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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Knighton St Mary Magdalene


The Parish

The parish of Knighton lies in central Leicestershire about 2 miles south of the city of Leicester. What was formerly a separate village has now been subsumed within the city such that it is continuous with the Leicester urban area. Knighton is located astride the A5199 road which connects Leicester with Northampton. At the time of this transcript Knighton would have been a small farming community sitting on the banks of a tributary of the River Soar and engaged principally in pastoral farming, today this is just part of the residential suburban area of Leicester. The small tributary drains the parish westwards to join the Soar close to Leicester's football stadium. Knighton is sited at around 70 metres above the sea, its shallow valley being some 10 metres lower than the general terrain. Knighton parish was of a fairly typical size for the area covering around 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of just over 450 parishioners, today that figure is much higher. In Domesday times Knighton was held by the Bishop of Lincoln, it could offer 6 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary Magdalene's church sits, appropriately enough at the end of Church Lane and sits about a quarter mile east of the A5199 surrounded by housing. The church building period appears to have covered the period from 13th to 15th centuries. The earliest portion cited by Pevsner is the lower section of tower, an impressive sight with battlements, pinnacles and a recessed spire (the latter is later and 14th century). The nave and chancel are largely Perpendicular and highly modified by later restorations, the roof being the principal survivor. The major restoration of 1894 altered much and later additions, notably in the early 1960s perpetuated the Perpendicular style. As you head down Church Lane the churchyard is shielded by a neatly clipped hedge and facing is an attractive lychgate granting access. Further access can be made directly from Brinsmead Road which provides the main distant views allowing photography to fully appreciate the height of the tower.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th January 1755 - 13th August 1809 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - 11D71/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has faded badly and is a very difficult read at times with much guesswork, there are likely to be many misreads as a consequence
2 20th November 1809 - 28th December 1812 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - 11D71/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 12th January 1813 - 18th June 1837 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE3297/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Leicester St Mary
Leicester St Mary
Evington St Denys
Evington St Denys
Aylestone St Andrew
Evington St Denys
Stoughton St Mary
Oadby St Peter
Aylestone St Andrew
Wigston Magna All Saints
Oadby St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 30/01/1755 Walter SIMONDS     Elizabeth MASON    
2 24/09/1755 James HOLT     Sarah CARR Single  
3 14/10/1755 Joseph BELL     Elizabeth CHOWNS    
4 09/08/1756 Richard SPENCER     Elizabeth HEART Single  
5 13/09/1756 John FOSTER     Ann NEAL Single  
6 19/06/1757 William ABBOTT   Thurmaston Margaret SMITH    
7 05/07/1757 Richard HALL   Barwell Elizabeth GREEN Single  
8 05/01/1758 Thomas RUSSEL   Wigston Magna Sarah SWANSON    
9 14/03/1758 George VARNHAM     Ann WELLS    
10 10/07/1758 Thomas KEIGHTLY   Wigston Magna Elizabeth HUTCHENSON    
11 23/10/1758 Richard STURGISS     Elizabeth GRIMES    
12 13/05/1759 William LANGLEY   Thurcaston Elizabeth HAWFORD    
13 17/09/1760 Richard HART     Ann LAMLY    
14 17/11/1760 John DICKENS     Ann HUTCHINGS    
15 30/03/1761 Thomas HALL   Ansty, Warwickshire Abigail SMITH    
16 16/09/1761 Richard BALDREY   Loughborough Elizabeth RIDGEWAY    
17 13/04/1762 John WEAT     Elizabeth BEDFORD    
18 08/08/1762 George WINDSOR     Sarah CLARK    
19 15/09/1762 William PHIPPS     Elizabeth CLARK    
20 15/09/1762 John SHARP     Catherine LAMBLEY    
21 11/08/1763 William SUTTON     Ann CUFFLIN    
22 30/05/1764 John MARTIN     Elizabeth RIDGWAY    
23 11/10/1764 Thomas LOVET     Sarah RIDGWAY    
24 22/10/1764 Francis SUTTON     Elizabeth WOOD    
25 20/11/1764 William SMART     Sarah SHORT    
27 14/12/1764 John SAVAGE     Elizabeth WILLS    
26 18/02/1765 Thomas WATTS     Mary ALLEN    
28 18/09/1765 John SPENCER     Elizabeth VEARY    
02/02/1766 Robert WELLS     Mary HALL    
16/09/1766 William BARDEN     Elizabeth RIDGWAY    
24/11/1766 Richard RODWELL Widower   Mary WELLS Single  
15/06/1767 William WHITEHEAD Single   Hannah HACKETT Widow  
05/10/1767 Edward BRAIRS Single   Mary LOACH Single  
26/11/1767 Laurence SMITH Single   Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT Single  
24/01/1768 Thomas PROBIN Single   Mary THROSBY Single  
05/07/1768 William FREEMAN Single   Mary BLAKESLEY Single  
01/10/1770 Norton HALL Single   Sarah HUBBARD Widow  
16/06/1771 Thomas SIDDAMS Widower Wigston Magna Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
02/09/1771 George ALLEN Single   Ann HIND Single  
04/11/1771 Francis RAWLINS     Elizabeth FROST    
20/02/1772 William BLAKESLEY Single   Mary SUTTON Single  
03/05/1772 William CADGBROOK     Ann RODWELL    
08/11/1772 John FROST     Sarah LEAVIS    
12/04/1773 Robert SIMONS Single   Mary COPLEN Single  
13/07/1773 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth BELL Widow  
11/12/1774 Benjamin HUNTER     Elizabeth WOOD    
11/09/1775 Samuel FREEMAN     Elizabeth LEECH    
25/05/1776 Henry PAGE     Margaret RODWEL    
30/09/1776 John BAVIS     Ann BOULTER    
28/10/1776 John COLLIS     Elizabeth WELLS    
17/09/1777 William JELLY Single Stoughton Mary SHARP Single  
02/10/1777 Thomas SHARP Widower Cadeby Elizabeth BATES Widow  
16/09/1778 Joseph JUDD Single   Alice DERRY Single  
13/10/1778 Richard WARD Single   Hannah NEAL Single  
01/11/1779 John HUBARD Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
25/12/1779 Thomas ALLEN Single   Rebecca HART Single  
04/01/1780 William SMITH Single   Elizabeth GLOVER Single  
16/03/1780 William STAPLES Widower St Martin, Leicester Arrabella SMITH Single  
13/09/1780 James HOULT Widower   Ann BENNET Widow  
01/04/1782 Thomas MANWARING Single   Ann CADGEBROOK Widow  
24/11/1783 John BLOOD Single   Ann BELL Single  
24/02/1784 William WILLIAMSON Single   Elizabeth SPENCER Single  
09/08/1784 William FREEMAN Widower   Mary HOLT Single  
15/11/1784 William BROUGHTON Single   Sarah HOLT Single  
22/11/1784 Robert RIDGWAY Single   Maria HART Single  
27/12/1784 Thomas DAVIS Single   Mary BENNETT Single  
03/04/1785 Thomas MANWARING Widower   Ann SPENCER Single  
15/05/1785 John TAYLOR Single   Ann FROST Single  
02/08/1785 Matthew LEWIN Single   Ann BRANSON Single Thurcaston
20/10/1785 William BROUGHTON Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
22/11/1785 Thomas JESSON Single   Mary CARTWRIGHT Single  
17/04/1786 William WOODASS     Elizabeth BARROWCLIFT    
06/11/1786 John LEECH Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
16/01/1787 Peter WOOD Widower   Sarah DAFFTS Widow  
29/04/1787 Robert HARDY Widower   Sarah ALLEN Single  
22/10/1787 Daniel BELL Single   Ann READ Single  
20/03/1788 Thomas DAVIS     Sarah BARFOOT    
02/10/1788 William THROSBY Widower Oadby Hannah WARD Widow  
19/10/1788 Robert JOHNSON     Elizabeth SUTTON    
03/11/1788 Samuel COLEMAN   St Nicholas, Leicester Mary HILL    
26/01/1789 Thomas MOORE Single   Ann POOL Single  
08/02/1789 William THROSBY Single St Margaret, Leicester Susannah UNDERWOOD Single  
15/02/1789 John BLAKESLEY Single   Mary HERRICK Widow  
03/03/1789 John SNOW Widower   Sarah JEE Widow  
12/05/1789 Charles PARTRIDGE Single   Mary SUTTON Single  
09/11/1789 William SNOW Single   Mary MANNING Single  
10/11/1789 John WATSON Single   Elizabeth DICKENS Single  
05/04/1790 William GOODMAN Widower   Ann HART Single  
09/08/1790 William Standley HAYNES     Ann SWANSON    
29/09/1790 John CRAMP     Hannah WILMERSON    
13/06/1791 Robert SMITH     Elizabeth BLACKWELL    
24/09/1792 Joseph HARRISON Single St Mary, Leicester Susannah HUNT Single  
01/10/1792 Jonathan HILL Single   Mary CHOICE Single  
22/01/1793 Joseph PRESON Single   Sarah FREAT Single  
04/08/1793 John HART Single   Hannah THORNTON Single  
12/08/1793 William PETERS Single   Mary WOOD Single  
18/09/1793 William ALLEN Single   Elizabeth ROSS Single  
21/10/1793 John WARD Single   Ann KIND Single  
16/12/1793 Thomas CADGBROOK Single   Ann ROBARDS Single  
25/12/1793 William CLARKE Single   Ann ROSS Single  
24/02/1794 Thomas BOULTER Single   Hannah SPENCER    
14/04/1794 Thomas RODWELL Single   Alice PARTRIDGE Single  
06/10/1794 Samuel DAVIS Single   Ann HOLWAY Single  
17/11/1794 John FREESTONE Single Newton Harcourt Elizabeth TOONE Single  
25/11/1794 John THROSBY Single Oadby Elizabeth MILLS Single  
11/01/1795 Thomas MANWARING     Elizabeth BRAY    
02/04/1795 John ALMEY Single Aylestone Elizabeth SMITH Single  
11/10/1795 Abraham KIND     Jane REED    
11/10/1795 John LESTER   St Nicholas, Leicester Eleanor BLOOD    
21/01/1796 William CADGBROOK Single   Ann WESSON Single  
28/03/1796 James CARR   Wigston Magna Mary SNOW Single  
21/09/1796 John HOLLOWELL Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
10/10/1796 Peter MANNING Single   Mary FREEMAN    
06/02/1797 William HURBUTT Single   Elizabeth BROUGHTON Single  
21/04/1797 John LITHERLAND Single Heather Lucy BRADSHAM Single  
07/08/1797 Jonathan HILL Widower   Mary BIDDLE    
25/02/1798 William MARRIOT     Mary WOOD    
20/10/1798 William SWINGLER Single   Frances ALLEN Single  
03/12/1798 Michael HALL Single   Ann ALLEN Single  
02/02/1799 William BLAKESLEY Widower   Julian ROSSELL Widow  
04/08/1799 William FREEMAN Widower   Mary SMALLEY Widow  
20/10/1799 John DICKENS Single   Sarah CLULOW Single  
16/06/1800 James FREEMAN Single   Ann FLETCHER Single  
04/12/1800 Benjamin MELLOR Single   Ann ABBOT Single  
15/03/1801 George LAWSON Widower   Susanna RILEY Single  
04/04/1801 William RINGROSE Single   Elizabeth MARRIOT Single  
19/07/1801 Joseph PARKINS Single   Ann RODWELL    
19/07/1801 John SARGEANT Single   Elizabeth MAYDWELL Single  
18/12/1802 Thomas SNOW Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
28/12/1802 Samuel HART Single   Elizabeth HOPKINS Single  
01/01/1803 John KIND Single   Elizabeth SMORLEY    
16/02/1803 Atton SMITH Single   Ruth TAYLOR Single St Mary, Leicester
22/02/1803 Charles PARTRIDGE Widower   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
11/04/1803 Robert WEBSTER Single Evington Mary TOONE Single  
24/04/1803 Joseph COLLIS Single   Elizabeth KIND Single  
17/07/1803 James LUDLOW     Elizabeth CRAMP    
26/09/1803 William CLARKE Widower   Abigail SMITH Single  
24/10/1803 John ROSS Single St Margaret, Leicester Mary GREEN Single  
25/12/1803 William SWANSON Single   Sarah ROSS Single  
26/12/1803 John SMITH Single   Mary FLETCHER Single  
16/05/1804 Richard BARKER Single Staunton, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth TURNER Single  
13/12/1804 Richard COOPER Single Market Harborough Rebecca SMITH Single  
25/12/1804 Zachariah BROWN Single   Sarah MARRIOT Single  
04/03/1805 John SMALLEY Single   Mary MEASURES Widow  
25/03/1805 Daniel MARROT Single   Elizabeth ROZZELL Single  
26/05/1806 Robert HEYWOOD   Kegworth Ann HEALEY    
28/10/1806 John WESTON Single   Elizabeth ELLINWORTH Single  
07/12/1806 John HILL Single   Elizabeth BARFOOT Single  
11/04/1807 William MANNING Single   Alice SMITH Single  
12/04/1807 Thomas RODWELL Single   Mary ROSS Single  
25/08/1807 John BILLINGTON     Mary WEBSTER    
21/12/1807 John NORFOLK   Burton Overy Mary GOODMAN    
26/12/1807 James CASLE     Elizabeth HARDIN    
06/08/1808 John TAYLOR     Mary FLEMMANS    
09/11/1808 John Darlington CHAMBERLAIN Single   Ann SHIELD Single St Martin, Leicester
25/12/1808 William BLOOD Single   Hannah FREEMAN Single  
27/02/1809 Thomas PERKINS Single   Ann SNOW Single  
27/06/1809 James KNOX     Catherine DAVIS    
13/08/1809 William BROUGHTON Widower   Elizabeth HARBUTT Widow  
1 20/11/1809 Thomas JENKINSON Single Anstey Sarah HARTSHORN Single  
2 05/03/1810 John ROBINSON Single   Mary HAYNS Single  
3 08/05/1810 William KNOX   Carlton Curlieu Christian Ann COLEMAN    
4 04/08/1810 Samuel PICK Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
5 28/10/1810 Samuel BIRD Single   Susannah MARICOT Single  
6 05/08/1811 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Sarah SMALLEY Single  
7 26/12/1811 George HART Single   Elizabeth GOODMAN    
8 11/04/1812 Peter MANNING Widower   Elizabeth RINGROSE Single  
9 08/08/1812 Pound HOOK Single   Sarah BROWN Widow  
10 13/10/1812 Thomas PEBERDY Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
11 28/12/1812 William SNOW Single   Elizabeth FLETCHER Single  
1 12/01/1813 William BROUGHTON Single   Sarah KIND Single  
2 12/01/1813 John Woodhouse SIMPSON Single Rearsby Mary STONE Single  
3 04/07/1813 William BIDDELLS Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
4 09/04/1814 William CLARKE Widower   Mary DEXTER Widow  
5 24/10/1814 John BELL Single   Sarah CHAPMAN Single  
6 07/01/1815 James WARD Single   Deborough FREEMAN Single  
7 25/03/1815 Mathew KIND Single   Charlotte MARRIOT Single  
8 23/12/1815 John MARRIOTT Single   Mary MELLOR Single  
9 24/12/1815 Edmund VAUSS Single   Ann HILL Single  
10 25/12/1815 Lawrence SMITH Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
11 14/03/1816 Benjamin MELLOW Widower   Sarah COLLIS Widow  
12 06/11/1816 Charles BENNETT Single Wigston Magna Ann GOODMAN Single  
13 10/11/1816 James SIMMONS Single   Mary GOODY Single  
14 02/02/1817 Samuel HEAFORD Single   Sarah GOODMAN Single  
15 09/02/1817 Samuel FREEMAN Single   Elizabeth SNOW Single  
16 21/04/1817 William PARTRIDGE Single   Mary HILL Single  
17 27/04/1817 Juda NORMAN Single   Sarah BELL Single  
18 15/06/1817 Thomas RODWELL     Mary RICHARDSON    
19 03/11/1817 Edward SALE Widower   Mary CULLIS Single  
20 16/11/1817 William WARD Single   Hannah BLOOD Widow  
21 02/08/1818 John ELLIS Single   Elizabeth MANWARING Single  
22 12/10/1818 William LEE Single   Mary HARDIN Single  
23 29/10/1818 James WARD     Elizabeth PERKINS   Kilby
24 13/04/1819 Daniel BELL Single   Elizabeth ROWLEY Single  
25 16/08/1819 William MILLSON Single   Elizabeth LOE Widow  
26 19/09/1819 Samuel BARROW Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
27 08/11/1819 Robert BIRBAGE Single   Mary ADKINS Single  
28 27/12/1819 George WYKES   Thornton Elizabeth MOORE Single  
29 02/07/1820 Daniel WELLS Single   Ann HILL Single  
30 05/08/1820 John BROWN Single Hungerton Elizabeth HILL Single  
31 23/10/1820 Samuel LEWIN Single   Hannah WILLSON Single  
32 16/12/1820 John Evans FINNY Single   Lucy Jennings INGE Single  
33 13/08/1821 William HILL Single   Elizabeth RODWELL Single  
34 27/05/1822 Thomas GOODMAN Single   Ann MARRIOTT Single  
35 16/09/1822 Thomas JOHNSON Widower   Ann WELLS Widow  
36 07/01/1823 William HULL Single   Theodosia COLLIS Single  
37 12/01/1823 John BLAKESLEY Single   Sarah ADAMS Single  
38 15/09/1823 Luke William OLDHAM Single   Sarah HARRINGTON Single  
39 26/12/1823 Samuel BROUGHTON Single   Mary RODWELL Single  
40 05/04/1824 Edward HARMAN Single   Rebecca TYERS Single  
41 19/04/1824 Joseph HOLWELL Single   Hannah HART Single  
42 16/09/1824 Thomas MALLETT Single   Sarah HOUGHTON Single  
43 16/05/1825 William HUBBARD Single   Mary Ann WOODCOCK Single  
44 04/10/1826 Thomas BELL Single   Ann HOLWELL Single  
45 09/08/1827 John COOPER Single   Mary ASHBY Single  
46 05/11/1827 William HAY Single Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Ann COOPER Single  
47 24/12/1827 John MARTIN Widower   Sarah GENT Widow  
48 27/12/1827 John FLETCHER Single   Fanny PEBERDY Single  
49 28/01/1828 William FREEMAN Single   Mary RINGROSE Single  
50 05/03/1828 John NORTON Widower Wigston Magna Anna HILL Single  
51 02/09/1828 Henry TAYLOR Single   Mary SNOW Single  
52 13/10/1828 Thomas PERKINS Single   Mary Ann PERKINS Single  
53 20/10/1828 William MARRIOTT Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
54 25/02/1829 Samuel SPARRETT Single St Martin, Leicester Eliza STONE Single  
55 18/03/1829 Henry REYNOLDS Single St Mary, Leicester Sarah RODWELL Single  
56 08/06/1829 James HOLWELL Single   Maria SNOW Single  
57 02/11/1829 Henry ELLIS Single   Mary FREEMAN Single  
58 16/03/1831 William WARD Widower   Ann PRESTON Single  
59 19/02/1832 John HILL Single   Sarah PEBERDY Single  
60 02/09/1832 William HEATH Single   Anne RODWELL Single  
61 13/09/1832 George HILL Single   Anne WRIGHT Single  
62 22/10/1832 John TAYLOR Widower   Ann BUCKLEY Widow  
63 10/12/1832 Richard PERKINS Single   Eliza FREEMAN Single  
64 25/05/1834 William SWANSON Single   Mary HOLWELL Single  
65 14/06/1835 William SMITH Single   Eliza PEBERDY Single  
66 10/08/1835 Nathaniel WOOD Single   Jane BROWN Widow  
67 04/04/1836 Frederick WELLS Single   Sarah KIND Single  
68 24/05/1836 Samuel WELLS Single   Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
69 11/07/1836 Thomas CLARKE Single   Martha PARTRIDGE Single  
70 28/03/1837 Charles PALET Single   Ann HOOK Single  
71 18/06/1837 Isaiah HART     Ann TAYLOR    

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