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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Scawby St Hybald


The Parish

The parish of Scawby lies in northern Lincolnshire about 5 miles southeast of the industrial town of Scunthorpe. Scawby is a large village which sits on the B1207 road about a mile south of the A18 which connects Scunthorpe with Brigg. Scawby sits just east of the ancient Roman road of Ermine Street and many archaeological remains from that period have been found within the parish sufficient to indicate a Roman station was here along with villas and farms. Mot properties line the B2107 but there are substantial areas both to east and west of housing and the subsidiairy settlment of Sturton lying to the south. Scawby, like most parishes in its county, would have earned its income from arable farming, it sits on the dip slope of the chalk escarpment so some sheep grazing would have also occurred on higher ground. Modern developments have come to Scawby, the Gainsborough to Grimsby railway line passes to the south of the village whilst the modern M18 motorway cuts through to the north of the A18. Scawby is drained by a small brook eastwards into the man-made channel of the New River Ancholme, a drainage work for lower ground to the east, this man-made cut takes a direct northward route to deposit water into the outer Humber Estuary. Scawby is sited at around 30 metres above the sea but land rises gently towards the chalk ridge reaching close to 70 metres at Ermine Street. Scawby parish was fairly typically sized for this area, it covered close to 3,900 acres and would have supported a population of just over 1,000 parishioners.  In Domesday times Scawby was a settlement shared between no fewer than 7 landholders, each share being relatively small but collectively there were 15 ploughs.

The Church

St Hybald's church sits just east of the B1207 road on the side lane of Church Street and to the north of that street. Sadly little remains of the church in which these events would have occurred as only the basal portion of the western tower pre-dates the ending of this transcript period. That basal portion is all that remains from the Early English Gothic period of the 13th century. The remainder of the church was completely rebuilt in 1839 following a disastrous fire which so damaged the remainder as to warrant rebuilding completely. The designers chose to utilise the style of the original building, that of the Early English Gothic and built a typical layout of nave, here with a clerestory, chancel and a new tower on the base, the whole augmented with aisles. Church Street is amply wide for safe parking, the church sits back from the road behind a low brickwall with an arched gateway granting access. A few trees take away the preferred sightline from the southeast but otherwise there are few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st May 1754 - 16th December 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference SCAWBY/PAR/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriages register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th April 1813 - 9th May 1837 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference SCAWBY/PAR/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Broughton St Mary
Broughton St Mary
Wrawby cum Brigg St Mary
Manton St HIbald
Bigby All Saints
Cadney All Saints
Manton St HIbald
Hibaldstow St Hibald
Cadney All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
21/01/1754 John WILKINSON Eleanor THOMPSON
1 21/05/1754 Thomas CORBOROUGH Mary ROBINSON Single
2 19/04/1756 Martin DRAKES Mary BEAN
3 18/05/1756 John WRIGHT Susanna LAWRENCE
4 02/11/1756 John WELLS Barrow On Humber Mary MINNIT
5 24/11/1756 Isaac STREET Broughton Susanna TWIGG
6 21/02/1757 Francis THOMPSON Jane BURMAN
7 11/04/1757 John WEST Wickersley, Yorkshire Mary INGRAM
8 17/05/1757 Robert COCK Mary ELME Hibaldstow
9 30/04/1758 William CLAYTON Catharine WHETSTONE Broughton
10 13/05/1758 John STAMP Elizabeth BOARDMAN
11 16/05/1758 David NEAL Mary STEPHENSON
12 02/06/1758 William LAWRENCE Elizabeth BARKWORTH
13 29/01/1759 William RAYNER Rand Cum Fulneby Elisabeth TOFT Single
14 04/06/1759 William BURMAN Sarah GLAN
15 27/11/1760 Stephen NORMAN Alice ANDERTON
16 23/02/1762 James PARKINSON Elisabeth PARKINSON Owston
17 18/05/1762 John SCORBOROUGH Elizabeth BROWN
18 26/05/1762 William HUNSLEY Sarah WALKER
19 23/11/1762 Thomas HATFIELD Ann COOK
20 20/12/1762 John DRIFFIELD Northorpe Mary COCK
21 23/08/1763 Henry SPRING Bigby Ann GOODWIN
22 09/09/1763 John FOWLER Alison BELTON Frodingham
23 14/05/1764 Thomas BOWES Wrawby Cum Brigg Susannah BRADLEY
11/06/1764 Matthew TOWEL Waddingham Theodosia RICHARDSON
01/07/1764 John MINNIT Jane THOMPSON
23/07/1764 Jonathan DEAN Ann PIKESLEY
06/08/1764 John SKINNER Bonby Mehetabel RICHARDSON
13/11/1764 Andrew INGRAM Mary DAVISON Wrawby Cum Brigg
27/11/1764 William BERRIDGE Mary DABB
09/08/1765 Francis ROBINSON Wrawby Cum Brigg Sarah HATH
25/08/1765 John HAWK Susanna SUTTON
02/09/1765 William LAWRENCE Mary FOSTER Manton
22/04/1766 William GRANTHAM Grasby Hannah SHAW
02/09/1766 Jonathan GOODWIN Mary CAPES Wrawby Cum Brigg
22/05/1767 George JOHNSON Ann JOHNSON Single South Ferriby
07/08/1767 John TOWLEY Ann MARTIN
13/05/1768 Robert GILLIAT Martha ENGLAND
24/05/1768 John JACKSON Kirton In Lindsey Mary ELLIS
15/05/1769 William COOK Elisabeth THORNTON
14/08/1769 William LAWRENCE Alice CLARK
16/05/1770 George HOODLESS Frances BARKER
24/06/1770 Robert CARR Elisabeth MARSHALL Widow
31/07/1770 John KETTLEWELL Elisabeth DENT
29/04/1771 Christopher WHARTON Winteringham Charlotte CROFT
30/04/1771 Edward CROFT Jane ATKINSON Broughton
14/05/1771 John RICHARDSON Redbourne Hannah HALL
26/11/1771 John KEY Ann NEAL
23/11/1772 Robert COOK Ann ENGLAND
20/09/1773 Gervase DENT Hibaldstow Sarah OGLE Single
28/06/1774 Edward BLOW Sarah HAIKS
25/07/1774 William PILFOOT Elisabeth OGLE
24/10/1774 Joseph RICHARDSON Broughton Ann KEY
23/11/1774 John BACK Elisabeth BREWER
29/11/1774 William BERREE Sarah FURNISS
19/12/1774 Henry GROVES Rebecca BAXTER
23/01/1775 Daniel BROCKLESBY Ann PARKER Single
15/05/1775 William PIKESLEY Elisabeth PROCTOR
24/07/1775 John WILKINSON Wrawby Cum Brigg Sarah NEAL
08/04/1776 Richard SOWERBY Dorothy SCORBOROUGH
27/01/1777 William MAW Bigby Anne EMPSON
31/03/1777 Benjamin WILSON Ulceby By Barton Jane TOMLINSON
01/07/1777 Nathanael CLAYTON South Ferriby Elisabeth SMITH
29/12/1777 Richard OGLESBY Mary PIKE
19/05/1778 John HALL Mary BEACOCK
11/06/1779 John ORTON Elisabeth BOWERS
30/08/1779 Zachariah SKIDMORE St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Juliana BARNET Single
14/12/1779 William THOMPSON Susanna SLEIGHT
30/10/1780 John FIDDLE Burwell Mary STAMP
23/11/1781 Solomon SIZER Thornton Curtis Faith KING
14/05/1782 Edward NAYLOR Winteringham Mary COUSIN
14/05/1782 Thomas JAMES Scotter Sarah LITTLE
27/05/1782 Thomas PRESCOT Kelstern Mary SKINNER
20/01/1783 George SUTTON Susanna TROUT
13/05/1783 William BECK Willoughton Sarah BULLIVANT
06/01/1784 George SCORBOROUGH Elisabeth ELWOOD
16/05/1785 Thomas WHELPTON Mary CHARLES
29/07/1785 Thomas HUNTSMAN Ann MARSH
04/09/1785 Richard PIKE Ann KENINGTON
15/05/1786 Richard PIKESLEY Hannah BROUGHTON
13/11/1786 Thomas JAMES Hibaldstow Hannah RICHARDSON
28/11/1786 John PORTEOUS Elisabeth GREEN
14/05/1787 Thomas BROCKLESBY Ann EVERARD
14/05/1787 William PYKE Ann SHACKLETON
24/07/1787 Daniel ELWOOD Sarah DAN
21/04/1788 Thomas FARKINSON Mary Ann CURTIS
02/12/1788 William HILTON Ann GREEN Wrawby Cum Brigg
19/05/1789 George BULLIVANT Manton Mary CLARK
06/08/1789 Thomas SHEPHERD Wrawby Cum Brigg Mary BOWS
02/08/1790 Thomas FROW Frances THOMPSON
22/09/1790 William BARRAT Bigby Elizabeth CHAPMAN
10/12/1790 William COOK Ann PIKE Great Limber
04/03/1791 George PARKER Single Mary METCALF Single
08/03/1791 John STORY Kirton In Lindsey Sarah MARTIN
04/04/1791 Richard SHIPLEY Elizabeth LAWRENCE
12/04/1791 Joseph TURNER Widower Kirton In Lindsey Charlotte BARNARD Single
12/05/1791 Charles MARSHALL Hibaldstow Mary KITCHIN
22/05/1791 James PLENDERKITH Mary OGLESBY
24/05/1791 John WRIGHT Mary ELSTON
30/05/1791 Thomas COOPER Wrawby Cum Brigg Mary KIRMAN
21/06/1791 Samuel STOTHARD Single Kirton In Lindsey Frances MARSH Single
04/08/1791 Edward JOHNSON Single Belton In Axholme Hannah OGLE Single
25/08/1791 William OGLE Faith BISHOP
29/05/1792 John BROCKLESBY Single Mary ATKINSON Single
01/06/1792 George CUBIT Edy SELLARS
02/04/1793 Zachariah FREER Charlotte COOK
07/08/1793 William HILBERT Sarah OGLESBY
09/09/1793 William COOPER Wrawby Cum Brigg Sarah ARNOLD
21/10/1793 William WILSON Pather GRAHAM
08/12/1793 John ARLIS Single Margaret MURPHEY Single
18/02/1794 James BENTON Elizabeth CHAPMAN
22/04/1794 John GLOVER Frances NAILER
15/06/1794 John SMITH Rebecca JACKSON
29/09/1794 Thomas WILKINSON Mary BROCKLESBY
10/12/1794 John OGLE Ann EAST
23/06/1795 Richard REEDER Ann KETTLEWELL
08/10/1795 John GRAY Single Holy Trinity, Hull, Yorkshire Ann FOWLER Single
26/10/1796 John MARSH Single Anne DENT Single
24/01/1797 Samuel EMERSON Widower Mary EASTGATE Widow
16/05/1797 William WELCH Single Hibaldstow Sarah CARR Single
19/05/1797 William HUTCHINSON Mary PADDISON
23/05/1797 John HARRISON Belton In Axholme Elizabeth EVERETT
09/11/1797 Jervis ELWOOD Ann SERGEANT
28/11/1797 Joseph GILDENDALE Single Thorne, Yorkshire Mary GOODWIN Single
17/05/1798 Joseph JACKSON Merab PERKINS
17/05/1798 Thomas PIEFOOT Ann GRAY
28/05/1798 Richard THORNTON Elizabeth KITCHING
29/10/1798 Joseph GREEN Ann COUSINS
10/09/1799 John STEPHENSON Single Rebecca HOODLESS Single
13/11/1799 John WRIGHT Single Eleanor CLAYTON Single
25/11/1799 John CREDLAND Single Bishop Norton Elizabeth VICKERS Single
28/01/1800 Richard PIKISLEY Widower Susanna WALKER Single Wrawby Cum Brigg
15/04/1800 Thomas JAMES Widower Mary OGLE Single
14/05/1800 John TAYLOR Single Sarah COOLING Single
05/08/1800 William KIRMAN Single Barnetby Le Wold Mary KETTLEWELL Single
19/08/1800 Richard BANISTER Widower Wrawby Cum Brigg Elizabeth BROCKLESBY Widow
26/01/1801 John SOWERBY Single Hannah COOK Single
18/05/1801 Richard LIGHTLEY Single Ann SMITH Single
18/05/1801 Thomas YOUNG Single Bigby Mary WHITWORTH
24/11/1801 John WRIGHT Widower Jane GOODWELL Single
15/02/1802 George AKED Widower Wrawby Cum Brigg Kitty GOODWIN Single
04/04/1802 Thomas THATON Single Wrawby Cum Brigg Hannah GOWSHALL Single
07/09/1802 George WADDIE Single Mary CARR Single
01/11/1802 Henry GILLIATT Single Jane WRIGHT Widow
13/12/1802 Charles John ANDERSON Single Lea Frances Mary NELTHORPE Single
14/12/1802 John SMITH Ann PIKESLEY
05/01/1803 John BROUGHTON Single South Ferriby Sarah MORLEY Single
15/02/1803 Robert WILSON Frances BLADES
15/02/1803 Timothy CUTHBERT Grasby Abiel COOK Single
31/10/1803 William SCAWTHERN Single Anne ELWOOD Single
05/06/1804 Joseph STREEDS Single Mary HUNT Single
09/07/1804 Israel GLADWIN Single Anne BETTS Single Wrawby Cum Brigg
20/05/1805 Samuel WATERS Single Rebekah KENNINGTON Single
09/07/1805 George SANDERSON Mary WRIGHT Waddingham
10/10/1805 William HOLMES Messingham Anne JOHNSON
15/10/1805 William WATSON Single Mary DENT Single
02/12/1805 John ROWBOTTOM Wrawby Cum Brigg Mildred CUTHBERT
06/05/1806 Edward OGLESBY Hibaldstow Anne FOSTER Widow
18/05/1806 Joseph NOBLE Hibaldstow Jane COOK
20/05/1806 Elias GREEN Bigby Anne SOWERSBY
08/06/1806 William SMITH Broughton Elizabeth PROCKTER
24/06/1806 George CROSSKELL Barnetby Le Wold Jane OGLE
30/06/1806 John STRINGFELLOW Single Frances COOKE Single
10/08/1806 Benjamin FOOTTIT Wrawby Cum Brigg Maria PARKINSON Single
20/10/1806 John RACK Single Bernice BACON Single
25/11/1806 John BAINES Messingham Anne PECK
30/12/1806 Thomas JAMES Widower Charlotte BARNARD Single
05/01/1807 William ELSOM Widower Mary BROCKLESBY Widow
02/07/1807 John FOSTER Single York, Yorkshire Anne ELLORS Widow
17/07/1807 William Ostler NICHOLSON Wrawby Cum Brigg Hannah GOODWIN Single
13/10/1807 Samuel STREETS Elizabeth HUNT
07/06/1808 William MARSHALL Charlotte GOODWELL
22/06/1808 William CHAFER Single Ann STEEPER Single
29/07/1808 Isaac STREETS Widower Sarah STEEPER Single
11/10/1808 Uriah WILSON Single Mary KITCHEN Single Bigby
30/11/1808 John GILLIATT Single Mary STEPHENSON Redbourne
15/10/1809 John GOODBURN Brocklesby Mary THOMPSON Single
01/01/1810 George MOORE Widower Sarah STREETS Widow
30/01/1810 George MARSHAL Single Mary PIKESLEY Single
22/10/1810 Roger CARRALL Broughton Susannah AYSCOUGH
13/12/1810 John NELTHORPE Single Marianne BROOKE Single St Peter, Barton Upon Humber
19/02/1811 William CLARK Broughton Anne MILLER
18/06/1811 William THOMPSON Elizabeth SOWERBY Bigby
05/08/1811 John SOWERBY Elizabeth VICKERS
22/08/1811 Thomas HUNTSMAN Widower Susannah THEARNS Widow
07/10/1811 George CLIFFARD Single Mary PIKESLEY Single
14/10/1811 John MOORE Single Appleby Susannah FROW
24/03/1812 William GLOVER Widower Anne SMITH Single Wrawby Cum Brigg
01/06/1812 William PIKE Widower Mary SMITH Widow
06/08/1812 George FROW Anne PORTEUS
16/09/1812 William THOMPSON Broughton Jane PIKESLEY
19/10/1812 Thomas COUSINS Hannah PIKESLEY
26/11/1812 Thomas HOCKNA Hibaldstow Eleanor PECK
16/12/1812 Thomas NEAL Broughton Eleanor RICHARDSON
1 19/04/1813 William BACON Rebekah SMITH
2 15/07/1813 George PECK Single Pleasents SHIMELLS Single
3 27/10/1813 Joseph PIKE Single Mary ELSOM Single
4 25/11/1813 William ELWOOD Mary RICHARDSON
5 01/12/1813 Francis Joseph FAITHFUL Single Hatfield, Hertfordshire Mary Carter GRANTHAM Single
6 19/05/1814 Robert LOVELL Single Scotter Christiana CHAPMAN
7 07/06/1814 James CUNNINGHAM Martha STEPHENSON
8 20/09/1814 James PARKER Single Charlotte MUNDY Single Broughton
9 11/10/1814 John LILLEY Single Maria PARKINSON Single
10 16/01/1815 Abraham WIDDUP Widower Mary ATKINSON Widow
11 30/01/1815 William CLARK Widower Susannah COLTON Single
12 09/04/1815 William COOK Elizabeth PORTESS
13 07/08/1815 John ROBINSON Anne THOMPSON
14 25/01/1816 Richard SOWERBY Widower Rebekah ALLTOFT Single
15 28/05/1816 Benjamin JOBSON Anne PIKE
16 09/07/1816 Edward WRAY Single Wrawby Cum Brigg Dorothy MARSDEN Single
18 22/10/1816 Thomas FRANKISH Barrow On Humber Catherine ATKINSON
19 10/12/1816 Robert FROW Single Elizabeth HORTON Single
20 10/06/1817 Richard WALKER Single Ulceby By Barton Anne FARMERY
21 05/10/1817 Valentine GRANTHAM Single Mary Ann GRABURN St Mary, Barton Upon Humber
22 22/10/1817 William GOODHAND Single Northorpe Anne BILTON Single
23 10/11/1817 William HIRD Jane WHITLAM
24 29/12/1817 George EVISON Single Elizabeth STRINGFELLOW Single
25 07/04/1818 William CHAPMAN Single Sarah SIMONS Single
26 19/01/1819 Joseph MARSHALL Single Bottesford Phebe STIRR Single
27 24/02/1819 William WATTAM Hibaldstow Rebekah FROW
28 17/05/1819 Samuel HALL Single Mary MARTIN Single
29 29/06/1819 William NEAL Single Broughton Anne SHIPLEY Single
30 24/03/1820 William OGLESBY Elizabeth GREEN Single
31 02/04/1820 Stephen NICHOLSON Single Susannah MARSH Single
32 16/05/1820 Thomas DEE Single Elsham Mary SNELL Single
33 22/05/1820 John ROBINSON Single Bigby Mary MALAM Single
34 12/06/1820 William BOCOCK Market Rasen Hannah DIXON
35 17/07/1820 Joseph PARKER Single Mary COLTON Single
36 27/08/1820 John WALKER Maria GILLIATT
37 23/10/1820 Joseph ELLSWORTH Single Elizabeth DAVIS Single
38 13/11/1820 John HILL Single Mary Ann DAVY Single
39 05/12/1820 Thomas WARD Single Wrawby Cum Brigg Sarah HALL Single
40 22/01/1821 John BROCKLESBY Single Hannah SHIPLEY Single
41 09/04/1821 Nicholas SPLAYFOOT Single Anne LITTLE Single
42 26/06/1821 John Drinkrow HALL Sculcoates, Yorkshire Harriot PARKINSON Single
43 12/11/1821 Robert John ATKINSON Single Broughton Harriet SUTTON Single
44 31/01/1822 Thomas TAYLOR Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
45 04/02/1822 John SIKES Single Mary PETCHELL Single
46 27/02/1822 William HEARNS Single Sarah KELL Single
47 05/03/1822 Richard NEWBORN Single Broughton Elizabeth MILLER Single
48 05/03/1822 William BERRIDGE Single Elizabeth BATES Single Horkstow
49 15/05/1822 James HILL Anne BAINES
50 28/05/1822 William LOCKWOOD Bigby Elizabeth HENDERSON
51 28/05/1822 John YOUNG Mary ELWOOD
52 04/06/1822 William PIKESLEY Elizabeth ATKINSON
53 01/10/1822 Nathaniel SMITH Single Elizabeth COOPER Single
54 04/11/1822 John THORPE Kirton In Lindsey Mary STRINGFELLOW
55 14/04/1823 Samuel ATTERLEY Hannah DENT
56 14/05/1823 Robert MARKHAM Caroline BILTON
57 22/06/1823 John WALKER Mary ALLEN
58 07/07/1823 Joseph MATHERS Mary HORNER
59 10/07/1823 John BROWN Sarah SHINELLS
60 13/11/1823 William Thompson DAWSON Widower Leverton Mary Ann WATSON Single
61 08/12/1823 John COOPER Syndonia TEANLEY
62 22/12/1823 John LIDGETT Elizabeth BLADES
63 27/01/1824 Richard JOHNSON Widower Holy Trinity, Hull, Yorkshire Maria BARNARD
64 09/02/1824 George ANDREW Hibaldstow Jane WHELPSTON
65 23/03/1824 John BRASIER Mary LISON
66 13/05/1824 John BEACOCK Redbourne Jane MILSON
67 26/08/1824 Thomas CHATTERTON West Halton Rebecca TUMMIN
68 21/12/1824 William Wilson PEART Broughton Mary HINSLEY Wrawby Cum Brigg
69 25/01/1825 John CHILDE Grasby Anne TURTON Broughton
70 31/01/1825 John BREWET Waddingham Mary RICKELS
71 04/02/1825 Stephen HANNAH Broughton Ann FREW Broughton
72 28/02/1825 Edward THOMPSON Broughton Mary LYNCH Broughton
73 17/05/1825 William WALLER Single Mary KNOTT Single Wrawby Cum Brigg
74 30/06/1825 William WESTMORLAND Mary REGGET
75 17/08/1825 William CURTIS Barnetby Le Wold Hannah SMITH
76 06/12/1825 Abraham ATKINSON Single Anne HOLGATE Single
77 15/12/1825 James AKES Ann MOSS Broughton
78 27/12/1825 William Clarke GELLIBRAND Single Edmonton, Middlesex Elizabeth PARKINSON Single
79 15/05/1826 William HORNER Rebekah WILSON Wrawby Cum Brigg
80 16/05/1826 William PIKESLEY Charlotte LEEDHAM
81 22/05/1826 William MANN Jane BROCKLESBY
82 25/05/1826 John FURNISS Widower Mary FARROW
83 12/06/1826 Thomas MUNDY Widower Broughton Anne GLADWIN Widow
84 05/07/1826 John VAMPLEW Mary DOWESS
85 05/07/1826 John COTTINGHAM St Mary, Barton Upon Humber Sarah THOMPSON
86 12/07/1826 Robert LEIGHTON Brocklesby Hannah BUTLER Broughton
87 16/08/1826 Thomas FISHER Sarah GREEN
88 04/09/1826 Michael GRIFFIN Margaret COLONNY
89 24/10/1826 Joseph PILFOOT Single Frances BLADES Single
90 23/12/1826 William TREE Broughton Elenor TODD Broughton
91 26/02/1827 William RANDS Single Hannah SHEPHERD Single
92 10/04/1827 Thomas THOMPSON Waltham Mary Anne PARKER
93 17/04/1827 Robert FOWLER Sarah LEWES
94 17/05/1827 James PETCH Mary WALKDEN Broughton
95 22/05/1827 Matthew SUTTON Elizabeth CLAYTON
96 24/05/1827 Charles HARE Widower Broughton Elizabeth WEST Broughton
97 05/06/1827 James COTTINGHAM Anne GREEN
98 28/08/1827 James MOODY Frances WALLER
99 06/09/1827 William MATCHETT Elizabeth NICHOLS
100 04/12/1827 Robert EVISON Thornton Mary WALKER
106 00/00/1828 John PETCH Elizabeth SIMONS
101 07/04/1828 Joseph SLIGHT Broughton Elizabeth ELWOOD
102 19/05/1828 James WILLIAMSON Claxby Anne SMITH
103 02/06/1828 Edward STRINGFELLOW Elizabeth FRANKISH
104 05/08/1828 Richard KENDALL Dinah PILSWORTH
105 07/10/1828 Nicholas BELTON Anne DRAPER
107 17/02/1829 William DAY Broughton Mary HOLT Broughton
108 19/05/1829 Robert COUSIN Sarah Jane TURNER Brocklesby
109 22/12/1829 Thomas WATERLAND Single Burton On Stather Ellen LOWESS Single
110 31/12/1829 James WHITLAM Sophia KEAL
111 20/01/1830 Thomas BROWN Hannah PAPE
112 02/02/1830 James DRIFFILL Burton On Stather Mary LOWESS
113 03/03/1830 William COLLINGWOOD Appleby Elizabeth MEGGIT
114 06/04/1830 James METHAM Sculcoates, Yorkshire Ann RYCROFT
115 24/08/1830 John SPENCER Susanna NICHOLLS Broughton
116 21/09/1830 James BURTON Sarah DRINKLE
117 22/09/1830 Joseph BROCKLESBY Mary COOLING
118 06/12/1830 John HICKLING Single Catherine WALLER Single
119 14/12/1830 John BEAULAH Widower Mary HUNTSMAN
120 20/01/1831 Joseph O'BRIEN Single Judy CONELY
121 03/03/1831 Samuel DRAYTON Single Sarah SMITH Single
122 19/04/1831 Joseph OGLE Single Maria BASSET Single
123 12/05/1831 William GOOD Mary Anne WATTAM Wrawby Cum Brigg
124 24/05/1831 John HUNT Single Elizabeth DOUGHTY Single
125 21/06/1831 Joseph TEMPLE Single Frances LAWMAN Single
126 28/06/1831 John BELTON Widower Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire Mary GLADWIN Single
127 06/09/1831 Thomas CARLISLE Single Elizabeth LOWESS
128 10/11/1831 Richard WESTMORELAND Single Anne LAWMAN Single
129 24/11/1831 John SHORT Single Edlington Margaret ELMHIRST Single
130 19/12/1831 John KELL Single Mary STREETS Widow
131 14/05/1832 Joseph GREEN Widower Charlotte MARSHALL Widow
132 29/01/1833 Joseph TATHWELL Single Elizabeth DUTY Single
133 07/03/1833 Peter LOYAL Single Hannah JARVIS Single
134 28/03/1833 Charles CROSS Single Dorothy Amy HILL Single
135 10/05/1833 Watson BARNARD Single Frances WRIGHT Single
136 14/05/1833 John HALL Single North Kelsey Anne RACK Single
137 16/05/1833 John BEECH Single Anne HOG Single
138 12/06/1833 Robert LUARD Single Mary ELMHIRST Single
139 17/06/1833 William DRAPER Single Charlotte CODD Single
140 18/06/1833 John HILL Widower Manton Mary SIMPSON Widow
141 01/07/1833 John WRIGHT Single Mary BLADES Single
142 08/10/1833 William KITCHEN Single Jane WOOD Single
143 25/11/1833 Richard SPEED Single Mary CODD Single
144 01/12/1833 Robert Shaw HAITH Single St Peter At Gowts, Lincoln Harriet LOWESS Single
145 30/12/1833 Thomas PILFOOT Single Mary GILLIAT Widow
152 00/00/1834 John CRESSEY Single Wrawby Cum Brigg Margaret PARKER Single
146 17/03/1834 James BEACOCK Single Eden HOWELL Single
147 22/05/1834 William STOVIN Single Mildred MARKHAM Single
148 05/06/1834 John BILTON Single Sarah CODD Single
149 10/06/1834 William BARKER Single Elizabeth SAVILLE Widow
150 02/09/1834 George TROLLEY Single Harriet HOLDSWORTH Single Wrawby Cum Brigg
151 07/10/1834 Richard TUMMAN Single Mary ROBINSON Single
153 05/01/1835 James SMITH Single St George, Liverpool, Lancashire Elizabeth TOFT Single
154 13/04/1835 Jacob BLADES Single Mary BUTTENS
155 18/05/1835 William PIKESLEY Widower Anne SCAWTHORNE Single
156 11/08/1835 William STOW Single Mary COOPER Single
157 28/09/1835 Thomas BROUGHTON Single South Ferriby Mary SHARP Single
158 17/12/1835 William DAWSON Single Redbourne Harriett STREETS Single
159 01/02/1836 Francis NICHOLS Widower Charlotte GREEN Widow
160 23/02/1836 George JAMES Single Elizabeth DRAYTON Single
161 29/03/1836 Samuel RAYNER Widower Waddingham Sarah Anne HURD Single
162 15/06/1836 Robert PIKE Single Hannah FOOTTIT Single
163 23/06/1836 Anthony JOHNSON Single Sarah JEBBETT Single Swepstone, Leicestershire
164 02/08/1836 Edward HOLGATE Single Ann GURNELL Single
165 10/09/1836 Francis BARKER Single Bigby Mary Anne GILLIAT Single
166 29/11/1836 Mark BEACOCK Single Mary MARKHAM Single
167 14/03/1837 William George CODD Single Wrawby Cum Brigg Maria Mary PARKER Single
168 09/05/1837 John OGLE Single Broughton Deborah DIXON Single

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