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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Seal St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Seal lies in western Kent about 2 miles northeast of the town of Sevenoaks. Seal sits on the A25 road which connects sevenoaks onwards to the A20 at Wrotham and thence to Maidstone. Seal is a large village, today it has almost become contiguous with the growing town of Sevenoaks, many properties around the junction by the church but also expanding northwards along the lane leading to Kemsing. Modern communications also pass through or close to Seal, both the London to Maidstone rail line and the modern M26 motorway pass through the north of the parish. Seal's economy would have been underpinned by agriculture but the local stone, the Greensand, was also exploited for building stone diversifying the economic base. Seal is drained westwards by a small tributary of the River Darent which makes its way through the ridge of the North Downs to reach the outer Thames just to the east of Erith. Seal is sited at around 90 metres above the sea and sits in the Weald just south of the North Downs which rise to local heights of over 200 metres within a couple of miles of the village. Seal parish was quite large, but parishes in southwestern Kent often are, it covered almost 4,400 acres, more typical of a northern English county, and supported a substantial population of just over 1,600 parishioners. In Domesday times Seal was one of the many holdings of Bishop Odo of Bayeux, it could offer 19 ploughs, a fishery and woodland occupied by no fewer than 75 swine render.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits at the heart of the village in the fork between the two lanes running northwards towards Kemsing. Pevsner searches hard to find early remaining evidence and the meagre remains of a blocked lancet window in the eastern aisle and two piers in the arcade are all that remain from what would have been a 13th century Early English Gothic origin. Much later, between 1520 & 1529, comes the western tower complete with its southwestern stair turret as well as the largely Perpendicular nave and chancel. In 1855 the northern aisle was added and lengthened in 1879. The main entrance, with large parking area on Church Street, is through a nice lychgate leading to a churchyard which is largely free of impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th October 1754 - 30th November 1812 Kent History & Library Centre - Maidstone - Reference - P326/1/D/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th July 1813 - 9th April 1837 Kent History & Library Centre - Maidstone - Reference - P326/1/D/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Kemsing St Mary
Kemsing St Mary
Wrotham St George
Sevenoaks St Nicholas
Ightham St Peter
Tonbridge St Peter & St Paul
Tonbridge St Peter & St Paul
Shipbourne St Giles

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 16/10/1754 Richard MAY Single   Elizabeth INGRIMS Single  
2 19/01/1755 Thomas SMITH Single Wrotham Dorcas STONE Single  
3 10/02/1755 Thomas HAYWARD Single   Bridget COOPER Single  
4 31/05/1755 Thomas WELLS Single Westerham Mary ARROWS Single  
5 13/01/1756 William HALTROP Single Sundridge Elizabeth FUGGELS Single  
6 23/04/1756 Robert FRY Single St Dunstan In The West, City Of London Mary HILLS    
7 03/05/1756 William CARRECK Single   Sarah BECK Single  
8 10/05/1756 Thomas FRANCIS     Mary WEST Single  
9 22/08/1756 Richard WEEKINS   Marden Lydia MOTT    
10 18/10/1756 Frank PLUMMER Single   Elizabeth WAKEFIELD Single  
11 16/12/1756 Simon DIGBY Single   Sarah BEAK Single  
12 17/02/1757 French BERRINGTON Single   Mary CHAMBERLAIN Single  
13 14/06/1757 Thomas BELLSHAM   Fawkham Lydia PAINE Single  
14 04/07/1757 William GREGORY     Sarah CRIPPS    
15 25/10/1757 William WALTER Single   Elizabeth HONEY Single  
16 06/02/1758 Nicholas STONEHAM Widower   Elizabeth ALMS Widow  
17 25/04/1758 John BATTEN Widower   Sarah TWORT Widow Westerham
18 23/10/1758 John COUCHMAN Single Kemsing Mary BAKER Single  
19 30/01/1759 John BENNETT     Sarah BARTON   Hadlow
20 27/02/1759 Richard HARRIS Single   Sarah HUMPHREY Single  
21 19/03/1759 William RANDALL Single   Jane YOUNG Single  
22 26/04/1759 James MULLARD Single   Susannah MASON Widow  
23 09/05/1759 Henry HOARE Single   Rebekah HASLEDEN    
24 27/05/1759 Mark QUITTENDEN Single Trottiscliffe Ann WICKENDEN Single  
25 14/10/1759 James BEEKE Single   Sarah MOYCE Single  
26 14/10/1759 John BULL Single   Sarah QUINNALL Single  
27 04/11/1759 William OLIVER Single   Philadelphia DEAN Single Kemsing
28 10/11/1759 Richard BOAKES Single   Catherine SMITH Single  
29 23/12/1759 Thomas RHOADS Single Sevenoaks Barbara BEEKE Single  
30 24/12/1759 Charles SUMMERS Single   Elizabeth INKPIN Single  
31 21/01/1760 Thomas SPENCER Single   Ann COUCHMAN Single  
32 18/02/1760 Thomas SLATER Single   Deborah EALES Single  
33 06/04/1760 Thomas COLYER Single   Hannah BAILY Single  
34 13/04/1760 Thomas MORGAN Single   Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Single  
35 22/06/1760 Robert MARCHANT Single   Mary MATTHEWS Single  
36 10/08/1760 William WELLER Single   Lydia IRONS Single  
37 26/11/1760 John THOMPSON Single   Elizabeth HILLS Single  
38 23/03/1761 Robert PECKHAM Single   Mary MASTERS Single  
39 18/10/1761 James COUCHMAN Single   Elizabeth GAGEN    
40 06/12/1761 William ELY Single   Ann SUMMERS Single  
41 27/12/1761 John Stewart CAMPBELL Single St Mary Le Bow, City Of London Frances LEWIS Single  
42 24/01/1762 Richard POOLE Single Bramley, Surrey Mary ATHERFOLD Single  
43 18/04/1762 Samuel ROSE Widower   Mary CHAPMAN Widow  
44 19/04/1762 Thomas HILDER Single Sevenoaks Ann ARROWS Single  
45 12/09/1762 William MAY Single   Mary PARKER Single  
46 30/09/1762 Thomas MANWARING Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
47 11/10/1762 Joseph CHANDLER Single   Jane LANGRAGE Single  
48 12/10/1762 Stephen GOODHUGH Single Chiddingstone Elizabeth BEEK Single  
49 13/10/1762 Daniel MAY Single Ightham Susannah SIMMONS Single  
50 11/04/1763 John JUDD Single   Ann DEANE Single  
51 23/05/1763 Richard RANDALL Single   Easter MERCY Single  
52 16/10/1763 Richard WALTER Single   Sarah ATHERFOLD Single  
53 12/02/1764 Thomas BELLINGHAM Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
54 20/06/1764 Ephraim COGGER Single   Anne FIVEASH    
55 05/07/1764 Thomas SWIFT Single Sevenoaks Susannah HUGGINS    
56 15/07/1764 George WALLIS Single Kemsing Elizabeth WALTER Single  
57 18/11/1764 William PRONGER Single   Elizabeth OLIVER Single  
58 11/10/1765 James SMITH Single   Mary CRUNDWELL Single  
59 15/10/1765 Ambrose KEEBLE Widower   Phebea LATTER Single  
60 17/11/1765 Samuel RALPH Single   Elizabeth Jane MOYCE Single  
61 24/12/1765 Joseph LEE Single   Mary MAY Single  
62 25/01/1766 Samuel BRATTON   Stansted Mary MARDEN    
63 02/02/1766 John QUINNELL Widower   Susannah DOLLING Single  
64 19/05/1766 Thomas CHANDLER Single Sevenoaks Mary SIMMONDS Single  
65 21/07/1766 James BATT Single Sevenoaks Ann CROSSLEY Single  
66 17/11/1766 William JOHNSON Widower   Sarah SWAYSLAND Widow  
67 01/01/1767 Phillip HIND Single   Sarah SKINNER Single  
68 01/09/1767 Henry PELHAM Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Jane HARDINGE Single  
61 05/01/1768 William WOOLGAR Single   Mary HAYES Single  
62 03/09/1768 Henry HICKMAN Single   Mary LAKE Single  
63 28/10/1768 Walter BARTON Single   Elenor POYLE Single  
64 25/12/1768 John BLACKGROVE Widower   Sarah COUCHMAN Single Shoreham
65 29/12/1768 Richard SKINNER Single   Hannah ATHERFOLD Single  
66 17/04/1769 Benjamin MORRIS Widower   Elizabeth NORRIS Single  
67 23/04/1769 Robert PECKHAM Widower   Sarah ASHDOWN Single  
68 17/05/1769 Richard OSGOOD Single St Mary, Dover Elizabeth SHOEBRIDGE Single  
69 22/10/1769 Thomas BURLEY Single Sevenoaks Sarah MEEKHAMS Single  
70 13/02/1770 Nicholas HOW Single Eltham Mildred French MOYCE Single  
71 19/02/1770 John PEAKE Single   Susannah FIVEASH Single  
72 03/06/1770 Thomas LOVETT Single Sevenoaks Sarah KINSWOOD Single  
73 30/09/1770 Samuel MASTERS Single   Hannah WESTON Single  
74 16/10/1770 William MARCHANT Single   Judith HASELDEN Single  
75 20/11/1770 William BLACKER Single   Ann GOODWIN Single  
76 03/02/1771 William COLYER Single   Mary MARCHANT Single  
77 07/04/1771 James BUDGEN Single Wrotham Sarah WELLS Single  
78 18/07/1771 Thomas KEMP Single   Martha SUTTON Single Sevenoaks
79 14/09/1771 John BATEUP   Sevenoaks Jane SUTTON    
80 16/09/1771 John BATTEN Widower   Elizabeth BARRINGTON Single  
81 14/10/1771 William GREEN   Ightham Elizabeth SUMMERS    
82 21/10/1771 Joseph CARROCK Single   Elizabeth WALLER Single Sevenoaks
83 21/10/1771 Richard TYE Single   Ann HOSKINS Single  
84 30/10/1771 James REDMAN Single   Elizabeth GOODHUGH    
85 02/12/1771 Thomas CHARY Single   Ann AUSTEN Single  
86 02/12/1771 Thomas SPENCER Widower   Jane SHOTT Single  
87 26/12/1771 Richard LINEY Single   Ann GODFREY Single  
88 19/02/1772 Daniel FIVEASH Single   Elizabeth FIVEASH Single  
89 16/06/1772 John Ward ALLEN Single Ridley Mary THOMPSON Single  
90 20/08/1772 John SHOTT Single   Jane SPENCER Single  
91 05/09/1772 William PEAKE Widower   Sarah FIVEASH Single  
92 02/11/1772 William BONNET Single   Elizabeth DURTNAL Single  
93 16/11/1772 Richard MIDDLETON Single   Hannah MASTERS Widow  
94 01/01/1773 John DURANCE Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single  
95 07/01/1773 John ATHERFOLD Single   Rachael SMITH Single Wrotham
16/02/1773 James ELLIS Single   Mary STIFF Single  
12/04/1773 John HAYES Single   Mary MORRIS Single  
20/06/1773 John PRATT     Mary SUTTON    
07/08/1773 James BEEKE Widower   Ann HENTY Widow  
20/10/1773 John HICKS Single   Elizabeth FULLIGAR Single  
28/10/1773 David BARHAM Widower   Martha FARRANT Widow  
05/11/1773 William FRICKER Single   Mary PEAKE Single  
12/01/1774 William TOMLYN Single   Mary GARNER Single  
10/02/1774 John HILLS Single   Sarah TYE Single  
22/02/1774 Michael COX Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
07/03/1774 William HIND Single   Elizabeth KELSEY Single  
11/10/1774 Joseph LANDER Single   Mary NORTON Single  
29/12/1774 Robert BROOMFIELD   Shoreham Mary PORTER    
26/01/1775 John HUMPHREY Single Sevenoaks Rebecca TYE Widow  
20/02/1775 William WALKER Single   Susannah HODGE Single  
04/04/1775 Samuel ROSE Widower   Mary RHODES Widow  
25/04/1775 Richard MARCHANT Single   Susannah STEVENS Single  
19/07/1775 James GARNER Single   Jane ROFFE Single West Kingsdown
26/09/1775 Richard WALTER Widower   Elizabeth POCOCK Single  
23/10/1775 Richard EDWARDS Single   Mary ASHDOWN Widow  
30/10/1775 Richard BAKER Single Chevening Elizabeth SPICER Single  
03/11/1775 Leonard STILES Single   Sarah CHEESMAN Single  
23/01/1776 Thomas BRUMAN Single   Sarah WELLS Single  
29/04/1776 Thomas GOLDSMITH Single Sevenoaks Mary WELLS Single  
08/05/1776 John LUCKHURST Single   Ann PORTER Single  
02/07/1776 Thomas OLIVER Widower   Ann STOW Single  
17/11/1776 Thomas MARCHANT Single   Mary EDLOW Single  
26/01/1777 William MARCHANT Single   Elizabeth FORSTER Single  
19/04/1777 David SAUNDERS Single   Susannah GREEN   Leigh
01/05/1777 John CARROCK Single   Ann WELLS Single  
22/05/1777 John VIRRALS Single Paddington, Middlesex Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
29/05/1777 Christopher DEERING Single   Elizabeth FORSTER Single  
25/09/1777 Phillip HIND Widower   Elizabeth SKINNER Widow  
13/10/1777 Edward STILL Single Sevenoaks Margaret MOYCE Single  
15/11/1777 Thomas PORTER Single   Hester YEOELL Single  
17/11/1777 Edward TURNER Widower Greenwich Sarah WALLER Widow  
19/02/1778 John GOODES Single St Luke, Middlesex Philadelphia HOLLANDS Single  
29/07/1778 Richard WEBB Single   Sarah FIVEASH Single  
10/09/1778 James PARROT Single   Mary OLIVER Single  
28/09/1778 William SKINNER Single   Ann PEEK Single  
14/10/1778 John BUTCHER Single   Mary WOOD Single  
06/12/1778 John FARRANT Single   Jane GROVES Single  
29/04/1779 John WEBB Single   Mary MEEKHAMS Single  
28/06/1779 John BROWN   Offham Susannah MEEKHAMS    
11/10/1779 William FARR Single   Sarah CAVENDISH Single  
12/10/1779 Thomas SKINNER Single   Jane WELLS Single  
22/09/1781 Charles CHURCHILL     Mary BABERICK Widow  
09/12/1781 John WALTER Single   Tabitha BIRD Single  
11/01/1782 Thomas SUMMERS Single   Ann BEEKE Single  
02/04/1782 James RANDALL Single   Margaret BROWN Single  
25/06/1782 Henry FRY Single Wrotham Hannah HAYWARD Single  
29/01/1783 Richard WAITE Widower   Elizabeth COVELL Single  
03/08/1783 John EWRIDGE Single   Rebecca WOOD Single  
07/09/1783 William STILL Single   Elizabeth MEEKHAMS Single  
08/11/1783 James HOLLANDS Single   Ann PRATT Single  
28/11/1783 Felix ST GEORGE Single Hartley Sarah CARRICK Single  
08/12/1783 James EAVES Single   Ann TYE Single  
05/06/1784 David DARTNALL Single   Elizabeth HAYWARD Single  
06/07/1784 Henry MANDY Single   Jane CHALKLIN Single  
30/10/1784 George CLEMMENTS Single   Elizabeth SHOEBRIDGE Single  
05/11/1784 Nelius LAWRANCE Single   Elizabeth HARDON Single  
29/11/1784 Richard BARBER Single Wrotham Mary SANDERS Single  
18/04/1785 Thomas JESSUP Single   Ann DARTNALL Single  
02/07/1785 Thomas SANDERS Widower   Mary ELCOMS Widow  
11/10/1785 Richard ELCOME Single Wrotham Sarah WHITING Single  
28/05/1786 William HOARE Single   Sarah ROGERS Single Sevenoaks
12/10/1786 Robert SMITH Single   Ann STEVENSON Single  
02/01/1787 Henry MEEKHAMS Single   Ann BENNET Single  
04/01/1787 William LATTER Single Frant, Sussex Phebe KEEBLE Widow  
16/04/1787 John DAVEY Single   Sarah KING Single  
17/12/1787 Elisha DEACON Single   Sarah STILL Single  
18/12/1787 John WELLS Single   Ann GROOMBRIDGE Single  
26/12/1787 John ANNETTS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
04/02/1788 Thomas MORGAN Single   Ann FOWL Single  
01/02/1789 Thomas BASHFORD   Sevenoaks Susannah STONE    
06/10/1789 Henry COZIER     Edith LUFFMAN    
01/11/1789 Richard HILLS Single   Sarah BEEK Single  
17/12/1789 John PORTER Single   Mary WILTON    
15/02/1790 William MAYNARD Widower   Mary STONE Single  
11/04/1790 William WALTER Single   Mary BROAD Single  
12/10/1790 Kipps BALDWIN   Ightham Hannah BONE    
06/01/1791 Thomas FIST Single   Mary NAILHARD Widow  
05/05/1791 John CHRISTOPHER Single Yalding Sarah BURLEY Single  
29/05/1791 John MERCER Single   Rachael FOX Single  
26/06/1791 William MANSER Widower Sutton At Hone Susannah WALKER Widow  
11/10/1791 James PEEK Single   Rebekah PAYNE Single Sevenoaks
07/02/1792 John BURGESS Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single Otford
06/05/1792 George COOMBER Single   Elizabeth RHODES Single  
02/01/1793 John SAKER Single   Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
14/02/1793 William YOUNG Single   Mary BLACKGROVE Single  
17/03/1793 James GAD Single   Sarah ANSCOME Single  
14/04/1793 William HARRIS Single Nackington Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
19/05/1793 William WEST Single Sevenoaks Martha ALLEN Single  
01/07/1793 David CORK Single   Mary Miles PLOW Single  
18/08/1793 William SEXBY Single   Ann BLAKE Single  
01/09/1793 William COOPER Single   Fanny PERRIN Single  
10/10/1793 George QUINNELL Single   Sarah HARRIS Single Sevenoaks
12/10/1793 Richard BIRD Single   Ann FARNS Single  
28/10/1793 James BEEK Single   Jane BARTON Single  
23/11/1793 Isaac HOOK Single   Susannah STEVENSON Single Sevenoaks
02/12/1793 Jarvis THORPE Single   Mary VERRALL Single  
03/02/1794 William OSBORNE Single   Sarah YOUNG Single  
21/04/1794 Samuel HOARE Single   Mary BLAKE Single  
08/06/1794 Jonas JOHNSON Single   Mary MAY Single  
13/10/1794 William CHINNER Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
23/12/1794 John HOOK Widower   Mary SCARDEFIELD Widow Maidstone
19/01/1795 Richard MORGAN Single   Mary DABSON Single  
15/02/1795 John RIDLEY Single   Ann GOODWIN Single  
25/04/1795 Joseph CARROCK Widower   Mary CLARK Single  
22/10/1795 William STRIP Single   Mary HACKETT Single  
14/12/1795 James CHAPPLE Single   Sarah HOARE Single  
21/12/1795 James SMITH Single   Catharine TURNER Single  
06/01/1796 William LATTER Widower   Elizabeth FARRANT Widow  
24/01/1796 John CORKE Single   Elizabeth HEBBLE Single Tonbridge
13/03/1796 Zebulon HARDS Single   Sarah HOARE Single  
25/02/1797 James OSBORN Single   Jemima DODGE Single  
28/05/1797 William FAWN Widower   Ann LEANEY Single  
02/07/1797 Samuel SINDEN Single   Lucy FUNNELL Single  
25/07/1797 William DOWN Single   Ann LANE Widow  
31/07/1797 James NEALE Single   Elizabeth DOUST Single  
09/11/1797 William COOMBER Single   Mary ROSE Single  
06/01/1798 William ROLLS Single Farnborough Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
14/05/1798 James FOICE Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
05/07/1798 Daniel FOX Single Mersham Mary ADES Single  
08/11/1798 John SIMMONDS Single   Mary EDWARDS Single  
22/11/1798 Samuel BROWN Single   Sarah STAPLES Single  
30/12/1798 John COGGER Single   Sarah HENLEY Single  
16/06/1799 Samuel MARSHAL Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Martha TYNDALL Single  
22/08/1799 Richard EDWARDS Widower   Sarah PECKHAM Widow  
21/10/1799 James WALTER Single   Elizabeth LUCAS Single  
29/11/1799 Samuel PANKHURST Single   Mary BLATCHER Single  
22/02/1800 William RANDAL Single   Ann FARRANT Single  
17/03/1800 William SMITH Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
02/12/1800 John MERRALL Single   Susannah PILE Single  
05/12/1800 Thomas STICKINGS Single   Hannah TERRY Single  
06/04/1801 John CHILDS Single   Phebe MARSHALL Single  
05/07/1801 John SMITHERS Single   Mary AGATES Single  
09/11/1801 James STAPLES Single   Sarah MARTIN Single  
17/11/1801 Thomas DENTHORN Single   Sarah KING Single  
01/02/1802 William SAVAGE Single   Sarah BEDWELL Single  
22/02/1802 Edward WHITE Single   Mary JEAL Single  
15/03/1802 William JUDD Single   Fanny PEERLESS Single  
07/06/1802 John NUTTALL Single   Mary MOOR Single  
29/08/1802 Richard BURCHARD Single   Mary FRY Single  
11/10/1802 Stephen DOWN Single   Elizabeth CRISFORD Single  
06/11/1802 Robert DAVIS Single   Ann WELLS Single  
10/01/1803 William POCOCKE Single   Lucy WOOD Single  
11/01/1803 Thomas COX Single   Mary GORRINGE Single  
05/02/1803 Richard HOARE Single   Jane BLACKGROVE Single  
10/02/1803 James SWIFT Single   Elizabeth MARCHANT Single  
10/04/1803 Henry CHART Single   Jane KENNERLEY Single  
18/07/1803 Thomas THOMAS Single   Sarah BURGESS Single  
06/08/1803 Edward ANNETT Single   Elizabeth DUTNELL Single  
16/08/1803 John COLE Widower   Mary CRAYFORD Single  
13/10/1803 Thomas RICHARDSON Single   Mary EDE Single  
24/11/1803 John STILL Single   Mary MARCHANT Single  
04/12/1803 Thomas BROWN Single   Mary HAZELL Single  
28/04/1804 John BAKER Single   Susannah THOMAS Single  
28/04/1804 John KEMBER Single   Sarah BRISTOW Single  
28/05/1804 John WIGZELL Single   Sarah GOODHUGH Single  
31/05/1804 James DURY Single   Lydia TERRY Single  
09/07/1804 John BARNES Single   Ann RUSSELL Single  
18/09/1804 Stephen JESSUP Single   Jane COLLIER Single  
01/10/1804 William HODGES     Susannah FITZJOY    
15/10/1804 William FIELD Single   Elizabeth HASELDEN Single  
04/11/1804 Thomas UNDRELL Single   Sarah MEEKHAMS Single  
08/12/1804 William BURCHELL Single   Alice STAPLES Single  
10/01/1805 Joseph LEE Single   Ann BENNET Single  
12/01/1805 Exeter HIDER Single   Mary WELLS Single  
26/01/1805 David LOW     Elizabeth COOK    
24/03/1805 William FRAKER Single   Ann WEBB Single  
26/03/1805 John WEST Widower   Mary DEASON Widow  
28/04/1805 Stephen HOOK Single   Ann JESSUP Single  
29/04/1805 Thomas MASTERMAN Single   Mary KEMP Single  
06/05/1805 James SMITH Single   Sarah MARCHANT Single  
03/06/1805 Thomas MOTES     Catharine FRANKLIN    
01/09/1805 Henry POCOCK Single   Mary SHORY Single  
02/12/1805 William WEBB Single   Ann TURNER Single  
08/12/1805 Isaac FOSTER     Catharine FOORD    
07/01/1806 William BOOKER Single   Ann BIRD Single  
07/01/1806 Henry POINTER Single   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
06/04/1806 John WALTER Single   Mary JESSUP Single  
17/04/1806 Thomas FOWL Widower   Callais Callow SHOEBRIDGE Single  
24/04/1806 Thomas GOODHUGH Single   Margaret CAMBRY Single  
13/10/1806 William REED Single   Elizabeth THEOBALDS Single  
01/11/1806 William BROOKSBERRY Widower   Isabella SALISBURY Single  
26/11/1806 James SCOTLAND Widower Sevenoaks Mary COLE Widow  
25/12/1806 Thomas PORTER Widower   Mary PRATT Widow  
27/01/1807 William MITCHELL Single   Sarah WALTER Single  
08/02/1807 John UNDERHILL Single   Hannah ELFICK Single  
04/05/1807 Stephen WALTER Single   Sarah HEATH Single  
20/07/1807 John BOAKES Single   Jane MARCHANT Single  
24/08/1807 Jonathan LEE Single   Martha MITCHELL Single  
06/09/1807 John SKINNER Widower   Sarah HASELDEN Widow  
29/09/1807 Thomas CLIFFEN Single   Mary HERLIN Single  
13/10/1807 Henry MAY Single   Maria NEALE Single  
30/05/1808 James ATHERFOLD Single   Margaret RELPH Single  
09/05/1809 William CRONK Single   Elizabeth STAPLEY Single Rotherfield, Sussex
30/06/1809 Gordon Graham DONALDSON Single   Ann MAYNARD Single  
12/10/1809 John RANGER Single   Jane FRANCIS Single  
18/12/1809 Samuel BOSTON Single   Sophia PITMAN Single  
04/02/1810 Thomas WAGHORN Single   Sarah SMART Single  
20/07/1810 William SUMMERS Widower   Sarah HIDER Single  
08/10/1810 Thomas BARTLES Widower   Ann LAMBARD Widow  
02/12/1810 Richard BLISS     Elizabeth HOLLOWAY    
09/12/1810 George WARRINTON Single   Bethia MAY Single  
16/04/1811 William LEIGH Single   Mildred ASHDOWN Single  
19/05/1811 William SMITHER Single   Sarah COLEMAN Single  
29/09/1811 William GOODDY     Harriot BRACHAL    
07/10/1811 William POTTS Single   Elizabeth ABELL Single  
26/10/1811 French EWRIDGE Single   Mary OWEN Single  
05/11/1811 Charles STANFORD Widower   Catharine TRUELOVE Single  
18/06/1812 James JEAL Single   Martha BRIGDEN Single  
30/07/1812 William MORGAN Single   Hannah RUSSELL Single  
30/11/1812 Daniel ASHDOWN Single   Ann LINES Single  
1 05/07/1813 William BAILY Single Sevenoaks Jane SWORN Single Sevenoaks
2 18/07/1813 Thomas RICHARDSON Single Sevenoaks Ann PARKER Single Sevenoaks
3 01/08/1813 Edward SHARVILE Single Sevenoaks Ann JEFFERY Single Sevenoaks
4 30/08/1813 Thomas COLE Single   Elizabeth CONLEY Single  
5 07/09/1813 John AUSTIN Single Sevenoaks Harriot LANE Single Sevenoaks
6 08/11/1813 Robert BOYCE Single   Jane MOYCE Single  
7 06/12/1813 Thomas LANDS Single   Mary CROUCHER Single  
8 15/12/1813 Thomas SEALE Widower   Ann HOARE Single  
9 11/02/1814 William LUCKHURST Single   Sarah WINEDER Single  
10 18/04/1814 William BAKER Single Sevenoaks Mary Ann MILLS Single Sevenoaks
11 10/11/1814 John GASSON Single   Olivia SPACKMAN Single  
12 08/01/1815 George STONE Single   Eleanor HULL Single  
13 06/02/1815 William BURTON Single   Phillis WOOD Single  
14 27/02/1815 Stephen THWAITES     Hannah NASH    
15 10/10/1815 William PETE Single   Mary HARTLY Single  
16 28/04/1816 George PAIGE Single   Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
17 30/05/1816 Henry HEAVER Single   Ann FARNS Single  
18 08/09/1816 Richard FIELDER Single   Sarah SALES Single  
19 09/02/1817 John THORPE Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
20 23/04/1817 Thomas HEATH Single   Mary ANNETT Single  
21 18/10/1817 Thomas CORK Single   Susan Ellis HOLMDEN Single  
22 05/01/1818 George PHILLIPS Single   Dorcas HOOK Single  
23 05/04/1818 William PACKHAM Single   Harriett PANKHURST Single  
24 11/04/1818 George HUMPHRY Single   Frances CARROCK Single  
25 07/06/1818 John BRAZIER Widower   Elizabeth NEVE Single  
26 20/06/1818 William PLEDGE Single   Fanny PANKHURST Single  
27 23/07/1818 Thomas DIAMOND Single   Ann MANWARING Single Brenchley
28 18/08/1818 James PEEKE Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
29 12/10/1818 Henry LOVELL Single   Ann INGRAMS Single  
30 19/05/1819 Edward ELLIOTT Single   Elizabeth SINDEN Single Tudeley
31 12/10/1819 George BARNABY Single   Ann WELLS Single  
32 14/05/1820 John FIVEASH Single   Mary Ann FRENCH Widow  
33 25/05/1820 William CROUCHER Single   Sarah RAWLINGSON Single  
34 12/10/1820 James HUMPHRY Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
35 11/11/1820 William SMITH Single   Sarah FIVEASH Widow  
36 19/02/1821 William WICKENDEN Single Sundridge Sophia BRIGDEN Single  
37 12/10/1821 William WEBB Single   Lydia HARRIS Single  
38 12/10/1821 William INGRAMS Single   Sarah BROWN Single  
39 12/10/1821 George ASHDOWN Single   Sophia CROUCH Single Wrotham
40 23/12/1821 Richard THORPE Single   Ann FLINT Single  
41 09/02/1822 Isaac TILLMAN Single   Harriet DEARING Single  
42 20/03/1822 James JENNER Single   Eliza BLAKE Single  
43 07/05/1822 George FEATHERSTONE Single   Mary ASHBY Single  
44 30/09/1822 James WICKING Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
45 23/02/1823 Thomas BRACKPOOL Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
46 28/02/1823 James HELMSLEY Single   Mary Ann LAWRANCE Widow Sevenoaks
47 03/04/1823 Thomas DEATH Single Beckenham Maria WELLS Single  
48 05/04/1823 John PLACE Widower   Elizabeth OAKLEY Single  
49 28/04/1823 David HAMMOND Widower   Sarah MOORE Widow  
50 23/10/1823 John WICKES Widower   Jane HOLBROOK Single  
51 26/04/1824 Edward OLDER Single   Charlotte SMITH Single  
52 19/05/1824 George STEPTOE Single Orpington Frances WHITMORE Single  
53 15/08/1824 William HOATH Single   Sophia WOODHAMS Single  
54 17/10/1824 William ASHBY Single   Mary FEATHERSTONE Single  
55 07/11/1824 David FIVEASH Single   Louisa COOKE Single  
56 22/12/1824 Robert MARCHANT Single   Sarah NAILARD Single  
57 07/07/1825 William ASHBURNHAM Single Guestling, Sussex Juliana HUMPHRY Single  
58 28/08/1825 Richard BURDEN Single   Eliza BARTHOLOMEW Single Sevenoaks
59 23/10/1825 George INGRAMS Widower   Phoebe FIVEASH Single  
60 08/11/1825 William DYE Single   Mary BELLINGHAM Single  
61 08/11/1826 John NEWMAN Widower Offham Elizabeth LIPSCOM Single  
62 26/11/1826 James GOODHUGH Single   Sarah LIPSCOM Single  
63 14/02/1827 Stephen PEEKE Single   Mary CORNFORD Single  
64 07/03/1827 Samuel VANE Widower   Elisabeth NICHOLLS Single  
65 31/10/1827 William CARNELL Single Hadlow Mary Rimmelian ROUND Single  
66 28/01/1828 Richard TOMKINS Single   Rebecca ASHBY Single  
67 18/02/1828 William ELSEY Single   Catharine ASSITER Single  
68 26/08/1828 John CLARKE Single   Jane SAKER Single  
69 25/04/1830 John LANGRIDGE Single   Anne BENNETT Single  
70 14/12/1830 William TIDY Single   Jane BALEY Single  
71 24/07/1831 Stephen HOATH Single   Eliza RANGER Single  
72 18/02/1832 Michael ELLIS Single   Sarah ASHBY Single  
73 25/03/1832 Robert HARDS Single   Sophia LOVELOCK Single  
74 18/02/1833 Robert DIPROSE Single   Anna COOPER Single  
75 26/05/1833 John SUTTON Single   Philadelphia LATTER Single  
76 20/07/1833 Thomas LEE Single   Mary WAGHORN Widow  
77 20/07/1833 Solomon PAGE Widower   Anne OSBORNE Single  
78 31/08/1833 James MOYCE Single   Jane COLEGATE Single  
79 17/11/1833 Richard HOATH Single   Sarah HAGGETT Single Chevening
80 25/11/1833 Charles CARTER Single   Elizabeth EVEREST Single  
81 08/12/1833 William SHOEBRIDGE Single   Louisa TERRY Single  
82 04/01/1834 Francis FREEMAN Widower Kemsing Mary SMITH Single  
83 01/09/1834 Thomas MILES Single   Ann NAILARD Single  
84 26/02/1835 Alfred BIDDELL Single Lambeth, Surrey Ann CORKE Single  
85 07/05/1835 George CARNELL Single   Brimmalow ROUND Single  
86 05/10/1835 John STEPHENS Single   Eleanor RAMSAY Single  
87 11/10/1835 Thomas FIVEASH Single   Mary Anne GIBBS Single  
88 19/10/1835 John HEAD Single   Lucy RANGER Single  
89 25/01/1836 George BETTS Single   Anne NEAL Single  
90 06/02/1836 John MILES Single   Hester SAKER Single  
91 05/06/1836 William WEBB Widower   Anna BLACKGROVE Widow  
92 30/06/1836 Richard DARTNALL Single   Sophia Maria TOWNSEND Single  
93 29/09/1836 John CRONK Single   Elizabeth Taylor ROUND Single  
94 02/10/1836 Henry GARNER Single   Ann BROOKS Single  
95 18/10/1836 Michael SAXBY Single Hadlow Margaretta Susannah ROUND Single  
96 16/03/1837 Stephen GREEN Single   Dulcibella Mary DARTNELL Single  
97 09/04/1837 John UNDERHILL Single   Mary COOMBER Single  

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