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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
St James Dukes Place


The Parish

The parish of St James Dukes Place lay in the extreme east of the ancient city of London, close to its border with neighbouring wider Middlesex. The parish was created in the early 17th century out of the wider parish of St Katherine Creechurch as the residents found worship there "uncongenial". The parish was centred on the boundary between the edge of the city area and the parish of St Botolph Aldgate which was shared between the city and Middlesex. Once a tightly packed residential area today this is the heart of the city's commercial centre, a warren of offices blocks and with few residents. The parish lies just a few hundred yards from the nearby Thames at Tower Bridge and most drainage is nowadays subsurface. The parish sits at around 10 metres above the sea and land rises gently northwards away from the river. The parish covered a tiny area, estimated to be around 80 acres yet supported a population of close to 800 parishioners.

The Church

St James' church was sited on the corner of Aldgate and Dukes Place, the latter has disappeared over the centuries and now is known as Mitre Street, a tiny alley mentions St James and is the only remaining trace of the building. Today the site is that of the Sir John Cass Primary School. A rare 17th century building, it survived the impact of the 1666 Great Fire only to fall into a ruinous state which resulted in its demolition in 1874. It was ever a controversial church, the site came into being as a result of confiscation of church land, the resulting unconventional site became notorious prior to Hardwicke's Act as a centre for clandestine marriages, in the 47 years between 1644 & 1691 there are 40,000 marriages recorded here, a practice curbed by the legislation.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd June 1754 - 15th August 1772 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/JS1/A/002/MS07894/004 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
2 12th September 1772 - 28th September 1800 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/JS1/A/002/MS07894/005 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 8th February 1801 - 21st December 1812 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/JS1/A/002/MS07894/006 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 15th February 1813 - 4th June 1837 London Metropolitan Archives - Reference - P69/JS1/A/002/MS07894/007 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

St Katherine Creechurch
St Katherine Creechurch
St Botolph Aldgate
St Botolph Aldgate
St Katherine Creechurch
St Botolph Aldgate
St Katherine Creechurch
St Katherine Creechurch
St Katherine Creechurch

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
01/01/1754 John DAWES Single Poplar, Middlesex Cecilia CLARE Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex
12/01/1754 James HIGHAM Single St Andrew Undershaft Ann WOOLLEY Single St Giles
07/02/1754 John FRANKLIN Single Barking, Essex Sarah SMITH Single Barking, Essex
18/03/1754 David MITCHELL Single Chatham, Kent Elizabeth LANDEN Single Chatham, Kent
1 02/06/1754 Thomas EDWARDS Single   Sarah COVEL Single  
2 23/09/1755 Thomas HARRISON Single   Easter SPARROWHAWK Single  
3 19/10/1755 William STEPHENS Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
4 26/02/1756 Daniel REDMAN Widower   Mary BILLOWS   St Margaret Pattens
5 11/06/1756 James DONOGHUE Single   Catherine ATKINSON Widow St Botolph Bishopsgate
6 25/09/1756 Floyd PECK Single St Peter Cornhill Elizabeth SPARKES Single  
7 29/05/1757 John Rodolph LE GRAND Single   Martha CRAMPTON Single  
8 29/05/1757 Thomas HEAVEN     Susannah EDWARDS Single  
9 01/01/1758 James WALKER Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Margaret OUTRAM Single  
10 09/02/1758 James SOLLOWAY Single   Elizabeth GLOVER Single St Olave Hart St
11 14/05/1758 William PRICE Single   Mary MORLEY Single St Katherine Coleman
12 20/02/1759 John MARSHALL Single St Andrew Undershaft Elizabeth WOODRELL Single  
13 01/05/1759 Alexander CROSS     Mary ADCOCK    
14 31/05/1759 John WALTER Single   Frances LANDEN Single St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent
15 21/07/1759 William BOULTON Single   Mary SCOTT Widow Wapping, Middlesex
16 19/08/1759 James MARTIN Single   Martha ROBERTS Single  
17 02/09/1759 George BRYN Single   Ann MATHEWS Widow St George The Martyr, Middlesex
17 02/02/1760 John READ Single   Elizabeth FINKS Single  
18 15/03/1760 Isaac RILEY Single   Sarah CAMPBELL Single Whitechapel. Middlesex
19 21/04/1760 Nicholas RAPER Widower   Elizabeth BRIGHT Widow  
20 25/06/1760 John MAN Widower   Mary BATES Widow  
21 30/06/1760 William DAVIS Single   Hannah WATER Widow  
22 15/09/1760 Thomas JONES Single   Dorithy MANTLE Single  
23 17/02/1761 Charles THOMPSON Widower   Margaret WALKER Widow St Botolph Bishopsgate
24 22/03/1761 John GATES Single   Elizabeth BATHGALE Single  
25 16/07/1761 William NORRINGTON Single   Martha PERRY Single Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
26 21/07/1761 William TOWNSEND Single   Mary HEPELSTALL Widow  
27 26/07/1761 Richard WHITCOMBE Single   Hepsibath RINGWORTH Single St Katherine Creechurch
28 02/08/1761 Thomas ARCHELL Single   Sarah BORROW Single Shoreditch, Middlesex
29 12/08/1761 Cosimo LAROSA Single   Ann JOHNS Single  
30 31/08/1761 Martin REED Widower   Elizabeth BURCH Widow  
31 08/09/1761 Robert THOMPSON Widower   Mary DAULE Single  
32 04/10/1761 Nathaniel CRAWLEY Single   Mary HICKERSON Single  
33 18/10/1761 Stephen BROWNE Single   Mary FREEMAN Widow Wapping, Middlesex
30 14/01/1762 William MASCALL Widower   Catherine Middleton WAGSTAFFE   Greenwich, Kent
31 05/02/1762 James HILL Single Whitechapel, Middlesex Jane BRIGGS Widow  
32 23/03/1762 Robert YOUNG Single   Susanna YOUNG Single St Andrew Holborn
33 08/04/1762 Charles LETTERMAN Single   Ann CHIGER Widow Whitechapel, Middlesex
34 11/04/1762 William SMART Single   Rachel BLASTOCK Single  
35 25/04/1762 James DONOGHUE Widower   Frances BASSET Single St Botolph Bishopsgate
36 01/06/1762 John BLOWS Single   Abigail TITLEY Single  
37 21/07/1762 Thomas MASON Single   Hannah BRIND Single  
38 25/07/1762 Daniel MORGAN Single St Michael Cornhill Mary FLATHER Widow  
39 13/09/1762 Francis READ Single   Elizabeth DUCRO Single  
40 04/11/1762 Edward QUIDDINGDUN Single   Margaret EWEN Single  
41 05/11/1762 James HOGG Widower   Mary GREEN Single Hertfordshire
42 21/12/1762 John REDMAN Single St Botolph Aldgate Mary LONG Single  
16/01/1763 John HERRING Single St Michael Crooked La Jane CROUCHMAN Single  
27/01/1763 Jacob FORCUST Widower   Ann WIGGEN Widow  
10/02/1763 William FOOTMAN Single   Lydia TOWS Single St Michael Cornhill
24/03/1763 Richard SHELTON Single   Maria HOUGHTON Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
12/05/1763 James ALLEN Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
22/05/1763 Andrew BEECH Single   Mary FOWLER Single  
26/05/1763 Thomas LAMBERT Single   Sarah CALMENIL Single  
25/06/1763 William CROUCH Widower   Mary TOOLEY Widow  
05/07/1763 Ralph WATSON Widower   Elisabeth DUKES Widow  
30/07/1763 John VANDERSALL Single   Elizabeth CURD Single  
07/08/1763 George ELFORD Single   Susannah HEAVEN Widow  
12/08/1763 John HUTCHINS Widower   Sarah PATRICK Widow  
24/09/1763 Thomas WHITE Single   Martha DUNKEN Single Whitechapel, Middlesex
23/10/1763 Robert Simpson HOGG Single   Mary PITTS Widow  
28/10/1763 Ambrose EYRE Single   Mary PARSONS Single West Ham, Essex
05/02/1764 Benjamin THATCHER Widower   Mary JENNINGS Widow  
06/02/1764 Joseph TURNER Single   Elizabeth WINDLE Single Lewisham, Kent
23/02/1764 John DOLLERY Single   Jane JONES Single  
02/03/1764 Robert SCANDRETT Single All Hallows The Great Elizabeth LOCKE Single  
05/03/1764 Daniel MERCER Single   Olive JACOB Single  
17/04/1764 William STONE Single   Lucia ROSE Single St Katherine By Tower
22/04/1764 Isaac SAVAGE Single   Ann BRIND Single  
17/09/1764 John FORESIDE Single   Hannah BEECH Widow  
27/11/1764 Porter RIDOUT Widower   Elizabeth MORRIS Single Barking, Essex
13/12/1764 John Christopher HOUSEMAN Single   Ann LINNETT Single St Peter Le Poor
17/01/1765 Robert DAVEY Single   Mary WHEATLEY Single  
18/02/1765 Peter TAYLOR Widower   Anna Maria CROCKER Widow  
12/05/1765 William CLARK Single   Hannah POWELL Single  
22/07/1765 Edward BEDLE Single   Mary POWELL Single  
22/07/1765 William DICKINS Single Whitechapel, Middlesex Martha HAYWARD Widow  
20/09/1765 John WHITESHEAD Single   Ann BIRCH Single Whitechapel, Middlesex
22/09/1765 William BEAVER Single   Hannah VIDLER Single  
23/09/1765 William WELLES Single   Rebecca RICHARDSON Single  
17/11/1765 Daniel BUCKHOLT Single   Ann ANSTELL Widow  
13/12/1765 Robert ROGERS Single   Catherine COOK Single Middlesex
14/12/1765 Richard SHELTON Widower   Susannah TIPP Single St Mary Abchurch
04/05/1766 John HALE Widower   Charity GIFFORD Single  
04/08/1766 Francis READ Widower   Ester BACHELLIER Single  
07/09/1766 John TURNER Widower   Sarah PHYTHIAN Widow Wapping, Middlesex
14/09/1766 William CLAYTON Widower   Sarah COX Single Bethnal Green, Middlesex
22/09/1766 William PHILLIPS Widower St Botolph Aldgate Mary SHARP Widow  
12/02/1767 Andrew HUNTER Widower   Sarah HOW Widow  
24/05/1767 Robert ATKINSON Single   Elizabeth GRICE Single  
25/05/1767 George SIMMS Widower   Elizabeth ADKINS Widow  
07/06/1767 Abraham HOULBROYD Widower Wapping, Middlesex Mary JENGERINSON Widow  
09/06/1767 John GAVILL Single   Elizabeth ROBINS Single  
15/06/1767 Henry BAGNALL Single   Sarah BURKMAR Widow  
12/07/1767 Edmund FROST Single   Susannah LEIGH Single  
26/07/1767 Thomas FARRIN Single   Elizabeth GRIFFITHS Single  
03/08/1767 John JORDAN Single   Isabella ALLANSON Single  
30/08/1767 Richard WEST Single Wapping, Middlesex Martha OMER Single  
14/09/1767 David BRAND Widower Christchurch Lucy DUTTON Widow  
22/09/1767 Richard SHELTON Widower   Ann WOOD Single  
12/10/1767 Alexander INNES Single   Mary STEDMAN Single  
25/10/1767 Thomas MALLETT Single Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire Lydia KEMP Single  
24/11/1767 Isaac DEHOW Single   Jane DOVE Single  
10/12/1767 Benjamin ATKINS Single   Susannah BARNARD Single  
02/01/1768 William COATES Single St Peter Le Poor Mary DENBIGH Single  
07/01/1768 John LUFF Single   Ann JEYS Single  
21/02/1768 Edward WEBB Widower   Rebekah JOHNSTON Widow  
04/04/1768 Richard KITCHEN Single   Susannah CARTWRIGHT Single  
04/04/1768 William ELMS Single   Elizabeth FITZGERALD Single  
24/04/1768 George BOSWORTH Single   Susanna CURETON Single All Hallows London Wall
28/04/1768 John GIRLING Widower St Olave Hart St Hannah SILLS Single  
10/05/1768 Rowland DAVIES Single   Mary CORNEY Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
11/06/1768 Alexander GOUDY Single Shadwell, Middlesex Elizabeth HALL Single  
12/06/1768 Isaac JAVIN Single   Elizabeth PEMBERTON Single  
09/07/1768 Thomas DALTON Single   Mary BROWN Single  
10/07/1768 Thomas HEALL Single Whitechapel, Middlesex Frances ABRAHAMS Single  
02/08/1768 Anthony UNDERWOOD Single   Jane BREWIN Widow  
20/09/1768 Elijah DAVIS Single   Susannah PURBANK Single  
16/10/1768 Edmund BIRD Single   Elizabeth LINNETT Widow  
26/01/1769 James BOXLEY Single   Rebecca MANNING Single All Hallows The Great
28/01/1769 William PRING Single   Mary JAMES Single  
05/02/1769 Robert GAVILL Single   Ann SIMONS Single  
01/06/1769 John SEATON Single   Sarah WADMAN Single  
16/07/1769 Thomas WOODWARD Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
01/08/1769 John SMALL Single   Elizabeth PINCK Single  
27/08/1769 John MONK Single Rotherhithe, Surrey Ann NORRINGTON Single  
15/11/1769 William VINCENT Single   Elizabeth OLIVER Single  
25/12/1769 Daniel CHAMBERS Single   Mary BANKES Widow  
01/01/1770 Joseph PAIN Widower Whitechapel, Middlesex Ann LOVERIDGE Single  
14/01/1770 Edward BARTLETT Single   Elizabeth STEPHENS Single Holy Trinity Minories
04/02/1770 Jonathan BOOTHMAN Single   Ann BELL Single  
09/04/1770 Samuel NEWTON Single   Elizabeth CHARLES Widow  
27/05/1770 Richard CROXTON Single   Mary LLOYD Single  
24/06/1770 John MAN Widower   Elizabeth LORING Single  
14/08/1770 William DUNN Single   Susannah HARRIS Single  
21/08/1770 John OLIVER Widower   Mary BUSHMAN Widow  
02/09/1770 Owen OWENS Single   Margaret EVANS Widow Whitechapel, Middlesex
30/09/1770 Peter BIGGS Widower   Sarah FREELOVE Widow  
27/11/1770 Francis DAVIS Widower   Elizabeth POND Single  
10/12/1770 Thomas WADE Widower   Elizabeth BOLT Widow  
26/12/1770 Richard LEE Single   Elizabeth PINN Single  
31/12/1770 William BURLES Single   Grace DRAKE Single  
20/03/1771 John WHITAKER Single   Sarah PAINE Single  
25/04/1771 John BROWN Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
16/05/1771 John MILLS Single   Sarah BROWN Single Shenfield, Essex
23/05/1771 Robert EASTWICK Single   Theodosia ARCHER Single  
09/06/1771 William FITT Widower   Ann HUDSON Widow  
19/06/1771 George KNIGHT Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Rachael MENDIS Single  
12/07/1771 John THOMPSON Single   Jenny Ann SHORT Widow  
22/09/1771 John POWER Single   Margaret HAWS Single Whitechapel, Middlesex
15/12/1771 William SPENCER Single   Ann DALBY Single  
01/01/1772 Richard WHITCOMB Single   Mary LAKE Single  
14/04/1772 John SMALL Widower   Mary BLUNDEY Single  
03/05/1772 Joseph LOVATT Widower   Mary CHUB Single  
29/06/1772 Morris BARROW Widower   Mary THOMPSON Widow  
15/08/1772 Joseph HEPINSTALL Single   Ann LEACH Single  
1 12/09/1772 Joseph SWINSON Single   Margaret PHILIPS Widow  
2 11/10/1772 Richard BARRATT Single   Elizabeth FARROW Single  
3 29/10/1772 John Marshall GUTTRIDGE Single   Sarah ROBINSON Single  
4 05/11/1772 William ENGLISH Single   Elizabeth EASON Single  
5 14/11/1772 William TAYLOR Single   Hannah GLASBOROUGH Single  
6 07/12/1772 Roger INGRAM Widower   Margery ROLISON Widow  
7 01/01/1773 Thomas GRICE Widower   Elizabeth PARK Widow  
8 10/02/1773 John BACCHUS Widower Whitechapel, Middlesex Elizabeth LAWSON Single  
9 13/02/1773 John BLATCH Widower   Elizabeth PONSONBY Single  
10 15/02/1773 William JENNINGS Single   Elizabeth FITCH Single  
11 21/02/1773 John SPIRING Widower   Ann CAPELL Single  
12 07/03/1773 John BURTON Widower   Sarah ALLEN Single  
13 15/03/1773 Lewis SMITH Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
14 11/04/1773 Andrew BEACH Widower   Ann FORSYTH Single  
15 06/06/1773 James REDHEAD Single   Hannah JOHNSON Single  
16 12/09/1773 George SIMMONDS Single   Elizabeth CHEALE Single St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey
17 10/10/1773 Nicholas BAKER Single   Ann YOUNG Single Hackney, Middlesex
18 18/10/1773 James Payne WILLIAMS Single   Isabella GUTTRIDGE Single  
19 28/11/1773 Thomas CHANCELLOR Widower   Elizabeth CHANCELLOR Widow  
20 22/01/1774 William QUIBY Single   Mary WINTERBORN Single Stepney, Middlesex
21 29/01/1774 Merrit POULTER Widower   Catherine BARRIFF Widow St Luke, Middlesex
22 24/02/1774 Leonard JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth YOUNG Single  
23 20/05/1774 William JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
24 22/05/1774 William MARCH Single St Dunstan In The West Elizabeth STEELE Single  
25 07/06/1774 William DAVIS Single   Elizabeth GARDNER Single  
26 18/07/1774 William AMORY Widower   Alice BLACO Single  
27 22/07/1774 John CLARKE Single   Amey FINCH Single  
28 25/07/1774 William DYKE Widower   Agnes ROWLINSON Single  
29 22/08/1774 Samuel LAWRENCE Single   Margaret THOMPSON Single  
30 24/08/1774 John SMITH Single   Mary SHAVE Single  
31 02/10/1774 James EWERS Single   Phillis ATWOOD Single  
32 08/10/1774 Abner GALLEY Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
33 16/10/1774 William BLAND Single   Elizabeth PRESTON Single  
34 10/11/1774 Joseph MULLEY Single   Mary ROE Single  
35 05/01/1775 James DERRICK Single   Ann BRINKWORTH Single  
36 02/02/1775 James NEWELL Single   Mary FRANKLIN Single  
37 06/03/1775 James WILLIAMS Single   Mary GAVILL Single  
38 06/05/1775 Thomas JENKINS Widower Rotherhithe, Surrey Elizabeth CAPON Single  
39 05/06/1775 Abraham BENCE Single   Mary KELLY Single  
40 06/08/1775 John GAVEL Single   Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
41 27/08/1775 John LYNCH Single   Margaret SHERIDAN Single  
42 29/08/1775 James RAND Widower   Mary MERCER Widow Whitechapel, Middlesex
43 03/10/1775 John PERMAN Single   Mary MORRIS Widow Newington, Surrey
44 08/10/1775 Jacob Lewis BRUCHER Single   Ann GOODWIN Single  
45 11/10/1775 Edward BOXALL Single   Sarah BEATLE Single  
46 02/11/1775 John HOWARD Single   Catherine HOW Single St Dionis
47 02/11/1775 Robert SPINKS Single   Mary WALES Single  
48 12/11/1775 Christian DEAN Widower   Catherine SUTTON Single  
49 13/11/1775 William CLARK Single   Susannah SEYMOUR Single  
50 25/12/1775 Joshua GLADNELL Single   Eleanor STANMORE Single  
51 01/01/1776 Henry SWEETING Single   Jane WHATCOMBE Single  
52 07/02/1776 Thomas ERASMUS Widower   Alice HESINGBURGH Widow  
53 13/02/1776 Anthony JEFFERSON Single   Rebecca BARRETT Single  
54 20/02/1776 Zachariah JAMES Single   Mary GOODMAN Single  
55 22/02/1776 William John COLE Widower   Jane RAIN Single Wapping, Middlesex
56 03/03/1776 William QUIBY Widower   Sarah ARROWSMITH Widow St Helen
57 20/03/1776 Henry CHAPMAN Single   Susannah DUCK Single  
58 14/04/1776 Richard DELLOW Single   Hannah ROSBY Single  
59 26/05/1776 James GOOD Single   Catharina BONJONNAR Single St Andrew Undershaft
60 26/05/1776 John ASHTON Single   Elizabeth FERRIS Single  
61 17/06/1776 John BROWN Single   Sarah PARSONS Single  
62 10/07/1776 John BOWMAN Single   Laetitia ELLIS Single Hackney, Middlesex
63 18/07/1776 William HANCE Single   Mary HALL Single  
64 28/07/1776 Thomas HENLEY Single Christchurch Frances FOXCROFT Single  
65 04/08/1776 John PHIPPS Single   Elizabeth GROVE Single  
66 08/08/1776 William STRUTT Widower   Mary WRIGHT Single  
67 27/08/1776 William MITCHELL Single   Mary PAUSEY Single Wapping, Middlesex
68 29/09/1776 William CHILD Widower   Sarah DUCK Single  
69 06/10/1776 John SOMMERS Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
70 07/10/1776 David BRAND Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Widow  
71 16/12/1776 William JAMIE Single   Cecilia REDLAND Widow  
72 17/02/1777 William JOHNSON Widower   Elizabeth BATH Single  
73 05/04/1777 Diederick CROWN Single   Elizabeth ZIGELLER Single St Stephen Coleman St
74 07/04/1777 Dennis TANNER Single   Anna Maria JONES Single  
75 16/04/1777 James CLARK Single   Grizell HUNTER Single Woolwich, Kent
76 29/06/1777 Charles DAWSON Single   Ann RUSSELL Single  
77 13/07/1777 Joseph POOLE Single   Jane SOMERVILLE Widow  
78 14/08/1777 Jonah DIXON Single   Susannah BLINDELL Single  
79 24/08/1777 James PATERSON Single   Elizabeth BROOMWELL Single  
80 01/09/1777 Isaac ANDREWS Single   Frances TORY Widow  
81 30/09/1777 William SHEPARD Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
82 09/11/1777 Simon WHAYMAN Single   Hannah PETFORD Single  
83 18/11/1777 William FRANKLIN Widower   Elizabeth DAWSON Single  
84 03/12/1777 Joseph BONNOR Single   Mary BUDD Single  
85 05/01/1778 Samuell WEST Single   Betsy MCMILLON Single  
86 26/02/1778 John HARGRAVE Widower St Botolph Aldgate Ann MILLER Single  
87 28/02/1778 George FINMORE     Sarah JONES   St Mary Bothaw
88 09/04/1778 Theophilus TURNER Single   Ann STEAD Single  
89 19/04/1778 Jonathan WEBB Single   Rebekah MOORE Widow  
90 07/05/1778 James BAYNTON Single   Ann GARDNER Single Covent Garden, Middlesex
91 03/06/1778 Peter Tasker ADISON Single   Sarah GRAY Widow  
92 17/06/1778 William REWSE Single   Rachel FINCH Single Wherstead, Suffolk
93 16/08/1778 John TAYLOR Single   Mary ARNOLD Single  
94 27/08/1778 William MCCLYMONT Widower   Mary BROWN Single  
95 21/09/1778 John THURMAN Single   Mary WILD Widow  
96 06/10/1778 John LIGHTFOOT Single   Ann DAWSON Single  
97 22/11/1778 Henry PEPEL Single   Ann MORGAN Single  
98 07/12/1778 Nathaniel SCARLETT Single   Elizabeth FLETCHER Widow  
99 09/12/1778 George Mason HALES Single   Elizabeth SNOW Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex
100 12/12/1778 Benjamin WRIGGLESWORTH Widower St Stephen Walbrook Mary PINCOMBE Widow  
101 01/01/1779 John CRAWFORD Widower   Elizabeth WISEY Single  
102 28/01/1779 William BROADHURST Single   Rebecca Ann ROUSE Single  
103 31/01/1779 William HANNAM Single   Jane YOUNG Single  
104 01/02/1779 John WHITTAM Single   Mary SUMMERFIELD Single  
105 11/03/1779 Jonathan BROCKELBANK Single   Ann ELLIOTT Single  
106 11/03/1779 John MITCHELL Single   Mary PARROTT Widow Wapping, Middlesex
107 28/03/1779 John FLETCHER Single   Mary TAUNT Single  
108 28/04/1779 Arnell BROOME Widower   Ann COLE Widow  
109 19/05/1779 Anthony HALES Single   Lettes SNOW Single St George In The East, Middlesex
110 19/05/1779 James THOMAS Single   Jane HUGHES Single  
111 30/05/1779 Gabriel LLOYD Single   Eleanor COOPER Single  
112 22/07/1779 Thomas PRIOR Single   Slany Abigail LONGHORN Single  
113 26/07/1779 William LEAPER Single   Elizabeth COCKMAN Single  
114 30/08/1779 Charles FRIEND Widower   Mary FROST Widow  
115 24/01/1780 William BRIGGS Widower Chiswick, Middlesex Sarah JACKSON Single  
116 25/01/1780 Richard LAMBERT Widower   Martha SADLER Widow  
117 05/02/1780 George CABBURN Widower   Mary GOODMAN Widow Shoreditch, Middlesex
118 16/03/1780 Robert HODGSON Single   Johanna BAINFORTH Widow Greenwich, Kent
119 29/03/1780 William ASHBY Widower   Ann LASH Single  
120 21/05/1780 Henry COLLIS Widower   Susannah ADAMS Single St Olave Hart St
121 15/06/1780 Thomas CLARK Widower   Ann THORN Single Wapping, Middlesex
122 28/07/1780 David PATULLO Single   Jane COLE Widow St George In The East, Middlesex
123 05/10/1780 John LOFT Single   Ann Sargent SMEE Single Whitechapel, Middlesex
124 22/10/1780 John CHAPMAN Single   Sarah WHITWORTH Single  
125 22/02/1781 John ALLSUP Widower   Martha WEST Widow  
126 28/10/1781 Simon COLE Single   Ann ROSBY Single  
127 10/12/1781 Henry CARTER Widower   Elizabeth ROSBY Single  
128 09/02/1782 William MACKNAB Single   Eleanor YOUNG Single St George In The East, Middlesex
129 11/02/1782 John BERTRAND Widower   Hannah MASON Widow  
130 02/05/1782 John Maddey WINGOD Single   Ruth Mary BIGG Single  
131 24/06/1782 John MOON Widower   Rebecca ATKINSON Single  
132 01/07/1782 William MILLER Single   Elizabeth MARSON Widow  
133 16/09/1782 William EDMONDSON Single   Laetitia PROCTOR Single  
134 17/11/1782 Henry BAKER Single   Mary STOKES Single  
135 24/11/1782 James MILLER Single   Mary GATES Single  
136 05/03/1783 John POCKNELL Single   Sarah SNELLING Single  
137 11/03/1783 John WRIGHT Widower   Elizabeth SIMMONDS Widow St Andrew Holborn
138 17/05/1783 Thomas STEENS Single   Mary JONES Widow St Antholin
139 01/06/1783 Edward SMITH Single   Elizabeth ROSE Single  
140 19/06/1783 John JEREMY Single   Hannah WILLIAMS Single  
141 08/07/1783 Samuel BEARCROFT Single   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
142 03/08/1783 Thomas CHANCELLOR Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
143 17/08/1783 Edward CLASON Widower   Ann PETTITT Widow  
144 30/09/1783 James HAMILTON Single   Ann GAVILL Widow  
145 02/11/1783 Thomas FURLONG Widower   Margaret WRIGHT Widow  
146 16/11/1783 Robert SEAL Single   Mary HOPE Single  
147 23/01/1784 James BARNETT Widower   Sarah CLARKE Single St Botolph Aldgate
148 05/04/1784 Thomas PHILLIPS Single   Alice JONES Single  
149 22/04/1784 John LAND Widower   Elizabeth PURFORD   Hackney, Middlesex
150 09/05/1784 Charles WRENCH Single   Mary SHARP Single  
151 14/05/1784 Frederick JACOBS Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
152 18/05/1784 Richard SENER Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
154 10/06/1784 John BISHOP Single   Elizabeth NOBLE Widow  
153 18/07/1784 Thomas BEEDLE Widower   Sarah BASSETT Widow  
155 16/08/1784 Robert PENNEY Single   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
156 22/10/1784 Alexander BLACK Single   Elizabeth CREASE Single  
157 21/11/1784 Joseph EAST Single   Ann RUSHELL Single  
158 14/01/1785 George PALMER Single Ware, Hertfordshire Jane WALLER Single  
159 10/02/1785 James RANDALL Single   Margaret TYLIE Single  
160 22/02/1785 John THOMPSON Single   Ann SCRAFTON Single  
161 20/04/1785 John EVANS Widower   Mary EVANS Single  
162 24/04/1785 Joseph PIDD Single   Rebecca HORTON Single  
163 29/05/1785 Samuel LOCKYER Widower   Mary JONES Widow  
164 07/08/1785 Joseph WINDSOR     Susannah CHITTERN    
165 13/08/1785 James GREENHUFF Single   Mary CHILDS    
166 14/08/1785 Hugh Evans NICHOLSON Single   Sarah ROBERTS Single  
167 30/10/1785 James Kemp FRANCIS Single   Mary Elizabeth PILLEY Widow  
168 06/11/1785 Thomas BUSHELL Single   Sarah BLAND Single  
169 27/12/1785 Thomas VALLIANT Single   Ann FILESTICHER Single  
170 27/03/1786 John BLOXHAM Widower   Ann BRATCHER Widow  
171 30/03/1786 John THOMAS Single West Ham, Essex Mary LLOYD Single  
172 02/04/1786 Elias PLANT Single   Judith JEFFS Single  
173 29/07/1786 John SINCLAIR Widower St George The Martyr, Middlesex Mary Hannah COLE Single  
174 10/09/1786 Thomas DARVILL Single   Mary HARWOOD Single  
175 12/09/1786 Thomas TANT Single   Mary GALLINS Widow  
176 16/10/1786 George FULLERTON Single   Elizabeth GATES Single  
177 23/11/1786 Ephraim BROWNE Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
178 02/01/1787 William MATHER Single   Mary FIELD Single  
179 04/02/1787 Thomas CLARK Single   Mary EVERDEN Single  
180 07/02/1787 John FINCH Single   Elizabeth DUNBAR Widow  
181 16/02/1787 Arthur GRANGER Single   Mary NEWMAN Single  
182 29/05/1787 Peter MATTHEW Single   Catherine PATTULLS Single  
183 10/06/1787 Brian SANDERS Widower   Ann SANDERS   Wapping, Middlesex
184 23/07/1787 Thomas HOLMYARD Widower   Rachel GOODRIDGE Single  
185 29/07/1787 Robert NICKSON Single   Diana COPPICE Widow  
186 07/08/1787 Ruben LAW Single   Elizabeth RENBRIDGE Single  
188 28/11/1787 Robert DAETH Widower   Ann MALYON Single  
189 24/12/1787 Joseph HUTTON Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
190 24/12/1787 Benjamin WESTALL Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
191 27/01/1788 John FRY Widower   Alice RICHARDSON Widow Wapping, Middlesex
192 05/02/1788 John DAVIS Widower   Ann JUSTIAN Single  
194 06/02/1788 Joseph HUTTON Single   Jane COVERLY    
195 21/02/1788 John AYRIS Single   Catharine PHILP Single  
196 24/02/1788 Lewis Jones ASHLEY Single   Ann Matthews TOVEY Single  
197 07/04/1788 Richard WINCH Widower   Elizabeth HUNTER Single  
198 18/04/1788 John FRISBY Single   Susannah RUTTER Single  
199 08/05/1788 Stephen LUDLOW Widower Pembrokeshire Mary WILLIAMSON Widow  
200 25/05/1788 Thomas STEPHENSON Single   Ann READ Single  
202 08/09/1788 John PAYNE Widower St Botolph Aldgate Hannah THORMAN Widow  
203 10/09/1788 Edward MERCY Single St Botolph Aldgate Ann HITCHCOCK Single  
204 15/11/1788 James BROWN Single   Elizabeth MUMFORD Single  
205 08/03/1789 George BROOKS Single   Mary ELMSLEY Widow  
206 16/03/1789 Henry HUGHES Single   Elizabeth LEE Single  
207 16/03/1789 James COWLING Single   Sarah HOBBS Single  
208 29/03/1789 Andrew BLACK Single   Sarah HERBERT Single  
209 09/06/1789 James COOPER Widower   Margaret JOHNSON Single  
210 06/09/1789 John ROBERTS Widower   Sarah DEAN Widow  
211 28/12/1789 George WATSON Single   Sarah GALLIERS Single  

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