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Grayingham St Radegunda


The Parish

The parish of Grayingham is located in northwestern Lincolnshire. Grayingham is located about 7 miles northeast of the market town of Gainsborough and 2 miles south of the large village of Kirton in Lindsey. Grayingham sits about a 1/2 mile west of the B1398 road which links Kirton in Lindsey with Lincoln. Grayingham is a compact village built around a T junction of lanes. This area is intensively agricultural with classic Lincolnshire big skies over large arable fields, dominated by cereals as well as oil seed and beet. Grayingham is built largely on a broad and rather featureless plain, land rises gently to the ridge on which the Roman road of Ermine Street runs, about 2 miles east of the village and forming the eastern border of this and many other parishes. What little drainage there is is headed westwards to join the River Eau, and thence the Trent before reaching the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Grayingham is sited at around 30 metres above the sea. The parish is of a typical size for this part of Lincolnshire and covered just over 1,600 acres, it would have supported just of 150 parishioners. In Domesday times Grayingham was split three ways, half held by the King and a quarter each to the Bishop of Lincoln and one Erneis of Buron. The parish then supported a meagre 9 ploughs across all three landholdings.

The Church

St Radegunda's church sits on the southern side of Church Lane, which forms the eastward running branch of the T junction. The church consists of two distinct ages, the western tower, a rather squat affair, is the earliest portion and dates from the cusp of 13th & 14th centuries. The remainder was largely rebuilt in 1797 and the whole was heavily restored in Victorian times. A low brick wall separates church & graveyard from the lane and a gate at the westward end gives access. The site is relatively open with few restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th November 1755 - 4th June 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - GRAYINGHAM PAR/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has suffered damage over the years becoming detached from the spine and suffering loss of page at the bottom resulting in some data being incomplete and both omission and misreads are likely
2 13th May 1813 - 8th June 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - GRAYINGHAM PAR/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/11/1755 Robert ANDREW     Anne PICKWORTH    
2 13/05/1759 Godfrey TONG     Mary RODGISON    
3 09/05/1760 John WALKER     Elizabeth KIRK    
4 07/07/1760 William HARDY   Kirton In Lindsey Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
5 28/05/1761 Thomas NOCTON     Mary BURWILL    
13/05/1762 Thomas FROW     Rebekah BERRY    
22/07/1762 George FLETCHER   Kirton In Lindsey Elizabeth NOCKLON    
16/05/1763 John BLOW     Elizabeth DAVIS    
23/05/1765 George NEWHAM   Broughton Mary JACKSON    
21/05/1766 John AUDAS   Kirton In Lindsey Hannah ATKINSON    
21/03/1767 Duke WOOLAS     Mary BOARDMAN    
21/02/1770 Benjamin WRIGHT   Tickhill, Yorkshire Mary BARR    
11/04/1771 Thomas STEPHENSON     Mary TONG    
16/05/1771 Robert GIBSON     Elizabeth KELL    
00/00/1772 Thomas ACKRIL     Mary PAVER    
11/05/1772 John IRELAND   North Willingham Elizabeth TOFT    
05/06/1773 John HARRAS Single   Mary ALLAMBY Widow  
08/06/1773 George NEWHAM     Sarah SMITH    
31/12/1773 John WATSON Single Southwell, Nottinghamshire Ann ALAMBY Single  
26/12/1775 Richard FLETCHER     Elizabeth RUSLIN   Kirton In Lindsey
31/03/1777 Richard BOARDMAN   Hibaldstow Mary BOARDMAN    
18/01/1779 David HILL     Ann PARKIN Single  
26/03/1779 George HOLGATE Single Redbourne Ann PEEL Single  
04/06/1779 Richard STAMP   Goxhill Sarah KIRKBY    
17/01/1780 William PEELE Widower Great Gonerby Elizabeth PEELE Single  
08/02/1780 Ash MARTIN     Mary WALKER    
17/11/1780 Timothy HURTON     Elizabeth KIRBY Single  
11/01/1781 Marmaduke WOOLHOUSE Widower   Sarah MILNER Single Habrough
24/11/1783 John MARSHALL Single   Mary PINCHER Single  
02/08/1784 George MAW Single Bigby Sarah BURWILL Single  
28/11/1785 John BARNOTT Single   Jane KIRKBY Single  
17/01/1787 Thomas KIRKBY Single   Mary NEWAM Single  
05/06/1787 George NEWHAM Widower   Mary FREIBERRY Single  
14/08/1787 William HARDY Widower   Margaret ALLER Single  
13/05/1788 Robert FREARY Single   Mary COUSANS Single  
27/10/1789 John PEELE     Catherine NELSON    
26/04/1790 John GREGORY     Phoebe COWPER    
25/11/1793 John BARNET Widower   Sarah RIGWORTH Single  
13/08/1795 Thomas DUNN Single Kirton In Lindsey Mary PEELE Single  
21/06/1796 Samuel ROBINSON Single Bishop Norton Elizabeth PEELE Single  
31/10/1797 James BORREL Single   Elizabeth POTTON Single  
22/05/1798 William COOTE Single   Mary WOOLAS Single  
29/05/1798 Robert OTTER Single   Ann WATTAM Single  
25/09/1800 William BELTON Widower Corringham Mary PEELE Single  
24/05/1802 William STOTHARD Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
18/06/1804 John GRAY Widower Kirton In Lindsey Mary NOCTON Single  
08/01/1805 Thomas OTTER Single Kirton In Lindsey Jane MARTIN Single  
15/05/1805 James BOWLING     Ann COWPER    
31/07/1806 Spencer PEELE Widower   Rebecca HOWSAM Single  
01/03/1809 Thomas SHAW Widower Kirton In Lindsey Sarah WILKINSON Single  
14/12/1809 Thomas STEPHENSON Single   Elizabeth HOWSAM Single  
10/06/1811 Richard ALLIN Single Little Grimsby Elizabeth CAMPBELL Single  
04/06/1812 Samuel BETTS Single Bishop Norton Elizabeth PEELE Single  
1 13/05/1813 John THOMPSON Single   Jane PLATTS Single  
4 12/08/1814 Thomas MARSHALL Single   Ann BRUNYER Single  
2 28/11/1814 William WHITEHEAD Single Manton Ann WATTAM Single  
7 15/01/1818 William SMITH Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
8 03/02/1818 John PEELE Single   Charlotte SOMERSCALES Single Kirton In Lindsey
9 03/02/1818 William MOYNS Single Kirton In Lindsey Elizabeth CUNDILL Widow  
10 22/07/1818 Benjamin WRIGHT Single Blyborough Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
13 25/03/1819 William HOUSHAM Single Willoughton Ann CLIXBY Single  
16 30/11/1820 Joseph HALL Single   Elizabeth HOUSHAM Single Kirton In Lindsey
19 20/02/1821 Thomas MARTINDALE Single Butterwick Sarah COOPER Single  
20 17/12/1821 William HALLAM Single Carlton On Trent, Nottinghamshire Jane FORREST Single  
21 23/05/1822 Joseph COOK     Sarah HOST    
22 05/08/1824 John BURTON     Mary COOTE    
24 04/09/1827 Edward ADKIN   Redbourne Sarah THEAKER    
25 22/07/1828 George TOMLINSON   South Kelsey Anne OTTER    
26 10/02/1829 John OTTER     Frances OTTER    
27 09/04/1829 William WEATHERHOY     Martha BELL    
28 08/06/1829 Benjamin WRIGHT Widower   Mary WRIGHT Single  
30 12/01/1831 John SAUNDERSON Single Kirton In Lindsey Rosamond WRIGHT Single  
31 24/02/1831 John WRIGHT Single   Mary Ann CHAPMAN    
32 20/03/1831 John BENNET     Charlotte COOK    
33 11/07/1831 William ARMSTRONG   Scotton Elizabeth SMITHSON    
34 10/10/1831 John KING   Willoughton Mary SLEIGHT    
35 23/04/1834 Thomas MARRIS     Ann COOTE    
36 15/05/1834 John CASTLE     Jane CUNDELL    
37 11/06/1834 John WHELPTON     Jane MARSHALL    
38 17/11/1834 John NICHOLSON     Charlotte HORNSBY    
39 28/12/1835 David PLUMTREE Widower Kirton In Lindsey Mary KIRKBY Single  
40 18/07/1836 Joseph GARTHWAITE   Broughton Mary WEATHERHOGG    
41 12/09/1836 John WRIGHT   Kirton In Lindsey Elizabeth DOADS    
42 12/05/1837 Joseph BELL     Mary COUSENS    
43 17/05/1837 George WRIGHT     Elizabeth SPENCER   Blyborough
44 08/06/1837 Thomas SMITHSON   Aslackby Sarah WILSON    

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