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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Shackerstone St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Shackerstone lies in western Leicestershire not too far from its border with Staffordshire. Shackerstone is located about 5 miles northwest of Market Bosworth. Shackerstone is a small and compact village situated at a "T"-junction of lanes close by where the Ashby de la Zouch canal crosses the River Sence, the village lies in a patchwork of lanes about 3 miles east of the A444 road which connects Burton Upon Trent with Nuneaton. Shackerstone would largely have earned its living from farming, the area would have had a mixed farming regime dominated by pastoral husbandry due to the heavy clay soils. The parish is drained by the River Sence which heads southwest to join the Anker, then the Teme before winding back north and east to reach the Trent and the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Shackerstone is sited at at around 90 metres above the sea in a gently rolling landscape that is more or less at a similar height for several miles. Shackerstone parish was fairly small and covered just 1,100 acres, it would have supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Shackerstone was a very small place indeed, held by one Robert the Bursar is could offer just a single plough and a small meadow.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the heart of Shackerstone, just to the east of the main north to south running lane and accessed along Church Road. Sadly St Peter is a Victorian replacement for the mediaeval church which one stood here. The style is in the Perpendicular fashion but the building is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses it in just 4 lines of description. The site is enclosed by a brick wall with a tile topping and at the southeastern corner a wooden gateway grants access. Once inside the bordering trees, however, the site is fairly open with few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th July 1755 - 17th September 1756 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1103/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Thankfully this register was abandoned after just a few entries as they are tricky to read and may result in a misread
2 20th October 1767 - 30th October 1778 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1103/5 Plain, unruled book, entries made within the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading & poor segregation might result in a few misreads and/or omissions
3 8th June 1779 - 15th October 1812 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1103/6 Plain, unruled book, entries made within the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 19th April 1813 - 16th May 1837 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE1103/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting makes for a very challenging read and may result in many misreads

Snarestone St Bartholomew
Swepstone St Peter
Heather St John the Baptist
Ibstock St Denys
Norton Juxta Twycross All Saints
Twycross St James
Nailstone All Saints
Twycross St James
Congerstone St Mary
Nailstone All Saints
Nailstone All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/07/1755 John SHARP   Hinckley Sarah CRAMP    
2 06/01/1756 William FOX Widower Shenton Mary GADSBY Widow  
3 13/06/1756 William BURTON     Mary BRADBURY    
4 17/09/1756 John WILKINS Widower Sibson Anne WILSONS    
1 20/10/1757 George RIDGWAY   Ibstock Elizabeth ISON Single  
2 10/05/1758 Samuel DEXTER     Ann VARNAM    
3 25/05/1758 Robert BEADMAN   Ibstock Elizabeth UNDERWOOD    
4 29/11/1758 Samuel BRENTNALL   Swepstone Mary BOWNE    
5 01/12/1758 Edward MARTIN     Sarah HOPKINS    
6 08/01/1760 John LAGER   Whitwick Ann SHAKESPEARE Single  
7 14/02/1760 Thomas MANWARING Single Shenstone, Staffordshire Ann COOPER    
8 28/05/1760 James KNOWLES Single   Mary BOWNE Single  
9 19/10/1760 William DAGLEY   Tamworth, Staffordshire Sarah PEARSON    
10 18/11/1760 William ANSTEY     Ann RICHARDS Single  
11 02/04/1761 William JAQUES     Ann HINMAN Single  
12 12/04/1761 Richard GREEN   Witherley Mary VETCHER Single  
13 05/07/1761 Edward BUSWELL   Heather Izabel HOPKINS Single  
14 17/09/1761 Robert MUGGLESTON Widower   Anna WILLIAMS Single  
15 27/09/1761 Thomas WARD Single Patshull, Staffordshire Anna COOPER Single  
16 13/10/1761 William DEACON     Hannah STOCKLEY    
16 28/05/1762 George SHERWIN     Mary VARNAM    
17 04/10/1762 John DAY   Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwickshire Susanna GOODWIN    
9 22/10/1762 Samuel STONE Single Stretton On The Field Mary OTTY    
18 11/12/1763 William BLASTOCK     Mary HUDSON   Market Bosworth
17 20/12/1763 John BIBY Single   Ann BROUGHTON Single  
19 05/06/1764 Isaac SMITH Single   Mary RICHARDS Single  
10 28/10/1764 Thomas PEET Widower St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary BROOKE    
20 07/11/1764 Joseph SWINFIELD Widower   Mary MUMFORD Widow  
21 26/12/1764 William STRINGER Widower   Ann JAQUES Single  
11 07/03/1766 James OTTEY Single   Mary PYE Single Repton, Derbyshire
21 17/07/1766 William SMALLEY Widower   Frances GAMBLE Single  
26/05/1767 John BROOKS     Mary THURMAN    
24 07/06/1768 John BAYLIS     Elizabeth MITER    
27/06/1769 Richard FLAMSON   Ravenstone With Snibston Elizabeth ROBERTS    
06/11/1769 John INSLEY     Elizabeth OTTEY   Market Bosworth
04/12/1769 Thomas WARD   Ibstock Mary GREY    
19/01/1770 Thomas JAKES     Ruth ROGERS    
06/02/1770 William CLAYTON   Swepstone Elizabeth BLACKSHER    
28/10/1770 John JACKSON   Cadeby Elizabeth HARRIS    
01/04/1771 James HEATH     Elizabeth HINSON    
26/10/1771 John DAVIS   Wishaw, Warwickshire Ann JACKSON    
20/11/1771 Samuel BRENTNELL     Elizabeth BARNES    
03/08/1772 Bacon PRICE     Sarah PICKERING    
02/12/1773 John JEBBET     Mary GAMBLE    
19/07/1774 John SMITH   Congerstone Sarah HOLLIS    
01/11/1774 William CROSHAW   Measham Ann TAYLOR    
04/12/1774 George ORM     Elizabeth TILLEY    
23/01/1775 Joseph EARP   Newton Harcourt Ann BERINGTON    
04/04/1775 John SPENCER   Witherley Mary BERRINGTON    
08/05/1775 Thomas WOOD   Breedon On The Hill Mary BRANSON    
22/05/1775 Robert JONES     Catherine HILL    
17/06/1776 Simon PARKER     Ann BAXTER   Heather
08/10/1776 John JACKSON   Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Ann PARSON    
11/02/1777 Edward JOHNSON     Mary TREES    
18/06/1777 Nathaniel ROBERTS     Elizabeth PHILLIPS   Heather
22/09/1777 Richard ROBERTS     Sarah FREEMAN    
30/10/1777 John CUTBERT     Ann TAYLOR    
14/10/1778 Thomas STEVENSON     Mary BOWN    
14/10/1778 John OLIVER     Elizabeth MEESE    
30/10/1778 John HULL     Hannah BAKEWELL    
08/06/1779 Samuel BURROWS   East Leake, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth FREWMAN    
14/10/1779 Thomas SHARED     Mary COOPER    
21/06/1781 Thomas ORTON   Market Bosworth Hannah LOW    
08/10/1781 William GAMBLE   Enderby Elizabeth SWINFEN    
27/11/1781 Joseph JAQUES   Coleorton Mary BURTON    
17/12/1781 William GOBBET     Ann BOSWORTH    
09/06/1782 Richard COLAMSON   Hathern Mary BERRINGTON    
20/07/1782 Richard SLATER     Ann PEACE    
20/08/1782 William JAQUES     Elizabeth COOPER   Carlton
20/09/1782 John JAMES   Rempstone, Nottinghamshire Hannah BRENTNALL    
10/10/1782 Thomas JARVIS     Ann FREEMAN    
07/12/1782 George THIRLBY     Elizabeth HURLEY    
13/10/1783 Richard MARTIN   Norton Juxta Twycross Elizabeth TOON    
19/02/1784 William OTTEY   Snarestone Mary MELLERS   Twycross
30/05/1784 Charles POWELL     Sarah STEVENSON    
25/07/1784 Nathaniel HALFORD     Jane JONES    
15/08/1784 William NEWBURY     Elizabeth WICKENS    
16/11/1784 Ralph BISHOP     Elizabeth JAQUES    
23/01/1785 Thomas ROBINSON     Mary ILSLEY    
19/05/1785 William HARRISON     Elizabeth CLIFF    
20/09/1785 Charles MARSHALL     Mary JARVIS    
01/02/1786 John HEAP     Mary HOLT    
17/07/1786 Stephen ARNOLD     Ellinor PRICE    
30/07/1786 Thomas NICKLIN     Frances WEAN    
22/08/1786 Thomas JARVIS     Hannah FREEMAN    
25/12/1786 John SARE     Martha STORER    
18/02/1787 George MORREL   Anstey Elizabeth GAMBLE    
15/04/1787 Thomas HALL     Elizabeth BATES    
30/06/1787 William MIDDLETON   Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Mary MUGGLISTON    
13/08/1787 Thomas WILLIS     Ales WEST    
24/10/1787 George RIDGEWAY     Jane WARD    
12/11/1787 Thomas RIDGEWAY     Mary BALEY    
03/12/1787 John FARMER     Mary ENGER    
03/04/1788 Jonathan WOODHOUSE     Hannah WARD    
02/06/1788 Thomas TREECE     Mary AIR    
15/12/1788 Samuel LAKIN     Mary BAILEY    
27/09/1789 James PICKERING     Sarah COOPER    
02/11/1789 Robert PRICE     Anne RIDGWAY    
26/11/1789 Thomas BRANSON   Norton Juxta Twycross Charlotte HALL    
09/12/1789 Thomas WITHNEAL     Mary ROSS    
28/12/1789 Thomas WAINWRIGHT     Mary WAINWRIGHT    
07/06/1790 William KEEN     Mary NEWBURY   Ashby De La Zouch
24/07/1791 Thomas CHALLENOR   Billesden Sarah NEALE    
26/09/1791 Thomas JARVIS     Elizabeth JARVIS    
13/12/1791 James MEAD     Mary BLACKSHAW    
14/10/1792 Thomas RIDGWAY     Sarah CROXTON    
10/12/1792 William SMITH     Mary PICKERING    
29/09/1793 William ILSLEY     Elizabeth FAULKNALL    
02/12/1793 William BENNETT   All Saints, Leicester Mary HEXTOL    
03/12/1793 William MORETON Single Twycross Mary JARVIS Single  
29/04/1794 William WHITE     Ann RICHARDS    
16/11/1794 Henry ISON Single Swepstone Mary WATTS Single  
25/05/1795 Thomas WEBSTER Widower   Elizabeth BURDET    
26/05/1795 Thomas ISON   Swepstone Elizabeth WATTS    
12/07/1795 Thomas LEYLAND     Ann STRINGER    
25/08/1795 James RIDGWAY     Sarah CHAMBERLAIN    
28/03/1796 John GLOVER     Jane MORTON    
07/07/1796 John TILLEY     Rebekah STRINGER    
24/10/1796 Edward SUTHERLAND     Hannah SPALL    
27/02/1797 Thomas CHAPMAN   Nailstone Sarah BOOTH    
12/04/1797 John HAYWOOD   Swepstone Mary TIMMS    
16/04/1797 Thomas PRICE     Elizabeth ASHMORE    
01/05/1797 John GREASLEY     Ann MELLER    
16/05/1797 William LAKIN     Elizabeth MOOR    
16/07/1797 Jonathan UNDERWOOD     Susannah CROSHAW    
10/10/1797 Samuel BURWELL   Nailstone Elizabeth GREASLEY    
30/01/1798 Thomas HAYWOOD   Lockington Mary JONES    
25/02/1798 John ADIE     Mary JEBBET    
10/06/1798 Thomas INSHLEY     Ann JEBBET    
10/09/1798 James PATTERSON     Mary FARMER    
04/10/1798 William TALTON     Ann DAWKINS    
07/10/1798 James PICKERIN     Ann SIMMONS    
29/11/1798 James MEAD     Mary CLAYTON    
09/06/1799 George ISON   Snarestone Hannah DISNEY    
09/09/1799 John CASTALDINE     Sarah ROSE    
11/11/1799 Thomas SMITH   Barlestone Sarah RICHARDS    
25/12/1799 George RIDGWAY     Ann JACQUES    
20/01/1800 William RIDGWAY     Elizabeth POWDREL    
07/07/1800 Samuel ARNOLD     Sarah GAMBEL    
22/09/1800 William CARTER     Ann WAINWRIGHT    
21/01/1801 John BONSER     Elizabeth NICKLIN    
25/01/1801 Edward JACKSON     Mary HAYWOOD    
08/02/1801 Robert TEBBET     Sarah KNIGHT    
26/02/1801 Edward SEAL     Ann WAINWRIGHT   Markfield
13/04/1801 James ISON   Swepstone Hannah CUTHBERT    
13/04/1801 Richard JACQUES     Sarah COX    
06/09/1801 Thomas STAMMERS     Mary STIMSON    
13/10/1801 Bateman SADINGTON     Elizabeth ISON    
29/10/1801 William STATHAM     Sarah PROUDMAN    
02/11/1801 William JAQUES     Mary GAMBLE    
03/12/1801 Michael WATERFIELD     Elizabeth MELLOR    
02/03/1802 Thomas RICHARDS     Sarah BALLS    
29/03/1802 Abijah HILL     Mary BOWES    
13/10/1802 William WARD     Elizabeth TWIG    
03/06/1804 Gilbert COOK     Elizabeth TIVEY    
11/12/1804 Joseph MEE     Susanna DAWKINS    
13/01/1805 Thomas ERPE   Kegworth Jane RIDE    
25/02/1805 Joseph KIMBER     Elizabeth JARVIS    
29/03/1805 Nathaniel CAURAH   Barlestone Sarah HACKET    
31/03/1805 William REDFEARN     Hannah PICKERING    
18/07/1805 John HILL   Appleby Mary WILLIAMS    
02/09/1805 Samuel DEACON   Coston Grace BEST    
13/10/1805 Jonathan UNDERWOOD     Mary FARMER    
14/10/1805 Samuel FAWKS     Ann BODIN    
05/11/1805 William BAGSTER     Sarah UNDERWOOD    
27/01/1806 John BISHOP   Orton On The Hill Ann MORTON    
22/09/1806 John PEARSON   Mancetter, Warwickshire Sarah BRADMAN    
13/10/1806 James BOLTON     Ann CARTER    
27/10/1806 Thomas KIMBERLIN     Mary WHALE    
29/10/1806 Edwin YEOMANS   Tamworth, Staffordshire Ann SHELDON    
11/11/1806 Benjamin WOOD   Hinckley Elizabeth BURDETT    
09/02/1807 Joseph CLUTER     Anne JARVIS    
05/04/1807 John BRIT     Mary MARTIN    
26/07/1807 George ISOM     Fanny FARREN    
03/08/1807 Samuel ARNOLD     Ann TOWNSEND    
24/12/1807 John KING   Cadeby Mary UNDERWOOD    
04/02/1808 William HARRIS     Sarah PRUE   Kirkby Mallory
07/02/1808 Joseph GAMBLE     Elizabeth PORTER   Sutton Cheney
17/07/1808 Thomas LEE     Mary UNDERWOOD    
14/10/1808 Thomas PRICE     Dinah TRIBET   Carlton
11/10/1810 Thomas BLOCKLEY     Ann MOOR    
15/10/1810 William BARMISTER     Mary WILKES   Orton On The Hill
16/12/1810 William LATHMOOR     Sarah SPRINGTHORPE    
31/05/1811 John ROE   Snarestone Ann WARDELL    
12/04/1812 James LUDLOW     Mary HARDING    
06/10/1812 John WILLSON     Elizabeth CLAMP    
15/10/1812 William ALDRIDGE     Susanna GAMBLE    
1 19/04/1813 Michael STARKEY     Sarah SHARRARD    
2 22/09/1813 Thomas YARDLEY   Market Bosworth Sarah RIDGWAY    
3 12/10/1813 Thomas CHAPMAN   Market Bosworth Jane FARMER    
4 16/12/1813 John FARNELL     Ellen VARNAM   Snarestone
5 08/03/1814 John STACEY   Swepstone Mary ROWEL    
6 18/07/1814 William TILLEY   Barwell Sarah TEBBET    
7 17/04/1815 Edward KINSON     Mary MORTON    
8 30/05/1815 Thomas PEARSTON   Heather Ann GLEN    
9 28/11/1815 Aron BUCKLEY   Measham Elizabeth PRIMMER    
10 28/09/1816 Benjamin WALKER     Ann AMMONS    
11 29/10/1816 George JACKSON     Charlotte LAGER   Hugglescote
12 01/12/1817 Henry BARSBY     Elizabeth MATTHEWS    
13 01/01/1818 Edward RICHARDS     Ann GAMBLE    
14 09/02/1818 James HILL     Mary INSLEY    
15 02/07/1818 John OSBOURN     Sarah ROBINSON    
16 21/07/1818 John Hiram Aliff Welborn OWSTON   All Saints, Leicester Mary SPENCER    
17 28/12/1818 William UNDERWOOD     Susannah PROUDMAN    
18 21/03/1819 Henry BONSALE     Ann ARNOLD    
19 13/04/1819 James ILSLEY     Ann LUDLOW    
24 06/11/1819 John CLAMP     Elizabeth WOODWARD    
20 11/11/1819 Thomas PARE     Mary GRIFFIN    
21 15/11/1819 Thomas COPE   Seal, Derbyshire Hannah REDFIN    
22 25/11/1819 Thomas STUBS   Twycross Jane GAMBLE    
23 30/11/1819 Thomas PROUDMAN     Mary LAKIN    
25 04/09/1820 William SCREATON     Mary JARVIS    
26 12/10/1820 Samuel RIDGWAY     Ann BAILEY   Nailstone
27 29/01/1821 Joseph KIMBER     Ann WORTH    
28 31/07/1821 Joseph ARNOLD     Ann RIDGWAY    
29 21/01/1822 George NORTON     Sarah BURDETT    
30 22/01/1822 John MARRIOTT   Witherley Amey SHARP    
31 20/05/1822 William MILLER   Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire Jane TURNER    
32 01/09/1822 Thomas WARD     Sarah DIMMOCK   Swepstone
33 05/11/1822 William PEARSON   Swepstone Sarah WARD    
34 19/02/1823 Thomas UNDERWOOD     Mary EAGLEFIELD    
35 11/11/1823 William CHADWICK   Humberstone Alice PARSONS    
36 24/02/1824 George RIDGWAY     Lydia JARVIS    
37 14/09/1824 John ADIE     Diana JARVIS    
38 18/10/1824 Samuel JAMES     Sarah GADSBY   Ibstock
39 11/11/1824 Leonard NEWBERRY     Grace WATSON    
40 11/04/1825 William PERRY   Ibstock Maria JAQUES    
41 23/08/1825 James HILL     Mary HATTON    
42 20/11/1825 John CASTLEDINE     Mary KIMBERLAIN   Nailstone
43 08/12/1825 John BAILEY   Stretton On The Foss, Warwickshire Ann RIDGWAY    
44 29/12/1825 William CLARE   Ibstock Martha TASLEY    
45 16/02/1826 John COTTON   Clifton Campville, Staffordshire Frances ROWEL    
46 14/08/1826 John WATERS     Dorothy RIDGWAY    
47 23/10/1826 William LATTIMER     Elizabeth PRICE    
48 24/10/1826 William BOOTON   Twycross Sarah LATTIMER    
49 01/11/1827 Thomas PROCTOR     Elizabeth NEWBERRY    
50 21/11/1827 Edward HARPER   Coventry, Warwickshire Ann PATTERSON    
51 17/12/1827 John DAWKINS     Ann ROWLEY    
52 21/10/1828 George RIDGWAY     Charlotte THOMPSON   Sheepy Magna
53 04/11/1828 Francis JOHNSON   Hugglescote Elizabeth BARSBY    
54 10/02/1829 Thomas STEVENSON   St Martin, Leicester Mary TRUMAN    
55 17/02/1829 Thomas INSLEY     Ann JARVIS    
56 28/05/1829 Moses CARTWRIGHT   Derbyshire Ann TIMMS    
57 13/07/1829 James WHYATT   Appleby Sarah GLEN    
58 03/11/1829 Charles WATHEWS   Market Bosworth Ellen TILLEY    
59 16/11/1829 Daniel RYLE     Elizabeth ROWELL    
60 18/04/1830 John ILIFFE   Withybrook, Warwickshire Sarah RIDGWAY    
61 22/04/1830 Thomas SMITH   Carlton Mary JACKSON    
62 09/08/1830 George ATKINSON   St Mary, Leicester Ann VERNAM    
63 24/12/1830 William DEANE     Hannah RIDGWAY    
64 05/12/1831 Thomas TOPLIS   Seal, Derbyshire Mary BOWLER    
65 24/01/1832 John JAQUES     Theodosia WILSON    
66 10/04/1832 Thomas SHARP     Sarah SHAW    
67 14/08/1832 William PERCIVAL     Elizabeth WAIN    
68 21/03/1833 William SUTTON   Packington Anne INSLEY    
69 03/07/1833 Thomas ASTON   Barton Under Needwood, Staffordshire Hannah LUDLOW    
70 04/02/1834 John HUNT     Mary BELCHER    
71 26/02/1834 James LUDLOW     Ann HEXTALL    
72 24/07/1834 John MUSSON   Derbyshire Elizabeth TIMMS    
73 25/09/1834 Edward ASTON     Maria BARBER   Ilston On The Hill
74 10/11/1834 William BLACK     Jane RIDGWAY    
75 25/12/1834 Joseph BAILEY   Market Bosworth Elizabeth TILLEY    
76 09/02/1835 James RIDE   St Nicholas, Leicester Helen VARNHAM    
77 16/02/1835 Joseph JARVIS     Elizabeth HARRIS    
78 24/03/1835 Samuel SMITH   Swepstone Mary CHOYES    
79 26/05/1835 John BENNETT     Ruth TOPLISS    
80 22/10/1835 Henry COOK   Swepstone Dinah ADIE    
81 10/11/1835 John STEVENS     Elizabeth BONSER    
82 19/11/1835 John PALFREMAN   Castle Donington Sarah TILLEY    
83 24/11/1835 Thomas BERESFORD   Coleorton Mary JAKES    
84 01/12/1835 George TIMMS Single   Anne SHILLCOCK Single  
85 18/08/1836 George ILLESLEY Single   Rebecca WHETTON Single  
86 31/01/1837 Thomas RICHARDS     Elizabeth BARSBY    
87 25/02/1837 William BONSALL   Nailstone Hannah LAND    
88 16/05/1837 Samuel CLAMP   Market Bosworth Martha WILSON    

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