHER Single Folkestone
61 20/09/1781 Daniel PHILPOT Single Susan VENN Single
62 24/12/1781 Thomas BARBER Single Hythe Mary MARSH Single
63 03/10/1782 William LAWS Single Margaret ELYAD Single
64 06/02/1783 John STEVENSON Single Folkestone Elizabeth WINTERBOURNE Single
65 25/02/1783 William VENNER Single Mary WOOD Single
66 01/03/1783 Edward HOBDAY Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth NUTTLEY Single
67 12/07/1783 John KENNETT Widower Elizabeth LEAF Single
68 01/12/1783 John JORDAN Single Sarah HOSMER
69 31/05/1784 Thomas STANDFORD Single Elizabeth REVELL
70 27/09/1784 Seath FRIEND Single Hawkinge Ann MARSH Single
71 22/11/1784 Stephen SAUNDERS Single Elizabeth STACE Single
72 25/12/1784 John HOWELL Widower Abigail ROLFE Widow
73 08/02/1785 George HAYNED Single Elizabeth MORGAN Widow
74 22/04/1785 William BARTLETT Single Elizabeth BROWNING Single Newington Next Hythe
75 02/05/1785 James STOCKWELL Widower Susannah POTTEN Widow
13/10/1785 William SLOMAN Single Elizabeth HOBDAY Single
17/10/1785 Thomas BUCKINGHAM Single Sarah HICKMOTT Single Eastchurch
02/11/1785 Thomas BRETT Single Mary CLARINBOULE Single
14/11/1785 William ASHMAN Susan SCOVELL Single
06/12/1785 John CHAMBERS Mary Ann FOWLER
09/12/1785 Thomas POWELL Jane DARNELLS
76 12/12/1785 William FLISHER Single Ann HODGES Single
77 26/09/1786 Thomas FISHER Widower Brenzett Anne HOSMER Widow
78 15/10/1786 George DOWN Single Susanna SWAIN Single
79 24/10/1786 Isaac ROSE Single Frances MARSH Single
80 04/11/1786 John CLARK Single Elizabeth HOGBEN Single
81 22/11/1786 George William BARR Single Angelen TOLLAST Single Deal
82 07/04/1787 George TAYLOR Single Sarah SHRUBSOLE Single
83 19/06/1787 William HODGES Single Elizabeth DANIEL Single
84 20/10/1787 Richard MARSH Single Mary HOGBEN Single
85 05/01/1788 David WEBB Widower Sarah TUNBRIDGE Single
86 29/01/1788 George PETTIT Folkestone Mary HORTON Widow
87 02/02/1788 William STOCKWELL Single Mary DEAL Single
88 12/05/1788 John NORRINGTON Single Elizabeth PITCHER Single
89 03/07/1788 Charles BALDWIN Single Olivia BARRY Single
90 28/07/1788 William HARRIS Single Mary OLDFIELD Widow
91 20/10/1788 Thomas HOLMES Single Anne MEXTED Single
92 22/10/1788 William BEAN Single Mary DALE Widow
93 27/10/1788 Robert ALLEN Single Folkestone Anne ROLFE Single
94 03/11/1788 John RABBITT Single St Lawrence, Thanet Anne SQUIRE Single
95 22/02/1789 William BETTS Single Sarah BETTESWORTH Single
96 23/02/1789 Thomas COLLAR Single Folkestone Elizabeth HOLMES Single
97 05/05/1789 William DAVIS Single Mildred HOBDAY Single
98 08/05/1789 John HOGBEN Single Folkestone Sarah SQUIRE Single
99 01/06/1789 John MARSH Single Elizabeth ROSE Single
100 31/10/1789 John STACE Single Elizabeth BARTLETT Widow
101 06/04/1790 Peter COOK Single Susanna FOX Single Folkestone
102 26/06/1790 James HOLLIS Single Sarah FODDERHEAD Single
103 13/11/1790 Thomas SHREWSBURY Single Martha ROLFE Single
104 14/12/1790 Isaac ROSE Widower Margaret WELLS Single
105 12/02/1791 Vincent UNDERDOWN Single Ann BAKER Single
106 01/06/1791 Stephen BATEMAN Single Mildred DOVES Widow
107 11/07/1791 John SMALL Widower Mary SHINGLETON Single
108 16/07/1791 Robert MUTTON Single Kingston Alice BEAN Single
109 21/08/1791 Robert YOUNG Single Mary JANCOCK Single
110 08/11/1791 Thomas HOBBS Single Mary HALL Single
111 28/11/1791 John STOCKWELL Single Frances RIGDEN Single Hougham
112 01/12/1791 Edward HOLMES Widower Elizabeth HOBDAY Single
113 03/12/1791 Thomas CHAPLIN Widower Mary PREBBLE Single
114 26/04/1792 Stephen HODGES Single Sarah BUTCHER Single
115 10/05/1792 James DRAYMERE Single Elizabeth HODGES Widow
116 30/09/1792 Henry COCK Single Ann HARNET Single Folkestone
117 09/02/1793 Thomas HAYWARD Widower Hanna MEARNES Single
118 23/04/1793 William STROUD Single Mary HODGES Single
119 20/05/1793 John STONES Single Mary WICKHAM Single
120 30/07/1793 John HORTEN Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth KENNET Single
121 31/08/1793 William SHARP Single Katharine SANDY Single
122 07/10/1793 Wyat Possingham CASTLE Single Sarah TOMLIN Single
123 12/10/1793 Thomas NUTLEY Single Elizabeth FRANCES Single
124 15/10/1793 Henry FINNIS Single Mary Anne Adler CASTLE Single
125 09/11/1793 Michael NORRINGTON Widower Mary RICHARDS Widow
126 19/11/1793 James SANDAY Single Anne LOCKARD Single
127 28/11/1793 Richard GRAVES Single Anne BINFIELD Single
128 30/12/1793 George BANNETT Single Sarah TREGGETT Single
129 14/01/1794 William BAKER Single Folkestone Elizabeth COCK Single
130 22/01/1794 John LALHAM Single Elizabeth HARRIS
131 03/02/1794 John SCHOONES Single Frances KITE Single
15/11/1794 John YOUNG Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth STICKLS Single
15/01/1795 Danael ROLF Single Folkestone Mary COOK Single
21/01/1795 John YOUWNS Sarah SHARRAD
11/02/1795 John STEEL Single Susanna CLARINGBOUL Single
07/07/1795 Thomas CASTLE Single Elizabeth LIPTON Single
21/08/1795 Robert EAST Single Sarah STUDD Single
15/03/1796 Francis SMITH Ann BONGARD
15/05/1796 Thomas HUNT Single Mary MASCALE Single
27/06/1796 John GREEN Mary ROSE
19/03/1797 John MINN Elizabeth FELLOWS
22/05/1797 William BREESE Single Jane CAGAMAN Single
05/09/1797 Alexander CAMPBELL Susanna CASTLE
01/10/1797 James MURPHY Susanna PERRIERE
05/10/1797 William OWEN Single Sophia CROUCHER Single
11/10/1797 Francis CLEMMENT Single Newington Next Hythe Frances CHAMBERS Single
28/01/1798 Joseph HOWETT Mary CROW
12/02/1798 Thomas COLLAR Single Folkestone Phillis EDWARDS Single
13/02/1798 James GOODWRIGHT Single Susan SMITH Single
30/04/1798 Richard GREAVES Single St Mary, Dover Margaret ATWOOD Single
13/07/1798 William SEARS Single Elizabeth LONKHURST Single
03/09/1798 Richard FOREMAN Single Mary SECLES Single
12/01/1799 Emmanuel EUSTEN Single Susanna HOGBEN Single
29/01/1799 Richard CLOAG Widower Jane STRICKLAND Single
05/02/1799 Thomas BAKER Single Elizabeth JARRET Widow
18/09/1799 Thomas USHER Single Susan STAINGATTER Single
23/09/1799 Thomas FARR Single Elizabeth HALL Single
03/10/1799 John COOK Single Elizabeth FORDERED Single
11/11/1799 Joseph GOLDSMITH Single Amelia GILES Single
04/01/1800 John HOWEL Single Elizabeth CHEESEMAN Single
25/01/1800 Thomas SHARP Single Folkestone Frances RIDDEN Single
12/02/1800 William CARRICK Single Celia READY Single
16/02/1800 Anthony WELLS Single Elizabeth HARROW Single
17/03/1800 Thomas BRITTOW Widower Grace TAYLOR Widow
25/03/1800 James HOBBS Single Hannah SHERLOCK Single
29/10/1800 Philip DANIELS Single Mary STOCKWELL Widow
10/01/1801 Richard COLYER Widower Mary TAYLOR Widow
17/01/1801 John COLEMAN Widower Mary JONES Single
26/01/1801 Thomas WOORE Single Mary COLLAR Single
07/09/1801 Henry MASTERSON Single Sarah REDGRAVES Single
11/10/1801 William HOLLIDAY Single Mary BAKER Single
26/10/1801 William NEEDHAM Single Elizabeth PINCHES Single
28/11/1801 William WOOLLETT Single St Mary, Dover Mary HEDGCOCK Single
23/12/1801 John COLYER Single Mary STROWD Widow
02/03/1802 David MARTIN Single Ann WEATHERLY Single
02/05/1802 William NULLEY Single Elizabeth PAIN Single
07/06/1802 James BARKER Widower Anne MELBOURNE Single
15/07/1802 Thomas SMITH Anne LAWS
08/08/1802 James BAKER Single Mary WYBURN Single
12/11/1802 John FLEMMING Single Nancy GARDNER Widow
01/01/1803 Edward AMES Single Elizabeth TAYLOR Single
28/01/1803 Allan URE Single Margaret MCPHERSON Single
16/02/1803 William LEWIS Single Maria GARFIELD Single
01/08/1803 William NEALE Single Susan NEWMAN Single
08/08/1803 Samuel DALES Single Catherine MURPHY Widow
25/08/1803 William ORSBORN Single Elizabeth ADAMS Single
01/09/1803 William JONES Single Mary ROBERTS Single
01/09/1803 Daniel FARMER Widower Sarah PURKINS Single
30/09/1803 William TEW Single Jane MILLS Single
30/09/1803 William HINKAMAN Single Jane FISHER Single
06/10/1803 John MCKENNEY Single Liddy LOVELL Single
11/10/1803 Anthony WHARTON Single Mary BOND Single
11/10/1803 Thomas EADES Single Anne CLEAVER Single
21/10/1803 William KENNETT Single Sarah HOGBEN Single
29/10/1803 James COLE Single Mary SMITH Single
01/11/1803 James LITTLE Single Hannah WARWICK Single
03/11/1803 Abraham TURLEY Single Elizabeth GOOCH Single
05/11/1803 John SPUNLEY Single Anne MANTLE Widow
21/11/1803 Henry HOGBEN Single Celia ALLINGTON Single
22/11/1803 John WISHLADE Single Sarah CLARINGBOLD Single
06/01/1804 John MOLLOY Single Anne NORRINGTON Single
30/01/1804 Henry SAWKINS Single Sarah PAY Single
05/02/1804 William PRUDAY Single Mary BEST Widow
18/02/1804 William WELLARD Single Elizabeth PETERS Single
28/04/1804 Thomas SUTTON Widower Anne COBB Single
30/04/1804 Joseph MARSH Single Elizabeth MORGAN Single
17/07/1804 James BUGG Single Hanna HART Single Folkestone
21/07/1804 George WINTER Single Anne CHILES Widow
31/07/1804 John TAYLOR Single Catharine WYKES Single
06/08/1804 James WHITE Single Jane MAKEY Single
17/08/1804 William BOSWELL Single Hannah BRANN Single Folkestone
28/08/1804 Reuben SPEARS Single Betty EDWARDS Widow
14/09/1804 William RICHARDS Single Jane FOLEY Widow
14/09/1804 William STRAW Single Eleanor BOLLINMOR Single
19/09/1804 Wabson BOXER Single Mary BOXER Single
24/09/1804 Jesse FRANCIS Single Elizabeth STOCKWELL Single
30/09/1804 James GOUGH Single Elizabeth CASTLE Single Hythe
03/12/1804 David BLAGDEN Single Jane FREAR Single
16/12/1804 William TAYLOR Single Sarah BOULDEN Single
19/12/1804 George ATKINSON Single Sarah TAYLOR Single
28/12/1804 Joseph WEBSTER Single Elizabeth MILLS Single
19/02/1805 Thomas HASSALL Single Mary Anne WARD
25/03/1805 Philip NIXON Single Mary JACKSON Single
18/04/1805 Thomas KING Single Elizabeth FOX Single
07/05/1805 James HOBBS Widower Folkestone Elizabeth MARSH Single
15/05/1805 Charles WATSON Widower Sarah WEST Widow
01/06/1805 Edward WILES Single Mary HOLLIDAY Widow
03/06/1805 William SULLAVAN Single Sarah HALL Single
19/08/1805 John SPEARWOOD Single Elizabeth LIFE Single
04/09/1805 George BEECROFT Single Elizabeth NASH Single
08/09/1805 William EVANS Single Sarah MATHEWS Single Folkestone
16/09/1805 John EVANS Single Celia OLIVER Single
20/10/1805 John DAUGHTERS Single Frances WOOD Single
25/10/1805 Alexander GROVES Single Elizabeth HODGE Single
19/11/1805 William HARNETT Single Elizabeth CAMPBELL Single
30/11/1805 Richard IRONS Single Mary SMALL Single
19/12/1805 Thomas PULLEN Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth WYBARN Single
15/04/1806 Henry BECKER Widower Anne BOXER Single
06/05/1806 John LOGAR Elizabeth WOOD
12/06/1806 Thomas VOICE Single Rebecca CHITTENDEN Single
17/06/1806 Isaac KENNETT Hesther WOORE
14/08/1806 Nathaniel COCK Single Mary LAW Single
25/08/1806 Edward BUCKERIDGE Single Folkestone Anne SMITH Widow
25/08/1806 Dennis WOORE Single Elizabeth COLLAR Single
02/09/1806 John WYLES Single Mary YUMENS Single
23/09/1806 William VENN Single Ann LANE Single
05/10/1806 William HARRISON Single Mary AVERY Single
13/10/1806 John MOUNT Widower Mary DIXON Single Newington Next Hythe
14/10/1806 James GOODMAN Single Elizabeth HOGBEN Single
14/10/1806 Richard WATCHERS Single Sarah RIGDEN Single
28/10/1806 James WHITLOCK Single Anne WALLIS Single
10/01/1807 Jasper DRURY Single Mary COBB Single
12/03/1807 Stephen MARSH Single Folkestone Mary ANDREWS Single
12/03/1807 Henry AYERS Single Fanny Morgan DRAYNER Single
24/03/1807 Thomas ROBERTS Widower Anne GRADY Single
30/03/1807 John Vanson MARSH Single Sarah BOULDING Single
16/04/1807 John ADCOCK Single Mary STOCKWELL Single
10/05/1807 Samuel CURTIS Single Jane BARNES Widow
27/06/1807 William WACKERS Single Mary FRIEND Single
13/07/1807 Thomas FAGG Single Mary DUNN Single
30/08/1807 William WEST Single Martha MAY Single
15/09/1807 Robert PAIN Single Folkestone Mary Anna PAGE Single
10/10/1807 James BUTLER Single Hythe Harriet COOPER Single
12/10/1807 Richard FINN Single Mary MAPSON Single
15/10/1807 Benjamin TOWNSEND Single Mary FLETCHER Single
16/10/1807 William BURNETT Single Sarah MOSS Single
18/10/1807 William VEASEY Single Mary REEVES Single
20/10/1807 Edward HARTSHORN Single Eleanor BOWNS Single
28/11/1807 Thomas FRIEND Single Henrietta MILLSTED Widow
01/12/1807 James HOILE Single Sarah MASHAW Single
15/12/1807 John BLACKBURN Single Mary SEARS Single
22/01/1808 Richard LAWRENCE Single Sarah SMITH Single
15/02/1808 James CAVANAGH Single Fanny RYAN Widow
15/02/1808 John ROSE Single Anne YOUNG Single
15/05/1808 William WELLS Single Elizabeth EVELING Single
20/05/1808 Thomas TAYLOR Single Mary COXIDGE Single
09/07/1808 Francis FLISHER Single Elizabeth HORTON Single
16/07/1808 Edward DENNIS Single Sarah WARMAN Single
13/08/1808 Valentine LAKER Single Charlotte DIXON Single Elham
05/11/1808 William FLISHER Single Elizabeth HORTON Single
26/12/1808 John CLAYTON Single Elizabeth JUDD Single
28/01/1809 Samuel COLBORN Single Martha COOPER Single
07/02/1809 John HOBDAY Single Potkass GODDEN Single
08/02/1809 Samuel SANKEY Single Brabourne Mary BASSETT Single
06/03/1809 James HALLADAY Single Mary Anne MURDICK Widow
11/04/1809 John WILLIAMS Widower Elizabeth MAIDMALD Widow
29/04/1809 William BESSANT Single Mary OLDFIELD Widow
08/07/1809 John SILLS Single Anne STANDING Single
01/09/1809 Robert GINN Single Caroline MEAD Widow
20/09/1809 Henry SHARP Single Elizabeth ROBERSON Widow
02/10/1809 Joseph WOODHOUSE Single Sarah MAYJOR Single
12/10/1809 Thomas CHAMBERS Hannah BAKER
06/11/1809 Eli GILL Single Mary COOK Single
06/11/1809 James STONE Single Susanna COOK Single
21/11/1809 Patrick COURN Single Anne MILLDEWN Widow
07/12/1809 John YOUENS Widower Anna ADAMS Widow
24/12/1809 John PEERLESS Single Anne TUMBER Single
28/12/1809 Richard WHEELBAND Single Olive CLARKE Widow
11/01/1810 Thomas SMITH Single Mary BUSS Single
15/01/1810 Robert FISHBOURNE Single Rose MURPHY Widow
22/01/1810 William HARRISON Single Catharine SHEPARD Widow
30/01/1810 Joseph ARROWSMITH Single Mary MUNSOR Widow
02/03/1810 John ELLIS Single Mary CARREL Single
22/03/1810 Jeremiah WATSON Single Sarah RICHARDSON Single
24/03/1810 John PHILPOTT Single Mary ANDREWS Single Acrise
07/04/1810 Thomas TAVENER Deal Ruth HICKMOUTH
25/04/1810 William BUTLER Single Charlotte BAILEY Single
07/05/1810 David GUTHRIE Single Elizabeth MCGRAY Single
07/05/1810 James ANDERSON Single Elizabeth HOPPER Single
12/05/1810 Thomas STANDFORD Single Folkestone Elizabeth SMEED Single
28/05/1810 William DENT Single Mary JELFS Single
16/07/1810 John ORAM Single Elizabeth KEBOLL Single
20/08/1810 William RYE Single Florian PAGE Single
27/08/1810 William WILLS Single Elizabeth YOUELL Single
03/09/1810 Christopher PROCTER Single Harriet CHOWN Single
11/09/1810 Moses VICKERS Single Martha SUTTON Single
06/10/1810 George ANDREWS Single Hannah BATES Single
29/11/1810 George FORSTER Single Elizabeth MILL Single
25/12/1810 Thomas METTAM Single Mary SMITHER Single
01/01/1811 George CLARK Single St Dunstan In The West, City Of London Maria FORSTER Single
14/01/1811 William ANDERSON Single Mary HILLS Single
22/01/1811 Thomas PRICE Single Ann HOLMES Single
22/01/1811 George BALL Widower Dorothy NUTTAL Single
20/02/1811 Thomas WILSON Single Sarah ROGERS Single
24/02/1811 John HOBDAY Single Elizabeth HOBDAY Single
12/03/1811 John THOMPSON Single Ann CULVERSON Widow
17/03/1811 John STANFORD Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth LAWS Single
31/03/1811 William ALLEN Single Sarah HOLMES Single
15/04/1811 John POLLOCK Single Sophia LONGHURST Single
25/04/1811 Boyle TRAVERS Single Ann TERRY Single
29/04/1811 Thomas GORELY Single St Mary, Dover Mary MARSH Single
13/05/1811 Christopher MACCORE Single Maria BRIGGS Widow
18/05/1811 Edward CULRIN Single Hannah NICHOLLS Single
26/05/1811 John ELGAR Single Folkestone Mary Ann QUESTED Single
31/05/1811 John KIRBY Single Sarah PAGE Single
02/06/1811 William FREE Single Ann HOLMES Single
28/07/1811 William TURNER Widower Elizabeth MCCLOUD Widow
15/08/1811 John DOWNS Single Lyddy PERKINS Single
07/10/1811 John BECKLEY Single Elizabeth Ann BANKES Single
11/10/1811 Robert GITTINS Single Folkestone Sarah STOCKWELL Single
14/10/1811 John ROLFE Single Newington Next Hythe Anne PAIN Single
14/10/1811 James JULL Single Elizabeth NORRINGTON Single
17/11/1811 John NORTH Single Anne HEADINGTON Single
19/11/1811 John YOUENS Widower Maria Douster LOVEDAY Single
24/11/1811 Thomas LOWES Single Mary NORTON Single
26/11/1811 James SOMMERFIELD Single Fanny MILLER Single
06/12/1811 William HARD Widower Lydia PETTIGREW Widow
26/12/1811 Thomas DUNN Single Hythe Maria COOPER Single
06/01/1812 Samuel EATON Single Ann MCNEY Single
06/01/1812 William MELINGS Single Mary HENRY Single
20/01/1812 Thomas JAMESON Single Mary FARLANE Single
21/01/1812 John MOUNT Widower Charlotte MITCHAM Single
24/01/1812 Boyle TRAVERS Single Ann TROY Single
24/01/1812 Boyle TRAVERS Single Ann TRAVERS Single
10/02/1812 James FLISHER Single Sarah QUESTED Single
17/02/1812 Peter WARE Single Mercy MERTON Single
28/03/1812 James ELDRIDGE Susan WRAIGHT
08/04/1812 William STOCKWELL Single Susanna PETTIT Single
04/05/1812 Robert PARRY Single Elizabeth SCOTT Single
18/06/1812 William BEDFORD Single Mary DAVIS Single
02/08/1812 William LANYON Single Hesther WEAVER Single
03/08/1812 John BUTLER Widower Mary KITE Widow
31/08/1812 John BASS Single Hannah MEPSTED Single
03/12/1812 James BROWN Single Mary Ann ADAMS Single
27/12/1812 Henry WRIGHT Widower Ann HEARWOOD Single
29/12/1812 Nicholas HARRIS Single Mary STRUDE Single
1 22/03/1813 John FOX Single Newington Next Hythe Martha BAKER Single
2 30/04/1813 Joshua SHAW Sarah FOREMAN
3 10/05/1813 Nathaniel TAYNTON Single Lucy HUNT Single
4 10/05/1813 James DAVIE Single Harriet ANDERSON Single
5 12/05/1813 Hugh HAMERSLEY Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Margaret BEVAN Single
6 04/07/1813 Cornelius O'CONNOR Single Sarah ANDREWS Single
7 04/09/1813 Charles MCPHERSON Single Judith MCLAUGHLIN Widow
8 16/11/1813 William CHADWICK Single Anne COCK Single
9 25/12/1813 John QUESTED Single Elizabeth SEALES Single
10 06/02/1814 Stephen SAUNDERS Single Elizabeth STOCKWELL Single
11 14/02/1814 William Hives DANIEL Single Alice HOLGATE Single
12 30/04/1814 Thomas CHAPLIN Single Anne SWAIN Single Newington Next Hythe
13 25/05/1814 Samuel MASON Single Maria MUMMERY Single
14 23/07/1814 William SAWKINGS Single Margaret BAKER Single
15 28/07/1814 Ellis WILLIAMS Single Anne JOHNSON Single
16 11/08/1814 John MARSH Single Ann DALE Single
17 05/09/1814 Robert GREY Widower Mary ALLCOCK Widow
18 05/09/1814 George WALKER Single Ruth LONG Single
19 06/09/1814 William MCGIBBON Single Sarah BRAND Single
20 24/09/1814 David MANNERING Widower Mary HOLLIS Single Hythe
21 27/10/1814 Stephen MARSH Single Folkestone Mary BUTCHER Single
22 03/11/1814 Boyle TRAVERS Widower Caroline BROCKMAN Single
23 06/11/1814 Henry FINNIS Single Mary DUNHAM Single
24 24/11/1814 Thomas RIGDEN Single Newington Next Hythe Sarah DUNN Single
25 29/11/1814 William CLARK Single Charlotte MORE Single
26 25/02/1815 Edward HOLMES Single Mary BROOKS Single
27 27/03/1815 Charles COOPER Single Susannah COCKS Single Folkestone
28 03/04/1815 William FIFIELD Single Sarah ANDREWS Single Folkestone
29 01/05/1815 John HOGBEN Single Mary WITT Single
30 08/05/1815 David JEFFERY Single Folkestone Ann JEFFERY Single
31 21/05/1815 Thomas HOBDAY Single Mary STOAKES Single
32 28/05/1815 John REYNOLDS Single Eleanor SEALES Single
33 24/08/1815 Stephen BATEMAN Single Mary SWAIN Single
34 18/09/1815 Robert TURNER Single Sarah READER Single
35 18/09/1815 Thomas ALEXANDER Single Mary FREEMAN Single
36 10/01/1816 Thomas TRINDER Single Elizabeth PERRY Widow
37 05/02/1816 Joseph ROBERTS Single Jane VILES Single
38 20/02/1816 Evan EVANS Single Jane COLLINGHAM Single
39 28/03/1816 William WELLS Single Julia SULIVAN Widow
40 09/04/1816 William WEST Single Anne TUCKER Single
41 15/04/1816 William COLECHIN Single Frances SLOMAN Single
42 23/04/1816 Henry COCK Single Kitty EDWARDS Lydd
43 16/05/1816 William ROSBOROUGH Single Ann TAPPENDEN Single
44 25/06/1816 Joseph TOOKEY Single Charlotte Elizabeth SIBON Single
45 22/07/1816 Charles PLATT Single Sarah ADCOCK Single
46 31/08/1816 William TURREL Single Ann SWAIN Single
47 31/08/1816 Henry BAKER Single Elizabeth RIGDEN Single
48 17/09/1816 Henry STOCKWELL Single Ann HORTON Single
49 26/10/1816 Job BAKER Single Ann COURT Single
50 11/01/1817 Joseph JELL Single Charlotte TAPPENDEN Single
51 12/01/1817 William SELLES Single Folkestone Sarah BAYLEY Single
52 11/03/1817 Robert PAIN Widower Elizabeth WOODLAND Single
53 28/04/1817 John IRONS Single Hannah ROBERTS Single
54 12/05/1817 Richard MARSH Single Elizabeth DRAYNER Single
55 26/05/1817 John FILMERS Single Sarah DUNCOME Single
56 26/05/1817 William HOGBEN Single Susanna KERWIN Single
57 23/06/1817 Charles LILLEY Single Susanna STEVENS Single
58 03/08/1817 William JOY Single Mary FLISHER Single
59 27/08/1817 John PARKER Single Mary WRAIGHT Single
60 04/10/1817 William GOODBOURN Widower Sarah TAYLOR Widow
61 25/12/1817 John FAGG Single Sarah WILES Single Saltwood
62 31/01/1818 Frederick George NOAKES Single Deal Elizabeth HOILE Single
63 03/06/1818 John FALERA Single Walmer Elizabeth HART Single
64 22/10/1818 William STOCKWELL Single Charlotte YOUNG Single
65 18/11/1818 Thomas WOODLAND Single Folkestone Frances STOCKWELL Single
66 23/11/1818 William KITCHAN Single Charlotte TRAPPINGS Single
67 14/12/1818 Edward TONKINSON Single Maria Alexandrienne HORTEN Single
68 21/12/1818 Samuel MIDDLETON Single Mary TAYLOR Widow
69 21/06/1819 George RANDALL Single Mary SIMS Single
70 18/09/1819 George PILCHER Single Hythe Susannah LAWS Single
71 31/01/1820 James OVERY Single Susanna HAWKINS Widow
72 12/04/1820 Joseph HORNE Widower Hythe Ann MCDIARMID Single
73 13/04/1820 Robert BAILEY Single Hythe Elizabeth DOWN Single
74 20/07/1820 Lawrence SWAIN Widower Mary Ann Adler FINNIS Widow
75 12/08/1820 Thomas BAKER Single Elizabeth YOUNG Single
76 23/11/1820 Evan LAWRENCE Single Ann HUDSON Single
77 12/02/1821 Thomas TWIGG Widower Ann HEARNDEN Single
78 13/02/1821 Joseph SAUNDERS Single Ann REYNOLDS Widow Folkestone
79 27/02/1821 Richard KENNET Single Julia LAMBAS Single
80 06/04/1821 James DRAYNER Single Hannah MAYCOCK Single Folkestone
81 14/04/1821 William BOURNE Single Margaret UNDERDOWN Single
82 05/05/1821 William Henry RIGDEN Single Newington Next Hythe Elizabeth MARSH Single
83 22/05/1821 William FRIEND Single Ann MUMMERY Single
84 24/05/1821 Edmund Burks LEWIS Single Toddington, Bedfordshire Anne BROCKMAN Single
85 10/06/1821 John TERRY Single Mary GARDENER Single
86 27/08/1821 Richard PIETY Single Sarah DRAYNER Single
87 03/10/1821 John ANDREWS Widower Folkestone Ann SEALES Single
88 05/01/1822 Daniel HOBDAY Single Mary ORANGE Widow
89 28/01/1822 William POWELL Widower Folkestone Martha BLEA Single
90 04/03/1822 Isaac BARTON Single Charity LEIGH Single
91 27/05/1822 James HOBBS Single Maria HARPOLE Single
92 04/06/1822 Robert OVERTON Single Mary BASS Single
93 07/07/1822 John COURT Single Elizabeth COURT Single Acrise
94 25/07/1822 James RYE Single Ann Amelia HAWKINS Single
95 03/08/1822 Henry HORTON Single Catherine HAMS Single
96 26/10/1822 Thomas HART Single Ann PHILPOTT Single
97 18/11/1822 Thomas PARR Single Agnes ROBINSON Single
98 01/03/1823 Robert MUMMERY Single Frances Anne CARE Single
99 16/07/1823 William Pain BIRCHAM Single Hawkhurst Margaret JEFFERY Single
100 05/08/1823 Thomas KING Single St George, Southwark, Surrey Ann FLISHER Single
101 17/08/1823 William FENN Single Ann HOBDAY Single
102 23/08/1823 John PAYNE Single Saltwood Ann YOUENS Single
103 21/10/1823 John GILLBEE Single Rebecca FORTUNE Single
104 25/10/1823 John HAMMOND Single Frances DUNCOMBE Single
105 01/11/1823 William FERRES Single Hannah HOLMES Single
106 30/12/1823 James DANIELS Single Margaret DIPPY Single
107 12/01/1824 Duncan MCDIARMID Single Mary MORGAN Single
108 23/02/1824 William HALL Single Ann DALE Single
109 29/04/1824 Charles WELLS Single Susan DOWN Single
110 06/11/1824 James FLISHER Widower Eliza BAXTER Single
111 06/01/1825 Rigden FOX Single Folkestone Elizabeth Ann MAYS Single
112 01/02/1825 William CHESTER Single Sarah MEPSTED Widow
113 04/04/1825 Robert ALLEN Single Hythe Amelia HARRIS Single
114 06/04/1825 Richard WADDELL Single Sarah Ann GRAVES Single
116 16/10/1825 George LAWES Single Elizabeth COLLARD Single
117 01/11/1825 Charles PIDDOCK Single Charlotte DUNCOMB Single
118 25/12/1825 Stephen ROBINSON Single Cecilia MORGAN Single
119 02/01/1826 Dennis SMITH Single Ann SENIOR Single
120 08/03/1826 James Henry JEFFERY Single Harriet MARSH Single
121 17/07/1826 John JORDAN Single Folkestone Mary Ann HOYLE Single
122 28/08/1826 John Hey PUGET Single Isabella HAWKINS Single Scotland
115 01/09/1826 Marmaduke THOMPSON Widower Albinia STUART Widow
123 28/09/1826 Edward HALL Single Sarah PAGE Single
124 04/06/1827 Frederick Benjamin TWISTLETON Single Emily WINGFIELD Single
125 25/07/1827 Richard HONEYSETT Single Dymchurch Sarah KEELER Single
126 06/08/1827 William DRAYNER Single Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
127 15/08/1827 Bartholomew MINTER Single Swingfield Elizabeth Sandford JEFFERY Single
128 29/10/1827 William Edward WESCOTT Single Caroline SENIOR Single
129 03/11/1827 Anthony COLEMAN Widower Waltham Hannah WHITEHEAD Single
130 05/11/1827 Richard RICHARDS Single Mary MARTIN Single
131 01/12/1827 Thomas PHILPOTT Single Mary TAYLOR Single
132 02/12/1827 George RYE Single Rebecca STOCKWELL Single
133 22/03/1828 William Lockett BROOKMAN Single Ann Frances Isabella HAMERSLEY Single
134 15/04/1828 Henry James CALLINGHAM Single Mary ROSE Single
135 24/04/1828 John BENDALL Single Susanna FAGG Single
136 15/05/1828 Edward GRAVES Single Anne WARD Single
137 15/05/1828 Alfred MANNERING Single Catharine GILES Single
138 23/07/1828 Philip BAKER Widower Mary SELTON Single
139 22/09/1828 John LAWES Single Henrietta HARNDEN Single St Mary, Dover
140 16/10/1828 Philip DANIELS Single Mary MAXTED Single Folkestone
141 20/10/1828 George SAXBY Single Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
142 04/12/1828 John COOPER Single Eliza BIRT Single
143 27/12/1828 Ingraham Hamman BARWOOD Single Martha BAKER Single
144 14/03/1829 John ANDERSON Single Sarah HODGES Single
145 28/05/1829 Thomas DU BOULAY Single Walthamstow, Essex Harriett BROCKMAN Single
146 11/07/1829 George DOWN Single Mary MEPSTED Single
147 18/07/1829 John EDWARDS Single Newington Next Hythe Frances BROOKS Single
148 01/08/1829 Henry CRIPPEN Single Elizabeth STOCKWELL Single
149 03/08/1829 James YOUENS Single Maria CLITHERO Widow
150 01/12/1829 Audley Thomas GREAR Single Margaret HAMERSLEY Single
151 11/01/1830 John HOGBEN Single Jane Horton COLLARD Single
152 20/02/1830 John STEDMAN Single Ann TURREL Widow
153 17/05/1830 Walter Stevenson HALLIDAY Single Lynton, Devon Katharine GARDINER Single
154 21/05/1830 William JUDD Single Hythe Elizabeth BUGG Single
155 10/08/1830 George MAYCOCK Single Newington Next Hythe Jane CHAMBERS Single
156 22/08/1830 Thomas HUKINS Single Chartham Mary Ann HALL Single
157 10/10/1830 James RUDGE Widower Camberwell, Surrey Maria NICKALLS Single
158 26/12/1830 Robert Thompson THURSBY Single Mary MUNK
159 27/12/1830 James RYE Single Newington Next Hythe Susanna BIRCH Widow
160 09/04/1831 Stephen KNOTT Single Lyminge Sarah CHAMPION Single
161 14/07/1831 William BRANN Single Margaret GRIGGS Single St Mary, Dover
162 17/07/1831 James WILLIAMS Single Folkestone Lucy LEE Single
163 18/07/1831 John CAREY Single Mary LANG Single
164 19/09/1831 John PILCHER Single Mary WHALE Single
165 11/10/1831 Stephen PAGE Single Sarah SHAW Widow
166 12/10/1831 Thomas BAYLEY Single Anne ARCHER Single
167 16/02/1832 George Naish RICH Single Milton By Gravesend Eliza Anne PITCHER Single
168 15/03/1832 George Pettit FLISHER Single Mary HOLLIS Widow
169 09/04/1832 Edward BRENCHLEY Single Amey SIDDALL Single
170 23/06/1832 Dent HOPPER Widower Christ Church, Canterbury Maria DUNN Widow
171 15/10/1832 Whitlock NICHOLL Widower Charlotte HURNE Single
172 23/10/1832 John BAILEY Single Elizabeth BURRELL Single
173 14/11/1832 William PHILPOTT Single Newington Next Hythe Susan TUTT Single
174 05/12/1832 John PHILPOTT Single Elizabeth HOGBEN Single
175 17/12/1832 Robert STOCKWELL Single Holy Cross, Canterbury Eliza CRIPPEN Single
176 20/03/1833 Jenkin CULLEN Single Elizabeth SAUNDERS Widow
177 28/04/1833 Henry BAKER Widower Ann SHORNDEN Widow
178 06/07/1833 William TUMBERS Single Elham Susanna COOK Single
179 06/08/1833 Robert ANDREWS Single Mary ARCHER Single
180 02/10/1833 Henry BOUCHER Single Hythe Frances BROCKMAN Single
181 12/01/1834 George AMOS Single Sarah GARDENER Single Hythe
182 10/02/1834 Edward MEPSTED Sarah GREENSTREET
183 28/02/1834 Richard HOOPER Single Anne JUDD
184 23/06/1834 Richard ROBBINS Elizabeth MCDIARMID
185 04/11/1834 William STEDMAN Single Sarah GOODBURN Single
186 09/12/1834 William BURTON Single Esther GILBERT Single
187 20/05/1835 James DUFFIELD Single Jane SEEALS Single
188 01/06/1835 Thomas SAUNDERS Single Harriet MARSHALL Single Folkestone
189 25/07/1835 James CONLEY Single Elizabeth CHAMBERS Single
190 29/12/1835 Thomas HOBBS Single Mary WERICKS Single
191 23/02/1836 William TRITTON Single Jane TAPLEY Single
192 03/03/1836 John UPPERTON Single Hawkhurst Rebeccah JEFFERY Single
193 13/09/1836 John George SKEAFF Single Swingfield Frances ROOTES Single
194 15/09/1836 Charles TICE Single Elizabeth RYE Single
195 28/09/1836 Henry NELSON Single Mary Ann BACK Single
196 13/10/1836 George PILCHER Widower Folkestone Ann MERCER Single
197 22/11/1836 John YOUENS Widower Susanna FAGG Single
198 07/12/1836 John FOX Single Hannah Catharine SHARP Single
199 12/12/1836 George DRAYNER Single Sarah TOMSETT Single
200 24/12/1836 John CLARKE Single Lydia EARL Single
201 05/02/1837 Charles NAYCOCK Single Newington Next Hythe Susannah CASTLE Single
202 18/02/1837 Richard PHILPOTT Single Elizabeth TUTT Single
203 15/05/1837 William GARDNER Single Harriet PAIN
204 17/05/1837 James STONE Single Newington Next Hythe Ann STOCKWELL
205 20/05/1837 John LAWS Folkestone Mary Ann PHILPOTT

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