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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Waltham on the Wolds St Mary Magdalene


The Parish

The parish of Waltham on the Wolds lies in northeastern Leicestershire in a salient surrounded by the counties of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire & Rutland and roughly equidistant from each, Waltham on the Wolds is located about 5 miles northeast of the market town of Melton Mowbray. Waltham on the Wolds is a substantial village, formerly a market town but it failed to grow sufficiently to maintain that status, lying astride the A607 which connects Melton Mowbray with the Lincolnshire market town of Grantham. The suffix "on the Wolds" rightfully describes Waltham's setting in the Leicestershire portion of that limestone-rich rolling landscape. Much of Waltham on the Wolds lies on the A607, which it stretches along for almost a mile, or on the lane running east from it "High Street". The area would largely have had a mixed farming regime at the time of this transcript. Waltham on the Wolds is drained by a number of small streams heading southwards to join the River Eye at Melton Mowbray, from here it heads westwards joining in turn the Wreake, Soar and then the Trent at Long Eaton before reaching the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Waltham on the Wolds is sited at 160 metres above sea level and sits on top of ridge of land in rolling countryside, local heights being little higher. The parish of Waltham on the Wolds was of a fairly typical size for the area, it covered almost 2,900 acres and would have supported a population of around 750 parishioners. In Domesday times Waltham on the Wolds was a relatively small place, almost totally held by one Hugh of Grandmesnil it could offer just 9 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary Magdalene's church stands close by the junction of High Street and the A607. The church shows the early design format of an cruciform shape with the central crossing tower, here topped by a fine spire. Reflecting that design layout Pevsner is quick to point out that the doors, southern, northern & vestry all show Norman features albeit heavily restored and possibly reused. The main body of the church, however, is dated to circa 1300 with the majority of the church built to the Decorated style albeit the upper portions of the tower and the clerestory have the later Perpendicular styles. The church is large, as befits what was once a small market town, and shows five bays to the nave & aisles. A number of restorations from the early Victorian period resulted in the church as we see it today. The church sits in an elevated position, the churchyard almost at head-height, steps lead up from both eastern and western ends. The churchyard is relatively free from obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 29th September 1754 - 25th November 1812 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE625/12 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has suffered badly from fading making for a difficult read and making it likely there will be some misreads
2 25th May 1813 - 12th December 1836 Leicestershire & Rutland Record Office - Reference - DE625/13 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading continues in this register making for a possibility of a few misreads

Goadby Marwood St Denys
Goadby Marwood St Denys
Eaton St Denys
Branston St Cuthbert
Rothley St Mary & St John the Baptist
Scalford St Egelwin the Martyr
Croxton Kerrial St John the Baptist
Saltby St Peter
Stonesby St Peter
Scalford St Egelwin the Martyr
Thorpe Arnold St Mary
Wyfordby with Brentingby St Mary
Freeby St Mary
Stonesby St Peter
Saxby St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 29/09/1754 William PEAK   Market Overton, Rutland Catherine HAMPSON    
2 28/11/1754 George BUNNEY   Little Dalby Ann CLARKE    
3 05/12/1754 Henry LOE   Nether Broughton Ann PERRY    
4 25/12/1754 Jonathan HOTCHIN Widower   Catherine BEESON    
5 13/03/1755 Henry CHESTER Widower   Bridget RARE    
6 26/12/1755 John SMITH   Rempstone, Nottinghamshire Sarah TOON    
7 27/02/1756 William HATCHORN     Elizabeth GIBSON    
8 12/07/1756 James DOVE     Mary FORMAN    
9 22/11/1756 John CLARKE Widower   Mary PICKAVER Widow  
10 28/02/1757 Stephen CLARKE     Ann MARSON    
11 10/06/1757 Richard WATCHORN     Katherine BEALY   Buckminster
12 31/10/1757 Francis HALL   Barkestone Amy CHESTER    
13 14/11/1757 John CLARKE     Mary PATTMAN   Braunstone
14 27/11/1757 John REDGATE     Bridget HILL    
15 08/01/1758 John RAYNS     Anne BAKER    
16 12/02/1758 Edward PICKAVER     Frances NIX    
17 21/07/1759 Edward WHITE   Bingham, Nottinghamshire Frances GREENFIELD Single  
18 02/12/1759 William KELHAM     Avice GOODSON    
19 16/03/1760 John CARPENDALE     Ann BETTON    
20 25/03/1760 Charles KELHAM     Sarah GREATHEAD    
21 21/04/1760 Edward PICKAVER Widower   Mary SMITH    
22 01/08/1760 John WHITE   Burton Lazars Mary NORTH    
23 11/08/1760 Thomas KIMP Single   Elizabeth ROUSE    
24 17/10/1760 Daniel WESTON Single   Ann BARKS Single Stonesby
25 10/05/1761 Thomas TINKLER Widower   Dorothy KEMP    
26 30/06/1761 John GREENFIELD Single   Jane FORMAN Single  
27 27/08/1761 Francis ALLATSON Single St Nicholas, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Hannah YATES Single  
28 20/09/1761 William PEAK   Manton, Rutland Dorothy GOODWIN    
29 23/11/1761 Robert PEARSON Single   Elizabeth YATES Single  
30 26/12/1761 Richard MUSSON Single   Esther MUSSON Single  
31 22/02/1762 Matthew BAILEY Single   Elizabeth PICKAVER Single  
32 29/04/1762 Henry CHAMBERS Single   Ann GALE Single  
33 09/05/1762 Thomas LANK Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
34 24/07/1762 Robert BAKER Single   Elizabeth PORTER    
35 28/11/1762 William BUNNIS Single   Margaret DICK    
28/02/1763 Robert BISH Widower Corby, Lincolnshire Anne KIRK Single  
02/05/1763 Thomas GOODWIN Single   Damsin CAUNT    
25/07/1763 Jeffery DALLYWATER   Denton, Lincolnshire Mary SPENSER    
27/11/1763 William FOWLER Single   Mary KIRK    
05/03/1764 Thomas WAITE   Burton Lazars Sarah KELLAM    
19/04/1764 Henry CHESTER     Mary LINE    
06/05/1764 Joseph TINSLEY     Alice KELLAM    
27/12/1764 Samuel INGLETON Single Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WITHERSON Widow  
01/08/1765 John PARKER     Sarah FORMAN    
16/12/1765 William HUDDLESTONE   Oxton, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth RUXBY    
28/12/1765 William WORTLEY     Elizabeth HUNT Single  
11/02/1766 William MORRISON Single   Elisabeth BURSENELL Single  
18/11/1766 John HOWSON   Lincolnshire Mary NIX Single  
30/11/1766 William CAUNT   Eaton Mary HANDLEY    
15/12/1767 Christopher STOW   Grantham, Lincolnshire Mary FRISBY    
03/05/1768 John NORTH Widower Burton Lazars Hannah KIRK Single  
21/01/1770 Joseph THORPE     Sarah WARRANT    
28/01/1770 Robert JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth FORMAN Widow  
03/07/1770 Robert EAST Widower   Eleanor PEAK Single  
21/10/1770 William BRUTNELL     Elisabeth BAILLY    
31/10/1770 James SMITH     Elisabeth NORMAN    
15/09/1771 George COBLEY     Ann GREATHEAD    
02/12/1771 Francis HALL     Bridget REDGATE    
24/12/1772 James SMITH     Elizabeth HORNBUCKEL Single Langham, Rutland
26/07/1773 Christopher PICK     Elizabeth HOE   Braunstone
24/01/1774 John PEIKETT     Elizabeth HOLMES    
05/04/1774 William SHARP Single   Elizabeth HALT   Harby
18/01/1775 William HINDSON     Elizabeth SWAN    
06/06/1775 Samuel COXALL Single   Ann BELL Single Braunstone
29/06/1775 Adam COOKE Single   Rebecca CHESTER Widow  
22/01/1776 Thomas MUNTON Single Buckminster Elizabeth MUSSON Single  
10/11/1776 William BURTON Widower   Sarah FORMAN Widow  
11/11/1776 John WILLIAMSON Single Swayfield, Lincolnshire Alice BULLEY Single  
03/07/1777 Thomas CALVERT   Thorney, Nottinghamshire Mary FALLEWELL    
26/11/1777 Thomas MUSSON   Goadby Eleanor HARDY    
26/11/1777 Thomas MUSSON     Elizabeth SHARP    
14/03/1778 Thomas PAGGIT     Mary TAYLOR    
27/10/1778 William GASCOINE     Jane CLARKE    
16/03/1779 William HUNT     Alice FORMAN    
01/04/1779 John PEARS Single Great Dalby Elizabeth CLARK Single  
24/06/1779 Benjamin GEE Single   Mary CHESTER Widow  
26/10/1779 John WATSON Single   Mary BARROW Single  
10/04/1780 William BURCH Single   Sarah HILL Single  
16/08/1780 William THURLBY     Sarah GARRET    
24/11/1780 William WRIGHT     Mary LITHERLAND    
30/11/1780 William MUSSON     Mary FORMAN Widow  
18/04/1781 Joseph GARDNER     Elizabeth TOWERS   Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire
29/11/1781 Richard MUSSON     Jane JACKSON    
10/03/1782 Christopher PICK     Ann PEARS    
14/04/1782 Henry LOW     Mary BROWN    
04/07/1782 Thomas FRISBY     Margaret DIXON Widow  
10/10/1782 John EXTON Single   Sarah DOUBLEDAY    
14/10/1782 John CHESTER     Lucey TAYLOR    
31/10/1782 Thomas WATKINS     Mary DARBY    
24/11/1782 Amos JACKSON     Alice STEEL    
24/11/1782 Thomas PARLMAR     Ann FISHER    
27/05/1783 Richard TINKLER     Sarah CLARK    
09/06/1783 Robert MORRIS Single Hickling, Nottinghamshire Eliza SMART Single  
23/09/1783 John HOWSON     Mary MANN    
29/11/1783 Philip LOUGHTON   Marston, Lincolnshire Ann PICKAVER    
29/04/1784 William TINKLER     Elizabeth DAWSON    
13/06/1785 Robert JACKSON Single   Jane SANDY Single  
01/12/1785 Thomas BUNNEY Single Melton Mowbray Mary MUSSON    
01/05/1786 James TOON Single   Mary TEAT Single  
11/05/1786 Richard MUSSON Single   Elizabeth BRUTNEL Single Scalford
06/07/1786 William THURLBY Widower   Sarah DAWSON Single  
04/10/1786 John WATCHORN Widower   Mary FLINT Single  
20/11/1786 Richard RICHARDSON     Mary HOOKS    
11/04/1787 William TINKLER Widower   Ann NARROT Single Eaton
20/06/1787 William CHESTER     Sarah BEESON    
29/10/1787 Francis TEAT     Mary GREATHEAD    
11/11/1787 John MATTHEWS Single   Mary PICKAVER Single  
06/04/1788 George CARTWRIGHT Single Spilsby, Lincolnshire Sarah NEWBOUND Single  
22/04/1788 Thomas DARWIN     Sarah COOK Widow  
08/05/1788 Richard WATCHORN   Plungar Sarah PARKER    
06/07/1788 John HARRIS     Eliza SMITH    
15/10/1788 Thomas STOW Single Wycombe And Chadwell Sarah FOSTER Single  
22/12/1788 Thomas GEORGE     Mary BUNNEY    
08/06/1789 Thomas WYAR Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Margaret LATHAM Single  
04/11/1789 William BRUTNELL     Ann STOREY Single  
19/04/1790 John LUVETT     Elizabeth PARKER Single  
03/10/1790 George HUERDINE     Mary FELSTEAD    
23/11/1790 Charles KELHAM     Ann MUSSON    
24/11/1791 Joseph WILSON     Elizabeth HOOKS    
29/11/1791 Robert BELL     Mary VINCENT    
26/02/1792 Jeffrey DALLYWATER     Elizabeth HEALEY    
29/07/1792 John WINTER     Elizabeth GROCOCK    
30/07/1792 William KELHAM     Mary HOWSON    
02/12/1793 Samuel TOMLIN     Jane MUSSON Widow  
10/08/1794 George HALL Single Saxby Alice GOODWIN    
26/11/1794 Thomas CHAMBERS Single   Mary GLENN Single  
22/11/1795 Matthew BALEY Single   Frances ROW Single  
22/11/1795 Christopher WILLIAMSON     Sarah FOSTER    
21/12/1795 William HURST Widower Wragby, Lincolnshire Mary WAITS Single  
20/11/1796 Thomas PADGETT Widower Stonesby Martha BRADLEY Single  
26/09/1797 Edward WORTLEY     Mary DICKMAN    
27/11/1797 William HALLEY     Eleanor EAST    
03/06/1798 William ALLEN Single Goadby Ann WORMHILL Single  
11/06/1798 Thomas BARNARD Widower Long Clawson Susannah HALL Widow  
13/05/1799 Thomas MASON   Barkestone Margaret BUNNY    
01/07/1799 William KELHAM Single   Ann BRUTNELL Single  
04/09/1799 William BURTON     Ruth JOHNSON    
21/04/1800 Robert SIMON     Elizabeth TEAT    
24/11/1800 John GOODACRE   Ab Kettleby Mary DOLBY    
24/11/1800 John WELLBOURN     Jane SWAIN    
09/08/1801 William FREEMAN     Elizabeth WITO    
26/10/1801 Charles MATHERS     Mary BRUTNELL    
08/12/1801 John LAW     Sarah WAINER    
06/01/1802 William MARSCHALL     Abigail SMALLEY    
19/03/1802 Robert LONG     Mary JOHNSON Single  
19/04/1802 William COOK     Catherine WELLBORN    
13/12/1802 William GREENBURY     Sarah BRUTENALL    
06/02/1803 Thomas ALLEN     Ruth SMITH    
11/04/1803 Thomas MUNTON     Eleanor BRUTNELL    
24/04/1803 John STAINS     Sarah MATHERS    
16/10/1803 William KEMP     Sarah CHESTER    
07/11/1803 John MARRIOTT   Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth WELSH    
19/12/1803 James STOREY     Sarah WATCHORN    
20/02/1804 James SMITH Widower   Ann HAND    
01/05/1804 Richard TRYNER   Denton, Lincolnshire Alice PICK    
28/07/1804 Robert BROWN     Jane BRUTNELL    
05/11/1804 James TOON Widower   Hannah EAST    
23/01/1805 George HAYNES     Sarah PICK    
28/09/1805 William HARDING Widower   Sarah STEVENS Widow  
30/09/1805 John CHESTER     Elizabeth CARTER    
02/12/1805 John OSBOURNE     Ann COXALL    
07/01/1806 William LODDINGTON   Stapleford Mary SHARP    
20/01/1806 Thomas COOK     Dorothy TINKLER    
17/03/1806 William ROSE   Knipton Sarah NOCKLEY    
08/12/1806 William DODD     Mary ROSE    
22/12/1806 Thomas WRIGHT     Sarah MORRISON    
23/02/1807 John Jackson BOYER     Elizabeth POSSNETT    
13/04/1807 William SWAIN   Garthorpe Ann MUSSON    
16/04/1808 George ASHBOURNE   Croxton Kerrial Sarah CALVERT    
26/05/1808 John TUCKWOOD Single   Sarah SHAW Single  
30/05/1808 Thomas NEWTON     Mary ASHTON    
24/11/1808 Thomas ALCOCK   Melton Mowbray Ann DRING    
02/01/1809 John HOULTON   Croxton Kerrial Mary MUSSON    
24/06/1809 Samuel PEACOCK   St Benedict, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Harriott NEWMAN Single  
04/10/1809 John ECOSS     Rebecca GREASLEY    
10/10/1809 William WARD   Sproxton Catherine GIBSON    
14/05/1810 John Jackson BOYER Widower   Ann GREEN Widow  
20/05/1810 John RECK Widower   Sarah KELHAM Single  
02/07/1810 James DOBSON     Elizabeth BELL Single  
19/07/1810 Henry CHESTER     Mary GOODMAN    
23/08/1810 Henry CARTER Single   Mary CROSS Single  
24/09/1810 Robert SMITH   Melton Mowbray Elizabeth GOODMAN    
12/11/1810 John LOVETT     Sarah GRASLEY    
23/01/1811 Thomas WESTON   Colsterworth, Lincolnshire Elizabeth TOWERS    
24/01/1811 Benjamin WOLLERTON   Mountsorrel Mary COOK    
27/07/1811 James YATES Single   Elizabeth WALTON Single  
20/01/1812 Richard TINKLER Single   Elizabeth COX Widow  
16/11/1812 James FRESSTON     Mary KNAP    
25/11/1812 William GRESLEY     Mary POSSNETT    
1 25/05/1813 Joseph CHAMBERLAIN Single   Mary Ann TURNER Single  
2 19/05/1814 Robert BAILING   Stonesby Alice ROSE    
3 27/06/1814 Robert BREWIN Single Grantham, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
4 06/02/1815 Richard CARTER Widower   Elizabeth TOMPKINS Single  
5 16/03/1815 Thomas TURNER     Frances BRUTNELL    
6 20/03/1815 Richard COOK     Ann THURLBY    
7 18/08/1815 Francis TEAT Single   Ann BUNNEY Single  
8 21/10/1815 John LOCK Single   Elizabeth KELHAM Single  
9 27/12/1815 James PEARS Single   Elizabeth WALKER Single  
10 29/02/1816 Richard MARRIOTT Single Knipton Mary GASKOINE Single  
11 07/10/1816 John MARRIOTT Single   Sarah STOCKWELL Single  
12 17/10/1816 Robert JOHNSON Single Saxby Elizabeth NEWTON    
13 27/11/1816 John KIRTON Single   Sarah GLOVER Single  
14 11/12/1816 George GOOBCHERE     Frances MATTHEWS    
15 30/12/1816 John ORMOND Widower Melton Mowbray Eleanor ECOL Single  
16 12/02/1817 John GEORGE Single   Sarah PATCHETT Single  
17 07/07/1817 William GASCOINE Single   Esther SPURR Single  
18 17/11/1817 Richard WATCHORN Single Edmondthorpe Elizabeth MUSSON Single  
19 25/11/1818 William HUBBARD Single   Sarah THURLBY Single  
20 07/02/1819 Thomas TINKLER     Elizabeth MATHERS    
21 22/02/1819 William WAITE     Elizabeth WALL    
22 18/05/1819 Mark BIRD   Foston, Lincolnshire Mary KELHAM    
23 25/07/1819 Charles GREENWOOD Single   Sarah KELLAM Single  
24 23/08/1819 Joseph GREASELY Single   Jane FARDENN Single  
25 25/11/1819 Robert PATCHET     Sarah CARTER    
26 08/05/1820 Philip GASCOINE Single   Jane MORRIS Single  
27 12/06/1820 Edward TINKLER Single   Maria BRUTNALL Single  
28 14/08/1820 Stephen COLEMAN Single   Sarah SMART Single  
29 19/09/1820 James FARDELL Single Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire Ann DEWEY Single  
30 29/10/1820 John MATTHEWS Widower   Comfort DARNELL Single  
31 04/12/1820 William BURGIN Single   Elizabeth REMENTON Single  
32 26/12/1820 Richard JACKSON Single   Elizabeth MUNTON Single  
33 12/02/1821 John MACHIN Single Plungar Ruth BURTON Single  
34 14/05/1821 Edward LANE Single   Mary HAND Single  
35 12/07/1821 Matthew GOOAKEAR Single   Hannah COBLEY    
36 13/08/1821 Thomas WEBB Widower   Elizabeth KEENDRED    
37 28/12/1821 William WOOD Widower Hoby Mary MUSSON Single  
38 11/04/1822 Thomas MORRISON Single Plungar Elizabeth KELLAM Single  
39 21/12/1822 Thomas WATSON Single Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary HEATHCOTE Single  
40 21/12/1822 Ralph HEATHCOTE Single   Elizabeth HICKLING Single  
41 05/02/1823 Thomas EXTON Single   Penelope VEASEY Single  
42 31/03/1823 William CHAMBERS Single   Elizabeth CHAMBERS Single  
43 01/07/1823 Thomas HOLMES Single Eaton Mary BURTON Single  
44 21/07/1823 John SELBY Single   Ann TINKLER Single Scalford
45 28/10/1823 Compton BELL Single   Maria HUTCHINS Single  
46 11/02/1824 William DOLBY Single   Elizabeth CHESTER Single  
47 13/05/1824 Samuel WICKENS   Boughton, Northamptonshire Sarah HUCKEN Single  
48 11/08/1824 Richard REED Single Rothley Elizabeth TINKLER Single  
49 24/11/1824 John WORMOLD     Sarah GILL Single  
50 06/06/1825 John JESSON   Eaton Ann LISTER Single  
51 28/08/1825 James TOONE Single   Ann REDGATE Single  
52 19/09/1825 William BRUTNELL Single Radford, Nottinghamshire Sarah BEALEY Single  
53 19/09/1825 John HALL Single   Sarah SWAIN Single  
54 20/10/1825 Richard ECOSS Single   Elizabeth WORTLEY Single  
55 14/11/1825 William ECOSS Widower   Ruth WORTLEY Single  
56 15/05/1826 George KELLAM Single   Martha CLARK Single  
57 20/09/1826 William MUNTON Single   Mary Ann CLARK Single  
58 13/11/1826 Richard TINKLER Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
59 14/11/1827 Robert SNELL Single   Sarah CHESTER Single  
60 19/11/1827 Isaac BONSHER Single   Sarah WELFORD Single  
61 27/11/1827 Philip BURGIN Single   Rhoda KELLAM Single  
62 29/11/1827 William STRINGER Single Stapleford Ann GASCOIGN Single  
63 29/09/1828 Augustine CLARK Single   Catharine KELLAM Single  
64 27/10/1828 Henry CHESTER Single   Jane BROWN Single  
65 01/12/1828 John SELBY Single   Mary PARKER Single  
69 00/00/1829 William WRIGHT     Mary COOK    
66 14/02/1829 Robert CLARK Single St Michael, Stamford Lincolnshire Catharine BRUTNELL Single  
67 13/04/1829 William MORRISON     Frances HUTCHEN    
68 09/06/1829 James DOLPHIN     Anne KELLAM    
70 15/11/1829 William MATTHEWS     Eliza BURTON    
71 14/12/1829 Thomas CARTER Single   Ann HICKLING Single  
72 08/02/1830 William HARDING Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
73 01/03/1830 Carter COOK Single   Mary SWIFT Single  
74 22/03/1830 James PICK Single Twyford Amelia MUNTON Single  
75 31/07/1830 William CARTER Single   Frances SARDINSON   Nether Broughton
76 09/08/1830 William CLARKE Single   Elizabeth MORRELL Single  
77 20/09/1830 Mark KELLAM Single   Elizabeth BEALEY Single  
78 21/09/1830 Thomas PORTER Single Kirby Bellars Elizabeth HARDING Single  
79 04/10/1830 Worthy William CARLISLE Single   Maria WORTLEY Single  
80 23/10/1830 Thomas STANLEY Single Stockport, Cheshire Lucy CARTER Single  
81 24/11/1830 William GASCOYNE Widower   Eliza BUTTRISS Single  
82 25/12/1830 Richard COOK     Sarah WRIGHT Widow  
83 27/12/1830 Thomas GASCOYNE Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
84 27/12/1830 George KELLAM Single   Sarah BURGOIN Single  
85 02/02/1831 Joseph CHAMBERLIN Widower   Elizabeth SARDINSON Single Nether Broughton
86 28/02/1831 Matthew BEALEY Single   Eleanor MATTHEWS Single  
87 07/03/1831 Thomas RIMMINGTON Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
88 11/05/1831 William CARLIELE   Langar, Nottinghamshire Ruth ECOSS Widow  
89 17/07/1831 Thomas BURRNALL   Whissendine, Rutland Mary WRIGHT    
90 01/08/1831 William KELLAM Single   Eliza HARDING Single  
91 19/09/1831 Henry KELLAM Single   Mary Ann MORRISON Single  
92 22/09/1831 John LEA Single   Ann PALMER Single  
93 29/11/1831 Robert SNELL Widower   Damsel GOODWIN Single  
94 09/01/1832 John KELLAM   Long Clawson Mary WELBOURNE    
95 09/01/1832 John SHARP Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
96 11/06/1832 Edward MARSHALL   Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire Ann MORRIS    
97 14/05/1833 Charles SKELLETT     Catharine JEPSON    
98 03/06/1833 William DUICK   Thrussington Ann WORTHEY    
99 14/12/1833 Henry TICKNER Widower   Hannah LIPSCOMBE Single  
100 26/12/1833 William BAILEY Single   Eliza WHITTAKER Single  
101 20/01/1834 Charles HOLMES Single Freeby Catharine FARDELL Single  
102 16/03/1834 John OSBORN Widower   Mary MILNES Single  
103 12/05/1834 Admatha SIMONS Single   Ann WILFORD Single  
104 03/06/1834 William FISHER Single   Elizabeth CHESTER Single  
105 29/08/1834 John BURGIN Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Edith PEARS Single  
106 20/09/1834 Joseph TURNER Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary BEALEY Single  
107 18/10/1834 James FREESTON Single   Eliza COOK Single  
108 03/11/1834 John SCREATON Single Twyford Ann MUNTON Single  
109 18/03/1835 Robert WALKER Single Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire Charlotte BURTON Single  
110 20/05/1835 Robert SIMONS     Elizabeth TOWERS    
111 08/06/1835 William SHELDON Single   Frances CLARK Single  
112 13/06/1835 William RAWLING Single Croxton Kerrial Eliza HAYNES Single  
113 15/06/1835 Thomas WRIGHT Widower Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire Mary MEADOWS Single  
114 09/11/1835 George WOOLERTON Single   Mary SHORT Single  
115 09/11/1835 William SHORT Single   Ann WATCHORN Single  
116 13/03/1836 David WARD Single   Mary BOOSER Single  
117 09/05/1836 George CHESTER Single   Mary Ann BISHOP Single  
118 03/07/1836 William BARNES Single Croxton Kerrial Eliza WATCHORN Single  
119 22/08/1836 John MARRIOTT Widower   Elizabeth GEESON Widow  
120 28/08/1836 William GUNBY Single Thorpe Arnold Susanna WILFORD Single  
121 26/09/1836 Richard SHORT Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
122 12/12/1836 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Jane MATTHEWS Single  

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