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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
St Augustine Watling Street


The Parish

The parish of St Augustine Watling Street sits almost centrally within the City of London, immediately east of St Paul's Cathedral. The parish covers a tiny area of the formerly heavily populated city, a few city blocks. Whilst the area was heavily populated at the time of this transcript, today it is the heart of London's commercial area and very few people live within the parish it being occupied largely by business premises and the shops & restaurants needed to support them. The parish was both badly affected in 1666 by the Great Fire and also in the Second World war when enemy bombing destroyed much of the area, as a result it is a place of concrete and glass today. St Augustine parish sits mere yards from the Thames, any drainage being subsurface. The parish acreage was tiny and barely measurable, despite this a population of close to 300 parishioners would have resided within its bounds.

The Church

St Augustine's church, formerly on Watling Street which no longer exists, now resides cheek-by-jowl with St Paul's Cathedral on the western side of New Change and the northern side of Cannon Street. To say the church has had a chequered history is to put it mildly, the first, medieval, church was destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666 whilst the present building was resurrected from near destruction following heavy bombing in World War 2. The church is one by Sir Christopher Wren erected between 1680 & 1687 with a graceful lead spire added in 1695. In Pevsner 1957 edition it sat in ruins with that spire destroyed and only three bays of the outer, southern, wall still standing. It has taken a minumental effort to recreate the building. Like most London churches it is best approached on foot where views are available from the crowded pavements of the City.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
9th May 1754 - 26th June 1774
London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/AUG/A/005/MS08875/001   
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 10th July 1774 - 17th December 1812  London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/AUG/A/005/MS08875/002 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 3rd January 1813 - 30th October 1836 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/AUG/A/007/MS08876    Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

St Faith under St Paul
St Vedast Foster Lane
St Matthew Friday Street
St Gregory by St Paul
All Hallows Bread Street
St Mary Magdalene Old Fish Street
St Nicholas Cole
St Margaret Moses

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/01/1754 Benjamin DALE Single Stratford Le Bow, Middlesex Grace TIMSON Single Stratford Le Bow, Middlesex
15/02/1754 Joseph SAMM Widower Norton, Hertfordshire Ann HEARNE Single Norton, Hertfordshire
12/03/1754 Richard JACKSON Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth APPLEYARD Single St Dunstan In The West
1 09/05/1754 George ILIFFE Single All Hallows Barking Marina YOURON Single St Faith
2 12/05/1754 Henry RENNIE Single St Vedast Elizabeth RAWLINS Single
3 22/05/1754 Thomas WHEELER Single Eleanor HOWELL Widow Wandsworth, Surrey
4 07/07/1754 Daniel HOPKINS Widower St Bride Mary HASSALL St Faith
13 21/01/1755 Edmund SMITH Single Elizabeth RALTON Single St Faith
14 02/02/1755 David MILLS Single St Faith Margaret BURREL Single
15 10/02/1755 Robert POCKLINGTON Single St Faith Susannah GRAY Single
16 11/02/1755 William BUSBY Single Bath, Somerset Hannah BISHOP Single St Faith
17 16/03/1755 Charles LA ROCHE Single St Pancras Molly CHUBB Single St Faith
18 01/04/1755 John BEDFORD Widower St Faith Isabella FANN Widow Islington, Middlesex
19 27/04/1755 William BRADY Single St Faith Henrietta KIDNEY Single
20 22/05/1755 Joseph RICHARDSON Single St Faith Mary CAMDEN Single Wapping, Middlesex
21 24/08/1755 Robert HAWKES Single Christchurch Mary PHILPOTT Widow St Faith
22 31/08/1755 John PHIPPS Single St Vedast Ann MERIVILE Single St Faith
23 17/09/1755 Simon GRONDON Single Martha HENDERSON St James, Westminster, Middlesex
24 23/09/1755 Joseph CLAPHAM Single St Faith Elizabeth LUCAS Single
25 28/09/1755 William KIDD Single Ann WIELDE Single
26 27/11/1755 James CORBETT Widower St Leonard, Bridgnorth, Shropshire Mary WHITEHOUSE Single St Faith
27 11/12/1755 Robert BATES Widower St Faith Margaret COOPER Single
28 14/01/1756 George HORNEBLOW Single St Faith Mary BEAUMONT Single
29 05/02/1756 Isaac MARTINEAU Single St Faith Marguerite Leny HENRY Single
30 08/02/1756 George HOLT Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Ann DEWSE Single St Faith
31 11/02/1756 William LEACY Single St Mildred Bread St Ann GRAY Widow
32 22/02/1756 Thomas JONES Single Stratford Le Bow, Middlesex Elizabeth HUNT Single St Faith
33 19/04/1756 Charles RUSSELL Widower St Faith Mary BROWN Single
34 16/05/1756 Edward WEST Single St Faith Ann CLARK Single
35 29/05/1756 James LINDSEY Widower Catharine FORDHAM Single
36 26/06/1756 John DEAN Single Elizabeth REEVES Single St Anne & St Agnes
37 08/08/1756 Hermann SENEFF Single St Faith Elizabeth RICKSTON Single
38 18/08/1756 James SMITH Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Ann WINTLEBOROUGH Single St Faith
39 29/08/1756 John PRATER Single St Faith Ann WRAY Single St Faith
40 11/09/1756 William BIRCHALL Single Ann DRIVER Single Wapping, Middlesex
41 26/09/1756 John WALLER Single St Botolph Aldersgate Ann WELDALE Single St Faith
42 18/10/1756 John DOBEY Single St Faith Caroline KINGSLEY Single
43 08/12/1756 John SNOW Widower Jane MUMFORD Single
44 06/01/1757 John COLEMAN Widower Sarah BROOKER Single Gillingham, Kent
45 13/02/1757 Robert BURSTON Single St Faith Elizabeth CROOK Widow
46 10/04/1757 Robert LINNELL Single St Faith Elizabeth ADAMS Single
47 19/04/1757 James BUTLER Single Elizabeth SAUNDERS Single
48 04/05/1757 Daniel CHAPMAN Single St Faith Ann LEAVER Widow Chelsea, Middlesex
49 17/05/1757 John GODSELL St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Anne HAYNES St Faith
50 28/05/1757 Thomas WITHERBY Single St Edmund Elizabeth STERROP Single St Faith
51 05/06/1757 Joseph SYKES Single Mary SYLVESTER Single
52 12/06/1757 James LITTLEMORE Widower Mary ORAMOND Single
53 31/07/1757 William MATTHEWS Single St Matthew Urry SIBLEY Single
54 10/08/1757 James BRYANT Widower St Faith Rachael HALL Single
55 15/11/1757 Robert LORRINGTON Single St Faith Meribah HULL Single Newington, Surrey
56 02/12/1757 James WELLFARE Single Deborah SUMMERS Single Croydon, Surrey
57 04/12/1757 John CURNOCK Single All Hallows Lombard St Elizabeth LEEKE Single
58 13/12/1757 Humphrey BRADSHAW Single Mary VINER Single St Faith
59 07/02/1758 John HUSON West Ham, Essex Mary HAGGAR St Faith
60 14/03/1758 John HUME Single St Faith Sarah WEATHERLY Single
61 27/03/1758 Wadham DOLLWOOD Single Christchurch Susannah COOMBS Single St Faith
62 31/03/1758 Thomas SPRECKLY Single St Mary Aldermary Elizabeth PRICE Single
63 18/04/1758 Cornelius LATTIMER Single Northampton, Northamptonshire Sarah COLLINS Single St Faith
64 22/04/1758 William LAUNDER Single Eleanor WILKIN Single St Mary, Westminster, Middlesex
65 25/05/1758 Thomas MOORE Single St Botolph Aldgate Catherine REEVES Single St Faith
66 01/06/1758 Francis WALDEN St Mary Magdalene Old Fish St Betty GODFREY Single St Faith
67 06/06/1758 John AKROYD Widower Elizabeth YOUNG Widow St Bartholomew The Less
68 09/07/1758 James LANE Widower St George In The East, Middlesex Mary WEBB Single St Faith
69 23/07/1758 John TILTKIN Single Elizabeth DEAN Single
70 13/08/1758 John MORGAN Single Sarah SEAGAL Single
71 25/09/1758 Charles PENNY Widower St Michael Queenhithe Ruth SQUIRES Single
72 19/10/1758 Roger MEREDITH Single St Benet Pauls Wharf Elizabeth FARMER Single St Faith
73 29/10/1758 George POTINGER Single Mary GREENAWAY Single
74 01/11/1758 George BURGESS Single St George The Martyr, Middlesex Ann MAKEPEACE Single
75 06/12/1758 John TRINGHAM Single Alice PAGE Single St Faith
76 07/12/1758 John DRAKEFORD Widower St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth SENIFF Widow St Faith
77 31/12/1758 Thomas RAY Single St Martin Ludgate Anna Maria HILL Single St Faith
78 05/01/1759 Thomas ROBERTS Single St John, Southwark, Surrey Elizabeth SHARP Single St Faith
79 21/01/1759 James MACKLERAITH Single St Paul, Deptford, Kent Christian WALKER Single St Faith
80 22/01/1759 Thomas CUNNINGHAM Single St Faith Elizabeth HARRIS Single Christchurch
81 03/02/1759 William FENNER Single St Faith Mary BATT Battersea, Surrey
82 29/03/1759 Peter CLARKE Single St Faith Elizabeth HOLME Single
83 13/05/1759 John STEVENS Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Rachel WESTON Single St Faith
84 20/05/1759 William EASON Widower Mary LLOYD Single
85 05/06/1759 William ALLCOCK Single St Faith Mary UNDERWOOD Widow St Sepulchre
86 04/07/1759 William SARTIN Single St Faith Kitty BEZANT Single St Dunstan In The West
87 07/07/1759 Thomas YOUNG Single Isleworth, Middlesex Mary CHESHIRE Single St Faith
88 29/07/1759 John MADDING Single St Faith Catherine SIBLY Single
89 11/09/1759 Thomas POCKLINGTON Single St Faith Hellen BENNETT Single
90 22/10/1759 Louis RAMEL Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Louisa COURVOISIER Single St Faith
91 04/11/1759 Joshua SMITH Single St Botolph Aldgate Johanna LIVERSEDGE Widow St Faith
92 11/11/1759 Moses STEELE Single St Faith Jane BRISCOT Single
93 09/12/1759 Richard WAYLETT Single Ann FORD Single
94 19/12/1759 John SLADER Uxbridge, Middlesex Sarah DAVIS Single St Faith
95 19/01/1760 John SMITH Single St Michael Cornhill Margaret BURKE Single St Faith
96 31/01/1760 Robert HENSON Single St Faith Ann SLAUGHTER Single
97 03/02/1760 Joseph HILL St Faith Grace GRAY
98 07/02/1760 Abraham HAYE Single Sarah ADDISON Single Christchurch
99 20/03/1760 John RING Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Martha BROWN Single St Faith
100 24/04/1760 George HILL St Faith Elizabeth SHORT
101 07/05/1760 Joshua BEDDOW Widower Croydon, Surrey Ann MASON Widow
102 25/05/1760 Richard GALL Single St Faith Elizabeth HARMAR Single
103 29/05/1760 John CASTELL Widower Mary FEATHERS Widow
104 15/06/1760 Thomas EDLESTON Single St Faith Mary COTTON Single
105 11/07/1760 John LEVENS Single St Faith Ann CONEY Single
106 06/08/1760 Alexander HAMILTON Single St Faith Mary BAUGH Single
107 10/08/1760 James PYE Single Margret BERRY Single
108 21/08/1760 Onesiphorus WARRY Yeovil, Somerset Mary WRIGHT St Faith
109 03/09/1760 William MULLINEUX Single Mary COGSWILL Single
110 08/09/1760 John HODGKINSON Widower St Faith Mary PARKER Single St Faith
111 27/09/1760 Thomas JOHNSON Single St Faith Ann LUTEY Widow Kensington, Middlesex
112 27/09/1760 Daniel CIRCUIT Single Elizabeth KEITH Single St Sepulchre
113 28/09/1760 Richard WHITEHEAD Single St Faith Mary BOLTON Single St Faith
114 19/10/1760 William BOYD Single Walthamstow, Essex Margaret SAAR Single
115 03/11/1760 Thomas KIMBER Single Anna Maria ASHTON Single St Botolph Aldgate
116 27/11/1760 William EMERSON Widower Wapping, Middlesex Ann PAUL Single St Faith
117 01/01/1761 William SMITH Widower St Faith Mary JOYNER Widow St Faith
118 05/01/1761 Thomas BAKER Single Cobham, Kent Hannah ALLEN Single
119 26/01/1761 Charles WRIGHT Single St Faith Mina TINDALE Single St Faith
120 14/03/1761 Ralph TATHAM Single Elizabeth BLOXHAM Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex
121 12/04/1761 William KING Single St Faith Elizabeth FRANCIS Single St Andrew Holborn
122 14/04/1761 Martin PLATS Single St Faith Margaret WHITTELL Widow St Faith
123 24/05/1761 William BROOKS Single St Faith Hannah WARD Single St Faith
124 24/05/1761 James TING Single St Faith Mary POCKLINGTON Single St Faith
125 21/06/1761 Thomas ATKINSON Widower Boddington, Gloucestershire Sarah FRENCH Widow
126 13/07/1761 Richard BETHELL Single St Faith Ann WATKEYS Single St Faith
127 06/08/1761 Thomas HEARN Single Isabella SAAR Single
128 10/09/1761 Samuel MARITEAU Single St Faith Catherine WITHERBY Single Spitalfields, Middlesex
129 28/09/1761 Joseph DEACON Single St Mary Le Bow Mary ASTERLY Single
130 29/10/1761 George BAXTER Single St Katherine By Tower Jane TROTMAN Single
131 23/11/1761 Thomas WARNE Single Sarah CAWDELL Single
132 26/12/1761 Job PRICE Single St Faith Elizabeth DIXON Single St Faith
133 27/12/1761 Richard LLOYD Single Mary BROUGH Single
134 31/12/1761 Robert NASH Single St Sepulchre Susanna Sarah GRAY Single
135 17/01/1762 William NUOLL Single St Faith Hannah GREETHAM Single Boultham, Lincolnshire
136 28/01/1762 William WALLIS Widower All Hallows Barking Mary HUMPHREYS Widow St Faith
137 03/02/1762 Michael SANDHAM Single Shadwell, Middlesex Ann THOMSON Single
138 23/02/1762 John DAVIS Widower St Mary, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth BELLWOOD Single St Faith
139 04/03/1762 Thomas SHIPLEY Widower Elizabeth DAKING Single Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
140 14/03/1762 Joseph POTTS Single Isabella FOYE Single
141 11/04/1762 John ROSE Single St Faith Jane STONE Single St Faith
142 12/04/1762 Thomas BALL Single St Faith Elizabeth CROSS Single St Faith
143 18/04/1762 Thomas COOLE Single Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single
144 28/04/1762 Joseph JONES Single St Faith Mary COPE Single St Faith
145 21/06/1762 John William ANDERSON Single Dorothy SIMPKINS Single St Faith
146 17/08/1762 Richard ANDERSON Single Jane JEFFERSON Single
147 26/08/1762 James COLEMAN Single St Andrew Holborn Susanna HART Single
148 29/08/1762 Edward HODGES Single Ann TALBOT Widow St Luke, Middlesex
149 26/09/1762 Thomas CURRIE Single Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire Ann CLAYTON Single St Faith
150 02/10/1762 Thomas SCOTT Single Mary WARD Single
151 11/10/1762 John BEARD Single St Faith Priscilla KITCHIN Single St Faith
152 12/10/1762 John WALL Single St Faith Elothy NALL Single St Faith
153 31/10/1762 Patrick MCELROY Single Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire Alice HARRITTS Single
154 14/11/1762 John BAKER Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary ROBINSON Single
155 06/12/1762 Henry PENN Widower Mary JACKSON Single St Botolph Aldgate
156 27/12/1762 John TRUSS Widower Anna Maria GENT Widow
157 01/01/1763 Samuel BISHOP Single St Faith Mary PALMER Single St Faith
158 29/01/1763 John WINSTER Single St Faith Sarah DAVIS Single St Faith
160 06/02/1763 William GRAHAM Single St Faith Mary EASTON Single St Faith
161 15/02/1763 Thomas AMEY Widower St Faith Sarah Ann BALDWYN Widow St Faith
162 15/02/1763 Richard EDLEY Widower Maria HAINS Single
163 04/04/1763 Robert LOWDER Single St Faith Deborah LOCKLEY Single St Faith
164 14/04/1763 Alexander WEBB Widower Ann CROSKILL Single
165 03/05/1763 James SIMPSON Single Hannah STREAMES Widow
166 08/05/1763 Jeremiah KEABEL Single Mary PHIPPS Single St Benet Pauls Wharf
167 10/05/1763 John WILD Single Mary DEANE Single
168 14/06/1763 Peter TURNER Single St Botolph Aldersgate Sarah LUCAS Single
169 08/07/1763 William THORNTON Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey Mary PERKINS Widow
170 19/07/1763 Arthur PHILLIP Widower St Faith Margaret Charlott DENISON Widow Lambeth, Surrey
171 25/07/1763 Joseph ARCHER Single St Faith Judith HAMMOND Single St Faith
172 12/08/1763 William EMMS Single St Faith Mary WILLOUGHBY Single St Faith
173 28/08/1763 Christopher FRENCH Single St Faith Mary WRATHALL Widow St Faith
174 12/10/1763 William BURNETT Single Rachael WARD Single
175 24/10/1763 John MATHER Widower St Faith Lydia RHODES Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex
176 29/10/1763 John TALVER Single Elizabeth WILD Single
177 27/11/1763 John MOUNTFORD Single Fanny GOLDING Single
178 12/12/1763 James ASHLEY Single Elizabeth HOWELL Single
179 25/12/1763 John YOUNG Single St Faith Elizabeth SHRIEVES Single St Faith
180 01/01/1764 William SUGAR Single St Faith Mary HARRIS Single St Faith
181 24/01/1764 Edward HITCHCOCK Single Mary WEBB Single
182 04/02/1764 Anthony CHESELDON Widower Christchurch Hannah JONES Widow
183 04/02/1764 George CARR Single St Faith Ann SIBERY Single St Faith
184 12/02/1764 Thomas GALE Widower St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Martha BARRAN Widow
185 27/02/1764 Thomas JONES Single St Faith Sarah GIPSON Single St Faith
186 04/03/1764 George GRUBB Single St Faith Elizabeth GREEN Single St Anne Blackfriars
187 18/03/1764 John SMIT Single St Faith Judy HASSELL Single St Faith
188 23/04/1764 Samuel HIGGINGS Single St Faith Hannah DICKINSON Single St Faith
189 08/05/1764 Richard PRESTON Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth TURRELL Single St Faith
190 28/05/1764 Thomas BROWNNET Single St Faith Elizabeth KNIGHT Single St Faith
191 04/06/1764 Lewis WACKER Single St Mary Somerset Martha KING Single
192 24/06/1764 Henry HOLBROOK Single St Michael Cornhill Sarah AYRE Single St Faith
193 02/07/1764 Joseph CROCKER Single St Faith Dinah FIELD Single St Faith
194 03/07/1764 William Baker THOMPSON Single St Faith Ann BALLARD Single St Faith
195 03/07/1764 Abraham REES Single Christchurch Joanna GOLDNEY Single
196 26/07/1764 William FARR Single St Faith Elizabeth FROST Single St Faith
197 10/08/1764 Henry GIBSON Single St Faith Beata ROGERS Single St Faith
198 12/08/1764 Thomas VOKES Single St Andrew Holborn Jane VOKES Single
199 13/08/1764 George TAYLOR Widower St Mary, Westminster, Middlesex Ann HARRISON Single St Faith
200 19/08/1764 Ralph TWYFORD Single St Faith Ann KING Single Christchurch
201 02/09/1764 Richard PALETHORPE Single Mary WALKER Single
202 16/09/1764 Richard COPE Single St Faith Mary WHEILDON Single St Faith
203 26/09/1764 Dina MOORE Widower Mary WOOD Single Putney, Surrey
204 30/09/1764 William ANNAND Single Elizabeth GRIFFITH Single
205 20/11/1764 John BYERS Single Chatham, Kent Ann POPE Widow St Faith
207 03/01/1765 William MACKRELL Single St Faith Ann FERREND Single St Sepulchre
208 13/01/1765 Thomas ALEY Single St Faith Mary CHAMNEYS Single St Faith
209 14/01/1765 John CORNWALL Single St Faith Elizabeth COPE Single St Faith
210 20/01/1765 Thomas ARCH Widower St James, Westminster, Middlesex Ann THOMPSON Single St Faith
211 25/01/1765 Benjamin TUCKER Widower Mary HAMPTON Widow St Mildred Bread St
212 27/01/1765 John IBBOTSON Single St Bride Sarah HEWER Single St Faith
213 27/01/1765 John Henry ARNAUD Single Christchurch Anna Maria WRIGHT Single
214 17/02/1765 William BRUTON Single St Faith Judith WEST Single St Faith
215 14/04/1765 Richard SMITH Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Sarah DYER Widow St Faith
216 18/04/1765 John BALDWIN Single St Faith Mary HOLTON Single St Faith
217 14/05/1765 John BOARDMAN Single Rebecca PIGG Single
218 24/06/1765 Thomas BURGESS Widower Martha HINCKSMAN Single
219 26/09/1765 William WRIGHT Single Elizabeth YATE Single
220 02/10/1765 Robert WARREN Single St Faith Elizabeth STANES Single St Faith
221 09/11/1765 Thomas THOMPSON Single St Faith Sarah BALLARD Single St Faith
222 23/11/1765 Thomas EAST Widower St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent Mary THOMAS Widow St Faith
223 29/12/1765 James DION Single Frances BELL Widow
224 01/01/1766 Thomas PORTER Single St Faith Jane HOOMER Single St Faith
225 05/01/1766 Thomas WILLIAMS Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary TERRY Single St Faith
226 04/02/1766 Jacob HUGHES Widower Ann WALKER Widow
227 09/02/1766 William LOWNDS Single St Lawrence Jewry Elizabeth PALMER Single St Faith
228 02/04/1766 Thomas DINT Single Woolwich, Kent Elizabeth COLLYER Single St Faith
229 21/04/1766 John PARSONS Single Ann BALL Single
230 24/04/1766 Francis NEWBERY Single St Faith Elizabeth BRYANT Single St Faith
231 24/04/1766 John BRIGGS Single St Sepulchre Ann POWER Single
232 04/05/1766 John BRISTOW Single St Faith Sarah SHAW Single St Faith
233 18/05/1766 William HUGHES Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Anne Steele PHILLIP Single St Faith
234 21/06/1766 Joseph HEAD Widower St Faith Ann SKIPP Single St Faith
236 12/07/1766 Thomas NICHOLLS Single St Faith Mary PAGE Single Christchurch
237 13/07/1766 Edward PEARSON Single St Mary Aldermanbury Elizabeth SEDDON Single St Faith
235 29/07/1766 James BAXTER Single St Faith Elizabeth DIXON Single St Mary Abchurch
239 29/08/1766 Richard WILLIAMS Single St Faith Ann EAST Widow Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire
240 06/10/1766 Joseph MAKIN Single Ann AIRES Single
241 12/10/1766 Miles MARTYR Single St Faith Judith ARGENT Single St Faith
242 20/11/1766 Samuel HIGGINS Widower St Faith Margaret GREEN Single St Faith
243 09/12/1766 John DEELY Single Winslow, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth CHAPPLE Single St Faith
244 21/12/1766 William PASCALL Single St Faith Ann BRIDGE Single St Faith
245 06/02/1767 Thomas HEWKIN Single Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth HINDS Single St Faith
246 03/03/1767 James CLARK Single St Faith Jane MORRISON Widow St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
247 16/03/1767 Lawrence KNOCK Single St Faith Clement WESTLEY Single St Faith
248 26/04/1767 Thomas WRIGHT Widower Hackney, Middlesex Elizabeth BURROW Single St Faith
249 16/05/1767 Richard SMITH Widower Islington, Middlesex Lucy TOWERS Single St Faith
250 28/05/1767 Henry WALL Widower Stepney, Middlesex Mary COOK Single St Faith
251 14/06/1767 David ROBERTS Single St Faith Mary WALKEYS Single St Faith
252 21/06/1767 John BOSTOCK Single St Faith Elizabeth ASQUITH Widow St Faith
253 16/08/1767 John SHEWARD Single Mary LAMB Single
254 13/09/1767 Evan MAURICE Single St Faith Jane MICHALL Widow St Faith
255 22/09/1767 John WARRAN Single St Faith Mary KING Single St Faith
256 08/10/1767 Richardson HARRISON Single St Faith Ann GRANT Single St Faith
257 08/10/1767 Richard JACKSON Single Jane ENGLISH Widow Shoreditch, Middlesex
258 04/11/1767 James ASHLEE Single Ann ROGERS Widow St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex
259 08/11/1767 Robert JONES Single Ann ATKINS Single
260 10/11/1767 William RADFORD Single Mary SLACKMAN Single
261 12/11/1767 James WEFFEN Single St Faith Anne BARNES Single St Faith
262 17/11/1767 William CROOK Widower Mary SMITH Widow
263 23/11/1767 Roger WRIGHT Single St Faith Frances FOOT Single St Faith
264 26/11/1767 John Jacob Philip GUTH Single St Faith Catherine Lisette Louise BERTRAND Single
265 28/11/1767 Francis JARVIS Single St Faith Susannah TATMORE St Faith
266 05/12/1767 William SLOW Single St Faith Mary PHILLIPS Single St Faith
267 15/12/1767 William BRERETON Single St Faith Bathsheba RAY Single St Faith
268 17/12/1767 James JONES Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Barbara BROMLEY Single St Faith
269 28/12/1767 Simon LEONARD Single St Faith Rosamond MALING Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
270 29/12/1767 John WITCHINGHAM Single Bloomsbury, Middlesex Mary MITCHELL Widow
271 02/01/1768 Thomas JEELY Single Elizabeth SCORES Single
272 01/02/1768 John STEVENS Single St Faith Elizabeth GEW Single St Faith
273 07/02/1768 Daniel FRANCKWELL Widower Whitechapel, Middlesex Mary MAN Single St Faith
274 28/02/1768 Benjamin SULLY Single St Faith Elizabeth WELLEN Widow St Faith
275 24/03/1768 William BRAIDWOOD Widower St George The Martyr, Middlesex Susannah NICHOLL Single St Faith
276 11/04/1768 William JEFFS Single St Faith Elizabeth CLAWSON Single St Faith
277 28/04/1768 William MYLES Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Mary COLLYER Single
278 09/05/1768 John BURROWS Single St Faith Mary NEWCOMBE Single St Faith
279 17/05/1768 Mathew ABRAHAM Single St Faith Susanna WILLIAMS Single St Faith
280 30/05/1768 Anthony SHAW Single Rachael COLLIER Single
281 11/06/1768 John JONES Widower St Faith Ann GRANT Widow St Faith
282 23/10/1768 William WHEATCROFT Single Elizabeth DRIVER Single
283 03/11/1768 John Rogers LAWRENCE Single Susannah HARRIS Single St Faith
284 20/12/1768 John WILLIAN Single St Faith Margaret WILLAN Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
285 24/12/1768 Edward GOULD Single St Faith Sarah SANDAL Single Hatfield, Hertfordshire
286 08/01/1769 John DOLLAND Single St Faith Elizabeth TAYLOR Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex
287 12/01/1769 John BURCH Single St Faith Jane WESTON Single St Faith
288 02/02/1769 Sylvanus HALL Single St Faith Ann GUNNELL Single Covent Garden, Middlesex
289 11/02/1769 Nicholas LUTYENS Single Mary MESMAN Single Christchurch
290 21/03/1769 William KIRKBY Single All Hallows The Great Jane HINXMAN Widow St Faith
291 05/04/1769 William LOVELL Single Abigail BRISTOW Single
292 20/04/1769 Peter COPE Widower St Faith Mary HABERSHAM Single St Faith
293 23/04/1769 Joseph BERRECLOTH Single St Faith Ann Elizabeth VAUGHAN Single St Faith
294 09/05/1769 Richard WISSON Single St Faith Mary ANDERSON Single St Faith
295 13/05/1769 Edward BIRD Single Ann HEARN Single
296 19/05/1769 William SLOMAN Widower Jane WALTER Single
297 20/05/1769 James PITTS Single St Faith Ann CARTER Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
298 22/05/1769 Francis BOOBBYER Single St Faith Ann WYBRAY Single Christchurch
299 28/05/1769 Henry WINTER Widower St Faith Sarah WINTER Single St Faith
300 28/05/1769 Patrick MCNALLY Single St Faith Hannah POPE Single St Faith
301 25/06/1769 John WALES Single St Faith Ann HUTCHINS Single St Faith
302 05/07/1769 Nathaniel LEWIS Single St Faith Martha HARBOR Single West Wickham, Kent
303 06/07/1769 Thomas SCOFIELD Single St Faith Ann ABBOTT Single St Faith
304 31/07/1769 Thomas JONES Single St Faith Lydia PIERCY Single St Faith
305 08/08/1769 John HUNT Single Sarah BLACKMUR Single
306 07/09/1769 John ALEXANDER Single St Faith Hester HAYKIN Widow St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex
307 10/09/1769 Henry SWAINE Single St Stephen Coleman St Ann WHITEHEAD Single
308 22/10/1769 John SHREAVES Single St Faith Ann COLE Single St Faith
309 21/11/1769 James BOWMAKER Single Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Mary BOWMAKER Single
310 06/12/1769 Isaac BIVIN Single Sarah POWLE Single
311 01/02/1770 Robert OLIPHANT Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Betty MARTIN Single St Faith
312 18/02/1770 Nathaniel POOLE Single St Faith Caroline SOMERALL Single St Faith
313 24/02/1770 William DAGNIA Single St Faith Elisabeth FARR Stepney, Middlesex
314 16/04/1770 Phillip GRIFFITH Single Sarah WILKINS Single
314 10/05/1770 Thomas DORSETT Single St Faith Mary PLESTED Single St Faith
315 18/05/1770 Christopher TERRY Widower St Faith Katharine THOMPSON Widow St Faith
316 07/06/1770 Joseph NAPER Single Ann BAKER Single
317 12/07/1770 Robert ELLIS Widower St Swithin Ann BATEMAN Widow St Faith
318 05/08/1770 William WESTLEY Widower St Faith Martha RIPPON Single St Faith
319 05/08/1770 Peter CHASNIE Single Isabella HOGG Single
320 08/09/1770 William SPINDIE Single St Faith Elizabeth LEWIS Widow All Hallows Staining
321 13/09/1770 James WATSON Single Sarah ROLFE Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
322 15/09/1770 George BLAKISTON Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Ann KILLET Single
323 07/10/1770 Richard WENTWORTH Single Mary COOKE Widow Eton, Buckinghamshire
324 09/10/1770 Charles Pocock FARMER Single St Faith Sarah BUCKLE Widow Clapham, Surrey
325 23/10/1770 John BOLTON Single St Faith Joanna STUART Single St Faith
326 26/10/1770 Henry KIDSON Single Mary SLEIGHTHOLME Single All Hallows Barking
327 01/11/1770 John INDGE Widower St Leonard Jane NASH Single St Faith
328 01/12/1770 James HARVEY Single St Faith Susanna WATERS Single Shoreditch, Middlesex
329 27/12/1770 Francis STYERING Single Stepney, Middlesex Martha HAWKINS Single St Faith
330 12/02/1771 John COOPER Single Elizabeth COLEMAN Single
331 14/02/1771 Joseph READ Single Rebecca PARROTT Single St Luke, Middlesex
332 18/02/1771 Jeremiah CREBER Widower St Luke, Middlesex Sarah MARTIN Widow St Faith
333 24/03/1771 Edward ROFFE Single Sarah Peely SPENCER Single
334 24/05/1771 John MARTIN Single St Faith Ruth JANES Single West Ham, Essex
335 21/06/1771 William EMBLEY Single Mary ASKER Single
336 16/08/1771 John LADD Single Greenwich, Kent Jane YOUNG Single St Faith
337 18/08/1771 Richard WOOD Single St Faith Mary JOHNS Single St Faith
338 23/08/1771 Thomas ISHERWOOD Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Jane DENNIS Widow St Faith
339 21/09/1771 Christopher TADDY Single St Faith Mary Ann HOPKINS Single St Faith
340 29/09/1771 John MABBOTT Widower Hannah HOLBROOK Single St Antholin
341 06/10/1771 James STILES Single St Faith Margaret HICKS Single St Faith
342 13/10/1771 John CLARK Single Mary BATTHY Single
343 12/11/1771 Pierre Francois GUILLAUME Single Jane WHITE Single
344 19/11/1771 John SIMS Widower Clerkenwell, Middlesex Jane MIDDLEBROOK Widow St Faith
345 06/12/1771 Nathaniel MATHEW Single Bray, Berkshire Sophia ATTEE Single
346 25/12/1771 Richard CRUTCH Single St Faith Mary BACON Single St Faith
347 29/12/1771 John MALAN Single Mary HENNEY Single
348 26/01/1772 William PRICE Single Elizabeth BOUDRY Single St Mildred Bread St
349 06/02/1772 Thomas SLAUGHTER Single St Faith Sarah STOGDALE Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex
350 01/03/1772 Francis CLULEY Single St Faith Elizabeth WALES Single St Faith
351 03/03/1772 Richard BUDD Single St Mary Le Bow Mary STABLER Single
352 15/03/1772 Richard WACE Single Christchurch Jane MAN Single St Faith
353 27/04/1772 John HAMMERTON Single St Faith Damaris HATCHKISS Single St Faith
354 17/05/1772 William LANDER Widower St Faith Elizabeth WHEELER Widow St Faith
355 24/06/1772 Daniel BARNABY Single Mary CADE Single
356 27/07/1772 Thomas PATMAN Single Elizabeth ST QUINTIN Single
356 13/08/1772 John HINTON Widower St Faith Sarah IVATT Single St John
357 27/08/1772 Thomas JENNINGS Single St Faith Jane PAGE Single St Faith
358 30/08/1772 John TOLSON Single St Faith Sarah IRWIN Widow St Faith
359 04/09/1772 William WRIGHT Widower Hornchurch, Essex Elizabeth PUMFRET Single
360 05/09/1772 John MELTON Single Ann WATTS Widow St Anne Blackfriars
361 14/09/1772 John HOWES Single St Faith Ann JAGGER Single Leyton, Essex
362 17/09/1772 Simon POMFRET Single St Faith Susannah CONDER Single St Faith
363 20/09/1772 David GEE Single Jane BROWN Single St Marylebone, Middlesex
364 06/10/1772 John WILLIAMS Single Penn, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth BURNHAM Single St Faith
365 18/10/1772 James TING Widower St Faith Ann SHRIEVES Single St Faith
366 18/10/1772 Benjamin ROFFE Single Jane RUTTER Single
367 27/10/1772 Thomas WARD Single Elizabeth SMART Single
368 03/01/1773 Isaac CALVER Single Sarah AKERS Single
369 07/01/1773 Benjamin TUCKER Single Jane COLLINS Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex
370 10/01/1773 George ORAM Single St Faith Margaret HAWKINS Single St Faith
371 25/01/1773 James SWIFT Single Sarah HALMSHAW Single
372 01/04/1773 Thomas SLEIGHTHOLME Single Alice THOMPSON Single
373 15/04/1773 John UPTON Single Hornsey, Middlesex Sarah BATEMAN Single St Faith
374 11/05/1773 Robert WELTON Single St Faith Sarah ADDERLEY Single St Gregory
375 23/05/1773 Thomas WILLARD Single Jane ROBARTS Single
376 23/05/1773 John BLACK Single St Faith Mary PATTERSON Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex
377 27/06/1773 John SLARK Single St Faith Sarah WEAVER Widow Christchurch
378 08/07/1773 Thomas HAVERFIELD Single Kew, Surrey Isabella PIGOTT Single St Vedast
379 08/07/1773 John NEEDHAM Single St Faith Sarah CLARK Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
380 22/07/1773 John BROWNE Single St Martin Ludgate Lydia STUBBS Single St Faith
381 01/08/1773 James SMITH Single St Faith Mary THORNBURY Single St Faith
382 07/08/1773 Thomas SMITH Single St Bride Ann LINCH Single St Faith
383 12/08/1773 William BENT Single St Faith Rebecca WOOD Single Barnsley, Yorkshire
384 07/12/1773 Joseph PICKARD Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Sarah SANDERS Single
385 15/12/1773 Robert CROOME Single St Faith Ann RAVEN Single Christchurch
386 08/01/1774 John HUNT Single St Faith Molly POWELL Single St Faith
387 19/01/1774 Edward TAYLOR Single Frances WHITE Single
388 01/02/1774 Richard WILMOT Widower St Faith Mary HAZEL Widow Isleworth, Middlesex
399 07/02/1774 Thomas SLATER Single Ann PAGE Widow
400 13/02/1774 Thomas STICKLAND Single St Faith Elizabeth BEALE Single St Faith
401 15/02/1774 John PROBERT Widower Sarah TREVITT Single St Andrew Holborn
402 20/03/1774 William BENNETT Single Bray, Berkshire Mary BURGESS Single
403 03/05/1774 John HOPCROFT Single St Faith Mary WALWORK Single St Mary Aldermanbury
404 14/05/1774 William WYBURD Single Hackney, Middlesex Elizabeth ROGERS Widow
401 24/05/1774 John WALTER Single St Faith Ann BLAGRAVE Single Newbury, Berkshire
402 31/05/1774 John JONES Single Merton, Surrey Mary SMITH Single St Faith
403 26/06/1774 Thomas HUTCHINS Single St Faith Sarah KIRK Single St Faith
1 10/07/1774 John LISTON Single St Bride Mary WILLIAMS Widow St Faith
2 14/07/1774 William WILLIS Single Hannah RUTTER Single
3 11/08/1774 Samuel TYLER Single St Faith Sarah JONES Single St Faith
4 17/09/1774 Joseph ROWE Widower St Faith Jane PRICE Widow St Andrew Holborn
5 18/09/1774 William TURNER Single St Faith Charlotte Sophia BRADSHAW Widow St Faith
6 01/10/1774 Robert NASH Widower St Nicholas, Guildford, Surrey Elizabeth MORGAN Single
6 09/10/1774 William CROOK Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Elizabeth STANBRIDGE Single St Faith
7 23/10/1774 John HARRIS Single St Gregory Elizabeth WELLS Single St Faith
8 26/11/1774 William MOYTHAM Widower St Faith Sarah LYNE Single St Faith
9 04/12/1774 John MOTT Widower St Botolph Aldersgate Arrabella BATHER Widow St Faith
10 18/12/1774 John PINHORN Single St Faith Margaret BRUCE Single St Faith
11 19/12/1774 William EAST Single Sarah MURRELL Single
12 22/12/1774 Robert BRUCE Single St Andrew Holborn Mary ASHLEY Single St Faith
13 19/02/1775 John WILLIAMS Single Elizabeth OWEN Single
14 12/03/1775 William ROBINSON Single St Faith Elizabeth BULLEN Single St Faith
15 01/06/1775 John BIRD Single Henley, Oxfordshire Ann TWYFORD Single St Faith
16 03/06/1775 William LIMBERT Single St Faith Mary WOOD Single St Faith
17 15/06/1775 Charles BUSS Single St Faith Martha VEARPOILE Single St Faith
18 07/07/1775 William ROBERTS Single Margaret ANDERSON Single
19 31/07/1775 Joseph LANGHORN Single Isabella RAPER Single St Giles
20 20/08/1775 Humphrey JONES Single St Faith Mary SORTON Single St Faith
21 20/08/1775 John IRELAND Single St Faith Frances CRUMP Single St Faith
22 21/08/1775 Thomas FOX Single St Faith Mary BIGENDON Single St Faith
23 10/09/1775 John TURNER Single Lydia Ann LAWSON Single
24 28/10/1775 William CHARSLEY Single St Faith Elizabeth SCOTT Widow New Windsor, Berkshire
25 04/11/1775 Daniel MOORE Single St Faith Mildred SISSEL Single Hampstead, Middlesex
26 27/11/1775 William EMBLY Widower St Faith Elizabeth DAILY Single St Faith
27 07/12/1775 Christopher WRIGHT Single St Gregory Avis KEELING Widow St Faith
28 14/12/1775 John CARTER Single St Faith Mary HARRIS Single St Faith
29 16/12/1775 Richard BERRY Single St Faith Elizabeth WHITE Single St Faith
30 15/01/1776 Thomas MOORE Single St Faith Ann ELSEGOOD Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
31 24/02/1776 Samuel NICHOLL Single Bix Brand, Oxfordshire Lydia SHEWELL Single St Faith
32 08/04/1776 James TEDDER Single St Faith Hannah PERKINS Single St Faith
33 13/04/1776 John DANGERFIELD Widower Elizabeth MAXFIELD Single
34 13/04/1776 William GARDINER Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Sarah CURTIS Single St Faith
35 14/04/1776 John WALKER Single St Faith Judith ROBINSON Single St Faith
36 29/04/1776 James CHIRNSIDE Single Eleanor STEEL Single
37 16/05/1776 William CURTISS Single St Faith Ann LUCAS Single St Faith
38 01/06/1776 Henry BELLAMY Single St Faith Elizabeth AMENT Single St Faith
39 29/06/1776 Jonas WOODWARD Single Elizabeth PLUCKROSE Single
40 13/07/1776 Edmund WELLS Single St Faith Eleanor HEWITT Single St Botolph Aldersgate
41 23/07/1776 Richard HART Widower Dorothy BIGGS Single St Nicholas Cole
42 28/07/1776 Thomas BIRDSEY Single St Faith Mary EVETT Widow St Faith
43 11/08/1776 William PAYNE Single St Nicholas Cole Sarah THOMAS Single
44 22/08/1776 Christopher HAIER Single Ann FOULER Single
43 23/09/1776 John CASHEN Single All Hallows Barking Sarah BEST Single St Faith
44 24/09/1776 Samuel RIPP Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Ann NEWMAN Single St Faith
45 03/10/1776 Richard DOBINSON Widower St Luke, Middlesex Sarah HOLMES Widow St Faith
46 20/10/1776 John AMBLER Single St Faith Elizabeth MOORE Widow St Faith
47 26/12/1776 John HOLLIS Single Mary WILKINS Single St Paul, Deptford, Kent
49 06/02/1777 James MERCHANT Single Jane CAMMELL Single
50 23/02/1777 Richard ELLIS Single Ann PHILLIPS Single
51 30/03/1777 James HURST Widower Sarah GODFREY Widow
52 26/04/1777 Francis RIVINGTON Single Margaret ELLILL Single St Mary Abchurch
53 02/06/1777 John WILLIAMS Widower St Faith Rachel MCLEROY Widow St Faith
54 23/06/1777 John WHITE Single Hannah BICK Single
55 12/07/1777 Samuel STRONG Single St Faith Sarah HARTRIDGE Widow St Faith
56 03/08/1777 Thomas PYKE Single St Faith Alice WHARLDALL Single St Faith
58 05/10/1777 Samuel SMITH Widower Bloomsbury, Middlesex Susannah JARVIS Single St Faith
59 16/10/1777 Richard NEAVE Widower West Thurrock, Essex Ann PEPPER Single
60 06/01/1778 William MASTERS Widower Staverton, Northamptonshire Susanna ROBINS Widow St Faith
61 21/01/1778 Charles FAULKNER Single St Faith Susan UPTON Single St Faith
62 30/01/1778 Thomas WOOD Single Luton, Bedfordshire Elizabeth BROWN Single St Faith
63 04/02/1778 John CRAWFORD Single St Botolph Aldgate Elizabeth PARKINSON Widow St Faith
64 15/02/1778 Samuel WHEELER Single St Faith Elizabeth LLOYD Single Stepney, Middlesex
65 17/02/1778 John HARRIS Single St Mary Aldermary Susannah GIRL Single St Faith
66 08/03/1778 John NAYLOR Widower St Faith Elizabeth ADAMS Widow St Faith
67 27/04/1778 John BOYD Single Susanna GILL Single
68 06/05/1778 Samuel HALL Single St Faith Judith BARBER Single St Faith
69 17/05/1778 Robert COLLEY Single Elizabeth BOULTON Single
70 01/06/1778 Richard DAVIES Single St Faith Elizabeth ROGERS Single St Faith
71 26/07/1778 William HUDSON Widower Elizabeth MINER Single
72 08/10/1778 Rowland OMER Single Martha SUSSEX Single
73 11/10/1778 John POTTER Single Elizabeth MARLOW Single St Michael Wood St
74 21/10/1778 Joseph FULLER Widower Newington, Surrey Sarah COCKERTON Widow St Faith
75 31/10/1778 John BARNETT Single St Luke, Middlesex Mary BUNN Single St Faith
76 18/11/1778 Daniel BICKERSTAFF Single Upminster, Essex Judith SPENCER Single St Faith
77 26/11/1778 George DYER Single St Faith Judith HUTCHINSON Shoreditch, Middlesex
78 30/11/1778 William WAKEFIELD Single St Faith Harriot BATEMAN Single St Faith
79 24/12/1778 John JEPSON Single St Faith Alice POTTINGER Single St Faith
79 26/12/1778 Joshua MULOCK Single St Faith Mary PRANGER Single St Faith
80 14/01/1779 John SHORT Single Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire Sally HILL Single St Faith
81 01/03/1779 Joseph DUFAU Single Isleworth, Middlesex Ann SPARROW Single St Faith
82 07/03/1779 William DAVIDSON Single Margaret SCOTT Single
83 08/03/1779 John MOORE Single St Faith Elizabeth MORTON Widow St Faith
84 15/03/1779 James FORD Single St Faith Agnes BRIDGES Single St Faith
85 15/03/1779 William WHITEHEAD Single St Faith Mary SHEPPARD Single St Faith
86 18/03/1779 Samuel SMEE Single St Faith Jane TAYLOR Single St Faith
87 08/04/1779 William WRATHALL Single St Sepulchre Susannah BRYANT Single St Faith
88 19/05/1779 William MITCHELL Widower St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex Hannah TYLSTON Single
89 21/07/1779 Thomas RISHFORTH Single St Faith Elizabeth ATTWOOD Single Battersea, Surrey
90 29/08/1779 James POLLARD Single St Faith Joanna WELLS Single St Faith
91 14/09/1779 John TYLOR Single Mary KELSALL Single
92 17/10/1779 Benjamin PHILLIPS Single St Faith Elizabeth MONSON Single St Faith
93 26/10/1779 Thomas BATEMAN Single St Faith Elizabeth HARRIS Widow St Faith
94 06/12/1779 Jacob GREENAWAY Single Elizabeth WALKER Single
95 07/12/1779 Charles FENWICK Single Dorothy PROCTOR Single
96 14/12/1779 John Peter KEUBELET Single Mary CHURCH Single St Faith
97 16/12/1779 James LEWIN Single St Faith Ann BYFORD Single All Hallows Barking
98 21/12/1779 William RANDALS Single St Faith Sarah PEARCE Single St Faith
99 26/12/1779 Thomas GEORGE Single St Sepulchre Mary SIBERY Single St Faith
100 30/12/1779 Charles BEST Single Hannah WHITE Single
101 02/01/1780 Charles DAY Single St Faith Sarah FAYLE Single Christchurch
102 02/02/1780 William JAMES Single Jane LOWE Single
103 07/02/1780 Joseph AKERS Single Elizabeth MAYO Single
104 25/03/1780 Thomas ROBERTS Single St Faith Mary SAMS Single St Faith
105 26/03/1780 Joseph HARDING Single Ann MERRY Single
106 30/03/1780 John COX Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Martha Augusta GOLDNEY Single St Faith
107 03/05/1780 John TONGE Single St Faith Margaret LAWS Single St Faith
108 28/05/1780 William TAPLING Single St Faith Elizabeth SHAW Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex
109 04/06/1780 William HADLAND Widower St Faith Sarah HARPER Widow St Faith
110 12/06/1780 James BERRY Single St Faith Maria Elizabeth HILLIER Single St Faith
111 05/08/1780 John MOTLEY Single St Faith Elizabeth BULL Single St Faith
112 24/08/1780 Michael SAUNDERS Single St Andrew Holborn Hannah BREENS Single
113 10/09/1780 David STORDY Single Joanna MARSHALL Single
114 11/09/1780 Jacob GREENAWAY Widower Isabella Elizabeth HEARN Single
115 09/10/1780 Samuel CRAIG Single Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
116 10/10/1780 Charles Pocock FARMER Widower Martha NOEL Single Lambeth, Surrey
117 25/10/1780 John BROWN Single St Faith Martha BEALE Single St Faith
117 02/11/1780 Charles IZZARD Single Ann RUDD Single
119 19/11/1780 John MARSH Widower Mary LITTLEBOY Widow
120 09/01/1781 James WILMOT Single Mary SEARWOOD Widow
121 22/01/1781 William TAYLOR Single Sarah MILWARD Single
122 23/01/1781 Francis RICHARDS Single St Faith Elizabeth GIRL Single
123 10/02/1781 Richard WHEELER Single St Faith Sarah MARTIN Single St Sepulchre
124 18/03/1781 George SMITH Widower St Faith Maria HOLBROOK Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
125 08/05/1781 John MANN Single St Faith Mary SIMPSON Single St Andrew Holborn
126 22/05/1781 John KEETON Single St Faith Martha CLARK Single St Faith
127 17/06/1781 Michael LOVE Single St Faith Margaret BERRY Single St Faith
128 05/07/1781 John HASSLEP Widower St Faith Ann TRICKETT Single St Faith
129 06/08/1781 Alexander HOLDEN Widower Margaret GREEN Widow
130 08/08/1781 Jonathan THORNHILL Single St Faith Ann JACOB Single St Faith
131 29/08/1781 Faithfull PAYNE Widower St Faith Sarah HURDS Single St Faith
132 14/10/1781 Robert SPINKS Widower St Faith Rebecca LING St Faith
133 14/02/1782 John ADAMSON Single Mary WATCHERS Widow St Michael Queenhithe
134 10/03/1782 Peter EAMES Single Mary ROACH Single
135 29/03/1782 Richard WENTWORTH Widower Mary WALTERS Single
136 31/03/1782 William MEREDITH Single Elizabeth MEREDITH Single
137 27/04/1782 John GILL Single St Faith Elizabeth LUCAS Single St Faith
138 16/06/1782 John Gibbs RIDOUT Single St Faith Elizabeth HOLMES Single St Giles
139 23/06/1782 James MEADOWS Single St Dunstan In The East Mary BARING Single
140 17/07/1782 Evan GRIFFITH Widower Mary MARSH Widow
141 26/07/1782 Stephen Austen CAMBERLEGE Single St Faith Sarah HINTON Widow Hayes, Kent
142 04/08/1782 Samuel DELVES Single Ann KEELING Single
143 25/08/1782 George WECHT Single Hannah WILKINSON Single
144 25/08/1782 Francis LITTLE Widower Ann COOKE Single
145 25/11/1782 William GROVE Single Ann WHITAKER Single
146 29/12/1782 Keser WRIGHT Widower St Faith Martha LEAVER Widow St Faith
147 01/02/1783 Robert HUSSEY Single St Andrew By Wardrobe Fanny BENNET Single St Faith
148 10/02/1783 James RICHARDS Widower St Giles Sukey GEORGE Widow St Faith
149 12/02/1783 Thomas MERRY Single St Faith Dorothy BARRY Single St Faith
150 24/02/1783 George NEEDLE Single Mary READ Single
152 05/03/1783 Samuel William FORES Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth GREEN Single St Faith
151 18/03/1783 John ROWLAND Single St Faith Grace GEAR Single St Faith
153 28/05/1783 James TING Widower St Faith Susannah POCKLINGTON Widow St Faith
154 31/07/1783 John OSBORNE Single St Faith Elizabeth HARRIS Widow St Faith
155 10/08/1783 Mathew CHATER Widower Market Harborough, Leicestershire Mary WARD Single St Faith
156 21/09/1783 John MARSH Single Sarah GATER Single
157 28/11/1783 James PEAT Single Rebecca ADDISON Single
158 02/12/1783 Miles MARTYR Widower St Faith Margaret PENNELL Widow St Faith
158 16/12/1783 Thomas GILL Widower Betty LE MAY Widow
159 02/02/1784 Ralph NICHOLSON Single Elizabeth BARBER Single
160 16/02/1784 Benjamin BAKER Single Sarah HIGGS Single
161 22/02/1784 Richard HELLINGS Single St Faith Ann TRIGG Single St Faith
162 22/02/1784 Edward WYNNE Single Priscilla PATIENCE Widow
163 23/02/1784 Edward CURRY Single Wapping, Middlesex Sarah RENER Widow St Faith
164 20/05/1784 Charles PEARCE Widower St Faith Elizabeth LUCAS Single
165 03/07/1784 John EADE Widower St Mary, Westminster, Middlesex Ann HASLEP Widow
166 23/07/1784 James TING Widower St Faith Ann SHREAVES Widow St Faith
167 10/09/1784 John REECE Single Eleanor MORTON Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex
168 04/10/1784 Thomas ROCHESTER Single Mary HOWELL Single Christchurch
169 18/10/1784 William EDGLEY Single St Faith Rachel CARMAN Single St Faith
170 30/10/1784 James JOYNER Single Elizabeth CLARKE Single East Molesey, Surrey
171 04/11/1784 Richard WILMOT Single St Faith Sarah BARNHAM Single Isleworth, Middlesex
172 06/11/1784 Samuel WORDSWORTH Single St Faith Sarah HILL Single St Faith
173 03/01/1785 James FOULKES Single Mary PUGH Single
174 20/02/1785 Robert ELLIOTT Single Jane GLEAVES Single
175 31/03/1785 John KELLY Single Eton, Berkshire Louisa DOLLAND Single St Faith
176 21/04/1785 John COLLINS Single St Gregory Elizabeth Ann POCKLINGTON Single St Faith
177 01/05/1785 Barnard FITZPATRICK Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Elizabeth CLARKE Single St Faith
178 11/05/1785 Joseph LOCK Single Ann BENNETT Single
179 16/05/1785 George WESTLEY Single St Faith Elizabeth RUSSEL Single St Faith
180 20/05/1785 Robert SAWYER Single St Faith Mary FREEMAN Single St Faith
181 05/06/1785 John EALES Single Ann SOMANS Single
182 17/08/1785 William WILKINSON Widower St Faith Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
183 29/09/1785 Thomas OFFELL Widower Sarah CHICK Widow
184 18/10/1785 John COLLINS Single St Faith Catherine PHILLIPSON Single Bermondsey, Surrey
185 20/11/1785 Thomas HIGGS Single St Faith Ann HIGGS Single St Faith
186 29/12/1785 Charles COTTON Single Esther FOX Single
187 17/01/1786 James BAILEY Single St Faith Harriet WILLIAMSON Single St Faith
188 15/02/1786 John COSHAM Single Elizabeth BIGGS Single
189 23/02/1786 Thomas WISDOM Single Elizabeth LOCKE Widow
190 02/04/1786 Henry FEARON Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey Mary BOUCH Single St Faith
191 06/04/1786 James CLARK Single Sarah FROSTICK Widow
192 14/05/1786 John TAITT Single Ann BENNETT Single
193 28/05/1786 William LAWRENCE Single Nareissa Amelia BELL Single
194 04/06/1786 Richard ROSE Single Ann COSHAM Single
195 08/06/1786 John YOUNG Widower St Faith Kezia TOVEE Single Dorking, Surrey
196 14/07/1786 William WISE Widower St Faith Ann SYKES Widow Ealing, Middlesex
197 12/11/1786 Samuel SELLEY Widower St Faith Mary BROOKMAN Widow St Faith
198 17/12/1786 William JONES Single St Faith Frances BARTLET Widow St Faith
199 11/01/1787 Thomas REDFEARN Widower Bermondsey, Surrey Ann WATTS
200 22/01/1787 Joseph CLARKE Widower Catherine WILLCOX Single Christchurch
201 05/02/1787 David RAWLENS Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Mary DANE Single St Faith
202 18/02/1787 Thomas GILBERT Widower St Faith Sarah LANGLEY Widow St Faith
203 20/02/1787 William JONES Single St Faith Ann WHARTON Single St Faith
204 17/03/1787 Thomas BOYS Single St Faith Elizabeth KING Widow St Faith
205 22/04/1787 Robert HOPPER Widower St Faith Fanny ASHTON Single St Faith
206 24/04/1787 John WHITE Single St Faith Judith MARTIN Single All Hallows The Great
207 09/05/1787 Joseph EARLE Single Rebecca LANGSTON Single
208 09/06/1787 John ROBINSON Single St Faith Jane BLACKBURN Single St Faith
209 06/07/1787 John GUNS Single St Faith Fanny GUNNER Single St Faith
210 26/07/1787 Joseph FISHER Single St Faith Hannah GORDON Single St Faith
211 06/09/1787 Nathan SETTLE Single St Faith Jane BASS Single St Faith
212 07/09/1787 John RAWNSLEY Single St Sepulchre Susannah BEALE Single St Faith
213 25/10/1787 William DENBY Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth BENT St Faith
214 11/11/1787 Jeremiah TASKER Single St Faith Mary DOWER Single St Faith
215 16/12/1787 John MEREDITH Single Sarah HADDON Single
216 10/01/1788 Thomas SODEN Single St Faith Elizabeth WHITFORD Single Christchurch
217 26/01/1788 James EVANS Single St Faith Maria HAMILTON St Dunstan In The West
218 28/01/1788 Robert MESSING Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Jane WRIGHT Single
219 20/02/1788 Thomas BASS Single St Faith Elizabeth SHRIMPTON Single St Faith
220 08/04/1788 John WILSON Widower Greenwich, Kent Ann SMITH Widow St Faith
221 20/04/1788 Samuel DAWSON Single St Faith Rebecca Keeling BENTLEY Christchurch
222 21/05/1788 Charles BROOKING Single St Faith Sarah SMEDLEY Single St Faith
223 03/06/1788 Samuel ARNOLD Single St Faith Mary CALE Single St Faith
224 03/07/1788 Thomas QUARTERMAINE Single St Faith Catharine GARDNER Widow St Faith
225 05/07/1788 William WALPOLE Single St Faith Elizabeth BUDD Single St Faith
226 15/07/1788 John SEARLE Widower St Faith Ann BADCOCK Widow St Lawrence Jewry
227 12/08/1788 Henry STEELE Single St Faith Elizabeth AUTHER Single St Faith
228 22/09/1788 George SNUGGS Single Ann TAYLOR Single
229 04/10/1788 William VINTER Widower St Faith Elizabeth ROBERTS Single
230 28/10/1788 William DRAPER Single Hannah GRANT Single
231 04/12/1788 Samuel HORWOOD Single Christchurch Hellen POCKLINGTON Single St Faith
282 21/12/1788 William NICOLL Widower St Faith Mary Ann NEWTON Widow St Botolph Aldgate
283 21/01/1789 William SPILLER Single St Faith Elizabeth WILKINS Single St Faith
284 29/01/1789 Timothy TYRRELL Single Elizabeth DOLLOND Single St Faith
285 14/02/1789 Francis FIELD Single St Michael Bassishaw Catherine Ann COOPER Single St Faith
286 19/02/1789 William SPENCER Single St Faith Ann PARKER Widow St Sepulchre
287 23/02/1789 Peter JOHNSON Widower St Faith Mary NEAL Single St Faith
288 14/03/1789 Samuel MONTAGU Single St Mary, Reading, Berkshire Sophia PECK St Faith
289 09/05/1789 Samuel READ Single St Faith Elizabeth LISLE Single St Faith
290 10/05/1789 Thomas BOWYER Single St Faith Elizabeth CHESSELL Single
291 24/06/1789 Thomas TIFFIN Single St Faith Jane DAY Widow St James, Westminster, Middlesex
292 30/06/1789 Bennett WALLOP Single St Faith Margaret HASWELL Widow St Faith
293 12/07/1789 William HOLDSWORTH Single Mary FIGG Single
294 14/07/1789 Edward WILLIAMS Ann BOWKER
295 14/07/1789 Chamberlain RIVERS Single St John, Southwark, Surrey Martha MARTIN Single St Faith
296 02/08/1789 John LEWIS Widower St Faith Catherine PRICE Single St Faith
297 21/10/1789 John DAWSON Single St Sepulchre Martha MOLE Single St Faith
298 31/10/1789 William BRADY Widower St Faith Ann SINGLETON Single
299 17/01/1790 Joseph ROBERTS Single St Faith Mary CLIFF Single St Faith
300 10/02/1790 William HASSELL Single St Faith Ann DAVIS Single St Faith
301 15/03/1790 Thomas POTTS Single St Faith Frances HEWLETT Single St Faith
302 29/03/1790 Anthony DODSWORTH Single St Faith Amelia HOBBS Single Isleworth, Middlesex
303 05/04/1790 Robert WINGHAM Widower Hackney, Middlesex Judith HATCHER Single St Faith
304 13/05/1790 George WADDINGTON Single Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Ann HOLLAND Single St Faith
305 09/06/1790 Thomas LUMLEY Single St Faith Mary Ann LAWN Single St Faith
306 01/08/1790 William BATCHELOR Single St Botolph Aldersgate Harriot Mary COLINGWOOD Single
307 15/08/1790 Samuel WATTS Single Mary MERRYFIELD Single
308 21/09/1790 John ALLINGHAM Single Covent Garden, Middlesex Sarah REDDEN Single St Faith
309 05/11/1790 Jonathan CARR Single St Faith Phillis WILLERMAN Single St Faith
310 28/11/1790 Richard CORDELL Single St Faith Elizabeth SMITH Single Christchurch
311 16/02/1791 Thomas HALL Single St Faith Mary TURNER Single St Faith
312 24/02/1791 George OSBORN Single St Faith Mary DANIELL Single Stepney, Middlesex
313 13/03/1791 Benjamin CROSBY Single St Faith Sarah BROWN Single St Faith
314 29/03/1791 Samuel CROSLEY Single St Faith Elizabeth STIFF Single St Faith
315 07/04/1791 David GWYNN Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Ann BARNARD Single St Faith
316 17/04/1791 Thomas FRENCH Single St Faith Sarah SWIFT Single St Bartholomew The Great
317 24/04/1791 John Halford COMAN Single St Faith Lydia ANNISON Single St Faith
318 24/04/1791 William NEALE Single Theodocia PRINCE Single
319 28/05/1791 William FORESEE Single Mary PRIOR Single
320 02/06/1791 William ELLIOT Single Mary Ann CLARK Single
321 07/06/1791 James PINO Widower Ann EVELEIGH Single
322 27/06/1791 John Donnithorne HAVISON Single St Faith Sarah COCK Single St Faith
323 02/07/1791 Charles HEATH Widower St Faith Sarah SWEETLAND Widow Clerkenwell, Middlesex
324 05/07/1791 George WHYTOCKS Single St George The Martyr, Middlesex Sarah GORDON Single St Faith
325 10/07/1791 Francis SCOTT Single St Faith Susanna BROOMFIELD St Faith
326 04/08/1791 William CHEESMAN Single St Andrew Holborn Margaret RAMSDEN Single St Faith
327 09/09/1791 Thomas DAVIES Single Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Mary MEALIN St Faith
328 29/09/1791 Thomas MAKLAN Widower Sarah SMITH Widow West Thurrock, Essex
329 24/01/1792 Thomas PETTIGRAW Single Lovelace TAYLOR Single
330 20/02/1792 George WALKER Single Mary Ann TAP Single
331 26/03/1792 Richard BECKETT Widower St Faith Mary TARBOX Richmond, Surrey
332 15/05/1792 William WALLACE Single Mary SHAW Single
333 29/05/1792 Francis MILLER Widower St Martin Outwich Mary HARGHEN Single St Faith
334 24/06/1792 Daniel CUNNINGHAM Single Mary LOW Single
335 01/07/1792 William BENNETT Single Christchurch Sarah MAN Single St Faith
336 02/07/1792 William BELL Single St Faith Ann MELLOR Single St Faith
337 01/09/1792 James LEARWOOD Single St Faith Elizabeth PALMER Widow St Faith
338 16/09/1792 James WILLIAM Single St Faith Sarah NICHOLS Single St Faith
339 22/09/1792 Thomas BEE Single St Faith Harriot Diana BULL Single St Faith
340 16/12/1792 William HASLIP Single St Faith Euphemia Elizabeth SMITH Single St Faith
341 04/02/1793 Thomas PEARSON Widower St Faith Lydia POCOCKE Single St Faith
342 10/02/1793 John BURGESS Widower Ann WARREN Single
343 10/03/1793 Thomas REAVELL Widower Sarah ASQUITH Widow
344 01/04/1793 Joseph REEVES Single Sarah JUSTINS Single
345 06/05/1793 Benjamin MONTAGUE Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Amelia MURRELL Widow St Faith
346 11/05/1793 William PRICE Single St Faith Ann FALL Single St Faith
347 18/05/1793 Charles RIVINGTON Single St Faith Jane CURLING Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex
348 08/06/1793 William BENNETT Single Mary JONES Single
349 28/07/1793 Edmund BRADLEY Single Sarah CHAPMAN Single St Botolph Aldersgate
350 11/08/1793 Arthur MATHISON Single St Faith Susanna WALDEN Single St Faith
360 15/08/1793 William HARDY Single Hannah DUTFIELD Single
361 17/10/1793 John HOARE Single St Faith Eleanor WILLIAMS Single St Faith
362 20/10/1793 Edward CLAY Single St Faith Mary HAWKINS Single St Faith
363 17/11/1793 Thomas JACKSON Single St Faith Mary WATTS Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex
364 24/11/1793 James HOARE Single St Faith Margaret HUNT Single St Faith
365 06/12/1793 John RANKLEY Single St Faith Mary HIETT Single
366 05/01/1794 Robert LONG Single St Faith Mary WESTON Single St Faith
367 22/01/1794 James LANGFORD Single St Faith Mary HAYES Single Berkshire
368 27/02/1794 William PERRIN Single Jane WRIGHT Single
369 25/03/1794 Thomas ROOTS Single St Faith Margaret SWANSON Single
370 12/05/1794 James COOK Single Ann DIMSEY Single
371 15/06/1794 Thomas DURNIEL Single Honour JONES Single
372 23/06/1794 Thomas LUMLEY Single St Faith Ann LAWN Single St Faith
373 03/07/1794 George JEFFREYS Single Battersea, Surrey Hannah JOHNSTON Single
374 06/07/1794 Robert SHILLINGLAW Single Mary WHISSON Single Ramsgate, Kent
375 23/07/1794 William KETT Widower St Peter In Eastgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Catherine CROWDER St Faith
376 27/07/1794 John ADAMS Single St Faith Elizabeth BOXALL Single St Faith
377 16/08/1794 George STRUTTON Widower St Faith Ann BASKETFIELD Single St Faith
378 07/09/1794 John BRAMBLE Single Susannah DOUGLIS Single
379 14/09/1794 John ROW Single Sophia Harriot LOWSON Single
380 09/10/1794 John BUDD Single St Faith Mary ROBERTS Single St Faith
381 23/10/1794 George WOODFALL Single St Faith Mary Ann BROWNE Single St Martn In The Fields, Middlesex
382 02/11/1794 John LINDSEY Single Martha BEILY Single
383 20/12/1794 Charles DOWELL Single St John, Southwark, Surrey Mary IVES Single St Faith
384 22/12/1794 Robert PATON Single St Faith Elizabeth WILSON Single St Faith
385 29/12/1794 John ELWELL Single Mary WELCH Widow
386 01/02/1795 William FROSTICK Widower St Sepulchre Elizabeth BONUS Single St Faith
387 28/02/1795 Richard WHITEHEAD Single St Faith Mary WILKINSON Single St Faith
388 10/03/1795 James SKYRME Single St Faith Sarah BONES Single St Faith
112 26/04/1795 William LEWIS Single St Faith Sarah DILLY Single St Faith
113 16/05/1795 John DOLLOND Widower St Faith Anne HENSHAW Single Barking, Essex
114 01/06/1795 Richard WINTER Widower Sarah HUSBAND Widow
115 14/06/1795 Thomas LETTEN Single Ann JACKSON Single
116 19/07/1795 William CLOVER Single St Faith Mary WINGROVE Single Lambeth, Surrey
117 13/08/1795 James HAYNES Single Susanna FARTHING Single
118 16/08/1795 John WILLIAMS Single Phebe HUSBAND Single
119 10/09/1795 William WEST Single St Faith Elizabeth MASON Single St Faith
120 06/10/1795 William PITMAN Single Ann MORGAN Single
121 04/11/1795 Thomas GROVE Single St Faith Frances HOPWOOD Single St Faith
122 08/11/1795 John WOODS Widower St Faith Dorothy KIDDY Single St Faith
123 03/01/1796 John BREITENOETHER Single Hannah BIGG Single
124 07/02/1796 James STARR Single St Faith Elizabeth SERJEANT Single St Faith
125 04/04/1796 Thomas STUBBINGS Single Ann BRADSHAW Single
126 08/05/1796 John BIGGS Single St Faith Martha BUNN Single St Faith
127 31/05/1796 William LUMLEY Single St Faith Margaret READING Single St Luke, Middlesex
128 03/07/1796 Francis BRANT Single Ann CLARK Widow
129 21/08/1796 John WALKER Single Elizabeth HOLLOWAY Single
130 28/08/1796 Stephen NEATE Single St Faith Sarah SILVERSIDE Single St Giles
131 03/09/1796 John BARTLETT Single St Faith Susannah HOPWOOD Single St Faith
132 20/09/1796 Robert BENNETT Single Alice NICHOLLS Single
133 08/10/1796 John REYNOLDS Single Mary WHITE Single
134 13/10/1796 William TEMPLE Single Ann HEATH Single St Faith
135 16/10/1796 James MUNDAY Widower Hannah Hull CHICK Single
136 25/10/1796 James LEARWOOD Widower St Faith Jane GRIFFITHS Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex
137 09/11/1796 John LACKLAN Single Charlotte CLAYTON Single
138 29/01/1797 John SHORTER Widower Mary LOW Widow
139 18/02/1797 John PARKER Single St Faith Mary WILLCOCK Single St Marylebone, Middlesex
140 26/02/1797 Edmund MANN Widower St Faith Jane GILES Widow St Faith
141 18/03/1797 Jonathan SMITH Single Ann THOMAS Widow St John, Southwark, Surrey
142 06/04/1797 William STEWART Single Mary PIPSON Single
143 16/04/1797 Harry PAPPS Widower St Faith Amelia RYLAND Single St Faith
144 22/06/1797 Samuel DAVIS Single Lucy LUCAS Single
145 02/07/1797 John LANE Single Sarah OFFELL Single
146 01/08/1797 Richard BALL Single St Faith Ann PARKINS Single St Faith
147 13/11/1797 William HARLEY Single Anna BAILEY Single Hackney, Middlesex
148 15/02/1798 Edward FARMBOROUGH Single Mary SPEED Single
149 19/02/1798 John GORDON Widower St Faith Jane HALL Single St Faith
150 23/02/1798 Samuel Merrin QUARRELL Single Limehouse, Middlesex Mary FRAZER St Faith
151 01/03/1798 Thomas HEFFELT Single East Bergholt, Suffolk Elizabeth FISHER Single St Faith
152 16/04/1798 William WOODS Widower St Faith Elizabeth SEARWOOD Widow St Faith
153 30/05/1798 James SALMONS Widower St Faith Mary TAUREY Widow St Faith
154 04/06/1798 John MALLOWS Single St Faith Martha LUCAS Single St Faith
155 01/07/1798 John ONION Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary KIRBY Single St Faith
156 12/07/1798 John HALL Single St Faith Frances JONES Single St Faith
157 05/08/1798 William HOLDWAY Single Elizabeth LANKASHIRE Single
158 16/09/1798 William DAVIS Widower St Faith Elizabeth SMEDLEY Single St Faith
159 12/11/1798 Zephaniah LUNGLEY Single Elizabeth PATTMAN Widow
160 15/11/1798 George LEAPINGWELL Single St Faith Mary Ann TOKE Single Barnston, Essex
161 06/12/1798 Joseph William GORDON Single St George The Martyr, Middlesex Frances HUTCHINS Single St Faith
162 01/01/1799 Joseph FOUNTAIN Single St Faith Sarah ALLARDICE Widow Islington, Middlesex
163 13/01/1799 James ABRAHAM Single Phebe DAVIS Single
164 16/01/1799 Thomas TAYLOR Single St Pancras, Middlesex Ann AKERS Single
165 19/03/1799 John BROOKS Single East Malling, Kent Ann HIGGINS Single St Faith
166 21/04/1799 John DAVIES Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary MARRATT Single St Faith
167 08/06/1799 James URQUHART Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary WESTELL St Faith
168 29/07/1799 William WEAVER Single St Faith Sarah KING Single St Faith
169 06/08/1799 George Fern BATES Single Lydia Amy LANGSTON Single
170 10/08/1799 Thomas HILLS Single St Faith Mary Daffy Brereton FLOWER Single St Faith
132 29/08/1799 Charles REVELL Widower Islington, Middlesex Ann WRIGHT Single St Faith
133 17/11/1799 Thomas HOWARD Widower Mary ILLINGWORTH Widow
134 12/01/1800 Francis WHITCOMBE Single St Faith Frances Mary BOUGHDEN Single
135 19/01/1800 John Philip AUSTIN Single Mary STEVENS Single
136 12/02/1800 Benjamin BALDWIN Single Ann RINTOUL
137 24/02/1800 Thomas FREELING Widower St Mary Abchurch Mary NEWBERY Single
138 16/03/1800 John BALL Single Sarah Ann YOUD Single
139 20/03/1800 George BROOKE Single St Faith Mary TURNER Single St Faith
140 25/03/1800 Richard BERISFORD Single Waltham Holy Cross, Essex Ann Eliza GIRDWOOD Single
150 06/04/1800 William COOK Single St Faith Mary MISSIN Single
160 12/04/1800 Robert BENNETT Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Mary WRIGHT Single St Faith
161 07/06/1800 Charles PATER Widower St Faith Mary Ann NICKOLS Single St Faith
136 29/06/1800 George BINKS Single St Dunstan In The East Mary Ann HOBBINS Single St Faith
137 29/06/1800 Thomas BOOTH Single St Faith Elizabeth FERRETHER Single St Faith
138 04/07/1800 Henry GROVE Single Woodford, Essex Elizabeth PEARCE Single St Faith
139 19/08/1800 Ferdinando PALMER Single St Faith Elizabeth Beale POWELL Single St Faith
140 24/08/1800 Nicholas BIGGS Single Ann BUCHER Single
141 08/09/1800 Thomas MALTBY Single Sarah ALLEN Single Camberwell, Surrey
142 11/10/1800 Thomas TRIMBY Widower St Faith Martha FARLEY Widow St Faith
143 06/11/1800 Jonathan DAVY Single St Faith Mary LEWIS Single St Faith
144 24/11/1800 Egerton LEEKE Single Wellington, Shropshire Sarah HENSHAW Single
145 16/12/1800 Samuel James BUTTON Single St Faith Sarah HOLLIER Single St Alban
146 07/01/1801 John STICKLAND Single St Faith Sarah WACE Single Christchurch
147 31/01/1801 Lewis WHITE Single St Faith Mary JACKSON Single St Faith
140 01/02/1801 John NEVILL Single St Faith Jane GOODWRIGHT Single St Faith
141 12/02/1801 William GAIMES Single St Faith Elizabeth WENMAN Single St Stephen Walbrook
142 08/03/1801 William WILLIAMS Single Jane JENNINGS Single
143 17/04/1801 William JAMES Single St Faith Sarah DOWNES Single St Faith
144 07/05/1801 William HOOKHAM Single St Faith Sarah KINCH Single St Faith
145 16/08/1801 Thomas JONES Single St Faith Catherine FOSTER Widow St Faith
146 19/08/1801 Thomas Bushell FITZGIBONS Single St Faith Dorathy WATKINS Single St Faith
146 20/08/1801 Andrew HAYNES Single St Faith Elizabeth MACBEAN Single St Faith
147 23/08/1801 Charles FENWICK Widower St Faith Hannah WATTS Widow St Faith
148 13/09/1801 Thomas WARRING Widower St Faith Susannah GARDNER Single St Faith
149 24/09/1801 Richard SMITH Single Jane FINCH Single
150 18/10/1801 Benjamin CRITCHETT Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Mary WALKER Single St Faith
151 06/01/1802 William POLLARD Single St Faith Elizabeth DAVIS Widow St Faith
152 08/03/1802 James ELLIOTT Single Elizabeth BRANCH Single
153 05/04/1802 William HALE Single Ann PEPPERCORN Single
154 19/04/1802 Joseph SHORTER Single St Faith Elizabeth COXON Single St Faith
155 06/05/1802 James PLATTS Single St Faith Elizabeth FINLAYSON Single St Faith
156 16/05/1802 Joseph HUGHES Widower St Faith Jane LEWIS Widow St Sepulchre
157 27/06/1802 William WEEDEN Single Eleanor CLARE Single
158 15/09/1802 William NOON Single St Faith Ann KEATS Single St Anne Blackfriars
159 19/09/1802 John MUST Single Mary BRACKETT Single
160 09/10/1802 Frederick GUY Single St Faith Mary GILES Single St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
161 10/10/1802 Edward PEPPER Single St Faith Elizabeth GREEN Single St Faith
162 11/12/1802 Edward OWEN Single St Michael Wood St Elizabeth HAYDEN Single St Faith
163 12/12/1802 David DAVIES Single Ann OWEN Single
164 18/01/1803 Richard TAYLOR Single St Faith Tamzion DAMES Single St Faith
165 31/01/1803 Thomas GREEN Single St Faith Elizabeth EVANS Single St Faith
166 12/04/1803 Robert BAILEY Single St Faith Ann ARDY Single St Faith
167 30/04/1803 Thomas ROBINSON Single All Saints, Oxford, Oxfordshire Margaret RIVINGTON Single St Faith
168 15/05/1803 Frederic HARRY Single St Faith Ann MISSIN Single St Faith
169 11/06/1803 William YERWORTH Single St Faith Elizabeth MILES Single St Faith
170 19/06/1803 Peter CHARMAN Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Kezia FEARN
171 17/07/1803 William HEATH Widower Mary Ann NUTT Widow
172 18/07/1803 William LANE Single Sarah VOUSDON Widow
173 03/08/1803 William SHERWOOD Single St Faith Catharine GILBERT Single St Faith
174 15/08/1803 William LILEY Single St Faith Martha COOK Single Fawley, Hampshire
175 17/11/1803 Thomas CARRICK Single St Faith Maria ANDREWS Single St Martin Ludgate
176 11/01/1804 John COAMER Single Jane CHATFIELD
177 17/01/1804 John CLARK Single St Pancras, Middlesex Elizabeth CLARK Single
178 09/02/1804 William SMITH Single St Faith Ann BLAND Single St Faith
179 11/02/1804 Thomas Wilson HETHERINGTON Single Islington, Middlesex Ann Angelina PEARKES St Faith
180 13/02/1804 Thomas HAWKINS Widower St Faith Sarah TURNER Single St Faith
181 22/03/1804 Samuel FIELD Single St Magnus Ann GIBSON Single
182 25/03/1804 Joseph BURNETT Widower Elizabeth SMITH Single
183 15/04/1804 Thomas CLARKE Single Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Joanna NEATE Single St Faith
184 06/05/1804 William PYE Single St Faith Elizabeth REED Single St Faith
185 04/06/1804 James FREEMAN Single St Faith Eleanor GREEN Single St Faith
186 10/06/1804 Isaiah AMSDELL Widower West Ham, Essex Ann MILLINGTON Widow
187 05/07/1804 George LAWRANCE Single Ruislip, Middlesex Sarah FREWIN Single St Faith
188 16/09/1804 Thomas WILKINS Single St Faith Elizabeth MABY Single St Faith
189 20/09/1804 William SHAW Single St Faith Charlotte BUBB Single Barnwood, Gloucestershire
191 06/11/1804 Samuel BROOKE Single St Faith Alice HUMPHRYS Single Hornsey, Middlesex
190 13/11/1804 John BURNETT Single St Faith Elizabeth PERRY Single St Faith
192 06/01/1805 Evan WATKINS Single Mary STEER Single
193 13/01/1805 William HEWER Widower St Faith Sarah HORWOOD Single St Faith
194 22/01/1805 Thomas WATKINS Single St Faith Margaret MASON Single St Faith
195 26/01/1805 James MOORES Single St Faith Mary BROWN Single St Faith
196 17/02/1805 John SERJEANT Single St Faith Hannah MISSON Single St Faith
197 05/05/1805 William Burnham SHAW Single St Faith Ann MANDEVILLE Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex
198 18/05/1805 Edward EDMUNDS Single Oswestry, Shropshire Martha DOWNES Single
199 20/05/1805 William GROUT Single St Faith Jane ECCLES Single St Faith
200 01/06/1805 Robert PEARSON Single St Faith Jane SIMPSON Single St Faith
201 16/06/1805 William BECKETT Single St Faith Sarah DICKS Single St Faith
202 13/07/1805 William BEDFORD Widower Elizabeth FLEMING Single
203 17/07/1805 Charles NEWBERRY Single St Dunstan In The East Anne ARCHDALL Single St Faith
204 28/07/1805 George PRITCHARD Single St Faith Sarah Mary Rebecca KITTLEBUTER Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
205 04/08/1805 George FOULES Single St Faith Martha GREEN Widow St Faith
206 09/08/1805 Daniel HILL Single Sarah WOODMAN Single
207 02/11/1805 James HUNT Single St Faith Mary VINSENT Single St Faith
208 07/01/1806 Thomas George TURVEY Single St Faith Elizabeth WATERMAN Single St Faith
209 10/01/1806 James MARSHALL Single Hurstpierpoint, Sussex Mary BROWN Single St Faith
210 13/04/1806 John CROUSLEY Single St Faith Susannah HANDCOCK Single St Faith
211 01/05/1806 William Henry ELLIOTT Single St Faith Sarah PHILPOT Single St Faith
212 08/05/1806 Thomas MAN Single St Faith Esther JEFFERY Single St Mary Le Bow
214 01/06/1806 Joseph IVORY Single St Faith Elizabeth LOVE Single St Faith
215 22/06/1806 Henry VERINDER Single St Gregory Eleanor WILLATS Single
216 03/08/1806 John BELL Single St Dunstan In The West Mary Ann MILLARD Single St Faith
217 07/09/1806 Edward CUTLER Single St Faith Elizabeth REEVES Single St Faith
218 05/10/1806 John WACE Single St Faith Rebecca FISHER Single St Faith
219 13/10/1806 James EVEREST Single St Faith Sarah PIGGOTT Single St Faith
220 11/11/1806 Charles SELBY Widower St Faith Mary TAVENER Single South Weald, Essex
221 30/11/1806 Robert DAVIES Single St Faith Eliza DAY Single Saffron Walden, Essex
222 09/02/1807 John DOWNES Single Mary WRIGHT Single
223 05/04/1807 James MARTIN Single Jane POOLE Single
224 03/06/1807 George TESSIER Single Jane BANGHAM Single
225 07/06/1807 William GEERE Single St Faith Mary Ann CARTER Single St Faith
226 05/07/1807 John NAIL Single Susannah ARTHUR Single
227 02/08/1807 John WARBURTON Widower Ann GRIFFITHS Widow
228 08/08/1807 John COOKSON Single St Michael Bassishaw Susannah HUNT Single St Faith
229 13/08/1807 Benjamin CHOULS Widower Chiseldon, Wiltshire Jane NEATE Single St Faith
230 30/08/1807 John EARDLEY Single Mary WOOLLCOTT Single
231 09/09/1807 William MILES Single St Faith Phebe PLAISTED Single St Faith
232 04/10/1807 Rowland TUFFNELL Widower Hester FENTON Single
233 12/10/1807 William JONES Single Mary AGNEW Widow Lambeth, Surrey
234 26/10/1807 John PANK Single St Faith Charlotte PRICE Single St Faith
235 15/11/1807 William Henry TAYLOR Single Hester LOCKETT Single
236 29/11/1807 Samuel SECKER Single St Faith Eleanor COWEL Single St Faith
237 01/12/1807 Joseph POCKLINGTON Widower St Faith Harriet DOBBINS Widow St Bartholomew The Great
238 14/01/1808 John Edmund GARWOOD Single St Faith Mary FRANCIS Single St Faith
239 14/01/1808 James CRANSTONE Single St Faith Sarah ETHER Single St Faith
240 06/03/1808 Samuel STIRLING Widower Susannah NEWLAND Widow
241 28/05/1808 John CARVER Single St Faith Fanny ROBINS Widow St Gregory
242 28/05/1808 John MACKANESS Single St Faith Lucy BARTLETT Single St Neots, Huntingdonshire
243 05/06/1808 John LANGDON Single St Faith Susannah FRAMPTON Single St Faith
244 10/08/1808 Thomas MORRIS Single St Faith Martha NORTHCROFT Single St Faith
245 30/08/1808 Richard ROOKSBY Widower St Olave Old Jewry Irene Elizabeth COLES Single St Faith
246 20/09/1808 Hall WAKE Widower St John, Westminster, Middlesex Mary GOUGH Single
247 11/10/1808 William RADFORD Single St Mary Le Bow Susannah MILLER Widow St Faith
248 08/01/1809 George PAPPS Single Sarah FLOOD Single
249 21/01/1809 William COWPER Widower Newington, Surrey Ann BARRELL Single St Faith
250 12/02/1809 Owen SHEPHERD Single St Faith Elizabeth POWELL Single St Faith
251 16/03/1809 William BRUNSDEN Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth HOPSON Single
252 19/03/1809 Edward CREAKER Single Priscilla WYNN Single
253 14/05/1809 William CHALK Single Sarah MOORE Single
254 25/05/1809 George CHAPMAN Single St Christopher Louisa COOKE Single St Faith
255 11/07/1809 Samuel HARRISON Widower St Faith Susanna GOODMAN Single St Faith
256 27/08/1809 Stephen NEATE Widower St Faith Sarah FOUNTAIN Single St Faith
257 04/09/1809 William HOWELL Single St Faith Lydia ROBERTSON Single St Faith
258 25/10/1809 Henry BUTLIN Single St Alphage Mary Ann GIBSON Single
259 28/11/1809 William Henry CALVERT Single Elizabeth FREEMAN Single
260 21/12/1809 Charles COBB Widower St Faith Diana WOODRUFF Single St Faith
261 07/01/1810 John BUNDY Single St Faith Charlotte COOK Single St Faith
262 13/01/1810 William Henry JACKSON Single Mary Ann PILGRIM Single
263 17/05/1810 Mark SULLIVAN Single St Faith Margaret SHARP Widow St Faith
264 03/06/1810 John WILLIAMS Single St Faith Mary FRASER Single St Faith
265 14/08/1810 John Reading BIRD Single St Faith Elizabeth WEBB Single Christchurch
266 27/09/1810 Henry BURT Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary MATTHEWS Single St Faith
267 04/10/1810 Samuel FORSAITH Widower St Faith Elizabeth EMBERSON Single St Faith
268 15/10/1810 Thomas MARTIN Single Mary CREIDLAND Single
269 25/10/1810 George WILLATS Single Susannah WILLARD Single St Mildred Bread St
270 11/11/1810 James JEALE Single St Faith Mary ROWTON Single St Faith
271 27/11/1810 Nathan GIBBS Single St Faith Elizabeth SLACK Single Covent Garden, Middlesex
272 03/12/1810 Charles WISE Widower Elizabeth MARLOW Single
273 06/12/1810 William Wylde DODSON Single St Faith Nancy FAUCITT Single St Faith
274 25/12/1810 John PRICE Single Alice READ Single
275 27/12/1810 Thomas SHARPLES Single Mary Ann SNOWDEN Single Hendon, Middlesex
276 31/12/1810 Robert ELLIOTT Single Caroline KELLEY Single
277 05/01/1811 John DEBNAM Single Elizabeth DRAPER Single
278 31/03/1811 John POTTLE Single Rebecca HUTCHINGS Single
279 17/04/1811 William MARTIN Single St Faith Sarah YATES Single St Faith
280 14/07/1811 John DARWIN Single St Faith Mary Ann DEADMAN Single St Faith
281 23/07/1811 Allen NEWMAN Widower St Faith Catherine SALLIVAN Widow St Faith
282 12/08/1811 James BATT Single St Faith Hannah HOWELL Single St Faith
283 22/09/1811 Richard RICHARDSON Single St Faith Elizabeth FARR Single St Faith
284 06/10/1811 Thomas COLE Single Mary Ann BEVAN Single
285 30/11/1811 John BAILEY Single Sileby, Leicestershire Ann HUNT Single St Faith
286 23/12/1811 William SABIN Single St Faith Ann REED Single St Faith
287 25/12/1811 John SAVELL Single St Faith Elizabeth SMITH Single St Faith
288 28/12/1811 John CUNNINGHAM Single Sarah CHASE Single
289 29/12/1811 James KNIBB Single St Faith Mary Ann HUNT Single St Faith
290 07/02/1812 William WILLIAMS Single St Faith Jane YATES Single St Faith
291 26/02/1812 John WOODS Single Sarah BALLS Single
292 18/03/1812 William GARLICK Single St Faith Jane DEADMAN Single St Faith
293 19/04/1812 Henry FOUNTAIN Widower St Faith Ann MORECRAFT Single Winslow, Buckinghamshire
294 21/04/1812 Robert BULL Widower Frances JONES Widow
295 26/04/1812 Thomas William BYARD Single Hannah BRABY Single
296 14/05/1812 Joseph JEE Single Mary Ann SPRATT Single
297 01/07/1812 William GEORGE Single St Faith Rebecca GODBY Single St Faith
298 02/07/1812 Henrich David Christophe LENNEWEH Single St Faith Mary CHOPPIN Single St Faith
299 18/07/1812 Thomas Raikes NEWBERRY Single Elizabeth SUTTON Single Friern Barnet, Middlesex
300 29/07/1812 Charles FAUCITT Single St Faith Jane WARD Single St Faith
301 16/08/1812 Edward Smith HILL Widower St Faith Ann BUCKLE Widow St Faith
302 04/10/1812 James NAPIER Single St Faith Ann Agness HOUISON Single St Faith
303 25/10/1812 William BROCKLEHURST Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Anne COAVE Single St Faith
304 17/12/1812 Charles James WOOD Single St Faith Mary Ann LE BLOND Single Shoreditch, Middlesex
1 03/01/1813 Henry LOVE Single Sarah BOWTELL Single
2 08/02/1813 Charles COLYER Single Ann GAWAN Single
3 17/02/1813 William Francis FOWLER Single Susanna JEFFORD Single
4 02/05/1813 John ROBBINS Single St Michael Le Querne Elizabeth STRACY Single
5 07/06/1813 George GRANNEL Single Mary WILSON Single
6 11/07/1813 Septimus HEATON Single Rhoda THORN Single
7 01/08/1813 Richard WILLIAMS Single Margaret PHILLIPS Single
8 12/08/1813 Robert MARTIN Single Waltham Holy Cross, Essex Eliza WEBB Single
10 02/12/1813 Charles DAVIDS Single Frances PEARCE Single
9 02/12/1813 Charles Richard PEARCE Single Clarissa MARSHALL Single
11 22/01/1814 George Herbert HUNT Single Mary Ann DOE Single
12 10/02/1814 Samuel WATSON Single Ann HAINES Single
13 10/03/1814 James George DURHAM Single Charlotte NORRIS Single Beckley, Sussex
14 20/03/1814 George James DRAPER Single Lucy Ann TURNER Single
15 11/05/1814 Thomas DINHAM Single Susannah BLACKBURN Single
16 30/05/1814 John STANLEY Single Elizabeth TURNER Single
17 17/07/1814 James BILTON Widower Martha BAGNALL Single
18 21/08/1814 Cornelius GUY Single Mary LENEY Single
19 15/09/1814 James RUTHERFORD Single Bethnal Green, Middlesex Margaret STORMONT Single
20 01/01/1815 George PARKER Single Lucy WYLLIE Single
21 27/08/1815 Christopher DRAPER Single Mary LITTLE Single
22 27/11/1815 Hugh MANN Widower Sarah COLES Widow
23 31/12/1815 James DRAPER Single Mary EWINGTON Single
24 14/01/1816 James LAWSON Single Sarah ALEXANDER Single
25 20/01/1816 James FRANCIS Single Mary Ann RISEBROUGH Single
26 28/02/1816 Thomas EASTON Single Sarah HAMMOND Single
27 11/03/1816 Christopher ASHMAN Single Mary Ann PHILLIPS Single
28 12/05/1816 William DEADMAN Single Sarah POULTER Single
29 17/05/1816 Thomas FRESHWATER Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
30 23/05/1816 William BROWN Single Emma LLOYD Single
31 04/09/1816 Richard BREMRIDGE Single Emma FOWLER Single
32 01/02/1817 John READ Single Sarah DAVIES Single
33 09/03/1817 Edward CARTER Single Mary BOWMAN Single
34 30/03/1817 Henry GOYMER Single Sarah LEAVER Single
35 11/05/1817 Richard JONES Single Susannah HOPWOOD Single
36 23/08/1817 John FRY Single Harriett Jane CASE Single
37 26/01/1818 James DEBNAM Single Mary STAGG Single
38 03/04/1818 Thomas SCOTT Single Anne Bennet CLAYDON Single
39 23/04/1818 John KNOWLES Single Ann WILSON Single
40 28/09/1818 Thomas WAGGOTT Single Ann WALSER Single
41 26/12/1818 James MCLAUGHLIN Single Elizabeth BLANCHARD Single
42 11/03/1819 John SUTHERLAND Single Liverpool, Lancashire Margaret MACKIE Single
43 28/08/1819 James BLENKINSOP Single Mary Ann POLLARD Single
44 04/10/1819 Edward ELLIS Widower Caroline ELLIOTT Widow
45 18/10/1819 Thomas SHORT Widower Jane MERRY Single
46 05/12/1819 Richard Henry APPLETREE Single Sarah Charlotte LEWIS Single
47 25/12/1819 James Cook HOPWOOD Single Eleanor ROGERS Single
48 23/01/1820 Richard FRAZER Single Mary Elizabeth HUSING Single
49 28/05/1820 Thomas GARDNER Single Elizabeth HAWES Single
50 04/06/1820 Edmund Morton HILL Widower Sarah WACE Widow Islington, Middlesex
51 18/07/1820 James NORRIS Single Ann JONES Single
52 07/08/1820 John Donnithorne HOUISON Widower Hannah DAVIS Widow
53 12/08/1820 John Thomas LETTEN Single Maria ABRAMS Single
54 01/12/1820 George HALL Single Jane ROBERTS Single
55 11/12/1820 Jonathan Neale BADCOCK Single Sarah Flood AUSTIN Widow
56 20/06/1821 Samuel TOWERS Single Sarah MARRIOTT Single
57 22/08/1821 Robert PRATT Single Mary SMITH Single
58 20/02/1822 Henry Smith WEBB Single Mary ANDREW Single
59 27/02/1822 Thomas William READER Single Rebecca PEARCE Single
60 20/03/1822 Thomas CANDY Widower Anna FRANCIS Single
61 29/07/1822 James TEASDALE Single Lydia CLEAMONS Single
62 17/03/1823 Thomas ROBINSON Single Elizabeth WADE Single
63 15/07/1823 Charles James HILDER Single Amelia GREGORY Single
64 04/08/1823 James CANNON Widower Elizabeth WATKINS Widow
65 08/09/1823 James SAVAGE Single Sarah PEARMAN Single
66 08/12/1823 Arthur WEBB Single Elizabeth EATON Single
67 29/03/1824 James SWAIN Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Elizabeth DREW Single
68 19/07/1824 Richard MATHEWMAN Single Leicester, Leicestershire Ann READ Single
69 20/07/1824 James GRAY Single Maria RICHARDSON Single Mitcham, Surrey
70 22/07/1824 Thomas JONES Single Penelope GIBBS Single
71 31/07/1824 John MOORE Single Mary TEASDALE Single
72 23/07/1825 Frederick TOOTELL Single Edgware, Middlesex Mary WEBB Single
73 05/08/1825 Charles MARTEN Single West Ham, Essex Hannah WATSON Single
74 16/10/1825 Hugh Fisher STANGER Single Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM Single
75 26/11/1825 Richard READ Single Eliza READ Widow St John, Southwark, Surrey
76 23/05/1826 William VOWLER Widower Christiana JAMES Widow Greenwich, Kent
77 15/08/1826 Robert EARL Single Sarah NAPPER Single
78 03/05/1827 William LUMLEY Widower Eleanor BUTLIN Single
79 29/05/1827 James BAUGUST Single Sarah MESSER Single
80 09/06/1827 Thomas WELSH Single Mary Ann WILSON Single
81 23/12/1827 Peter Allen BISHOP Single Ann BASON Single
82 27/12/1827 John STRINGFIELD Single Bloomsbury, Middlesex Anne FRICKELTON Single
83 17/01/1828 Damon DYMOTT Single Mary CRACKNELL Single
84 28/08/1828 Charles ABRAHAM Single Mary Ann REDGRAVE Single
85 20/09/1828 James Robert BAKER Single Mary Ann MOORE Single Leyton, Essex
86 07/04/1829 James BROWN Single Catherine JELLY Single
87 29/07/1829 John GASTON Single Elizabeth PENFOLD Single Epsom, Surrey
88 12/04/1830 Thomas FROST Single Sarah DEACON Single
89 31/05/1831 William BLACKBOURN Single Mary Ann HARRISON Single
90 21/07/1831 Robert RILEY Single Ann SMITH Single
91 07/08/1831 Edward WILSON Single Margaret RICHARDSON Single
92 26/12/1831 Richard HURREN Single Martha ALDRED Single
94 08/04/1833 John COLEMAN Single Boston, Lincolnshire Mary Ann STOCKS Single
95 19/08/1834 Henry SEDGLY Single Jane JELLY Single
96 07/09/1834 Thomas MATTINSON Widower Elizabeth COULSON Single
97 04/10/1834 William Fowler TAYLOR Single Charlotte Esther REDGRAVE Single
98 30/11/1834 John GWYTHER Single Elizabeth CROCKER Single
99 27/12/1834 George LEE Single Elizabeth HUGHES Single
100 14/02/1835 Oliver GLUYAS Single Frances BROWN Single
101 04/04/1835 Thomas DOUGLASS Single Emma ATKINSON Single Wandsworth, Surrey
102 05/04/1835 James BARBER Single Mary HILL Single
103 01/07/1835 George FRACKELTON Single St Faith Mary Ann POCKLINGTON Single
104 01/07/1835 William WICKHAM Single Ann LATTEN Single
105 07/10/1835 Henry SMITH Widower Julia CRONIN Single
106 30/10/1836 James DRINKWATER Single Liverpool, Lancashire Jane Maddox DAWSON Single

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