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Marriages 1754 - 1837
West Wickham St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of West Wickham lies in the extreme west of Kent, indeed it forms a part of the border with neighbouring Surrey. West Wickham is located about 3 miles south of the London suburb of Bromley and is largely contiguous with that place having been absorbed into the spread of the metropolis in recent times. West Wickham sits on the A232 road which connects Orpington through to the Surrey town of Croydon. Whilst West Wickham was a separate village at the time of this transcript with an economy largely based on arable farming it has gradually assumed a more urban character as Greater London has spread outwards to the foot of the North Downs on which lower slopes West Wickham sits. West Wickham is drained northwards by a number of small, man-modified streams to eventually reach the Thames Estuary through Deptford Creek. West Wickham is sited at around 60 metres above the sea, albeit the church sits some 20 metres higher and land rises towards the North Downs to West Wickham's south to local heights of around 130 metres. West Wickham parish was of a fairly typical size for this area, it covered just over 1,600 acres and would have supported a population of around 650 parishioners, nowadays as a commutable suburb of London the population is much higher. In Domesday times West Wickham was relatively small, it was held by Bishop Odo of Bayeux and could offer just 6 ploughs although it did possess a mill.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits a little away from the main housing area of the parish, a few hundred yards down a short lane west of Layhams Road. The church has received many rebuilds and restorations which makes it difficult to establish the true dates of the building. Much has been reused to further complicate matters. It is clear, however, that the church probably dates from the 14th century (Pevsner cites the chapel arches as being original and of this date) whilst many of the reused windows show a 15th century style. What is certain is that in 1847 the nave, northern aisle and the southwestern tower were almost completely rebuilt using the local flint to great effect. Modifications have continued into the 20th century when the chancel was remodeled to accommodate a first-floor vestry. The churchyard is set amongst playing fields, crossed by its access road, and sits close to Wickham Court School. A rather open lychgate grants access to a rather crowded churchyard, the trees considerably impeding angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 29th June 1755 - 16th April 1837 West Wickham parish registers have yet to be deposited with Bromley Archives or with Surrey County Archive This transcript was prepared from a combination of the extant BTs on loose-leaf folios and transcripts prepared many years ago from the original registers. Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The transcripts are partial in nature and the BTs are incomplete leading to a likelihood of many missing or partially completed entries

Addington St Mary, Surrey
Beckenham St George
Hayes St Mary the Virgin
Addington St Mary, Surrey
Hayes St Mary the Virgin
Chelsham St Leonard, Surrey
Cudham St Peter & St Paul
Cudham St Peter & St Paul
Cudham St Peter & St Paul

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
29/06/1755 David MILLS Single   Susannah BARSET Widow  
14/07/1755 John RICE Single   Elizabeth WERBY Single  
21/12/1755 Thomas PHILLIPS Single   Ann COVELL Single  
27/09/1756 Richard GREEN     Sarah JACKSON    
20/10/1756 Tobias BUTLER Single Rochester Jane HATTON Single  
15/02/1757 Thomas MILES Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Widow  
26/05/1758 William NORMAN     Sarah MAY    
26/06/1758 John COCK     Mary HUBBARD    
14/02/1759 Alexander JENKINS     Sarah STRONG    
17/05/1759 John PALMER     Elizabeth BENNETT    
30/05/1759 William BOAVER   Godstone, Surrey Elizabeth PREVET    
23/09/1759 Antony AVENS   Addington Ann CRADDOCK    
27/12/1759 John PLATT Single Newland, Gloucestershire Ann COLES Single  
09/04/1760 John SLAED     Sarah CAKEWIG Single  
09/04/1760 John HEAD     Sarah CAKEWIG    
07/09/1761 Thomas MILES     Sarah STORY Single  
15/09/1761 Maker MAVETT     Rachel HUSSEY    
07/10/1761 Joseph PEARCE     Ann MANNING    
11/10/1761 John CHAPMAN   Westerham Esther JONES    
12/10/1762 John BREWER     Mary MORRISON   St Mary Cray
28/01/1763 William BENNETT     Martha BRYANT    
06/02/1763 Richard WALKER   St Dunstan In The East, City Of London Ann HODGES    
24/04/1763 George BRODRICK Widower Wapping, Middlesex Susanna JACKSON Single  
01/05/1763 Thomas GILES     Ann DENNIS   Lingfield, Surrey
04/09/1763 John BARNES     Catharine STARMER   Beckenham
25/01/1764 George JOHNSTON     Betty Beziah HILL   Beckenham
08/07/1764 Richard MUSGROVE     Sarah GILBERT   Godstone, Surrey
09/02/1765 Robert BENTLEY   Beckenham Elizabeth CARPENTER    
16/06/1765 Thomas BIDEL     Sarah LEVENS   Addington
26/07/1765 Joseph STAPLE     Elizabeth REDMAN    
16/08/1765 George OVERY     Ann DAWKINS    
07/12/1765 Henry GARLICK     Ann CUTCHER    
08/09/1766 William TURNER     Ann DOUSE    
18/10/1766 Richard COOPER     Sarah BEECHAM    
05/07/1767 Phillip SAXBY     Elizabeth COOPER    
03/07/1768 William KILLICK     Hannah PARKES    
23/07/1768 John COOPER     Goodworth LOCK   Farnborough
16/10/1768 William HARDS     Sarah MEDBURN    
12/03/1769 William CLARK   Coulsdon, Surrey Amy WRIGHT    
29/03/1769 Edward SAVAGE     Mary COOPER    
10/10/1769 Henry HARBOUR     Elizabeth COLLINGHAM    
15/05/1770 Michael BEST     Susanna JACKSON   Clerkenwell, Middlesex
28/07/1770 John COOT     Susanna MEEKINGS   Bromley
08/10/1770 James EDWARDS     Elizabeth GRANT    
26/02/1771 John LETTS     Judith COLLINGHAM    
15/03/1772 Richard ROW     Frances COOPER    
09/11/1772 Hugh RUSSELL     Mary OWEN    
06/09/1773 Edward LONG     Martha BOSWEL    
08/11/1773 Edward COOPER     Mary UNDERWOOD    
24/03/1774 William BEEZLEY   Ryarsh Sarah CRANE Single  
30/10/1774 John STONE     Elizabeth BARTON   Addington
06/06/1775 Robert GUNN     Ann PHILLIPS Widow  
23/11/1775 Thomas SANDERS     Mary GREEN    
18/08/1776 Joseph CHANNING     Mary HARDING   Camberwell, Surrey
03/11/1776 Charles LINTON   Streatham, Surrey Jane GAMBEL    
12/12/1776 George COPPIN Single   Ann CHAPLIN Single  
09/02/1777 John VERE Single Beckenham Alice MARSDEN Single  
06/04/1777 John GREEN     Sarah LONGLEY    
19/05/1777 John HEWES     Mary GARRET    
31/07/1777 James DREW     Thomasin POWELL    
08/09/1777 George COATE   Woolwich Mary NEWMAN    
16/04/1778 William MILES     Elizabeth GREEN Single Croydon, Surrey
09/11/1778 Aaron THOMAS     Martha SAVAGE    
04/04/1779 Thomas CAREY   Croydon, Surrey Susanna WATERS    
08/10/1779 William BRASIER Single   Elizabeth SHALLCROSS Single Farley, Surrey
30/04/1780 Richard ASHAR     Jane STROUD    
07/08/1780 Richard OWEN Single   Mary WEEDON Single  
09/03/1782 George WEST   Cudham Elizabeth MERCER Single  
17/12/1783 Joseph HILLIER     Ann GRAVES   Chelsfield
16/05/1784 William LOVELL     Ann MATTSON    
23/07/1784 Peter SNELLING     Rebecca INGRAM    
25/11/1784 William COPE     Mercy MEEKINS    
02/01/1785 John BISHOP   Cheshunt, Hertfordshire Mary WILLIAMS    
10/07/1785 George SMITH   Croydon, Surrey Mary BENNETT    
28/07/1785 George PHILLIPS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single Bromley
25/10/1786 Thomas MEEKINS     Lucy LEWIS    
15/03/1787 Joseph MORGIN     Elizabeth EVERDEN    
09/07/1787 John STRATTEN Single   Ann PHILLIPS Single  
26/07/1787 Alexander JENKINS     Ann PHILLIPS    
02/12/1787 William PELL     Mary FOSTER    
31/03/1788 John JAUNCEY     Jane KNIGHT    
23/08/1788 Tomaso ZUCHELLI   St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah BAYNE    
25/11/1790 Stephen BASSETT   Cudham Amelia OWNSTEAD    
05/05/1791 John JOHNSON     Elizabeth COOPER    
11/05/1791 John Cleaver BANKS   Oxford, Oxfordshire Elizabeth ROHDE    
18/01/1792 James BEADLE     Ann HARRIS    
25/11/1792 George MANWARING   Christ Church, Southwark, Surrey Sarah GEAL    
17/07/1793 Thomas DURLING     Ann STANLEY    
07/08/1793 David GREEN     Mary CHANDLER    
28/09/1793 Thomas GARLICK     Jane LUCKES    
13/10/1793 John BEST     Ann BENNETT    
24/10/1793 Robert STEUNING     Frances COOPER    
28/10/1793 William SERJANT     Sarah COOTE    
16/11/1793 John NEWMAN     Mary WINN    
11/02/1794 Robert RAMSAY   Addington Martha LEWIS    
21/04/1794 Henry HARBOUR     Rebecca PIPER    
03/10/1794 Thomas SAXBY     Mary FRENCH   Chelsfield
14/10/1795 Edward ELLIOTT     Amy BAKER    
26/07/1796 John GALLAND   Keston Ann HARBER    
27/12/1796 William GREEN   Hayes Mary KNOW    
09/07/1797 William COTTY     Ann SHAW    
04/09/1797 William BASSETT     Alice SMITH    
03/12/1797 Moses DYKE     Mary HOWARD    
26/04/1798 William TAPSELL     Jane STEDMAN   Coulsden, Surrey
10/09/1798 John FUNK     Sarah WELLER    
11/10/1798 John HAWKINS   Addington Sarah GREY    
14/10/1798 William BALDWIN     Ann HATTON   Hartfield, Sussex
29/10/1798 George SAWYER     Ann SALES    
17/11/1798 Thomas BARTON     Ann AUSTEN    
01/01/1799 Thomas KEMP     Avrill PEARSON    
01/01/1799 William BADEN     Elizabeth DAVIS    
04/05/1799 William BROOKS     Ann GARDINER    
08/12/1799 Thomas SLATER     Jane POULTER    
09/11/1800 William GARLICK     Elizabeth HILL    
31/08/1802 Edward WATERMAN     Elizabeth CHEESEMAN    
30/10/1803 John ADAMS     Sarah GARRETT    
05/08/1804 James WALKER     Elizabeth HAWTHORN    
11/11/1804 Isaac HASLEDON Single   Mary OSGOOD Single  
21/01/1805 Thomas YOUNG Single   Ann MEAGER Single  
25/03/1805 Benjamin WILCOCKS     Rebecca TYLER    
28/04/1806 Richard DURRANT     Ann FRIEND    
22/07/1806 James BLACKMAN Single   Ann BOWDAR Single  
18/11/1806 Thomas BOWLES     Mary MIDDLETON    
08/02/1807 Hugh BOYD Widower Christ Church, Southwark, Surrey Sarah CHANNAN Single  
07/10/1807 George TIBBS   Chelsfield Sarah PHILLIPS Single  
25/01/1808 Robert CROAK Single   Sarah LEDGER Single  
15/06/1808 John WHITEHEAD Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
15/08/1808 Benjamin MEPHAM Single   Frances DOWN Single  
16/07/1809 William THORNTON     Catharine WISE    
15/08/1809 James WADIE Single   Ann WILLIAMS Single  
03/09/1809 William JOBSON Single   Elizabeth SAXTON Single  
07/01/1810 Thomas SUTTON     Sarah HAWKINS    
28/04/1810 William MONK Single   Mary SQUIB    
15/10/1810 Shock LETTS Single   Sarah DENNIS Single  
05/11/1810 Charles BROWN Single   Sarah RINGER Single  
20/01/1811 John CHANNAIN Single   Mary COX Single Sevenoaks
17/03/1811 Richard EWEN Single   Ann COOPER Single  
30/06/1811 Richard BENNETT Single   Mary CHARMAN Single  
15/10/1811 George PHILLIPS Widower   Elizabeth COOPER Single  
12/04/1812 James SHADWICK     Hester GIBSON    
28/04/1812 Phillip EATON Single Knockholt Mary CHANDLER Widow  
07/06/1812 Stephen READING     Frances PLUMMER    
02/08/1812 William SMART     Elizabeth MILES   Newington, Surrey
15/09/1812 George COLLINS Single   Mary KEMP Single  
25/11/1812 George CHURCHILL Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
24/12/1812 John KEMP Single   Charlotte Sophia COLLINS Single Chigwell, Essex
29/06/1813 John BRYANT Single   Ann PANKHURST Single  
27/02/1814 William CHANNING Single   Elizabeth EAMSON Single  
10/04/1814 Thomas JONES Single   Macey WELLS Single  
18/09/1814 Henry POPLETT Single   Sarah GEERE Single  
30/03/1815 William CATOR   Beckenham Penelope Ann FARNABY Single  
25/06/1815 Valentine MANCER Single   Sophia WHITEHEAD Single  
24/12/1815 Daniel WHITEHEAD Single   Rosamond BLUNDELL Single  
29/04/1816 William ELLIOTT Single   Alees BASHFORD Single  
25/05/1817 John EGGLETON Single   Elizabeth GLOVER Single  
10/08/1817 John CHANDLER Single   Elizabeth SMITH Widow  
21/09/1817 James EADES Single   Sarah JONES Single  
10/05/1818 Thomas DENNIS Single   Jane BANKS Single  
14/06/1818 James WHEELER Widower   Elizabeth FENNERS Widow  
25/11/1818 John BENNETT Single   Sarah BROADHEAD Single  
10/01/1819 William WALTON Single   Hester BOXALL Single  
17/09/1820 Charles PARGENT Widower   Sarah OUTTRAM Single  
24/12/1820 Adolphus JEAL Single   Elizabeth BOXALL Single  
18/09/1822 George LEWIS Single   Mercy COPE Single  
23/09/1822 William SARJENT Single   Harriett DUNMALL Single  
20/10/1822 William HILLIER Single   Mary CLEMENTS Single  
28/12/1822 John GREEN Single   Susannah PEARCE Single  
08/04/1823 Richard CRITTALL Single   Lucy Crowder PEARCE Single Newington, Surrey
02/12/1823 William WALTON Single   Mary STRATTON Single  
05/10/1824 Richard MARCHANT Single   Betsy BURGERS Single  
15/10/1825 Henry BENWELL Single Greenwich Mary DAVIS Single  
19/11/1825 James BALFOUR Single   Charlotte ROSKIER Single St Marylebone, Middlesex
21/02/1827 James CLARK Single   Maria DUNMALL Single  
02/07/1827 John WATERS Single   Letitia PEARCE Single  
06/09/1827 Thomas LENTON Single Beckenham Frances CRITTALL Single  
05/04/1828 William TAPSELL Single   Ann Sweeting MAY Single  
12/04/1828 Peter PAGET Single Beckenham Elizabeth CRITTALL Single  
28/04/1828 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Martha WILDISH Single  
23/09/1828 John KIRBY Single   Mary Ann AVIS Single  
13/11/1828 Thomas GUNNER Single   Susan KILLICK Single  
16/12/1828 Edward ELLIOTT Single   Ellen PEARSON Single  
24/12/1829 John William LANE     Mary Ann POTTER Single  
12/10/1830 Charles SWEETING Single   Elizabeth WALTER Single  
29/01/1831 James LEOPPARD Single   Mary Ann BAKER    
12/03/1831 James DUNMALL Widower   Elizabeth DUBERRY Widow  
14/06/1831 Henry HUMBY Single St Giles, City Of London Mary Ann ALEXANDER Single  
14/11/1831 Robert RENNISON Widower   Juliana PEARCE Single  
22/01/1832 George JOHNSON Single   Eliza YOUNG Single  
08/11/1832 Robert Hennessy Moore OGLE Single   Laura Kinghorn GRIFFITHS Single  
15/06/1835 Edward COCHRAN Single   Ann SHORTEN Single  
15/10/1836 William BALDWIN Single   Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single  
16/04/1837 Christopher KILLICK Single   Sarah BERRY Single  

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