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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Leire St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Leire lies in southern Leicestershire close to the border with neighbouring Warwickshire. The village, which is compact, lies just west of the busy M1 motorway which links London to the north. Leire is roughly 4 miles north of the market town of Lutterworth and 6 miles southeast of the industrial town of Hinckley. Leire is set in rolling country at about 110 metres above sea level in land largely used historically for mixed pastoral and arable farming. Fields are small with thick hedges and this is traditional fox hunting country. Close to the west of Leire runs the ancient Roman Fosse Way whilst to the south runs Watling Street, the area has always been at the heart of England's communication network. The parish of Leire was quite a small area, just over 1,000 acres and supported somewhat in the region of 400 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was split two ways but supported 8 ploughs.

The Church

St Peter's church lies at the heart of the village at the main junction of Main street and Dunton Road. The church is in two portions, the tower which is Perpendicular in date and style and the rest which is a Victorian rebuild dating from the 1860s. The fact most of the church is relatively recent means it lacks great architectural interest and Pevsner dismisses the church in a dozen lines, indeed he goes as far as saying the interior is "gloomy" and the spire "plain". The church stands in a corner plot at the junction bordered by a low stone wall access is from a gated walkway on Main street. The graveyard is quite large and well-tended with small trees fronting the Dunton Road.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th October 1754 - 1st November 1772 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1425/4 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 4th December 1772 - 19th July 1802 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1425/2 Plain, unruled book, entries in the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading & poor segregation of entries make for a challenging read and may result in a few misreads
3 26th July 1803 - 29th December 1812 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1425/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 5th July 1813 - 27th December 1836 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1425/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Frolesworth St Nicholas
Broughton Astley St Mary
Dunton Bassett All Saints
Frolesworth St Nicholas
Dunton Bassett All Saints
Frolesworth St Nicholas
Ashby Parva St Peter
Ashby Parva St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/10/1754 John FLUDE     Elizabeth CAVE    
26/12/1754 William BULLOCK Widower   Alice FREEMAN Widow  
07/07/1755 Richard BENNET   Ashby Magna Sarah BANNISTER    
29/12/1755 Thomas Seagrave SUTTON     Catharine NIXON    
05/01/1756 Thomas WARNER Widower   Mary MORTIMER Single  
28/01/1756 Thomas WALKER     Susannah STRETTON    
12/10/1756 Samuel FREEAR     Ann ROBINSON    
20/10/1756 Nathaniel FOX Widower Coventry, Warwickshire Dorcas KING Single  
29/12/1756 Thomas SHEENE     Anne MASON    
24/02/1757 John COLLINS     Mary HILL    
02/01/1758 William WRIGHT     Mary RICHARDSON    
02/10/1758 Joseph LOVATT     Martha COWDAL    
11/10/1758 John DANIELS     Elizabeth NEAL    
19/06/1759 William HENSHAW Single Earl Shilton Anne WHALE Widow  
28/11/1759 Robert FREER     Mary COPSTON    
21/10/1760 Thomas REEVE     Elizabeth BARKER    
11/09/1761 Joseph HUGGLESCOTE   Mowsley Elizabeth COWDALL    
13/04/1762 James COWDALL     Grace HILL    
05/05/1762 William BODDINGTON   Burbage Catharine FREER    
09/05/1762 John SMART     Elizabeth FITCHECK    
23/06/1762 Caleb BROTHERHOOD     Mary CRANE    
21/07/1762 William MASON     Elizabeth HAROLD    
02/07/1763 Thomas FOX     Ann FINLAY    
25/09/1763 John WHITWORTH     Susannah NIXON    
07/11/1763 John GARRAT   Croft Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
04/12/1764 John RILEY     Mary CRANE    
23/12/1764 Joseph RILEY     Ann HEADLY    
26/12/1764 Samuel BROWN     Elizabeth WARDEN    
11/10/1765 John JOHNSON     Elizabeth GILBERT    
26/10/1766 William WRIGHT     Elizabeth PARRY    
12/11/1766 Thomas WARNER   Laughton Elizabeth FREEMAN    
21/11/1766 Thomas RICHARDSON     Fanny MATTHEWS    
26/12/1768 William JUDD     Mary FREEMAN    
09/01/1769 Joseph GUILFORD     Mary LIPTROTT    
13/04/1769 Joseph BOSWORTH   Monks Kirby, Warwickshire Mary WALKER    
11/06/1769 Thomas CHEW     Ann MOORE    
19/10/1769 Joseph CLARK     Ann BURBIGE    
02/11/1769 Thomas SHORTLAND     Catharine LEE    
26/12/1769 Jonathan BANNISTER   Claybrooke Sarah GUILFORD    
27/12/1769 Thomas HIPWELL   Swinford Anne PORTER   Ashby Parva
07/05/1770 Thomas PORTER   Ashby Parva Elizabeth TIBBALDS    
05/05/1771 Thomas WALKER     Anne HAWKES    
01/06/1771 John HAMMERSLY   Bedworth, Warwickshire Mary REEVE    
28/11/1771 Nicholas HIGGINSON     Anne HODGEKIN   North Kilworth
06/01/1772 Richard SMITH     Anne DUNMORE    
17/05/1772 Richard CHEW     Mary HEADLY    
04/10/1772 John SAWBRIDGE     Anne SUTTON    
16/10/1772 Robert TOMKINS   Cosby Mary MOORE    
01/11/1772 Samuel CRISPE     Anne BROWNE    
04/12/1772 John HOWETT   Kimcote And Walton Elizabeth HIGGINSON    
31/12/1772 Daniel NIXSON     Sarah PRESTON    
21/10/1773 Mark SUTTON     Esther PALMER   Newbold Verdon
11/12/1774 John FAWKES   Claybrooke Elizabeth HIGGS    
08/06/1775 John BROOKS     Elizabeth PERKINS    
25/10/1775 William REYNOLDS   Frolesworth Mary BATES    
29/12/1777 John HARDY     Anne HACKETT    
21/04/1778 John SUTTON     Elizabeth WALE   Ashby Parva
18/10/1778 William HEADLEY     Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN    
26/10/1778 John MOORE   Kimcote And Walton Mary LORD    
01/11/1778 John SPORTON     Mary WHITTERANCE    
12/01/1779 William WRIGHT     Ruth HARRISON    
27/12/1779 John PALMER Single   Anne LORD Single  
30/12/1779 William WOODBURN Single Frolesworth Catharine MASON Single  
30/01/1780 Joseph SAUNT Single Broughton Astley Hannah PALMER Single  
02/02/1780 William HOPKINS   Dunton Bassett Amelia HIGGS    
15/05/1780 Richard POWERS     Mary DAVENPORT    
29/10/1780 Thomas BROWN     Jane PALMER    
07/11/1780 Isaac GRIFFIN     Phoebe HEADLY    
11/05/1781 Thomas DAKIN   Kimcote And Walton Sarah HEADLY    
07/08/1781 James ORTON Single Stoney Stanton Sarah HIGGINSON Single  
03/11/1782 Joseph GUILFORD     Elizabeth WARNER    
24/08/1783 William NEAL Single   Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
29/01/1784 Richard CAVE Single   Sarah SUTTON Single  
12/04/1784 John STAIN Single Nuneaton, Warwickshire Catharine POLLARD Single  
19/08/1785 Thomas PORTER Widower   Mary OADAMS Single  
16/11/1785 Thomas CLARK     Frances WRIGHT    
08/01/1786 William POTTER Single   Sarah NEEDHAM Single  
06/08/1786 George KNIGHT     Elizabeth FREER    
29/10/1786 John BROADWELL     Sarah MANSFIELD    
02/11/1786 John BURDETT   Ashby Magna Eleanor LEADER    
10/06/1787 William WRIGHT     Christiana BLUMFIELD    
29/06/1787 John HOWKINS     Elizabeth NIXON    
04/10/1788 John RILEY     Ann CHAPMAN    
25/11/1788 George GEE   Sapcote Ann FLUDE    
14/06/1789 John MASON     Mary WRIGHT   Claybrooke
02/12/1789 Thomas HUBBARD   Coventry, Warwickshire Elizabeth REYNOLDS    
21/12/1789 Richard KNIGHT   Wolvey, Warwickshire Elizabeth BAYLEY    
25/05/1790 James BINGLEY   Cosby Elizabeth WHITMORE    
27/05/1790 William WILLIS Single   Sarah EVERARD Single Thurlaston
21/11/1790 John HERBERT Single   Mary REEVE Single  
30/01/1791 John HIGGS     Ann SUTTON    
07/03/1791 Seagrave SUTTON     Ann FREEMAN    
20/05/1791 William HACKETT   Dunton Bassett Catharine PAWLEY    
03/10/1791 Richard CHESTNUT     Ann RAWLINSON    
14/10/1791 Christopher COLLINS     Sarah SMITH    
20/02/1792 George JOHNSON   Rugby, Warwickshire Catharine SUTTON    
29/05/1792 William PAULEY Single   Hannah DEAKIN Single  
30/05/1792 Thomas RILEY   Cosby Mary ELLINGTON    
19/11/1792 Thomas JUD     Elizabeth CRISP    
02/06/1793 Edward MASON     Catharine CLARK    
30/06/1793 Thomas PALMER Single   Ann ELLINTON Single  
11/12/1793 George MASON Single   Catharine CORMOULS Single Aston, Warwickshire
14/09/1794 James NIXON     Mary BAILEY    
02/11/1794 John MANNING Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
22/01/1795 Thomas Pendrill BARRATT Single St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Caroline CORMOULS Single  
29/03/1795 William STEPHENS Single   Ann LADKIN Single  
05/05/1795 Edmond CLARKE Single Sapcote Sarah HARDY Single  
30/03/1796 John MAPE Single Sapcote Sarah KNIGHT    
30/01/1797 John JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
31/01/1797 William PERKINS   Lutterworth Elizabeth NIXON    
26/02/1797 George CRISP     Susannah BROWN    
25/09/1797 John JACKSON Widower Broughton Astley Mary KNIGHT    
31/10/1797 John HEADLEY Widower   Milisent BEAL Widow Bitteswell
29/01/1798 William RILEY Single   Sarah CRISP    
08/04/1798 George CRISP Widower   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
23/10/1798 Francis COWDELL     Mary HAROLD    
23/10/1798 William BRAY Single Stoney Stanton Laetitia FEER Single  
04/12/1798 John TEW     Elizabeth WARD    
06/02/1799 John JOHNSON Widower   Mary BOSS    
06/12/1801 John CHOISE Widower   Hannah BLANT Single  
19/07/1802 George JOHNSON Widower   Mary DUDLEY Single Cosby
1 26/07/1803 John LOWE Single Sheffield, Yorkshire Elizabeth BANNISTER Single  
2 31/07/1804 Robert SHEEN Single   Sarah ARNOLD Single  
3 15/10/1804 Francis COWDELL Widower   Kitte KENT Single  
4 15/11/1804 Samuel TIBBOLDS   Broughton Astley Elizabeth HARDY    
5 20/02/1805 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Martha NEAL Single  
6 20/05/1805 Thomas SUTTON Single   Susanna FAWKES Single  
7 10/07/1805 James RILEY     Ann CRISP    
8 30/07/1805 William JUDD Single   Mary SUTTON    
9 05/09/1805 Thomas TEW Single   Mary BOTTERELL Single  
10 16/10/1805 William REYNOLDS Single   Ann HARRISON    
11 20/11/1805 John BALL Single   Ann POWERS Single  
12 24/02/1806 John WADSON Single   Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
13 09/03/1806 John BROWN     Phoebe HEADLEY    
14 04/11/1806 William CRAMP Widower   Ann MANLEY    
15 03/11/1807 Thomas WALLIN   Ashby Parva Mary HIGGINSON Single  
16 29/12/1807 Thomas GILFORD     Dorcas JARVIS    
17 10/01/1808 Robert CHAMBERLIN     Elizabeth ELLINTON    
18 04/07/1808 Joseph TEW     Jane HORBROUGH    
19 12/12/1808 Abraham FULLELOVE     Mary ELLINTON    
20 13/12/1808 William MARTHERS     Elizabeth REEVE    
21 26/12/1808 William CHENEY     Sarah BROADWELL    
22 18/03/1809 William HICKSON   Dunton Bassett Sarah RILEY    
23 22/05/1809 Joseph GILBERT   Ashby Magna Ruth GRIMSLEY    
24 06/11/1809 William HIPWELL     Ann HIGSON   Dunton Bassett
25 27/11/1809 Joseph BEADMAN   Great Glen Kerenhappuch Morley CROXALL    
26 05/12/1809 John BROWN     Mary HENSON    
27 27/09/1810 William TAYLOR     Mary Ann HARDY    
28 14/01/1811 Samuel SUTTON     Frances CHAMBERLAIN    
29 15/04/1811 William JUDD     Catharine SUTTON    
30 30/07/1811 William DOUGLAS     Jane HERBERT    
31 14/10/1811 Richard BISHOP   Market Harborough Sarah RYLEY    
32 26/12/1811 Henry MERRICK   Frolesworth Sarah WRIGHT    
33 31/12/1811 John HARDY     Mary TAYLOR    
34 23/05/1812 Samuel CRISP Single Broughton Astley Sarah ARNOLD Widow  
35 15/11/1812 William BROADWELL     Elizabeth DEACON    
36 29/12/1812 John MASON Single   Dorothy FION Single  
1 05/07/1813 Richard CHENNEY     Elizabeth MASON    
2 25/07/1813 Richard RATHBONE     Mary WILSON   Claybrooke
3 29/01/1814 Richard PEGG     Sophia HANSON    
4 15/05/1814 Thomas TICKEY     Ann ELLINTON    
5 28/03/1815 Richard HILL   Frolesworth Mary MALLEBONE    
6 24/09/1815 William SMITH     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
7 19/10/1815 Samuel HILL     Hannah NEAL    
8 26/12/1815 Stephen LOOMES     Mary JUDD    
9 04/01/1816 Thomas SLEATH   Gilmorton Sophia KNIGHT    
10 15/10/1816 Thomas SMITH   Ashby Parva Sarah SLATER    
11 14/11/1816 William Clark FRONE     Ann EMMINS    
12 24/12/1816 Valentine HARRISON     Sarah FAWKES Widow  
13 06/11/1817 Thomas Brownson HARRIS   Hinckley Elizabeth JOHNSON    
14 05/10/1818 John LAW     Martha ARNOLD    
15 14/09/1819 James PETTIFOR     Ann SHEEN    
16 14/11/1819 Robert WOOD   Burbage Mary OLDBURY    
17 24/03/1820 Robert SPENCER   Wolvey, Warwickshire Ann CLARK    
18 02/04/1820 George LAW     Ann RILEY    
19 03/07/1820 John MASON     Hannah PALMER    
20 21/11/1820 John SHAW   Dunton Bassett Elizabeth HURDESS    
21 24/05/1821 Charles BERRIDGE     Rebecca DORMAN    
22 14/08/1821 John BOOTH     Sarah LORD    
23 07/10/1821 Jacob HANCOCK Widower Kimcote And Walton Martha JOHNSON Widow  
24 30/12/1821 John HALL     Esther ELTINTON    
25 31/12/1821 Joseph LUDFORD     Mary WHETHSTONE    
26 13/02/1822 John LADKIN     Elizabeth RALPHS   Dunton Bassett
27 08/04/1822 John DAVIS     Catherine COWDALE    
28 27/10/1822 John CROOK Widower   Hannah ELTINTON Single  
29 02/04/1823 Richard FOREMAN Single   Ann HERBERT Single  
30 17/08/1823 George JUDD     Martha SUTTON    
31 07/09/1823 James PRESTON     Mary DAVIS    
32 23/09/1823 Thomas WATSON   Croft Charlotte ASKEW    
33 17/05/1824 William TURNER   Narborough Catharine HERBERT    
34 11/10/1824 John RILEY     Frances LISTER    
35 12/10/1824 William Harrison WRIGHT     Mary WALLIS    
36 02/05/1825 William BILLAM   Croxton Kerrial Sophia TEW    
37 11/07/1825 Thomas DRAPER     Rebecca LADKIN    
38 11/07/1825 Thomas LADKIN     Amelia MARSHALL   St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
39 05/10/1825 Elias REYNOLDS   Dunton Bassett Bridget SALMON    
40 28/12/1825 John CRISP     Ann SUTTON    
41 29/04/1827 John STEPHENS     Mary HURST    
42 25/10/1827 James HICKLIN   St Margaret, Leicester Elizabeth LORD    
43 27/03/1828 Henry REYNOLDS     Mary Ann NICHOLS   Monks Kirby, Warwickshire
44 14/10/1828 William GARRAT     Elizabeth JUDD Single  
45 22/07/1829 Henry TALBOT   Lutterworth Jane JOHNSON Single  
46 27/10/1829 William HANES     Ann WRIGHT    
47 24/12/1829 Thomas CROSON     Mary CHAMBERLAIN    
48 05/02/1830 Daniel BLOCKLEY Widower   Marianne TEW Single  
49 06/05/1830 Henry BIRMINGHAM   Froyle, Hampshire Mary Baldwin WATKINS    
50 04/01/1831 John ORAM     Ann LADKIN    
51 26/07/1831 James STEVENSON     Elizabeth MATHEWS    
52 27/09/1831 Robert WOODHAM     Elizabeth SUTTON    
53 28/02/1832 Joseph LORD     Martha COLLINS    
54 29/08/1832 Joseph FAWKES   Shepshed Elizabeth THIRDBOROUGH    
55 14/10/1832 Richard CURRIN   Willey, Warwickshire Ann GUPEWELL    
56 23/10/1832 Thomas BARWELL   Nailstone Maria ELTINTON    
57 02/12/1832 John ROBERTS   Ashby Magna Ann TEW    
58 03/12/1832 George PAWLEY   Shearsby Hannah PARSONS    
59 14/04/1833 John HAMMANS     Susannah MATTHEWS    
60 30/06/1833 Thomas WESSON     Alice PAWLEY    
61 02/09/1833 William WRIGHT   Ashby Parva Jane PALMER    
62 25/09/1833 James ELTINTON     Keturah HILL   Ashby Parva
63 14/10/1833 James ALMEY   Broughton Astley Frances HARDY    
64 20/10/1833 William MATTHEWS     Mary WRIGHT    
65 22/12/1833 John BASSET     Catharine JOHNSON    
66 20/05/1834 John DUNKLEY   Claybrooke Mary CHENEY    
67 08/09/1834 Joseph BASSET   Claybrooke Mary PARSON    
68 28/09/1834 James WEBSTER     Mary Ann MASON    
69 15/12/1834 John HARDY     Anne STEVENS    
70 06/09/1835 Thomas FARROW   Claybrooke Sarah MASON    
71 23/11/1835 Richard HASSALL   Glenfield Bessy LADKIN    
72 30/11/1835 Stephen LOOMAS     Maria SMITH   Broughton Astley
73 04/02/1836 Francis CRYER   Hillmorton, Warwickshire Sarah LADKIN    
74 23/05/1836 John WILSON   Narborough Sarah RICHARDSON    
75 06/09/1836 Thomas HOWLETT   Claybrooke Sarah JOHNSON    
76 07/11/1836 Joseph LAMLEY   Thurlaston Ann CHENEY    
77 27/12/1836 Charles BENNET   Gilmorton Jane TEW    

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