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Teston St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Teston lies in western central Kent about 4 miles west of the town of Maidstone. Teston sits on the A26 road which connects Maidstone with Tonbridge. A compact village, Teston is largely built on the northern side of the A26 with most properties either side of the lane leading to East Malling with a smaller portion leading downhill towards the River Medway. Part of the village's bridge over the Medway dates from the mediaeval period, it is followed by today's B2163 road. Modern communications pass through the parish in the form of the Maidstone to Paddock Wood branch rail line but Teston has no station. Teston would have been an agricultural community with farming varying from pastures by the Medway, arable predominating with some orchards and market gardens. The Medway drains the parish eastwards, passing through Maidstone it reaches the outer Thames Estuary through the port of Chatham and thence to the North Sea. Teston is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, it sits within The Weald which undulates to local heights of just over 100 metres on the Greensand Ridge to Teston's south. Teston parish was one of the smaller in a county of small parishes, it covered only 500 acres and would have supported a population of about 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Teston was equally small, one of the many holdings of Bishop Odo of Bayeux it could offer just 3 ploughs, small meadows & woodland but did have a mill.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits a couple of hundred metres north of the A26 and is accessed by Church Street from the East Malling lane. The church dates from a complete rebuild of the 18th century, an unusual era for church building. The church also has an unusual layout being cruciform yet with the tower placed to the west. Despite being built from 1736 it was extensively refreshed just a century later in 1846 when Gothic style tracery was added to both chancel and transept windows. The church clearly had little architectural interest for Pevsner whose description is limited to a handful of lines. Church Street has a large wide village green on its southern side at the end of that feature lies the church with a small pull-in by the lychgate. The church sits rather squashed up to the boundary wall on its northern side but views from the south are adequate for photography, the western view of the tower being particularly attractive.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th November 1755 - 26th November 1811 Kent History & Library Centre - Maidstone - Reference - P365/1/A/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
2 2nd August 1813 - 10th October 1836 Kent History & Library Centre - Maidstone - Reference - P365/1/D/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads

East Malling St James
East Malling St James
East Malling St James
Wateringbury St John the Baptist
Barming St Margaret
West Farleigh All Saints
West Farleigh All Saints
West Farleigh All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
19/03/1754 John PREBBLE Single   Elizabeth BONNIWELL Single  
1 06/11/1755 William BANGORST     Elizabeth ASHDOWNE Widow  
2 01/02/1756 John BRIGGS     Mary SEAGER   Ditton
3 23/04/1756 Joseph GILLIAM Single   Mary WELLS Single  
4 27/11/1757 Richard BOYS   West Farleigh Elizabeth PANKHURST    
5 30/03/1758 Henry BURT   West Malling Mary LANGRIDGE    
6 08/01/1759 William COATSWORTH Single   Elizabeth BUNYARD Single  
7 15/11/1759 Thomas WACKETT Single Woolwich Anne SPARKS Widow  
8 23/05/1762 Henry HUNT Single   Jane ASHDOWN Single  
9 06/12/1763 John MARTIN Single West Farleigh Mary PEARSON Single  
10 03/06/1764 Thomas WATERMAN Single   Mary BEALE Single  
11 29/09/1764 Benjamin BANISTER Single   Deborah PANKHURST Single  
12 16/04/1765 George STARTUP Widower Hunton Ann PEARSON Widow  
13 09/06/1765 William SELBY Single   Sarah MASTERS Single  
14 14/10/1765 John BLACK Single Shorne Susannah STOBBERFIELD Single  
15 24/11/1767 John HARRISON Widower Wateringbury Mary ARNOLD Single  
16 15/12/1767 Joseph DAWSON Widower   Sarah BAILLIE Widow  
17 01/01/1768 Isaac PACKHAM Single   Sarah ROBINSON Single  
18 07/09/1768 William SWEET Single   Sarah BLAKE Single  
19 19/01/1769 Alexander HILDER Single   Elizabeth YATES Single  
20 10/04/1769 John PREBBLE Widower   Jane WATTS Single  
21 18/05/1770 William PEARSON Single   Lester EAGLESTON Single Mereworth
22 04/11/1770 Thomas STEVENTON Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
23 08/07/1771 Joel JENNER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
24 05/12/1771 Thomas FIELD Single   Ann JARROT Single  
25 23/12/1771 William GELL Single   Sarah Mariah WINNIFRITH Single  
26 08/02/1773 John WIFFIN Single Mereworth Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
09/06/1774 Samuel FIELD Single   Mary MEDHURST Single  
22/08/1776 John PACKHAM Single   Elizabeth COBB Single  
20/09/1776 Isaac HILL Single   Mary STUBBERFIELD Single  
24/06/1777 Thomas GIBBON   West Farleigh Ann BAKER    
20/04/1778 James NASH Single   Alice ALLEN Single  
11/06/1778 John ORPIN Single   Jane TONKINSON Single  
12/02/1779 Richard HENHAM     Susannah GRAHAM    
26/03/1779 Henry JOHNSON Single East Peckham Ann HUGGETT Single  
09/03/1780 John PALMER Single   Sarah HUDSON Single Barming
18/10/1780 Nicholas STUBBERFIELD   Putney, Surrey Sarah COLLINS    
05/07/1781 William HORMER   Maidstone Margaret COOPER    
11/04/1782 John JARROT     Sarah BURBRIDGE    
11/04/1782 William STUBBERSFIELD   Wateringbury Mary HARRISON    
14/07/1782 Benjamin GROVES     Phebe LOWLES    
19/09/1782 Ambrose VINTEN     Margaret ROW    
26/10/1782 William Morton PITT   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Margaret GAMBIER    
06/06/1784 William RUSSEL     Elizabeth BRIGHT    
14/10/1784 Thomas LUCKHURST     Elizabeth WATERMAN    
04/06/1786 John MONK     Elizabeth CADDOCK   Wateringbury
11/11/1786 Thomas FOREMAN   Harrietsham Jane CULVERWELL    
01/02/1787 George KNOX     Mary BOLKHAM    
22/01/1788 William BEACH     Mary SEABRIDGE    
27/10/1788 William GOODWIN     Molly DURNET    
09/10/1789 Robert DURANT     Anne BEAL    
03/04/1791 George ELLIOTT     Sarah MEDHURST    
22/06/1791 John WIMBLE   Maidstone Martha HARDING    
01/08/1791 John PACKHAM     Martha GALVIN    
17/09/1791 David THOMSON     Anne FOWLE    
21/03/1792 Richard BEECHING     Sarah CLEMENT    
13/11/1792 George POLLARD Single   Anne HODGES Single  
10/04/1793 Edward FENTIMAN     Frances HEWEY    
17/10/1796 Matthew TERRY     Elizabeth CHEESEMAN    
19/05/1799 Daniel DICKERSON     Elizabeth BAKER   Frant, Sussex
11/10/1800 Daniel UNDERDOWN     Elizabeth GASKIN    
30/12/1801 John CROWHURST   Maidstone Mary RUSSELL    
22/11/1803 George BUTLER     Sarah MARTIN    
15/05/1804 James WOOLLVEN     Mary PARKER    
25/08/1805 James BROWN   St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary Anne MORGAN    
18/11/1805 John FOREMAN     Sarah SMALL    
03/11/1806 Richard HONEY     Harriott WATTS    
17/11/1806 Edward KING     Elizabeth SANDS    
10/02/1807 William Henry MOORE Single St Dunstan In The West, City Of London Louisa Elly NOEL Single  
20/11/1810 William WAGHORNE     Elizabeth EVENDEN    
25/02/1811 William HODGE     Sophia RUSSELL    
26/11/1811 Clement CRISPE   Sutton Valence Mary Nash DICKINSON    
1 02/08/1813 Thomas KING Single   Susannah BENNET Single  
2 30/08/1813 Thomas COVENTRY Single   Sarah RUSSEL Single  
3 28/08/1814 Richard Gascoign RUSSEL Single   Sophia COVENTRY    
4 21/10/1814 Charles STAPELEY Widower   Elizabeth Louisa BULLEN Single  
5 10/03/1815 George BUCK Single Maidstone Mary BOYS Single  
6 01/05/1815 John RUSSEL Widower   Letty RUSSEL Single  
7 13/03/1817 Daniel WAGHORN     Elizabeth JOHNSON   Yalding
8 07/10/1819 Richard HUGGETT Single Wateringbury Ann NASH    
9 20/01/1820 Thomas LOWLES Single   Sarah GABRIEL Single  
10 10/11/1823 John SCOONS Widower   Mary KORN Single Wrotham
11 04/09/1824 John HARTNUP Single   Sarah Anne ROBBERTS Single Yalding
12 01/01/1827 John BETTS Widower   Susannah ROOTS Single Gillingham
13 11/04/1828 Robert TRESS   Maidstone Charlotte CASSELDEN    
14 09/11/1830 James GOODHEW Single   Jane RUSSEL Single  
15 13/11/1831 Thomas MARTIN Single   Mary Ann WEEKS Single Barming
16 19/04/1832 William FOWLE Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
17 11/05/1834 John SUNNOCKS   Ryarsh Amelia RUSSELL    
18 30/08/1834 Thomas RUSSELL Single   Sarah FOWLER Single  
19 02/07/1835 John Warburton MOSELEY Single Wateringbury Anne PIKE Single  
20 10/10/1836 William SHARP Single   Sarah OBEY Single  

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