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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Harlaxton St Mary & St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Harlaxton lies in southwestern Lincolnshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Leicestershire. Harlaxton is a moderately large village which is located about 3 miles southwest of the town of Grantham and which sits on, and to the south of, the A607 which connects Grantham with Melton Mowbray. Harlaxton largely consists of a U shaped lane running out and back from the A607 on which most properties are grouped. The parish, however, is dominated by the former Harlaxton Manor one of the major houses of its county but nowadays a college of education run by an American University. The parish economy would have been a mixture of the estate's needs and those of the village, farming predominating and with a mixed regime; the local ironstone was extensively quarried both for building and road stone and provided employment for some. Modern developments did come to Harlaxton, the Grantham Canel connecting the town with the Trent runs through the northern part of Harlaxton parish whilst the bust A1, Great North Road, has its Grantham bypass running a couple of miles to Harlaxton's east. A tributary of the nearby River Witham, modified for the interest within the estate's parkland, drains the short distance northeastwards to meet the Witham at Grantham, here begins a long journey north to Lincoln and thence to the North Sea through the port of Boston. Harlaxton is sited at around 90 metres above the sea, land continues to rise to the south reaching 140 metres within a couple of miles. Harlaxton parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering close to 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of just over 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Harlaxton was already a substantial settlement, held by King William, himself, it could offer an impressive 16 plough, a substantial meadow and 2 mills and was one of the largest 20% of settlements recorded in the book.

The Church

St Mary & St Peter's church sits centrally within the U shaped lane as mentioned above. The local ironstone is used to great effect on the building giving it a russet colour from the oxidation of the iron content. The church is one which was substantially restored in Victorian times making for a challenge to Pevsner to accurately distinguish between real medieval and faux. The earliest elements identified are the northern & southern arcades which are in an apparently original Early English Gothic style and probably early 13th century or at best late 12th. Most of the remaining fabric is Perpendicular in style and reflects a significant rebuild covering the late 14th and early 15th centuries. It is to the Victorian era that we owe much of today's church, the southern porch was initially rebuilt in 1858 as part of a general restoration but in 1890 a further and substantial restoration results in most of what one sees today, including the largely 19th century internal furnishings. The church is accessed by a short spur off Church Street, a sign then points to a substantial car park within the large churchyard. Given the height of the spire it is welcome that the churchyard is extensive and with no significant obstacles to photography/

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 31st May 1755 - 24th November 1803 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - HARLAXTON PAR/1/5

Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of the register may lead to a few misreads
2 27th May 1804 - 7th April 1813 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - HARLAXTON PAR/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 28th November 1813 - 25th March 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - HARLAXTON PAR/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Barrowby All Saints
Barrowby All Saints
Barrowby All Saints
Denton St Andrew
Grantham St Wulfram
Wyville with Hungerton St Catherine
Stroxton All Saints
Little Ponton St Guthlac

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/01/1754 Nathaniel SQUIRES Barrowby Jane LUDLAM
12/03/1754 Richard PALMER Sarah HUNTMAN Grantham
1 31/05/1755 William BETT Mary PLUMB
2 20/01/1756 John LUDLAM Ann MILLINGTON Harston, Leicestershire
3 20/04/1756 John BRIGGS Mary CLARK
4 20/04/1756 John BETT Anna THOMSON
5 29/08/1756 John MORRIS Marston Jane CHAPMAN
6 12/12/1756 Robert MORRIS Mary CASTLE
7 13/12/1756 William PYBURN Farndon, Nottinghamshire Anne EVANS
8 18/01/1757 Thomas BOYER Frances GERVASE
9 30/01/1757 Edward RAWLING Mary REDFORD
10 06/02/1757 Anthony BEEKE Anne MARTIN
12 13/05/1758 George WESSELBY Single Anne BURTON Single
13 14/11/1758 John CHENNEL Single Barrowby Mary BEECHAM Single
14 18/12/1758 Anthony HAILEY Single Mary HARBY Widow
15 19/09/1759 John WHITE Single Skillington Hannah WOOLLEY Single
16 20/09/1759 James TOMLINSON Widower Morton Anne CASTLE Widow
17 24/11/1759 James ARNOLD Single Grantham Eleanor HATFIELD Single
18 26/05/1760 Joseph FISHER Single Anne NICHOLLS Single
19 21/01/1762 William FAREBROTHER Single Denton Mary MARTIN Single
20 09/02/1762 John WILSON Single Mary BURGOIN Single
21 04/11/1762 John CROW Single Honington Anne ORSON Single
22 30/11/1762 Richard CASTLE Widower Anne SANDY Widow
23 07/04/1763 George BELL Single Dorothy WOODROFF Single
24 30/05/1763 Michael ROBINSON Single Mary JOHNSON Wyville With Hungerton
25 09/06/1763 Robert ABEL Single Rebekah THORP Single
26 13/12/1763 Samuel WOOLLEY Single Anne CLAYTON Single
27 26/06/1764 Edward CUMBERLAND Single Mary JONES Single
28 10/07/1764 William WOODROFFE Single Elizabeth TIPLADY Single
29 25/11/1764 George WITHERINGTON Single Anne WALTON Single
30 25/12/1764 Thomas PARKER Single Grantham Mary MORRIS Widow
31 15/05/1766 John MIDDLETON Single Wellingore Phoebe TIPLADY Single
32 08/07/1766 William SANDAY Single Wilsford Mary LYNN Single
33 16/12/1767 Thomas BANTON Single Anne PYBMAN Widow
34 12/01/1768 Richard DICKENS Single Burton Lazars, Leicestershire Frances ROBERTS Single
35 24/05/1768 Thomas FIRCHEL Single Elizabeth ARNOLD Single
36 17/07/1769 John BISSIL Knipton, Leicestershire Sarah BISSIL
37 17/10/1770 Richard BEECROFT Skillington Jane BICKLEY
38 02/04/1771 Joseph OLDHAM St Peter, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary ROBERTS
39 07/11/1771 Morris BEET Sarah TONGUE Great Gonerby
40 05/10/1772 Benjamin BISSIL Elizabeth KINGSTON
15/02/1773 William WHALEY North Witham Eleanor WOOLLEY
41 29/04/1773 Samuel HOLMES Mary CLAYTON
42 28/06/1773 John LAWSON Ann FOOTIT
43 24/11/1774 William ALLEN Elizabeth WHEAT
44 11/12/1774 Jarvas WRIGHT Jane LANE
45 01/06/1775 John HOLMES Elizabeth RASTAL
46 28/09/1776 Solomon WARDMAN Mary TUBMAN
47 14/11/1776 Robert TAYLOR Colsterworth Mary HOLMES
48 25/01/1777 William CLAYTON Elizabeth BETT
49 24/11/1777 Thomas BLANKLEY Denton Mary JOHNSON
50 27/02/1780 John JEBB Ruth WORTLEY
51 30/03/1780 John PEACH Barkston Elizabeth SMITH
52 14/10/1780 Moses CALVERT Widower Bottesford, Leicestershire Mary ROBINSON
53 09/10/1781 Richard WOOLLEY Catherine LORD
54 16/05/1782 Richard GAMBLE Dorothy BEECHAM
55 23/05/1782 Henry BEAKER Wilsford Sarah HARKER
56 26/08/1782 John COY Widower Somerby By Grantham Mary BEASLEY Widow
57 03/02/1783 George MARRATT Knipton, Leicestershire Elizabeth BIMROSE
58 12/05/1785 James PULLEN Mary EAST
59 17/05/1785 Robert GEORGE Folkingham Mary JACKSON
60 06/08/1786 Thomas ROBINSON Single Catharine WOOLEY Widow
61 24/10/1786 James COPELAND Wyville With Hungerton Mary LORD
62 12/03/1787 John CHESTER Elizabeth TOW
63 20/10/1787 William WRIGHT Mary JACKSON
64 19/11/1787 John RICKETT Sarah BAXTOR
65 24/11/1788 John GENNEL Diana MOULEY
66 09/12/1788 Thomas HAND Single Bottesford, Leicestershire Ann Robinson GREGORY
67 26/11/1789 George LORD Single Alice SPICER Single
68 24/12/1789 James STARSMER Elizabeth BAILEY
69 12/04/1790 William CLARK Single Grantham Jane BRIGGS Single
70 25/10/1790 William ROPSON Single Oakham, Rutland Mary CLAYTON Single
71 14/10/1792 John BOOTH Single Ann BRIGGS Single
72 11/02/1793 James PULLEN Widower Ann MORRISON Single
73 27/07/1793 John KENNEWELL Single Eleanor TOW Single
74 17/11/1793 Jonathan KENEWELL Single Elizabeth BUXTON Single
75 26/12/1793 Benjamin DICKINSON Single Mary WOODRUFFE Single
76 17/03/1794 Thomas HOYS Single Denton Elizabeth WOODROFFE Single
77 26/05/1794 John WALPOLE Single Stroxton Ann BETT Single
78 05/01/1795 William GEESON Single Wyville With Hungerton Fortune STOCKWELL Single Wyville With Hungerton
79 21/09/1795 Joseph STUBBS Single Wyville With Hungerton Hannah COMPTON Single Wyville With Hungerton
80 24/11/1795 Daniel HALLMEY Single Wyville With Hungerton Mary WAND Single
81 31/03/1796 Joseph LORD Single Mary MARTIN Single
82 14/05/1796 Thomas SUMMERFIELD Single Sproxton, Leicestershire Elizabeth WHITTAKER Single
83 04/07/1796 Edward GARTON Single Mary SILLS Single
84 31/07/1796 John ROSE Single Wyville With Hungerton Elizabeth NICHALLS Single
85 19/09/1796 Samuel BRIGGS Single Elizabeth HALL Single
86 03/04/1797 James ROUSE Marston Elizabeth NORTH
87 19/06/1797 John ABORN Widower Pinchbeck Ann LORD Single
88 17/09/1797 John WILSON Single Ann CLARK Single
89 09/04/1798 John BURTON Single Wyville With Hungerton Elizabeth TOWERS Wyville With Hungerton
90 26/11/1798 Robert BAYLISS Single Redmile, Leicestershire Elizabeth PARKER Single
91 07/01/1799 William VEASEY Widower Buckminster, Leicestershire Elizabeth PARNAM Widow Wyville With Hungerton
92 01/10/1799 William BOYER Single Wyville With Hungerton Sarah EVANS Single Wyville With Hungerton
93 11/12/1799 John TORVEL Single Mary MORRISON Single
94 20/01/1800 Thomas STOCKWELL Catherine ROBERTS
95 14/05/1801 Robert BULLIMORE Single Elizabeth NEWTON Single
96 04/02/1802 John HOLMES Widower Barkston Ann BETT Single
97 23/05/1802 Arthur DISBOROUGH Single Wyville With Hungerton Milley HITCHCOCK Wyville With Hungerton
98 14/06/1802 William PARKER Single Elizabeth BLANKLEY Single
99 20/11/1802 Dickson COLEBY Single Wyville With Hungerton Mary BIRCH Single Wyville With Hungerton
100 26/05/1803 Thomas NOON Single Jane MARSHALL Single
101 12/09/1803 William JACKSON Single Mary BURGIN Single
102 30/10/1803 John BAXTER Single Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire Bridget CLEMENTS Single
103 24/11/1803 George WARD Buckminster, Leicestershire Eleanor ASKEW Wyville With Hungerton
1 27/05/1804 John JACKSON Dorothy CROW Single
2 28/05/1804 William OGDEN Welby Mary JERVIS
3 28/05/1804 John BRIGGS Widower Love CHORTHON Single
4 28/05/1804 Jervis TOWERS Mary MARSTON Single
5 31/05/1804 William MANN St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Catherine KETTLE Single
6 24/11/1804 Thomas HAYS Single Amelia GILDEN Single
7 13/02/1805 Thomas BIRT Wyville With Hungerton Amelia BOYALL Single Wyville With Hungerton
8 27/07/1805 Thomas JACKSON Mary CALVERT Single
9 26/12/1805 Robert SILLS Sarah STARKEY Widow
10 08/02/1806 Thomas WILSON Single Mary WRIGHT Widow
11 15/12/1806 William BIMROSE Elizabeth CHESTER Single
12 09/02/1807 Nicholas Herby SENTENCE Single Great Ponton Elizabeth BOND Single
13 12/09/1807 John HAWARDINE Deborah NOON Knipton, Leicestershire
14 19/11/1807 William BURGESS Mary CLIFTON Single
15 22/04/1808 Ralph WEDGWOOD Widower City Of London Mary Ann COPELAND
16 14/05/1808 Henry MANCHESTER Single Ann SOMERFIELD Single
17 05/07/1808 Samuel WALEY Wyville With Hungerton Ann TAYLOR
18 13/08/1808 Richard HOWES Mary BEESON
19 14/08/1808 Samuel CASTLE Rebecca BETT
20 24/11/1808 Thomas PIKE Wyville With Hungerton Elizabeth SHARPE Wyville With Hungerton
21 08/12/1808 Richard BELL Denton Alice PARKS
22 16/01/1809 Robert HITCHCOCK Wyville With Hungerton Maria ATTER Wyville With Hungerton
23 26/12/1809 Thomas COY Mary BOND
24 14/01/1810 Joseph NEVITT Wyville With Hungerton Alice LAMBLEY
25 24/04/1810 George HOWARD Anne CHAPMAN
26 08/11/1810 William MICHELSON St George, Stamford Elizabeth BARNES
27 03/12/1810 John BROWN Single Bottesford, Leicestershire Ann CALVERT Single
28 03/12/1810 Thomas WISSON Single Jane SWANN Single
29 24/12/1810 William HIND Single Stroxton Frances CLAYTON
30 23/04/1811 Jeremiah ABBOT Single Ann SHELDEN Single
31 26/08/1811 William PALMER Elizabeth HORSEMAN Single
32 06/06/1812 George WOODRUFF Mary LEWTY Single
33 27/07/1812 William Anthony WILKINSON Witney, Oxfordshire Mary BUSWELL Single
34 25/08/1812 Benjamin HARDY South Witham Eleanor NEWTON
35 06/09/1812 Isaac HOGDEN Mary BURGESS
36 24/11/1812 William SMART Anne PECKWORTH
37 07/04/1813 Henry GREEN Lydia DAWSON
1 28/11/1813 James SMITH Elizabeth DENNIS
2 29/11/1813 John CURTIS Barrowby Sarah MARSHAL
3 24/04/1814 Richard PALETHORP Single Sarah WRIGHT Single
4 12/06/1814 Frederick MARQUIS Single St Michael, Stamford Ann SIDNEY Single
5 01/11/1814 Henery BULLIMORE Widower Ann NIX Single
6 03/11/1814 Joseph LORD Widower Jane PORTER Single
7 07/11/1814 Edward GARTEN Widower Frances JESSOP Single
8 22/03/1815 William TREETON Single Grantham Ann CLIFTON Single
9 07/05/1815 George HARDY Single Marston Mary PORTER
10 10/11/1816 William HOWARD Mary COWDWELL
11 24/11/1816 Henry MANCHESTER Widower Elizabeth BULLIMORE Single
12 17/02/1817 William HOLLINGWORTH Single Susannah GIBSON Single
14 03/05/1817 Henry BEW Single Martha NOON Single
13 17/05/1817 Jarvis TOWERS Single Jane ROWBOTHAM
15 12/12/1817 Mark JACKSON Single Ann BRACKENBURY Single Londonthorpe
16 29/06/1818 George RATCLIFF Single Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire Hannah MASON Single
17 10/09/1818 William SHELBORN Single Ann HALLMEY Single
18 12/09/1820 Richard WOODRUFF Single Eleanor WYRE Single
19 19/12/1820 John HANGER Single Elizabeth MEARS Single
20 01/01/1821 William ROBINSON Single Jane RICHMOND Single
21 14/05/1821 John WILSON Elizabeth WOODRUFF Single
22 05/06/1821 William TREECE Single Great Gonerby Elizabeth PULLEN Single
23 29/11/1821 John TODD Single Grantham Jane THOMPSON
24 10/12/1821 John COOK Single Metheringham Mary RICHMAN Single
25 25/06/1822 Robert BRIGGS Single Mary PIKEY Single Wyville With Hungerton
26 24/11/1822 Robert TESH Single Elizabeth HALMAY Wyville With Hungerton
27 24/11/1823 Thomas EACOB Elizabeth DUFFIN
28 22/07/1824 Thomas SOMERFIELD Single Charlotte BAKER Wyville With Hungerton
29 17/04/1825 William WALTON Waltham On The Wolds, Leicestershire Louisa SIMONS
30 24/10/1825 William REDRIFFE Widower Ann REYNOLDS
31 13/04/1826 George Martin LORD Single Mary ROSE Single
32 26/06/1826 William SOMERFIELD Single Elizabeth TURVIL Single
33 26/06/1826 Thomas OGDEN Single Frances TURVIL Single
34 05/07/1826 John BARNES Single Mary SUMERFIELD Single
35 17/05/1827 John May ALCOCK Single Mary DORR Single
36 01/11/1827 John SWONSON Single Catherine LORD Single
37 02/12/1827 Robert HARRISON Single Grantham Ann MUXLOW Single
38 19/05/1828 John BOYLE Single Mary FREESTONE Single
39 24/08/1828 James SENTANCE Single Great Ponton Frances PULLEN Single
40 24/08/1828 Christopher SOASBY Single Grantham Jane SIMMONDS Single
41 23/11/1828 Thomas HALL Widower Denton Mary CASTLE Single
42 15/12/1828 William WEBSTER Single Ann LEE Single
43 02/06/1829 William GOLLING Single Knipton, Leicestershire Mary CHESTER Single
44 21/07/1829 John CLARK Single Southwell, Nottinghamshire Sarah BOYER Single
45 14/12/1829 John BARNES Widower Ann REDRIFF Widow
46 05/04/1830 John BRIGGS Single Lucy BOOTH Single
47 09/05/1830 Thomas SMITH Single Barrowby Ann HOYES Single
48 18/05/1830 Thomas BURTON Single Lucy JACKSON Single
49 01/06/1830 Daniel BURTON Single Great Ponton Martha NOON Single
50 02/03/1831 George PRATT Single Eaton, Leicestershire Elizabeth HYER Single
51 30/03/1831 William GOODACRE Single Elizabeth SWAIN Single
52 18/05/1831 John FOX Single East Allington Frances HOYER Single
53 10/07/1831 Benjamin MORRIS Single Jane PULLEN Single
54 19/09/1831 Robert GIBSON Single Great Ponton Jane NOON Single
55 17/10/1831 William BAILEY Single Judith SOMERFIELD Single
56 14/05/1832 William CHAMBERS Single Somerby By Grantham Jane COPELAND Single
57 05/06/1832 John PULFREY Single Ann WESTON Single
58 15/07/1832 George PILKINGTON Single Clipsham, Rutland Hannah PULLEN Single
59 19/11/1832 John MOORE Single Ruskington Ann PARR Single
60 20/12/1832 Richard Henry GREEN Single Great Gonerby Elizabeth NICHOLLS Single
62 17/02/1833 Thomas BULLOCK Single Frances BULLIMORE Single
61 09/09/1833 John BELL Single Hough On The Hill Ann STAPLES Single
63 12/05/1835 James LEWTY Single Grantham Elizabeth MASON Single
64 07/06/1836 William JACKSON Single Sarah DRING Single
65 29/11/1836 Henry GASH Single Sunbury, Middlesex Elizabeth WATSON Single
66 05/12/1836 John BULLOCK Single Elizabeth RICHMOND Single
67 25/03/1837 Edward REED Single Elizabeth NOON Single

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