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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Queniborough St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Queniborough lies in central Leicestershire about 6 miles north of the city of Leicester. Queniborough is a substantial village lying just east of the former route of the A607 road which connects Leicester with Melton Mowbray. Much of Queniborough is built along a lane running to the southeast of that road which now bypasses to the west of both Queniborough & Syston. Queniborough has expanded noticeably in recent times as a commuter village for the city of Leicester. At the time of this transcript this would have been a farming community with a mixed regime of both arable and pastoral farming, nowadays there is a predominance of arable fields surrounding the village. Queniborough Beck drains the parish northwestwards to join the River Wreake, this heads for and soon joins the Soar and thence the Trent to reach the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Queniborough is sited at around 60 metres above the sea at the northwestern end of a low ridge of land which rises gently towards Tilton on the Hill at over 200 metres above the sea. Queniborough parish was of a fairly typical size for a Leicestershire parish, it covered almost 2,100 acres and supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Queniborough was held by one Geoffrey of La Guerche and could offer 9 ploughs and a mill.

The Church

St Mary's church sits almost at the eastern end of the village, on the northern side of the southeast running lane (here called Main Street). St Mary's is rightfully known for its superb spire, a landmark for the area and much praised by Pevsner. The tower is built of a pink granite probably obtained from Charnwood Forest and its steeple is impressive indeed. The oldest part of the church is the chancel, much lower than the remainder of the building, here a few Norman features can be found. The arcades are 13th century and the aisles of the 14th, there being much in the Decorated style. From the Perpendicular era comes the nave. The Victorians merely refreshed the building in the 1850s without major changes leaving the building as we see it today. The churchyard is fringed by some very tall trees but access is through wooden gates at the western end of the site. Once through the screening vegetation there are few impediments to photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th August 1754 - 6th August 1781 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE971/8 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th November 1781 - 22nd October 1812 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE971/9 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 16th February 1813 - 12th June 1837 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE971/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Ratcliffe on the Wreake St Botolph
Rearsby St Michael
Gaddesby St Luke
Ratcliffe on the Wreake St Botolph
Syston St Peter & St Paul
Ashby Folville St Mary
Syston St Peter & St Paul
Syston St Peter & St Paul
South Croxton St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
04/08/1754 Richard SNOW   Ab Kettleby Elizabeth FRANKE    
30/03/1755 William WARD   Ratcliffe On The Wreake Sarah NEWBY    
21/03/1756 John DIGBY   Barkby Ann CLARK    
01/06/1756 Jonathan SNOW     Ann BIDDLES    
10/04/1757 Thomas WHITTLE     Elizabeth SEARSON    
12/06/1757 Edward MARSDEN     Dorothy SEARSON    
15/07/1757 Thomas SMITH   Tugby Martha PARSONS    
10/11/1757 James NEWTON     Mary BROWN    
04/12/1758 Joseph SIMPKIN   Blaby Mary PEAKE    
12/07/1759 William RADWELL   Rearsby Ann GREGORY    
07/08/1759 Reuben WETHERALL Single All Saints, Stamford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth BULL Single  
24/09/1759 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth DIGBY    
14/11/1759 Richard SNOW   Arnesby Elizabeth PEAK    
19/03/1760 John NEEDHAM     Mary SEARSON    
28/03/1760 John RALFIN   Sileby Ann HARRISON    
19/05/1760 William GREASELY   Twyford Elizabeth THOMPSON    
08/06/1760 John PRESTON     Mary DOWER    
28/09/1760 William HOST     Catharine FAULKENAR    
11/10/1760 Richard COOK     Elizabeth MILES    
20/01/1761 William FRANCIS   Syston Mary DIGBY    
03/02/1761 Thomas CASTING   Barkby Elizabeth SIMPKIN    
24/05/1762 George PAGE Widower   Sarah STEPHENSON Widow Syston
02/08/1762 Samuel BOULTRIDGE     Ann MORRIS    
02/08/1762 Richard CLEMENTS     Marina MORRIS    
08/08/1762 James TOONE   Syston Elizabeth WATSON    
21/08/1762 John JOHNSON   Belgrave Elizabeth PALMER    
21/10/1762 Samuel SKETCHLY     Jane HALL    
25/12/1762 Thomas GREEN     Elizabeth SEARSON    
26/03/1763 William MARRIOTT     Mary WOOD    
24/05/1763 Thomas SMITH     Sarah ODIS    
19/03/1764 Thomas SEARSON     Mary CUMBERLAND    
13/05/1764 Thomas SEARSON     Ann FROST    
01/10/1764 John NEWTON   Cossington Susanna KERCHIN    
06/01/1766 William MEARE   Frisby On The Wreake Mary SIMPSON    
01/04/1766 William WARD     Mary RYDER    
07/08/1766 Ralph TEBBUTT   Frisby On The Wreake Alice BELTON    
25/11/1766 Joshua WARD   Prestwold Ann NEWBY    
02/12/1766 Jonathan WARD     Elizabeth WHITTLE    
18/12/1766 John FRANKE     Joice WARD    
22/11/1768 Charles WELLS     Elizabeth SEARSON    
22/04/1769 John LOUND     Elizabeth THORPE    
08/08/1769 Thomas COOPER     Jane WARD    
28/09/1769 Thomas SIMPSON     Ann SEARSON    
27/02/1770 Thomas NEEDHAM Widower   Mary SWIFT Single  
03/12/1770 George GRESELEY     Ann WATTS    
11/02/1771 Thomas SNOW     Alice MARSDEN    
11/03/1771 George PHIPPS   Thrussington Ann HINMAN    
15/11/1771 William TURNER   Garthorpe Martha MASON    
05/02/1772 Thomas ALLEN     Martha SPENSER    
28/04/1772 John WALTON     Ann PEAK    
05/07/1772 John DIGBY     Elizabeth HAWKINS    
13/10/1772 John KILBY     Margaret SEARSON    
24/11/1772 John WHITTLE     Alice HARRISON    
24/11/1774 Samuel TOOKY     Sarah CASTLEDINE    
08/04/1775 Thomas BLACK     Ann WADD    
30/07/1775 William NEEDHAM   Syston Mary ADAMS    
24/09/1775 Thomas RICHARDSON     Dorothy BENNETT    
07/11/1775 Edward MARSTON     Ann HILL    
25/12/1775 John NEEDHAM   St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Ann CHESTER    
01/05/1776 Hodgkinson LOWE   Ireland Mary TOMPSON Single  
08/07/1776 John CUMBERLAND     Elisabeth LOWE    
07/04/1777 William LOWE     Elisabeth SIMPSON    
22/09/1777 William SEARSON     Ann LOWE    
19/05/1778 John THURMAN     Mary GODDARD    
06/06/1778 William GODDARD     Elizabeth BLACK    
17/11/1778 John LOWE     Elizabeth COLEMAN    
17/01/1779 Thomas ROE   Walton On The Wolds Elizabeth WARD    
10/05/1779 Thomas DIGBY     Martha HARRISON    
11/05/1779 John BENNETT     Mary HARRISON    
14/12/1779 Robert KILBY Single   Agnes GRAHAM Single Hathern
03/04/1780 John HUNT     Rachel THORPE    
03/11/1780 John BROWN     Elizabeth BENNETT    
23/11/1780 Nathaniel SWIFT     Ann HOPKINS    
01/04/1781 Thomas WARD     Mary TAYLOR    
17/04/1781 David WARD     Elizabeth KILBY    
17/04/1781 John STAPLEFORD     Ann KILBY    
03/06/1781 Edward SARSON     Elizabeth HARRISON    
05/06/1781 Thomas BLACK     Elizabeth MARSTON    
06/08/1781 John ROWLSON     Mary VISTY    
1 13/11/1781 Thomas MARSDEN     Elizabeth WADD    
2 10/12/1781 William BARRATT     Esther GODDARD   Ratcliffe On The Wreake
3 22/09/1782 William WHITTLE     Mary LOWE    
4 22/09/1782 Thomas WOODFORD   Barkby Mary NEEDHAM    
5 23/09/1782 Thomas STOKES     Elizabeth KILBY    
6 01/12/1782 Thomas WHITTLE     Sarah CLEMENS    
7 24/06/1783 Thomas HAWKINS Widower Ratby Ann SARSON Single  
8 26/06/1783 Francis EAGLESFIELD Single Leire Ann COLEMAN    
9 09/11/1783 John SEARSON     Mary HUBBARD    
10 25/11/1783 William LINTHWAITE     Elizabeth HARLEY    
11 26/09/1784 Benjamin STOKES     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
12 27/09/1784 William BLACK     Ann NEWTON    
13 25/12/1784 John NEWTON     Jane GOODIN   Syston
14 17/05/1785 Joseph SEARSON     Jane BLACK    
15 04/12/1785 John SARSON     Ann WITTINGTON    
16 03/12/1786 John GREEN     Elizabeth KILBY   Birstall
17 03/12/1786 William HUNDERWOOD     Sarah TAYLER    
18 19/12/1786 Benjamin STOKES     Dorothy RICHARDSON    
19 24/12/1786 John SHARP     Mary SIMPKIN    
20 24/12/1786 James TOONE   Syston Mary SARSON    
21 26/12/1786 Thomas BEAL     Mary NEEDHAM    
22 11/02/1787 John CHARLESWORTH   Syston Ann SEARSON    
23 20/05/1787 John RODWELL     Ann PARKER    
25/09/1787 Thomas BENNETT     Sarah PRESTON    
23/12/1787 Michael SARSON     Hannah WHITTLE    
05/02/1788 James WILKINS   Syston Eleaner PLOWRIGHT    
05/02/1788 Thomas FORD     Sarah GODDARD    
22/09/1788 William BLACK     Ann SNOW    
30/09/1788 William COLEMAN Single   Elizabeth ALLSOP   Hoby
23/11/1788 Edward MARSON     Elizabeth SEARSON    
05/01/1789 John SHARP     Elizabeth SIMPKIN    
03/03/1789 William BRIGGS     Mary SARSON    
12/04/1789 John SARSON     Elizabeth WHITTLE    
14/04/1789 William WARD     Hannah CLEMMENT    
31/05/1789 John PANE     Dorothy HOPKINS    
23/08/1789 Benjamin BREWARD     Elizabeth SEARSON    
23/05/1790 John BLACK     Jane SARSON    
31/05/1790 William WOOD   Wanlip Elizabeth SUTTON    
26/09/1790 John ISON     Ann NEEDHAM    
12/06/1791 William CLARKE     Joice SNOW    
12/09/1791 John JOHNSON   Cossington Hannah WARREN    
27/10/1791 John KILBY Single   Frances MARRIOTT Single  
27/11/1791 William SARSON Single   Elizabeth KILBY Single  
09/04/1792 Thomas CHARLESWORTH     Mary BENNIT    
01/05/1792 William BROWN   Syston Elizabeth SEARSON    
16/10/1792 Thomas LOWE     Catharine SEARSON    
15/01/1793 Thomas KILBY     Catharine MARRIOTT    
27/01/1793 Joseph SLATER     Rachel SEARSON    
05/02/1793 John NEEDHAM     Elizabeth COLEMAN    
25/11/1793 John ADAMS   Scraptoft Ann GOUDE    
14/06/1794 William HART     Rebecca BENNETT    
21/09/1794 Henry PEARSON   Syston Elizabeth NEEDHAM    
05/11/1794 Richard HENSON   Sileby Elizabeth FRANKS    
24/11/1794 Thomas MARRIOT     Ann MURDIN Widow  
10/03/1795 Richard PRESTON   Thrussington Martha ALLEN Widow  
14/02/1796 John HUBBARD     Anne WHITTLE    
24/08/1796 John TOMLINSON   Seagrave Mary FRANKS    
15/11/1796 Robert COLEMAN     Jane LETHERLAND    
30/01/1797 William WALTON     Mary BLACK    
01/08/1797 John JACKSON     Dina GODDARD    
15/08/1797 John WEST     Sarah GREEN    
25/09/1797 John TIMS     Elizabeth NEEDHAM    
14/05/1798 Robert COOK   St Margaret, Leicester Hannah GOODE    
04/11/1798 William WHITTLE     Elizabeth DIGBY    
09/12/1798 William TOMPSON     Mary ADAMS    
08/01/1799 John CONDON   Prestwold Elizabeth BLACK    
24/03/1799 John ILLSTON   Syston Ann NEEDHAM    
14/04/1799 Thomas GREENWOOD     Jane GODDARD    
23/09/1799 Edward SMITH     Dorathy SARSON    
26/12/1799 John SEARSON     Elizabeth BRAMLIE    
09/06/1800 Edward KIRK   Syston Martha HUBBARD    
11/08/1800 Thomas ISOM     Mary NEEDHAM    
26/02/1801 James LEESON   Tilton Ann HAWTHORN    
07/09/1801 John WALTON     Ann LOWE    
21/09/1801 John WHITTLE     Jane NEEDHAM    
25/11/1801 William ATKINS     Catharine WELLS    
23/05/1802 Thomas NEEDHAM     Mary DAKIN    
18/10/1802 Thomas RADDLE     Sarah PLATTS   St Margaret, Leicester
23/01/1803 Thomas SCAMPTON   Barkby Mary ALLIN    
25/09/1803 John TIMS     Ann BREWIN    
07/05/1804 Thomas KILBY     Mary LARGE    
26/11/1804 John DIGBY   Seagrave Susannah NEEDHAM    
29/04/1805 John TAYLER   Seagrave Mary BURBAGE    
25/11/1805 Edward SIBSON     Frances SMITH    
30/12/1805 John BIDDLE     Ann WARD    
17/03/1806 John JACKSON     Sarah DIGBY    
25/11/1806 John KIRCHIN     Elizabeth SEARSON    
01/12/1806 John STEVENSON   Ashby Folville Ann WALTON    
29/12/1806 Joseph HUBBARD   Thrussington Alice NEEDHAM    
23/11/1807 John KILBY     Jane CHAMBERLEN    
14/12/1807 John SEARSON     Mary SCAMPTON    
29/12/1807 John PRETTY   St Martin, Leicester Mary WHITTLE    
06/06/1808 John COOPER   Syston Ann SMITH    
25/11/1808 Joseph NEEDHAM Single Oakham, Rutland Elizabeth SARSON Single  
28/11/1808 William RODDLE Single   Ann KILBY Single  
28/12/1808 Charles FULFORTH Single Great Hale, Lincolnshire Elizabeth LOCKWOOD    
29/01/1809 Robert ADCOCK Single Syston Alice HUTTIN Single  
23/09/1810 Michael SEARSON     Mary BENNETT    
29/10/1810 John WHITE Single Keyham Elizabeth KILBY Single  
30/10/1810 John WRIGHT Single St Martin, Leicester Jane COLEMAN Single  
04/03/1811 John WHEAT Single Wanlip Elizabeth SARSON Single  
11/03/1811 George BUSWELL     Sarah OLDAKERS    
26/05/1811 Jonathan COOPER     Elizabeth KIRCHIN    
13/11/1811 Thomas WARD Widower   Elizabeth THURMAN Widow  
14/01/1812 Robert PARR Single St Martin, Leicester Ann KILBY Single  
30/03/1812 William SMITH Single   Mary NORMAN Single  
29/06/1812 William WALTON Single   Mary SEARSON Single  
01/07/1812 John STABLEFORD Single   Mary LOCKWOOD   Mountsorrel
21/09/1812 John CUMBERLAND     Elizabeth GODDARD    
22/10/1812 Thomas DEAKING Single   Mary SEARSON Single  
1 16/02/1813 John BONSHAR Single Gaddesby Margaret BLACK    
2 24/05/1813 Samuel BARSBY Single Ratcliffe On The Wreake Margaret LOWE Single  
3 07/06/1813 Robert WELDEN Single Syston Mary BENNET Single  
4 08/06/1813 William HOPKINS   Whetstone Ann STABLEFORD Single  
5 28/09/1813 Thomas SARSON Single Loughborough Ann SARSON Single  
6 23/11/1813 William MARSON Single   Ann GREEN Single  
7 29/11/1813 Thomas DARMEN Single   Mary SNOW Single  
8 03/07/1814 John PAYNE Widower   Elizabeth NEWTON Single  
9 06/12/1814 John MAYES Widower Barrow Upon Soar Susanna DIGBY Widow  
10 18/04/1815 John HIGGINSON Single St Margaret, Leicester Elizabeth BENT Single  
11 12/02/1816 John PAYNE Single   Sarah LACEY Single  
12 23/09/1816 Samuel GREASLEY   Woodhouse Sarah BRASLEY    
13 03/11/1816 William NORTH     Sarah GODDARD    
14 24/11/1817 George BROWN Widower Seagrave Ann GODDARD Single  
15 08/12/1817 Edward SMITH Widower   Elizabeth KILBY Widow  
16 17/12/1817 Jonathan WARD     Ann PAIN    
17 14/05/1818 Samuel REASON Single Rosliston, Derbyshire Mary GERMAN Widow  
18 08/02/1819 James CLARK     Hannah GREASLY    
19 27/10/1819 Samuel MARTIN Single Frisby On The Wreake Mary SLATER Single  
20 29/11/1819 Thomas TAYLOR Single Syston Catharine ROBINSON Single  
21 22/05/1820 Thomas JORDON   Ratcliffe On The Wreake Alice SHARP    
22 20/06/1820 John HUNT Widower Syston Sarah NEWTON    
23 20/06/1820 John LOWE Single   Ann BROWN    
24 02/09/1820 Felix KILBY Single   Susannah CRAGG Single  
25 30/10/1820 John SARSON Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
26 01/05/1821 George WARREN Single Syston Rebecca SMITH Single  
27 16/12/1822 Thomas SIMPSON Single   Jane BARRAT Single  
28 15/04/1823 John KELLAM Single   Mary BREWIN Single  
29 28/04/1823 William ROBINSON Single Hoby Ann MARSTON Single  
30 07/12/1823 William WARD Single   Mary WHITTLE Single  
31 15/12/1823 Samuel THORNTON Single   Jane ISOM Single  
32 31/12/1823 Thomas LOWE Single   Elizabeth ISOM Single  
33 29/08/1824 Thomas WHITTLE Single   Susanna CHAMBERLAIN Single  
34 06/12/1824 John COOPER Widower Syston Mary DARMAN Widow  
35 04/04/1825 James WARRINGTON Single Ashby Folville Ann PEARSON Single  
36 23/05/1825 John SARSON Single   Ann ISOM Single  
37 26/09/1825 Isaac ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth LOWE Single  
38 23/11/1825 Thomas RIPPIN Single   Elizabeth LOCKIN Single  
39 28/06/1826 John PARKER     Elizabeth CROFTS    
40 30/07/1826 Samuel NEEDHAM Single   Mary SMITH Single  
41 12/12/1826 John TALBOTT Single Syston Mary MERRISHAW Widow  
42 02/02/1829 James CHARLESWORTH   Shepshed Martha WHITTLE    
43 24/11/1829 Joseph BARRAT Single   Hannah MILLER Single  
44 29/11/1829 Thomas CONDON Single   Mary GAMBLE Single  
45 07/06/1830 John BONSHER Single   Mary WHITTLE Single  
46 22/08/1830 William WHITTLE     Ann WHITTLE   Rearsby
47 22/08/1830 Joseph SARSON     Mary KIRCHEN    
48 14/03/1831 John GOULD Single Granby, Nottinghamshire Mary Ann SMALLEY    
49 11/08/1831 Atkins GREAVES   Ashby Folville Margaret SMITH    
50 25/09/1831 Joseph GARNER     Jane WITTLE    
51 26/07/1832 Joseph BENT Single Cosby Eliza FOSTER Single  
52 26/08/1832 Elijah BRODHURST     Mary COOK    
53 23/09/1832 William GARNER   Humberstone Margaret SARSON    
54 10/02/1833 Thomas NEEDHAM     Elizabeth RODWELL    
55 15/04/1833 John KIRCHEN     Isabella WHITTLE    
56 07/10/1833 Thomas WHITTLE     Ann PECK    
57 11/11/1833 William BOULTER   Rearsby Ann WOODFORD    
58 17/03/1834 William HARDY   Barkby Alice NEEDHAM    
59 18/03/1834 William GREENWOOD Widower   Ann WHITTLE    
60 30/03/1834 William SMITH     Ann SMITH    
61 26/11/1834 Thomas BARWELL Widower South Croxton Sarah LACEY    
62 07/05/1835 William NEEDHAM Single Gaddesby Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
63 11/10/1835 William NEEDHAM     Ann RODWELL    
64 26/11/1835 John CRAGG     Sarah GEE    
65 17/03/1836 Joseph SARSON Widower   Isabella KIRCHIN Widow  
66 17/08/1836 Edward CRAGG Single Barrow Upon Soar Alice TAYLER Single  
67 12/06/1837 William DUNMORE Single Ashwell, Rutland Maria JENNAWAY Single  

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