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Swalecliffe St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Swalecliffe lies in northeastern Kent forming part of Kent's northern North Sea coastline. Swalecliffe is located 2 miles east of the coastal town of Whitstable and sits on the B2205 road which forms this part of Kent's coast road. Whilst Swalecliffe would have been a discrete settlement from Whitstable at the time of this transcript the latter has since spread eastwards absorbing Swalecliffe into a wider town. As a coastal community Swalecliffe would have had the fruits of the sea to boost the local economy in addition to the normal farming, Whitstable Bay is famous for its oysters and Swalecliffe would have undoubtedly enjoyed those benefits too. Modern developments have brought some prosperity, the arrival of the Kent Coast rail line has brought a modern day industry of tourism to the area. As a coastal settlement small streams drain into the nearby sea. Swalecliffe is sited at or close to sea level but as expected land rises gently inland to local heights of close to 70 metres within Thornden Wood. Swalecliffe was a small parish, even by Kentish standards, it covered under 1,000 acres and would have supported a meagre population of around 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Swalecliffe was one of the many holdings of Bishop Odo of Bayeux, a tiny place, indeed, registering just a single plough and a small, swine render infested, piece of woodland.

The Church

St John the Baptist church sits amongst modern housing on the eastern side of Swalecliffe Court Drive with open space between it and the nearby beach. Sadly this is not a splendid mediaeval masterpiece but a Victorian replacement built in the 1870s, the preceding church having fallen in a state of dilapidation. The building was clearly of little interest to Pevsner who's description is terse and purely descriptive. Consisting of nave and chancel topped by a rather solid looking bell-tower topped by a slender spire the church is unpretentious and serves its community. There are entrances from both Swalecliffe Court Drive and also Long Rock making for easy access and parking. The churchyard, other than a screen of trees along Swalecliffe Court Drive is free of obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd July 1754 - 12th October 1812 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - CCA-U3-144/1/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th October 1813 - 1st August 1836 Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Reference - CCA-U3-144/1/3
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Whitstable All Saints
Herne St Martin
Chislet St Mary the Virgin (detached)
Blean St Cosmas & St Damian
Hackington St Stephen
Chislet St Mary the Virgin (detached)
Sturry St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 22/07/1754 John HOLTHEM Single   Elizabeth TWIMAN Single  
2 17/12/1754 Thomas HALT     Ann DOWNES Single  
3 18/06/1757 Edward WICKS   Harbledown Mary HOLT Single  
4 14/10/1758 John PHILPOT Single   Sarah BOURN Single  
5 10/07/1759 John BROADBRIDGE     Ann LIPYEATT Single  
6 03/02/1763 John POUCHER Single Whitstable Sarah DYASON Single  
7 14/10/1763 Richard BIRD     Sarah HARRIS   Chislet
8 05/01/1764 John WOOD     Susannah BROWNING   Whitstable
9 03/03/1764 Charles COURT Single Hackington Elizabeth Mary POTTS Single  
10 04/06/1764 William RICHARDS     Ann HOYLES    
11 12/03/1765 Thomas CULLEN   Herne Elizabeth BAKER    
12 24/01/1768 Edward FIRMER Single   Elizabeth STURGIS Single  
13 29/03/1769 John WANSTALL Single   Ann HARVEY Single  
14 04/06/1770 Henry BARRETT Single Whitstable Mary BUCK Single  
15 29/12/1771 John HOLDEN Widower   Elizabeth FINN Widow  
16 20/10/1772 James BRYSON Single Milton By Sittingbourne Mary BEDWELL Single  
17 16/09/1773 Daniel MEDHURST Widower Reculver Mary BISHOP Single  
18 21/02/1774 Thomas DURBY Single   Susanna BARE Single Blean
19 01/11/1774 John TASSELL Single   Elizabeth BROWNING Single Whitstable
20 11/05/1776 John BUSBRIDGE   Herne Anne HUNT    
21 16/05/1776 Richard HUNT     Susanna ANDREWS   Whitstable
22 31/10/1776 Joshua DYASON   Whitstable Elizabeth TASSELL    
23 11/10/1777 Richard PORT   Herne Mary DOWNE    
24 13/12/1777 Thomas HUDSON     Ann DADD    
25 02/08/1778 John MOUNT     Mercy TICHURST    
26 26/10/1779 Thomas STURGES Single   Elizabeth HOLBOURN Single Herne
27 15/10/1783 William RATLIEF Single Whitstable Ann BROWNING Single  
28 27/01/1784 Edward BEDWELL Widower Herne Mary RATLIEF Widow  
29 09/03/1784 John BUDS     Mary PATTENDEN    
30 28/04/1784 Thomas SMITH Single Herne Mary RATLIEF Single  
31 01/06/1784 John FIELD Single St Paul, Canterbury Sarah HUDSON Single  
32 07/04/1785 Thomas HAMMOND Single Whitstable Susannah HUNT Single  
33 14/10/1785 Edward LANGFORD Single   Ann STUPPEL Single Chislet
34 25/10/1785 Jeremiah ROWDEN Single Whitstable Mary HUNT Single  
35 15/02/1787 Thomas FAIRMAN Single Chislet Sarah TASSEL Single  
36 27/12/1787 Seth HUDSON     Elizabeth HAMMOND    
37 20/05/1788 Thomas HOLBOURN Single Herne Elizabeth HOMES Single  
38 18/04/1789 John HUDSON Single   Sarah HOBDAY Single Whitstable
39 31/07/1790 James HUDSON Single   Mary LAWRENCE Single Herne
40 18/01/1791 William ROOKE Single   Elizabeth FURNER Widow  
41 22/03/1791 Thomas WALKER Single   Mary HUDSON Single  
42 14/02/1792 John HOMERSHAM Single   Elizabeth FURNER Single  
43 19/04/1792 Thomas HARLOW Single   Ann WILKESON Single  
44 13/12/1794 Henry HUDSON Single   Sarah LASLETT Single Chislet
45 13/12/1794 William MARSH Single   Ann HUDSON Single  
46 21/07/1796 Isaac WHIDDETT Single Herne Mary HARRIS Single  
47 15/10/1796 John LUCKHURST     Mary HUGHES    
48 08/10/1797 James RAITE Single   Sarah RICHARDS Single  
49 28/10/1797 John KEMPE Single   Sarah HUDSON Widow  
50 14/10/1799 James HOGBEN Single   Mary STURGESS Single  
51 09/12/1799 James MAY Single Whitstable Elizabeth WACHER Single  
52 15/02/1800 Richard RICHARDSON Single Sturry Elizabeth HUDSON Single  
53 24/07/1802 William FRENCH     Ann HUDSON    
54 12/10/1802 James RICHARDS Single   Mary BUDDS Widow  
55 21/05/1804 William LASLETT Single   Mary WACHER Single  
56 04/08/1804 James GOODWIN Single Herne Elizabeth RICHARDSON Widow  
57 17/11/1804 George WELCH Single Whitstable Mary HOLDEN Widow  
58 29/10/1805 Thomas RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth LASLETT Single  
59 18/12/1806 William CAMBURN Single Whitstable Sarah HARRIS Single  
60 30/06/1807 John RICHARDS Single   Bennett UPTON Single  
61 23/10/1809 Richard SMITH Single   Emma HUDSON Single  
62 01/04/1811 Joseph YELDON Single   Sarah DADD Single Whitstable
63 02/11/1811 John HUDSON Single   Mary BENNETT Single  
64 12/10/1812 John PHILPOT Single   Amy HUDSON Single  
1 12/10/1813 Henry WALKER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
2 15/10/1814 Seth HUDSON Single   Jane BUDS Single  
3 14/01/1815 Henry BOTTOM Single Whitstable Mary QUICK Single  
4 14/01/1815 John HODGES Single   Maria MAYTOM Single  
5 14/10/1815 James BROWNING Single   Mary HOLMANS Single Whitstable
6 17/10/1816 John HARRIS Single   Maria AMBROSE Single  
7 27/12/1817 Henry MAXTED Single   Mary Ann SANDY Single Whitstable
8 04/07/1818 Thomas WHITEHEAD Single Waltham Sarah MATUM Single  
9 12/06/1819 William FRYER Single   Sarah HAMMOND Single  
10 14/11/1819 Thomas HARRIS Single   Emma FOAD Single Seasalter
11 11/12/1820 Thomas SPRATT Single   Charity TUNSLEY Single  
12 14/05/1821 Henry BOLTON Single   Mary POOL Single Hoath
13 26/12/1821 William TUCKER Single   Anne WOODWARD Single  
14 27/12/1821 William HUDSON Single   Sarah JORDAN Single  
15 13/07/1822 William LANGFORD Single   Sarah GODDEN Single  
16 09/08/1822 John MAYTOM Single   Jane VANTEPERE   Whitstable
17 12/10/1824 John PORT     Mary Ann GODDEN    
18 11/04/1825 William TERRY Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
19 16/12/1825 William HALL Single   Ann Elizabeth SHOVELER Single  
20 08/05/1826 James REYNOLDS Single   Harriet MAYTOM Single  
21 26/08/1826 William COACHWITH Single   Elizabeth MATOM Single  
22 10/10/1826 Edmund Barford WESTBROOK Single   Maria Ann TUDOR Single  
23 10/02/1827 William MATOM Single   Jane WARD Single  
24 17/02/1828 Joshua SMITH Single Herne Martha HUDSON Single  
25 16/07/1829 David HARRIS Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
26 01/06/1830 John HAMMOND Single Herne Caroline MATHAM Single  
27 17/10/1830 William JORDAN Single   Elizabeth RAKE Single  
28 16/04/1831 George MAYTOM Single   Mary POUT Single  
29 30/05/1831 William LASLETT Single   Sarah VEVERS Single  
30 16/07/1831 John CLEMENTS Single Hernehill Mary Ann HUDSON Single  
31 21/11/1831 John LUCKHURST Single Whitstable Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
32 17/10/1832 Robert COLE Single   Mary Ann DYASON Single St Andrew, Canterbury
33 20/10/1833 William Henry COLLARD   Whitstable Elizabeth GODDEN    
34 31/10/1833 Thomas Harper NEWTON     Miriam GENTRY    
35 05/10/1835 Hugh PERRY     Jemima MOORE    
36 09/11/1835 Daniel HODGES     Charlotte WORRELL    
37 09/04/1836 Thomas HUDSON     Eliza EWELL    
38 12/04/1836 William BROWN     Mary Ann HAMMOND    
39 23/04/1836 Thomas HUDSON     Sarah TAYLOR    
40 01/08/1836 Henry CHAPEL     Ann HOLLADAY    

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