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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Swaton St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Swaton lies in the central portion of southern Lincolnshire. Swaton lies about 7 miles southeast of the market town of Sleaford in the Lincolnshire Fens. Swaton is a compact village built along the B1394 road which connects Heckington to Bourne and just to the north of the A52 Donington to Grantham road. Swaton is largely a strip of housing along either side of the B road with a westwards extension off that. The area is extremely low lying and extensively used for agriculture, both arable and vegetable growing as well as some market gardening. Swaton is located at a mere 7 metres above sea level, a level which extends for many miles to north and east. Most of the drainage in the parish is man-made and all of it heads eastwards to join the South Forty Foot Drain which heads for the North Sea through Boston. Most of the parishes in this area are very similarly sized as they were often reclaimed from previous swamplands and Swaton is no exception. The parish would have supported around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Swaton was held three-ways and supported 16 ploughs as well as having extensive meadows.

The Church

St Michael's church sits just to the east of the B1394 in the heart of Swaton. The church is a rather impressive edifice for such a small settlement and is typical of the Lincolnshire Fenland churches which were raised in prosperous times. The church has an early pattern, it is of the cruciform structure with a tower raised above the crossing point. The pattern and the architecture indicate its early origins, much of the structure is in the Early English style covering the end of the 12th and the early 13th centuries, what is not in that style is of the slightly later Decorated period of the 13th century. The building clearly impressed Pevsner who described it (despite the widespread quality in this area) as being "outstanding". The western end of the church butts up to the B1394 and is only separated by a low stone wall. A small gate gives access to the graveyard which is open but rather tightly encloses the building making it necessary to use a wide-angle lens as there's little space for getting away from the building.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd April 1754 - 13th March 1812 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - SWATON PAR/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th June 1813 - 27th September 1836 Lincolnshire Archives - Reference - SWATON PAR/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Horbling St Andrew
Horbling St Andrew

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 23/04/1754 Nathaniel DAY   Aslackby Elizabeth SMITH    
2 06/06/1754 John HILTON Single   Hannah BENNET Single  
3 08/12/1754 James GENTLE Single   Mary SQUIRES Single  
4 13/05/1755 William DORHAM Single   Elizabeth BARUNET Single  
5 28/11/1756 John BROWN Widower Fleet Sarah THORPE Single  
6 16/03/1757 Robert SMITH Single   Abigail BROWN Single  
7 23/11/1759 Thomas STENNIT Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single Horbling
8 28/01/1760 Benjamin NICHOLS Single   Elizabeth GASKIN Single  
9 15/03/1761 Thomas SMITH Widower   Mary KIRK Single  
10 01/09/1761 Thomas BARBER Widower Rippingale Mary SUTTON Single  
11 17/05/1762 Francis RIMMINGTON Single Aswarby Mary STRAPPS Single  
12 19/05/1762 William WESTERNDALE Single   Rebecca FLOWERS Single  
13 20/07/1762 John FERN Single   Mary ULSOM Single  
14 24/09/1762 John GOSLING Widower   Cecilia GIBSON Single  
15 30/05/1763 David BELL Single   Ann ROBISON Single  
16 06/12/1763 Thomas BOOTHBY Single   Elizabeth DAFT Single  
17 25/07/1764 Thomas WINTERBERRY Single St Benedict, Lincoln Mary UPTON Single  
18 11/09/1764 William UPTON Single   Elizabeth OVERHAND Single  
19 19/02/1765 William EASTON Widower   Elizabeth PRESTON Single Great Hale
20 26/11/1765 Richard MEADOWS Single Rippingale Sarah SUTTON Single  
21 27/10/1766 Joseph TANNARD Single Moulton Mary NICHOLS Single  
22 16/11/1769 William STENNIT Single   Mary LONG Single Cranwell
23 14/02/1770 John ELSOM Widower   Ann TOOLEY Widow Donington
24 18/10/1770 William PARKER Single Helpringham Elizabeth NICHOLS Single  
25 07/01/1771 William UPTON Single   Mary BRISTOW Single  
26 30/04/1771 John WEST Single   Elizabeth CUBLEY Single  
27 14/08/1771 Joseph PULLEN Single South Kyme Mary BOOTHBY    
28 13/06/1773 Thomas BLOW Single   Mary FLINT Widow  
29 13/07/1773 John SUTTON Single Horbling Mary EASTON Single  
30 13/02/1775 William PICKWORTH Single   Martha BOOTHBY Single  
31 13/02/1775 John HALES Single   Elizabeth ELSOM Single  
32 03/02/1778 John ELSUM Single   Sarah WILKINSON Single  
33 12/05/1778 Robert HANDLEY Single Osbournby Lucy CODLING Single  
34 19/08/1778 Thomas COPELAND     Ann WARD    
35 25/04/1779 John GOSLIN     Elizabeth UPTON    
36 29/04/1779 Joseph CUBLEY     Mary MILEHOUSE    
37 03/08/1779 John BOOTHBY Single   Mary LONGBOTTOM    
38 15/05/1780 Thomas WILKINSON Widower   Sarah EVERIT    
39 02/01/1781 Edward JOHNSON Single   Sarah ELSOM    
41 06/02/1781 John BINGHAM   Horbling Sarah LONGBOTTOM    
42 13/02/1781 Peter JARVIS     Ann EARSTON    
40 07/05/1781 Francis CLARKE Single   Mary YOULDING    
43 10/05/1781 John CHAMBERLIN Single   Mary ELSOM    
44 10/12/1782 Thomas NEWTON Single Careby Sarah JOHNSON    
45 15/11/1784 Joseph GILLSON   Irnham Rebecca SMITH    
46 16/02/1786 Thomas SAYWEL   Horbling Ann CUBLEY    
47 12/05/1786 Thomas LACY     Elizabeth BOOTHBY    
48 26/05/1786 John GOSLING     Elizabeth THORPE   Helpringham
49 24/10/1787 Simon BURTON Single   Elizabeth UPTON Single  
50 06/05/1789 John UPTON Single   Mary SMITH Single  
51 14/06/1790 John ELSOM Widower   Catharine THOMPSON Single  
52 07/12/1790 Thomas YARROD Single   Jemima HARDY Widow  
53 23/01/1792 John HUCKERBY   Threekingham Sarah COULING    
54 26/11/1793 Joseph STORY     Hannah BELL    
55 30/12/1793 Joseph HODD Single   Mary CHAMBERLIN Widow  
56 09/06/1794 Joseph BOWCOCK Single Dunsby Elisabeth HARDY Single  
57 09/10/1794 John GRAHAM Single Thorpe On The Hill Ann ELSOM Single  
57 09/12/1794 William STENNITT Single   Mary ARNOLD Widow  
58 11/05/1795 Thomas CLAY Single Great Hale Ann PARTRIDGE Single  
59 02/02/1796 Thomas Stirling MANN Single Horbling Mary PICKWORTH Single  
60 06/06/1796 William PORTER Single Great Ponton Elizabeth WELLS Single  
61 15/11/1796 Robert BRAND Single   Ann BELL Single  
62 13/05/1797 James HARE Single   Mary BOLTON Single  
63 15/11/1797 John BENROSE Single Donington Sarah SCOTT Single  
64 27/11/1797 John BRUMLEY Single   Elizabeth GOODWIN Single  
65 18/05/1798 William STENNITT Single   Catharine COOPER Single  
66 22/11/1798 Lawrence CHAMBERLIN   Dowsby Elizabeth STUBLEY    
67 09/03/1799 Lewis JONES     Martha PICKWORTH    
71 16/04/1799 William TODHILL     Mary WELLS    
72 14/05/1799 John CHRISTIAN     Elizabeth UPTON    
68 24/07/1799 John UPTON Widower   Elizabeth DAVIDSON    
69 06/02/1800 William LENTON     Jane LENTON    
70 14/05/1800 Edward BAILEY   Helpringham Mary KNIPE    
73 30/12/1800 Robert HODD Widower   Elizabeth ELSOM Single  
19/02/1801 Robert SPEED Widower Scredington Sarah CUBLEY Single  
26/03/1801 John MASON     Mary WHITEHEAD    
71 20/08/1801 William SISSON     Elizabeth MOULD    
12/05/1802 Charles STENNET Single   Anne WELLS Single  
11/06/1802 Robert YOUNG Single Folkingham Ann SENIOR    
29/06/1802 Thomas DREWRY   Folkingham Ann UPTON    
05/09/1802 John READ   South Kyme Jane LUMLEY    
25/11/1802 William WRAY     Mary HOLINGWORTH    
02/12/1802 Richard ADDISON     Elizabeth MOULD    
20/03/1804 William GAMBLE     Mary BOURN    
25/11/1805 Thomas KNOTT     Mary BUSH    
20/02/1806 Robert MANIN     Frances HARDY    
14/05/1806 Thomas WRIGHT     Sarah GIBSON    
06/07/1806 George COOPER     Elizabeth GADSBY    
24/07/1806 Joseph SENIOR     Ann WHITEHEAD    
06/07/1807 William WATSON     Mary SAVILE    
03/10/1807 John SMITH     Ann LEE    
16/05/1809 Francis TAYLOR     Hannah BUSH    
10/12/1810 William BLOODWITH   Aslackby Mary COCKS    
10/12/1810 George WOODSEND   Great Hale Ann TAYLOR    
20/03/1811 Edward BOOTHBY     Elizabeth COPELAND    
13/05/1811 Richard ADDISON     Mary BUTLER    
04/06/1811 William UPTON     Sarah HAMMACK    
16/07/1811 William IWELL   Pinchbeck Mary UPTON    
10/10/1811 John EATON   Boston Elizabeth GIBSON    
08/11/1811 Mathew HOLDERNESS     Elizabeth SAYWELL    
13/03/1812 Joseph STENNETT Single   Ann ELSOM    
1 08/06/1813 John MORRIS Widower   Ann BARNSDALE Single  
2 01/10/1813 John HOLMES Single   Elizabeth DRAWCOCK Single Helpringham
3 21/12/1813 Benjamin BUSH Single   Ann ATKINSON Single  
4 13/05/1814 William ROBINSON Single Helpringham Mary BOWCOCK Single  
5 17/05/1814 Thomas WILSON Single   Margaret BARTRAM Single  
6 10/10/1814 William BIRKINS Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
7 26/03/1815 John SIPPING Single   Elizabeth PULLEN Single  
8 15/05/1815 Jarvis BUSH Single Threekingham Ann GIBSON Single  
9 16/05/1815 Thomas BUSH Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
10 23/05/1815 Robert ISAAC Single Scredington Susanna ORMOND Single  
11 21/12/1815 Bryan ISAAC Widower Caythorpe Ann MANSFIELD Single  
12 14/05/1816 John COOPER Single   Ann WOODS Single  
13 15/05/1816 John WINGAD Single   Mary PHILLIPS Single  
14 15/05/1816 Thomas GIBSON Single   Mary LARKE Single  
15 27/05/1816 Robert IRELAND Widower   Elizabeth BRUMLEY Single  
16 23/07/1816 Thomas DICKENS Single   Elizabeth METTAM Single  
17 28/11/1816 John COATON Single   Lucy HISSETT Single  
18 10/12/1816 John BELLAMY Single   Ann HOLDERNESS Single  
19 14/04/1817 Henry REEDMAN Single   Ruth WITHERINGHAM Single  
20 21/04/1817 Francis Thomas COOK Single   Jane COOK Single  
21 23/04/1817 John WALTON Single   Ann SPRAY Single  
22 04/11/1817 John COX Widower   Mary GAMBULL Single  
23 12/04/1818 Elijah KING Single   Jane ASHTON Widow  
24 09/06/1818 William SISSON Widower   Elizabeth SPRAY Single  
25 13/05/1819 Thomas ROUSE Single   Susanna FARMAN Single  
26 17/05/1819 John BAILEY Single   Sarah WATSON Single  
27 19/10/1819 Thomas WIDDOWSON Single   Susanna BARBER Single  
28 25/05/1820 William BERISFORD Single   Rebecca BAILEY Single  
29 19/12/1820 Edward WILSON Single   Sarah KING Single Helpringham
30 20/03/1821 James ALLEN Single   Jane HARE Single  
31 07/06/1821 Dale FISHER Single Morton Catherine PHILLIPS Single  
32 04/07/1821 Thomas EASON Widower   Jane CHEETHAM Single  
33 08/04/1822 John CLARK Single   Rebecca SAMLEY Single  
34 23/04/1823 William TALES Single   Mary KNOTT Widow  
35 26/05/1823 Thomas YARRAD Widower   Elizabeth CUBLEY Widow  
36 05/11/1823 John WATSON Single Horbling Jane WINGAD Single  
37 11/01/1824 Thomas HOLMES Single   Mary HARGRAVE Single  
38 08/11/1825 John PHILLIPS Single Helpringham Elizabeth HARE Single  
39 13/04/1826 William FADDLING Single   Mary COOPER Widow  
40 06/07/1826 Thomas SMITH Single   Mary Goodacre SEWARDS Single  
41 17/07/1826 John PRIESTLEY Single Ewerby Elizabeth WILSON Single  
42 10/01/1827 John BOOTH Widower   Ann COCK Single  
43 17/10/1827 John WILES Widower   Ann MARSHLAND Widow  
44 03/06/1828 William TOWERS Single   Esther MACHIN Widow  
45 18/06/1829 George HARCOCK     Elizabeth THORLBY    
46 22/04/1830 Samuel ORANS     Elizabeth YARRAD Widow  
47 01/07/1830 William BARBER Single   Ann SENIOR Single  
48 11/10/1830 William PULLION   Scredington Mary KNOTT    
49 17/01/1831 William BAKER Single   Martha BROMLEY Single  
50 30/01/1832 Zadock COMPTON Widower   Mary ELLIS Widow  
51 13/08/1832 Aminadab QUIBEL Single Bloxholme Elizabeth BELAMY Single  
52 26/02/1833 John BODY Single   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
53 15/04/1833 Joseph TAYLOR   Helpringham Elizabeth CHRISTIAN    
54 06/05/1833 John STENNET Single   Mary MODD Single  
55 04/07/1833 William SYSSON Widower   Elizabeth FINE Widow  
56 04/07/1833 Henry BROMLEY Single   Mary GOODMAN Single  
57 05/11/1833 John BOOLS     Sarah TAYLOR   Sleaford
58 15/05/1834 John ATKINSON Widower   Elizabeth THORPE Single  
59 20/05/1834 John WILSON Single   Lucy COLTON Widow  
60 20/05/1834 Robert HARDY Widower   Ann CARTER Single  
61 07/07/1834 Samuel BARBER Single Dembleby Mary SIMON Single  
62 04/11/1834 John FRISBY Single   Mary Ann GREEN Single  
63 14/04/1835 William HOLLAND Single Boston Ann HARCOCK Single  
64 28/04/1835 James WHITEHEAD Single   Susannah CARTER Single Great Ponton
65 27/09/1836 Richard WITWORTH Single   Elizabeth WILSON Single  

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