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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Kirton in Holland St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Kirton (given the suffix to distinguish it from another Kirton in Lindsey) lies in southern Lincolnshire and forms a short stretch of the county's coastline with The Wash within the parish. Kirton is located roughly 4 miles south of the town of Boston, it formerly sat upon the route of the A15 road which connects Boston with Spalding, this route has now been rebuilt upon the arrow-strait line of the former railway branch line between the two towns and the old route, which passes through Kirton is now the B1397. Kirton at one time was large enough to be a market town but its proximity to the port of Boston allowed those functions to drift away to the nearby larger settlement. Kirton remains a large village, bordering on the size of a town, recent housing developments have enlarged Kirton such that it covers almost a mile and a half along the B1397 from north to south. The modern development of railway links sadly disappeared after the Beching axe but its former route at east enables the old village centre to become a quieter place and Kirton retains most of its commercial facilities as a result operating still as a hub. Kirton sits within Fenland Lincolnshire and is surrounded by a largely man-made landscape, flat and crisscrossed by drains the fields produce some of the country's finest vegetables and arable farming is very much the main driver of the local economy. Those man-made drains take water the short distance to the nearby Wash and the North Sea through the maze of current and former sea-dykes. Kirton is sited at just 3 metres above the sea and only the zero contour decorated a map for several miles in all directions. Many of the parishes, including within them reclaimed land, are large in extent in this region of the county and Kirton was one of these, various measurements of the acreage are published but at the time of this transcript it was just over 5,800 acres in extent, within that acreage would have been a population of almost 2,100 parishioners. In Domesday times Kirton was also a substantial settlement, amongst the 20% largest recorded, it was shared between Count Alan of Brittany and Guy de Craon and could offer 14 ploughs, substantial meadows and 2 salthouses.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits at the main crossroads of old part of Kirton, alongside the B1397 at its junction with the B1192. It is fair to say that this church has had a confusing history, originally a Norman church in a cruciform shape with a central crossing tower, the church was largely rebuilt to become a design more conventional to the 14th century, nave chancel and western tower. In the period from 1804 - 1805 the central crossing tower and transepts were demolished and the materials reused to create today's western tower, the chancel was also rebuilt at that time. Remnant of what went before still lies within the fabric of today's church, within the western tower can be seen the western doorway of the original cruciform church, a piece of Norman Romanesque style. Both southern & northern doorways together with the mighty 6-bay arcades show the Early English Gothic style of the late 13th century whilst the northern & southern aisles show the early 14th century Decorated style. A typical Perpendicular clerestory augments the light gathering of the church showing a history of restoration and rebuilt. Pevsner speculates that any mis-matches created by the early 19th century work would have been rectified in the substantial restoration that followed on the last few years of the 19th century. A small parking area sits outside the main gates but more likely is to be found further along the B1192, a petite lychgate grants entry through a knee-height wall which surrounds.The churchyard is curiously triangular in shape and has many trees some of which do restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd April 1754 - 26th April 1791 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - KIRTON IN HOLLAND PAR/1/3 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting at times and little segregation may lead to a few misreads and may also lead to accidental omission
2 28th April 1791 - 19th October 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - KIRTON IN HOLLAND PAR/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may lead to one or two misreads
3 2nd February 1813 - 26th June 1836 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - KIRTON IN HOLLAND PAR/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Parts of this register are so faded as to be almost unreadable at times this is acerbated by poor handwriting. Misreads will be present and there may be quite a few.

Swineshead St Mary
Frampton St Mary
Frampton St Mary
Swineshead St Mary
Wigtoft St Peter & St Paul
Frampton St Mary
Sutterton St Mary
Algarkirk St Peter & St Paul
Fosdyke All Saints
Holbeach All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
23/04/1754 Thomas WINTER Single Amyah GARNER Single
28/05/1754 John CHAMBERS Single Bridget HILDYARD Single
11/06/1754 John TRUE Single Sarah BOTTEREL Single
26/06/1754 James WINTER Single Ann STAINES Widow
14/07/1754 John SAMSON St Mary, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Sarah RICHARDSON
09/08/1754 William INGLISH Wigtoft Martha LECK
10/12/1754 John GREEN Sarah SOOLEY
10/12/1754 John HUDSON Mary GRUMMETT
06/01/1755 Aquila TAYLOR Single Sarah DRUREY Widow
17/03/1755 William HANSON Widower Jane COATES Single
14/04/1755 Stephen WHITE Widower Susanna CARDINE Widow
28/04/1755 William PELLS Single Susanna BURNETT Single
05/05/1755 Thomas STEWARD Single Mary CHESTER Single
10/06/1755 Thomas HILL Single Sarah JACKSON Single
26/08/1755 Nicholas AYSCOUGH Widower Elizabeth AULT Widow Boston
22/09/1755 William LOYNHAM Alice WAIKEFIELD Widow Frampton
17/10/1755 John TUNNARD Single Mary OATES Widow
17/10/1755 Edward GARNER Widower Frampton Elizabeth WINTER Widow
02/12/1755 Joseph MABLETOFT Widower Mary BROTHERELL Widow
06/01/1756 John WILSON Widower Mary MONK Widow
08/04/1756 William WATSON Single Mary BAILEY Single Gosberton
18/05/1756 Richard THOMPSON Widower Alice MANN Single
19/05/1756 Joseph PEARSON Widower Ann HUDSON Widow
05/07/1756 Isaac WRIGHT Widower Leah FOWLER Single
05/08/1756 James HARRIS Single Mary METCALF Single
09/08/1756 Samuel THAKE Widower Mary BUFFAM Widow
12/09/1756 William MELTAM Single Sarah CHESTER Single Sibsey
29/04/1757 William JONES Gedney Mary COULSON
05/08/1757 William TEBB Donington Mary WARRINER
16/08/1757 Robert ROBERTS Elizabeth ASHWELL
07/02/1758 John HUTCHINSON Single Skirbeck Elizabeth WILSON Single
14/02/1758 Watters FLETCHER Single Bridget PARR Single
21/02/1758 Richard MEREDITH Widower Ann ALMOND Widow
26/03/1758 William MEDCALF Single Elizabeth CREASY Single Frampton
24/04/1758 James BRITTAN Single Elizabeth METCALF Single
15/05/1758 William HARDIN Widower Tomlinson SIMENSON Single
26/07/1758 William HANSON Widower Mary HOYS Widow
07/08/1758 Edward LEE Single Mary MIDDLEBROOKS Widow
03/09/1758 Richard BILSBY Widower Abigail GATTAM Widow
04/09/1758 John SHARP Single Mary WOOD Single
21/09/1758 William MANN Widower Sutterton Mary PENSON Widow
26/12/1758 John COALE Single Ann GRASELY Widow
28/12/1758 Thomas HOLMES Widower Mary EAGLE Widow
08/01/1759 John BARNS Single Elizabeth EDLING Single
05/02/1759 William HART Single Mary WAKEFIELD Single
17/04/1759 Thomas BAILY Single Mary YERBURGH Single Frampton
14/05/1759 Francis YORK Single Catharine SOUTHWILL Single Kirkstead
15/05/1759 John MELBOURN Single Algarkirk Martha PINDAR Single
12/06/1759 Christopher FOX Single Mary METTEM Widow
06/07/1759 John FRANKLIN Single Judith MEREDITH Widow
29/07/1759 John BECKTON Single Sarah BAXTER Single
26/08/1759 Thomas STIMSON Widower Mary HANSON Widow
30/08/1759 William HAINES Single Emneth, Norfolk Hannah WRAY Single
08/01/1760 Joseph BROWN Single Ann PINDER Single
28/02/1760 Richard QUINCEY Widower Ursula QUINCEY Single
29/04/1760 Thomas SMITH Widower Eleanor HOLYDAY Single
15/05/1760 Robert WILLSON Single Mary DARLEY Single
12/06/1760 Thomas GOSLING Widower Mary FULLALOVE Single
08/07/1760 William EMPERINGHAM Single Susanna ATKIN Single
04/08/1760 Samuel WINTER Widower Bicker Mary HART Single
05/08/1760 Mathew STUBS Widower Sarah CROSS Single
30/08/1760 Richard PAR Single Martha ALVEY Single
18/09/1760 Thomas WATTSON Single Ann BOOTH Single
30/09/1760 George BONNER Single Ann Abel WHITE Single Frampton
02/10/1760 William WILSON Widower Sarah YOUNG Single
17/11/1760 Christopher FOX Widower Elizabeth BURWELL Single
27/11/1760 James MARTIN Single Susanna WILLSON Single
22/01/1761 John WATTON Single Mary HART Widow
25/01/1761 William STAINS Single Catherine WATSON Single
01/03/1761 William NICHOLS Widower Boston Frances FLETCHER Widow
03/04/1761 William WALLHEAD Single Jane HUDLESTONE Single
05/05/1761 William CLARK Single Margaret KELKS Single
05/05/1761 Richard CHOWN Single Mary ALVEY Single
21/05/1761 Robert MATTISON Single Sutterton Ann SLIGHT Single
05/06/1761 Thomas WALLHEAD Single Susanna STIMSON Single
23/06/1761 William BULLIVANT Single Holbeach Mary GREY Widow
00/07/1761 Thomas CULLISS Single Ann WALLTON Widow
07/07/1761 French JOHNSON Widower Ann WARNER Widow
15/12/1761 Richard STAINS Single Elizabeth TOMLING Single
19/01/1762 Henry EDLIN Single Sarah CHOWN Widow
11/03/1762 Matthew STAINS Single Mary CHESTERFIELD Single
23/03/1762 John REETEN Single Elizabeth WARD Single
29/03/1762 William HARDEN Widower Elizabeth AUBIN Single
29/03/1762 Matthew GREEN Single Mary BEEBY Single
27/04/1762 Thomas FREEBROUGH Widower Mary BLACKBURN Widow
06/05/1762 William SMITH Single Swineshead Elizabeth METTAM Single
21/05/1762 Thomas HARKER Ann JENNINGS
25/05/1762 Thomas BEEDAL Single Esther PELL Single
25/05/1762 William MEDCALF Widower Sarah HOLIDAY Single
24/06/1762 Benjamin SMITH Single Amy BUFFAM Single
08/07/1762 William WHEELS Single Mary HUDSON Widow
09/09/1762 Robert ALLIN Single Ann PAGE Single
18/10/1762 John JOHNSON Single Elizabeth BRITTAN Widow
11/11/1762 Edward BUFF Single Elizabeth ALLAM Single
13/06/1763 Thomas HOUSELY Bicker Anne WOODS
05/10/1763 Robert ROBERDS Widower Mary TURNER Single
10/11/1763 James WARNER Single Heckington Mary HART Widow
22/03/1764 John ROBINSON Single Frampton Mary WILSON Widow
17/04/1764 Saul TURNER Single Wigtoft Susanna LOWTHER Single
03/05/1764 James MUNK Single Martha DURANCE Single
04/05/1764 John JACKSON Single Frampton Esther BARNES Single
04/05/1764 George GRAY Widower Sarah LEDGER Single
07/05/1764 John CLARK Widower Sarah SEAMER Single
13/05/1764 Joseph WOOD Single Elizabeth KELK Single
22/05/1764 Thomas MEREDITH Single Mary REED Single Market Overton, Rutland
13/07/1764 Augustin BUFHAM Ann HACKNEY Single
31/10/1764 Joseph KENT Single Mary LEE Widow
04/11/1764 William OTTER Single Mary RUSSEL Widow
20/11/1764 Thomas DURANCE Widower Mary BOTTEREL Single
20/11/1764 John DURANCE Single Amy SMITH Widow
18/12/1764 Dickinson SMITH Single Martha HARRIS Single
18/12/1764 Richard THOMPSON Widower Elizabeth TUNNARD Single
28/03/1765 James ALLEN Single Mary WOOD Single
30/04/1765 John DICKINSON Widower Frampton Elizabeth FOX Single
02/05/1765 John ELDRED Single Frampton Elizabeth KETTON Single
15/05/1765 Thomas COOK Single Swineshead Elizabeth FOLKS Single
01/10/1765 John WATTON Widower Ann MARTIN Widow
19/11/1765 Samuel HACKNEY Widower Elizabeth GRAY Single
06/01/1766 Samuel FIELDING Widower Bicker Ann WATSON Widow
31/03/1766 James ELLIS Single Swineshead Elizabeth HIGDON Single
27/04/1766 Philip JACKSON Widower Mary BATES Single
07/05/1766 Henry DOUGHTY Widower Sarah RYLOTT Single
12/06/1766 William WELDON Boston Rebecca FOSTER
13/06/1766 Henry BINDON Widower Mary MARTIN
19/06/1766 Samuel HACKNEY Widower Ann WALKER Single
08/07/1766 Matthew STAINES Widower Mary STAFFORD Single
15/07/1766 James HIDES Widower Swineshead Ann ACRAIL Single
16/09/1766 William FOX Single Elizabeth PAGE Single
20/11/1766 James WINTER Widower Jane BEECHAM Widow
27/11/1766 William MASSINGALL Single Mary BRITTON Single
26/12/1766 John RENOLDS Single Mary BALDICK Single
11/02/1768 John CLARK Widower Mary FORMAN Widow Skirbeck
22/02/1768 Henry MUNK Single Lydia WILSON Widow
05/04/1768 Edward WOOLFIT Widower Bicker Mary BARNES Widow
26/07/1768 Charles MASSINGALE Mary GREEN
25/10/1768 James MANN Single Ann PEPPERDINE Single
21/02/1769 Edward SMITH Single Elizabeth STAPLES Single
31/03/1769 Martin HARGATE Widower Elizabeth DOWSE Widow
15/05/1769 Michael WETHERHOG Single Ann UVEDALE Single
23/05/1769 Edward WILLIAMSON Widower Elizabeth DAWSON Single
03/07/1769 Henry WATSON Single Swineshead Eleanor SWINGO Single
04/07/1769 William WELBOURN Single Eleanor EARNALL Single
04/07/1769 Robert NICHOLSON Single Elizabeth SLEIGHT Single
25/07/1769 William PELL Widower Mary DAVISON Single
28/07/1769 John INDALL Single Sutterton Mary KITCHING Single
14/08/1769 John MABLESTON Single Elizabeth TAILS Single
17/08/1769 Thomas STIMPSON Widower Esther GREEN Widow
27/08/1769 Robert BAXTER Single St Mary, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Mary MASSINGAL Single
29/11/1769 John CRAMPTON Single Mary GRAY Single
12/12/1769 Thomas GOY Single Frampton Rosamond SMITH Single
11/04/1770 William THORPE Single Sarah PARR Single
09/05/1770 John LOVEL Single Sarah SHORT Single
15/05/1770 John KENT Single Susanna BURR Single
15/05/1770 Thomas PARR Single Ann TUNNARD Single
05/06/1770 John JACKSON Widower Sarah CHEVIN Single
07/06/1770 John STRINGER Widower Swineshead Mary GIBBONS Single
16/08/1770 Zephaniah PORTER Widower Boston Elizabeth MARSHAL Single
08/01/1771 James MARTIN Widower Ann SKELTON Single
10/01/1771 Morrison STOCKS Single Sarah MARSHAL Single
21/03/1771 Henry WATSON Widower Sarah COLE Single
01/04/1771 John NELSON Single Elizabeth REETON Widow
03/04/1771 George KELKS Single Rebecca EVERIT Single
16/04/1771 William WETHERHOG Widower Sarah WILSON Widow
16/04/1771 Thomas PALMER Single Ann TOMLINSON Widow
13/05/1771 William WALTON Single Mary WILKINSON Single
15/05/1771 Edward WATTS Single Algarkirk Jane GARRET Single
16/05/1771 Sharp TILSON Single Rachel SLIGHT Single
18/06/1771 John JUBB Widower Rebecca NELSEY Single
31/10/1771 Augustin PIERSON Single Selina HACKNEY Single
17/02/1772 John GRAZELEY Single Elizabeth PLANT Single
12/03/1772 Vincent MASSEY Single Ann ALLEN Widow
12/03/1772 Robert FIELD Single Elizabeth FREEMAN Single
07/05/1772 James PEARSON Single Ann BINDIN Single
12/05/1772 Robert KETTON Single Jane RANSDALE Single
21/05/1772 Christopher JOHNSON Single Wyberton Mary WEEKS Single
14/07/1772 John DICKINSON Single Ann GILDING Single Sutterton
01/11/1772 George INDELL Widower Frampton Sarah TUNNARD Single
25/01/1773 John SADLER Single Sarah HACKNEY Single
18/02/1773 Anthony PARKER Single Frances CHESTERFIELD Single
08/04/1773 Thomas ALLAM Single Boston Ann JOHNSON Single
27/04/1773 John WOOD Single Ann NEWTON Single
10/05/1773 Saul WARNER Single Hannah ELSEY Single
13/05/1773 John TAYLOR Single Sarah GIBSON Single
17/08/1773 Charles SMITH Single Elizabeth KIRKBY Single
29/08/1773 Richard GOODE Single Susanna GRAHAM Single
09/12/1773 William LANES Single Elizabeth SMALLEY Single
03/03/1774 Thomas EVERIT Single Mary WELLS Single
19/04/1774 Thomas EDWARDS Single Ann KITCHIN Single
29/04/1774 Richard SEYMOUR Single Mary WAINE Single
17/05/1774 John JENKINSON Single Elizabeth WINTER Single
17/05/1774 Charles LE FEVER Single Diana JOHNSON Single
26/05/1774 John HITTSON Single Boston Ann MELBOURN Single
07/06/1774 William WELLS Single Mary THOMPSON Single
05/08/1774 Thomas EATON Single Mary DAWSON Single
11/08/1774 William PELL Widower Alice BATES Widow
05/09/1774 William BAKER Single Alice VINTER Single
03/10/1774 William WARD Single Elizabeth CLARK Single Frampton
10/11/1774 Thomas BEALBY Single Sutterton Elizabeth SWIFT Single
13/12/1774 William RIDLEY Widower Wigtoft Tabitha WOOD Single
17/04/1775 John PERT Single Fosdyke Ann BAYLEY Single
05/05/1775 James TAYLOR Single Mary DICKENSON Single
30/05/1775 James ELLARD Single Elizabeth LOWISS Widow
01/06/1775 James POTTER Single Elizabeth DICKENSON Widow
09/06/1775 William WEST Single Martha RICHARDSON Single
16/06/1775 Christopher JESSOP Single Elizabeth HARNISS Single
21/06/1775 John TOINTON Widower Mary GODBEHERE Single
29/06/1775 William WELBOURN Single Sarah ELLISS Single
04/07/1775 Richard CLARKE Elizabeth SIVERS Single
05/07/1775 John METCALF Widower Mary DONNABY Single
17/07/1775 James HARNISS Widower Martha BAILEY Widow
18/07/1775 Robert JERVIS Single Mary ROSSINGTON Single
01/08/1775 George PRESTON Single Susanna FRITH Single
05/08/1775 William HERD Single Frampton Susanna HUDSON Single
22/08/1775 Thomas PHILLIPS Single Martha WILSON Single Fleet
31/08/1775 Patrick FRANCIS Single Boston Ann LAWSON Single
04/09/1775 Francis CASSADEY Single Elizabeth KITCHING Widow
28/11/1775 John PINDER Single Jane COLE Single
16/12/1775 Robert BLAKE Single Sarah BARNES Single
30/01/1776 Henry WATSON Widower Elizabeth WHEATLEY Single
09/04/1776 Samuel HALL Single Mary WELLS Single
15/05/1776 Thomas STOR Single Hannah CARDIN Single Frampton
21/05/1776 William METCALF Widower Sarah NUNNERY Single
02/07/1776 John SMITH Single Ann HOLLINGWORTH Single Boston
03/07/1776 William DICKENSON Widower Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow
18/07/1776 Samuel GARNER Single Mary STENNETT Single
22/07/1776 John SMITH Single Ann HOLLINGWORTH Single Boston
23/07/1776 James HARNISS Widower Jane SLIGHT Single
24/07/1776 John EGAN Widower Rebecca GRAHAM Single
26/07/1776 Joseph DICKENSON Single Billinghay Ruth BRODERICK Single
06/08/1776 John BRAND Elizabeth BRANTON
11/09/1776 John HALEY Single Mary HOWARD Single
11/09/1776 Edward CANE Single Elizabeth GRAHAM Single
18/10/1776 Benjamin HARNISS Single Donington Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
28/10/1776 Thomas DICKINSON Single Mary TYSON Single
31/10/1776 John GRASELEY Widower Mary SKIN Single
26/11/1776 Simon AYSCOUGH Single Frampton Mary HALL Single
03/04/1777 Richard WADDINGTON Single Eagle Bridget FLETCHER Widow
15/05/1777 John BARTY Single Frampton Elizabeth BATES Widow
22/05/1777 Francis QUAINTANCE Single Elizabeth STAINS Widow
03/08/1777 Richard THOMPSON Widower Mary ROBINSON Single
02/11/1777 Robert MILNS Single Mary TRIMINGHAM Single
25/11/1777 William CUSHWORTH Single Ann HOWARD Single
09/12/1777 Robert FIELDS Widower Mary GARRIL Single
10/01/1778 Charles MASSINGALE Widower Hannah HALL Single
14/05/1778 John NORRIS Single Jane MUTTON Single
14/05/1778 Thomas TIPLER Single Bridget MAWER Single
26/05/1778 John TUNNARD Widower Ann MABLESTONE Single
02/06/1778 Robert TWEED Single Elizabeth DICKENSON Single
04/06/1778 Thomas INDELL Single Elizabeth GREEN Single Bicker
29/07/1778 Robert TINKLER Single Mary ARMSTRONG Widow
09/09/1778 William GRASELEY Single Sarah JACKSON Single
16/11/1778 John WARD Widower Hannah SPENCER Single
02/02/1779 Jonathan BACON Widower Great Hale Jane JACKSON Widow
09/03/1779 Robert SMITH Single Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
18/05/1779 John CONE Widower Mary HOWETT Single
20/05/1779 William DOBBS Elizabeth BATEY
20/05/1779 John DENNIS Single Revesby Ann ASPLIN Single
27/05/1779 David GREEN Single Catherine THOMPSON Single
07/06/1779 Anthony CODLING Widower Ann TEBB Widow
15/06/1779 Richard WADDINGTON Widower Sarah HEYDON Single
17/06/1779 Joseph SIMPSON Single Sarah CALVERT Widow
11/07/1779 Josiah JOHNSON Single Sarah AYSCOUGH Widow
01/08/1779 Thomas BEEDEL Widower Elizabeth TANT Single
19/08/1779 Charles MASSINGELL Widower Ann TUNSTALL Single
02/09/1779 John TILSON Single Eleanor EMMERSON Widow
04/01/1780 Daniel NIGHTINGALE Single Spalding Elizabeth DICKENSON Widow
23/03/1780 Matthew ALLEN Abra RANSLEY
02/08/1780 Henry JACKSON Widower Alice ASPLAND Single
26/09/1780 Jonathan TEESDALL Widower Susanna BENNETT Single
16/10/1780 Ambrose BROWN Widower Elizabeth CAUTHERN Widow
19/04/1781 William SMITH Single Mary HOPKIN Single
07/05/1781 Robert WHARF Single Frances STENNETT Single
17/05/1781 Richard WELLS Single Sarah NUTT Single
19/06/1781 Isaac MEEDS Single Phebe THOMPSON Single Algarkirk
25/06/1781 Richard BRAND Widower Mildred PATMAN Single
17/07/1781 Daniel PACEY Single Heckington Rebecca JOHNSON Single
17/07/1781 John PEART Widower Hannah WILLER Single
23/07/1781 John PARE Widower Sarah GRAY Widow
03/09/1781 John GOY Single Elizabeth DALES Single
11/12/1781 Charles SEYMOUR Single Mary NEWTON
11/02/1782 Iwell SMITH Widower Dorothy EVINSON Single
11/02/1782 Jarvis DOWSE Widower Abigail PRIGEON Single
28/03/1782 John BURRELL Widower Mary LILL Single
07/04/1782 Samuel VAMPLEW Widower Mary BROWN Single
08/04/1782 John HOISE Single Sarah WAKEFIELD Widow
23/04/1782 Thomas KING Single Phebe WILLSON Single
13/05/1782 Francis JOHNSON Single Ann CLARK Single
14/05/1782 Joshua BRITTAN Single Mary DICKENSON Widow
21/05/1782 John SHARP Single Ann KETTON Single
09/07/1782 James HARNISS Widower Ann SKIN Widow
06/08/1782 Henry MASON Single Frampton Ann BONNER Single
13/08/1782 Richard LAXON Single Sarah BRUMPTON Single
02/09/1782 John HACKNEY Widower Jane BELL Widow
18/10/1782 Edward STAPLES Single Ann ROBINSON Widow
24/10/1782 John WOODS Single Frances OVERTON Single Frampton
05/11/1782 Benjamin ROBINSON Single Frances TIPLER Single
28/11/1782 William FISHER Single Sarah BRAND Widow Wigtoft
16/12/1782 John CLARKE Single Jane TUNNARD Single
24/12/1782 William HARDCASTLE Widower Mary RYAN Widow
25/12/1782 Thomas CROPLEY Ann FOSTER
14/01/1783 John NEWTON Jane FISON
21/01/1783 John TUNNARD Susanna PITKIN
18/02/1783 Robert SHAW Single Susanna ASPLAND Single
03/03/1783 Zachariah ASHTON Single Ann LEVITT Single
28/04/1783 Jasper NORMAN Single Boston Sarah ROBERTS Single
08/07/1783 William GRANTHAM Widower Spalding Elizabeth MAY
22/07/1783 John MILLHOUSE Single St Nicholas, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary RANDSLEY Single
29/07/1783 Thomas MALTUS Single Mary BOWENS Widow
14/08/1783 James WHITE Single Mary GRASELEY Widow
04/09/1783 Samuel WATERS Single Sarah BREWER Single
10/09/1783 William SUTTON Widower Susanna KENT Widow
07/10/1783 John WILSON Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
20/11/1783 William GARNER Single Surfleet Mary JOHNSON Widow
01/06/1784 John COOK Widower Sarah GOSLING Widow
10/06/1784 John GRAHAM Widower Swineshead Alice JACKSON Widow
22/06/1784 Matthew LEY Single Sarah GANNICK Single
12/11/1784 Anthony MEREDITH Single Isabella NEWTON Single
06/01/1785 Charles WISE Single Dorothy LILLY Single
14/04/1785 Anthony PAIN Single Ann STAINS Single
20/04/1785 George GRAY Single Ann MEDCALFE Single
19/05/1785 John WHITTING Single Mary ROBERTS Widow
27/07/1785 John LONG Single Ann FUNNARD Single
27/07/1785 Richard RANDSLEY Single Ann SEYMOUR Single
04/08/1785 Bartholomew WAITE Single Mary TOINTON Widow
21/08/1785 Griffin GOODACRE Widower Mary TOOLEY Widow
23/08/1785 William BOOTH Single Ann LEA Single
04/10/1785 Joseph DAY Single Mary THOMPSON Widow
30/11/1785 John RANSON Single Ann THIMBLEBY Widow
07/02/1786 Abraham BROOKS Single Frampton Esther VAMPLEW Single
03/03/1786 Jonathan THOMPSON Widower Mary WHITE Widow
11/04/1786 John SIVERS Single Sarah MALTBY Single
13/04/1786 Joseph SANDERSON Widower Frampton Ann ALLEN Single
18/04/1786 Thomas GRESSWELL Single Ann BARTON Single
15/05/1786 John CLAY Single Mary GREENHAM Single
18/05/1786 Samuel JARVIS Single Sarah HIDES Single
22/05/1786 John LAWSON Widower Mary STAINES Widow
13/06/1786 Jacob DICKENSON Single Sabra ROBBINS Single
23/07/1786 James CARR Widower March, Cambridgeshire Ann BROOKES Single
27/07/1786 Thomas DIXON Single Sarah HAIRSINE Single
07/08/1786 John MILLS Single Mary BURREL Widow
27/08/1786 William BENNEWORTH Single Rebekah KING Single
02/10/1786 John PALMER Single Margaret DURANCE Single
08/10/1786 Hiram BANNISTER Single Susanna BELL Single Sutterton
09/10/1786 John ELSOM Widower Frances MARGISON Single
31/10/1786 Edward PATCHET Single Mary ROBERTS Single
04/11/1786 William SPRALLEY Widower Mary SHARMAN Widow
01/01/1787 William SMITH Widower Mary HUBBARD Single
30/01/1787 Thomas CLARKE Widower Moulton Sarah TAYLOR Widow
08/02/1787 Samuel INGOLDSBY Widower Sarah STOCKS Widow
19/03/1787 John CONE Widower Elizabeth BRAND Single
01/05/1787 George PRIESTLEY Single Sarah BLACKITH Single
15/05/1787 William WRIGHT Single Bridget WARNER Widow
15/05/1787 Thomas LEEDELL Single Margaret PATMAN Single
10/06/1787 William PARINER Widower Hannah MASSINGELL Widow
05/07/1787 James BOOTH Single Mary HACKNEY Single
24/07/1787 David CHEVIN Single Margaret WHYLEY Single
24/07/1787 Thomas GRAVES Widower Elizabeth FREEMAN Widow
17/09/1787 Robert ROBSON Single Ann NEIVE Single
02/10/1787 Edward HOLMES Single Mary WRIGHT Single
22/10/1787 Robert FIELDS Widower Mary WEATHERALL Widow
13/11/1787 Richard ELLIS Single Martha RASDALE Widow
03/12/1787 Esau TUNNARD Mary RAKER
04/12/1787 John COLLIN Ann BOOTH
09/01/1788 Thomas JESSOP Widower Ann MITCHINSON Single
17/03/1788 William FURNISS Single Sarah TURNER Single
07/07/1788 George MERRILS Single Mary HARGATE Single
11/09/1788 Thomas TAYLOR Single Mary JOHNSON Single
04/11/1788 John LUNN Single Elizabeth LEA Single
27/11/1788 Robert BEECHAM Single Elizabeth STAINS Single
27/11/1788 William REDDISH Widower Sutterton Ann TUNNARD Widow
11/12/1788 George HOULDEN Single Sarah MEREDITH Single
15/12/1788 Zachariah SANDALL Single Ann STENNETT Single
12/02/1789 William WELLS Single Elizabeth BURTON Single
23/02/1789 Thomas BURRELL Single Ann LADD Widow Algarkirk
24/02/1789 John BEAN Single Mary WHALTON Single
30/03/1789 Richard SEYMOUR Widower Alice WOODS Single
13/04/1789 Joseph GREEN Single Ann EDWARDS Widow
19/05/1789 Bartholomew WAITE Widower Sarah BOTTERELL Single
03/06/1789 Francis BLANCHARD Single Mary WRIGHT Single
09/06/1789 Jacob DICKINSON Widower Sarah CAMM Single
20/08/1789 Richard STEPHENSON Single Susannah LAY Single
25/08/1789 John WARD Single Mary TWIGG Single
26/08/1789 Charles MASSINGDALE Widower Elizabeth BEEDLE Widow
04/10/1789 Richard JACKSON Single Mary JUBB Single
08/10/1789 Thomas TAYLOR Single Quadring Ann WOODS Single
10/12/1789 William OLDFIELD Single Ann CASHWORTH Widow
24/12/1789 William BRETT Single Elizabeth WELLS Single
02/02/1790 James DILHAY Single Ruth MERIDATH Single
17/03/1790 Esau PATTINSON Single Ruth HOYES Single
23/03/1790 John TYSON Single Frances GROOSE Single
24/03/1790 John JENSON Widower Mary GARNER Single
13/04/1790 Thomas CAMPAIN Single Frances PORTWOOD Single
01/06/1790 John BOARDMAN Single Ann SHARMAN Single
01/06/1790 William WINTERS Single Mary JARVIS Widow
24/06/1790 William FOTHERBY Single Mary GREEN Single
28/06/1790 Robert DAUGHTON Single Elizabeth ROBSON Single
09/08/1790 William BLACKBOURN Mary PATMAN
16/08/1790 William DAVINSON Ann SMITH
26/10/1790 Charles WISE Single Sarah NIXON Single
06/12/1790 Thomas SMITH Single Sarah LEA Single
09/12/1790 James HUMPHREYS Kezia MARTIN
09/12/1790 William PAILTHORP Single Ann PARR Widow
14/12/1790 Peter METCALF Sarah TAYLOR
27/12/1790 William PALIAN Single Boston Frances AYSCOUGH Single
04/01/1791 John CAMPION Single Alice JACKSON Widow
07/02/1791 James HARNISS Widower Catharine WILKINSON Widow
02/03/1791 Edward WHITING Manea, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth ROBERTS
26/04/1791 John SMITH Single Mary GRAVES Widow
1 28/04/1791 Edward OVERTON Widower Ann STENNETT
2 13/05/1791 Samuel TUNNARD Single Sarah METCALF Single
3 16/05/1791 John ELLWOOD Alice ONN
4 18/05/1791 John LUNN Single Spalding Ann TAYLOR
5 19/05/1791 John Willoughby STEPHENSON Single Ann HARKHAM
6 27/05/1791 John CUSTILLO Widower Skirbeck Martha TURNBULL
7 02/06/1791 Samuel EVERARD Single Dorrington Elizabeth TURFITT
8 07/06/1791 William DALE Martha LEA
9 09/06/1791 John KETTON Widower Elizabeth LAKE
10 20/07/1791 Thomas JACKSON Martha BROOKS
11 26/07/1791 William WINTERS Mary BOTTERIL Boston
12 18/10/1791 William PEEK Charlotte TURSWELL
13 07/11/1791 Charles SEYMOUR Widower Elizabeth BOOTH Single
14 29/11/1791 George BURTON Single Elizabeth WILSON Single
15 26/12/1791 Thomas DAWSON Single Elizabeth FOX Single
1 25/01/1792 Thomas SNOWDON Single Elizabeth MICHELSON Single
2 02/02/1792 William WRIGHT Single Swineshead Jane STAINES Single
3 05/04/1792 Francis ELDRITT Single Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
4 24/04/1792 Richard WEATHERALL Single Elizabeth MAWBRY Widow
5 14/05/1792 William PELL Single Mary SAWER Single
6 15/05/1792 John GUNHILL Single Mary BAVENS Single
7 15/05/1792 Richard HABERJAM Single Leake Mary PELL Single
8 22/05/1792 Joseph WEST Widower Martha BLACKBOURN Single
9 28/05/1792 Thomas MANBY Widower Ann CODLING Widow
10 02/07/1792 John SEYMOUR Widower Sarah INGELOW Widow
11 24/07/1792 John CLARK Single Mary KIPPIS Single
12 25/07/1792 John HOLMES Widower Rose FINES Single
13 30/08/1792 William WELLS Single St Dionis, City Of London Margaret WATSON Single
14 11/10/1792 John ELLWOOD Widower Frances TYSON Widow
15 15/10/1792 John HACKNEY Widower Ann WESTREN Widow
16 23/10/1792 John PALMER Widower Frances SMITH Single
17 29/10/1792 Henry CLARK Single Skirbeck Sarah YORK Single
18 30/10/1792 John SICKLIN Single Frampton Catharine WILKINSON Widow
1 01/01/1793 James POTTER Widower Hannah EVENSON Single
2 16/01/1793 Henry SILVESTER Single Ann FOX Single
3 17/01/1793 John RICHARDSON Widower Anne BAMBER Single
4 08/03/1793 Thomas LAWRENCE Widower Susanna ANCILL Widow
5 14/05/1793 Joseph TUNNARD Single Esther DAY Single
6 21/05/1793 John WALLINGS Single Aslackby Mary PATCHETT Widow
7 02/07/1793 Benjamin CHAMBERS Widower Catharine GUNHILL Single
8 23/07/1793 James HURT Widower Sarah PARE Widow
9 06/08/1793 Hunt SMALLEY Single Gainsborough Sarah MARSHALL Single
10 17/09/1793 John TAYLOR Single Winifred GREENFIELD Widow
11 03/12/1793 Stephen SQUIRE Single Ann GREATHOULDER Single
12 08/12/1793 James LAWRENCE Single Boston Susanna PRESTON Single
1 06/01/1794 John ALLIN Single Elizabeth FOSS
2 21/02/1794 Robert BEECHAM Widower Martha BRANTON Single
3 26/02/1794 Robert DOUBLEDAY Widower Gosberton Ann WOOD Widow
4 03/03/1794 George JACKSON Single Mary FOX Single Fosdyke
5 31/03/1794 William WALLIS Single Mary WAINWRIGHT Single
6 10/04/1794 Joseph DICKINSON Widower Billinghay Ruth WRIGHT Single
7 15/05/1794 James CRANE Single Mary ADLEY Single Wigtoft
8 03/06/1794 Charles OSSOP Single Ann LENTON Single
9 26/06/1794 Michael PRIESTLEY Sarah WAITE Widow
10 17/07/1794 John DIXON Single Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
11 27/07/1794 Joseph ROGERS Galatia DAWSON Single
12 14/08/1794 William BIRKITT Anne ROBINSON
13 20/08/1794 Thomas DAY Mary BROWN
14 26/08/1794 John OWNSWORTH Single Amey PALMER Single
15 27/08/1794 John MALTBY Widower Surfleet Mary BECKADIKE Single
16 20/10/1794 William KIRK Bicker Lettice ANDERSON Single
17 02/12/1794 Esau TUNNARD Lucy HIDE
18 29/12/1794 Richard BOWLES Single Donington Henrietta Maria BEALBY
1 11/05/1795 William HULLETT Single Alice SEYMOUR Widow
2 30/06/1795 Rimington ATKIN Widower Elizabeth KIPPIS Single
3 03/08/1795 John TAYLOR Single Mildrith SMITH Single
4 11/08/1795 John CLARK Single Elizabeth FEAR Single
5 13/08/1795 Jesse GREEN Single Mary GREEN Single
6 20/08/1795 William CLARK Single Ann CHEVIN Single
7 27/08/1795 John CHEVIN Widower Mary BURRILL Single
8 15/10/1795 Richard SICKLIN Single Mary CHALLANS Widow Sutterton
9 27/10/1795 William PARKINSON Single Wyberton Sarah ROGERS Single
10 12/11/1795 Thomas DORTON Single Mary STOREY Single
11 01/12/1795 Wellinnor SMITH Widower Ann DING Single
1 01/02/1796 John NORTHING Single Wigtoft Mary KELKS Single
2 07/03/1796 William WATTS Widower Mary RICHARDSON Widow
3 07/03/1796 Richard HARVEY Widower Catharine YORK Widow
4 05/04/1796 William CLAYTON Single Frampton Mary MASSEY Single
5 07/04/1796 Richard YORK Single Mary FINCH Widow
6 24/05/1796 James LAWSON Single Elizabeth KENT Single
7 24/05/1796 William WILSON Single Mary ASH Single
8 26/05/1796 William GREENFIELD Single Ann RICHARDSON Widow
9 13/06/1796 William SPEECHLEY Single Susanna PROCTER Single
10 21/06/1796 John LUPTON Single Ann SMITH Single
11 29/06/1796 Thomas TUCKWOOD Single Mary VARLOW Single
12 15/08/1796 Henry MAIN Single Ann ELSEY Single
13 05/09/1796 Thomas BISHOP Single Mary YORK Single
14 27/09/1796 Samuel HOLLAND Single Frances JOHNSON Single
15 03/10/1796 William HESSELWOOD Single Ann GARNER Single
16 13/10/1796 John JACKSON Single Mary HAND Single
17 03/11/1796 Joseph JACQUES Single Elizabeth CODLING Single
18 28/11/1796 George RAVILL Single Elizabeth LAWSON Single
19 29/11/1796 John EMEGRAM Single Sarah ASH Single
20 19/12/1796 Richard JACKSON Widower Susanna WALTHAM Single
1 15/02/1797 Thomas THIMBLEBY Single Ann SANDS Widow
2 10/03/1797 John FOX Single Sarah MARSHALL Single
3 28/03/1797 George KING Single Elizabeth JACKSON Single
4 30/03/1797 William VESSEY Single Frances HARDY Widow
5 21/05/1797 Jacob TUNNARD Single Sarah TOWNSHEND Single
6 25/05/1797 William WATTS Widower Mary EVINSON Single
7 02/06/1797 William FOTHERBY Widower Elizabeth BAKER Single
8 06/06/1797 William GREETHAM Single Frances TWELVES Single
9 14/07/1797 Thomas SIMPSON Single Susanna DICKINSON Single
10 31/08/1797 William WOODS Single Mary BLAKE Single
11 02/10/1797 John SUTTON Single Elizabeth BETTS Single
12 23/10/1797 William HALL Single Swineshead Sarah PILLINGS Single
13 26/10/1797 John NEWTON Widower Sarah ONN Single
14 18/12/1797 James DAWSON Single Elizabeth GAYTON Single
1 13/02/1798 Thomas CRISPIN Elizabeth JOHNSON
3 23/02/1798 John TUNNARD Sarah TUNNARD
2 08/03/1798 John DICKINSON Elizabeth TAYLOR
4 29/03/1798 William TWIGG Single Elizabeth CRANE Widow
5 04/04/1798 William TEMPLE Widower Mary HAMMAN Widow Frampton
6 01/05/1798 John BIRKITT Single Fosdyke Frances ROBINSON Single
7 07/05/1798 Thomas HUTCHINSON Sarah JACKSON
8 15/05/1798 Joseph TWIGG Single Mary HASSLE Single
9 16/05/1798 William BEECHAM Single Martha PARKER Single
17/05/1798 John STEVENSON Single Eleanor SAMMAN Single
04/06/1798 John EVINSON Single Ann CARTER Single
23/07/1798 Thomas BATES Single Mary BAILEY Single
11/09/1798 John KEIGHTLEY Single Hannah LAWSON Single
04/12/1798 George CAMM Single Frances TIPPLEY Single
18/03/1799 James OATMAN Mary MANLEY
16 27/04/1799 Thomas WILSON Single Mary WOODS Single
17 15/05/1799 Thomas FOOTIT Single Jane STED Single
18 16/05/1799 William MARLOW Single Sutterton Ann GRASLY Single
19 07/07/1799 Thomas CHAMPION Widower Swineshead Sarah MASSINGALE Widow
20 10/07/1799 John WATSON Single Elizabeth BRUMITT Single
21 30/08/1799 William SHARP Single Mary BOOTH Widow
30/10/1799 John COOLIN Widower Jane BATES Widow
14/11/1799 James LAWDEN Widower Eleanor WARD Widow
22/11/1799 John PICK Single Elizabeth GRAY Single
26/11/1799 William BRADLEY Widower Algarkirk Frances WEST Single
17/12/1799 John WOODCOCK Mary HOTCHING
06/01/1800 John PENSON Rebeccah WILSON
27/03/1800 Thomas BARKER Single March, Cambridgeshire Anne BIRKITT Widow
29/04/1800 John PELL Single Mary HAYE
13/05/1800 Joseph PARKER Single Elizabeth POUCHER Single
13/05/1800 Thomas WHITWORTH Mary ELLIMORE Wigtoft
15/05/1800 William ELLINGHAM Mary BEECROFT
19/05/1800 Thomas MANBY Widower Ann FAIRWEATHER Widow
19/05/1800 William GOY Single Ann MARSHALL Single
17/06/1800 Edward REDSHAW Widower Frampton Elizabeth STEVENSON Single
09/08/1800 James HOVALL Single Mary WINTERS Widow
19/08/1800 Richard HOLKINGS Widower St Michael, Stamford Rebecca DIGGLE Single
25/08/1800 Thomas CALTHROP Widower Ann LONG Widow
23/09/1800 Thomas TOWLE Single Ann THOMPSON Single
28/09/1800 John ELLIS Single Sarah METCALF Widow
06/12/1800 James REYNOLDS Widower Mary DALTON Single
22/12/1800 Charles PINDARD Single Donington Abigail ROBERTS Single
11/01/1801 John JOHNSON Single Anne MOTLEY Widow
02/03/1801 John STEPHENSON Widower Sarah SCRAFIELD Single
04/05/1801 Jonathan MITCHERSON Sarah PYBURN
13/05/1801 John GAUNT Sutterton Mary THOMPSON
14/05/1801 Robert CREASY Butterwick Eleanor BURRELL
19/05/1801 William BERRY Single Mary STAINS Single
25/06/1801 John THOMPSON Widower Elizabeth LAWSON Single
14/07/1801 Joseph POWDRILL Single Swineshead Mary CLARK Single
28/07/1801 William TEMPEL Single Elizabeth GILBARD Single
02/10/1801 Benjamin WEATHERELL Single Elizabeth BEALLEY Single
25/01/1802 John WALKER Single Spalding Susannah BRAND Single
29/04/1802 Thomas CODLING Single Sarah BRADY Single
1 10/06/1802 Joseph DICKENSON Elizabeth KETTON Widow
2 12/07/1802 John PORTER Single Ann BARKABY Single
3 02/08/1802 George DOVE Jane POWDRIL
4 03/08/1802 William PALETHORPE Mary BEETS
5 09/09/1802 Thomas ODLING Islington, Middlesex Dorothy CARTWRIGHT
6 13/09/1802 Robert BARTON Mary BANISTER
7 12/10/1802 Samuel GARNER Widower Mildred BRAND Widow
8 24/11/1802 William KNIPE Ann WELLS
9 14/12/1802 William BISHOP Single Swineshead Esther FINCH Single
10 30/12/1802 William REESON Single Mary BEALLY Widow
1 21/03/1803 Joseph ELSEY Esther EGGSHAW
2 22/04/1803 William COWLING Crowland Mary CLARK
3 18/05/1803 Christopher DODD Single Ann SPACK Single
4 18/05/1803 Robert EEELAM Single Susanna MORE
5 19/05/1803 Henry CORDEN Sarah BEE Single
6 24/05/1803 Robert DAUGHTON Frampton Jane BURRELL
7 26/05/1803 Stephen ROBINSON Pinchbeck Milisent MASEY
8 23/06/1803 Thomas KENT Single Jane WRIGHT Widow
9 19/07/1803 James WHITWORTH Mary DICKENSON
10 08/08/1803 Charles WISE Mary STENNITT
11 23/08/1803 Edward HOWEN Elizabeth BROWN
12 08/09/1803 William WINTER Widower Elizabeth HUTCHINSON Widow
13 17/10/1803 Robert BOYES Widower Ruth PATTISON Widow
1 09/02/1804 John CORNWELL Single Elizabeth WELLS Single Fosdyke
2 16/02/1804 John THOMPSON Widower Susanna GRAHAM Single
3 28/03/1804 Samuel LAKE Single Gertrude MASON Widow
4 14/05/1804 William HICKINBOTTOM Donington Lettice SIMPSON
5 14/05/1804 William CUSHWORTH Single Boston Martha PELL Single
6 15/05/1804 John DUCKER Single Ann CLAY Single
7 06/06/1804 John ELSOM Widower Elizabeth SEYMOUR Widow
8 03/07/1804 Daniel NIGHTINGALE Widower Mary PINDER Swineshead
9 17/07/1804 John REYNOLDS Single Ann MASON Single
10 11/09/1804 Joseph CROW Single Donington Esther LADER Single
11 11/09/1804 James MARSHALL Single Ann LAKE Single
12 25/09/1804 John COLLINS Single Elizabeth TOPPS Single
13 01/10/1804 Vincent REED Single Mary DICKINSON Single
14 02/10/1804 William DICKINSON Widower Jane Frances SMALLEY Single
15 19/10/1804 William MARTIN Single Ann HALLWOOD Single
16 13/11/1804 Edward PATMAN Single Ann VELLAM Single
17 26/11/1804 John LENTON Single Sibsey Sarah LEVERTON
18 24/12/1804 Richard SEYMOUR Single Mary JACKSON Single
1 28/01/1805 Dickinson SMITH Widower Elizabeth LINDALL Widow
2 17/02/1805 Luke GAYDEN Single Ann PEART Single
3 15/05/1805 George SMITH Single Mary PRESTON Single
4 29/05/1805 John BRINKLEY Single Sarah WEST Single
5 03/06/1805 Robert WARD Single Elizabeth HARRISON Single
6 06/06/1805 William FOWLER Single Revesby Eleanor THORPE Single
7 13/06/1805 William BLAKE Single Ann GARNER Single
8 16/06/1805 John ROPER Single Sarah ARMSTRONG Single
9 06/08/1805 James DILEHAY Frances CAUNT
10 02/10/1805 Joshua DAMS Ann PENNY
11 19/11/1805 Joseph VENTERS Amy CROSBY Single
1 02/01/1806 Charles DODD Single Wigtoft Elizabeth FIRTH Single
2 21/01/1806 William ASPLIN Single Elizabeth SANDERSON
3 24/02/1806 William MELBOURN Widower Ann TOOLEY Single
4 27/03/1806 John HODGSON Single Wood Enderby Hannah TUBMAN Single
5 01/04/1806 Thomas PARKER Single Jenny BOOTH Single
6 21/04/1806 Jacob TUNNARD Single Mary NEWTON Single
7 29/04/1806 John THORPE Single Fosdyke Ann BURKITT Single
8 26/05/1806 Thomas WADSLEY Widower Lucy WOODS Single
9 20/06/1806 William GARNER Single Ann BRAND Single
10 21/07/1806 Edward THOMPSON Single Maria BREWSTER Single
11 22/07/1806 Edward GREEN Widower Susanna HELAM Widow
12 14/08/1806 Thomas BARRAND Single Barbara JACKSON Single
13 25/09/1806 Richard DIXON Single Claxby Frances WATSON Single
14 02/10/1806 Matthew HARRISON Single Benington Elizabeth TUBMAN Single
1 21/04/1807 John OREY Single Mildred CLAY Single
2 23/04/1807 Thomas WAKEFIELD Single Mary ANSILL
3 29/04/1807 John CLARK Widower Elizabeth LEEDALL Widow Sutterton
4 14/05/1807 John MILLHOUSE Single Mary ROWLAND Single
5 19/05/1807 John TILSON Single Anne PADDISON Single
6 21/05/1807 Robert SYLVESTER Single Mary PICK Single
7 29/06/1807 Charles BREWSTER Single Mary KIMBLE Single
8 13/07/1807 William DAY Single Mary DYAS Single
9 16/09/1807 Thomas JACKSON Widower Frances ELLWOOD Widow
10 21/09/1807 John BURTON Single Susannah PARKER Single
11 16/11/1807 Joseph TALKS Single Bridget WRIGHT Widow
12 21/12/1807 David SPARROW Single Elizabeth WOULDS Single
13 22/12/1807 John JACKSON Single Rebecca HYDES Single
1 04/01/1808 William HOLLIDAY Single Elizabeth SIMPSON Single
2 25/04/1808 James Cole DOWSE Single Wigtoft Martha PINDER Single
3 05/05/1808 Augustus CAPPS Single Heckington Mary CLAY Single
4 16/05/1808 Edward SUTTON Single Sutterton Elizabeth BREWSTER Single
5 18/05/1808 Sharp TILSON Widower Weston Frances HEWEY Widow
6 02/06/1808 Jacob TUNNARD Widower Ann KIRK Single
7 16/06/1808 William CURTIS Single Ann BLAKE Single
8 02/08/1808 Thomas MULLENGER Single Sarah WELLS Single
9 07/09/1808 Thomas GREATHOLDER Single Elizabeth CAUDWELL Single
10 08/09/1808 Thomas KNOWLES Single Elizabeth MASON Single Frampton
11 06/12/1808 Thomas MILLHOUSE Widower Boston Ann LAMB Single
12 29/12/1808 Edward BIRKETT Single Mildred HORTER Single
1 21/03/1809 Thomas HOLLANDS Single Wigtoft Mary HEAGALL Single
2 23/03/1809 James FRANCIS Single Elizabeth HIDES Single
3 06/04/1809 Henry ROBERTS Single Elizabeth RASTALL Single
4 11/04/1809 Richard LANGLEY Single Elizabeth MEEDS Single
5 15/05/1809 Benjamin BOOTHBY Widower Sutterton Mary BETTS Single
6 16/05/1809 George STOPPER Single Ann WILSON Single
7 16/05/1809 John MYLAND Single Ann THOMPSON Single
8 29/05/1809 William EMERSON Single Esther BRISTOW Single
9 14/08/1809 John WAKEFIELD Single Mary Ann HACKNEY Single
10 12/09/1809 Joseph HARDY Single Wyberton Elizabeth HOUSEMAN Single
11 02/10/1809 William BOYALL Widower Sutterton Elizabeth CLARK Widow
12 02/10/1809 Moses WOLFIT Widower Elizabeth WAKEFIELD Single
13 13/11/1809 John WHITING Single Elizabeth MAIDENS Single
14 16/11/1809 Robert HACKNEY Single Sarah EAST Single
1 02/08/1810 George SLEIGHT Single Elizabeth PLANT Single
2 09/08/1810 John PLANT Single Jane SLEIGHT Single
3 27/09/1810 William JACKSON Single Mary DAUGHTON Single
4 02/10/1810 John Holland SLACK Single Ann PALMER Single
1 05/02/1811 Jacob DICKINSON Single Sarah RACK Single
2 08/03/1811 George WELLS Single Mary WHITING Widow
3 26/04/1811 John HUNT Single Alice WELLS Single
4 29/04/1811 Samuel CLAPHAM Single Kezia HUMPHREY Widow
5 13/05/1811 Jacob TUNNARD Widower Elizabeth OSSWOOD Single
6 14/05/1811 Matthew ALLEN Single Frampton Alice SHARPE Single
7 14/05/1811 Robert GRESSWELL Single Anna LAXON Single
8 14/05/1811 James CLIFTON Single Esther JACKSON Single
9 28/05/1811 Michael HARR Single Addlethorpe Elizabeth ATKINSON Single
10 10/06/1811 William OVERSTONE Single Dinah ARMIGER Single
11 13/06/1811 John MORTON Widower Ruth BOYCE Widow
12 19/07/1811 John PARLBY Single Sarah ROBINSON Widow
13 19/08/1811 Thomas FRITH Single Susannah SMITH Single
14 20/08/1811 John HALLAM Widower Mary FRANKLIN Single
15 21/10/1811 Thomas INGHAM Widower Ann DAMM Widow
16 21/10/1811 Thomas WILFORD Single Elizabeth BREWER Widow Algarkirk
17 28/10/1811 William SHARPE Single Jane FALL Widow
18 12/12/1811 William SIMPSON Single Mary INGLEBRIGHT Single
19 21/12/1811 William BROWN Single Susannah FARMER Single
1 07/01/1812 Joseph WATSON Widower Susannah SIMPSON Widow
2 02/04/1812 Robert WOODS Single Mary KIME Single
3 20/04/1812 Thomas TUSTIN Widower Mary REYNOLDS Widow
4 15/05/1812 William KNIGHT Single Alice TAYLOR Single
5 18/05/1812 John STRAWSON Single Mary HUMPHREY Single
6 19/05/1812 John WHITFIELD Single Aslackby Ruth JAMESON Single
7 25/05/1812 Richard WARD Single Algarkirk Mary FARMER Single
8 08/06/1812 James OLIVER Single Elizabeth BATES Single
9 07/07/1812 John SMITH Single Jane BLACKBOURN Single
10 25/08/1812 John ATKIN Widower Ann BATTY Single
11 24/09/1812 Joseph TUNNARD Widower Ann GRAVES Single
12 15/10/1812 Esau TUNNARD Single Sarah FOOTTIT Widow
13 16/10/1812 John GOODWILL Single Elizabeth ELDRETT Widow
14 19/10/1812 Samuel FOREMAN Single Toynton St Peter Charlotte PARKER Single
1 02/02/1813 Thomas JOHNSON Widower Hannah LAYTHORPE Single
2 18/03/1813 Robert EAGLE Single Ann EDWARDS Single
3 12/04/1813 William REDMILE Single Wildmore Fen Ann FLEAR Single
4 24/05/1813 William WELLBOURN Single Mary MANNING Single
5 13/06/1813 William BLACKBOURN Single Martha NIGHTINGALE Single
6 15/06/1813 Francis STEPHENSON Single Hameringham Sarah Irena JOHNSON Single
7 01/07/1813 William DAVISON Widower Elizabeth HOLIDAY Widow
8 05/07/1813 Samuel VAMPLEW Widower Freiston Sarah HORSWOOD Single
9 15/07/1813 Thomas CODLING Widower Frances REAR Widow Frampton
10 27/07/1813 Robert TAYLOR Single Eleanor DOUGHTY Single
11 09/11/1813 John CLARK Widower Sarah GOOSE Widow
12 25/11/1813 William COX Single Ann TILSON Single
13 25/11/1813 Thomas MARLOW Single Mary HACKNEY Widow
14 30/11/1813 William GREENFIELD Widower Sarah STAINS Single Frampton
15 06/01/1814 Edward LOCKING Single Susanna METCALFE Single
16 04/05/1814 Henry ROBINSON Widower Mildred GARNER Widow
17 16/05/1814 Richard CHAMBERS Single Sarah WELLS Single
18 05/07/1814 Charles EARLY Single Mary BOWLES Single
19 11/07/1814 William PEARSON Single Mary SNOWDALL Single
20 10/08/1814 John PATMUN Widower Elizabeth PEAK Widow
21 18/08/1814 Joseph FLATTERS Widower Elizabeth WOULDS Single
22 11/09/1814 Thomas BOOLS Single Barbara SANDERSON Single
23 04/10/1814 Jonathan DOWS Single Mary DAUGHTON Widow
24 27/10/1814 Joseph MANEWELL Single Mary ROBSON Single
25 21/11/1814 Joseph KNOWLES Single Susanna MASON Single
26 26/12/1814 William SMITH Single Laetitia GARVES Single
27 02/01/1815 William THOMPSON Single Jane SCOTNEY Single
28 10/01/1815 John PACEY Widower Elizabeth VARLOW Widow
29 19/01/1815 John FISHER Single Sarah METCALFE Single
30 02/02/1815 John JACKSON Single Susanna HOLMES Single
31 06/02/1815 John JACKSON Widower Dorothy NORRIS Widow
32 06/02/1815 Thomas WADSLEY Single Phebe MEEDS Single
33 14/03/1815 Thomas KNOWLES Widower Frances Burton MARCH Single
34 14/03/1815 Matthew CLAY Single Mary ANSELL Single
35 06/04/1815 Christopher ROBINSON Single Wyberton Mary TAYLOR Single
36 18/05/1815 Michael KELLEY Single Elizabeth MARSHALL Single
37 01/06/1815 Joseph PARKER Widower Sarah HORN Widow Swineshead
38 19/06/1815 William INDELL Single Caroline FISHER Single
39 03/08/1815 Robert TRAFFORD Single Ann CLAYTON Single
40 07/11/1815 Samuel TUNNARD Widower Abigail DOWSE Widow
41 16/11/1815 William JESSOP Widower Gosberton Mary NIGHTINGALE Single
42 23/11/1815 James WILSON Single Maria ANDREW Single
43 07/12/1815 John BYRON Single Tathwell Ann FINCH Single
44 09/04/1816 Charles WARNER Single Frampton Elizabeth INDALL Single
45 16/04/1816 James HARNESS Single Mary MASON Single
46 13/05/1816 Richard COWHAM Single Algarkirk Charlotte BREWSTER Single
47 14/05/1816 Joseph DRIVER Single Susannah HOULDEN Single Wigtoft
48 16/05/1816 John CALTHROP Single Boston Sarah WALLER Single
49 13/06/1816 Thomas CLARK Single Mary HULLETT Single
50 11/07/1816 John WARD Single Freiston Susannah SMITH Single
51 26/09/1816 William HOLLAND Widower Mary GOOD Single
52 18/11/1816 Joseph BETTS Widower Susannah HOULDEN Widow
53 26/11/1816 Thomas NORMAN Single Boston Lucy TODD Single
54 26/12/1816 William DILLAMORE Single Boston Martha TUNNARD Widow
55 27/12/1816 Samuel BOOTH Single Mary CLARK Single
56 27/12/1816 William PENDER Single Sarah BLACKBOURN Single
57 15/02/1817 Joseph MOSSOP Single Anne PATCHEL Widow
58 17/04/1817 Richard SHARP Single Susannah BOOTH Single
59 29/04/1817 Robert SMITH Single Ann JACKSON Single
60 14/05/1817 Thomas WHITE Single Frampton Margaret COOK Single
61 19/05/1817 John MURR Single Elizabeth BEECHAM Single Algarkirk
62 08/01/1818 Thomas JACKSON Single Avey TAYLOR Single
63 04/04/1818 John DURRANCE Widower Abigail TUNNARD Widow
64 06/04/1818 Richard BEECHAM Single Ann BOND Single
65 22/04/1818 Thomas KNIGHT Single Susanna CAWTHORN Single
66 15/05/1818 William BOLLOUS Single Mary EDWARDS Single Moulton
67 19/05/1818 Samuel MITCHELL Single Sarah LAWSON Single
68 18/06/1818 Thomas SUMMERS Single Ann ROBSON Single
69 16/07/1818 William CHANTRY Single Mary TEPPIN Single
70 14/09/1818 Benjamin FOWLER Single Kirkstead Susanna MORTON Widow
71 10/11/1818 Jonathan FIELD Single Laceby Elizabeth SAWYER Single
72 01/12/1818 Thomas BELL Widower Mary WESTLAND Single Butterwick
73 31/12/1818 John VICKERS Single Sarah BOLDOCK Single
74 22/02/1819 Edward LUPTON Single Maria MOTTRAMS Single Frampton
75 23/03/1819 Thomas Birkwood MANBY Widower Prudence ANSELL Single
76 08/04/1819 John JACKSON Single Mary RASTALL Widow
77 12/04/1819 Charles HIGDON Single Elizabeth SWIFT Single
78 13/05/1819 William SEVERS Single Sarah THENELL Single
79 14/05/1819 John LEEDELL Single Ann TASKER Single
80 19/05/1819 John HASTINGS Single Mary RILATT Single
81 24/05/1819 John WOODTHORP Widower Esther RANSON Single
82 22/06/1819 John RICHARDSON Single Maria FOSTER Single
83 22/06/1819 William DAY Single Ann WOODS Single
84 28/06/1819 Samuel FAVELL Single Mary CURTIS Single
85 01/12/1819 Robert FLETCHEAR Single Elizabeth TAYLOR Single
86 14/12/1819 Thomas TENNEY Single Donington Esther TOOKEY Single
87 27/12/1819 George DAWSON Widower Martha EAGLE Single
88 24/01/1820 George PRIESTLEY Single Sarah TREHARE Single
89 22/02/1820 Thomas HORRY Single Jane MYLAND Single
90 17/04/1820 William STRAWSON Widower Boston Lucy COMINS
91 29/04/1820 Joseph LILLEY Widower Anne JOHNSON Single
92 11/05/1820 Mark BURN Single Burgh Le Marsh Mary STEPHENSON Single
93 13/05/1820 John DAWSON Single Mary Ann BARWELL Single
94 17/05/1820 John JACKSON Single Sarah BATLEE Single
95 06/07/1820 Samuel KITCHEN Single Ann TUNNARD Single
96 10/07/1820 John BAILEY Single Hannah TAYLOR Widow
97 30/07/1820 James NAYLOR Single Sarah BLACKBOURN Single
98 14/11/1820 Hosea EASTGATE Single Frampton Jane SMITH Single
99 23/11/1820 Thomas BREWSTER Single Alice CLAYTON Single
100 29/11/1820 John HAND Widower Mary HALL Single
101 19/03/1821 Peter MEDCALF Single Ann BOYES Single
102 23/04/1821 John FISHER Single Cotham, Nottinghamshire Hannah TAYLOR Single
103 01/05/1821 Robert WOODS Widower Mary RILES Single
104 07/05/1821 John TAYLOR Single Harriett SMITH Single
105 13/05/1821 William ENO Single Maria THORNLEY Single
106 13/05/1821 John SEYMOUR Single Ann SMITH Widow
107 16/05/1821 Samuel COE Single Ann WAITE Single
108 09/06/1821 Vincent TIDWELL Single Ann SEATON Single
109 02/07/1821 William WALTHAM Single Sutterton Catharine STANTON Single
110 14/12/1821 George SMITH Single Rowston Sarah TUNNARD Single
111 06/02/1822 Charles COLE Widower Sarah FRIESTON Widow
112 14/05/1822 Matthew BROOM Widower Jane ROWETT Single
113 16/05/1822 Robert WATSON Single Frampton Susannah SMITH Single
114 02/07/1822 Thomas FALKNER Single Folkingham Mary GRAHAM Single
115 27/08/1822 David DICKINSON Single Rebecca EVERITT Single
116 21/10/1822 Thomas DAMM Single Sutterton Mary Ann DICKINSON Single
117 15/12/1822 William LANES Single Ann KNOWLES Single
118 07/01/1823 Robert THORPE Single Sarah HULLET Single
119 11/03/1823 Richard BILLYARD Single Frampton Susanna STEPHENSON Single
120 07/04/1823 John ELLIS Single Peggy LADELL Single
121 19/05/1823 William SHARP Single Hannah CURTIS Widow
122 19/05/1823 James LIGHTON Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
123 15/07/1823 Benjamin UNDERWOOD Single Maria TALKS Single
124 21/07/1823 William ELLIS Single Sarah REDDING Single
125 22/07/1823 William WILKINSON Single Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
126 05/08/1823 William HAKEMAN Single Elizabeth ALLEN Single
127 15/09/1823 James YOUNG Single Sibsey Ann HOLMES Single
128 16/09/1823 William MANNING Single Elizabeth DAY Single
129 26/10/1823 Robert WELLBERRY Single Jane PICK Single
130 18/11/1823 William OSSOP Single Frampton Elizabeth DAY Single
131 08/01/1824 Thomas RAMSELL Widower Elizabeth CLARK Single
132 01/03/1824 Thomas CHEESEMAN Widower Edney BARKER Single
133 22/04/1824 Thomas ATKIN Widower Prudence TUNNARD Single
134 17/05/1824 William CADE Single Mary ENDERBY Single
135 22/06/1824 John EVANS Single Ann HALL Single
136 15/07/1824 Thomas Colliss BARKER Single Spilsby Mary Anne PALETHORPE Single
137 09/08/1824 Joseph KNOWLES Widower Isabella MAXEY Single
138 17/08/1824 James RILOTT Single Jane GROUSE Single
139 18/08/1824 Thomas MOTLEY Widower Frampton Elizabeth MILLHOUSE Widow
140 02/09/1824 Thomas ROBINSON Single Elizabeth RODGERS Single
141 23/11/1824 Robert PICKERING Single Market Deeping Elizabeth FOX Single
142 29/11/1824 William CLARK Single Anne HAW Single
143 29/11/1824 Thomas RICHARDSON Single Elizabeth BILLINGAY Single
144 16/12/1824 John GREEN Single Ann ADAMS Single
145 30/12/1824 George FARMER Widower Ann SPRING Single
146 20/01/1825 John Watson SHARP Ingoldsby Mary Eleanor LAWRENCE
147 01/03/1825 William STEED Single Elizabeth MURR Widow
148 12/04/1825 Thomas OWNSWORTH Single Mary CREASEY Widow
149 21/04/1825 William TOYNTON Single Brothertoft Elizabeth KETTON Single
150 25/04/1825 George JACKSON Single Elizabeth DOWSE Single
151 26/04/1825 John MURPHY Single Abigail Roberts WALINGS Single
152 16/05/1825 William WRIGHT Single Moulton Rebecca BILLINGS Single
153 16/05/1825 Edward BURT Single Wyberton Ann SMITH Single
154 16/05/1825 John BORMAN Single Rebecca PAGE Single
155 19/05/1825 Joseph GAUNT Single Gosberton Charlotte ROBSON Single
156 31/05/1825 James DICKINSON Single Susannah DAWSON Single
157 31/05/1825 Richard DALES Single Frances PATTINSON Single Aslackby
158 22/06/1825 Robert PEPPER Single Anne BORMAN Single
159 26/07/1825 Thomas William SHARP Single Mary Ann BOOTH Single
160 07/08/1825 John SINCLAIR Single Low Toynton Elizabeth DALE Single
161 18/09/1825 William ELGER Single Ann PARKER Single
162 17/11/1825 John Fell DAWSON Single Mary Ann MARGASON Single
163 14/03/1826 Samuel TOMLINSON Single Mary DAWSON Single
164 01/05/1826 James PROVOST Single Sutton St Edmund Mary Ann BARKER Single
165 10/05/1826 James MARSON Widower Messingham Mary SAWYER Single
166 16/05/1826 John PICK Single Mary CABORN Single
167 02/11/1826 William Exton LAWRENCE Single Mary GREEN Single
168 18/12/1826 Samuel SHEPHERD Single Martha SOUTH Single
169 25/01/1827 William CURTIS Widower Eleanor GOULD Widow Frampton
170 06/02/1827 John FLEWKER Single Derby, Derbyshire Ann Longlands TAYLOR Single
171 14/05/1827 William STEEVENSON Single Sutterton Jane FRANCIS Single
172 15/05/1827 John ATKINSON Single Sarah CLARK Single
173 21/05/1827 Claith WILLIAMS Single Mary PELL Single
174 29/05/1827 Thomas OVERTON Single Prudence HAMMOND Single
175 26/06/1827 George STEPHENSON Single Frampton Bridget MANBY Single
176 30/07/1827 William EVRITT Single Hannah JOHNSON Widow
177 02/08/1827 Edward Talks KIRK Single Hannah WALKER Single
178 26/08/1827 Richard WHYERS Single Eleanor DIGGINS Single
179 18/10/1827 James GUY Single Boston Jane KETTON Single
180 04/11/1827 John BAVIN Single Blankney Mary WADSLEY Widow
181 20/11/1827 John EASTGATE Single Frampton Mary CLAYTON Single
182 21/01/1828 George SIVERS Single Mary DICKINSON Single
183 22/04/1828 Samuel BOOTH Widower Elizabeth SUTTON Single
184 15/05/1828 John PELL Single Mary WARD Single
185 15/05/1828 Thomas HUTCHINSON Single Jane NORRIS Single
186 15/05/1828 Christopher WATSON Single Frampton Ann SPICER Single
187 19/05/1828 Joseph ROSSINGTON Single Mary LAWRENCE Single
188 04/06/1828 Spence DANBY Single St Benedict, Lincoln Catharine WARRINGTON Single
189 11/06/1828 Samuel ROBINSON Single Elizabeth REED Widow
190 03/07/1828 William LEAK Single Sarah BRUMMITT Single
191 17/08/1828 John CAMMACK Single Harriet HUTCHINSON Single
192 25/11/1828 Henry MILLHOUSE Single Frances LADLEY Single
193 02/12/1828 William BURRELL Single Gosberton Rebecca HALL Single
194 02/12/1828 James FISHER Widower Elizabeth WALTHAM Widow Sibsey
195 04/12/1828 John HARGRAVE Single Mary Ann SMITH Single
196 11/01/1829 William GOODWIN Widower Mary BLACKBURN Single
197 24/02/1829 Henry ATKIN Single Ann HACKNEY Single
198 26/03/1829 Thomas HARDY Single Naomi GOOD Single
199 24/04/1829 Robert WELLBERY Single Mary CODLING Single
200 27/04/1829 William TAYLOR Single Sutterton Ann HARRISON Single
201 28/04/1829 Anthony PARKER Single Wigtoft Mary DALE Single
202 12/05/1829 Edward SUTTON Widower Sutterton Mary SUTTON Single
203 14/05/1829 John SNEATH Single Gosberton Jane EAST Single
204 19/05/1829 Thomas SUTTON Single Mary BOOTH Frampton
205 19/05/1829 William WHITWETH Single Ann MAPLETHORP Single
206 04/06/1829 Thomas BRUMMETT Single Susannah VICKERS Single
207 18/06/1829 Henry MEREDITH Single Ann DALE Single
208 06/07/1829 William WILKINSON Single Rebecca HARRISON Single Swineshead
209 20/08/1829 Edmund RICHARDSON Single Sutterton Martha ROBINSON Single
210 23/08/1829 John BEECHAM Single Anna SHORTLAND Single
211 05/10/1829 Thomas BROOKS Widower Dinah BOOTH Single
212 11/12/1829 Thomas PELL Single Charlotte PRIESTMAN Single
213 24/12/1829 Robert MASON Widower Rebecca HALL Single
214 25/12/1829 Richard SUTTON Widower Rebecca KEW Single
215 26/01/1830 Richard BULLYMORE Single North Witham Sarah THOMPSON Single
216 08/02/1830 Ezekiel GOOD Single Ann HARDY Single
217 04/03/1830 Matthew Allen SEWARDS Widower Sleaford Sarah VICKERS Single
218 11/03/1830 William CLAY Widower Elizabeth BARTY Widow
219 29/03/1830 Joseph DEWICK Single Catherine ALFORD Single
220 19/04/1830 William DOLLING Widower Ann FRITH Widow
221 03/05/1830 Burton ENO Single Elizabeth CLARK Single
222 13/05/1830 Edward ROSE Widower Leake Sarah GRAY Widow
223 20/05/1830 Richard VICKERS Widower Elizabeth CLARK Widow
224 31/05/1830 Henry JENKIN Widower Boston Elizabeth SWIFT Widow
225 12/07/1830 David GASH Single Elizabeth GRAVES Single
226 29/07/1830 Searson CUMBERWORTH Single Mary MALEY Single
227 12/08/1830 Norris LINEHAM Single Milicent TWIGG Single
228 16/08/1830 William GORING Single Sarah DICKENSON Single
229 23/08/1830 George GROOM Single Edney CHEESEMAN Widow
230 21/09/1830 Joseph TWIGG Single Eleanor LOWDEN Single
231 04/12/1830 David BARHAM Single Elizabeth NEWTON Single
232 18/01/1831 Isle GRANT Single Burgh Le Marsh Susanna SCRIVENER Single
233 21/01/1831 Thomas FRANKLIN Single Sarah CRAWFORD Single Boston
234 04/04/1831 Thomas WHITWORTH Single Elizabeth WARRENER Single
235 26/04/1831 Daniel GOOSE Single Frampton Catherine DICKINSON Single
236 05/05/1831 John Lee WILDBORE Single Elizabeth OSSOP Single
237 16/05/1831 Robert GOSLING Single Emma BARTY Single
238 19/05/1831 Henry Parker ENKERSON Single Ann TAYLOR Single
240 09/06/1831 Thomas SMITH Single Betsey STOREY Single
239 10/06/1831 William DICKINSON Single Anne CROSS Single
241 12/06/1831 Joseph ADAMS Single Harriett MILLHOUSE Single
242 23/06/1831 John STANYAN Single Ann Rebecca DICKINSON Single
243 26/06/1831 Thomas LINLEY Widower Rebecca REED Widow
244 05/07/1831 Philip DRAYCOURT Widower Ann MELBOURN Widow
245 08/08/1831 Valentine MUSSON Single Faith WARRENER Single
246 17/08/1831 John WRIGHT Single Holbeach Mary BIMROSE Single
247 21/08/1831 John DALLEYMORE Single Mary Ann FISHER Single
248 28/08/1831 John BATTY Single Susan HOULDING Widow
249 29/09/1831 John BROOKS Single Elizabeth YERBURGH Widow Frampton
250 08/11/1831 John DICKENSON Single Holbeach Ann FOX Single
251 24/11/1831 Richard MAPLETHORPE Widower Lucy JOHNSON Single
252 05/12/1831 Jacob GAINSLEY Widower Anne DREWRY Single
253 20/12/1831 James EASTGATE Widower Martha LEVERTON Single
254 12/01/1832 Thomas SMITH Widower Sarah PINDARD Single
255 26/01/1832 Benjamin LIGHTFOOT Single Freiston Elizabeth BARRON Single
256 07/02/1832 Joseph WAIN Single Charlotte BLAKE Single
257 21/02/1832 William DIGGINS Single Charlotte DAY Single
258 06/03/1832 John PEERS Widower Mary BACON Widow
259 19/04/1832 Henry CLARKE Single Ann LEAK Single
268 30/04/1832 Joseph WHITWORTH Single Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
260 16/05/1832 Bartholomew WAITE Single Susanna FAIRBANKS Single
261 16/05/1832 William Gibson BREWSTER Single Martha BEECHAM Single
262 19/06/1832 Robert TAYLOR Single Eleanor CURTIS Single
263 24/07/1832 Joseph TUNNARD Single Elizabeth HULLITT Single
264 04/10/1832 John MAGER Single Hannah KIRK Widow
265 25/03/1833 George KIRKLEY Single Sutterton Mary WEST Single
266 16/04/1833 Edward Samuel BROOKS Single Sarah Anne BIRKETT Single
267 30/04/1833 George FLETCHER Single Hannah BOWLES Single
269 14/05/1833 Hansood SIMPSON Single Leake Sarah COATS Single
270 14/05/1833 William HURLOCK Single Frampton Ann WELLBERY Single
271 21/05/1833 William LEVERTON Single Biddy CURTIS Single
272 04/06/1833 John CASWELL Single Aswarby Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
273 11/06/1833 James NORTH Single Elizabeth STUBBLEDAY Single
274 16/06/1833 Thomas DORRANCE Single Milison GREEN Single
275 01/07/1833 Nathaniel PARKER Single Mary Anne HARRIS Single
276 15/07/1833 Thomas PATMAN Single Mary SMITH Single
277 24/07/1833 Mathew COOPER Widower Allice LOVELL Single
278 03/08/1833 William BRADLEY Single Mary BUFF Single
279 24/09/1833 Edward Allen WILLIAMSON Single Quadring Martha HACKNEY Single
280 20/10/1833 Robert William SQUIRE Single Maria REYNOLDS Single
281 26/01/1834 Thomas SCARGALL Single Ann WHITEMAN Single
282 17/02/1834 William POTIN Single Sarah SCRIVENER Single
283 13/03/1834 John HAMMOND Single Elizabeth FRANKLIN Single
284 15/04/1834 John TUNNARD Single Sarah CAWDRON Single
285 13/05/1834 John BRADLEY Single Susanna BROOM Single
286 15/05/1834 John Hockerston MORRIS Single Sarah WING Single
287 15/05/1834 Forman CRAWFORD Single Mary BARRETT Single
288 15/05/1834 Thomas BUCHAN Single Anne NEWCOME Single
289 22/05/1834 Richard STEPHENSON Single Lucy MOTLEY Single Wigtoft
290 12/06/1834 William TRAFFORD Single Eliza TRAFFORD Single
291 01/07/1834 Benjamin MASON Single Mary HAND Widow
292 22/07/1834 John THOMPSON Widower East Kirkby Hannah BLAKE Single
293 10/08/1834 John PULFORD Single St Michael, Stamford Elizabeth BALDOCK
294 04/11/1834 John COX Single Sutterton Mary BAKER Single
295 24/02/1835 Robert THOMPSON Single Swineshead Mary MERIDETH Single
296 10/05/1835 Charles HAND Single Maria WRIGHT Single
297 12/05/1835 James BRADLEY Single Mary Ann HOLDEN Single
298 09/06/1835 William Birkitt DALBY Single Elizabeth COOK Single
299 16/06/1835 William BLANCHER Widower Swineshead Rebecca TUNNARD Single
300 18/06/1835 Edward PEARSON Widower Butterwick Martha MASON Single
301 21/07/1835 Joseph DICKENSON Single Mary DICKENSON Single
302 23/07/1835 William BRINKLOW Single Hockcliffe, Bedfordshire Eliza ROBERTS Single
303 03/11/1835 John ROOKE Single Jane SILLSON Single
304 15/12/1835 George BEDFORD Single Ann SMITH Single
305 24/12/1835 John TOMLINSON Single Elizabeth BARNSDALE Single
306 25/12/1835 William BARTON Single Elizabeth PATMAN Single
307 12/05/1836 Robert DOWSE Single Jane JESSOP Single
308 15/05/1836 Joseph Darlow NORMAN Single Friskney Ruth PARKER Single
309 16/06/1836 William DALE Single Mary BLACKBURN Single
310 19/07/1836 Edward Hare ARDEN Single Morton Lucy Maria OLIVER Single
311 01/09/1836 John BEE Single Sarah DIXON Single
312 27/09/1836 Robert WILLERS Single Lucy CURTIS Single
313 02/10/1836 Thomas WAKEFIELD Single Mary Ann WOULDS Single
314 19/01/1837 George TOYN Single Eliza CRUNKHORN Single
315 02/02/1837 James MUMBY Single Frampton Ann DOUSE Single
316 02/04/1837 Richard PATMAN Single Gosberton Mary GRASSWELL Single
317 13/04/1837 Thomas BARTY Single Sarah WATSON Single Skirbeck
318 29/04/1837 Thomas REYNOLDS Single Ann ARMITAGE Single
319 15/05/1837 Robert PICKWELL Single Elizabeth WAKEFIELD Single
320 16/05/1837 John TEMPLE Single Algarkirk Ann BOSNELL Single
321 20/06/1837 Ebenezer GRIMBLE Single Swineshead Sarah JACKSON Single
322 25/06/1837 William DAY Single Martha BARTTRAM Single
323 26/06/1837 Simeon BARTON Single Ann SHOWLER Single

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