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Stragglethorpe St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Stragglethorpe lies in southwestern Lincolnshire just a short distance from its border with neighbouring Nottinghamshire. Stragglethorpe is located roughly 8 miles east of the Nottinghamshire town of Newark upon Trent and sits a mile south of the busy A17 road which connects Newark with Sleaford. Stragglethorpe is a small village with most properties tucked away inside a loop of the kane which leads south from the A17, the village has few facilities having lost its shops and inns over the years and was never significantly larger. A typical arable farming parish, Stragglethorpe sits on the heavier soils of the Jurassic clays, the landscape is dominated by cereal fields. Stragglethorpe is drained northwards by small tributaries of the River Brant which joins the Witham to the south of Lincoln with the latter reaching the North Sea through the port of Boston. Stragglethorpe is sited at just 15 metres above the sea and sits on something of a plain below the limestone escarpment which rises to just over 100 metres some 3 miles to the east. Even by Lincolnshire standards Stragglethorpe was a small parish, its acreage barely reach 700 acres and it would have supported fewer than 100 parishioners. Stragglethorpe is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Michael's church sits on the northern edge of the village and is accessed by farm's drives from Stragglethorpe Lane. For such an unimportant small place it is remarkable that St Michael is ancient and probably has its origins in the 11th century and pre-Conquest times. A section of the western wall shows Anglo-Saxon styles and may well date to the earliest part of the 11th century. Whilst the church is small, just nave & chancel topped by a western bellcote it shows a wealth of styling covering the Transitional period when style changed from Norman Romanesque through to Early English Gothic, such is the complexity of motifs that Pevsner cannot assign a dating sequence Like many churches there is evidence for late medieval rebuilding, windows in the Perpendicular style and those in the northern aisle possibly later still but the church did not receive any substantial Victorian rework and still retains plastered internal walls overlooking 18th century woodwork. The church sits surrounded by farm buildings and other converted to holiday lets and is best approached northwards from the village centre. Sadly the churchyard has many trees making life difficult for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th August 1757 - 24th November 1806 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - STRAGGLETHORPE PAR/1/3 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 27th October 1814 - 24th November 1835 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - STRAGGLETHORPE PAR/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Brant Broughton St Helen
Brant Broughton St Helen
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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 18/08/1757 Thomas GIBSON Caythorpe Susannah CHRISPING
4 16/06/1761 William NELSON Beckingham Mary FISHER
5 07/05/1765 Joseph PILGRIM Brant Broughton Mary ELSTON
6 04/06/1765 Edward BROUGHTON Brant Broughton Christiana HAMMOND
7 03/11/1765 William STANFIELD Ann PICKWORTH
8 27/07/1773 George BONNER Elizabeth ALLEN
9 30/11/1773 Thomas KERTON Mary COLLEY
10 19/10/1775 William FILLINGHAM Balderton, Nottinghamshire Anne MILLINGTON
11 17/12/1776 William ROWBOTTOM Claypole Susanna HEWIT
20/11/1777 John RICHARDSON Mary SPUR
23/02/1778 John STEVENSON Barkston Elizabeth SIMPSON
20/02/1779 Thomas GIBSON Sarah NORMAN
08/03/1780 William LITTLEDYKE Mary ELLIS
25/05/1784 Samuel BRADLEY Coddington, Nottinghamshire Mary ELLIS
07/07/1784 William HUNT Widower Catharine RYLET
14/05/1785 Robert RYCROFT Brant Broughton Mary MILLINGTON
06/02/1786 Thomas BLACKBOURN Hannah SLACK
01/06/1786 Joseph BEMROSE Westborough Anne FISHER
29/03/1787 Thomas ATKIN Asgarby By Sleaford Elizabeth ALDERS
04/10/1787 Edward SIBEY Bassingham Jane FISHER
13/05/1788 Thomas TINDALL Cranwell Ann DOWNILL
02/06/1789 James BLACKBURN Brant Broughton Catharine STANFIELD
19/11/1789 William CHAMBERS Sarah MILLINGTON
24/11/1789 Thomas ANDREW Rolleston, Nottinghamshire Mary WELSH
12/08/1791 Samuel BEECHAM Elizabeth WHITTAKER
10/10/1793 Abraham ANDREW Beckingham Jane BONNER
22/11/1796 William COOPER Hough On The Hill Mary BRAND
22/08/1798 William STOKES Radcliffe On Trent, Nottinghamshire Ann DOB
14/05/1800 Matthew LILLY Mary COCKING
14/08/1800 John HAW Rose DIXON
06/10/1800 William SPAFFORD Beckingham Elizabeth ANDREW
16/04/1803 William RAWDING Dorrington Frances MANFIELD
15/05/1805 John TORRY Claypole Letice LILLEY
27/03/1806 William PIDD Marston Elizabeth RAWDING
24/11/1806 William WARD Mary BROWN
1 27/10/1814 Thomas JESSOP Widower Hough On The Hill Mary CHAMBERS Single
2 28/05/1822 Thomas STANFIELD Single Elizabeth HORTON Single
3 24/11/1823 Thomas JACKSON Single Maria JUDSON Single
4 16/02/1824 William LAWSON Single Ruth HAWE Single
5 13/01/1825 Joseph CROSBY Single Mary LILLY Single
6 15/05/1826 William SPENCER Rebecca WILSON Boothby Graffoe
7 14/05/1827 John TOMPSON Catharine RAWDEN
8 13/12/1827 George STAFFERY Mary CAMM Single
10 13/01/1829 Thomas ELSON Fulbeck Elizabeth BURGESS Single
11 18/05/1829 William WOODCOCK Harmston Elizabeth COX
12 22/03/1831 George MUCKSLOW Elizabeth PIDD
13 13/06/1832 William BEMROSE Caythorpe Elizabeth CHAMBERS
14 29/10/1833 James DICKENSON Navenby Anne SPARKS
15 23/04/1835 John PIDD Mary BARLOW
16 24/11/1835 Robert WESSELBY Mary TOPHAM

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