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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
St Helen Bishopsgate


The Parish

The parish of St Helen Bishopsgate is located in the eastern end of the city of London close to its border with the wider county of Middlesex. St Helen Bishopsgate covered a small area a few hundred yards south of the present day Liverpool Street Station either side of Bishopsgate which follows the line of the ancient A10, London to Cambridge, road as it heads for London Bridge. At the time of this transcript St Helen would have been a reasonably populated area of small yards and fully occupied with small businesses and trades. Today St Helen is at the heart of the financial area of The City, massive office blocks surround the church, dwarfing this rare survival, the notorious "Gherkin" being only a few yards away on St Mary Axe, the modern overnight population is tiny by comparison, but a bustle of financial personnel during the day. The parish is drained the short distance to the nearby Thames by mostly underground routes. St Helen Bishopsgate is sited at 12 metres above the sea, land rising steadily away from the Thames to local heights of little more than 20 metres for some distance. St Helen Bishopsgate parish was a tiny city enclave covering no more than a few blocks of the city, it nevertheless supported a population of close to 700 parishioners at the time of this transcript.

The Church

St Helen's church, known Great St Helen's, sits to the east of Bishopsgate on the road named after it and surrounded by the office blocks of Britain's financial capital. A rare survival of the Great Fire St Helen has its origins in a 13th century Benedictine nunnery and some masonry survives to commemorate that period. The whole western and northern walls plus the southern transept remain as testament to the long history of this building. Of course much has altered across the centuries, the windows being replace in the 15th century, doors in both 14th & 16th centuries. The Decorated style windows evident in many places are faithful reproductions of 19th century restoration and embellishment. St Helen's church sits at the eastern end of the road, Great St Helen's with the "Gherkin" immediately ahead and behind it as you approach from Bishopsgate. Surrounded by office blocks on a tiny walled churchyard the building is difficult to gain sufficient distance in order to photograph other than from the Bishopsgate approach.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th May 1754 - 14th December 1780 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/HEL/A/005/MS06834/001 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading combined with small writing may result in one or two misreads
2 6th March 1781 - 25th December 1812 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/HEL/A/005/MS06834/002 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 17th February 1813 - 27th May 1834 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/HEL/A/005/MS06834/003 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 27th May 1834 - 13th May 1837 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/HEL/A/005/MS06834/004 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

St Peter le Poor
St Ethelburga Bishopsgate
St Ethelburga Bishopsgate
St Peter le Poor
St Martin Outwich
St Andrew Undershaft
St Matrtin Outwich
St Peter Cornhill
St Andrew Undershaft
St Andrew Undershaft

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/01/1754 Thomas HEARNE Single Bermondsey, Surrey Anna Maria METCALFE Single St John, Southwark, Surrey
1 30/05/1754 Samuel OSBORNE Single   Jane PARRY Widow  
2 08/06/1754 Richard PEPYS Single St Sepulchre Mary HALL Single  
3 23/06/1754 Francis CARPENTER Single   Isabella PRICE    
6 04/07/1754 Joseph MONTAGUE Single St Botolph Aldgate Sarah SMITH Single  
4 13/07/1754 James STONE Single   Elizabeth SHORT Single  
5 27/07/1754 Robert VIPON Single   Lucretia WILSON   Cobham, Surrey
7 08/09/1754 Thomas GOLDING Single   Sarah ROGERS Single St Ethelburga
8 07/11/1754 Edward RICHARDSON Single   Mary BROWNE Single  
9 17/12/1754 Thomas HOUSTON     Elizabeth FORSTER Single St Lawrence Jewry
10 26/12/1754 Alexander Peter ALLEN   All Hallows Staining Elizabeth HAY Single  
11 16/01/1755 Peter GANSSON Single   Anna Maria BOSANQUET Single St Gregory
12 19/01/1755 William PORTAL Single   Hannah WEST Single  
13 13/03/1755 William BARTLETT Single   Martha STEPHENS Single Whitechapel, Middlesex
14 29/03/1755 John CAPON Single   Mary KAYWORTH Single  
15 27/04/1755 Thomas SMALLWOOD Single   Alice WINFIELD Single St Andrew Undershaft
16 17/06/1755 Noah LE GRAS Single St Stephen Walbrook Susannah TRIQUET Single  
17 22/06/1755 Charles OXTOBY Single   Anne STANBURY Single Croydon, Surrey
18 15/07/1755 Elisha MOLLET Widower   Elizabeth SIDNEY Single  
19 05/08/1755 John WATSON Single St George The Martyr, Middlesex Mary HILL Widow  
20 29/02/1756 John SWALLOW Single   Ann WALCOTT Single Isleworth, Middlesex
21 10/09/1756 Henry TAME Widower   Elizabeth GARTON Widow East Ham, Essex
22 23/12/1756 John ELDERTON Single Middlesex Johanna FURLY Single  
23 02/01/1757 Thomas WATTKINS Single   Gerrad COWDERY Single Uxbridge, Middlesex
24 17/02/1757 Leonard ODDY Single   Dorothy SOUTH Single  
20/04/1757 William GOODWIN Single   Martha HARWOOD Single  
11/05/1757 Francis FRENCH Single Wapping, Middlesex Ann DONOVAN Single  
30/07/1757 Anthony Henry HARCHA Single   Mary WHITE Single St Mary Woolnoth
11/08/1757 John BROWN Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Anne DILLOW Single  
27/10/1757 Samuell MATTHEWS Single St Botolph Bishopsgate Mary NORTON Single  
24/11/1757 Thomas NUTHALL     Susan CUSTANCE Widow Ringland, Norfolk
03/12/1757 Charles LANDER Single St Augustine Anne CLARK Single  
18/03/1758 Stephen Kent HAGGER Single   Sarah WHITTLE Single  
09/04/1758 Edmund CARPENTER Widower   Mary YOUNG Widow  
16/04/1758 Samuel WILLMOR     Mary BURROUGHS   St Andrew Holborn
14/06/1758 Joshua CHAMP Single St Luke, Middlesex Hannah CROSS Widow  
01/07/1758 Thomas KIRKBRIDGE Single   Catherine WARE Widow  
01/08/1758 Thomas FRYER Single   Susannah BERNEGE Single Hackney, Middlesex
21/10/1758 Joseph BURLINGTON Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Sarah LEWIS Single  
30/11/1758 Thomas LEWIS Single St Bride Mary BURMASTER Single  
24/02/1759 Patrick CAMPBELL Widower   Elisabeth DUNDASS Widow St George In The East, Middlesex
29/04/1759 Willoughby ARUNDEL Single Hackney, Middlesex Mary WRIGHT Single  
13/08/1759 James FELTON Widower St Paul, Deptford, Kent Anne CLARK Widow  
14/10/1759 George BEVERLEY Single   Mary ROW Single  
03/11/1759 Samuel FARLEY Widower   Sarah WOODBRIDGE Widow St Dunstan In The East
18/11/1759 John SCHOLEFIELD Single   Mary SCOTT Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex
21/12/1759 George TOOVEY     Ann ROY    
17/02/1760 Charles OVERING Widower St Anne Blackfriars Rachel NASON Single  
28/02/1760 James COMBS Widower   Anne SCOTT Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
01/05/1760 Thomas BROOKS Single   Mary FARRAN Single St Katherine Creechurch
09/06/1760 William BATTELLE Widower   Mary MASON Single  
21/06/1760 Simon PICKSTOCK Single St Luke, Middlesex Ann CROUDSON Single  
16/09/1760 John ST JOHN Single   Frances TODD Single  
28/09/1760 Edward BALL Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
15/10/1760 John BIDINGFIELD Single Old Windsor, Berkshire Ann SHORT Single  
01/11/1760 William FOGG Single   Catherine COOPER Single  
19/11/1760 William GRIFFIS Single   Martha WEBBER Single Poplar, Middlesex
21/11/1760 John HASLAM Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
01/01/1761 Samuel DUNFORD Single Spitalfields, Middlesex Mary CYPHER Single  
10/05/1761 James OSBORNE Single   Mary HOUGH Single  
09/08/1761 James SMITHER Single   Elizabeth GURNEY Single  
09/09/1761 William SEWERS Widower   Elizabeth BOOTLE Single  
22/10/1761 John OSBORNE Single St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex Charlotte SCOTT Single  
16/12/1761 Daniel DING Widower Bourne, Lincolnshire Anna SLADE Widow  
24/06/1762 Richard HOARE Single Boreham, Essex Susannah Cecilia DINGLEY Single  
22/07/1762 William ODDY Single   Ann BALSOM Single St George
19/09/1762 Richard HAMERTON Widower St Bride Elizabeth ACLAND Single  
31/10/1762 William MACMIKIN Widower   Ann HUGHES Single  
18/12/1762 Thomas SOWERBY Single   Elizabeth HEWLETT Single St Andrew Undershaft
21/12/1762 Edward FLANAGAN Widower   Mary DANDY Widow St Botolph Bishopsgate
31/01/1763 Samuel WEAVER Single   Sarah HOOPER Single St Dionis
14/02/1763 John BORAS Single Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Sarah TURNER Single  
03/04/1763 William GOODDE Widower   Mary MANNING Single  
14/04/1763 George LEEDELL Single St Peter Le Poor Esther Harris BRIGHT Single  
05/05/1763 Hugh EVANS Single   Susannah KINGSLEY Single  
07/06/1763 Samuel ALDERTON Single St Ethelburga Elizabeth ADAMS Widow  
06/09/1763 William BAKER Single Spitalfields, Middlesex Mary HORTON Single  
11/09/1763 Jacob SCHOLEFIELD Single   Betty BROWN Single  
15/09/1763 Thomas PICKETT Single All Hallows Lombard St Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow  
04/12/1763 William MOORE Single   Sarah LACK Single  
04/03/1764 Charles WATERHOUSE Single St Mary Woolnoth Elizabeth CROFTS Single  
22/04/1764 John TATES Single Whitechapel, Middlesex Martha TAYLOR Single  
13/05/1764 Silas GODDARD Single   Kitty DONNELLY Single  
30/05/1764 Josiah HOLFORD   St Swithin Magdalen PRICE    
11/07/1764 Phillip WELCH Widower St Michael Cornhill Martha SMITH Single  
21/07/1764 Thomas ENTWISLE Single St Andrew Undershaft Mary DOXSEY Single  
05/10/1764 William WORSLEY Single   Elizabeth BOULTON Widow St Andrew Holborn
18/10/1764 George SARGENT Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey Ann DAVIS Single  
20/11/1764 Coombes CLARKE Single Hackney, Middlesex Mary BUTLER Single  
25/12/1764 Henry WARD Single   Mary NOCKES Single  
01/01/1765 William ALLISON Single St Botolph Aldgate Esther WELLS Single  
07/04/1765 Benjamin JANDRELL Single St Gregory Mary HUNN Single  
24/08/1765 William LANDER Widower   Sarah EDWARDS Single St Mildred Poultry
18/09/1765 Richard ROSEBLADE Single   Ann REYNOLDS Widow St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex
02/10/1765 James BARKER Single   Rebecca LOCKER Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey
31/10/1765 James VAN SOMMER Single Middlesex Mary JOHNSON Single  
11/02/1766 Joseph SHARRATT Single   Catherine BOWEN Single  
27/03/1766 John LATHAM Single Bloomsbury, Middlesex Elizabeth CORKER Single  
06/04/1766 Richard PEPYS Widower   Mary SANDERSON Single  
04/06/1766 George HOGG Widower   Margaret LAMB Single  
15/06/1766 Robert DAVIES Single   Esther ALLASON Widow  
11/12/1766 Henry BATES Widower   Mary EDGE Single  
12/01/1767 Francis GREEN     Katherine KEENE    
08/03/1767 Simon CARRIER Widower   Mary JUDER Single Spitalfields, Middlesex
15/09/1767 Henry Albrecht HAMMELBURG Single St Mary at Hill Mary SIBLEY Single  
29/10/1767 Thomas TIPTON Single St John, Westminster, Middlesex Ann MILES Single  
23/04/1768 Samuel SHONK Single   Margaret BLUNDELL Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
27/04/1768 John PAMPHILON Single   Rebecca ASHBY Single Chigwell, Essex
03/05/1768 Matthew GAMBELL Single   Martha WELLS Single  
12/06/1768 Bartholomew SELWOOD Widower   Mary PETO Single  
09/07/1768 John DAVIES Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
04/08/1768 Philip MASTERS Single Hackney, Middlesex Sarah SMITH Single  
07/08/1768 Edward BEETHOM Single   Ann CORNUCK Single  
18/09/1768 William KNEELER Widower   Sarah WALKER Widow  
08/10/1768 Thomas TRUNDLE Single   Jane PARSONS Single Stoke Newington, Middlesex
01/01/1769 Patrick TULLIE Single Wapping, Middlesex Elizabeth WEATHERHEAD Single  
06/03/1769 John DRUITT Widower   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
25/05/1769 Vincent GREEN Single   Elizabeth MATTEN Single Spitalfields, Middlesex
25/06/1769 Joshua KERSHAW Single   Mary WELLS Single  
21/07/1769 Thomas WILLIAMSON Single   Martha DUDLEY Single  
26/07/1769 Robert GOODWRIGHT Single   Lydia HEATH Single Croydon, Surrey
18/01/1770 Joseph WEBB Widower   Mary BOWSHER Single Wanstead, Essex
13/03/1770 John JENNINGS Single St Benet Fink Ann BASSETT Single  
05/05/1770 Thomas POWELL Single   Catherine SMITH Single St Mary, Westminster, Middlesex
19/07/1770 John CORRIE Single St Edmund Ann PICKETT Single  
12/08/1770 Thomas ADCOCK Widower St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Jane LINES Single  
29/10/1770 Richard HARDYMAN Single   Sarah COLLINS Single  
27/11/1770 Patrick BROWN Single   Jane CHRISTIAN Single  
31/12/1770 Joseph HUNTER Widower   Kitty BLACKBURN Single  
27/06/1771 Henry FROME Single   Mary HOLLAND Single Stoke Newington, Middlesex
25/08/1771 John FLEETWOOD Single   Mary FURNESS Single  
22/09/1771 William GALE Single   Mary TURNER Single  
10/10/1771 Joseph ALLEN Widower St Luke, Middlesex Mary DUKE Single  
13/10/1771 John CECIL Single   Mary PULLEY Widow St Mary Woolnoth
22/10/1771 James Samuel LOUP Single   Christian KIDNEY Single St Lawrence Pountney
07/11/1771 John Peter DU ROVERAY Single   Jenny SCOTT Single  
12/11/1771 William HOUSE Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Sarah THORNE Single  
24/05/1772 Robert BAY Single   Mary WILDE Single  
01/10/1772 William BELL Single Clapham, Surrey Magdalen DALE Single  
17/12/1772 William JAMESON Single Warminster, Wiltshire Hannah ANDREWS Single  
09/01/1773 John RAMSHAW Single Hackney, Middlesex Margaret NICHOLSON Single  
04/02/1773 James HAND Single   Ann BUTLER Single  
18/03/1773 Jonah REEVE Single Bocking, Essex Elizabeth HOUSTON Single  
27/04/1773 Charles Abraham VERNSOLVE Widower   Rebecca DOBSON Single Kensington, Middlesex
05/06/1773 Thomas JERNEGAN Single St Peter Le Poor Mary WARD Single  
30/10/1773 Robert DAVIES Widower   Honour WILLIAMSON Widow St John, Westminster, Middlesex
14/11/1773 Daniel SPINDLER Single St Ethelburga Catherine PRIEST Single  
13/02/1774 Nathaniel LONG Single   Mary SCAIFE Widow St Andrew Holborn
24/04/1774 Richard ELLISON Single   Catherine HOLMES Single Twickenham, Middlesex
04/06/1774 Thomas GODSALL Widower   Sarah LEACH Single  
04/06/1774 Matthias THOMPSON Single St Stephen Coleman St Mary Alice Rigg FAULKNER Single  
19/06/1774 John JONES Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single St Peter Le Poor
08/09/1774 John SOWERBY Single St Peter Le Poor Mary MARCHANT Single  
08/09/1774 William MASON Single   Ann DOXSEY Single  
30/10/1774 Mathew MADAN Single   Eleanor WALKE Single Islington, Middlesex
03/11/1774 Henry BOULTON Single   Juliana HAMMOND Single Barking, Essex
04/01/1775 John GIBSON Widower Stepney, Middlesex Sarah PERIER Single  
22/04/1775 Daniel VERNEZOBRE Widower   Henrietta Magdalene SAULNIER Widow Spitalfields, Middlesex
04/05/1775 John COLCRAFT Single   Elizabeth GRIFFITH Widow Edmonton, Middlesex
08/05/1775 Thomas COOK Single St Chad, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Susannah SHACKLETON Single  
21/07/1775 Thomas BETTELEY Single   Elizabeth INSKIP Single  
07/01/1776 John SEALY Single   Ann COLLINS Single  
18/02/1776 James SCOTT Widower Shoreditch, Middlesex Elizabeth CRANE Widow  
05/05/1776 Henry HUNT Single   Mary RICHARDS Single  
28/01/1777 Richard STRATFORD Single Hackney, Middlesex Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
13/04/1777 John LOAT Widower Clapham, Surrey Sarah RICHARDS Single  
03/06/1777 Edward MARA Single   Elizabeth LANGHAM Single St Michael Cornhill
22/06/1777 William SCOTT Single   Violetta BIRCH Single  
05/12/1777 Valentine GOTTLIEB Single   Elizabeth HILL Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
12/04/1778 Daniel MENLOVE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
02/10/1778 Robert MIDFORD Single   Mary MATTEN Single  
27/10/1778 Samuel HUNT Single Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Catherine COOPER Single  
03/06/1779 Henry DAVIS Single   Ann DEANE Single  
20/07/1779 William LEECH Widower St Michael Cornhill Alicia Christiana DEDAN Widow  
24/07/1779 Thomas RELPH Single St Bride Catherine CAMPBELL Single  
01/08/1779 David DACK Single St Dunstan In The East Sally WEDDEL Single  
15/03/1780 Daniel HUMBERT Single   Ann JENKINS Single  
04/05/1780 John FELTON Single Hackney, Middlesex Elizabeth BUTT Single  
18/05/1780 Peter STEVENS Single St George, Southwark, Surrey Mary BROWN Single  
15/06/1780 Edward PLENE Single   Mary VERNER Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
26/09/1780 John PRICE Widower St Olave Hart St Martha WHITE Single  
07/10/1780 John MERRINGTON Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey Catherine ROBERTSON Single  
14/12/1780 Thomas COPE Single   Mary MOUNTAIN Single St Mary Aldermanbury
1 06/03/1781 Thomas GARROOD Widower Tooting, Surrey Harriot GEORGE Single  
2 24/06/1781 Richard BIRD Single Edmonton, Middlesex Sarah NASON Single  
3 16/09/1781 Joseph KEYMER Single   Lucy BLACKMAN Single St Mary Aldermanbury
4 22/09/1781 Christopher EDMONSON Single   Margaret THOMPSON Single  
5 27/12/1781 John MARTYR Single   Elizabeth SNELL Single Greenwich, Kent
6 01/02/1782 Levy HAYES Single   Ann BERWICK Single  
7 18/04/1782 William MASON Single   Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
8 24/04/1782 Richard KIMBELL Single   Elizabeth LONG Single St Benet Fink
9 25/05/1782 James STEVENSON Single   Frances THOMPSON   Lancaster, Lancashire
10 26/08/1782 Benjamin STANLEY Single St Luke, Middlesex Sarah GARNETT Single  
11 31/10/1782 Henry MORTIMER Single   Mary MERRIMAN Single  
12 31/12/1782 Joseph MUNTON Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
13 09/01/1783 Bryan TROUGHTON Single   Martha VERNON Single Coventry, Warwickshire
14 02/07/1783 Joseph SEDGELEY Widower   Mary FREED Widow  
15 22/07/1783 John JAMES Single   Mary PUDDIFANT Single  
16 28/08/1783 John DACIE Single St Kerrian, Exeter, Devon Louisa Vanden ENDEN Single  
17 21/09/1783 Nicholas DIXON Single   Elizabeth BLAKE Single  
18 23/10/1783 John Peter DUE ROVERAY Widower   Rene Marguerite BONART Single  
19 04/12/1783 Jonathan DRING Single Walworth, Surrey Ann GILLMORE Single  
20 31/03/1784 James MCNAUGHTON Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Giles ALEXANDER Single  
21 08/07/1784 William WILDING Widower   Mary WOOD Single  
22 19/05/1785 William TRULOCK Single   Jane REYNOLDS Single  
23 09/06/1785 Francis Anthony ROUGEMONT Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
24 16/06/1785 Thomas FASSON Single   Elizabeth Ann COOKE Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
25 22/01/1786 John CUST Widower St Margaret Lothbury Margaret CRAWFORD Single  
26 28/02/1786 George OAKLEY Single St Edmund Rebecca MYLES Single  
27 04/04/1786 John DAVIES Single   Jane NORTH Single St Katherine Creechurch
28 16/04/1786 Charles DIXWELL Single   Kitty NIGHTINGALE Single  
29 05/06/1786 Martin NOEL Widower St George The Martyr, Middlesex Martha PRICE Widow  
30 04/07/1786 Daniel BRITTON Widower St Lawrence Jewry Mary OLDING Single  
31 30/07/1786 Thomas COOPER Widower   Rachel HARTHELL Single  
32 14/10/1786 Frederick Charles KUHFF Single   Mary STEPHENSON Single  
33 07/04/1787 James Peter FALLOFIELD Single St Pancras, Middlesex Maria MOORE Single  
34 05/05/1787 Richard PARKINSON Single Newington, Surrey Sarah ANSLEY Single  
35 22/05/1787 Joseph MOXON Single Market Bosworth, Leicestershire Ann DRAKELEY Single  
37 27/06/1787 Frederick Francis MARCUARD Single   Elizabeth WATKINS Single  
38 02/01/1788 William TAYLOR Widower   Sarah QUARTERMAN Single  
39 21/04/1788 James FIDLER Single   Ann COPE Single  
40 21/06/1788 George BROOKE Single   Martha STIFF Single Canterbury, Kent
41 02/09/1788 William BAKER Widower   Sarah MACKERELL Single St Dionis
42 09/10/1788 William HOLMES Single   Susanna TARLING Single St John, Southwark, Surrey
43 23/11/1788 Peter MACGOWAN Single   Ann STAINFORTH Single  
44 10/12/1788 Thomas TURNBULL Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
45 01/01/1789 Benjamin MITCHELL Single   Elizabeth COLEMAN Single  
46 19/02/1789 James DAVY Single   Elizabeth WALLER Single  
47 04/04/1789 John Henry ROUGEMONT Single   Frances Mary Rachael RIVAZ Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
48 13/06/1789 William GREENWOLLERS Single   Henrietta COSSART Single St Dunstan In The East
49 21/07/1789 John MACK Single   Sally GREEN Single  
50 25/07/1789 George JAQUES Single   Catherine HOPE Single  
51 30/08/1789 William JENNER Single   Sarah BERRY Single  
52 03/01/1790 Benjamin SMITH Single St George, Southwark, Surrey Eleanor WARDROPPER    
53 26/01/1790 Henry CORBETT Single   Sarah BILLINGS Single  
54 06/03/1790 James BAYNTON Widower   Sophia Elizabeth DARDS Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
55 09/05/1790 John Thomas LEATHWAIT Single   Elizabeth Ann SPECK Widow St Benet Fink
56 17/05/1790 William ROBERTS Single   Elizabeth BATCHELOR Single  
57 31/05/1790 James CLARKE Single   Ann ALLEN Single Whitechapel, Middlesex
58 02/09/1790 Jackson BROWNE Single Kingston On Thames, Surrey Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
59 26/09/1790 William TYLER Single   Mary COOCK Single  
61 14/10/1790 James BARRETT Widower   Mary WOOD Widow  
60 20/10/1790 Thomas FROST Single   Elizabeth COOPER Single  
62 17/03/1791 Thomas SIMMONS Single   Judith WARD Single  
63 20/03/1791 William MILLER Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
64 25/04/1791 John JONES Single   Rachael SIMPSON Single  
65 25/04/1791 Thomas BEE Single   Ann Isabella LATIMER Single  
66 14/06/1791 Charles MAYO Single   Elizabeth KNOWLYS Single St Dunstan In The East
67 27/08/1791 William WHATCOTT Single   Margate GRAY Single  
68 22/12/1791 James HUNT Single St Peter Cornhill Sarah Maria PEPYS Single  
69 15/01/1792 George Joseph ARTAUD Single   Elizabeth TOWNSHEND Single  
70 20/03/1792 Peter WOOTTON Single   Elizabeth NORWOOD Single  
71 27/05/1792 Christopher WATSON Widower   Margaret SHEDDON Single  
72 16/09/1792 William ASKEW Widower   Sarah WATERS Single  
73 26/09/1792 James FAULKNER Widower Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire Ann PYNER Single  
74 06/10/1792 John ANDERSON Single St Mary at Hill Susanna FRASER Single  
75 05/11/1792 William LEY Single   Rebeccah SEWELL Single  
76 25/12/1792 William DRAPER Single   Martha GAIMES Single  
77 19/03/1793 William REEVE Single Chelmsford, Essex Mary HOUSTON Single  
78 02/04/1793 William HUSSEY Single   Ann WOODLAND Single  
79 13/04/1793 John TURNER Widower   Elizabeth JOBLIN Single  
80 19/05/1793 Alexander Randal MCDONALD Single   Susannah BAKER Single  
81 20/06/1793 James PHILLIPS Single Bryngwyn, Radnorshire Mary BEACHCROFT Single  
82 27/08/1793 William FENNER Widower   Susannah DUTTON Single  
83 29/08/1793 James LAWRENCE Single   Elizabeth SCHOOLING Single  
84 14/01/1794 John DAVIS Widower Waltham Holy Cross, Essex Sarah DAVIS Widow  
85 16/03/1794 William HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth HOCHKINS Widow  
86 14/05/1794 William HEBDEN Single   Elizabeth RAMSEY Widow  
87 15/05/1794 David John VERNEZOBRE Single   Nelly SULLIVAN Single Shoreditch, Middlesex
88 08/08/1794 Alexander REID Single St Botolph Bishopsgate Mary BAMFORD Single  
89 18/09/1794 William BARKER Single   Sarah GOWEN Single  
90 12/10/1794 John GALE Single Egham, Surrey Margaret EDMONDSON Widow  
91 30/03/1795 Henry CHICHESTER Widower   Eleanor COWPLAND Single  
92 08/04/1795 Thomas ASHLEY Widower   Ann ASHLEY Single  
93 11/06/1795 William SMALL Single   Sarah ASKEW Widow  
94 17/08/1795 John MENNETZ Single   Sophia Jackson DU ROVERAY Single  
95 17/10/1795 Jeremiah REYNOLDS Single   Caroline VYSE Single  
96 20/10/1795 Joseph Hayes BARWICK Single   Mary Ann WESTWOOD Single Shoreditch, Middlesex
98 02/11/1795 Charles COLE   St Botolph Bishopsgate Felizarda Matilda BULLER Single  
99 09/11/1795 John WATTS Single   Catherine BIGNELL Single  
100 16/12/1795 Francis David DE LA CHAUMOTTE Single Stoke Newington, Middlesex Olympia Charlotte PAGE Single  
101 02/02/1796 Thomas SPENCER Single   Hannah EDRINGTON Single  
102 27/03/1796 William BALDREY Single   Margaret EMERSON Single  
103 30/03/1796 Samuel LEWIN Single Wandsworth, Surrey Mary FURMAGE Single  
104 14/05/1796 James ASHLEY Single   Anne GUTTERIDGE Single  
105 25/06/1796 William COATES Single All Hallows Bread St Susannah HADLEY Single  
106 07/07/1796 William HAILY Single   Mary ROBERTSON Single  
107 25/08/1796 Thomas CHATTERIS Single   Elizabeth Sophia BENNETT Single St George
108 04/09/1796 John HURST Widower   Elizabeth HEATON Single Leyton, Essex
109 01/11/1796 William DAVIS Single   Elizabeth PINCHIN Single  
110 15/11/1796 James LUDLAM Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah BARTON Single  
111 22/11/1796 Thomas HACKLIN Single   Mary FROST Single  
112 22/11/1796 Thomas LOUGH Single   Jane YATES Single  
113 24/01/1797 Francis ROBERTS Single   Susannah GALLIER Single  
114 23/02/1797 Thomas SIKES Single Guilsborough, Northamptonshire Susanna POWELL Single  
115 04/06/1797 John Gilbert SAGGERS Single   Jane WARD Single  
116 05/07/1797 George CLARKE Single   Sarah PEARSE Single  
117 06/07/1797 John SANSUM Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
118 08/09/1797 John KERBICK Single   Elizabeth BRUSHNANS Single  
119 13/09/1797 Isaac ROBINSON Single   Sarah LACEY Single Stepney, Middlesex
120 11/10/1797 Thomas PEAKE Single   Catharine FINCH Single  
121 22/10/1797 Clement WARD Single   Elizabeth HOWARD Single  
122 29/10/1797 John STALDER Single   Elizabeth WILLCOX Single  
123 04/01/1798 George MCDONALD Single   Mary FOSTER Single  
124 30/01/1798 Miles RICHARDSON Widower   Elizabeth WEBB Widow  
125 18/02/1798 Thomas CROSS Widower   Sarah GEARY Single  
126 18/02/1798 John CLAGGETT Single   Mary REDSHAW Single  
127 09/04/1798 Henry TEEPUS Single   Sarah WHEELLER Single  
128 21/04/1798 James CHAPLYN Single Billericay, Essex Elizabeth TRUNDLE Single  
129 29/04/1798 William ADAMS Single   Letitia CORDEROY Single  
130 13/05/1798 William Henry HARVEY Single   Mary MITCHELL Single  
131 20/05/1798 John COUFIELD Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
132 04/06/1798 John RAY Single   Ann HATTERTON Single  
133 01/07/1798 Henry William WARD Single   Susan FREEMAN Single  
134 05/07/1798 Daniel WEBB Widower   Anna WADDELL Single  
135 24/07/1798 Thomas WADE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
136 28/07/1798 William Parker GOULD Single St Mary at Hill Grace ANDREWS Single  
137 29/07/1798 James CHAMBERS Single   Elizabeth JENNINGS Single  
138 09/09/1798 Thomas PEAKE Single   Mary GLEDHILL Single  
139 09/09/1798 Benjamin GILES Single   Mildred BROWNE Single  
140 09/09/1798 William NIPE Single   Sarah GALE Single  
141 04/11/1798 James HARVEY Single   Maria COOPER Single  
142 06/11/1798 Robert JOLLIE Single   Mary Ann MIDFORD Single St Botolph Aldgate
143 16/12/1798 John HYDE Single   Posthuma PRICE Single  
144 24/12/1798 Peter POLE Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Anna Guilhelmina BULLER Single  
145 20/01/1799 Edward BURY Single   Charity TRICKEY Single  
146 05/02/1799 William STEVENS Single   Sarah BELLETT Single  
147 18/02/1799 Joseph MILBURN Single   Elizabeth RHODES Single  
148 14/04/1799 Richard QUINTON Single   Sarah Ann WHITTNEE Single  
149 24/04/1799 William MARTIN Single   Mary COLE Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
150 12/05/1799 John BERRY Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
151 30/06/1799 Robert FRIEND Single St Andrew Holborn Elizabeth SILVESTER Single  
152 11/11/1799 William JUPP Single   Elizabeth BUNCE Single  
153 16/11/1799 Thomas BROUGHTON Single   Martha SOFFE Single  
154 02/12/1799 William ASPIN Single   Ann QUINTON Single  
155 29/12/1799 Thomas HARWOOD Single   Diana FRESHWATER Single  
156 11/01/1800 Bunce CURLING Single St Pancras, Middlesex Harriet HUTCHINSON Single  
157 16/02/1800 John TYLER Widower Camberwell, Surrey Margaret TYLER Single  
158 13/04/1800 Henry GREGORY Single   Susannah FENSOM Single Hackney, Middlesex
159 18/05/1800 William NOONE Single   Naomi Sarah RICE Single  
160 28/06/1800 John JOHNSON Single   Hannah HOBBS Single  
161 07/07/1800 James JOHNSON Single   Sarah Ellen OUTHWAITE Single  
162 12/07/1800 William HIGGINS Single   Priscilla Ann PAGE Single  
163 18/07/1800 Atwell DOBSON Single   Charlotte READ Single  
164 26/07/1800 William LAMBERT Widower Woodmansterne, Surrey Nutty HUTCHINSON Single  
165 12/08/1800 William HARVEY Single   Mary Ann LANKFORD    
166 31/08/1800 William TOMS Widower   Mary BURGESS Single  
167 09/09/1800 Charles LUCAS Single   Mary WEBB Single  
168 09/09/1800 Thomas RAWLINSON Single   Ann TITCHINER Single  
169 11/09/1800 John HARLEY Single   Charlotte LATHAM Single  
170 12/10/1800 Samuel GALLIERS Single   Johanna CRUMP Single  
171 09/11/1800 William HUGHES Single   Elinor HUMPHREYS Single  
172 11/11/1800 Thomas CHAMBROKE Single   Ann CUFLEY Single  
173 13/11/1800 Robert LEISHMAN Widower St George The Martyr, Middlesex Susannah HALL Widow  
174 18/11/1800 James PILLANS Single   Anne WILSON Single  
175 22/11/1800 Thomas BRADSHAW Single St Katherine Creechurch Elizabeth ISAACSON Single  
176 21/12/1800 William HART Single   Hester BURTON Single  
177 10/05/1801 Thomas WHITE Single   Elizabeth Mary MORGAN Single  
178 16/05/1801 William PAUL Single All Hallows Staining Frances Susanna BIRCH Single  
179 21/06/1801 William PATTERSON Single   Sarah PICKETT Single  
180 05/07/1801 Jonathan RUSH Single   Jane BIRD Single  
181 01/09/1801 John LITTLEJOHN Single   Ann COSTAR Single  
182 04/09/1801 Thomas WAGHORN Single   Ann SMITH Single St Stephen, St Albans, Hertfordshire
183 25/12/1801 James HARTNELL Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
184 09/01/1802 John GRAVES Single   Priscilla Elizabeth THOMPSON Single St Stephen Coleman St
185 19/01/1802 Thomas MILLER Single   Isabella SMART Single  
186 30/01/1802 John SYLER Single   Elizabeth ARNOLD Single  
187 07/02/1802 John HINTON Single   Elizabeth BATTLE Single  
188 21/02/1802 Burchard CORDES Single   Sarah ABBOTT Single  
189 28/02/1802 William MILLER Single   Elizabeth Jane BROWN Single  
190 17/03/1802 William CHATER Single   Sarah GILL Single  
191 26/04/1802 James CROSS Single   Sarah TYLER Single  
192 16/05/1802 William BOND Single   Deborah OVEREND Single  
193 17/05/1802 Joseph GRAY Single Romford, Essex Ann WAGHORN Single  
194 20/05/1802 Jabez WARD Single   Ann AYRTON Single  
195 31/05/1802 George CARTWRIGHT Single   Elizabeth TIGHT Single  
196 07/06/1802 George MICKLE Single   Frances Elizabeth PARKER Single  
197 05/07/1802 Thomas TYLEY Single   Louisa PRICE Single  
198 18/07/1802 John EVERETT Single   Grace BROWN Widow  
199 23/07/1802 William Nixon DAWSON Single   Elizabeth PERKINS Single  
200 11/08/1802 Edward GRAFTON Single St Botolph Aldersgate Mary HOLLINSON Single  
201 23/08/1802 John COLDHAM Single   Ann SANSUM Single  
202 12/09/1802 John WILMOT Single   Sarah TOMLIN Single  
203 12/09/1802 James Thomas PALING Single   Hannah Corby KITTERIDGE Single  
204 20/09/1802 John WHITTMEE Single   Susannah RICHARDSON Single  
205 19/10/1802 William BARBER Widower   Sarah BURCHELL Widow  
206 14/11/1802 John RHODES Single   Ruth CANNON Single  
207 21/11/1802 Thomas SUNNOKS Single   Mary Ann CAMP Single  
208 06/12/1802 Joseph CARTWRIGHT Widower   Christiana MILLER Single  
209 10/02/1803 George HASWELL Single   Sarah Elizabeth CLARK Single  
210 12/03/1803 Charles Henry Ferdinand SCHUTZE Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single Shoreditch, Middlesex
211 02/07/1803 William GOSLING Single   Elizabeth PHILP Single  
212 10/07/1803 James Charles FARRON Single   Lydia JONES Single  
213 27/07/1803 John WAKEFIELD Widower   Ann CROXTON Widow  
04/09/1803 Joseph MEADES Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
10/09/1803 Edward PETERS Single Bristol, Gloucestershire Ann LUCAS Single  
20/09/1803 James WILSON Single   Jane COMBER Single Steyning, Sussex
25/09/1803 Thomas DEAN Single   Rose GATES Single  
29/10/1803 George MORRIS Widower   Sarah CONSTABLE Widow  
08/12/1803 John RAY Widower   Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Widow  
214 02/01/1804 James BROYE Single   Ann PRIOR Single  
215 08/01/1804 Alling ROLLS Single   Edey SHARMAN Single  
216 12/01/1804 Joseph WRANGLE Single   Hannah Mary STEVENS Single Hackney, Middlesex
217 17/03/1804 Thomas DEVRETT Single   Jane AISTROP Widow  
218 10/04/1804 James SAPSORD Single   Jane SKINNER Single  
219 30/04/1804 William Henry HOBBS Single   Eleanor PARKER Single  
220 21/05/1804 Joseph DUCK Single   Rebecca HAMILTON Single  
221 07/06/1804 Henry William WARD Widower   Ann PITTMAN Single All Hallows Lombard St
222 12/06/1804 Daniel FISH Single   Catherine HOLLOWAY Single  
223 16/06/1804 Thomas ENWICH Single   Mary PETCHEY Single  
224 19/06/1804 James HODGES Single   Jane JONES Single  
225 30/06/1804 Charles William Rudolph ROHRS Single Hackney, Middlesex Sarah JAMES    
226 18/07/1804 George PARRY Single   Mary BEYNON Single  
227 22/07/1804 Richard ALLEN Single   Mary THRUSH Single  
228 24/07/1804 James BROWN Single   Mary SMITH Single  
229 02/08/1804 Richard LOUGH Single   Sophia PRITCHARD Single  
230 05/08/1804 George HAMMERSLEY Single   Maria Rachel FALSHAW Single  
231 16/09/1804 James WILSON Single   Ann KENT Single  
232 07/10/1804 Samuel BAKER Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
233 15/10/1804 George SWATTON Single   Sarah HOUGHTON Single  
234 28/10/1804 William RUDDIMAN Widower   Elizabeth Margaret TINCKING Single  
235 25/11/1804 Robert GARRETT Single   Ann BROWN Single  
236 25/11/1804 John HURST Single   Sophia RAWLINS Single  
237 27/11/1804 Samuel PETCHEY Single   Elizabeth SMALLBROOK Single  
238 27/11/1804 Edward WHITMORE Single   Sarah ROUND Single  
239 01/01/1805 Dryden JONES Single   Isabella PERRY Single  
240 27/01/1805 Aaron HARTNELL Single   Margaret ANTHONY Single  
241 21/02/1805 William DICKINS Single   Sarah WARWICK Single  
242 24/02/1805 William SHILL Single   Honour SELLERS Single  
243 26/02/1805 Thomas DYE Widower   Anna Maria BARKER Widow  
244 11/03/1805 Charles ROGERS Single   Ann JONES Single  
245 15/04/1805 Thomas STICKLEY Single   Mary Ann MURRAY Single  
246 23/04/1805 William SOFF Single   Alice COOPER Single  
247 25/05/1805 Samuel Thomas CUSTINS Single   Jane YATEMAN Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
248 30/05/1805 Abraham SAVOY Single   Mary MEAKIN Single  
249 23/07/1805 John Malebysse BECKWITH Single   Maria FIELD Single  
250 27/10/1805 James FORSTER Single   Margaret Maria Ann DAVIS Widow St Dunstan In The East
251 29/10/1805 John HOWES Single   Sarah EVANS Single  
252 05/12/1805 Thomas HARGADAN Single   Frances SMITH Single  
253 09/02/1806 William ROLLS Single   Elizabeth BLEW Single  
254 01/04/1806 John BAKER Widower   Mary UNTINSON Widow  
255 04/04/1806 Robert WARD Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
256 13/04/1806 John Charles PARSONS Single   Mary Bonsell BRIGGS Single  
257 11/05/1806 Benjamin WHITE Single   Ann SAVAGE Single  
258 18/05/1806 James Gwyn JEPPS Widower   Elizabeth GRASHAM Single  
259 22/05/1806 David COLBY Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Ann COSTIN Widow  
260 12/06/1806 Thomas FOX Single   Mary Ann HODGSON Single Shadwell, Middlesex
261 21/06/1806 William COLEMAN Single   Mary Ann THURTLE Single  
262 03/07/1806 William Hobbs HONOUR Single   Elizabeth Gurney BEWLEY Single  
263 06/07/1806 Elisha WESTWOOD Widower   Elizabeth TALLIS Single  
264 27/07/1806 William TAYLOR Single   Charlotte ASHBEY Single  
265 21/09/1806 John LANDALE Single   Tabitha MARTIN Single  
266 22/09/1806 Edward HALE Single   Maria SILLCOCK Single  
267 22/09/1806 Robert CARTER Single   Phoebe OSBORN Single  
268 16/10/1806 William Polhill SIMKINS Single   Mary Ann STANDING Single  
269 27/11/1806 Charles HALL Single   Mary BOWSKILL Single  
270 31/12/1806 George SHACKEL Single St Mary, Reading, Berkshire Maria Jane MORGAN Single  
271 27/01/1807 Thomas HAYWARD Widower   Sarah TREEN Widow  
272 01/02/1807 William HALL Single All Hallows London Wall Rebeccah OLD Single  
273 22/02/1807 Joseph WOSTER Single   Sophia JONES Single  
274 05/04/1807 Benjamin Louis LECAND Single   Elizabeth VINCENT Single  
275 27/04/1807 Thomas WADE Single   Jane HADWEN Single  
276 16/05/1807 John TRULOCK Single   Ann GARDNER Single  
277 07/06/1807 John ILLMAN Widower   Julia Maria JORDAN Single  
278 22/06/1807 William HURRELL Single   Elizabeth HEADLEY Single  
279 22/06/1807 Richard Wilkins DUDDERIDGE Single   Maria FROST Single  
280 29/06/1807 William Henry STARBUCK Single   Sarah APPERLEY Single  
281 12/07/1807 James BUCK Single   Rose SMITH Single  
282 19/07/1807 William PHILLIMORE Single   Mary GODDARD Single  
283 02/08/1807 Henry FITCHETT Single   Hannah BREADFIELD Single  
284 16/08/1807 John COTTON Widower   Sarah WATKINS Widow  
285 18/08/1807 William GREEN Single   Phillis SMITH Single  
286 18/08/1807 Humphrey STAGGLES Single   Mary Ann SMITH Single  
287 13/09/1807 Charles SNOW Single   Martha ILES Widow  
288 01/10/1807 Richard STONE Single   Ruth DAVEY Single  
289 25/10/1807 Thomas FRENCH Single Bloomsbury, Middlesex Hester NEWBY Single  
290 18/11/1807 Kenelm LOVE Single   Maria HART Single  
291 31/01/1808 Richard SMITH Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
292 21/03/1808 John GRANT Single   Sarah COVINGTON Single  
293 22/03/1808 Nathaniel CLARKE Single   Mary Ann HILLIARD Single  
294 27/04/1808 Francis ROBERTS Widower   Elizabeth DEAN Widow  
295 24/08/1809 William Henry SELWAY Single   Susanna HARRAGAN Single  
296 31/08/1809 Robert MOY Single   Catherine FORD Single  
297 26/09/1809 John SLAYTOR Single   Henrietta Maria CORNEY Single  
298 01/10/1809 Jeffrey SADLER Single   Susannah GOODY Single  
299 18/11/1809 Henry Bacon HALL Single   Nancy MERCER Single St Marylebone, Middlesex
300 30/11/1809 John RAMSDEN Single St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Mary SYMONDS Single  
301 02/12/1809 Thomas BECKETT Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Mary JAMES Single  

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