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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Eythorne St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Eythorne lies in southeastern Kent about 7 miles north of the port of Dover. Eythorne is made up the main village of Eythorne and the smaller settlement, which contains the church, of Lower Eythorne, the two separated by the former Dover to Sandwich branch rail line - now a heritage line. The combination builds to a large village which sits in lanes a mile west of the A256 road which connects Dover with Sandwich. The area nearby was home to the east Kent coalfield but Eythorne had no mine, the nearest being at Tilmanstone about 2 miles northeast but which undoubtedly employed many Eythorne men, the remaining economy was based on agriculture the rolling chalk downland being used largely for pastoral farming. There is little surface drainage in Eythorne parish, the chalk being porous, however a dry valley heads northeastwards and eventually the North Stream runs upon the surface to reach the Stour near Sandwich and the North Sea through Pegwell Bay. Eythorne sits on something of a ridge at around 80 metres above the sea, Lower Eythorne being some 10 metres lower; the area around is gently rolling chalk downland with local heights reaching to almost 120 metres within a couple of miles. Eythorne parish was fairly typically sized for this area of Kent, it covered just over 1,300 acres and would have supported a population of about 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Eythorne was a possession of the Archbishop of Canterbury and could boast an impressive 43 ploughs as well as small meadow.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits on the southern side of Church Hill, a lane heading westward towards Barfrestone. The building is unusual in not using the western position for its tower, Pevsner states it was added in its northwestern position where a northern porch should be if using a standard layout. The tower is later, it is Perpendicular in style and probably 15th century, than the remainder of the church which Pevsner dates to the turn of 13th century. The style of nave, chancel together with the northern aisle and a northern chapel are all Early English Gothic. Like many churches there has been some restoration work by the Victorians but this is not distinctly obvious externally. The church sits in an elevated position within a hedged site, from the gate a sloping path climbs up to the building. The churchyard is rather busy with trees making for some tricky angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th March 1754 - 29th April 1812 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - U3/151/1/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 15th March 1813 - 21st December 1836 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - U3/151/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Nonington St Mary
Nonington St Mary
Tilmanstone St Andrew
Tilmanstone St Andrew
Barfrestone St Nicholas
Waldershare All Saints
Shepherdswell St Andrew
Coldred St Pancras
Waldershare All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/03/1754 Stephen LUCKESS   Nonington Jane BAILEY Single  
2 01/06/1754 William SHARP   Shepherdswell Susanna KNOTT Single  
4 07/06/1756 John ADAMS   Adisham Jane BARROWS Single  
5 27/11/1756 John WICKES     Ann BIRCH Single  
6 09/10/1757 Richard ATWOOD     Elizabeth WOODROFF Single  
7 24/10/1757 Thomas MANGER     Esther JOMES Single  
8 08/06/1758 John PEARCE     Elizabeth PALMER Single  
9 22/11/1760 John MARSH Single Great Mongeham Eleanor STUPPELL Single  
10 27/12/1760 John FAGG   Shepherdswell Elizabeth BARROWS    
11 11/07/1761 Thomas ROFE   River Elizabeth GILMAN    
12 17/07/1762 Daniel SMISSON   Barham Ann BARROWS    
13 09/08/1762 John MOORE   Waldershare Mary COX    
14 18/09/1762 Richard UPTON     Mary HORNE Widow  
15 21/09/1762 Francis ALLARD Single Kingston Jane PILCHER Single  
16 02/10/1762 John STEWARD Single   Mary AUSTEN Single  
17 09/02/1763 John CLARK     Elizabeth WICKS Single  
18 16/10/1763 Henry DERVALL     Mary WELLARD    
19 02/02/1764 James HALLAMES Single Coldred Elizabeth GAMBRELL Single  
20 20/02/1764 John BIRCH Single   Jane BIRCH Single  
21 09/04/1764 Thomas SOMES Single   Sarah FAGG Single  
22 07/10/1764 Richard BAIRD   East Langdon Elizabeth COOKE    
23 15/10/1764 William SPEARPOINT Single   Sarah HOLIDAY Single  
24 31/01/1765 Thomas SAYER Single St Mary, Dover Henrietta MINET    
25 12/05/1766 John KEELY Single   Elizabeth MACKEY Single  
26 08/11/1766 William SMITH Single   Ann SOMES Single  
27 09/04/1768 John PHELLIS Single Buckland By Dover Elizabeth ASHMAN Single  
28 31/05/1768 Clement PILCHER Single   Jane HOLTON Single  
29 11/10/1768 Richard TURNER Single Barfrestone Mary PRICE Single  
30 26/11/1768 Richard KNIGHT Single Northbourne Mary CURLING Single  
31 02/07/1769 John BARTEN Single Barfrestone Susanna CASTLE Single  
32 05/08/1769 Thomas GAMBRIL Single Waldershare Hannah WICKES    
33 16/10/1769 John SPRATT Single Knowlton Susanna CLEMENT Single  
34 13/10/1770 Henry SPAIN Single   Sarah WOODROFE Widow  
35 12/02/1771 John ABEL Single Nonington Ann CHALCRAFT Single  
36 18/04/1771 Jacob WALLER Single St Peter, Sandwich Sophia REYNOLDS Single  
37 30/08/1772 Stephen RYE Single   Margaret BEER Single Coldred
38 31/12/1772 Peter SAUNDERS Single Wingham Jane ALLARD Widow  
39 12/08/1773 Henry PAIN Single   Margaret NORTON Single  
40 01/05/1774 John SPARPOINT Single Coldred Mary BARROWS Single  
41 02/10/1774 Richard LAMBERT Single Waldershare Sarah PINGLE Single  
42 20/11/1774 Edward BEER Single Nonington Ann CURLING Single  
43 29/01/1776 William KINGSFORD Single St Mary Northgate, Canterbury Mary HARVEY Single  
44 06/08/1776 Joseph WHITE Single   Mary ELLENDEN Single  
45 29/10/1776 John SCREEDER Single Northbourne Susanna WICKS Single  
46 02/01/1777 Samuel MAXTED Single   Ann MARSH Single Barham
47 03/03/1778 Thomas WANSTAL Single Bekesbourne Elizabeth MAXTED Single  
48 18/04/1778 Michael STOKES Single   Margaret BARTLETT Single  
49 11/11/1778 Henry DERVAL Widower   Susanna CONINHAM Widow  
50 21/06/1779 Edward NOAKES Widower   Susanna JORDAN Widow  
51 25/07/1779 James LEMAN Single St Mary, Sandwich Ann STOKES Single  
52 12/02/1780 William HERBERT Widower River Mary WILDS Single  
53 07/03/1780 John SPAIN Single   Elizabeth PAIN Single  
54 11/10/1781 John JORDAN Single   Jane NOAKES Single  
55 14/04/1782 Robert BARROWS Widower   Mary Rebecca LILLEY Single  
56 31/10/1782 Edward READ Single Ash By Sandwich Mary BILLINGHURST Single  
57 02/11/1782 Henry Baily LUCKHURST Single   Afra DERVAL Single  
58 29/09/1783 George HOLLYDAY Single Chillenden Ann WOODROFF Single  
59 11/10/1783 John WICKS Single   Elizabeth MUSLIN Single  
60 11/10/1783 Robert FRIEND Single Shepherdswell Elizabeth STOKES    
61 13/10/1783 Thomas YEOMAN Widower Coldred Sarah FASSOM Single  
62 03/01/1784 Henry PAIN Widower   Mary SAUNDERS Widow  
63 13/10/1784 John SMEED Single   Mary LUCKHURST Single  
64 16/10/1784 Samuel BAKER     Suzanna SMEED    
65 25/10/1784 Henry NASH Widower   Elizabeth OLIVER Widow  
66 30/10/1784 John DRAKE     Hannah ADKINS    
67 13/01/1785 William CLEMENT     Mary HARRIS   Wingham
68 27/05/1786 James CHURCH   Coldred Sophia SMEED    
69 26/10/1786 William SANKEY Single   Suzanna BOTELER Single  
70 25/11/1786 William SAWKINS   Denton Rachel PAGE    
71 12/01/1788 Joseph WHITE Widower   Elizabeth SAFFERY    
72 03/09/1788 Thomas PATTESON     Anne WILLIAMS    
73 03/09/1788 Mark PARKER     Elizabeth RUSSELL    
74 02/05/1789 John HORTON     Sarah KEELY    
75 10/06/1789 William STACE   Folkestone Hannah HARVEY    
76 03/10/1789 Israel MARSH     Dennes GAMBREL    
77 28/11/1789 Thomas GAMBRELL     Elizabeth HOPLEY    
78 15/02/1790 John LUCKHURST     Bennet BRETT    
79 16/10/1790 William DIXON   Whitfield Sarah HOLLOMS    
80 28/12/1790 James ADKINS     Margaret SMEETH    
81 24/09/1791 John BEANEY     Sarah JOHNSON    
82 12/10/1791 Henry PAIN     Mary HORN    
83 15/02/1792 Thomas DOD   Woodnesborough Ann MARKS    
84 21/06/1792 James KNOTT     Catharine MARTIN   Faversham
85 03/11/1792 Thomas BAKER     Sarah CLEVELAND    
86 09/07/1793 George COOKE     Mary COLEMAN    
87 12/10/1793 Thomas ABRAHAM     Mary SPAIN    
88 26/05/1794 William CLAYSON   Lyminge Sarah FOX    
89 23/10/1794 Charles ROOTS     Elizabeth BELSEY    
90 04/04/1795 Henry PAGE     Mary PILCHER    
91 30/08/1795 William YOUNG   Buckland By Dover Ann RIGDEN    
92 27/10/1795 Underdown HARVEY     Jane PILCHER    
93 10/12/1795 Richard PIERCE   Goodnestone By Wingham Sarah YOUNG    
94 09/01/1796 John BARTRAM     Mary NASH   St Mary, Sandwich
95 23/01/1796 Valentine BEAN   Whitfield Elizabeth MAXTED    
96 28/02/1796 Isaac Milgate UPTON     Sarah WATKINS    
97 05/09/1796 John Barrett BARTHOLOMEW   St Mary, Dover Sarah CLEMENT    
98 25/09/1796 Francis ABBOTT     Elizabeth UPTON    
98 26/12/1796 Francis GRAHAM     Mary SMEED    
99 11/02/1797 John PAIN     Jane LAWRENCE    
100 18/02/1797 John HOGBEN     Elizabeth WHITE    
101 14/10/1797 John MANGER     Mary BAKER    
102 27/10/1798 James BAILEY     Elizabeth COCK    
103 02/11/1799 Michael UPTON     Elizabeth NEWMAN    
104 10/04/1800 Thomas WETTON     Juliana LAMBERT    
105 26/07/1800 John WHITE     Ann MAXTED    
106 07/05/1801 Edward CARLTON     Judith PREBBLE   Northbourne
107 19/07/1802 John EMPTAGE   St Mary, Dover Mary GAMBRELL    
108 29/10/1803 Daniel WICKS     Margaret SPAIN    
109 03/12/1803 James GROOMBRIDGE   Nonington Elizabeth LAWRENCE    
110 26/12/1803 James HIGGINS     Mary MAXTED    
111 11/02/1804 Robert FRIEND   Whitfield Ann ABBOTT    
112 08/10/1804 James SMEED   Woodnesborough Elizabeth CASTLE    
113 25/02/1805 James FILES   Coldred Elizabeth MARSH    
114 27/03/1805 Edward Augustus GIRAUD Single   Jane SANKEY Single  
115 06/04/1805 William HOBDAY     Sarah PIERCE    
116 23/10/1805 William BREATHING     Lydia SPAIN    
117 15/03/1806 Thomas ABBOTT     Elizabeth ALDREDGE    
118 12/07/1806 John MUMMERY Single   Sarah SPEARPOINT Single  
119 13/10/1806 Thomas WHALE Single   Elizabeth PICKET Single  
120 14/10/1806 William GRAY Single   Susanna MARSH Single  
121 18/04/1807 Michael UPTON     Mary GRAHAM    
122 23/01/1808 John DRAKE   Buckland By Dover Susanna BEAL    
123 18/04/1808 William Henry MAKEY     Mary BEAN    
124 03/08/1808 John VIRRILL   Tilmanstone Ann UPTON    
125 13/10/1808 William FAGG   Guston Elizabeth BARROWS    
126 27/10/1808 Henry TENNEY   Eastry Mary HOOKER    
127 23/05/1809 William BUDDLE   Eastry Mary SMEED    
128 13/11/1809 George BLACKMAN     Mary HOGBEN    
129 13/10/1810 John BIRCH   Whitfield Sarah COCK    
130 13/10/1810 William ROFFE     Hannah ROBARTS    
131 26/01/1811 Edward YOUNG   St Margaret At Cliffe Hannah DRAKE    
132 02/03/1811 John CHURCH   Barfrestone Mary BIRT Single  
133 14/03/1811 Mark REDDEN   Ash By Sandwich Mary ALDRIDGE    
134 02/11/1811 Valentine BEAN Widower   Sarah MARSH Widow  
135 25/04/1812 John ALLEN Single Whitfield Sarah PAY Single  
136 29/04/1812 Stephen FOLLWELL Single St James, Dover Sarah AUSTIN Single  
1 15/03/1813 Thomas Ward HOLTON Single   Mary FOLLWELL Single  
2 22/05/1813 Thomas PREBBLE Single Whitfield Ann BELSEY Single  
3 31/08/1813 Henry HARNETT Widower Herne Ann BROOKS Single  
4 19/10/1813 Daniel CLARABUT Single Deal Anne GILES Single  
5 03/08/1814 Richard William MAKEY Single   Mary PARKER Single  
6 30/10/1814 James HOGBEN     Margaret KIMBER Single  
7 22/07/1816 John WATKINS Single   Anne BEAN Single  
8 14/11/1816 Alexander WATSON Single St Mary, Dover Benedicta GRANT Single  
9 21/12/1816 John SUTTON Single   Elizabeth SPAIN Single  
10 26/02/1818 Henry WHITE Single   Elizabeth FRIEND Single  
11 07/08/1819 Thomas COCKS Single   Elizabeth PEIRCE Single  
12 01/05/1820 Stephen SHARP Single Coldred Hannah LAWRANCE Single  
13 22/05/1820 Henry GOLDFINCH Widower St Paul, Canterbury Ann MANZER Single  
14 12/09/1820 Thomas BEAN Single   Harriet RALPH Single  
15 26/11/1820 Thomas WEST Single   Mary Anne MAKEY Single  
16 20/04/1821 John MAKEY Single   Ann LUCKHURST Single  
17 09/05/1821 Richard SLEDDON Single   Ann FITTAL Widow  
18 05/08/1821 Samuel BEAN Single   Ann HAMMOND Single  
19 11/11/1821 Joseph DICKSON Widower   Sarah HOPPER Single  
20 03/02/1822 Thomas LOVE Single Nonington Sarah DICKSON Single  
21 31/08/1822 Valentine BEAN Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow  
22 14/10/1822 John HARVEY Single   Mary BROADLEY Single Ringwould
23 30/12/1823 Edward PYNER Single Nonington Anna Maria WHITE Single  
24 08/08/1824 Robert DRAKE Single   Elizabeth TERRY Single  
25 02/09/1824 Henry WARD Single Canterbury Jane HARVEY Single  
26 04/12/1824 Henry LUCKHURST Widower   Hannah BEAN Widow  
27 27/12/1824 William KNOTT Single St Margaret At Cliffe Sophia DIXON Single  
28 28/08/1825 Thomas GAMBRELL Single   Jane UDEN Single Bridge
29 15/10/1825 James BAILEY Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single River
30 20/03/1826 Morris UPTON Single Eastry Sarah FAGG Single  
31 12/06/1826 Benjamin Kingsford COLEMAN Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single St Mary, Dover
32 24/02/1827 Thomas APPLETON Single   Margaret UPTON Single  
33 12/10/1827 William GROOMBRIDGE Single   Catherine Anne SMISSEN Single  
34 13/10/1827 George BAKER Single Northbourne Mary ROGERS Single  
35 13/07/1828 George PRESTON Single   Sarah Lily SPAIN Single  
36 14/10/1828 William FEATHERSTONE Single   Anne FILES Single  
37 08/12/1828 John NORRIS Single   Mary PITTS Single  
38 25/12/1828 Richard OVENDEN Widower   Hannah DRAKE Widow  
39 07/11/1829 John DAVIDSON Single   Mary BEAN Single  
40 16/10/1830 Henry SLADDEN Single   Anne FILL Single Shepherdswell
41 30/11/1830 Robert DYASON Widower Buckland By Dover Charlotte AUSTIN Single  
42 15/10/1832 Morris REGIS Single St Mary, Dover Mary BARROWS Single  
43 15/10/1832 Samuel DRAKE Single   Sarah OVENDEN Single  
44 27/04/1833 George ANSELL Widower Walmer Jane PILCHER Single  
45 16/05/1833 Thomas Cooke KNELL Widower St Andrew, Canterbury Sarah HARVEY Single  
46 08/03/1834 Charles NYE Widower   Mary GLADISH Widow  
47 11/01/1835 Mark PIERCE Single   Isabella Maria WHITE Single  
48 22/03/1835 George Barham AUSTIN Single St Lawrence, Thanet Jane GAMBRELL Single  
49 12/11/1836 William LEMON Single   Eliza ABBOTT Single  
50 21/12/1836 Frederic EDE Widower   Caroline BAILEY Single  

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